Demi Moore & Ashton celebrate their 5th anniversary with denial & Twitter


Demi Moore tweeted the above photo this weekend, with the message to her Twitter followers: “Thank you for all the anniversary wishes!! Enjoying a day lounging around watching “Breaking Bad” Great show!” Yes, it was their fifth wedding anniversary. Five long years – which is a lot longer than most of us had in the betting pool, let’s be honest. So, what is the secret of their success? Honesty? Fidelity? Famewhoring? Turning a blind eye to all the club girls Ashton bones? Hmm…tough call! Anyway, PopEater’s gossip guy has some interesting analysis, and he’s basically saying that there will be more allegations and tabloid stories to come:

After weeks of rumor-fueled fears that their marriage was on the rocks, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore showed a united front on Thursday when they spoke together at the Clinton Global Initiative. However, sources tell me that the worst is yet to come.

“There is a lot more information to come out,” an insider familiar with the situation tells me. “If the two of them think this is all going to go away now that they have been seen together in public, they are mistaken. The floodgates have been opened.”

Kutcher and Moore, who are celebrating their fifth anniversary TODAY, refused to address the cheating rumors when they spoke at the Real Men campaign against sex slavery and made sure reporters were kept far away.

“This was the perfect photo op for Demi and Ashton,” a media consultant tells me. “They looked great standing together united as a couple. One picture is worth a thousand words. Plus, at the same time they were supporting a noble cause. It certainly wasn’t the place where anyone would dare ask them about personal problems.”

Yet, none of this is going to stop Star magazine from continuing to investigate the story they broke.

“This story is generating huge buzz and it’s only getting bigger,” an editor at the magazine tells me. “Now, Demi is on the cover of PEOPLE because of this scandal. If the sales numbers are good on Monday for Star and PEOPLE, you can bet more dirt will be dug up.”

[From PopEater]

I know some of you have the theory that Demi and Ashton might have even encouraged these cheating stories because they’re famewhores desperate for attention. You have a valid argument. But even though I think Demi loves the attention and she loves being on the cover of People Magazine again and she loves tweeting photos of herself and Ashton and making her marriage a big topic, I have to think that there’s a part of her that isn’t so happy. A part of her that thinks her husband is a douche, a part of her that wants to leave. We’ll see what side wins out.

Sept. 23, 2010 - New York, New York, U.S. - Clinton Global Initiative 2010 Annual Meeting.The Sheraton New York Hotel and Towers, NYC 09-23-2010.Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher Launch ''Real Men'' Campaign to Help End Child Sex Slavery.ASHTON KUTCHER AND DEMI MOORE.K65981SMO. © Red Carpet Pictures

Sept. 23, 2010 - New York, New York, U.S. - Clinton Global Initiative 2010 Annual Meeting.The Sheraton New York Hotel and Towers, NYC 09-23-2010.Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher Launch ''Real Men'' Campaign to Help End Child Sex Slavery.ASHTON KUTCHER AND DEMI MOORE.K65981SMO. © Red Carpet Pictures

Sept. 23, 2010 - New York, New York, U.S. - Clinton Global Initiative 2010 Annual Meeting.The Sheraton New York Hotel and Towers, NYC 09-23-2010.Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher Launch ''Real Men'' Campaign to Help End Child Sex Slavery.ASHTON KUTCHER AND DEMI MOORE.K65981SMO. © Red Carpet Pictures

Sept. 23, 2010 - New York, New York, U.S. - Clinton Global Initiative 2010 Annual Meeting.The Sheraton New York Hotel and Towers, NYC 09-23-2010.Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher Launch ''Real Men'' Campaign to Help End Child Sex Slavery.ASHTON KUTCHER AND DEMI MOORE.K65981SMO. © Red Carpet Pictures

Sept. 23, 2010 - New York, New York, U.S. - Clinton Global Initiative 2010 Annual Meeting.The Sheraton New York Hotel and Towers, NYC 09-23-2010.Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher Launch ''Real Men'' Campaign to Help End Child Sex Slavery.ASHTON KUTCHER AND DEMI MOORE.K65981SMO. © Red Carpet Pictures

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  1. K-MAC says:

    yeah, I am thinking we are going to see more of this story and it is a little sad. For as much as I love to laugh at them I am not a fan of this type of press. I wish it were not true, but I am thinking that Ashton more than likely has a few more women in the wings. I seem to recall Her marriage to Bruce Willis ended because of an alleged infidelity (or many)…..does everybody cheat?

    The above pictures freak me out a bit. Why does he look miserable and she look clingy?

  2. guesty says:

    and the glasses are still there. nice.

  3. mimi says:

    These two need to get a job – a real job.

  4. HotPockets says:

    She and Bruce Willis should have stuck it out. However, I did hear infidelity rumors about her during their marriage. Apparently, Demi always had a thing for younger guys. Maybe cheating doesn’t bother her?

  5. Liana says:

    She looks like a man in the first picture.

    Come on, Demi, dump the douche.

  6. Ricci says:

    Am I the only one that loves them together? Congrats! I hope they stay together. Just cuz she tweets & stuff doesnt make her unhappy. This site should be called Cele│Assume

  7. Tess says:

    Pleeeze. This marriage will not make it to the 7 year mark.

    And I don’t feel much pity for any claims that their privacy should be respected. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

  8. malachais says:

    I’d rather see Demi leave than the other way around. @Hotpockets, I agree.

  9. Bullett says:

    i think taking the time out to celebrate your anniversary with your mother is sooooo sweet!

  10. lisa says:

    I think it would be great if they just stop all the tweeting and read a good script. Both of them need a good film. Maybe they are bored.

    I hope the cheating rumor is not true, but all the tweet pics just seem overkill. Celebrate you anniversay and stay out of the public. Every moment of your life does not need to be shared. People talk too much and tell too much of their business.
    She and Ashton act more like children than adults.

  11. anon1 says:

    Could they look more uncomfortable and insincere in that last picture?
    I kind of doubt she will leave him. She wouldn’t be able to admit she was wrong about him or their relationship.

  12. Blaster says:

    Ugh. Hipster glasses need to die. Does she realise how stupid she looks?

  13. manda says:

    glasses like that are cute at home, but not in any sort of photo op situation.

  14. wunderkindt says:

    Demi needs to loose those craptastic glasses. Such a twinkie-brain. . . No wonder Ashton strays.

  15. a says:

    once you hit a certain age, hipster glasses are no longer ironic.

  16. *bRaZiLiAn* says:

    I think he cheated
    look at he’s eyes
    they give it away

  17. hairball says:

    *bRaZiLiAn* and anon1: Totally agree

    These people who have to constantly post pictures / status reports / tweets on how great their relationship is and post /tweet back and forth to each other……..

    it’s SO pathetic. There’s a thing called e-mail / text / talking. The former is all about putting on a show for their audience. To be so public about it really reeks of insecurity and insincerity.

    They’re both unhappy. Look at that last picture. He’s tolerating her. She feels pathetic.

  18. Stephanie says:

    It’s like the Crypt Keeper wearing bifocals.

  19. There is no rule on what eye glasses you can were at what age. I know a woman in her 70′s and she loves wearing a variety of cool glasses. I have never read so many age-est remarks as I do around Demi More. It is like some of you are really angry that she has a younger partner. It is not for me, it must be something that some of you are jealous about. She is having her fun now, she was acting in movies working very hard at young age.

  20. Eden says:

    “live by the sword, die by the sword”
    They lost control of the means they were using to try to control and shape public perception of them. Oops.

    It is inconceivable to me that she/they planted these infidelity stories.
    It’s totally counter to the image she is desperately trying to convey,
    and not so good for his image either.

  21. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    I don’t think he did anything. It was just a BS tabloid story. No way he had sexy with that ugly girl.

  22. Vero says:

    @Bullett lmao

    “I think taking the time out to celebrate an anniversary with your mother is sooo sweet!!!!”

  23. becky says:

    i just come here for the love angelina comments. that one should be the new stephenie meyer….
    just kidding. shes a guaranteed laugh though.

  24. Jennifer says:

    OMG…the glasses! Why? I know she prob thinks that they’re so awful, they’re cute. Like those dogs that are butt ugly and people love them- but she could not be more wrong! Only young incredibly cute girls could get away with those glasses, and she’s not young nor is she cute.

  25. cowbell says:

    Those glasses aren’t doing her any favors.

  26. cowbell says:

    “Ageism is as bad as racism”? Are you for real?

  27. Angel says:

    “If the sales numbers are good on Monday for Star and PEOPLE, you can bet more dirt will be dug up.”

    Ugh. So wrong. Absolutely without integrity, callous opportunistic arses.

  28. la chica says:

    she looks like a mom tucking her teenage son into bed. gross.

  29. HotPockets says:

    @ Love Ang

    Do you remember all the hideous women Tiger slept with and had relations with, on top of having a beautiful wife?

    When men cheat, it generally has little to do with the attractive factor of the other woman they’re cheating with. It’s all about the type of attention that woman is giving them, not their looks.

    Rachel Uchitel, Bombshell McGee…these women are disgusting, but yet that didn’t seem to matter.

  30. Dhavy says:

    Maybe if they would have been more private about their relationship then we probably we wouldn’t be reading about this.

    Demi should just act her age and stop acting like a teen who just became the spokeperson for Tweeter. She doesn’t need to tweet their love for each other at every opportunity if indeed is true. She never craved this type of attention (as far as I can remmeber) when she was married to Bruce, so why the need now?

  31. LindaR says:

    That last pic where they are gazing lovingly into each others eyes? Her smile is saying “die, you f##ker”.

  32. albeli says:

    Wow, they look miserable/awkward together. I don’t see this lasting much longer.

    And yeah, the glasses look ridiculous on her.

  33. Annabelle says:

    umm HELLO!! Ppl, they are at a campaign speaking about sexual slavery, of course they look uncomfortable! You are trying to draw conclusions about their relationship with these pictures that are showing a situation out of context.

    And yes, cowbell, for real! Why on earth would you think its okay to make someone feel bad about their age? We will all be her age one day & then you will understand that you’re being a total jerk. I think its your fear of old age that is making you all so agist in the first place, you poor things.

  34. Confuzzle says:

    :lol: @ Bullett

    Those glasses weren’t cute when Clark Kent wore them in the fifties.

    Ok I never expected it to last 5 years but I think the only reason it has is because together they equal attention and money, apart they were both very faded ‘stars’ who hadn’t had a successful movie in a long time. Not that they have in the past 5 years, but they give the impression of success. Evidently some morons fall for the impression. :D

  35. Snarf says:

    They’re trying too hard (and there’s also just the faintest wiff of desperation).

  36. bubbles says:

    I almost feel bad for her. almost.
    and then I remember what a self-entitled arrogant lying pathetic excuse of a human being (or at least half, cause the other half is all plastic) she is.

  37. Anoni Mus says:

    @ Snarf: couldn’t agree more.

    And because we are on a gossip site and I feel entitled to criticize these people that I think have put themselves out there needlessly I’ll now go to the shallow end (because, really, looks shouldn’t be that important as Demi thinks they are).

    But. Demi just needs to accept the aging process. It really doesn’t help that Ashton will ALWAYS look younger than her. I mean, she’s gorgeous and looks fantastically good for her age, but would it kill her to be a little bit more classy? Cut her hair a bit, use more stylish eyeglasses. Act her age. That she does not is the one reason she seems so desperate, it’s like she hasn’t matured at all.

    Ok, ageism rant over ;)

    If they make it work, I’ll eat my hat.

  38. angela says:

    I usually dont speculate on these types of rumors, cause ya never know… but their body language says it all. Look at their hand positions in both pictures and over-all body language.. He has totally cheated and she knows it.

  39. cprincess says:

    @Bubbles 38
    I agree with you!!!
    She will deal with him and his screwing around-her ego wont allow it to be any other way and he doesnt want to be known as just some other frat boy type TV actor -they need each other,they make each other relevant…

  40. Meowmiss says:

    I totally agree. She tries WAY too hard to act younger than she is! A bit of class and acceptance that she is 15 years older than her husband would make her seem a bit less desperate and pathetic.

    Glasses are ridiculous and a haircut wouldn’t hurt.

  41. Mrs.Rut says:

    Note to Demi: The glasses make you look even older, which isn’t a good look for anyone, least of all someone with a husband that could be her son. Just sayin’…

  42. mln says:

    First off Demi was always a famewhore. All of her big movies back in the day(except for A Few Good Men) were shocking or provocative in one way or another. Her and Bruce were probably more obnoxious than her and Ashton I think they even bought a town or something (I could be wrong). If there was a Twitter back in the day Demi would have been on that shizz.

    Second if People Mag isn’t kissing their asses it’s because they know that the story has legs pure and simple.

    Third I really don’t care about the age difference but Demi has sold herself on being eternally young & sexy because that is all she has ever had and that is pathetic no matter if Ashton was 25 or 55.

  43. PsychicEyes says:

    Intuition tells me that the tabloids’ stories so far are only the tip of the iceberg. I would not be surprised of more salacious stories — threesome rumps to be exact.

    When I looked at their first pic, I am reminded of the saying: “money cannot buy you love”.

  44. dovesgate says:

    Dear Demi,

    Please stop wearing those glasses. They make you look old.


  45. mimi says:

    Taking a second look at this, I think its telling that they chose a picture of them in bed. Doesn’t every couple celebrating their anniversary display a picture in bed? These two are ridiculous..

  46. anon1 says:

    “She never craved this type of attention (as far as I can remember) when she was married to Bruce, so why the need now?”

    She was younger then and still somewhat relevant. That’s my guess anyway. Plus we didn’t have the ability to let everyone know what we were doing the minute we were doing it.

  47. hmm says:

    hello mr. magoo…not only are those glasses not doing you any favors, neither is your hairdo with the middle part.

  48. Leek says:

    Reading about these two losers always makes me feel better about myself.

  49. k says:

    In the Tweet pic, Demi looks like a man. Not flattering. And she doesn’t even realize it. She doesn’t realize she has moments she looks actually like she is.

  50. CB Rawks says:

    Hey, when did Ashton start dating Nana Mouskouri?

  51. maria says:

    He’s a douche and she’s a delusional old vagina. Match made.

  52. di butler says:

    I AM her age and those glasses are neither cute nor ironic on her. She just comes off like a dick. Married to a dick.

  53. sunnyjyl says:

    Hey! Her vagina is not THAT old!! sheesh. Have some compassion for all of us who resemble that remark. (;

  54. ElizabethM says:

    All men are the same; they just have different faces so we can tell them apart.

  55. Kloops says:

    LOL. You’re on form, posters. Yes, this is an embarrassing display of alleged marital harmony but I had to laugh at the poster who said it looks like a mom tucking in her son because it so does! What was she thinking posting this photo? Ashton looks 12 and she looks…well 47. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but in this photo her spouse looks like a child and it’s really not doing her any favors. She looks desperate. They should keep their private life private. If they had any sense… so we know that’s not going to happen.

  56. DiMi says:

    Why are so many people trashing the way she looks? The sexist men I know are not as brutal towards women’s looks as the women on this site. They wouldn’t even know how to be this vicious. Some of you are more angry at her for not looking perfect than you are at Ashton for cheating on her? Are you so shallow that you think a woman deserves to be cheated on if she doesn’t look perfect all of the time? That is the implication behind what you are saying? I’m not a big Demi Moore fan, but can’t we at least have some compassion for her because even if Ashton isn’t cheating, she’s being publicly humiliated as if he were. The sexist comments on this site, a site on which almost all the readers are women,in the form of vicious attacks on the way women look, especially middle-aged women, are disturbing to me. Those of you who rip a woman to shreds for not naturally looking like a 22-year old model are revealing what you really think of women and yourselves. What is behind it? Why are the women on this site so vicious to other women? I like the site, but this is a recurring theme, and it’s troubling. You are the mean girls who are nice in public but are hiding your viciousness behind the anonymity of the internet. I hope you never have daughters because you will ruin them; you won’t be able to hide your nastiness from them.

  57. ME says:

    Those glasses have to go. I am sure she needs them, but pick a better style…..

  58. Lynda says:

    It’s not the glasses…it’s the long, center part for her hair. Update please.
    And ageism is as bad as racism, though when one is young, one has no idea.

  59. AMS511 says:

    those glasses! what is the deal?!?!

  60. Vee says:

    DiMi – it’s not the age or the way she looks, she’s gorgeous. It’s the constant attention seeking by both these two that earns them this disdain. They are the worst kind of star; seeking to find relevance in a Twitter world.

  61. Marjalane says:

    Well, I guess the good news is that maybe they’ll slink off into oblivion and live a quiet, non public life of marital bliss. Heh. Made myself laugh.

  62. spinner says:

    Looking at the above pics makes me feel very uncomfortable. Just reading the body language…this couple is over.

  63. Leticia says:

    She and Madonna would actually look younger if they hung out with men their own age! It is not a good idea to be pushing 50 and standing next to someone in their prime, even though both women are still beautiful.

  64. Leticia says:

    Imagine how great she would look in comparison to Bruce Willis. She should have never left him.

  65. PsychicEyes says:



    My thoughts exactly.

    BTW, Bruce Willis always came across as a solid man with good values. She came across as an insecure and attention seeking. I truly believe he kept her together and balanced.

  66. Jenny says:

    Todays philosophical question: If Demi Moore does something without tweeting about is, is she actually doing it?

  67. Sakyiwaa says:

    that duo either amaze me with how long they have been together or bore me with how fabulous they think they look together :)

  68. Nancy says:

    What is it with all these twitter pics of them, are they that desperate for attention?

  69. JustBe says:

    DiMi, I have to mostly agree with your comments. I don’t think it’s anything that is unique to this site, but the anonymity of the web does allow everyone to be more cruel in their opinions of someone’s looks than they otherwise would.

    I think that Demi looks amazing for a woman of any age. I don’t like the glasses on her or anyone else. But, it reflects the current ‘style’ trend of ridiculously huge glasses a la Jackie Kennedy.

    I think the ‘mother-son’ look in the first photo is due mainly to the glasses.

    The pathetic part is just the fact that, for a women of her age and professional accomplishments, she still feels the need to prove herself through a relationship with a man. Why the hell would you put a picture of yourself and your spouse in bed together out in the public sphere?

  70. skibunny says:

    I actually like the glasses.

  71. Persistent Cat says:

    I don’t think their relationship is real. She has a non-existent career and he didn’t have much going on when they hooked up and married. Although he’s becoming less bankable, he may not need her as much as she needs him. I don’t think anything they do is remotely sincere. I believe it’s a marriage of convenience.

  72. I Choose Me says:

    I’m not a body language expert and I really hate making assumptions based on photos but these photos are gelling with my instincts, which tells me that these two are done. He seems ready to move on and I think she knows it but she’s not ready to let go.

    Edit: It’s sad but she really doesn’t seem to have anything going for her these days other than this relationship. At 40 something she should not be letting a man define her.

  73. Kim says:

    This constant need for attn OMG they are becoming like ,Dare I say Heidi and Spencer.

  74. Jello says:

    Oh boy, I got to stop reading the comments on any story about Demi. Some of them are downright cruel.

  75. DiMi says:

    I LIKE it that a famous actress is willing to show pictures of herself without make-up or photoshopping. It shows how much make-up and photoshopping are going on in the media. It’s a critique.

    I understand that these two are annoying. They annoy ME, but just call them out for being annoying, don’t trash her for her looks. When you trash a woman for her looks and for daring to age you are belittling ALL women by saying we should be defined by our appearance regardless of our accomplishments. She is an Academy Award-nominated actress, a successful business woman, and, by all accounts, a good mother. I think that says she has a LOT going for her, and it’s more important than her glasses, which I think are charming.

  76. Cam says:

    I enjoy reading the comments more than the actual post, you guys are harsh!

  77. Crash2GO2 says:

    “She and Madonna would actually look younger if they hung out with men their own age!”

    Absolutely. That’s how I survive – I only go for older men. In excellent physical condition of course. *wink*

  78. LBees says:

    Those glasses… just…those glasses… please Demi, please…

  79. Shay says:

    That first twitter pic?
    It looks like he is in bed with his granny. Horrible.

  80. Sugar Bunny says:

    HA HA HA, did you just have a demistential experience? lol

  81. DiMi says:

    @Leticia: “She and Madonna would actually look younger if they hung out with men their own age! It is not a good idea to be pushing 50 and standing next to someone in their prime,”

    So basically you’re saying that middle-aged women should make their relationship decisions based on how they LOOK next to their partner, not on how they FEEL about their partner. They shouldn’t be with men they like, love or desire. They should just be with older, less attractive men who make them look younger and prettier.

    That’s absurd. One of the good things about aging is you stop caring about what people think and start focusing on what makes you happy.

    I admit that I am uncomfortable when I see older men AND older women with much younger partners. Demi and Ashton have always made me uncomfortable. But that’s MY problem, not theirs. If THEY are comfortable, they shouldn’t care.

  82. ICYNDICEY says:

    What did she take this picture with…the camera she got for her 10th birthday in 1856? LOL!

  83. Indigo says:

    I think she looks amazing, I don’t think she looks a day younger than her real age. She froze those wrinkles with botox too late, all the partying does show.
    I don’t care about their age difference, to each his own but wtf was she talking about with a 22 year old boy when she was 37?? It’s gross.

    And of course he’s gonna cheat, he didn’t become a star to watch tv every night and baby-sit. Her daughters growing up and starting to go out, must have reminded him of the things he’s missing out. If they weren’t such entitled narcissistic monsters, I’d feel sorry for them.