Burt Reynolds and Loni Anderson to star in sitcom together

Burt Reynolds and Loni Anderson were married for about five years, from 1988-1993. They have an adopted child together, son Quinton, now 22, and although they were estranged for some time they’ve recently mended fences. The National Enquirer is reporting that these two are planning to star in a sitcom together, as a bickering elderly couple in a retirement home. The show will be written by “All in The Family” creator Norman Lear, and they’re still pitching it. Burt and Loni haven’t talked in years but Loni is said to have softened when Lear contacted her about the show. Burt, 74, has been facing serious health problems and underwent open heart surgery earlier this year. He’s reportedly single now but Loni, 65, remarried in 2008 and is on her fourth husband, musician Bob Flick.

A news U.S. sitcom has brought former couple BURT REYNOLDS and LONI ANDERSON back together, 15 years after they divorced.

The pair is set to play warring pensioners living in a retirement home in the untitled show, which being written by All in the Family creator Normal Lear, reports the National Enquirer.

Sources tell the tabloid that 74-year-old Reynolds hopes the show will kickstart his career, following his recent lifesaving heart surgery, and Anderson agreed to cast aside the ex-couple’s differences after their son Quinton, 22, intervened to broker the deal.

An insider tells the Enquirer, “Burt jumped at the chance to make a TV comeback, but he knew that without Loni, the show wouldn’t work.

“When Burt and Loni talked, it was awkward at first, but she was touched when she realised how much it could mean to Burt… She realised the show would put him back on the Hollywood map.”

Both stars have sitcom experience, Reynolds starred as an American football coach in Evening Shade and Anderson was a hit in WKRP in Cincinnati.

Lear reportedly plans to pitch the new show for the 2011 TV season.

[From The National Enquirer via Contact Music]

I remember when Loni and Burt were such a hot couple back in the day. While I was ‘researching’ for this story I found this old People Magazine article about their split. It mentioned the rumors that they each had found other lovers, but ultimately blamed their split on varying work schedules that forced them to be apart. There was a very touching story in that article about how Loni nursed Burt back to health after a terrible accident left him nearly bedbound for over two years. I wanted to share it:

It was the loyal Anderson who stayed with Reynolds through what became a transforming experience in his life. In 1984, filming City Heat with Clint Eastwood, he was accidentally clobbered with a wrought-iron chair during a fight scene. The blow fractured his temporo-mandibular joint, damaged his inner ear and resulted – before a surgeon reconstructed his jaw – in a two year bout with almost constant pain and nausea. His weight dropped from 200 to a near-skeletal 138, and the press was rife with erroneous reports that he had AIDS. To dull the pain he took morphine and at one point was, by his own account, downing an astonishing 50 tablets a day of the controversial antidepressant Halcion. For the two years that he was virtually bedridden in his darkened room – and the difficult year of medically supervised detox that followed – “this wonderful lady never left my side,” he later said of Loni. “How can you not be in love with somebody like that?”

[From People Magazine, print edition available online, June 28, 1993]

Can you imagine? I would love to see these two in a sitcom together and I bet it won’t be too hard for them to argue on cue. It’s been a while but they must have a lot of experiences to draw on.

Loni Anderson is shown on 5/7/10. Burt Reynolds is shown on 2/14/07. Credit: WENN.com.


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  1. Dorothy#1 says:

    I remember their divorce too!!

    I would watch this show!

  2. sammyhammy says:

    I think it could potentially be a big hit. I’d watch it!

  3. fancyamazon says:

    I think this is a fantastic idea : )

  4. Sherri says:

    I would watch this show!!

  5. jen says:

    Wow seeing Ray Sharkey brings back memories. I LOVE Idolmaker!

  6. Praise St. Angie! says:

    oh, the original tabloid couple! I remember their names/pics being on the covers almost every week.

    and I think Loni Anderson is totally underrated as a comedic performer.

    I think this show would be pretty funny, if the writing is good.

  7. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    I also would watch this show. I always liked them together

  8. Kerri says:

    I would definitely watch this show. I thought “Evening Shade” was great; it would be good to see Burt back on TV. And who doesn’t love Loni?

    But isn’t anyone concerned about the stage lights melting either one of these two? I mean, the amount of plastic surgery on one set would even make Heidi Montag jealous.

  9. kelbear says:

    A nice positive story is good to see from time to time.

  10. Exiled says:

    What is the title? “When Plastic People Attack”?

  11. Exiled says:

    Isn’t 65 a bit young to play someone in a retirement home?

  12. Anne says:

    I think that should be 1988 – 1993.
    This show would probably be hilarious. At least better than a lot of other shows on tv right now.

  13. Whitey Fisk says:

    Please tell me the header photos are of their wax figures at Madame Tussauds…

  14. LindaR says:

    Halcion was a sleeping pill. A highly addictive one but not an anti-depressant.

  15. TeeTee says:


    I say let seeping dogs lie.

  16. Ron says:

    Gosh I hope it’s on right after Three’s Company!

  17. Hautie says:

    I thought the marriage ended cause he had a 30 year old, cheap looking… jumpoff. Then was brutal to Loni when he decided to divorce her.

    I remember him just being a real a**hole. Doing alot of evil things to her publicly and telling the National Enquirer about it him self.

    So I am surprise she would do anything for him.

    A leopard does not change his spots. Once a raging self center a**hole… always a raging a**hole.

  18. Amy says:

    Yeah, I saw the E! True Hollywood Story on these two and he really did break her heart by cheating.

    That said, he’s very talented and I would probably watch this show!

  19. Scarlet Vixen says:

    @Kerri: I thought the same thing!! LoL Which face is more plasticky and creepy?? How can they ‘act’ if they can’t even move their faces?

  20. Kerri says:

    @Scarlet Vixen (awesome name, BTW): Yes, Botox would definitely hinder performance. But that could also be a running joke on the show as well.

  21. Maritza says:

    That sounds like an interesting show!

  22. Raven says:

    How did I miss this??? I think they’d be great together in a sitcom. I never watch sitcoms anymore and I’d tune in on this one.

    I would just hope that he is not a complete jerk to her. She doesn’t deserve it after what she’s done for him. She’s obviously still very generous to agree to do this.

  23. moocowhead says:

    Holy shit yes I would make an effort to watch this.. sounds grand!

  24. Lucy Squared says:

    Nice! I remember WKRP and they have great on-screen chemistry and comedic timing. I am happy they are able to work together and that Burt is doing well again.

  25. truthzbetta says:

    Brilliant stunt casting. You’d have to watch the first episode to see the body lang.

    Neither has been good on t.v. since Loni in WKRP though. But I still love her in that role, sexy, intriguing and exciting life always hinted at, and she always had the most brains in the room above the bod. Great part well played on a funny show.

  26. Mary Jane says:

    Bob FLICK — in caps it looks almost like…

  27. Confuzzle says:

    Is it 1983 again?

  28. Ashley says:

    I’d watch this. It’s like throwback to the 80′s when sitcoms were funny.

  29. Woody McBreairty says:

    Norman Lear rejected Loni & Burt in their new TV show because he said they are both too young…Hmmmm – Norman sure is a tactful guy

  30. dstarr says:

    I have just read Burt Reynolds’ book and I think Loni (the Countess Gold digger) has caused him enough pain. No, I wouldn’t watch it and would advise Burt against it. But he’s smart and will turn it down. If anyone read the book he takes responsibility for his past indiscrestions…but in case no one knew…Loni is the one that cheated with one of Burt’s students, he caught her. She certainly ain’t Dinah :)