Clay Aiken is going to be a daddy

No your eyes are not messed up: you read that headline correctly. Of all the upsetting, horrendous things I’ve ever had to report, this may very well be the worst. Clay Aiken is going to be a father, according to Us Weekly and TMZ.

Idol Clay Aiken’s producer is pregnant with his child, reports.

Jaymes Foster (who is reportedly in her late 40s) was artificial inseminated with the 29-year-old singer’s sperm, according to the report.

Aiken lives with Foster – described as his “best friend” – when he’s in L.A. and plans to be involved with parenting their child, TMZ reports.

The crooner has consistently avoided questions about his sexuality.

“People don’t want to have that type of stuff pushed, people who are living in Omaha or in Charlotte or wherever,” Aiken told Access Hollywood last month.

“They don’t want stuff like that pushed in their face,” he added. “I don’t think that’s necessary and that’s also not what I’m here for. I mean, I went on Idol to be a singer, I went on Idol to be an entertainer and that’s what my priority is.”

[From Us Weekly]

This means that someone intentionally chose to have Clay Aiken’s DNA growing inside them. It wasn’t some drunken mistake (I realize that’s even less likely to happen with Clay Aiken, but you get the point). It was this conscious, thought-out plan. It means that Jaymes Foster looked around at the men in her life, and the VERY BEST CANDIDATE was Clay Aiken. Which makes me really judge the other men she knows.

According to TMZ, Foster is 50-years-old, the sister of record mogul David Foster, and has produced several of Clay’s albums. The way they phrased it is that “Clay is a lot more than sperm — we’re told he will have an active role in raising the child.” Considering the way Clay supposedly bosses everyone around and lectures people on manners, he’s going to be one uptight dad.

Clay is scheduled to perform on the Tonight Show this evening. Something tells me this won’t come up, but you never know.

Here’s Clay arriving at Planet Hollywood in Times Square to promote his role in Monty Python’s ‘Spamalot’ on April 8th. I don’t think that’s the actual cup he used, but no guarantees. Images thanks to WENN.

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  1. MonicaBee says:

    This has got to be false.

    Please god. Let this be false.


  2. Ron says:

    I told her that was a turkey baster and not a toy! Now look what happened!!

  3. alex says:

    Having a good laugh at the cup comment. Classic!

  4. SeVen says:

    Oh… just… oh.. Whatever makes ’em happy

  5. Jody says:

    “I don’t think that’s the actual cup he used, but no guarantees.”

    so damn funny. Jamba Juice may not be happy that their cups are being reused in that way.

  6. CandyKay says:

    I find that having kids makes people a lot LESS uptight about other people’s manners. Worked for me, at least.

  7. Devilgirl says:

    Well naturally, she was inseminated. It is not like this is a romance, it is the typical move of a gay man, who for whatever reasons, is not willing to come out to the public, yet wants the experience of fatherhood. Best friends? That, right there is all we needed to hear to let us know that he is gay. Good for him and her, if they want a child yet not a conventional relationship.

  8. Wif says:

    I can’t think of anything better than having a child with your best friend. None of this “romance” crap to get in the way of the parenting. I say, congratulations to them both.

  9. daisfly says:

    I see he’s taken the Michael Jackson approach to fatherhood…

  10. vdantev says:

    en vitro ?

  11. Mairead says:

    So Clay is having a babby with James eh? How fitting,

  12. Syko says:

    It would have to be artificial insemination because as we all know, Clay has no penis.

  13. GirlyGirl says:

    LOL @ Syko!

  14. CB Rawks says:

    Is that the lizard girl who swallows rats whole, in “V, The Series”?

  15. RaeJillian says:

    okay, my mother hates when i do this – BUT, she’s gay. i know, my mom swears that i say that about everyone but really i only say it when they are. she would notice that more if i went around saying, “she’s straight. she’s straight.” a million times – whatever. what i am saying is this: she is a near fifty or fifty year old lesbian who wants a child, her dear friend is a gay male who would like to be a daddy. this is great, they both have great jobs and so there should not be a big money fall out… 😛 yay!

  16. lola says:

    Jaybird. am not your biggest fan as you know (for always having a thing against Tom and Katie) but this post has got to be the best I have read on the internet in the last year. I am still laughing and struggling to write my post. I am actually on the floor in between clutching my stomach. You are wicked!

  17. lola says:

    Many questions come to mind when I read such absurdity, I have nothing against Clay and I have even defended him a couple of times but this? This is too much for me.

    This woman, is she gay too? 50 and she has a best friend who is male- that is OK but 29? She is just as weird as him.

  18. sandy says:

    i thought he was gay! gross 😡 !

  19. Larissa says:

    er…he is gay! and he is not the very first gay guy to have a child through insemination, like…HELLOOOO???

    tho I think there r NICER gay guys to have a baby with out there in the world…like millions!!!!!! lol

  20. Alexis says:

    He looks kinda like a guy in that last photo, no?

  21. Meredith says:

    Good for them, if that’s what they want and are able to have & afford a child in a nonconventional relationship.

  22. insidescoop says:

    Ewwww, he is so gross.

  23. Vlad Lennon says:

    The photo that celebitchy chose to use of Clay under the headline reminds me of that Puerto Rican TV psychic, Walter Mercado. Walter, in turn, kind of looks like what would happen if Liberace donated sperm to Clay’s mum.

  24. Shay says:

    Umm today isn’t April 1st?

  25. CinPin says:

    I’m more amazed that a possibly 50 yr old women got pregnant using only artificial insemination. At that age most would need in vitro.

    If the story is true,I say good for them. I was more shocked before I read the article when I thought they had had sex! ewwwww!!!
    But he’s obviously gay, and if he and a friend want to have a baby that’s their business. There are much worse ways to reproduce.

  26. Kat says:

    She’s 50 years old ? This should be interesting or dumb.

  27. someone says:

    I heard she was in her early 40s..I think Clay would make a great dad, and he loves kids. Good luck to them..

  28. LiLi says:

    just because a 50 year old can get pregnant (with tons of artificial help,insemination, hormones, tests, monitoring) does not mean she should get pregnant.
    c’mon, 50 is pushing it. our bodies were not meant to be pregnant at that age, hence menopause occurs.
    why couldn’t these 2 idiots just adopted if they wanted a child so badly?
    there are millions of unwanted children in this world.

  29. Dee says:

    Ooohhhhhhh. This ruined my perfect day!

    I think I’m heartbroken‚ my lesbian crush.. goes off and has a kid with a (wo)man named Jaymes.


    thatshouldbemybaby 🙄

  30. bc says:

    ooooh, help!! oh, ICK!!!!

    (gotta go vomit now.)

  31. piedlourde says:

    Hey, PR stunt! Weirdest celebrity procreation story since Michael Jackson’s blanket babies.

    This is so a virgin birth, Clay being the virgin of course.

  32. I choose me says:


  33. Predatory Cougar says:

    Can you imagine how retarded the kid is gonna be? The mother is 50 and the father is Clay Aiken. Whoooooo!Bad News!

  34. Cheekybugger says:

    Clay is definitely living the MJ lifestyle. Now all he needs is a theme park in his backyard and half a nose.

  35. Lezli Adams says:

    Why can’t people just leave him alone. If they are haters so be it, but leave Clay alone. He seems like a wonderful person and who cares if he is gay or straight or bi or whatever. And if they want to have a child more power to them.
    Clay has always got the sticky end of the publicity stick for some reason. Maybe people are jealous that so many people DO love him and his music. By the way, I am a 56 year grandma and would be thrilled if any of my kids brought him to dinner….

  36. Why Does everyone Have to make Something Bad out of someone so Good says:

    Rumors, Rumors, Rumors….So This Rep Said that or This Foster Guy..whatever..Has anyone ever heard Clay or This Jayames Say it’s his ?? Even if it is–so what ! That doesn’t make Him Gay for God Sakes. In fact There is a Rolling Stones Article Floating around where Clay Clearly Says “NO” when asked the gay question. Not to mention the Book He worte wich mentions attraction to Women. So he’s not the best looking guy, maybe a little on the nerdy side…But Gay…Seems the media has nothing else bad to say about Clay….saad. To bad no one mentions that fact that He’s a Well mannerd, Respectful Southern Boy,Loves The Lord and has a Deep affection for Disabled Children ( Being that He was a Special Ed Teacher before Idol) He’s also been seen strolling about NYC with Brace yourselves…A women ! Oh and there are thoes photoes of Him Dancing with a Women. I have proof.. So Lay off already gees. In fact I believe thats exactly what Clays been Saying.. All else aside..The Man Can Sing-You can’t deny that one ! All He has to do is open his mouth and it’s beautiful.

  37. gg says:

    Having done any/all of those things does not prove your sexuality one way or the other. And the reason people are mad at him is because he is clearly lying about being gay. Nobody would care if he just came clean, but he doesn’t want to shock his churchy followers, so he lies about it.

  38. Why Does everyone Have to make Something Bad out someone so Good says:

    Oh Give me a Break gg: -People are Mad because He wont says He’s Gay…? Why should The Man have to say He’s Gay just to please a Mad Media and Gawking Public. Just for the Sake of argument , because As you Say,”Having done any/all of those things does not prove your sexuality one way or the other” -So true, because there is no Real Proof that Clay Aiken is gay. Outside of that Rediculas Story from that Wierd Stalker Guy-Who has since retracked and probably moved on to bother someone else-There is no Real Proof. And, I think When being asked by Rolling Stones Magazine about it -Th word “No” Should clearly sum it up. I mean No means No….Well,maybe not to the Media, who of course make it ther lifes work to bash anyone they don’t like. Anybody here ever heard the quote “Never Judge A Book By it’s Cover” ? Hellooooo….No offense to you gg in anyway. It just makes me mad that after 5 years and a Clear answere of No People are still on that bandwagon…S A D !

  39. gg says:

    He has not come clean. People appreciate honesty more than they care if someone is gay or not.

    Do you really believe he is not gay? I don’t. I have a ton of close gay friends, so I am totally not prejudiced. But he’s hoodwinking his churchgoing audience, who DO hate gays.

    I find this disingenuous.

  40. Why Does everyone Have to make Something Bad out someone so Good says:

    gg: Yes I do Belive He Isn’t Gay. One, Because when Asked He Said “No” 2 Because I have close Gay Friends too. Clay Aiken May be Nerdy,Bossy-Even Uptight-But He Is not Gay. He is however tired of the Media and everyone Else Shoving that Subject in his face. I also have Southern Friends and Family. Some ( Men and Women alike) who have that same southern accent as Clay-Some even have the Same mannerisims. And Trust me-They are not Gay ! Clay Aiken is quirky and was kind of the Misfit growing up ( Nerdy you might Say) There are plenty of Men like that-doesn’t make them Gay . Unless your the Media, trying to find something to lay on Him. After all they can’t exactly criticize His Voice or the fact that He seems to be a “Good Guy” . So whats left…Take all this Nerdieness and Genuine Niceness and Call it Gay. Anyway, Seems to Me these Days the media isn’t happy unless someone is Gay, Alcoholic , or having a Mental Breakdown. Sometimes I Hate myself for even getting into this stuff-Because in the End, all that really matters is-How You’ve lived Your Life and The effects it had on the People in it .

  41. gg says:

    honey please. a) I live in Nashville and came from Atlanta. Please don’t go there on the southern accent, nobody is that naive. b) This is a gossip column and you seem a bit sensitive to gossip, so you might consider staying away from gossip sites, c) he’s gay and everybody knows it, d) he lied that one time in that one interview (lol, yes it happens, imagine that! ask Angelina), and e) I do believe you need to have your gaydar adjusted just a hair, sweet pea. or do a little research.

  42. Why Does everyone Have to make Something Bad out someone so Good says:

    Oh my Listen to you…So being a liar makes you gay..ok Thats a new one on me. Yes, this is a “Gossip” Column Hence the Word “Gossip” Everyone knows Clay Aiken is Gay…Fine-Show me Proof. And not that fact that He lied or that wierd Stalker Guy ( Who Has since retracked and moved on) Oh…Other then the fact that He isn’t like everyone else, maybe a little wierd..You have no Real Proof. Why don’t “You” do a little research “Swwet Pea” We’ll stop trying to convince everyone that Clay Aiekn isn’t gay when They stop trying desperatly to convince us He is. All that aside…There are no arguments the Man Can Sing

  43. gg says:

    lol, let’s just call it a draw, kay? The “syntax” in your little missive sorta makes me not want to spend any more time on this idiotic subject with somebody that is apparently half my age, so I’ll just let you go, hon.

    I truly don’t care if Glay Aiken ice skates naked at Rockefeller Center and lights his pubes with a flame torch. oops, I meant Clay. 🙄

    Have a good one.

  44. Why Does everyone Have to make Something Bad out someone so Good says:

    Half Your Age…? I’m probably old enough to be your Mother. I have to give you this one though – ” Lights his pubes with a flame torch ” Even I can’t top that one… Hmmm Now that would be something to see 😉

  45. gg says:

    Gosh, you can’t be 83, which is my mother’s age. I’m 50 ffs.

  46. gg says:

    Anyway, I am reminded that Rosie O’Donnell already outed Clay on national television, and – surprise! – he never refuted that.

  47. Trudy Morris says:

    What a lucky woman to have a child fathered by Clay Aiken. Every woman should be so lucky.

  48. gg says:

    Luck ain’t got nothin to do with this one! 😆

  49. gg says:

    Update: Well, he’s admitted it. I can rest now. 😆
    I do respect him more for having come out of the closet. He’ll be far happier being natural instead of packaged – no pun intended …

  50. Single Mom says:

    Great site! Keep it up!