Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller to marry tonight amid pregnancy rumors

Three and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen will marry his third wife, Brooke Mueller, in a ceremony at a secret location in LA tonight. The couple is keeping the location of their wedding ceremony and reception quiet in order to ensure that Charlie’s ex wife, Denise Richards, doesn’t show up or try to film it for her new E! reality show. Charlie and Denise have had a protracted custody battle along with a war of the words in the press.

The NY Daily News reports that Charlie and Brooke have been trying to have a child, and that it’s possible she’s already pregnant:

As her ex Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller prepare to walk down the aisle Friday night, friends of the bride-to-be tell us she may already be pregnant.

“They’ve been busy working on having a baby,” confides a pal. “They have been for a couple of months. It’d be great if they had a son, because Charlie already has three daughters.”

The “Two and a Half Men” star, 42, has a daughter, Cassandra, 23, by Paula Profit, and had Sam, 4, and Lola Rose, 3, with Richards.

Asked if they were trying to start a family, Sheen’s rep Stan Rosenfield told us: “That’s often what people do when they get married.”

The 60 or so people invited to the nuptials know only to wear evening attire and wait for a car to whisk them to a secret location in L.A.

“They had to tell Denise when it was, because they wanted the girls to come, but she doesn’t know where it’ll be,” says the source. “Who knows? She may even crash the event with a camera crew.”

[From The NY Daily News]

As for the he-said she-said with the “sperm donor” e-mail, in which Richards supposedly asked Sheen for some of the stuff to conceive another child after their split, the News claims to have a source who says that a computer expert verified that the e-mails were not doctored and that they came from Richard’s computer.

Good luck Charlie Sheen and new wife. And please don’t let us know the details if you ever get a divorce.

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14 Responses to “Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller to marry tonight amid pregnancy rumors”

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  1. poopie says:

    Just what the world needs : more celebuspawn- ugh

  2. Linda says:

    This should push Denise into more crazy talk and behavior – man I feel so sorry for their daughters.

  3. vdantev says:

    *Initiating countdown to vicious hateful public divorce.*

  4. Kelly says:

    Denise Richards is a back stabbing, fame hungry whore. Her reality show is a joke and so is her acting.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    What’s the dish on “Brooke” ?

  6. lola says:

    He was very well suited with Denise. They were both using each other. This faceless girl is going to be whining three years on, taking kids to parks for photo ops and doing reality shows for a living like any other c-listes. Sigh.

  7. Mike Foxx says:

    Charlie is an ugly drunk like his old man, Marty.

  8. daisfly says:

    This is why the perma-condom would be a good idea…

  9. Amy says:

    I don’t know why people vilify Denise so much. She’s not the greatest actress in the world and the reality show is definitely ill-advised, but she was in a very abusive relationship with Charlie.

    He’s beyond reprehensible. Why any woman (besides a prostitute) would touch this cheating, abusive sex addict is insane.

  10. Devilgirl says:

    I think people these days vilify Denise because of what she did to Heather Locklear’s marriage. I think people find it hypocritical of her to have run around, playing the injured, cheated upon party when she was the one who came in between Heather and Ritchie and caused the demise of that marriage.

  11. Tawny says:

    I love Denise, but she made the mistake of marrying Charlie. Since he (and his father) has more $$$ than her, he has the means to smear her. Here’s a guy who’s admitted to all kinds of nasties, and people diss Denise? GET REAL. I would have left his arse, too!

    Now, for Charlie. He really needs to ditch that ridiculous wig and do something with that white, pasty skin of his. This will be his fourth marriage? What does THAT tell you about him? Uh-huh. Now you know why Denise kicked him to the curb. SMART GIRL!!

    Now for Brooke – Just another average looking wanna’be who hooked on to Charlie solely for his $$$ and status. That’s it. I mean — look at him?! If he were just a regular working stiff, she wouldn’t have given him the time of day. That’s obvoius to anyone. And she’s in a hurry to get pregnant? Can you say “MEAL TICKET!”

  12. Tawny says:

    So many people hate Denise. I think it’s a bad case of jealousy. Denise is gorgeous, talented, and had the brass ovaries to tell Charlie IT’S OVER BABEEEE. Why anyone would expect her and her daughters to tolerate Charlie’s nasties is beyond me…….

  13. Cari says:


    “Gorgeous” is pushing it a wee bit now. Considering her publicity still for her reality show, that’s about the dumbest expression I’ve ever seen.

    And he seems to have waaaay too much baggage.

    I give their “marriage” 6 months.

  14. Predatory Cougar says:

    Hey Tawney, I thought the same thing about the wig. It is really cheap and you think he could afford Hair Club for Men.