Lindsay Lohan forces passengers to change seats on flight; goes to hospital

Lindsay Lohan had a busy day annoying the crap out of people. Okay that’s not noteworthy in and of itself, but she really upped her usual level of obnoxiousness. On Thursday Lindsay and girlfriend Samantha Ronson flew from New York to Los Angeles. Their seats weren’t next to each other, which of course caused a major panic for LiLo. She insisted that flight attendants uproot other passengers so she could have her every whim catered to.

Sources tell TMZ a star-studded flight this morning included Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson, singer James Ingram and Stephen Baldwin — and each group sat in different classes.
Our sources say that patrons on the New York to L.A. flight had to be moved around so LoRon could sit beside each other in business class — and that Lindsay requested a “warm compress” to help her ailing chest. Isn’t that what Sammy’s there for?

[From TMZ]

Well of course everyone else should rearrange themselves for Lindsay’s absolute comfort. Lindsay reportedly started suffering from an asthma attack partway through the flight. Sounds like something Sharon Stone would call karma. She asked for a warm compress for her chest. I’m sure Samantha lovingly applied it. The flight attendants obliged, but after they landed in L.A. Lohan had to go to the hospital.

Actress Lindsay Lohan was hospitalized on Thursday after reportedly having problems due to chronic asthma.

Lohan, 21, was spotted leaving a Los Angeles emergency room with best friend Samantha Ronson. The pair had just returned to California from New York.

Sources tell the “Mean Girls” star spent over two hours in Century City Hospital’s E.R. after enduring the six-hour bicoastal flight.

According to reports, the actress began to experience discomfort in her chest and asked flight attendants for a warm compress to ease her pain.

[From the San Francisco Gate]

For some reason Lohan’s rep is insisting that she wasn’t hospitalized and was simply visiting a sick friend, despite reports to the contrary. I have no idea why she’d feel the need to lie about LiLo’s asthma. It’s been pretty well documented in the past. I mean yes we’d do our best to speculate that it was something drug related – but that goes for her “visiting a friend” too. Might as well be honest. Either way, rest assured Ms. Lohan is doing just fine, and back to work on her next film, Labor Pains.

Here’s Lindsay Lohan walking to the Neil George salon looking tired and without makeup or her hair done on May 19th. Photos thanks to WENN.

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  1. RaeJillian says:

    okay, i think that if me and my gf were put in seats away from one another i would panic and request a seat next to her. i suffer wretchedly with social anxiety anyway. (of course, i doubt they would do any rearranging for me…) :mrgreen:

  2. Frenchie says:

    “Lindsay reportedly started suffering from an asthma attack partway through the flight. Sounds like something Sharon Stone would call karma.”

    This bad karma is called cigarettes !

  3. Devilgirl says:

    Good call Frenchie!

  4. poopie says:

    WHY WHY WHY did the airline CAVE IN TO THIS untalented fugly mess? if us REGULAR folk asked, do ya think it would happen? of course not. this is the reason these overpaid celebutards act and expect, is people cave in and treat them like they ARE something more special….vomit…

  5. anon69 says:

    Star-studded? Really?

  6. Tawny says:

    Why the media follow this kid around is beyond me. 🙄 She has zero talent. ❗ If she demanded I give up my seat for her, I’d slap her ugly face silly, I kid you not!! 😉

  7. Leandra says:

    Well why not…..if she’s sick, she’s sick.

  8. Nightbird says:

    I’m not buying it.I fly all the time and on occasion I have people ask me if I wouldn’t mind changing so they can sit next to someone they know…girlfriend, child, especially Southwest. I doubt she pitched a fit…trust me, in these times she would have been escorted off the plane.

    She may have had a flight attendant ask for her. I’m 6’3″, 250 and look like a linebacker and sometimes I think people are afraid to ask me so they get the flight attendant to do it. I don’t mind, it usually gets a free drink!

  9. Predatory Cougar says:

    She is a nasty, talentless skank! I am dumbfounded by her fame!

  10. Trashaddict says:

    OK she has chronic asthma. Was the dummy carrying her inhaler??? And with all the other drugs she done, why the hell wouldn’t she be carrying some prednisone with her?

  11. emma says:

    i don’t see how that’s a big deal, i’ve asked to switched seats with people on the plane plenty of times so that i could sit next to people i know.

  12. Anna says:

    Has it finally been confirmed the two are together? I lose track these days…

    As for her asthma: Lindsay, honey, a tattoo with the word “breathe” is kinda sorta not as effective as QUITTING THE FAGS and THE DRUGS and THE STRESS. Sheesh… you’d think it was obvious. But hey, alcohol not only destroys your liver, it also wrecks havoc on braincells. I wouldn’t be surprised if in a few years (if she goes on like this) she won’t be able to do anything properly, let alone remember lines (except the cocaine ones of course).

    Get some real help girlfriend!

  13. jm says:

    It’s pretty common to ask someone to switch seats with you so you can sit with your traveling companion. I’ve done it many times.

    I agree Lilo seems like a brat but I must call BS on this story.

  14. jenjen says:

    I bet the person originally next to her was only too happy to get away. I think if I ended up seated next to someone like LiLo *I* would ask to be reseated. Who needs all the gawking?

  15. vdantev says:

    Would have looked the steward in the eye and said without blinking, “Too damn bad. I paid for this seat. SHE can move because I’m not budging.”

  16. kate says:

    why didn’t she arrange seats when she was booking the flight? why didn’t she have her inhaler? why is she still smoking if she has asthma? who gives a crap about this washed up loser anyway? gah!

  17. elisha says:

    She ruined her gorgeous red mop she’s famous for with all that bleach, which only makes her look worse.

  18. fluffyrabbit says:

    So true elisha. Her hair looks really damaged which is sad because her natural hair was so beautiful.

  19. Natasha says:

    i hope they reminded her how fat her legs look in those awful things

  20. TotoGirl says:

    I don’t see what’s the big deal. People ask for switch arounds all the time to be near their friends. I’ve done it when seating arrangements have gotten screwy, to sit next to my husband. That’s too long of a flight not to get to sit next to your partner.

  21. Larissa says:

    too long of a flight? geez, 6hs flight is totally for amateurs!lol
    anyhow…in my opinion is sooo childish changing seats just to seat right next to your bff,bf,gf or whatsoever
    adults should behave differently, seriously!!!
    And its not even about the bleach blond hair.. she just should wash that damn thing in once in a while! looks disgusting 😈

  22. lynne says:

    What is the big deal? It is a very common to switch seats to be near your friend, family member etc. Happens on every flight that I am on.

  23. silly lilly says:

    Hmmm….well… I do not like this kid. She is a spoiled rotten typical over indulged suburban kid of a mother who is interested in status not child rearing. BUT… I don’t really get the big deal of this story. Nobody HAD to move. The word “no” could have been said. I personally would not want to sit next to her and would OFFER to let them take my seat. Star Studded plane? Sounds like a B side to old 45’s if anyone remembers those with THAT list!