Jennifer Garner wins, Katie Holmes loses at fashionable women’s event


Perhaps “wins” is a strong word. I was going through the photos from Variety’s 2nd Annual Power of Women Luncheon held yesterday, Thursday, and… Jennifer Garner is definitely one of the best dressed women there. And that ain’t sayin’ much. I do think Jennifer’s little librarian outfit is cute though – but some of the ladies were wearing cocktail/business/formal-wear, and Garner just looks like a cute secretary. Ah, well. At least she didn’t bust out her drag queen styles.


In any case, Jennifer looked way better than the parade of fug from some of the other ladies. Some of the dresses were not so great… and sometimes it was just bad makeup, bad styling, bad lighting, bad angles, or something else… more sinister. Like a parade of Botox? Get a bunch of Hollywood power ladies in a room, and There Will Be Botox. And no one will be drinking anyone’s milkshake. Because they’re lactose intolerant. Let’s get it started with Katie Holmes. Now… it could have been cute. But I hate the fit in the bodice, and I hate her makeup and I hate the way she’s standing with her legs spread in every photo.



Look who lost her baby weight? Ah, I love Amy Adams. Such a cutie. I like this look, honestly. My only complaint is that she looks exhausted, but she probably is!


Maria Bello, don’t do this to yourself! Wear your hair down.


I’ve come to the conclusion that Anne Hathaway has a color problem. What I mean is that she doesn’t seem to know what colors will look garish with her coloring. This goes for her makeup as well as her clothes. I don’t hate this dress – but it doesn’t do anything for her, because the color is off.


Eva Mendes… yikes. The Botox is strong in this one.


AnnaLynne McCord just thinks she’s the hottest thing ever, doesn’t she? Meanwhile, I only know her because this is how she poses for every photo, candid or red carpet.

Photo by: RE/Westcom/ 2010  9/30/10 AnnaLynne McCord, Variety s 2nd Annual Power of Women Luncheon, Beverly Hills Hotel, (Beverly Hills, CA.) Photo via Newscom

AnnaLynne McCord during Variety's 2nd Annual Power of Women Luncheon, held at the Beverly Hills Hotel, on September 30, 2010, in Beverly Hills, California. Photo: Michael Germana / Star Max Photo via Newscom

Photos courtesy of Fame.

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54 Responses to “Jennifer Garner wins, Katie Holmes loses at fashionable women’s event”

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  1. Kitten says:

    Jen Garner looks adorable. She is smiling and looks happy. Wonder if this will put to rest all the “there is no light in her eyes!” or “her marriage is on the rocks!” comments. Ya know, since we judge her relationship with Affleck purely through photographs and all…

  2. gillie says:

    hopefully someone tells KatE Holmes that she’s not the fashionista that she thinks she is.

  3. khaveman says:

    Katie’s outfit is actually revolting me. So so horrible. For a woman with so much money to throw at clothing, this woman gets it wrong 75 percent of the time.

  4. Lee says:

    I actually think that from the neck up that JG is a big fat loser, harsh I know, but that hair color on her is way too dark and her make-up makes her look a lot older than she is. KH on the other hand, from the neck up, is a winner! She looks pretty and her make-up is great. Very non-zombie like! Of course her outfit is horrendous, but that is nothing new! The fresh pretty face however, breaking news!

  5. mln says:

    I give Amy the win considering she has a newborn at home. Jen looks OK and not pregnant for the first time this year but still very boring.

  6. rheba says:

    JG probably has a stylist not her daughters dress her.

  7. Marjalane says:

    Oh….So many comments swimming in my mean little mind….

    First, what, with the exception of Amy Adams, who looked adorable, is happening with these still young Hollywood wives who have every advantage possible, why do they all look so crappy? Katie Holmes needs to STOP letting Suri pick her outfits. Now. Those dark tights did nothing to hide her treetrunk legs, and for someone who used to be really cute, Jennifer Garner consistantly looks like she shops at DressBarn, and as long as I’m being really nasty- Get that damn gummy smile fixed.

    I’m guessing Eva Mendes must be a smoker because she is way too young to have those deep grooves on either side of her nose- botox notwithstanding.

    Hopefully it wasn’t Rachel Zoe that dressed Anne Hathaway for this; my eyes are still trying to regain focus from it.

    Who is this Annalynn person? she was on Chelsea last night and I’m pretty sure she has a single digit I.Q.

    There. I feel better.

  8. Tess says:

    Lee, just what I was thinking. Katie looks juicy and alive.

  9. Azurea says:

    Forget that Suri picks out Katie’s outfits…It looks like she MADE that little number with her own hands.

    Absolutely ridiculous!

  10. SallyJay says:

    @khaveman -75% of the time? you’re being too nice to her! I think she’s incredibly beautfiful but her sartorial taste is DIRE – this dress looks like a bunch of crayons threw up on it. Ugh.

    Amy Adams looks adorable. Great actress too, she was amazing in Junebug and Sunshine Cleaning. And I recently saw her in a dreadful rom com, Leap Year – her charm carried the movie. Love the pink dress. WIN!

  11. serena says:

    oh my god.
    Katie Holmes’s dress is.. horrible! The pattern is the same of my grandma’s couch and it’s way too short, very vadge flashing..
    I agree with the legs matter.. it’s becoming a serious problem.

  12. Sassy says:

    The fuck? Katie Holmes…ugh. Who made that dress? And why must she stand with legs spread, like she’s gonna drop a load?

    Amy Adams looked adorable!

  13. Just a Poster says:

    rainbow clothes gone wrong + the oh so tired smirk = NOT SO CUTE KATIE

  14. Lisa Turtle says:

    Alot of these women are dressed by Rachel Zoe.

  15. Abby says:

    I actually like this AnnaLynne person’s outfit. Who is she? Katie Holmes looks horrendous.

  16. k says:

    lee, agree with the neck-up comments.

  17. Jazz says:

    This Annalyn person looks like a fembot. Katie still has no life behind her eyes.

  18. mamalama says:

    FIrst, perhaps JG & KH would liek to introduce their hair to a brush. Second, all I can think of when I look at KH’s dress is the many, many, many snarky comments the Project Runway judges would have for it. I mean, Good Lord, where to begin? The pattern? The…style (and I use that term in its loosest sense)? Egad.

  19. danielle says:

    Amy def has the win here!

  20. mm says:

    Anne Hathaway = always so cute

    Amy Adams = wow, good for you new mama!

    Katie Holmes = just go away please

    AnnaLynne = whoever you are, yay I’m happy to see someone in Hollywood who doesn’t need to bleach her hair; dirty blonde is cute!

  21. Anti-icon says:

    Jennifer Garner looks amazing–clothing and her whole look! Maria Bello, I think, is stunning and a great actress. WTF is Katie Holmes wearing? She has ZERO sense of style.

    I think JG is getting control over her marriage. I think she’s a really good mother–and look at her. Really, it’s the best she’s looked in years.

  22. LBees says:

    Katy, Amy, Eva, Anne… you look like a fool in those budget 80s dresses!

    Jennifer looks adorable. I’m def copying this look…

  23. womanfromthenorth says:

    Kate’s dress looks like a cover on the daybed my Great Aunt had from the 50′s!

  24. Bodhi says:

    I really like AnnaLynne’s hair & makeup; he eyes looks great! I really like JG’s outfit… but that could be because I am a librarian! LOL! Her hair is terrible tho. KH really REALLY needs to stop letting Suri tell her what to wear

  25. sharylmj says:

    I think Katie Holmes is “trained” to stand like that because it makes her shorter. Tommie girl makes her do it…
    LOL!!! UGLIEST DRESS EVER!! Jennifer Gardner and Amy Adams look beautiful and happy!! love them..

  26. Kayleigh says:

    Katie’s dress makes her chest look like she has flapjacks… Lopsided flapjacks. And JG should try to never make that face, especially when you are getting lit up with cameras.
    Who knew that one place could have so many fashion fails and women I don’t really care for acting wise!

  27. Aqua says:

    Katies dress looks like my grandmothers couch.I wonder if Suri pick this out for her.

  28. Obvious says:

    AnnyLynne is on that horrid 90210 reboot.

    and the girl is a frickin stick. you think Renee needs a hamburger? this one needs the entire damn cow!

    Amy Adams looks too cute for words, and I’m digging Jennifer’s look.

    Eva-back away form the needle. it’s frightening
    and Katie-what can we say about you. you used to be this adorable fresh faced girl everyone pretty much adored. look what you have become.

  29. Chris says:

    It would not surprise me to read that Katie Holmes’ dress is from her new ‘collection’.

  30. RHONYC says:

    katie’s dress may be a miss, but a least she looks some semblance of her former self! that god. i thought she was lost forever. she must be readin’ our blogs, tee-hee. :-)

    shame on eva mendes!

    all that natural, raw, sensual beauty just to f%ck it up with dr. 90210.

    idiota! :-(

  31. bondbabe says:

    This was a Luncheon event, which means it was held during daylight hours. Whatever happened to the rule that you don’t wear dark hose with dresses during the day? (Or am I just being old fashioned in that thinking?) Katie looks like she rolled out of bed, let the Surster slap on some of her lipstick and threw my grandmother’s floral slipcover with some added ribbons on, and declared it a dress! Yikes.

  32. belle epoch says:

    Am so loving all the comments about Katie Holmes.

    Imagine having all that money and ending up looking like this. She is CLUELESS.

    You know what’s worse? SHE thinks she is really hot. That’s her smug face.

    PLUS she’s a liar. Remember when she “ran the marathon” (hahaha) and was wearing heels the same evening? But no one actually saw her running the middle of the race?

    I would feel sorry for her, but SHE thinks being Mrs. Tom Cruise magnifies her magnificence. No one made her marry the guy. No one forced her to drop her old friends and take up Scientology. She invented this special hell all by herself. Hence old expression, “You made your bed, now you can lie on it.”

  33. Me says:

    Katie looks like she is wearing a table cloth and accidently caught it in the waistband of her panty hose. I know she has sewn up some of her outfits and I wonder if this is one of them.

  34. skibunny says:

    WTF is Katie Holmes wearing? Gramma’s bedspread?

  35. Lady Jane says:

    Okay I am going to say this just once. Katie Holmes has TINY KNEES. That is her problem. Not huge chunky thighs, or shapeless calves like some people think. Her legs are pretty skinny and toned. The knees throw everything off. You look at her knees and think, HUGE LEGS, but her knees are the size of nickles, I swear.

  36. nubu says:

    I love Katie’s outfit.

    What JG is wearing is what I wear to work 3x/week. It’s utilitarian and boring.

  37. Crash2GO2 says:

    I will say one thing nice about Katie Holmes. She is smiling with both sides of her face. I honestly think I could make a better looking dress out of a pillow case and some shoelaces.

    And Lady Jane – you might have something with the knees observation. But even when I see Katie in jeans, her legs look chunky compared to the rest of her. I think she overall has a very small frame, but for some reason, her genetics have ‘blessed’ her with meaty legs.

  38. Madison says:

    They were all kind of meh but Amy Adams looks the best in the pink dress.

    Jennifer Garner’s make up is too harsh, she looks boring but at least she doesn’t look like a tranny mess this time.

    Katie Holmes WTF are you wearing girl? What an awful dress.

    Anne’s dress is pretty awful too, that pattern is kind of blinding.

  39. dj says:

    Jennifer Garner finally gets a gold star (for her). Granted it would be a bronze for most others but it has been a long, dry spell of bland cardigans and plastic boots for J.G. God Bless her little heart. Thank goodness for Amy Adams who looks adorable and appropriate (and REAL). Nothing I can say about Katie Holmes that hasn’t already been said with the exception of THIS is the woman who is playing Jackie O? Seriously?

  40. Whitey Fisk says:

    I’m with you on Anne Hathaway’s colors, Kaiser. I kind of think she’s naturally pretty, but it’s hard to tell under the constantly garish makeup she wears. All I see are giant magenta lips coming at me! I’d love to see her in a nude palette – but who knows, maybe it doesn’t work on her.

    What a horrible picture of Maria Bello. Another case of a woman wearing awful makeup that totally detracts from her natural beauty. And that hair is outright scary.

    Katie Holmes should be ashamed of herself. That getup is wrong in so many ways that I’m not even going there.

    I’m in a bad mood, so thanks for the thread allowing me to misdirect my anger toward these beeyatches.

  41. rheba says:

    you know what KH’s dress looks like a REALLY BAD home ec project by a boy

  42. Syd says:

    Actually, Jen Garner annd Amy Adams were the only two who looked nice. Jen looks very beautiful in this outfit. Her hair look so nice! And what a beautiful face she has…

  43. Ruffian9 says:

    I have seen elsewhere AnnaLynne McCord referred to as AnnaLynne “drunkface” McCord. It fits nicely, I think.

    Oh, and Anne Hathaway looks adorable.

  44. lucy2 says:

    Anne and Amy look cute (wow, Amy!) and Jennifer’s OK.

    I’m sorry, but Katie Holmes just looks stupid. STUPID. You might be right about small knees, Lady Jane. She seems to have an oddly proportioned body and always wears stuff that makes it more noticeable.
    That Annalyne chick looks like a mannequin. A very cheap, department store mannequin.

  45. d says:

    I wonder if someone is playing a very elaborate joke on Katie Holmes and because they can’t stand her. It’s the only explanation that I can think of that she would wear that horrible dress without shame. Someone must be telling it’s high fashion, it looks good on her, and she’s fashion icon and all the while, they’re laughing their a**es off. Or, equally possible, the fashion industry has lost its collective mind.

  46. nofreelunch says:

    Katie looks like “Sienna Miller–oh sooo 5 years ago” except SM would never have picked that dowdy rag and would have rocked it if she did. JG looks like she’s going to meet her kids’ teacher, Amy Adams looks understandably like a shadow of her former self. None of these ladies looks like they have money beyond our wildest imaginings.Seriously, I could pull a better outfit out of my Value Village closet right now.

  47. DrM says:

    Not only is the dress beyond awful but why is KH wearing black stockings, heavy black shoes and a black bag with such a light coloured dress? She just looks HORRID

  48. cruiz2 says:

    About Katie LOL – “And why must she stand with legs spread, like she’s gonna drop a load?”

    I’m in hysterics!!! Stance is really so unflattering and with tree trunks… Who the hell dressed her? Dress accentuates small shoulders with overpowering black legs. Maybe the pattern is supposed to distract us? Hope this isn’t future fashion. She could have used one of Suri’s blankets to look better!

  49. mtngirl says:

    To Katie Holmes: quit letting zenu be your stylist (it’s not working!)

  50. ~M says:

    There is where my grandma’s sofa cover went! Katie Holmes WEARS it!

    Oh! Is this the Drag Queen form last night?! No… It’s Jennifer Garner.

  51. Kim says:

    I heard Katie is designing a fashion line.

  52. M says:

    Katie Holmes is wearing what looks to be a curtain from my old house in the early 90′s.. They were only eclipsed in their ugliness by the vomit coloured carpet.

  53. Darlene says:

    I think Jen Garner looks lovely and classy. Her outfit never goes out of style. Skirt could have been a tad bit shorter as she has great legs and I like her hair with a little sexy wave instead of straight.

    As for Katie’s regalia, I follow the age old rule my mom taught me: *If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything*.

  54. Amy says:

    Anne looks pretty. I think the reason the color of the dress might seem “off” is because it looks exactly like the aqua background she is standing in front of. So the dress is sort of fading into the aqua background. If she had been standing in front of any other color (let’s say a white background) it would have looked better in pictures.