Angelina Jolie didn’t have her twins yet, reveals she has help but not overnight

Despite all the half-baked reports that Angelina Jolie had her twins over the weekend, including a somewhat-convincing story from “The Insider” television show that claimed to have confirmed the news along with the supposed twins’ names, People Magazine reports that it’s not true. They say that a rep for Angelina (although she doesn’t have a rep but maybe it’s someone else), confirmed that she’s still pregnant and resting at home. That would be the newly-leased 1,000 acre estate in the South of France that she and Brad are thought to have moved into at this point.

As for Angelina’s home life, there may not be photos of her family for some time, but she provided plenty of details in a recent interview with Vanity Fair. She says they have a bunch of women who help them with the children but that no one stays overnight so far. I wonder how they manage that with all the places they travel. As for her pregnancy, Angelina claims that it makes her feel “like a woman” and that her partner, Brad Pitt, finds it sexy when she’s knocked up:

On being pregnant:
“I love it. It makes me feel like a woman. It makes me feel that all the things about my body are suddenly there for a reason. It makes you feel round and supple, and to have a little life inside you is amazing. Also, I’m fortunate. I think some women have a different experience depending on their partner. I think that affects it. I happen to be with somebody who finds pregnancy very sexy. So that makes me feel very sexy.”

On her international family:

“When I was growing up I wanted to adopt, because I was aware there were kids that didn’t have parents. It’s not a humanitarian thing, because I don’t see it as a sacrifice. It’s a gift. We’re all lucky to have each other. I look at Shiloh — because, obviously, physically, she is the one that looks like Brad and I when we were little—and say, ‘If these were our brothers and sisters, how much would we have known by the time we were six that it took into our 30s and 40s to figure out?’ I suppose I’m giving them the childhood I always wished I had.”

On Shiloh’s birth:

“We were in this little hospital in Africa when Shi was born. I don’t think there was anybody else in the hospital. It was just a little cottage, the three of us. It ended up being the greatest thing…. I had a C-section and I found it fascinating. I didn’t find it a sacrifice and I didn’t find it a painful experience. I found it a fascinating miracle of what a body can do.”

On nannies:
“We don’t ever have anybody spend the night. We may have to adjust that when the next one comes. But we do have ladies that work with us, and they’re also from different cultures and back-grounds. One lady’s a Vietnamese teacher — wonderful. One is of Congolese descent from Belgium. Another is from the States and is really creative and does art programs.”

On raising her children:
“Artists raise their kids differently. We communicate to the point where we probably annoy our children. We have art around the house, we have books, we go to plays, we talk. Our focus is art and painting and dress-up and singing. It’s what we love. So I think you can see how artists in some way raise other artists.”

[From Vanity Fair via US Weekly]

Angelina has overshared in the past, but in this recent interview it sounds like she’s letting us into her life without revealing too many personal details. The sexy pregnant thing I could have done without, but it’s not like it’s news. She looks hotter pregnant because she has some much-needed meat on her bones. The Vanity Fair cover just emphasizes that and I hope she doesn’t lose the weight too fast after she has the babies. Maybe she is due in late August after all.

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  1. AC says:

    i’d say it was a tasteful interview. a lot of people find pregnancy sexy… i guess until you get the walking farts at least…

  2. Bodhi says:

    I think this was a really well done interview. I’m sure she has learned her lesson & tries to be more careful, esp, after all the bullshit about the “blob comment”

    Walking farts? Great, another lovely side effect I’ll have to deal with. Eventually

  3. Kaiser says:

    Does anyone know which VF journo interviewed her? I hope to hell it wasn’t the same one that gave Aniston’s pity party a wide birth in 2005.

  4. Kaiser says:

    Oops. “Wide berth” naturally. Didn’t mean to say “Aniston” and “birth” in the same sentence. We know how she hates anything having to do with pregnancy and kids. :)

  5. lola says:

    Oh yes, her movie is due. Now we are going to have endless tales of her and her family. I doubt the story of no help in the night because I just don’t see her feeding or changing a child. She says she does not even know how to fry and egg.

    And maybe her boyfie finds her sexy because she has some meet as opposite to those scary arms which would make me scream if I woke up and found them flung over me :lol:

    Make no mistake, VF is tasteful so they left out her usual details. I am still wondering whether she is going back to work. I wonder when she will adopt again. I am want to see them copying at the end of the year.

  6. Mairead says:

    ZOMFG!!! Kaiser you’ll make her cry!! :o :P (nice pun though)

    Actually – I think that is a horrific cover :| it’s too kinda, Dynasty-dream-sequencey.

    Yeah, but fingers crossed for a safe birth for the two kiddies into the hippiest household in France :wink:

  7. DL says:

    Are they poor that they need to exploit women from impoverished areas and drag them all over the world to care for their children.

    I assume these women left their families and home countries to raise Brangelina’s children in order to support for their families.

    I just hate it when white people act like colonists and take away women to raise their own children.

  8. DL says:

    As for the cover- I don’t know if it’s botox or photoshop, but it looks very plastic.

    In addition to the skin looking plastic, we can see her nose is “narrowed” artificially.

  9. Bodhi says:

    I don’t think Belgium is an impoverished area…

  10. Enonymouse says:

    She looks really pretty on this cover. As for if and when she goes back to work, it is her business and entirely up to her. People can criticize celebrities/ other people on their appearance, movies and their sometimes stupid public actions and attention seeking (that is the fun about gossiping after all). However, when it comes to personal matters, such how someone raises their own children and runs their own life, that should be off limit.

  11. Jody says:

    “Make no mistake, VF is tasteful so they left out her usual details.”

    I don’t lola, it says right on the cover, “ANGELINA JOLIE UNCENSORED”.

  12. Bodhi says:

    What the hell are her “ususal details” any way?

  13. Mairead says:

    Ah sure Belgium is worse than Biafra! :P

    To be fair, I don’t think they kidnapped or coerced their nannies to work for them, like.

  14. Devilgirl says:

    Sick, sick, sick to death of hearing about this woman. She isn’t the only woman to carry twins, she isn’t the only woman to adopt children from foreign lands, she isn’t the only woman to have donated money to charitable causes, she isn’t the only woman to care about children. When will this Saint Angelina crap ever stop? There are other people in this world who do the same or more and we hear NOTHING about them. She isn’t the first actress to be beautiful and she won’t be the last. She isn’t a Grace Kelly nor Mother Teresa. She is just an overrated actress who is blessed with good looks and a great PR machine. Sure she has done some good, and may have genuinely good intentions. So do a lot of people.

  15. Devilgirl says:

    Mia Farrow has adopted children of different races and nationalities, she has also adopted children with physical handicaps. You don’t see the press lauding her for her kind and gentle heart. The only thing the press cared about was Woody’s affair with his step-daughter. My point is, what makes Angelina soooo much better than a person like Mia Farrow? Mia has given much of her fortune to charity and all of her time devoted to her natural and adoptive children and she has done it with quiet dignity, much as anyone should.

  16. ak says:

    I love when Hollywood celebrities refer to themselves as artists.

  17. ana says:


    Angelina being all over the media has nothing to do with how good or how bad she is. Same for Jen Aniston.

    Covers with one or preferably both of them sell more magazines, so tabloids (and even some of the so called “more serious” press) will continue to take any excuse to have them on the cover. Even if they have to make up stories and recycle headlines over and over and over again.

    And the gossip sites just follow suit.

  18. Indie says:

    Same old people complaining about being sick of all things Brangelina even as they rush to read the latest tidbit and unsubstantiated rumors and then complain some more.

    Celebitchy, the thing I hate about you bloggers that don’t like Angelina is the way you only pay attention to half truths written about her. This woman has been on record many times addressing her weight loss and the cause of it. She said leading up to her mother’s death and after, she was an emotional mess, coupled with stopping breastfeeding and adoption of a new child which started long before her mother passed away. She said all she did was cry and could not get out of her head which was why she signed up to do the movie Wanted because it will help her to work out and eat.

    Many people deal with grief in so many different ways.
    I guess now that she is on Vanity Fair where the pity party started, John Mayer will now be summoned back from HongKong for a new photo op. Funny how the very public romance with John Mayer that heated up just as Angelina was set to premiere her two movies in Cannes suddenly went private the moment Cannes promotion was over, and yet you people keep giving that fraud the benefit of the doubt. I can’t wait for the bikini pictures that will come out this weekend because of this Vanity Fair cover.

  19. lola says:

    Devilgirl, be ready to be asked why you are on thi sthread if you can’t stand her. But I feel you. My dear, you have to realise that her PR machine is damn good. Turning the love triangle to her advantage should be billed as one of the centuries biggest feat. She talks about her women who come in like it is OK. They have families and am sure they are not normards and I doubt they like being hauled from continent to continent at a whim. Well MJ once had his handlers put up with his monkeys. Where is he now. The Brangelina bubble will bust.

    Why do people say she is pretty when she is plastic, has those horrible veins and her lips are a sight without gloss. I do understand her ex dissing her she must be a sight au naturel. :(

  20. lola says:

    Tut! tut! Indie, why are you talking a bout Jen when we can’t talk about Angelina? Isn’t it the same thing?

    FYI Jen has to live her life and it is not dictated by what AJ does. What do you want her to do? Put her life on halt so that Angelina can get air time? Weep in silence so the world worships on the holy grail of St Brangelina?

    It is not Jen’s problem that a video surfaced with Angelina boasting about killing her pets. It is Angelina whose life is one big spectacle. I said it before, when people are over Pax she will have a biological child, then she will adopt, next she will pretend to break up. As long as it gets her attention. All her life she has wanted attention. Wait till a time comes when she undresses in time square and no one cares.

  21. shame says:

    kaiser, it’s people like you that keep the whole angelina vs jennifer feud alive, get over it dumb ass.

  22. bianca says:

    i told you peeps she did not have them yet!! just look on and they will tell you the truth! :wink:

  23. Mairead says:

    Then, lola and Devilgirl, if you are both so disgusted with all the attention she gets – why exactly are you “feeding the troll”?

    And actually spending time reading and watching things and putting meaning in there that doesn’t exist? (like the Saint Angelina thing. And while I’d never ask anyone to watch that rambling video again, she actually doesn’t boast about the rabbit dying – it was more surprise that rabbits can’t eat rabbit food)

    This is an honest question, I really would like to know why if you dislike the attention seeking so much, why pay attention to it, and contribute to it through so many clicks?

  24. Devilgirl says:

    Well, that is a great question lola, I think because a) lately I have too much time on my hands and am home a lot. b) I can’t resist in commenting. Like a car wreck, you don’t want to look, but find yourself peeking anyway! :wink:

  25. Leah says:

    Yeah, I saw a magazine cover today stating, “Angelina: 4 weeks to go!”

  26. Devilgirl says:

    Sorry folks, didn’t realize that we weren’t allowed to comment negatively on people that we aren’t particularly fond of. In the future I will keep my opinions to myself and not be a voice of controversy. I guess I should just think like everyone else and if my thoughts differ from the majority, I should shut up and go on my merry little way. It isn’t as though Brad and Angie are going to be offended by the opinions of a nobody like me. :-)

  27. Enonymouse says:

    People should get off telling other people not to comment if they do not agree with something. As long as they are not being too rude then is perfectly fine. So Devilgirl do not worry about it because I too am sick of the whole Bradangelina overexposure even thought I do actually quite like Angelina.

    Also, although the media today tends do become obsessed with celebrities, more often then not it is the celebrities themselves that encourage that behavior by over exposing themselves and the whole Bradangelina brand is not different.

  28. headache says:

    I doubt brad and angie are exploiting the nannies. They were chosen for what they could bring to the family and given that Angie says they don’t have overnight help, I suspect they are paid adequately enough to maintain their own household, including their families if they aren’t single.

  29. Ribbit Ribbit says:

    ‘If these were our brothers and sisters, how much would we have known by the time we were six that it took into our 30s and 40s to figure out?’

    She’s an idiot. If she had been raised in her dysfunctional home (much like one she’s providing this generation of Josephine Baker fans), she would be the same freak she is now. Having spoiled siblings of different colours in no way affects what you learn growing up; it’s the UPBRINGING that defines that, and from all reports, these kids beat the crap out of each other and have free run of their roost.

    She’s a megalomaniacal loon, and looks like a bad Marilyn Wannabe porn fluffer in the pic (“Press the pregnancy tits together, hon. PERFECT!” Click). For all her travel and experience, she is dumber than dirt.

  30. sus says:

    lola and devilgirl well spoken totaly agree whit you i am sick off them too

  31. Kaiser says:


    And of course I’m including myself. So- several of the commenters are the same person agreeing with herself, right?

    Sad face. :(

  32. Kaiser says:

    Also, I found the answer to my own question, in case anyone cares. Rich Cohen did the interview. The last pieces I remember of his were the Sacha Baren Cohen one and the Clooney cover in 2006. I think he also did the recent Madonna one. His style as an interviewer is kind of “star-fucker.”

    All of this to say, it will be a *great* interview.

  33. DL says:

    I know a cheap couple from work, who wanted to save money, so they hired a nanny from a third world country.

    That way they don’t need to provide all the benefits and she is pleased by a ridiculously low salary.

    I can’t stand people who exploit those woman, take them away from their countries and families and have them raise their children.

    It’s such an arrogant and cheap act.

  34. kate says:

    why assume that jen aniston hates pregnancy/birth/kids? just because she doesn’t have any kids doesn’t mean she dislikes them. maybe i missed an interview or something?

  35. guest says:

    I don’t know but somehow she is turning into a sociliate to me. She used to love to be in the field with aid workers and spending weeks there. She flew low key, wore little make-up, and hated the fakness of hollywood and red carpets. Now she has four homes, is living in a 70 million dollar mansion, has three nannies, has walked the red carpet like 20 times in the past year and rarely goes to the field (I know she went to Iraq to visit the troops but really spending like 2-3 weeks with the poor people she doesn’t do now). And look at this picture so joan collins like. She just seems to have gone from so authenic to so cheesy. Instead of focusing her fame on others like she used to she seems to talk about herself all the time. She is just so changed in the last couple of years and I personally don’t think for the better. COME BACK ANGIE! BE TRUE TO YOURSELF!

  36. Kolby says:

    I’m pretty damn flabbergasted by some of the comments about this inteview and CB’s posting of it. It’s a tasteful interview, a tasteful covershot, and there’s nothing controversial in the least about either. Christ on a cruise, people, she’s just a person who happens to be living a life that’s different from most of ours.

  37. bros says:

    DL, dont be stupid. I doubt brad and angelina are in the market for cheap third world labor when they are trying to get help for their brood. one is a teacher, one is from belgium and one is an art teacher of sorts. pretty positive they are paid well and are professionals with excellent references. there are many agencies with proifessional au pairs/nannies and lets not forget that the trained professional governess (which all these women are performing the role of) was a very respectable position for people with an education and child rearing skills and found in any home with money not too long ago and this was expected. however much help they choose to have they can well afford the best and i dont see brangelina as the type to try and underpay people. they arent exactly in the same category as your cheap work colleagues. get a grip.

  38. fee says:

    OMG! Enough of the Brangelina madness! If they talk they’re too open, if they dont they’re too stuck up, if they adopt they’re baby stealing fame whores, if they have biological children they’ve abandoned the worlds needy orphans….. Lets just forget all about them for 12 months and see what their true colours are and what they will do without 24/7 media coverage

  39. vdantev says:

    I was just listening to this remix of the song ‘Hey Jealousy’ on the radio, how appropriate. Sick of Angelina- quit entering her threads. Mia Farrow hasn’t had a movie in what 5 years and Angelina has one due in a few weeks and she sells magazines. It’s simple mathematics, people. You print a magazine to make money, not to enlighten people about the saintly behavior of uninteresting has-beens. Mia had her day in the 70′s and it’s over now. Yes, Hollywood legend and all that, but unless she’s dying or performing some uber-charity work no one cares. Considering what some of you pathetic wretches had to say about Lauren Hutton a few threads back, you know what I’m talking about.

  40. Devilgirl says:

    Hmm, Kaiser, is that a reference to lola nad myself? Frankly, I don’t care if anyone agrees with me or not. I don’t need to post under a different name in order for people to be of the same opinion. Perhaps take it up with CB, and see if I/lola/sus and anyone else that DARES express an opinion contradictory to the majority on this thread are indeed the same person. Anyone who does troll around is an ass, and I will agree with masses on that. Like I said, DO NOT CARE IF YOU ARE FOR ME OR AGAINST ME, however, don’t insult my or the other posters intelligence levels by making some veiled reference to us in opposition of the group being the same person. Obviously, due to medical reasons, I have plenty of time to post my opinions and not worry how many times I am on this or any other blog. Free country folks, love my opinions, hate my opinions, they are only mine and as others have said to me, you don’t have to read them. Done for today. Sorry to be so long winded! 8)

  41. anni says:

    why does everybody assume that angie and brad literally kidnapped those poor poor nannies, dragged them into a lear jet and MADE them watch after their kids? you guys must me crouching in the hedges and have impressive insider information! way to go! :roll:

    i think it´s a great interview and a nice cover.

  42. LiLi says:

    i like the cover. very brigitte bardot.
    how is she a freak, ribbit ribbit?
    yes, her kids are spoiled but they are not going to be racist. that’s for damn sure.

  43. mmkey says:

    May 31st, 2008 at 12:23 am
    why assume that jen aniston hates pregnancy/birth/kids? just because she doesn’t have any kids doesn’t mean she dislikes them. maybe i missed an interview or something?



    jennifer is such a fame ho, if she had some kind of health problem having kids, she would have let the world know in one of her countless pity parties.

    she makes me want to vomit!

    and to those idiots comparing anelina to mia farrow or somebody else, STOP ACTING LIKE A FOOL< THIS IS ANGELINA F*CKING JOLIE RETARDS!!!

  44. Enonymouse says:

    mmkey, come down weirdo :roll: . It is non of anyones business if Jennifer Aniston wants kids or not. That is entirely up to her even if Brad Pitt (as rumored) did wanted kids, she still had to make the decision on what is best for her. Good on her for knowing what she wants and not giving on to someone else’s requirements. I am not particularly a Jennifer Aniston fan but it is unfair for her to be so often vilified just because she did not, in people’s eyes, give stupid Brad a kid.

    Jesus, get over it people. As I said before, there are some matters that should be off limit when criticizing someone, even a celebrity.

  45. lola says:

    I can’t believe any one would blame Jen for not having kids with that loser Pitt. Unlike Angelina, she could see through him and know that such a loser cannot be a father of your children. Look what he did to her. Even if she had had kids with him, he would have looked for another excuse to sleep and run off with his co star seducer. Stupidity is as stupidity does. He is very stupid and unfortunately that little girl of his seems to be following in his foot-steps. Her mouth is always open and experts say that is a sign of being slow. Now lets not attack children but fact is fact and may be Jen did not want to have dense kids. Angelina on the other hand wanted fame and even her self mutiltation did not get her as much fame as sleeping with a married man did.

    You have a very good point. She always said she hated everything hollywood and the red carpet, yet she could not stay home even when every one told her she could miss since is about to pop. Mmmmm, she always tells lies. I am not surprised she told another one. Someone should make an encylopaedia of her lies. :lol:

  46. lola says:

    And that cover, cheap, tacky? What else do you expect. Cheap will always be cheap. This woman is devoid of any class.

  47. Indie says:

    Lola, like I have said many times before, Angelina is your worst nightmare come true, you hate her but you cannot ignore, you are adding to her legend. You go from blog to blog spewing hate because misery loves company.

    For those of you bitching about them hiring a Congolese- Belgian woman and an Vietnamese woman to help care for their children, I guess you conveniently ignored the fact that one of their daughters is African and they chose to have someone of African descent to help care for their daughter and the same for the boys and then the Arts teacher. This two are more thoughtful as parents than some of you that have never raised a child but think that criticizing those that are is a fun sport.

    Some faceless person behind the internet calling a couple she doesn’t know names, and legends like Clint Eastwood saying that Angelina is a rare hollywood actress of today that would have been successful also in the 1940′s because of her strong individuality, that her look and personality is very distinct and not cookie cutter actress.

    You can never relate to Angelina Jolie, she doesn’t even care for your likes to like her because if she did she will have a publicist to help spin the media and the likes of you, but she is the only A-list actor without a publicist that right there will tell you your opinion of her don’t matter but it makes you feel better spreading malice all over the net.

    By the way, I know you will, check out the pictures inside VF, hawt, hawwt, hawwwt. Don’t hate her because she is so beautiful, talented, rich and blessed. :lol:

  48. Kaiser says:

    I brought up Aniston in relation to the horrible pity-party VF interview she did in 2005, wondering if Jolie would get the same nose-stuck-up-ass editorial treatment as Aniston.

    Then I made an unfortunate joke about how Aniston hates children.

    Which I stand by.

    Let the pity party commence!

  49. someone says:

    Indie, Not one single opinion about this story matters.

  50. someone says:

    All magazine covers are photo shopped to make whom ever is on the cover look better than he/she normally does. Come on people be honest with yourselves.

  51. Devilgirl says:

    MMKEY, I believe that I was the only one with the reference to Mia Farrow and I hardly know what you mean by me acting like a fool? Have you seen me out somewhere “acting like a fool”? Frankly, your outburst makes you sound like a fool. Take a chill pill!

  52. mmkey says:

    devilgirl (I HATE your nick btw)

    your both posts are FOOLISH!

    the fact that you even compare mia farrow to angelina jolie AKA the most beautiful woman of our times who happened to start her humanitarian projects at the age of 23 and who is THE MOST TALKED ABOUT woman of the WORLD proves to me that your statements are FOOLISH!

  53. Devilgirl says:

    Well you have sure told me. My whole thought process has changed because of your sterling wisdom. Glad you hate my nickname, I take that as a compliment. Calm TF down!

  54. Devilgirl says:

    By the way, you are the one who started with the personal attacks, not I.

  55. Mairead says:

    To be frank, Devilgirl doesn’t sound at all foolish. She doesn’t like Angelina and there’s no reason why she should. DG is stating it simply without resorting to borderline-paranoid claims about wanting to look like a saint; taking over the world; banging on about stuff done 10 years ago or accusing those who do like her of being her employees or brother.

    Mia Farrow has done very admirable things However, had she been at the height of her fame now than in the 60s and 70s her life would have been open to the same type of media frenzy as today’s starlets. Media was a completely different animal then, and of course there was no internet to build a cult up around a person.

    But as nother commentator says, Mia isn’t being lauded by the media because she simply doesn’t sell magazines nor is she in enough notable films to garner press interest and “waste” newsprint on. :|

  56. Carrie says:

    Mia Farrow and Ange are BOTH egotistical wackos. Hence the rainbow kid shopping they have in common. And Mia certainly did NOT do it quietly and with dignity. Those of us who are old enough will remember her touting those kids on the cover of Hello! every other month, usually accompanying yet another interview in which she slagged off Woody Allen.

  57. geronimo says:

    um…. isn’t she a little bit pretentious describing herself and Brad as artists? Just sayin’. I’m sure they’re nice people and good parents an’ all but artists?! :roll:

    I think you need a little bit more creative substance under your belt before you can get away with calling yourself an artist. (Unless of course you’re actually an artist ie. someone who draws or paints or sculpts etc.)

  58. lola says:

    AKA the most beautiful woman of our times
    I wonder then why she had to go under a knife. Then again beautiful in our times depends on how much surgery you have done.

    And for whomever is wondering why I comment here, to rile people like you who think the sun shines in Jolie’s ass. The fact is she has an esteem lower than a snakes belly. Seems her fans do too.

    Also I just enjoy it when bad stuff happens to her. Lovely to see Karma in action. I just can’t wait when no one will give a shit about her. I wonder what she will do then. Because I can’t remember a time when her sole purpose in life was not getting attention. Do gooding is just another tactic. Remember the vials of blood failed to get her attention. Adultery did and that is why she is milking it for what it is worth.

  59. mmkey says:

    devilgirl, I’m calm as a summer breeze darling. you? not so much.

    you can’t get the hate out of your system about angelina — you don’t post only one but TWO comments back to back. (and they’re both FOOLISH)

    and news flash: people write comments to each other on blogs. no biggie. lol.

  60. Devilgirl says:

    I am not quite certain why you feel the need to pick on me when there are plenty of other people who have said far worse about ‘THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN OF OUR TIME”? You have made personal attacks on me regarding my intelligence, my “nick” and how “foolish” MY posts are. Talk about hate! I have the right to defend myself on personal attacks made by you or anyone else. I haven’t here or on any other thread made personal attacks on people and their opinions in a mean and unkind way. You, however, have taken every oppotunity to slam me for having an OPINION that is contradictory to yours. Fine, you LOVE Angelina, we get it, what does that have to do with me. Pick on some other people if that is your thing but leave me out of it. You have gleaned onto me for your hateful attacks and I am not quite sure why. You don’t know me, you have NO idea who I am, so go about your merry way and keep your thoughts about me to yourself. I haven’t attacked you, why the hate? :?:

  61. anni says:

    please. exchange email adresses and keep your little war private. it´s a gossip site.

  62. Predatory Cougar says:

    I find it comical people get so riled over people that they don’t even know. Mia Farrow and Angeloonie both suck c$##! Serial adoptive mothers! As for the little war going on here btwn Devilgirl ( i like your “nick”!) and MMkey, STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dvlgl, you are just feeding into her by responding to her, so grow up and stop. As for MMkey, YOU ARE FOOLISH TOO! Brad is a retard, Angie is a slutty homewrecker who has been photoshopped to death!

  63. countrybabe says:

    Devilgirl, don’t get yourself so upset over these Brangeloonies who have to bring up Jennifer a every turn. Unless they think Brad and Jennifer actually had a real relationship. I think it’s a new crew that has wandered over here from JustJared. It is obvious Brad wants alot of kids and Angelina wants the money lifesyle he brings. So essentially she is paid to have the kids. 8)

  64. Kaiser says:

    I never knew crazies with multiple personalities could be so funny.

    And Geronimo, I think it’s fine for actors/actresses to call themselves “artists” – as long as they treat their craft with respect. Meryl Streep is as much an artist as Jackson Pollack (maybe more so) – and for better or worse, I would include Brad & Angie on that list of Actors as Artists.

    And certainly, there are much worse ways to bring up children then **GASP** exposing them to arts & crafts. It’ s not like it’s Scientology. :)

  65. tinkerbell says:

    They will be racists. Because mom finds it so important to constantly point out the color of her children’s skin, She even talked about getting matching pairs. So they wouldn’t feel left out.
    Shi looks like me and Brad. Duh lady. So what, why even mention it? She is like any rich women who thinks she is defined by having kids of many colors. As if that means a darn thing. And perhaps she could stop talking about herself so much. And just get on with it. The mere fact that she has to turn the most ordinary things into extrodinary makes me think she suffers from a severe case of Narcissism.
    Her kids are going to be artists. How narrow minded and narcissitic of her
    Angie is an artist. A con artist. She seems to believe her bull.

  66. geronimo says:

    @kaiser. No problem with eg. Streep, Daniel Day Lewis, De Niro, Pacino etc calling themselves/being referred to as artists. I personally would not put either Ange or Brad in that category but I’m sure we can agree to differ!

    As for exposing their kids to a broad range of arts and crafts, who said that was anything other than good?? Not me. I’m all for it.

  67. janepitt says:

    It’s always fun when the loons leve theafe confines of JJ and dare to venture into a realm where thewhore and stupitt isn’t worshipped. Listening to their foolish babble proves that they are just as delusional as their idol.

  68. lola says:

    Countrybabe, I know what you mena baout being paid to have babies. This woman does not have enough money to lead the life style she is leading at the moment. Adopting all those kids and buying all those houses. At most she has about 25 million quid and that is generous. Brad has about 100 million which is going to be a fraction of that with this lifestyle. Priave jets and homes in every city in the world. They are clearly living above their mean especially for people whose movie careers are in a decline.

    Interesting too that Angelina hates every thing about hollywood but is walking red carpets at 7 months pregnant. Shouldn’t she be latching on any excuse not to do hollywood things? And that luxury lifestlye is not characteristic of a philanthropist. I doubt Bono could lead it. Especially since the money is not even hers.

  69. emma says:

    as for living beyond their means, it maybe true, but let’s not forget that they also have their own production company which brings in the money, oversea commericals, etc., not just their acting career

  70. countrybabe says:

    Well Lola it is an interesting idea when you think about it. I heard somebody explain their relationship like that on another site and it made sense when you look at that way.
    They are getting something in exchange from each other and it’s not sex, or love, or beauty like these fans believe. She couldn’t live the lifestyle she lives without Brad. When they break up she’ll have the child support/residuals from his movies-pretty good deal.
    And they aren’t making that much off that production company, it was a flop when Brad and Jennifer had it. I haven’t seen Ange’s name on it. They are actors, they aren’t creating any scripts, novels etc.

  71. Nan says:

    Someone said “CHRIST ON A CRUISE”. That’s a new one!

  72. Janice says:

    For someone who said she hates hollywood and is only there because she loves acting, Angelina Jolie has come to embody it as it is today. Shallow whilst pretending to be deep (Sharon Stone and her Karma comment) using the basic humane acts to progress their careers and their brands. It is now fashionable to adopt, attach your name to a political cause regardless of whether it makes sense. Have a child and walk around with them like accessories to increase your print time in glossies. Angelina embodies all this. I am still haunted by pictures of an angry scowling Zahara and a sleeping Maddox a top Brad’s head in India chased by hordes of Paparazi. Now I know they are adopted but pimping children like that should be criminalised.

  73. Janice says:

    I see your point Country babe and Lola. It is the reason she emphasises all the time that the important thing is that they are legally bound to the children.She was in love with her Ex BBT that she even run insane at one point over him, yet she did not feel like having children. Now suddenly she is ‘in love’ with Mr Pitt and wants children.

    By the way,that production company is owned by Brad Grey and Brad Pitt. Aniston was bought out and Jolie is not in. Unfortunately its movies have not done well so far. Their life is way beyond their means.

  74. Bodhi says:

    Wow, this certainly turned into a nutjob free for all!

  75. Jody says:

    Holy cow Bohdi, you are right. I’m pretty neutral on AJ and Brad, but they are artists, they create for a living, even if it is a character instead of sculpture or a painting.

    I am always amazed, every story about these guys has 50+ posting… always. They aren’t going anywhere any time soon.

  76. confused says:

    Wow, if this is how frustrated people get over Angelina and Brad, it is a wonder why our world is falling apart. Personally, I think it is fabulous to raise children of different ethnicities and I commend ANYONE who does it. It teaches tolerance. And who cares if her kids are spoiled, they have Brad Angelina for parents. If many of us had the means they do, we probably would spoil and children too, and many of us do. At least I know I do. With that being said, I do feel that EVERYONE has the right to speak their mind and have an opinion, just as I feel people have a right to respond to them. Take it as a learning experience and stop demeaning each other so much.