Elisabetta Canalis threatens to “bolt” if George Clooney doesn’t marry her


This one is too easy (just like Elisabetta). The National Enquirer claims that Elisabetta is pulling the dumbest move in the book – issuing a marriage ultimatum to George. But you never know, George Clooney does happen to like women who aren’t the brightest bulbs. Maybe Eli would do this – after all, the sources claim she’s not really asking for the ring, she just wants the “promise” of a ring. That’s probably why she keeps putting on napkin rings and posing for the paparazzi. Damn… Clooney hooked himself another winner, right?

George Clooney has received a “marriage ultimatum” from his gorgeous girlfriend Elisabetta – and pals say the freedom-loving bachelor may finally take the bait!

“George prizes his bachelorhood like it’s all the gold in Fort Knox, but that’s got to change if he wants to keep Elisabetta,” a friend told the Enquirer. “She told him she wants ‘a promise’ that they will marry and have a future together.”

George and Eli have been dating for nearly 14 months, and Eli recently made it clear she’s not going to wait much longer for a husband and a family, disclosed the pal.

“She’s been having major talks with George about their future. She doesn’t want to be arm candy for him indefinitely – of she’ll bolt.” [Editor’s note: Chuckle.]

Clooney recently spoke about his past long-term relationships, saying, “I have had long relationships with women and they get bored with me working all the time. My fear is that I would make a lousy husband.” But insiders say Clooney has fallen hard for Eli – and that as he nears age 50, he realizes it’s time to settle down.

“I’ve never seen George so in love – I’m sure he doesn’t want to lose her because he has terminal cold feet,” said his friend. “He sees how his buddies Brad Pitt and Matt Damon have families and how much it’s enriched their lives. It starts not to be so scary for George.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition]

My new favorite line is, “She doesn’t want to be arm candy for him indefinitely – of she’ll bolt.” Bolt like a startled deer. I imagine Eli’s eyes getting wide, then running like hell out of Clooney’s Como estate. Also, isn’t “arm candy” basically Eli’s only job? I know she thinks she’s a model and an actress, but her “acting” blows, and her modeling is worse than Kat-Face Kardashian’s. “Arm candy” is her only career success.

But yeah, I don’t think Eli would pull this move. She’s not that bright, but this is the kind of dumb move Sarah Larson would pull.



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  1. Westcoaster says:

    I guess the pregnancy rumours will be starting up shortly

  2. tuscan sun says:

    I doubt he’s afraid of losing her. It’s not like she’s some rare find. Women like Canalis are a dime a dozen. Clooney could replace her with another bootylicious famewhore in a nanosecond.

  3. ziggy says:

    do we care? no.

  4. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    Riiigggghhhttt.. If she did do this, she’s a goner. He doesnt want a family or marriage.

    I think this famewhore is smarter than this though, she’s probably feeding into his no marriage or kids, so she can stay awhile.

  5. Victoria says:

    I wish the press would STOP with this BS about how some woman is pushing hime into marriage! He’s gonna move on to another woman within a few months. And he wont move on because some woman is screaming “marry me!!” He’s been married and I dont think is interested in doing that again.

  6. nobbystyles says:

    Still, she’s got great hair.

  7. dorothy says:

    Honestly I don’t even think she’s all that pretty. Certainly not stunning or remarkable. As for the brain power of this girl…shame, I would have thought he would have picked an intelligent woman. Guess maybe he’s insecure with the smart ones.

  8. Kitten says:

    Hot. Guy. Friday. ‘Tis all.

  9. Courtney says:

    he’s already been married and divorced once before he was a big star. so he won’t likely get married again. because he knows if he does without a prenuptual agreement she gets at least half his money and property as California is a no Fault Divorce state. as it has been since 1972 when the law was singed by then govenor Ronald Reagan. his ex wife is Talia Balsam daughter of actor Martin Balsam & Actress Joyce Van Patten.

  10. Alexis says:

    I agree, she has a nice body, but is nothing unique. I’m surprised how many people think having children is the only way in the world to have a fulfilling life.

    If simply having kids magically made a person happy-since most people eventually have kids-practically everyone in the world would be happy.

  11. Marjalane says:

    She must have pictures of him banging the pool boy locked away somewhere, otherwise I just don’t get the attraction for this woman; She has perpetual smug face.

  12. Mia says:

    If she pulls this move, she’s dumb as a stump. She has it easy. She’s gotten greater exposure due to him.

    Oh, well…

  13. liz says:

    We don’t know that he’s gay -we also don’t know that he isn’t. This girl might be the dumbest thing in her country, but she might also know everything there is to know about membrane vs string theory. They might do kinky shit together, they might not so much. We don’t know a thing about this couple and should stop with the conjecture about things we can’t possibly fathom.

  14. Heather says:

    I liked Sarah Larsen.

  15. bizzy says:

    man, if george’s mouth gets any tighter, they’re gonna have to feed him through a tube in his nose.

    she knows where the body is, that’s all i can assume, because she seems to be having The Best Time as george’s girlfriend, while george looks like he’s contemplating hammering a nail into his skull.

  16. RHONYC says:

    @ Kitten:

    thanks. i almost forgot…let’s all chant:




  17. HotPockets says:

    Part of Clooney’s image is that he is an eternal bachelor. He has always based all his gimmicks, interviews, jokes about not getting tied down to a woman or kids. Who know though..I can’t imagine at nearly fifty how having the same lifestyle for years is fulfilling. There has to be a point that he will reach when maybe he is disappointed he never did start a family, especially when all his Hollywood buddies did.

  18. baum says:

    exit…..stage left

  19. Nanea says:

    So GC went to Sudan about a week ago. In that time those stories have come up that EC wanted him to ditch his speedboat, the one that she only recently enjoyed riding, when she showed off her backside… And it’s come up that she wants him to marry her?

    Why can’t she say instead that she supports him in whatever he does in Africa? That would sound so much more believable than those empty threats.

    Isn’t it about time for Stan Rosenfield to involve himself again while his master is away?

    Doesn’t a separation always happen after a girl has talked too much while GC is off on one of his humanitarian missions?

  20. tango says:

    I think this is a planted story to pave the way for them to break up. It puts out there that Elisabetta is ready to marry and unless George promises so, she’s gone. So when they break up (sooner than later) there will be a supposed understandable reason for it and the gossip mags won’t go digging. And it leaves people sympathetic to Elisabetta and George is just being George so he won’t get any grief for it either.
    Neither George or Eli are stupid. Even if Eli had written or photographic proof of George banging guys, she’s use it to get a good break up settlement and/or future payments verses outing him. It’s not to her benefit to do so and it won’t help her career or future to be known as the vengeful b*tch who did so. She probably hopes to marry him to be set for life but has seen enough of the world to know you don’t screw over the person paying the bills.

  21. Aqua says:

    Does anyone take the National Enquirer seriously? I’ve read many interviews in many magazines/tabloids with George Clooney on the cover and in Hello mag.Canada the interviewer ask George when he will settle down?George replied “I have settled down.Haven’t you noticed?I’m very mellow,my attitude has always been I’m happy I have a good life,enjoy it,I don’t worry about things that aren’t a part of my life.

    In another magazine in an Italian gossip paper asked the same question and they wrote his response like this”I have settled down(meaning Elisabetta Canalis).It’s interesting how the same question can have two different meaning simply by adding/omitting one or two words.Besides Ellys to smart to ask for marriage,I think she would just be happy to get some form of commitment from him.As someone has already said he has built his career on being the fun loving bachelor,all American great guy who is the working mans best friend.But hey you never know right?Pregnancy rumor in 3..2..1.Oh BTW,people mag. has the same story but it’s the family who is asking what Georges intention are with Elly.

  22. RHONYC says:

    and…the breakup countdown begins in, 5,4,3,2…

  23. yes says:

    I don’t think He’s afraid of losing her, she had dozens of rich bf and no one married her, all left her, she’s arrived at 32years old (and she look like a 40 years old) without husband! no one want marries a ugly aged cokewoh.re looking for a rich men to buy cocaine, dresses, holidays ecc..there’re are a lot of nicer, younger, not so used women for GC!
    I don’t think GC is arrived at 49 years old to marry a woman like Skankanalis or othe r cokewoh.re, he knows what this kind of women want! He can’t be so stupid! He could replace her with tons of wonderful girls!

  24. Elm says:

    She may be dumb or not – but she knows how to play the paps, dripping almost daily some new tidbits for publicity and keeping the focus firmly on her even when the real star is not even around, and

    regardless of who’s arm candy C-anal-is is today, tomorrow, next week or year -does not change her past or white wash that she has been busted drug dealing and working clubs where it is usual for girls to work their sexual favours …

    Methinks it is time for the Clooney/Stan damage limitation machinery to get back into gear

  25. Rimstar says:

    Her father is a surgeon and her mother teaches Literature so I doubt very much she is stupid.

  26. Raven says:

    Thanks for the reality check Rimstar. I wondered how traditional her parents are. They seem educated enough that they won’t press him on the marriage and I doubt she will either.

    I’ve said before that I think he will settle down when he is much older, like in his 60’s or later. At that time his wife will be sufficiently younger that he will have at least one child.

  27. anon says:

    No, she is not stupid. Just lazy and self-absorbed.

  28. KIMBERLY says:

    Well George has had better looking women then this lady. She looks like a man in the face,which is funny that she doesn’t want to be his “arm candy”, because she’s so homely looking. But if she can get him to marry her. Whatever. She probably will succeed since he’s obviously with her for something more then her “pretty face”. I say good for her.

  29. Kim says:

    I don’t think most young Italian women are running towards the altar in a hurry these days.

  30. Rosanna says:

    He’s too smart to let her go! However I doubt he’ll have children. Besides, people who think of children as “the most important thing in life” obviously don’t have anything in their life worth pursuing… now, THAT is something to reflect upon rather than reading gossips all the time and think it’s the Gospel (how educated is THAT *chuckle*)

  31. rocket says:

    The relationship is fake, George is gay. And that’s that.

  32. Mota says:

    Totally agree with Marjalane

  33. REALIST says:

    I appreciate the fact that George, a male, has actually put some thought into the fact that being gone all the time (work, work, work) could be harmful to marriage and fatherhood-but, at least he already has a nice stash of cash to keep his lonely wife/mother of his children company. I would be barefoot and pregnant in a villa on Lake Como!
    But, stay single, George. You need that extra time to do your humanitarian stuff.

  34. LoveMeLoveMyAss says:

    wow this must be her fan base posting…no one caught the horse/bolt reference !! horses bolt for many reasons: fear of being ridden (no) shock (no) mistreatment (no) batshit crazy (probably) I am signing this love me love my ass…homage to a brilliant thread now archived on the photo shopped keister of the aformentioned … those were the days sniff

  35. Kloops says:

    She’s not going anywhere. I think they are well suited for one another (ie both vapid). They will each fulfill their “contractual” obligations and stay together for the long haul. She’s everything Clooney looks for: a hot body with no intellect or ambition of her own who can keep her mouth shut. I’d be surprised if they ever married, but if they did, it would be a low key ceremony with an iron clad prenup. No kids.

  36. tuscan sun says:

    @ Kloops

    …. and I would add that she would need to agree to an open marriage. Clooney has played the field too long to give up variety. She would be the typical trophy wife. He would still pursue other bed warmers on the side. I can’t see a Clooney marriage happening any other way.

  37. Sherrie says:

    Hasn’t he “cheated” on her twice since they’ve been together? Jamie Grubbs (Tiger’s ho) and someone else in Hawaii?

    And hasn’t it also been rumored that she’s seeing her “real” boyfriend the drug dealer, David somebody?

    ***No way will George marry EC, but I do see him keeping her around much longer just to prove that he can “keep” a girlfriend.

    Since she doesn’t have a job or career she has enough time on her hands to be at his beck and call.

  38. yes says:

    I agree with you Sherrie!
    her drug dealer bf is Davide Rombolotti and she’s Hollywood night club testimonial again!
    if GC’ll marrie these ugly cockewoh.re, he’s a totally big moron!

  39. TheOne says:

    Transferenece manipulation schtick is not a bond nor true love. No one hires an escort for the long haul.

  40. friendofclooney@hotmail.com says:

    sorry to say folks, but Eli is not the one for Clooney and he knows that. This is just a PR game folks. I see the speedy demise of this so-called relationship. Clooney will be free again by the end of the year or early next year. He will cross paths again with the one for him when he least expects it. Who knows she may join forces with him on his humanitarian projects. Kudos to George for going back to Darfur. I only hope his urgency for action did not fall on deaf ears again with President Obama. President Obama is always all talk and no real action. He needs to back George on this one and every other leader of the free world needs to join forces with President Obama to have any meaningful impact in Darfur and put an end to all the atrocities going on there. Time is of the essence. Action speaks louder than words. Good-luck George. What about Haiti? People out there are still indire straits and none of the telethon money has reached them yet. They are still living in make shift shanty shacks/tents. What gives George? I think you should travel to Haiti next to shed some light on the aforementioned. I will travel down there with you and we can make a documentary on the current state of affairs with Haiti. I would like to include Wycleff Jean on the project, along with President Bill Clinton? I will be in touch George. Be good and take it easy. Get some rest buddy. You look worn out from Eli. Time to take a permanent break Bro….trust me…it’s time!!!!!