Ashton Kutcher’s alleged mistress says he & Demi have an open marriage


Not only do Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher allegedly have an open marriage, they also like to have the occasional threesome. At least, according to Ashton’s maybe-probably mistress, Brittney Jones, who continues to give interviews to Star Magazine and Radar like she thinks she was riding Tiger Woods for a year. By Brittney’s own account, she and Ashton only had sex (allegedly) a few times, and there was some texting, but it all seemed very easy-breezy hookup style. While I believed Brittney about the sex, I’m not believing all of the extra crap she’s shoveling about Demi and Ashton’s marriage.

Still, people are interested in the theories about how Demi and Ashton make it work. And the answer is not “denial”. Brittney’s theory (which she told to Star Magazine, which Hollywood Life has excerpts from) is Demi lets Ashton bone whoever he wants, and sometimes Demi joins in:

After fighting off rumors of infidelity and an impending divorce, Ashton Kutcher’s alleged mistress, Brittney Jones claims that his marriage to Demi Moore isn’t as exclusive as the couple makes it out to be.

Poor Ashton Kutcher, he chose the wrong girl with whom to allegedly fool around . The 21-year-old aspiring chef, Brittney Jones, is at it again, going on record with Star magazine — and this time pointing the finger at Ashton and Demi Moore, claiming that her tryst with Ashton was just his taking advantage of the couple’s open marriage policy.

“Ashton said he and Demi have an open relationship and have threesomes often,” she said. “I didn’t feel at all like he had just cheated on his wife. It felt normal and OK.”

When news about Ashton’s cheating scandal broke , everyone assumed Demi, 47, would be devastated that Ashton, 32, had allegedly broken his marriage vows and that the couple’s 5- year union might be over, but according to Brittney, Demi is actually upset over her own lack of involvement.

“He said they share women, but he isn’t supposed to go off and sleep with women on his own,” she told Star. “He said Demi had to be there and that Demi likes to pick the girls out.”

While Brittney thought she could be Ashton’s girlfriend on the side, he quickly squashed that possibility. “He explained that he and Demi had a deal where they had to share lovers. He felt bad that he had been with me and didn’t share,” she claimed.

Ashton and Demi have vehemently denied Brittney’s cheating allegations which she’s continued to make for several weeks in a row.

[From Hollywood Life]

Did anyone notice the contradiction? “Ashton said he and Demi have an open relationship” and then “He said they share women, but he isn’t supposed to go off and sleep with women on his own. He said Demi had to be there and that Demi likes to pick the girls out.” Which is it? Ashton can bone any girl (“open”) or he can only bone the uggos that Demi approves of (not “open,” just weird)?

So, basically, I want Brittney to shut up now. She’s messing with the original tabloid story that I believed – that Ashton is a lousy cheater and the Demi is in severe denial.



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  1. crab says:

    Well everyone was expecting Demi to be devasted over this but she doesn’t seem too upset at all! So I would tend to believe this story or else she’s in major denial!

  2. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    This is all so strange. This girl is a waste, regardless of what really happened. She’s been bit by the famewhore drug. We’ll probably hear from her a lot more before it is all done!

  3. dorothy says:

    Now for some reason I believe this just sounds feasible.

  4. Kitten says:

    Sounds to me like this chick is making excuses for cheating with a married man. She just doesn’t want to be perceived as the “homewrecker” by the Ashton/Demi fanbase by insinuating that it was ok by Demi to bone her man.

  5. spinner says:

    It has long been rumored that Demi is a Lesbian. I bet they share men too. Oh well.

  6. Riley says:

    I think the only reason that there is a rumor Demi is a lesbian is her body type can put on muscle very easily and she has a deep voice. My gaydar doesn’t go off with her though. I think she may find women beautiful and physically appealing but she looks like the kind of woman who needs cock in order to function.

  7. Original Gracie says:

    No, this really is the way things are set up in some situations where a couple “plays” with other women of their choosing.

    They decide they want to play, she picks out the girl, and they do the whole thing together. It’s like an Us and Her situation.

    Ashton going off and having this chick to himself would be breaking the rules. This is actually a very common scenerio in the swinging world.

  8. Marjalane says:

    It would so NOT surprise me to find out that Demi and Ashton have been behind this whole thing from the start. It probably breaks their hearts when they see yet another Kardashian on the cover of a magazine.

  9. Lisa S. says:

    I KNEW IT! HA!

  10. Tia C says:

    They probably do have an open marriage, and so what? I’m no big fan of either Ashton or Demi, but how annoying for them. This chick needs to shut up. She’s like a cockroach you want to squish.

  11. fabulous says:

    Maybe they do, maybe they don’t. Convienient though isn’t it…kind of up there with ‘my wife doesn’t understand me’, I haven’t slept with her for years…

    Yeah righ.t

  12. PsychicEyes says:

    Yup, not surprised on the threesome rump; exactly what I had said on Sept. 26th post, #45:

  13. jc126 says:

    I still don’t believe it. let’s see – a mistress says that Ashton said it, but for some reason, he didn’t bring mistress home and felt guilty about this lie. Sounds like if he even said it that he was feeding mistress a line to make himself look likes less of a douche. I do think that Demi Moore comes across as desperate and trying too hard, as some smart person here said the other week, but I doubt she’d be willing to participate in threesomes.

  14. Bronson says:

    demi is a scorpio, that bitch in kinky, i know it.

  15. Ferguson. says:

    I dont believe this girl, she’s making a lot of excuses and trying to cover things she may have said in order not to be discovered. But, that’s my opinion… and yes, I’m very naive on this kind of stories, so whatever.

  16. justathought says:

    If Demi was the same age as Ashton, or if she was the younger partner in this marriage, none of this tabloid tripe would be interesting.
    Women’s equality will continue to zig and zag when mouthy bitches tell all!

  17. Alarmjaguar says:

    I called it

  18. Madison says:

    Duh! don’t most actors in hollywood have open marriages.

  19. finks says:

    they are both important people,

    I wish this terrific couple nothing but success in their marriage and life. they are simply wonderful, you all don’t really know how great they are. they are better than ordinary people, that is why they are stars. they shine, they really shine.

  20. Confuzzle says:

    Muscles = lesbian huh? :lol:

  21. Rosanna says:

    Sounds to me like they are swingers ie they are open to other stories as long as they share (or know about) what’s going on.

    And yeah it sounds feasible to me as well – it even explains why his tweets sound like he is pimping his wife around..!

  22. cruiz2 says:

    If you were smart, you would keep your damn sex out off the radar, unless your responsible for putting it on. A boring couple regardless. Make a movie or something!