Jennifer Aniston thinks casually boning douches will ruin her good-girl image


Yesterday, Us Weekly released online one part of a large Jennifer Aniston piece from their print edition. I covered it here – the story was mostly about Jennifer’s casual, sexual relationship with Josh Hopkins, a second-tier television actor on Cougar Town. Hopkins sounded like a major douche in the Us Weekly story, like a 40-something a–hole obessed with dating younger women and casually referring to Aniston as his “sport f-ck”. Now I’ve gotten a chance to read the full Us Weekly story (in the print edition), and I see where they were going with this. The whole piece is about how Jennifer really likes the way her personal life is going these days, but that she doesn’t want to go public with how she really is with men – basically, she loves having casual, sexual relationships with douches and a–holes who treat her like crap, and she’s afraid if people figure out that she doesn‘t really give a sh-t about “settling down with a nice guy” and “having babies,” she will no longer be “America’s Sweetheart”. Here’s a bit more:

It’s become a ritual for Jennifer Aniston. She gives an interview pagged to her most recent romantic comedy. The topic of marriage and children not-so casually arises. Then she gives the same optimistic and affirmative answer about how she’s still holding out for true love.

But it turns out her well-honed mantra is wearing thin, because contrary to her lovelorn image, the star quietly evolved into a serial dater this past summer. Not only did her relationship with Josh Hopkins go on longer than most realized, but she also dated Chris Gartin and Harry Morton. Sources say all the bachelors, like John Mayer before them, share alarming character traits: boyish, cocky, and commitment-phobic.

Still, Aniston can’t help herself.

“No woman ever like thinking of themselves being attracted to asses,” says one insider, “But frankly, you have to have a lot of confidence to ask out Jennifer Aniston, and guys with that much confidence tend to be full of themselves!”

Not that the star will ever open up about her secret side. Five years after her split from brad, insiders tell Us she’s reluctant to change her good-girl-who-just-wants-a-family image.

“She thinks that whole ‘America’s sweetheart’ thing will go away if she comes clean,” says one source. “But the reality is that I can’t see her settling down and starting a family. She likes dating and having a good time. And these guys are her type.”

[From Us Weekly, print edition]

Us Weekly then goes through the three men – Hopkins, Gartin, and Harry Morton. We heard about Hopkins yesterday, and there’s not much new stuff for the other players. Oh, re: Hopkins – apparently he’s been gossiping about Aniston all over the place, and one source says: “He has to be careful. He can’t piss off Courteney.” At this point, I think Courteney has heard and seen it all, Josh. Regarding Harry Morton, they basically just say they went out a few times and he likely went over to Jennifer’s house to bone her. Morton is decribed as “very cool” and funny, but one bitchy source says: “I can’t believe she was fine with taking Lohan’s sloppy seconds!” Only Gartin seems kind of like a keeper, but he’s already moved on to another girl (and he’s still mid-divorce).

On one side, I think it’s tedious and dumb to call out any woman for dating and sleeping around and having fun. I mean, it’s Aniston’s life, and I don’t judge her for not being in a steady relationship. I do judge her for creating the fraud of this “nice girl” who just wants a nice guy to have lots and lots of babies, though. Oh, she’s everybody’s sweet girlfriend! No, she’s not. She’s a middle-aged lady with a masochistic streak who likes to get laid, but she‘s too busy playing the victim to acknowledge it. Frankly, I prefer that Aniston. If only she would just be that woman, openly and honestly. The mirage of the America’s Sweetheart tag… it will end up suffocating her.



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  1. Lucky Charm says:

    “Jennifer Aniston thinks casually boning douches will ruin her good-girl image”

    Really, she’s just now figuring that out?

  2. marge says:

    Kaiser, I was thinking the exact same thing
    she’s a 40 year old woman… enough with the “girl” image. She should embrace her age and stop living to everyone else’s expectations… hopefully she can also mature and get more diverse roles… the good clean girl thing won’t work at 50, or 42 for that matter

  3. Annicka says:

    America’s Sweetheart? Did she give herself that title? She’s less a sweetheart and more like a promise that a movie/tv show featuring her will suck.

    She needs to get over herself, seriously. I don’t care if she doesn’t want to have babies and settle down and honestly, at the age of 41, I’d prefer she doesn’t have babies. That thing about Josh Hopkins targeting younger women is a laugh because she’s actually older than him.

  4. Kitten says:

    “On one side, I think it’s tedious and dumb to call out any woman for dating and sleeping around and having fun. I mean, it’s Aniston’s life, and I don’t judge her for not being in a steady relationship.”

    Perfectly stated, Kaiser. I also agree with the second part of that where you clarify that your issue is more with the contrasting image she portrays to the media.
    I do think that women in general are partly responsible for contributing to that false image, though. In the sense that we tend to assume that the woman wants something emotional and the guy just wants to get laid, ergo, if the man just “bones and bolts” then he’s an asshole and she’s a victim. I have no idea why so many women perpetuate this false notion. Casual sex CAN be platonic. Sometimes stuff like that is just easier with no strings attached ya know?

  5. maya says:

    I’m so tired of Jennifer Aniston. Why are some people interested in her personal life?

  6. mln says:

    This is the basic thing that annoys me about Jen. If anyone says she can’t act/or she is annoying they are supposed to remember how her husband left her for “that woman” and shut their mouths.
    Obviously there is more to the story. Who cares if she doesn’t want kids & likes to sleep around like Cameron Diaz but just own up to it and don’t blame anyone else for your problems.

  7. Vanessa says:

    I agree Kaiser, BUT the man who was married to her friend REALLY ruins the good girl image!

    Also, I know she isnt married and is not breaking a commitment, but one repulsive aspect of the Tiger Woods thing was that he misrepresented who he was.

    Why cant she just stand up and say I am happy being single and dating around?

  8. Riley says:

    If she wants to be single and date whomever then she should just be that way. She is loaded and her movies pretty much stink. I think she should stop trying to josh us into thinking that she wants to be a serious actress. There is nothing wrong with living a rather carefree life, signing on to a crap movie once a year for which you will be paid 8 million, and then being the voice or face for a few consumer goods. Matthew McHonahoweveryouspellhislastname seems to live a very happy, fulfilled life doing exactly that.

  9. Jeri says:

    I think most of us already realize Anniston is not “America’s Sweetheart” but there may still be some naive folks that believe it.

    I think she should be honest & quit treating us like idiots. She insults us each time she she talks about wanting babies & to settle down. That ship has sailed.

    Good for her if someday she actually “does” it but quit “talking” about it.

  10. olivia says:

    “We seriously doubt that anything dire is wrong with the Jolie-Pitts, and hope that Aniston’s womb stays barren forever.”
    This is written by Celebitchy in 2006…
    Are you clairvoyant or what? 🙂

    On the other hand: your obsession with Aniston is a little worrying… 🙂

  11. Mia says:

    She wants to be Cameron Diaz without people thinking ill of her. Sigh…grow the hell up, Aniston.

  12. yourmom says:

    What’s up with her fingers in the last photo? The middle two seem to be bent towards each other. Does she suffer from arthritis?

    (Not trying to be mean – I have arthritis, too. Just curious is all…)

  13. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    I’m sure this will be a fairly benign thread with not too many posts.

  14. tiki says:

    completely on board with this analysis. if jen wanted the picket fence, she’d have the picket fence. she has the life she’s chosen. it wasn’t chosen for her. it’s of her own making. own it, honey. it’s YOUR life, and it’s okay to like it just the way it is.

  15. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    I don’t like how the Hodgkins guy is getting treated. No I don’t know who he is or what he does or anything like that but I can safely say that we hadn’t really heard about him until he was seen ONCE with Aniston. We don’t need know anything about him. So I don’t think its actually nice to keep saying he is an A-hole because we know US Weekly made that sh*t up about calling her a sport f*ck.

    As far as Aniston trying to preserve her good “girl image” the only people who even still believe that girl next door sh*t are the dumb and blind.

  16. wunderkindt says:

    Isnt she old enough now to ditch silly irrelevant ‘girl’ images and just be her own woman instead???

  17. nnn says:

    Dating Mayer once will ruin any good girl reputation

    Dating him twice will put you in the doubledouche category for a while.

    Doing it at 40 is well….tragic to say the least

  18. Donna Wingfield says:

    She’s so boring!

  19. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    @ MIA that is what I was thinking…..

    Cameron Diaz said hell no to marriage and babies.. Didnt seem to affect her image.. Rather JA come clean if that is what she really wants…

  20. Jeannified says:

    Thank you Kaiser for the most honest ssessment I have evwer read about her. (Well…yours and Lainey’s!) This piece about her is dead on! I have NEVER thought she wanted kids, which is why Brad left. (I mean, Angelina is smokin’ hot, but the man wanted kids, too! Who can blame him?)

  21. workerbee says:

    What’s wrong with being like Cameron Diaz? Besides Cam’s Joker Smile.

  22. Gwen says:

    I think she’d be much more interesting if she was just herself. Go for it Jen!

  23. Crash2GO2 says:

    If that’s what she really wants (to be single and just date around) then why does she seem so damn clingy (remember those Oscar photos with Mayer)? I don’t think it’s what she wants. But she’d better figure out how be attracted to keepers, much less become one herself if she doesn’t want to continue this tiresome High School downward spiral.

  24. mm says:

    Ok, this article is seriously stupid!! I could care less about Jennifer Aniston – but you are acting like she owes us an explanation about her dating preferences. I don’t think so!

  25. Aqua says:

    Two things-1 be honest about what you want and who you are in life.
    2 Put up or shut up.

  26. Marjalane says:

    I guess the only thing objectionable about Jennifer Anniston being a free and easy, independent woman is that she picks utter douches who, (if Lainey is to be believed) spill details that no self respecting, independent woman wants publicized!

  27. bizzy says:

    i keep misreading ‘josh hopkins’ as ‘johns hopkins’. i think jen should totally date a prestigious med school.

  28. MuMu says:

    Totally agree Kaiser! I think her career is fueled by public sympathy(certainly not talent). She has skated by on this fake image–eventually people realize she’s all BS. And, I get so tired of her fans attacking you as a hater for noticing the obvious.

    I like Diaz so much better than Aniston. At least she’s honest. She much better represents the carefree, independent person to me. And, I don’t remember Cameron using her love life to sell her movies as much? I’ve never heard details about A-Rod or Matt Dillon, while I have heard Aniston spill about John Mayer (she should have kept that Mayer stuff to herself) 😉

  29. Mare says:

    I haven’t heard her complaining, she says in every interview that she’s perfectly happy.

  30. hanh says:

    I agree. I don’t care what JA does in her life, but her ridiculous public persona (pretending allt he sweet good girl nonsense) when she really wants to be Cameron Diaz is ridiculous.

    She should just be open like Cameron and live her life! This lying is pathetic.

    I admire Cameron Diaz alot more for her honesty.

  31. The Hamm is My Dream Man says:

    I don’t get why you think she needs to be completely honest with any of us. We’re not friends or family of hers. She owes us NOTHING.

    Besides, maybe she does want that stuff but she has issues committing. Has anyone ever given any thought to the fact that she might have the commitment problems, not the other way around?

    Why is it that when a relationship breaks up, women always think it was the man who broke it off? “She can’t keep a man”, please. Why is it never that a man can’t keep her?

    She does seem to enjoy casual sex with douches. And? She was also married once and that didn’t turn out so great for her. Maybe she wants that again but doesn’t trust that a man won’t do that again. That’s how I read her behavior.

    She got burned in a marriage so she doesn’t trust the idea of it anymore. She dates and has casual sex with douchey men she won’t get really attached to so that she can keep herself from even rationalizing marriage with them.

  32. PsychicEyes says:

    Personally, I don’t think there is anything wrong with going inside the ice cream store and trying different flavours.

    Some days you may want some vanilla or chocolate and other times a bit of rum and raisin hits the spot. The point is that she’s single and is entitled to enjoy her ice cream.

    Now, the BIG question I have is who is trying to smear this flaky chick? My feelings it’s someone who wants to sabotage her perhaps relationship with John Mayer; it’s a theory and a hunch.

    Now, I think I will go get me some cherry jubilee ice cream…that stuff always hits the spot on a shitty afternoon.

  33. mln says:

    @ Psychic eyes didn’t you say last week John and Jen were going to have two sons??? you are really entertaining.

  34. lucy2 says:

    I will never understand the fascination with this woman’s personal life.

  35. toto says:

    now when brad was filming troy , many knows they stayed apart long time and from there start to fly in the air somthing was not right with thier relationship. now if she realy what this article says and likes what she likes with which is totally its her life , ist possible that she might had such casual sex in the time with brad and they reach un understanding to it , so when brad got attarcted to angelina he told her directly and end it peacfully , bcaz its always wonders me how good she speak about im wen it comes to crimnate him of bad, she always say se respect him .

    you know what , things are making more sense now
    she does not care anymore to hide who she is and what she likes but brad definetly did not sold her out either.

    wow ..could be really there was no cheating , and maybe she also did had relations or maybe even cheated also.

    if i exclude her cheating but keep the idea of her having casual sex in the time wit brad,
    i will come to believe they were mored friends than married in the last year …

    poor brad and he like a gentelman took all shyt and shut his mouth up..

    if this theory is true i will set my hat ih to brad and angelina for first time just to bare all shyt and never spoke it

  36. PsychicEyes says:



    If you had read my comments on this gossip post then you would have understood that I was being facetious about the current story of her sexy romps with different stud muffins. Obviously, you did not get it.

    The second part of my note you would have picked up on my feelings on a possible connection with John Mayer. That flew over your head.

    My feelings have always been a strong connection with her and John Mayer that includes marriage and kids. Time will only tell.

    So, hold on to your knicker until I am proven wrong and then come back to shit me out.

  37. mln says:

    @36 Psychic Eyes just understood the meaning of your post(my bad) it is still very funny enjoy your ice cream

  38. Bruce says:

    Wow! She actually does look like Iggy Pop.

  39. Keyanna says:

    It won’t ruin her good-girl image because no one gives a damn about this has-been actress!

  40. mln says:

    @Psychic eyes my comment to you apologizing is in moderation didn’t mean to give you shit but I find your predictions funny (and I am not anti-psychic)

  41. BethL says:

    @Hamm she does owe it to people to be honest. If she didn’t openly talk about her relationships then it would be nobody’s business. But when someone consistently claims for almost 10 years they want kids, a relationship, etc you deserve to be called out. Personally I don’t understand why people and tabs keep saying Jennifer wants kids. Nothing about her life indicates that.

  42. Cheyenne says:

    Crash: “If that’s what she really wants (to be single and just date around) then why does she seem so damn clingy (remember those Oscar photos with Mayer)? I don’t think it’s what she wants.”

    OMFG, Crashie and I actually agree on something?! *FAINTED!*

    I don’t think that’s what she wants either. I think she wants a long-term relationship with a man. I don’t think she knows how to go about holding a man’s interest over the long haul. Jumping into bed with him on the first or second date won’t do it. Also, she needs to develop some interests outside of herself. I can’t begin to imagine how anyone manages to keep an intelligent conversation going with her on any subject.

    What I don’t think she ever wanted is children. Fine. That’s her decision and she has a right to it. It’s her body and her life. But if that’s the case, then cut the I-will-and-I-am-and-I-do bullshit and come clean once and for all. Just say she doesn’t want kids and it’s nobody else’s business and everybody butt out of her womb.

    It’ll never happen, though. She’s built her whole persona around being the innocent victim of a cad husband and a scheming temptress. The minute she admits up front she never wanted children, everyone will say Brad was right to dump her for a real woman who gave him the family he always wanted.

  43. Cheyenne says:

    @Psychic Eyes: What relationship with John Mayer? Any connection she ever had with him was in her mind only. She called it a romance and he called it something else. Just what did you spike that ice cream with?

  44. WhoDat says:

    You guys are reading jennypoo aaaaaaallllll wrong. The bottomline is, this toddler-woman does not know who she is. A long time ago, since before she got married to Brad, she gave her power to huvane so that he could create her in whatever image he wanted at any particular point in time.

    Even when she was married, jen only took advice about her career and her image from huvane!!! Her husband had no say in that department.

    So when they split, good old huvane was right there to hold her hand, proving, of course, that even when someone as close as a husband, left her, huvane would always be there for her. If she needed any more proof (in her mind) that he was the only loyal person she could count on, then the divorce and Brad’s swift move on to Angie, was all she needed.

    Huvane is the one who crafts every one of the different persona that we see jen assume over these past nearly six years since the divorce. Remember early last year when she was supposed to be this independent, woman of the world who said she was never the type to want the husband and kids and the white picket fence? And she even dropped a couple of f-bombs in interviews? Well that didnt go over too well with her sycophants (who she needs, afterall, even tho they dont support her movies, obviously). So she retired that image.

    And then Mayer the oscar boyfriend who she said she ‘loved every inch of him’ turned out to be a bad decision also. After Mayer said she was stuck in 1989 (btw, the very year she met Brad) and that jessica was sexual napalm but aniston was like an aunty, huvane crafted an image of her as a sexually free spirit, serial-dating men up the wazzoo and we have been regaled with little press releases that she will be playing this nympho in her upcoming movie and that we are going to be seeing a sexually aggressive side of jennny that we havent seen before.

    Dont you people see the pattern? In her REAL life, jen is just preparing us for her REEL life. She has no life or interests outside her reel life.

    She lives a sad pathetic existence, by ‘normal’ nonHW standards, anyway, being an utter and complete puppet of huvane and she will only be free to be who she really is (if she even knows what that looks like at this point) when she ceases to be a money maker for huvane.

    And that will happen when her age catches up with her. And given that we’re talking about HW, where even very talented actresses are put out to pasture by the time they hit the mid-40s, then expect to see the complete demise of jenny as a 2-bit-HW player in 1..2..3….

    Too bad so sad. Couldnt happen to a nicer passive-aggressive, vindictive, mother-hating, neurotic, low self-esteem, ‘i-fight-dirty’, beeyotch!

    I see jenny very clearly. I dont judge her. But it p1sses me the h3ll off when gossip blogs/entertainment shows/even legit media/and her passel of sycophants use blinders when they try to look at her, thereby failing to see who she really is.

    The end.

  45. hatsumomo says:

    OK, call me cynical here, but its OK with everyone that Aniston sleeps around(a.k.a dating) with multiple men, but its not ok for that polygamist guy with the wives on TV to bone his chicks because its ‘immoral’. Talk about a double-fucking-standard.

  46. Mistral says:

    Honestly, I don’t believe any of this.

  47. 8908 says:


    “But she’d better figure out how be attracted to keepers, much less become one herself if she doesn’t want to continue this tiresome High School downward spiral.”

    Honey that is exactly it, but she wants to snag the popular, hot, and rich dude. It has nothing to do with who they are or common interests.

    She just showed who she is by dating John Mayer. I mean that guy makes it known he’s unavailable. I’m just out for a good time. Chased him around on tour, then talked about how great he was, and he never said anything about her. When he did he dissed her, cause her people were putting out crap she was dating him again.

    After a guy says he’s not into you and you deal with him again… desperate/shallow/insecure.

    Of course he’s only hanging around to get some attention.

    She effed up by dating a known player. At least JM figured out he better keep his stuff on the DL if he is still being a player. At least he figured out getting attention, doesn’t mean it will be good attention. Now he’s hiding out.

    Dating Mayer just showed she’s after whoever will get her attention.

    I think the media is turning on her just like they are with Demi/Ashton, cause the public is turning. They are trying to sale to the public. They go with them.

  48. Zelda says:

    If this IS the real her, I suddenly find her both interesting and likeable.

  49. Camille says:

    Honestly, I believe it.

    I’ve never bought her good girl act, she has always come across as so fake to me.

  50. 8908 says:

    Did you all ever talk about this. Lord imagine if he was good in bed.

    John Mayer called the relationship, getting attention. Having sex with a chick, without having to spend his dough. Making sure the girls that are civil citizens, who he was also dating know, he was/is unavailable. He was out for a good time.

    In it for a good time. Oh Yeahhhhhhh!!!!
    Of course his time with Aniston was bad cause his Mr. Sensitive cover got blown. If you’re a player, own it.

  51. Anna says:

    Annika, I believe it was MSNBC’s Joe Scarbooough who began calling Jen America’s Sweetheart. Right before he refered to our beloved Empress Zahara as “Angelina’s Black baby”.

  52. Liana says:

    I really would have to muster up the energy to really give a damn about ANYONE’S sex life but my own.

  53. The Hamm is My Dream Man says:

    Cheyenne: She said that I will, I do I am thing 5 years ago. You’re telling me your opinions about life don’t change over 5 years? Stop dragging that back up because it’s not like she said it yesterday.

    Anyway, it doesn’t matter what she says. She doesn’t owe anyone the truth except for the people who matter in her life. She says she wants kids. Maybe she does. I’d like to walk on the moon. But I’m not doing anything to be an astronaut. Does that mean I’m lying about it?

    People want a lot of things that they’ll never have for whatever reason.

    hatsumomo: It’s different because he’s making a commitment to these women, one that we understand to mean that you don’t screw other people i.e. marriage. A marriage contract means you keep your privates and your emotional love confined to one other person. This person is doing it with multiple women. She’s having casual sex. No strings. No commitments.

  54. Crash2GO2 says:

    Why does everyone still bash her about her past estrangement from her mother? Her mother wrote a unauthorized book about her own daughter, trying to cash in on her celebrity, for God’s sake, not just gave an interview. I imagine Jen had the kind of problems I had with my narcissistic mother. They became estranged after that. Her mother then went on to write a book about their estrangement. *rolls eyes*

    At any rate, Jen RECONCILED with her mother a few years ago. So everyone who feels the need to rant and rave and call her a string of names, you can probably safely leave that one off. Good Lord.

  55. Cheyenne says:

    @Hamm: She doesn’t want kids now and she didn’t want them when she said that I-will-and-I-am-and-I-do crap. At the time she said that, she had just signed up to do four movies back to back. She wasn’t making any plans to take any time off to have a family. That’s her prerogative. But as I said upthread, I double-dog dare her to come out and admit she never wanted kids in the first place.

  56. gg says:

    Dear Jennifer – correct, and there are many other reasons to stop boning douches, so, stop.

  57. Super Sleuth says:

    Maybe she is acting like a responsible adult and wants to wait to have kids after she decides to stop making movies so she is not dragging newborns all over the world at her every whim or adopting one child after another before the ink is barely dried on the previous adoption papers. Maybe she would like a stable home environment with a man she can trust not to stray with the first harlot that tries to seduce him, with one zip code for her children to grow up in with some semblance of order and structure without 6 nannies running around taking care of her children instead of her taking care of them.
    If Jennifer wants to date around, that is her prerogative. She is a beautiful, single woman and the decisions she makes about dating don’t affect anyone but her. Maybe we should show a little more concern for the Jolie-Pitt children that are continually being dragged around the world at such a young age. I find it very hard to believe that there is much normalcy in their little lives. That, my friends, is cause for concern, more so than how many men Jennifer has been with this summer.

  58. lisa says:


    I have nothing else to add. 🙂

  59. Bee says:

    I think it’s interesting how the tabloids seem to be slowly turning on JA. Before, she was the innocent who could do no wrong. However, now that’s it’s been 5 years and she’s yet to live up to what the tabloids think the public’s hopes are for her (marriage, babies, a successful career)she’s become an acceptable target. I guess JA days as Hollywood’s “golden girl” are finally coming to an end.

  60. Dannnii says:

    Is she living in 1954? “America’s Sweetheart” has evolved, thank goodness. Ladies can be sweet, fun and date people. Wow!

  61. 8908 says:

    How many times has all three parties said no one cheated. Allow this information to be processed into your brain. Blame others for the fact tha brad Pitt and Jennifer aniston….messed up… got married out of convenience. Brad has a great family, but his family gets dragged through the mud. Aniston is getting dragged through the mud now… since people have caught on to her game. Before her manipulative pr stuff was working and now it’s backfiring on her. If she was not doing things , playing media games, neither of the two would be getting harassed. If she worked in order to be a great actor, she would have a career. Both her and Pitt messed up. They should’ve never gotten married. She booked all those movies cause she new the marriage was over and it was her way of dealing with it. They were living apart back in 03′ while filmed Troy for the year.

    I wish people would stop talking like these two had a marriage based on being inlove. Being inlove is being with your match. These two talked about the end from the beginning of the marriage.

    This was a stereotypical Hollywood …. marriage of convenience. They do marriages of conveniences in other hoods too.

  62. albeli says:

    Who cares?

  63. honey says:

    All you Haters telling lies on Jen Aniston. Just because you go on a dinner date doesnot mean that you are having sex. You must think this women is super women.Its impossible to have sex every time you date someone. Jen is just putting on an act because she is playing love games with someone.She is trying to make someone jealous.If I know who it is than you should know too.In the process of doing this she is making everyone think that she is not americas sweetheart.I think she has lost her trust in men. You can blame that on brad and angelina,Angelina have slept around more than anyone and look what she ended up with, Brad Pitt.You haters should be talking about how angelina slept around with married men. At least most of Jens men are single.I think jennifers been hurt and now the men must pay.She doesnot trust her heart to anyone any more.Trust me she is not having sex with her dates.Its all publicity. She is beautiful,talented (given a good role to play)and Classy.Look at all the men that
    Elizabeth Taylor had and how many marriages did she break up. This made Liz a giant.Jennifer got a lot of haters out their especially like the one who wrote this article. Jen you keep your head up and continue to live your life with respect because you are america’s sweetheart.

  64. MuMu says:

    Crash, I have a question. Aniston was angry with her mother for the book. BUT, she talks about her mother? “She’s changed,” Aniston says about her mother. “She’s humbled with age. She fell in love. At 73 years old. I’m like, No, no, no, no! I don’t want to hear how great the sex is.” Don’t talk about me, but I can talk about your sex life? I don’t get her. Please explain.

  65. Cheyenne says:

    Toto says: Couldnt happen to a nicer passive-aggressive, vindictive, mother-hating, neurotic, low self-esteem, ‘i-fight-dirty’, beeyotch!

    ROTFLMAO, can you tell us how you really feel? 😆

  66. tracking says:

    #46 and #58–I’m with you! First of all, how much credible evidence is there that Aniston dated ANY of these guys recently? It seems pretty manufactured to me. But even if she is ‘serial dating,’ so what? How is she supposed to find the right guy and settle down if she doesn’t date around? It’s just dating, folks. Like most of us did before we found the right one and settled down. I’m sure she didn’t imagine herself going through this again, and I’m sure it’s even harder for her than the average jane given the baggage that comes with dating her. And who wouldn’t have trust issues after experiencing severe public humiliation upon the demise of her first marriage. Heaping more abuse on a woman who is just trying to figure it out, and doesn’t claim much more than that in her interviews, is just sad. I maintain that tabs go after her because she doesn’t give them anything on her private life, and I hope she keeps it that way. And resists reading all these blogs that attack her for making perfectly normal choices in her dating life and conflate her ‘reel life’ with her real life.

  67. 8908 says:

    We read this crap cause were broke and don’t have ipads to watch movies on during our lunch break. Hard to do on cell phones. She is pitifull for reading this stuff. She’s been in the tabloids for how many yrs now. She’s fighting the tabloids for her image. If she just worked and kept her mouth shut, she wouldn’t have problems.

  68. Laila says:

    It doesn’t matter what the truth is, it seems to me that Jolie has won. Eventhough she did some pretty awful things, she eventually had more to lose and kept fighting, whereas Jen just had to maintain a certain image and in the end stopped caring.

    Will be interesting to see how this develops…….

  69. nnn says:

    How is Jolie involved in jennifer’s own image ? Jenniffer had that goodgirl image before Jolie was even on the big screen. Aniston was 20 when Jolie was 13. How is Jolie’s involved with her image now when she wasn’t then ?

    There is no ‘Jolie has won’. This is no contest in image, it’s your own journey, you lead. Jolie younger has had her share and still has her share of nastiness thrown at her which is completely disproportionate to what she has done. Jolie has done things before the age of 25 that are still brought up again and again. She didn’t sell drugs (hello Jay Z !), didn’t have problems with the justice and police, didn’t hit a pap, didn’t yell and fight with hubby and in hotels, homes, didn’t shoot someone (hello rappers !), didn’t hit someone with her car (hello Halle !), didn’t booze in the clubs or while riding, didn’t change man, after man (she was married twice) ect… Depp has done worst in the drug department, letting it flow like pancakes in his clubs among strippers and friends among which the late River Phoenix who took his last fix there and died in front of that clubon his way out. Johnny turns his life around at….35 when he met Vanessa Paradis and said publicly that without it he would have died of an overdosis probably. Yet today noone is bringing his bad boy image, NEVER to belittle whatever good he is doing to. Noone his questionning the genuiness of his new ‘CLEAN’ image. Others like Halle nearly killed someone by doing a hit and run fellony, nobody bring that stuff and called her names, which is for me worst that self inflicted drug abuse.

    So ,no, Jolie has not done worst than the average hollywood starlet and her doings 10 years ago has nothing to do with jennifer ‘s own management of her image at 40.

    In any way, Aniston has been separated then divorced for nearly 6 years during which she was a free 35+, experienced woman. She built her own image. She dates whoever she wants, that’s her prerogative. And if you look even further, the men she dates are not different by an inch from the type of men she used to date pre Tate & Brad. There is no growth there but then agin it’s her business, her life, her choices. She is responsible for it and his held accountable for it.

    The problem is she is now criticized more often because she is 40 and people expect some growth meaning RESPONSABILITY in your choices. They extended her a pass because she was dumped by Pitt but now she turns 40 and the general feeling is that she should be held accountable or criticized for her own choices, mistakes and failures just like the rest of Hollywood are. She enjoyed an immunity that is not even granted to starlets in their early 20. You just never get a lifelong pass. Even little children at some point are held accountable and are told : ENOUGH,

    She is a public person who at 40 is at the crossroads of her career and life as a middle age woman in statistically, the second half of her life. Either she drops the fakery and live her life as she whishes, proud and carefree not caring about how she is perceived, either she keeps that fakery going on and put up a show and she will keep on being criticized again and again because of it, not because of the inherent wrong in the act on itself but because she doesn’t want to be genuine with herself and rather be the pretender of a fabricated image than the real thing with flaws but still REAL.

  70. Crash2GO2 says:

    @MuMu: Maybe she cleared these comments with her mother before hand – we don’t know. Anyway, those particular comments are really non-specific aren’t they? And complimentary.

    I’m not a Jen fan, but I think you are reaching a bit here. Granted, perhaps your point of view is different from mine – I too have a mother from which I am estranged for many reasons and all of them are good, I assure you. Perhaps you have a child who has pushed you away, I don’t know. At any rate, this is my how I see it. Best wishes.

  71. Jaxx says:

    @Cheyenne–you nailed it! She can’t ever admit she doesn’t want babies because then no one will feel sorry for how wronged she was by Brad and Angelina.

    This subject is exactly why I hate the woman. I always liked her on Friends and probably would have enjoyed her crappy movies except I hate her now for being such a liar and martyr and letting Brad take ALL the heat.

    Brad had talked for several YEARS about wanting kids. She clearly refused to have any and this is a marriage busting issue. She kept telling him soon, honey, while secretly wanting to be a big movie star and wasn’t about to wreck her beloved body for babies. EVER. And still she was thrilled to let Brad hang out there getting creamed while she “grieved” the marriage they never had and sucked up all the sympathy like a bloody vampire. It’s all a huge act. She married him for no other reason than a career boost. And she has ridden his coattails ever since. What a bitch. I will never buy her brave hurt girl act, nor watch any of her crappy movies again. She totally disgusts me. And no, I’m not any big Brad and Angelina fan either. I just think the way she used and continues to use him is criminal. She gets down on her knees and thanks God for their divorce as it has kept her career going another five years. Without the divorce her fame would have fizzled out long ago. She ought to kiss Angelina on both cheeks, but instead she knifes her every chance she gets. Classy lady? Not in my book.

  72. Kim says:

    I’m an Angelina Fan and I still say this story is BS. Us Weekly is a tabloid Go to and look at all the false stories these tabloids print. For some of the tabloids Star and InTouch at least 80% of the stories are false.

  73. skibunny says:

    Wow! Some of these posts are ridiculous. How can any of you believe what’s written in these rags? Perhaps it’s to justify a hate on someone you’ve never even met? Since when does JA owe an explanation for how she chooses to live her life.

  74. Camille says:

    Oh yes, here we go.
    When the fanatical JenHens come out to play and defend their precious 40+ ‘Girl’ (why does she need defending anyway? She is a middle aged woman for cripes sake!), they bring out the ‘big guns’ in defence- the Faux Concern for the JP kids. Sigh.
    What the JP kids/JP’s have ANYTHING to do with this story I do not know. They are a family. Jen Aniston is a single woman. They have NOTHING to do with each other and have nothing in common. The divorce was years ago now. Move on! The JP’s and JA have looooonng since moved on. Get over it.

    p.s. For the record no I am not a ‘loon’, but people who stupidly bring up the JP’s in a thread that has NOTHING to do with them, as a ‘defence’ for Ms Aniston annoys me.

  75. MuMu says:

    What? If I was her mother, I would slap her upside the head for making comments about my sex life to the public. 🙂 I don’t find that complimentary at all. It still seems very strange to me that Jen would become so upset over a book. But, she has no problem talking about her mother in any ways she sees fit? I remember what she said about John Mayer–“you’ll never hear from that man (talk about me) again!” after he broke up with her the 1st time. Meanwhile, she talked about him and revealed details about their life. It just seems many of these stars have the “it’s ok for me, but NOT for you” mentality–classic narcissim. It’s just something I’ve noticed about her. Like Kaiser said, she definitely isn’t the fuzzy character she portrays herself to be–in my view.

  76. Crash2GO2 says:

    I can see your point MuMu.

    The only reason for my original post was to question why ‘mother-hater’ is still one of the epithat’s the haters sometimes slap on her, since she has been reconciled with her Mom for a long time now.

    The rest I don’t really care about to be honest, and haven’t followed at all.

  77. malachais says:

    She’s a middle-aged lady with a masochistic streak who likes to get laid, but she‘s too busy playing the victim to acknowledge it.

    Thanks!! I wish these tabloid magazines would understand this and just write about her realistically.