Marion Cotillard flirting with Johnny Depp on set

Tensions are running high in Johnny Depp’s relationship with longtime girlfriend Vanessa Paradis. Depp is currently filming Public Enemies with French actress Marion Cotillard, and according to many onset snoops, the chemistry between the two is more than palpable. Paradis is said to be quite jealous – and has good reason to be.

But industry insiders say French singer and actress Vanessa, 35, doesn’t like the way Johnny is warming up to 32-year-old Marion, who recently won an Oscar for her portrayal of French chanteuse Edith Piaf in “La Vie en Rose.”

“Vanessa is jealous over Marion. The chemistry between her and Johnny is blatantly evident to everyone,” revealed an insider. “Marion is very flirty with guys she likes – and she adores Johnny! She frequently gives him a hug and a peck on the cheek before they start filming – and I never see him push her away. Vanessa has always trusted Johnny, but she feels as if Marion is a crossing dangerous boundary by being so affectionate.”

[From the National Enquirer, June 9, 2008 print ed]

Cotillard is quite the notorious man stealer. In 2003 she had an affair with French actor Guillaume Canet, her leading man in the film “Love Me if You Dare.” Canet was married to actress Diane Kruger at the time. So Vanessa Paradis has reason to worry – probably not about Johnny, but Marion certainly doesn’t have a great track record in that regard.

Meanwhile, Vanessa’s jealousy threatens her rock-solid relationship with Johnny, who’s always had a reputation for being faithful. They’ve been together for 10 years and have two beautiful children – daughter Lily-Rose, 9, and Jack, 6.

“Vanessa and Johnny are still very much in love,” the source pointed out. “In fact, there’s been talk about them finally tying the knot this summer.

“Vanessa has been keeping close tabs on Johnny and they’ve even bickered over how much extra attention her gives to Marion between scenes. But Johnny has assured Vanessa that he only has eyes for her – and she has no need to worry.”

[From the National Enquirer, June 9, 2008 print ed]

Johnny Depp seems to be a pretty stand up guy. You never hear anything about him that isn’t good anymore. He certainly had has wild oat sewing days, but by all accounts he’s been nothing but committed to Vanessa for the ten years they’ve been together.

When their daughter Lily-Rose almost died from an infection last year, the two were said to grow even closer, and supposedly that’s when the really started contemplating marriage. I understand that when you’re with a famous, sexy actor you’re going to be a little nervous. Especially around an actress who has a reputation for man stealing. But it seems like if there’s any guy Vanessa should trust, it’s Johnny.

Here’s Marion Cotillard at the Oscars on February 8th. Header of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis also at the Oscars. Images thanks to WENN.

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  1. RaeJillian says:

    “Especially around an actress who has a reputation for man stealing. But it seems like if there’s any guy Vanessa should trust, it’s Johnny.” girl, you and i both know no man should be trusted! (i tease…) :mrgreen:

  2. Devilgirl says:

    I doubt that Depp’s girlfriend has much to worry about. So she flirts with him, doesn’t mean he is going to stray, even if that is what Cotillard is hoping.

  3. mamalicious says:

    Don’t go down that road, Johnny!
    You and Vanessa are one of the only famous couples I hold up as the antithesis to all the heartbreak out there. I feel reassured that this story came from the National Inquisition. Hopefully it’s nothing more than one of their cheap rumours. 🙄

  4. Kaiser says:

    I doubt this is anything more than an innocent flirtation on Johnny’s part.

    Plus, I’ve read interviews with Marion Cotillard. That girl’s a moron.

  5. mercedes says:

    this is not true. The national inquirer is full of lies.
    It is true that they both stared five years ago in a film, but given that they were both attached nothing happened between them. As a matter of fact, french reports and photos of their relationship started last november, 5 years after the film so it`s not true that they stared dating then.(for more information, laineygossip has photos about them). And Guillaume and Diane divorced in 2006.
    all this information is available in imdb and other offical sites. It took me five minutes of research.Which is something that eveyone should do instead of accusing the girl, who by the way is reportedly very nice, of man stealer.

  6. mmkey says:

    sad to admit it but I think marion is johnny’s type. he always goes after women with unconventional beauties, kate, winona, vanessa… plus she’s a talented actress.

    I hope he doesn’t do anything silly which would end with regret and sadness.

  7. Leandra says:

    I know it doesn’t look very attractive for Vanessa to disply jealousy, but I sympathize with her as nobody likes another woman to pay attention to her guy. She does need to back off but the feelings of insecurity become so strong it’s often difficult to do.

  8. titia says:

    Marion Cotillard is still with Guillaume Canet!!! Vanessa doesn’t worry about Marion!!!
    Vanessa is a talended actress too… and a famous singer in France…
    It’s a stupid rumor!!

    titia from France

  9. Mairead says:

    😯 Back away from the cheekbones Marion ❗

  10. Predatory Cougar says:

    Heck, if I were Marion, I would be trying to lure him away!

  11. Starla says:

    Johnny is so committed to his family. PLEASE Johnny, don’t be an ass & get involved with this tramp. So much to lose then She-Devil will be off on a new conquest with her next victim, uh, co-star.

  12. lucy says:

    Johnny is totally loyal with his girl Vanessa and children.
    It´s not strange that Marion felt attracted to him–the same happened with Keira years ago (POTC) but Johnny remain faithful to Vanessa.

  13. Jen says:

    I doubt Vanessa has anything to worry about. If reports about Johnny over the past 10 or so years are true, he’ll stay faithful to her, no matter what kind of succubus crosses his path.

    That said, he *is* a guy, and I bet it gives his ego a boost to have attention paid to him by an attractive woman. Nothing wrong with that, as long as lookin’ stays lookin’ and doesn’t turn to touchin’ 😀 lol

  14. Little Hutt says:

    Marion Cotillard is still with Guillaume Cannet, at least there’s no trace of a possible break-up in French tabloids. And it’d be in the front page if it happened.

    So no worries, the National Enquirer is just imagining things.

  15. vdantev says:

    So it doesn’t bother Marion’s defenders that the little French whore is with a married man or that she ended a marriage ?


  16. billy j. says:

    Deep was in a relationship when he met VP. He is not a pefect saint himself.

  17. lucy says:

    That is not true billy j, he broke up with Kate before meeting Vanessa.

  18. elisha says:

    Marion seems just Johnny’s “type”, though. He’s my favorite, I would lose a lot of respect for him if he cheated on his wife. Just like Brad used to be my (second) fave, and I lost ALLLL my respect for him.

  19. billy j. says:

    VP herself has admitted in an interview that their relationship was a lot older than the “official” version (in the officiel version, she became pregnant merely 3 months after falling in love with him. Pretty short timing, especially since their daughter was not an “accident”)

  20. anni says:

    he made it abanduntly clear how much he loves his family and how they saved him. there´s only one hot french chick he´s crazy about and that´s vanessa 😀

  21. Ribbit Ribbit says:

    This is the guy who had “Winona Forever” tattooed onto his flesh, right? Or was that “Toujours [insert name here]”?
    And Vanessa Paradis looks like a snaggle-toothed Wednesday Addams, and she’s a hack singer in ANY language.

  22. Hope says:

    I hope the Anglina Jolie thing is not going to be pulled here.

    Some woman simply love to go for the “taken” men, and would do anything, including getting pregnant, to make sure the husband will leave his wife.

  23. Lenitha says:

    God Johnny PLEASE don’t mess around with that TRAMP. I won’t forgive you and either will most of your fans!!

  24. mollination says:

    I hate the term “man-stealer”. You never hear of “women-stealers” because we still have archaic views of women as always being the temptress-eve types. It takes two.

  25. Syko says:

    Is it just me, or does Vanessa look like a vampire in that picture?

  26. insidescoop says:

    It’s johhny depp, I mean really. I am sure that woman are constantly throwing themselves at him. I bet vanessa has gotten pretty used to it by now, she would have to be. If their relationship didn’t have trust and a solid base it would have ended years ago, guaranteed.

  27. Just saying says:

    Did you guys photoshop that photo?

    It looks like her head has been STUCK

    on someone elses body!!!!!!

  28. Kind words says:

    Has that photo been photoshoped?

    It looks like her head has been stuck

    on some one elses body!!!!! Bad Job!

  29. Kind words says:

    Plese delete, “just saying” – I had thought I had to make a new name as it did not accept on my pc. Now it has accepted both my names and it looks like I am agreeing with myself – sorry!

  30. ff says:

    Oh for heaven’s sake, men cannot be stolen they’re not objects and they have brains. If he strays it’s because part of him wants to and to say that a beautiful woman can make a man do anything she wants is rubbish too because in that case, how come she can’t STOP him from straying.

    If a man can take wedding vows as a responsible adult, then he can take the blame when he cheats. Otherwise maybe all men should be on leashes.

    You can’t have it both ways.

  31. Syko says:

    I agree with you totally, ff. Maybe rings through the noses with little chains attached.

    You can not steal a happy man. If he’s stolen by someone else, he wasn’t happy and he was looking for a reason to leave.

  32. devilgirl says:

    Agree with FF and Syko as well. Men who stray are either unhappy or cheaters to begin with. I was involved with the latter type. 🙁

  33. mary says:

    Vanessa looks pretty in this pic!!
    This is a cheap rumour from a tabloid…
    MOVE ON people!!!
    Johnny is happy with Vanessa, and they have 2 kids. Marion is engaged to Guillaume Canet.

  34. Julia says:

    I hope that this isn’t true, but I’ve never liked Marion, something about her always seemed a bit off to me so I am a little more inclined to believe it than your average tabloid rumor.

  35. Lynda says:

    Marion and Vanessa could be twins! You know what they say about men being attracted to the same type.

  36. mary says:

    you people are waste your time with the tabloids “information” 🙄

  37. Mojo says:

    Who wouldn’t screw Johnny Depp for bragging rights? Who says Marion even wants to be in a relationship with him? If Johnny Depp ever…I mean ever…gave me the green light…I’m going for it.

    Hey…you only live once.

  38. hannah says:

    I’m with you mojo. There is no way i wouldn’t flirt with him, especially if i was playing his girlfriend, i would take that as far as i could.

  39. Emma says:

    i think johnny is quite loyal and would never betray vanessa……i don’t even think he is flirting back….maybe he isnt pushing her way because he doesnt want these last dayz/weeks filming to be awkward……and johnny has so much love to five to vanessa…..he wouldnt dare cheat on her…….they are in deep depp love

  40. lola says:

    I never believe national enquirer, they are rubbish. I doubt Johnny can pull a Brad Pitt. Ben Affleck can. The thing I love about J. Depp is; there is no pretentious bone in his body. He also lacks that humongous ego so many actors and actresses have. And those eyes man…. swoon….

  41. kitvancleave says:

    How unsophisticated are the NATIONAL ENQUIRER “reporters”? I mean, you have to sell your soul to take money as a “writer” for such a publication. So NOTE: Getting involved with one man some years back (Canet) and still being with him does not make a woman a “manstealer.” The ENQUIRER original article inferred that Mlle. Cotillard had several such romances; there’s no evidence to support that, apart from the gossip this tabloid is trying to start. As to the hug and “peck on the cheek,” these are common French ways of greeting one’s friends. Sometimes one gets or gives a kiss on both cheeks, sometimes even three kisses. As anyone who followed Oscar night knows, Marion Cotillard is a bigtime hugger as well — that’s also a French cultural trait. Depp and Paradis speak French, and live some part of the year in Paris, as does Cotillard. So let’s all settle down over this one; this is the way tabloids make money. They start gossip and don’t care who it hurts. Finally, anyone who thinks Mlle. Cotillard is a moron has never met her (and doesn’t care), has never seen her movies, and has no idea what she is like. So cool the namecalling; it’s very highschoolish.

  42. kitvancleave says:

    By the way, PUBLIC ENEMIES is getting ready to shoot its last scenes and wrap. NINE rehearsals start in July. So it doesn’t look like there was much time for a “romance” here. Just more tabloid sleaze by the ENQUIRER. Marion Cotillard is a great artist and it’s a shame Americans are so quick to believe anything about anybody.

  43. gg says:

    Vanessa’s dress is not flattering to her in this photo. It overemphasizes her neck and removes her shoulders. She is beautiful though.

  44. alabama says:

    +1 kitvancleave!
    + Guillaume Canet divorced in january 2006. His relationship with Cotillard began on october…2007. Where do you see a “man stealer”?!!!!

  45. Jack says:

    Now correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it a given that Johnny cheated on Vanessa with Christina Ricci when they filmed Sleepy Hollow. It was all kind of brushed over?? I thought that everyone knew that. Weird! 😕

  46. kitvancleave says:

    Alabama: If you’ll read my comment again, you’ll see I was precisely DENYING that Marion Cotillard was a “manstealer.” That silly word belongs to the ENQUIRER and Net sites careless enough to reprint what it publishes. Apparently Cotillard is quite the professional, appears ready to work, makes the film, gives 110%, moves on to the next project. Oh, and when you reread the original article published above, you’ll note they say Cotillard and Canet met in 2003.

  47. maria says:

    The National Enquirer has made a story of a picture of Johnny greeting Marion by kissing on both cheeks (French custom). This picture was taken outside in front of a lot of people and there is another picture of her greeting Michael Mann the same way. They have twisted what the picture is into a sleazy story. Johnny loves Vanessa and should sue that rag. 👿

  48. Angela says:

    😈 I hope she’s pretty enough to lure him I’m so jealous of vanessa already c’mon he belongs to me or all Americans

  49. cami says:

    Of couurse V, you have no reason to be worry about it. Well, except for the fact that she’s so pretty, and you’re NOT, she is sexy, you AREN’T, she is smart, you aren’t… etc etc etc
    oh, well.. but he loves you, yesss, he still being with you because he loves you, pffff, a lot, and not because he is the father of your childs, 🙄
    Ok, if you have brain, you must be worry about it.. but I think you don’t, so, there is no problem V, keep telling lies to yourself, still believe that he loves you xD

    however, Marion, you’re the best ! =)

    and Johnny, i love you 🙂



  50. Alex says:

    Caami I think all that u just said is complete crap. In fact, Johnny is a very faithful person who is keenly devoted to his kids and his wife. I have read his entire biographical account. He is a puritannical guy.

  51. grecia says:

    marion is with guillaume, who it’s way better than jonnhy by the way..
    and vanessa and jonnhy are serious..
    also marion is not a whore or something, because she began her relationship with canet in the end of 2007 when he was already divorced

  52. gigí says:

    Grecia, are you kidding??:D Johnny is a hundred times better than guillaume. Good looks, talent…
    Well…she is interested in Johnny know.

  53. badass says:

    Does not take long for a slut to come along and steal what is left!! This SLUT has to know that he has a life and family..STAY AWAY..BEFORE VANASSA kicks her skinny azz back to her hoe of shit.

    I hate ppl who are trying to ruin a marriage.His been with his wife for 12yrs and to let a tramp come between them is crap.

    Johnny keep your pants up.

  54. Sarah says:

    All of you people who have slated Vanessa for being dumb or Marion for being a whore should go out and find yourself something better to talk about. I mean… who are you really? Do you know these people? NO. It’s their life. And Cami, you’re very rude. Learn politeness and how to be nice and then maybe you can pick on other people.

  55. Spoons says:

    I’ll correct you, Jack. I thought everybody knew that that story about Depp and Ricci was yet more tabloid bollocks. 🙄

  56. Sabina says:

    I used to like Marion Cotillard… now I love her

  57. Kate says:

    Johnny is the best man and the best father ever. Marion is such a SLUT!!! Obviously he is madly in love with Vanessa and everyone can see that. Vanessa is way better than Marion. The magazines just need a story to sell and it seems to Marion enjoin the whole thing, because she is a BITCH!!!!!!

  58. dastan says:

    ok….marion cotillard is a great actress no one can it is out of question and glaring beside her beauty no one can deny her beauty..she is lovely,pretty ,cute,and she deserve any thing she wants….but realy i envy jhonny you got a french rose…i love you marion..

  59. dastan says:

    watch your mouth kate..marion is not a slut, i think you are.she is a good women and great actress,if the story is true noone can blame the rose(marion).please american media you are obsess too much with nothing,,gossip is not your business.marion stay as she were.,,shame on you people who insults marion

  60. aram says:

    she is my favorite actress, she is a grace girl,i do not think that she wanted to flirt johny but i think he does, i do not belive johny could ever get marion s type,,,marion is not moron you are moron who think of being marion bad,it is nothing just a rumor.

  61. dastan says:

    iam from kurdistan of iraq

  62. Kate says:

    vanessa deserves johnny, not marion

  63. Kate says:

    I think people just want to say something ugly about johnny and vanessa. They´re a beautiful couple and love each other.

  64. Amanda says:

    Marion is NOT a man stealer… Americans are just awful… picking on lovely people that aren’t icey cold hollywood… She’s a lovely person and didn’t steal Guillaume Canet, they only started dating years after love me if u dare was released when he was divorced. These pathetic ‘journalists’ can’t even be bothered to do some proper research before writing articles…

  65. michelle says:

    Pllleaasse…can we have some truth printed rather than this paparazzi I need to stir up some drama bullshit.
    This is just sickening. Leave the couple alone. Whoever wrote this article clearly has the mentality of someone in junior high. “Oh does he like me she is such a she sleeps around…she stole my boyfriend..he was not faithful to me.” And those of you who feed into it are no better…give me a break..

  66. Emily says:

    I find it ridiculous that so many people are branding Marion Cotillard a “whore” and “SLUT” when there is nothing to indicate this story is even true. How quick people are to immediately blame the woman and make the man out to be the innocent victim. Haters. Marion is a gorgeous, amazingly talented woman. I imagine any man would drop on their knees for her…so why does everyone make it seem like it’s the other way around. JD is handsome and amazing, but he could just as easily fall for her.

    But I don’t believe it. I think he is with his lady and she is with her guy and people are just trying to start stuff because these are two very gorgeous, talented people working together. IMO two people who are even more gorgeous and talented than the other couple who actually did hook up despite marital ties. I love both actors , but Marion is a gem. I’m pissed someone here had the nerve to call her a moron…jealous much?

  67. suki Lashomb says:

    ha keep dreaming Johnny Depp is no saint. I have seen him kissing another woman in a resturant so keep dreaming you fans.