Jesse James and Kat Von D are already talking about getting married

LOS ANGELES - SEP 2: Jesse James & Kat Von D arrives at the Wonderland Gallery Opening at Wonderland Gallery on September 2, 2010 in W. Hollywood, CA Photo via Newscom

Kat Von D and Jesse James have been dating for about three months, at most. So, of course, they want to get married. At least according to the tabloids. This Star story seems like it’s been transcribed from Kat’s dream journal though. I often wonder about that – sometimes a tabloid “source” really seems to be pushing an agenda that only really matters to them. I mean, does Kat have friends who care enough to go to Star and talk about how Kat and Jesse are so in love? Probably not, given that her ex-husband claims she‘s shady as hell, and her actions and previous interviews seem to attest to that. So I’m wondering if the source is Kat herself. It certainly sounds like her.

Tattooed twosome Jesse James and Kat Von D have only been dating since midsummer – and the ink on his late-June divorce from wife of five years Sandra Bullock is barely dry. Yet the duo are already discussing marriage, and insider reveals!

“Jesse and Kat love to send each other racy text messages when they are apart, and Jesse took things a lot further recently. He playfully asked Kat via text if she’d consider marrying again.”

Kat, who was previously hitched to tattoo artist Oliver Peck, gushed that her answer would be yes if the thrice-wed father of three asked for her hand. And she and Jesse have revisited the subject several times since.

“Jesse told Kat that he’ll get her a ring sooner rather than later,” says the insider. “He’s convinced that’s she’s the one he’s meant to be with.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

See? It’s all about Kat and how happy she and Jesse are. Anyway, if this is true, Jesse needs his damn head examined. I get that Jesse and Kat totally deserve each other, and that they made their own beds, etc. But at some point, Jesse is going to realize that he doesn’t have to marry every girl he dates, right? This would be his… fourth marriage, right? And how many kids? Two? By two different women. Did he ever ask himself if Kat would be a good step-mom? If doesn’t step back and really look at his self-destructive patterns, how will he ever change them?

45493, WEST HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - Monday September 27 2010. Kat Von D - the new girlfriend of Jesse James - arrives at the popular Katsuya sushi restaurant in West Hollywood. Tattoo artist Von D - real name Katherine Drachenberg - started dating Sandra Bullock's ex-husband last month. . Photograph:  Hellmuth Dominguez, *FEE MUST BE AGREED PRIOR TO USAGE E-TABLET/IPAD & MOBILE PHONE APP PUBLISHING REQUIRES ADDITIONAL FEES**

45489, HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - Monday September 27, 2010. Katherine von Drachenber AKA Kat Von D, who has recently been linked to Jesse James, is spotted leaving Katsuya with a couple of unidentified males. The tattoo artist and LA Ink star was wearing an all grey outfit, including grey knit hat, grey denim jacket and grey leggings. Photograph:  Devone Byrd,

44384, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Thursday September 2 2010. Kat Von D and Jesse James head home after making their first public appearance together at the launch of Von D's Wonderland gallery in West Hollywood. Photograph:  Hellmuth Dominguez,

LOS ANGELES - SEP 2: Jesse James & Kat Von D arrives at the Wonderland Gallery Opening at Wonderland Gallery on September 2, 2010 in W. Hollywood, CA Photo via Newscom

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28 Responses to “Jesse James and Kat Von D are already talking about getting married”

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  1. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    This is just weird. Her head is bigger than his. Yes, they deserve each other. Do they look good together, No! Actually, once I saw them together, they look kinda creepy.

  2. Dorothy#1 says:

    UGH! So stupid!!! Plus what ever happened to Nikki Sitx? Weren’t they dating for a long time??

  3. logan says:

    Gives new meaning to “When fools rush in”. Think of the kids, think of the kids you idiots.

  4. ziggy says:

    wow, did she ever jack up her face! gads! she looks like a bad version of the plasticized cher. NOT a good look!

  5. Isabel says:

    That’s gross.

  6. brin says:

    …and the bride wore a tasteful Vera Wang wedding tatoo.

  7. LittleLoLo says:

    You know, I used to like her a lot when her show first started, but she has just gotten….gross? I think that’s the best word. Dating Jesse was just the final nail in coffin for me. And now she looks like the terrifying woman in the new snickers ads.

  8. michael says:

    trailer trash central. what sandra bullock saw in this heaping puke of a man i will never know. these to really are deserving of each other. once a cheater always a cheater. let’s see how long elvira here can keep his interest.

    boy just looking at these photos made me wanna chuck up a little.

  9. Squirtle says:

    He has absolutely NO CLASS! In fact I think it’s a three way tie between Jon Gosselin & Michael Lohan for who is the bigger douchebag…I just can’t seem to decide!

  10. Nanea says:

    He’s got three kids from the two wives before Sandra – Chandler, Jesse, Sunny.

    I don’t get why people need to get married though in this day and age, or even engaged. But neither JJ nor KvD seem to be the brightest bulbs, although they do seem to have a good sense for business.

  11. The Sauce says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… These two have been involved far longer than what they’re saying.

    In another interview with Kat, she even said something like, “Oh, I tried to stay out of Jesse and Sandra’s break-up…”

  12. Bodhi says:

    I’m pretty sure he has 2 kids, not 2

  13. annaloo says:

    Oh Kat… wake up, PLEASE

  14. Ron says:

    Don;t you mean Kat Von D is talking about getting married? Every pic I see of them JJ looks either bored or uncomfortable. I am not buying this yet. Also, why does Kat always wear clown white make up that makes her head look ghostly and huge? she needs to head to the closest depratment store and get some help form any clinique girl.

  15. Bronson says:

    kat has no interest in re-marrying. this is a crock.

  16. Shannon says:

    Jesse has 3 biological children, 2 daughters and a son

  17. Original Gracie says:

    One word: barf.

    Sandy got the best of this sitch. She is over and out and gone and will end up with a man a zillion times better than this loser.

    I love Sandy and am so happy she is done with this pig.

  18. Robyn says:

    I wonder what the heck she looks like without her face painted on?

  19. malachais says:

    She looks so much older than she is. Shame.

  20. RHONYC says:

    and…the breakup countdown begins in, 5,4,3,2…

  21. Anti-icon says:

    Perfect union of two gutter creatures. Let’s just please, please, please hope these two don’t procreate. Jesse can’t handle the kids he’s got; and Kat is a narcissist so together, don’t they just seem so very romantic? *vomit*

  22. truthzbetta says:

    Plus he can still date all the other tatted ladies, a marriage just encourages him.

  23. Linda says:

    marriage huh, thats funny……..i noticed that kat and nikki are following each other on twitter again (yes, i have no life :-p )i remember thinking to myself “ahah, i wonder how long before these two get back together” watch out jessie

  24. JustAGirl says:

    @Michael (post 8) – really, huh? I’ve never felt bad for Sandra in all this. It’s been a total, “I told you so!” Why? She should have known what this douchebag would do. I never understood what her motivation was in marrying that piece of garbage. The girl does have a thing for unwashed trailer trash – she was with McConnaughey forever but if you can get past the stench, he seems like a nice guy. Kat and Jesse deserve each other. They are both serial cheaters who look 15 years older than they are. I’m Jesse’s age. Kat looks about as old as I look and Jesse looks like he could be my dad. He looks older than her last guy and he’s over 50.

  25. JustAGirl says:

    @Linda (post 23) I’m home sick this weekend so I REALLY, REALLY have no life. To be specific, I noticed Nikki started @replying to Kat and then they re-added each other. I’ve yet to see her @reply to him first. I feel sorry for Nikki *IF* he’s really changed like he says he has. I would say “karma” but his first ho-bag (um I meant wife, really I did) cheated on him and is so bad she lost custody of their kids. He cheated on #2 and for some reason, she took him back and then she dumped him again. So karma for #2?

  26. Confuzzle says:

    They’re so suited to each other :D

  27. Linda says:

    @ JustAGirl (post 25) ;-p

  28. Jazz says:

    Good luck Kat, you gonna need it!