Amy Winehouse to perform for Nelson Mandela

A lot of bad ideas don’t seem like bad ideas until you’re half way through them. Then you think back with that beloved 20/20 hindsight and wish you would have thought whatever it was through a little better. But there are some ideas that are so obviously terrible that you’ve got to wonder what kind of moron would go through with it. Case in point: booking Amy Winehouse to perform at the prestigious concert celebrating Nelson Mandela’s 90th birthday.

Nelson Mandela just scored a coup of a birthday guest…that is, if she shows up. Amy Winehouse has officially been added to the lineup of artists set to perform at a special London concert marking the former South African president’s 90th birthday.

In addition to the “Back to Black” singer, Leona Lewis, Queen, Razorlight, Annie Lennox and Shirley Bassey are set to perform at the three-hour June 27 event in Hyde Park, which Mandela himself is set to attend. Proceeds will go toward his 46664 charity, a global campaign to raise awareness of HIV and AIDS.

“We are delighted Amy will be appearing at Hyde Park,” Tim Massey, the international director of the charity named after Mandela’s prison number, said.

The gig—which, fitting with the theme of the night, will have an audience that’s 46,664-strong—will mark Winehouse’s first full set onstage since last November, right before she called off her tour.

[From E! News]

What a fabulous idea. Who better to promote AIDS awareness than a famous IV drug addict? Now in all fairness the likelihood that Winehouse will actually even show up is almost nil. And to further ensure that she makes a fool of herself and increases her reputation as being unreliable, Amy is also scheduled to perform at the Glastonbury Music Festival the next day.

Two high profile concerts in two days? When in the world will she have time to snort and shoot? I can guarandamntee you that at least one of those concerts isn’t going to have Amy Winehouse singing. It might have Amy Winehouse passed out in a porta potty, but singing isn’t going to happen.

Here’s Amy Winehouse arriving at Pentonville Prison to visit her husband Blake ahead of her performance this weekend at the ‘Rock in Rio’ festival in Portugal. I honestly did not cherry pick the worst photos. This is the lot of them. Images thanks to WENN.

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  1. Scott F. says:

    Yeah, because when I think of how I would celebrate the birth of one of the most influential and inspiring human beings alive today – I immediately think Amy Winehouse.

    Seriously, this chick had like one huge hit, and then nosedived. At least the likes of Hendrix and Cobain had a decent volume of work before the end. Bah, overrated hogwash. I’ll take All Along the Watchtower any day.

  2. Kaiser says:

    A rock concert featuring the most prominent white crackhead in the world? Do you think that this is what Nelson Mandela dreamed of during those long nights in prison?

    Seriously, Mandela has suffered enough.

  3. Trillion says:

    If performing at this event doesn’t put things into perspective for her, I don’t know what possibly could.

  4. Jaundice Machine says:

    I agree, Trillion. I love this hot mess to bits, but it’s sad seeing her slide further and further into self-loathing. I couldn’t help but wince at the fresh new gashes she’s sporting on her arm. Bitch has heavy issues and self medicating n hard drugs and cutting is no way to improve one’s self worth.

    And Jaybird, has there been confirmation that she’s mainlining? I mean, an addict’s an addict regardless of their method of choice, but I don’t see any popped veins or heard any rumors of IV action. Just curious.

  5. kate says:

    why oh why did i zoom in on these photos of nosferatu…er, i mean amy winehouse? now i won’t be able to sleep tonight.

  6. bc says:

    i just found out that most seniors graduating this year from high school do not know who nelson mandela is…. or aparthide. or anything important from the history of south africa…
    what the hell?! 😯

  7. Lourdes "one big brow" Ciccone says:

    Oh, a new look. When did Madonna switch to a brunette with a beehive?

  8. Kenny D. Page says:

    Although the sound is crappy, here is the Lisbon Performance (5/30/08):

    Are Winehouse’s record company and PR group sure that letting her perform for Mandela is a good idea?

  9. geronimo says:

    TWO top-selling albums (Frank & Back to Black) with more classic single hits on them than most contemporary artists can even dream about.

    And I haven’t ever read anything about her being an IV drug user? Source for this? Yes, she’s a mess. Yes she’s pissing her life and talent down the drain. But there’s enough real shit out there to bash her with without manufacturing more.

  10. Tawny says:

    This woman is a freak – pure and simple. I wouldn’t go to one of her concerts if I could get in for free, nor would I have a CD of her’s in my house ❗

  11. Predatory Cougar says:

    I wonder if she will give him a hit off of her crack pipe? She should share, after all, he is gonna be 90.

  12. Jaundice Machine says:

    I’m still wondering about IV-usage accusation, as well. It seems a bit unfair to accuse this hot mess of mainlining when she’s been asked to preform for an AIDS awareness event. She has done a great job of single-handedly dismantling her own credibility through her (very visible) self-destructive tendencies, but habitual IV use is still a heavy-handed accusation.

  13. sallysitwell says:

    She always looks so dirty, like she hasn’t bathed in months and sleeps in a dumpster, then rolls around in a pile of soot every morning after teasing up her mess of a hairdo. Can’t she afford a bath and a bar of soap? And a brush?

  14. Anastasia says:

    Tawny, that’s too bad for you. Frank and Back to Black are AMAZING albums.

  15. drm says:

    Drugs are drugs…and she does truckloads of them. It is so obvious. Who gives a rats if she’s mainlining, smoking, inhaling whatever! It is incredibly sad. She has an amazing voice. My husband who loves blues had never heard Amy sing and only knew her as this very scary looking druggie/singer. I put her CD on and didn’t say anything and he was just entranced. When he asked me who it was and I told him “Amy Winehouse” he went really quiet. He was really moved by the magnitude of her talent as well as the reality of how much of a loss it is, for fans, friends, family and, in particular Amy herself that she continues on such a self-destructive path.

  16. drm says:

    I work in public health and I was going to add that Amy is really close to dying. You can tell by looking at her. She has been looking worse and worse over the last few months. It is so sad, and even sadder that people debate what “kind” of drugs she’s using…