Supernanny offers to help Britney

Apparently it is not May. I was wrong. Somehow I was thinking we’d moved forward, but it appears that it’s actually still February. Why? Because Supernanny Jo Frost has jumped on the bandwagon and offered to help Britney Spears. Unfortunately that bandwagon left the… wherever they keep bandwagons… back in February. Remember, when every celeb and their cousin was offering to help Britney Spears? Because why wouldn’t she want to move in with Heidi Klum? Or be tutored by Ellen DeGeneres? Or go on vacation with Mel Gibson? Alright that one actually happened.

But it was getting pretty darn annoying, all those random celebs saying they wanted to help her, but no one doing anything. Just looking for their friendly sound bite. Though she’s a little late with the offer, Frost is definitely not too late – and she’s someone who actually has something concrete and useful to offer Brit.

She’s no stranger to strangers’ homes – but now Supernanny Jo Frost has her eyes on a high profile family: the Spears clan. In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, Frost offers her childrearing expertise to Britney Spears. “I do believe she loves her children very much and I’d be more than happy to help her,” she says in an interview scheduled to air Friday.

“To be able to put her on the right track and feel more empowered as a parent.” Frost adds, “Importance in motherhood is about really relating to other mothers, being able to have support groups and it’s about Britney being in a place where she’s feeling secure and confident in herself, so that she is able to take care of her little ones and give them what they need from her, which is their mother around.”

Frost’s hit ABC show takes to her people’s homes across the country, where she helps parents deal with their children’s behavioral issues. Frost tells ET the key to her advice comes from imbuing parents with “the confidence to raise their baby in a healthy and content way.”

[From People]

That all sounds like it could actually be really useful for Brit. I’ve only caught the show once, but I was impressed. Though more than anything I was shocked at the family. Who could be that dumb? How could any parent behave that way? And I’ve definitely thought that about Britney Spears in the past. It could be the perfect fit. Hopefully Frost is offering out of the goodness of her heart, and not for an episode of her show. Because something tells me even Britney Spears is smart enough not to do that. Or at least her handlers are.

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  1. RaeJillian says:

    i think that, while late, her offer could actually be the most fruitful if accepted! :mrgreen:

  2. rayvin says:

    If Britney has mental problems, nothing Jo could try and teach her would help much.I watch her show all the time and the parents have to be willing and able to work hard to change.
    She probably isn’t capable of interacting with them on a normal level from what we’ve heard, which is why she has such limited custody.
    The celeb she needs to help is Leah Remini, she says her 4 yr old screams for a bottle and they give him 6 bottles a night!
    That kid must pee an awful lot.
    Thats just stupid and lazy parenting.
    His teeth must be ruined by now, and he’s almost school age,
    do scientologists let kindergartners have a bobba in class? LOL

  3. Tawny says:

    Know what I think? I think Britney needs to grow the hell up. 😡 She’s way past due, and do NOT give me this crap about “oh poor her, she didn’t have a childhood……

  4. Predatory Cougar says:

    White trash hillbilly!

  5. Vince says:

    You should change the title of your post to:

    “Supernanny begs for attention”

  6. Alexis says:

    It looks like Britney and Supernanny could share clothes. Is that a recent photo???

  7. Mairead says:

    Ah lads come on, I’m willing to bet that she’s responding to a question by the journalist rather than just randomly phoning up ET to tout for work in the Spears household. She could hardly respond with a “No comment” could she?

    But certainly Leah Rimini would be a far better candidate at the moment. But it would be a challenge as “she wants to hear what she wants to hear” and “listen to her heart” which of course means it’s the parents who should be on the naughty step 🙄

  8. vdantev says:

    ‘Supernanny’ is the crux of this allegedly modern, 70’s pop psychobabble B.S. way of raising kids where the consequences of misbehavior are minimized to the point of being minor inconveniences, whereas a good hard couple of swats on the ass would suffice. Most of the children I’ve known from these ‘we don’t spank’ households become uncontrollable hellions as adolescents, more so than is even typical for that age group. If I talked to my parents the way they do- I’d be in the hospital or out on the street. People who take her drivel to heart deserve whatever hell they get.

    Leah Remini, Mairead- is a Scientologist and I’d never let one of them in my house let alone near my kids.

  9. rlr260 says:

    Neither of these women should wear empire waist dresses.

  10. elisha says:

    Yes, it is May… and that means MAY SWEEPS.

    And re Tawny: lighten up, Briteny has a real, legitimate mental health problem. People don’t take mental health seriously because you can’t see it the way you see a physical condition… but it’s very serious. Just ask all the “school shooting” victims.

  11. Alexis says:

    You know, I bet Britney is schizo. It doesn’t always turn up early. Sometimes it can go unrecognized untill your early 20’s.

  12. Jaundice Machine says:

    I personally doubt the legitimacy of ALL of Britney’s alleged mental illnesses. I think her issues largely stem from a reluctance to accept personal responsibility and a lack of impulse control. That being said, I think Supernanny could impart some very useful tools onto Brit, should she decide to pull her head out of her ass and act like an adult.

  13. fluffyrabbit says:

    The only thing I got out of this post was that Britney and this Supernanny woman should definitely ring each other up as they could share closets with no problem. They look to be the exact same size.

  14. Syko says:

    Nah, the supernanny’s dress is too long for Britney.

    I lean the same way, Jaundice Machine. Possibly she does have mental problems but I think a lot of her problem is she can’t get over thinking she’s the cutest thing in shoe leather, and won’t grow up and act like a mature adult. She’s pushing toward 30, has gone through two pregnancies, she just doesn’t look good in those micro-minis any more. Not saying she can’t still be sexy, it just needs to be a different sort of sexy. The way she dresses now makes her look freaky, not sexy.

    She should have jumped at the Heidi Klum offer. Because I hear from Heidi that Seal has a very impressive package and I also hear that’s what Brit wants, so she could have had an affair with him and then Heidi would kill her and the trainwreck would end.

  15. Mairead says:

    vdantev – sorry for not being clearer. I meant that I agreed with another commentator that Leah Rimini would be a better candidate for Jo Frost’s skills. 😉

    I hear what you’re saying about what looks like consequence-free parenting, but the one thing that Supernanny does impart is that no matter what way you decide to discipline your child, it must be clear and consistent so they know who’s boss.
    (because as an employee she has to have other ways of getting control)

    You and I sound like our parents had the same approach to parenting – only mine were wholly inconsistent. I was a godawful brat when I was a child as I had no guidance, just screeching and slapping when I went too far. But it was my friend’s mother who instilled manners into me as she explained what was acceptable so I wasn’t expected to be a mindreader. So for that reason, I can see the merit in Supernanny’s ways.

    But anyway I’m not a parent, so who knows how I’d react if I did have a child. 😐