Christina Aguilera & her husband Jordan Bratman have split too

Christina Aguilera and her husband Jordan Bratman acted like a pair of newlyweds as they stopped by a potential school for their son Max in Los Angeles, CA on December 21, 2009. Fame Pictures, Inc

Like celebrity deaths, celebrity splits seem to come in threes. First it was Ben Harper and Laura Dern, then Courteney Cox and David Arquette, and now it’s Christina Aguilera and her husband Jordan Bratman. According to Us Weekly, Christina and Jordan have been separated for “a few months” and are living apart as we speak. This could be the reason Christina has been looking like ten kinds of hell lately – she’s been dealing with marriage sh-t. Or it could be that she needs to break up with her stylist and makeup artist too.

Singer Christina Aguilera is going solo. Though the pop star, 29, told less than a year ago that she felt “very blessed” in her union with music executive Jordan Bratman, 33, a source close to Aguilera tells Us the couple “have been separated for a few months.”

And though Aguilera and Bratman — who met in 2002 (he was a producer on one of her albums) and wed in 2005 — have not yet decided whether to divorce, the source reveals, “they are now living apart, and they will see how that goes.”

What went wrong?

“They were very much in love,” explains the insider. “But over the last six months, it ­became clear they were more like friends than husband and wife.”The source adds that Aguilera even “­proposed their August trip to Italy to ­rekindle their relationship, but it didn’t help.”

The duo remain united in their commitment, however, to son Max, 2.

“He is their main concern,” says the pal. Aguilera has even been bringing the tot to the studio while she wraps up the soundtrack for her November 24 musical, Burlesque.

“Christina is doing her best to be a great mom,” says the insider. “She has a lot to ­juggle, but she’s learning how to make it work and balance it all.”

[From Us Weekly]

Honestly, I find this breakup to be the saddest and least expected of the trilogy. Cox and Arquette I was expecting. Dern and Harper I didn’t care about. But Christina and Jordan really did seem close, and like they were solid. I thought Christina had found a low-key guy who would support her no matter what happened. And they have that baby too! Oh, well. Another bites the dust.

LOS ANGELES, CA - FEBRUARY 09:  (NA & UK TABLOIDS OUT) Recording artist Christina Aguilera poses with husband Jordan Bratman at LACMA's Opening Celebration of the Broad Contemporary Art Museum on February 9, 2008 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Jeff Vespa/Getty Images)

NEW YORK - MAY 12:  Christina Aguilera and her husband Jordan Bratman attend the Christian Dior Cruise 2009 Collection at Gustavino's in New York City.  (Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images)

Singer Christina Aguilera and her husband, music producer Jordan Bratman, attend Game 7 of the 2010 NBA Finals basketball series in Los Angeles, California, June 17, 2010. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson (UNITED STATES - Tags: SPORT BASKETBALL ENTERTAINMENT)

LAS VEGAS - APRIL 08:  Music excecutive Jordan Bratman (right) and singer Christina Aguilera at the MAXIM Magazine 100th Issue Celebration at the Wynn Resort on April 8, 2006 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images)

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  1. Mrs K 2 be says:

    That’s a bit sad. I really thought they were the real deal. That’s a pity.

  2. K-MAC says:

    This is sad. I do recall some blog commenting that they would be breaking up soon, but cannot remember which one. I am curious as to why they have split.

  3. Mari says:

    “They were very much in love,” explains the insider. “But over the last six months, it ­became clear they were more like friends than husband and wife.”

    So they’re spliting because there’s no spark anymore? Ummm, it’s no a secret this HAPPENS to EVERYONE! But it can come back in a flash!
    Hopefully they’ll be patient and work through this.

  4. lisa says:

    They have not been seen together in forever.. We see her and the son or he and the boy.

    Funny how all the INSIDERS know know anything until it is over.. Where are the rag reporters. All the rags and such missed this too. Why because they all focus on a few couples waiting for them to break up.. Sleeping on the job.

    This is sad. they seemed happy, but we don’t really know anything about these people do we.

  5. jinni says:

    So much for all of her talk about keeping their relationship sexy. Hopefully this means an end to all of her “sexy Sundays” crap and getting back to making good music.

  6. danielle says:

    For some reason I could really see this one coming. Blinds I have read that I thought were them suggested she was cheating or at least flirting alot. Too bad, he seems like he really loved her.

  7. Anaya says:

    Awful news. So sad.

  8. Keen says:

    this makes me really sad- I was hopeful that after all of the crap she’s been through w men in her life that she had found a solid foundation in her marriage. I’m praying that this will be a separation and not divorce and that they can work through it!!

  9. jodie says:

    This is what is wrong in america today. Marriage isn’t about always being sparky and happy. Its about how hard u work everyday to keep the love and commitment alive. Marriage is a joining of families. I’ve been married 2 years and with him almost 6 years and even in the moments that seemed like the spark was gone, wed clear our schedules to make time for each other. I’m not a fan of hers but I hope they make it work

  10. Kitten says:

    I am so not surprised by this. Never thought this one would last.

  11. Shocker says:

    But, but, but he’s a got a big c0ck! I remember her bragging & going on & on about it.

    Guess it wasn’t enough.

  12. Marjalane says:

    There have been several blinds on other sites that seemed to be about these two. Not that shocking I guess- maybe this is why her music has been so awful lately. Her last CD sucked big time.

  13. That’s so sad i really thought that they would go the distance too. Hopefully they may get back together but if theyu can stay friends then that’s great too, no doubt Perez Hilton will be putting the boot into XTina as i type…

    Looking forward to her movie “Burlesque” btw.

  14. annaloo says:


  15. Alexis says:

    OMG!!! I haven’t been on the computer for days and this is the first thing I looked at, so I hadn’t even heard about the other two splits. I thought C-Cox always said “Divorce is not an option.” It’s funny how we actually care about this $#!& a little bit, isn’t it?…lol…

  16. Ricci says:

    @Jodie,, I firmly believe you need some spark to keep the marriage intact..

    its the spark that attracted them together u need it to stay together happily.
    well thats what I believe anyways

  17. dj says:

    This one does not surprise me either. My impression is she may (like most celebrities) be a lot to deal with ego-wise and her career has taken a bit of a downturn in the last few years. She seems really ambitious and he seems like a fairly decent, grounded guy. I hope they can come through this OK.

  18. LeManda says:

    Funny that their splitting up because they’re best friends. Ummm that’s what people strive for in a relationship!! I swear I’ve seen it on balloons at weddings…’Today I’m marrying my best friend’

  19. Samigirl says:

    I’m not really surprised. She always seemed like too much of a personality for him. Sad though, hope it doesn’t get nasty at all for the baby’s sake.

  20. JM says:

    Hey kids, marriage is not one long sexual high. The spark does fade and most successful marriages, the one'[s I’ve seen (30+ years), are the ones where the husband and wife are friends. In fact, they are each other’s best friend. The sparks can return but it takes work and imagination. Please reconcider before you detonate your family.

  21. Mia says:

    You could almost start a poll called: “Guess Which Celeb Couple Will Be The Next To Split?”

  22. Kim says:

    Very intersting that the tabloids that claim to know everything has never put this couple or Ben and Laura on cover. Bot I’m sure Brad and Angelina or Tom and Katie will be on the covers this week with BS stories about their relationships. I think David and Courtney story broke too late to be on covers

  23. soso says:

    If you look closely, there have been signs with all the couples. The tabs are just too busy making up lies about Brad and Angelina to care for any couple. The Jolie-Pitts never seem apart as a family but you never saw David and Cox together, Christina and Bateman I can say they stopped going out together a few months back. The signs were there, like they say hiding in plain sight.

  24. DetRiotgirl says:

    Omg, this is sad news. I actually really liked them together. I hope they work it out.

  25. sandy says:

    he seems like a keeper, but she seems like a lot to deal with as stated already, she is gonna need him in her business, xtina, please reconsider, take a temporary break, every one needs that.

  26. Lydia says:

    I blame that hideous makeup.

  27. Rosanna says:

    When I heard of her “sexy sundays” I thought there were in trouble. There is no day of the week to be sexy, and there is no way that your husband doesn’t find you sexy unless you are naked. That is, provided he is the one.

  28. Trillion says:

    Maybe he was fed up with having to wait 3 hours for her to get ready every time they left the house. (3 hours poorly spent, I might add).

  29. serena says:

    Is this official?
    I really don’t believe it, anyway.

  30. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    I hope they get back together.

  31. MissVJJ says:

    I agree with you, Trillion. What guy can stand back while you take *forever* everyday to get ready. She seems very insecure to me, because she always has a forcefield of makeup on, and her hair is always chemically processed to hell. Guys like natural girls, despite what the media says. Just be YOU. And I think maybe that and her career were dooming the relationship.

  32. Ellen says:

    Sorry to hear this, if it’s true. They seemed happy, and it’s clear she devoted a good number of songs to their union (“Ain’t No Other Man,” plus a lot of the good ones on _Bionic_ which, to my mind, is better than they’re saying).

  33. Katie says:

    As much as I’m not a big fan of hers (amazing voice though) I am sad about this too. I think b/c he’s so unattractive I believed it was true love or something. Sounds like they are trying to be adults about it and focus on their son, so that’s good.

  34. brin says:

    What is in the evian they are drinking out there?

  35. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    What does she look like?

  36. Kim says:

    Serena ,Its on and they have a good relationship with her. We Will see

  37. kwoww says:

    maybe he got sick of her diva bullshit.

  38. Just a Poster says:

    I knew it was only a matter of time when she lost her mind and went all “I’m not a soccer Mom I am a SEXY BEAST”

    Blinds about them have been floating around for quite awhile.

    Now what would really shock me is, if he was the one who left and ended it.

  39. rinaz says:

    Shucks, I thought that they would last longer than that. It could just be me, but she actually sounded quite down to earth and mature when talking about her marriage.

  40. craigc says:

    How could anyone stand to be married to a celebrity????

  41. Anna says:

    Oh say it ain’t so. This is so sad if it’s true! I hope they can work it out. It’s also so surprising to me because on her Bionic album, there are lots of songs about love and sex that seem directly connected to Jordan and judging by those, they were golden. So, so sad.

  42. teehee says:

    Hmm… well Im not sure if spark means only sex. Doesnt it mean that magical attraction between two people– what makes one admire the other, for no obvious reason?
    Cos I’ve got a BF, but I dont feel a ‘spark’ and instead we are each others best friends and take care of each other. Ive been thinking to ditch the relationship and find something “better”… and this is getting me to think about it more….
    Hmm advice?

  43. Shi-gatsu says:

    she’s not the marrying kind

  44. TG says:

    It’s a shame. Someone with her talent does not need to put on a pound of makeup everyday and dress like a whore. She isn’t beautiful but she isn’t ugly either so why the false front everyday. Good riddance to her husband. What does he doe anyway? Music executive? What the heck is that? Does he really make any money? I have never heard of him other than as her husband.

  45. Ms_Fu says:

    Yeah, I saw this coming. Can’t stand this woman, but I hate divorce even more. Sad.

  46. Laura says:

    Now, I’m sure he’s a very nice guy, and I know I’m just being snarky, but he… he’s just not attractive. AT ALL. He might be one of the least attractive people I’ve seen. However, I thought they were a nice couple, and I hope they work things out.

  47. Delta Juliet says:

    And once again we see, if you need to talk about your sex life all the time, something is wrong.

  48. kelbear says:

    Another divorce!?! Couples need to sit back once in a while and remember why they fell in love in the first place and why it is they got married.

  49. Anon73 says:

    I am bummed to learn about this split too, I like the idea that Xtina — after such a drama filled childhood — found her Mr Right and Stable. But I guess the first sign of trouble in paradise was Xtina’s weight gain. She’s always been a tiny girl so I was wondering what was up with her weight gain.

  50. Eileen says:

    Ha ha I just wrote that on my Twitter-I was just wondering last night who would be #3!

  51. I Choose Me says:

    Funny, she always seemed much more into him than he into her but I don’t know either of them and maybe he’s just not the demonstrative type. I’m looking at that pic of her in the white with the pepto-bispol pink lippy and I think one, he looks so over it and two, are those carpet burns on her knees? Maybe this is just a rough patch for them and they’ll be able to work things out but I get the feeling that this marriage is done for good.

  52. viper says:

    Anybody who says there should be a spark in a marriage to keep it alive is DELLUDED.

    Marriage is not a can of petrol that you ignite with a match or a flame people. Thats PASSION that you’re mistakening for love. If you go into a marriage with passion as your incentive you’ll be divorced before you’re 40. Hence the saying’ BURNED OUT’

    FRIENDSHIP and love are what keep marriages and partnerships strong, because once the passion dies all you have is each other. Anybody who doesn’t like that SHOULD NOT TAKE VOWS. Those that do will learn the hard way.

  53. I Choose Me says:

    I really like her song You Lost Me from the Bionic album. Now I think foreshadowing?

    Sample lyrics

    I am done
    smoking gun
    we’ve lost it all
    the love is gone

    She has won
    now it’s no fun
    we’ve lost it all
    the love is gone

    And we had magic
    and this is tragic
    you couldn’t keep your hands to yourself…

  54. Jezi says:

    It’s the same old story of the spark wasn’t there anymore. Well um, hello, relationships take work and those feelings you feel in the beginning don’t last but you have to continually put forth effort in keeping the passion alive. It’s so annoying to see this. No one goes the distance anymore.

  55. Just a Poster says:

    Oh snap! I didn’t hear that song.. but it does make you wonder.

  56. jover says:

    That’s too bad – another hit on her declining career. WHile pr people said her entire concert tour to support her cd was canceled due to technical difficulties, the reality is not enough people wanted to pay her and her label’s ticket prices and had interest in her latest music to make a concert tour worthwhile. SHe needs to completely re-evaluate her career and move away from this dance pop crap. She should consider how RObert Plant has moved in a new direction yet again with his latest cd Band of Joy.

  57. Janeth says:

    Oh man this is really sad. I actually thought they were good for each other. Hopefully this is just a rumor.

  58. jj says:

    I agree that she should keep the husband and break up with her hair/makeup stylist!

  59. ilibala says:

    It’s absolutely appalling to me the easiness with which Americans (not just celebs!)choose to end their marriages. In my country, the divorce rate is 5%, meaning 10 times less than in the US – we stick together for better AND FOR WORSE, like you are supposed to.
    Equaling ‘marriage’ with ‘spark’ is an absolute frivolity and people who end the marriage when the spark and the fun are over are extremely superficial and definitely not husband / wife material.
    You are supposed to LOVE each other and true love is basically UNCONDITIONAL, meaning that it does not cease to exist when times are hard.

  60. Nancy says:

    I’ve been expecting this one.

  61. bagladey says:

    It was always just a matter of time for this marriage.

  62. texasmom says:

    I’m not surprised. Who would want to be married to Xtina, anyway?

    Do you think that orange color would rub off onto the spouse? The sheets? I can’t figure out this Oompa-Loompa look. Kate Gosselin has it, too.

  63. tango says:

    People were pointing out months ago how she wasn’t wearing her wedding rings any longer and how they weren’t seen much togather so this is no surprise to me. I heard she’s difficult and maybe he got tired of her drama and she got tired of him not kissing her butt.

    Oh well, I never expected it to last anyway.

  64. alejandro says:

    Shocked and Lainey is insinuating Xtina is getting some on the side.

  65. Chris says:

    @gatsu: I agree, she’s not the marrying kind.

  66. 8908 says:

    Okay now this isn’t right . Come on. Was it the freaky music videos. This is upsetting.

  67. Mistral says:


  68. TeeTee says:

    wow, some of those pics–he looks sad or disgusted with her..I’m sure she was a handful…

    I thought they made a good couple..

    his face says alot though.

  69. @Jover, her label said the tour was postponed because she had to promote an album, a film and be a mother.
    Her manager has since announced that the tour will take place in 2011 starting in the UK so…

  70. Daisy says:

    Girlfriend has been looking miserable for awhile now. People need to stop getting married. For real.

  71. Confuzzle says:

    How very unshocking. I never expected them to last this long. Guess he got sick of spraying her orange every morning.

  72. hatsumomo says:

    ilibala, No kidding, try telling that to the hard-headed dingbats that make up 60% of America though. But every time they met a new fling of the week, its love, truly deeply, and forever yada yada…

  73. Tiffany says:

    I am actually sadden by this one. Relationships end when something happens in your life that can completely crush your ego. Her latest album was not very good and did not do very well, this is something that she never really had to endure. This happened and it home affected her home life and there was a strain. I don’t know alot about her husband, but I like him. He was never in our face, did not try to make a career out of being her spouse and the love seemed genuine. I agree with #17, her career is just not going well right now. You would think that some of these celebrities would think, ‘Oh, I am in a career rut right now, but I have a great husband/wife and healthy child(ren), so life is not so bad.’ Oh, well hopefully it is just a seperation and will not lead to divorce.

  74. Emily says:

    Oh, this is a sad one for me. I’ve always liked them together-after all the shit she went through with her dad, I thought Bratman was a nice, solid guy she could depend on.

  75. HotPockets says:

    Celebrities give marriage a bad name and reputation.

  76. Camille says:

    I agree with your last paragraph Kaiser, although I have to admit that I’m surprised they lasted as long as they did.

  77. jover says:

    Thanks futurestar but correct me if i’m wrong don’t you promote your album by touring? How do you promote an album without going out and doing live concerts. This would have baffled the great rock bands of the 60s and 70s: put out an album and then not go on tour. Sounds like spin to me; be interesting to see the venues she plays in and the actual attendance figures and ticket sales. Sad to say but I don’t think she has many fans anymore. How many of her songs from this new cd are even played on pop stations with any regularity?

  78. Chris says:

    I’m thinking of an eight letter word, the first letter is S the last is T.

  79. Madison says:

    I’m not surprised she always seemed like she’d be high maintenance, typical insecure, needy celebrity.

  80. Cleo says:

    I don’t believe that at all just like I don’t believe she isn’t still naturally the tiny boned girl she was in her Genie in her bottle days. I think Christina Aguilera would have MORE haters if her naturally teeny boned self had an obviously great marriage and she started making Elizabeth Taylor looking babies just like Buffy and Freddie Prinze made a Jaclyn Smith looking baby. Team Israelite!

  81. Sakota says:

    I think Christina is a total idiot to do this. Jsut because they aren’t acting like bunnies on viagra doesn’t mean that the marriage should end. They have a SON who needs a father and mother together and I think a non-sparky marriage is good for children since stability is important to a child’s well being. Now, obviously, jsut because Christina isn’t happy does not mean that it’s all about her. It’s about her SON now, not her and her needs. If her husband isn’t abusive or unfaithful, then she should stick it out and get her own wants sidelined. She has a kid, not an accessory.