Joan Collins is Team Jolie: “Jennifer Aniston is cute, but she’s no Ava Gardner”

ASCOT, UNITED KINGDOM - JUNE 17: Joan Collins attends Royal Ascot Ladies Day on June 17, 2010 in Ascot, England. (Photo by Stuart Wilson/Getty Images)

Every so often, Joan Collins will give an interview, and it will be absolutely priceless. You see, Joanie doesn’t care much for women today. Especially women who are supposed to be glamorous, like princesses and movie stars. Joan famously went off on Camilla Parker-Bowles last year, giving her a ton of styling advice that was just dripping with judgment and laced with sarcasm. Now Joan is taking on the Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie – based solely on their looks, mind you.

For almost sixty years she has been a screen siren and even now at 77 is still the picture of youthful glamour. But in a scathing attack on modern stars Joan Collins has warned that the age of the classic Hollywood beauty is over.

The Dynasty actress said now the public were ‘starved of gorgeous people’ compared to the golden age of film which was dominated by beauties such as Audrey Hepburn, Ava Gardner and Grace Kelly.

She added: ‘When I was young, everybody on screen was gorgeous. I have to say, there aren’t that many good looking actresses around today. I mean, there’s Angelina Jolie and there’s… Angelina Jolie. Jennifer Aniston is cute, but I wouldn’t call her beautiful. She’s no Ava [Gardner] or Lana [Turner].’

Miss Collins also suggested that part of Cheryl Cole’s success and transformation into the nation’s sweetheart is down to the fact she is beautiful.

‘I think that is why Cheryl Cole is so popular, because she is just so pretty and the public are starved of gorgeous people,’ she told Hello! magazine.

Miss Collins said that in her youth stars also made more effort with their appearance and looked far more glamorous and stylish than the modern crop of actresses.

She said recently: ‘Perhaps actresses of today, in their desire to be “taken seriously”, feel that being groomed and well put together detracts from their ability. Yes, I know fashions change and everyone attempts to look up-to-date but the movie-star styles of the Twenties, Thirties, Forties and Fifties changed radically each decade. What didn’t change, however, was their individual style; they were all one-offs.’

Miss Collins, who renewed her vows to fifth husband – 44-year-old Percy Gibson last year – is usually held up as an example of how to grow old gracefully. She has always insisted she would never resort to cosmetic surgery to maintain her looks, preferring to grow old as gracefully as possible and has criticised many of her Hollywood contemporaries who have gone under the knife.

She said: ‘Women who turn to cosmetic procedures look ghastly. They don’t look like themselves. I quite like the way I look, I’m quite happy with the way I look and I really don’t want to change it. In front of the camera my skin probably isn’t nearly as good as it used to be. But, I mean, what the hell, everybody’s got to get older. I think there’s something rather terrifying about people who are in their 50s or 60s trying to look 30 or 40.’

She added that the secret to maintaining her slim size 10-12 figure is ‘portion control’.

‘People eat far too much these days and I’m very aware of the penalties of putting on weight,’ she explained. ‘If you eat junk, you look like junk. People say, “It’s not my fault, it’s my glands”. It’s not, it is greed.’

[From The Daily Mail]

Thus spoketh Ms. Collins. I tend to agree with her about the lack of genuine glamour in Hollywood, although I think there are several other actresses that I would name as “glamorous” ahead of Angelina. I’m not disrespecting Angelina, who I think it very beautiful – she’s just lacking in glamour these days, what with her parade of glittery sacks and trash bag dresses. When I think of glamour in Hollywood, I think of Halle Berry and Charlize Theron and Nicole Kidman. And all that being said… Ava Gardner is a really ridiculously high standard for women. Almost no woman can reach that.

American actress Angelina Jolie attends the premiere of Phillip Noyce's movie 'Salt', a spy thriller, at Oktyabr Cinema in Moscow, Russia, on July 25, 2010. Photo by Maxim Shemetov/Itar-Tass/ABACAPRESS.COM Photo via Newscom

Photo by: AJ/AAD/ 2010 3/11/10 Jennifer Aniston at the premiere of The Bounty Hunter . (London, England)

Photo by: MC/AAD/ 2010  8/16/10 Angelina Jolie at the premiere of Salt . (London, England)  Photo via Newscom

43649, HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - Monday August 16, 2010. Jennifer Aniston at the Los Angeles premiere of her new film The Switch , held at the ArcLight Cinemas. Photograph:  Tuukka Jantti,

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  1. hairball says:

    Even at age 77 she still believes the meaning and purpose of our one shot here on earth is how glamorous we look?

    Sad. Pathetic. Shallow.

    As observed in Hot Guy Friday, everyone has vastly different tastes as to what is attractive.

    Thank you yet again Joan Collins for contributing to the belief that a woman really is only as good as she looks.

  2. Riley says:

    Um, who is Cheryl Cole?

  3. Kaiser says:

    Riley – British girl. Dimples and a cute face. All the British girls want to look like her.

  4. P.M. says:

    Bitch please! You’ve had no plastic surgery? And Joan is no Elizabeth Taylor.

  5. soso says:

    Don’t confuse glamour with what dress you wear Glamour is the whole package. Angelina wears whatever dress she wears, but watch the she carries herself, the way she talks, she smiles, waves and the ways she looks. She has it and she doesn’t even pose on red carpets. When you mention Halle, you are talking about the dresses they wear. Just look at Angelina in that red dress…stunning. Simple studs, flowy hair and she is drop dead gorgeous. You will never see a picuture of Angelina with her hands up showing her arm pits on the red carpet.. NEVER! It’s the whole presentation package.

  6. Moreaces says:

    Can we say shallow

  7. whateva says:

    ha ha ha aint that the truth, i dont get the maniston thing, big nose square jaw very masculine. yeah shes hot from neck down. lol, angelina is the opposite very pretty but a bit boney, stunning from neck up, i guess you cant have it all, if i was a dude angelina all the way

  8. RHONYC says:


    the ultimate eternal bitch.

    loves it. 🙂

  9. Samigirl says:

    …I guess she thinks her 33 year old husband is with her because of her amazing personality and beautiful looks? B*tch please?!

  10. Jean says:

    I agree with Joan.
    There is a tragic lack of glamor in Hollywood these days.
    But I don’t think it’s all just due to the way they dress up for premieres or award shows, it’s the way many actresses carry themselves.
    Back in the day, the stars were a “product”, they were meant to portray a certain character for the public, never to reveal too much.
    Nowadays, instead of that allure and appeal of the unknown, most actresses are left to their own devices. This explains all these “who can come up with the most asinine quote” competitions many stars seem to engage in regularly.
    And yes, Ava Gardner is a very high standard, probably the most beautiful woman of all time.

  11. rraven says:

    I read this on the DM website already and I’m sure there’ll be comments about AJ being a narcissitic weird homewrecker and JA being a passive/aggressive vanilla mediocre actress, however they both have massively improved their chance of being memorable due to the “bermuda triangle”. I will say that AJ, to me, is more glamorous, not neccessarily because of her looks but because she is living, or trying to live a bold life and doing interesting things that make her different from everyone else, in Hollywood and beyond, for whatever reason, attetion or because she’s crazy, but I think JA is more attractive physically.

  12. aenflex says:

    i call bulllshit on ms collins. that top photo sure looks like she’s had soem work done

  13. mln says:

    I think that AJ has an old movie star glamour and she always has even when she was dressing like a punk rocker 10 years ago. Halle is hella beautiful but she doesn’t have a whiff of the magnetism AJ has(same for Charlize who is so talented). Jennifer Aniston is well put together but even with all the work she puts in she just doesn’t have ‘it’

  14. anon says:

    Pffffft– who’s interviewing this old irrelevant bitch? I hate to sound so mean and angry, but… She looks like a purse dog and gave opinions on Ms. Bowles’ styling– seriously? For what? She looks a COTTDAMN fool in that top picture,and the side by side pics of Joan and Camilla shows Joan really isn’t winning, nahmean? STFU. UGH!

  15. Cheyenne says:

    Oh hell yes, she’s had a TON of work done but for 77 she looks damn good. It probably helps to have a 44 year old hubby to keep her warm at night.

  16. Mistral says:

    Purrrrr, scrrratch scrratch, Alexis Carrington! She’s no patchouli-wearing hippie, that’s for sure.

    All of the people criticizing Joan Collins are being downright silly. I’m sure you don’t think you’re going to school a 77 year old dame that she is shallow and that real beauty is on the inside, blah blah! Those ladies aren’t worried about what is PC.

    I think she’s hilarious and pretty quaint, to tell you the truth. Most old ladies I know love glamour. If my grandmother tells me I’m sloppy and need to fix my roots, she’s probably right. And I just laugh, nod, agree, and go on with my sloppy ways.

  17. serena says:

    Halle Berry and Charlize Theron yeah, they’re at Angelina’s level and even above. But.. Nicole Kidman?? Seriously?? She’s so fucked up that I can’t call that beauty anymore. That’s not her face, only plastic and I don’t like that at all. So those 3, yeah, I agree.

  18. annaloo says:

    Go Joan! Keep telling it like it is!

  19. annaloo says:

    @soso — it sounds like you’re still stunned and recovering from that God-awful armpit pose Beyonce did a few years back, yeah?

    Me too!!!!

  20. Mitzi says:

    @ raven

    That’s “Bradmuder Triangle”…

  21. jinni says:

    Angelina isn’t a classic beauty.

    Classic beauties usually have a oval or heart-shaped face with a small but full/pouty mouth,the top lip have a cupid’s bow shape;they also usually have hourglass figures. All of which descibe Ava Gardner, but not Jolie.

    Jolie’s face is too square and mouth too wide, plus her figure isn’t curvy (full breasts only doesn’t count).

  22. BethL says:

    Clearly this story was posted just to get hits. This isn’t even a Jennifer vs Angelina story. They were just examples for a point.

    I think Hollywood is losing its glamour mystique because anybody can be famous. Just put up a video on youtube and you could get a recording contract or a reality show.

  23. Lydia says:

    Well I am so sad for Ms Collins since almost anyone can now make it in Hollywood and not just beautiful people. What is the world coming to?

  24. Mia says:

    Years from now into their old age celebs like Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston might well be complaining that the young actresses of the future don’t have what they used to have back in the day.
    Every generation thinks that the one that comes after it isn’t as good as they were in some area or the other.

  25. maya says:

    I’ve never thought Jennifer Aniston was beautiful. I think she is cute, but she is not gorgeous at all.

  26. ziggy says:

    problem with the so-called ‘beauties’ of today’s hollywood is that they’ve all been surgically enhanced somehow: angelina jolie, halle berry, nicole kidman, and the list goes on. is there no completely natural beauty amongst the lot? i think not. it’s pretty sad.

  27. mslewis says:

    Joan Collins is an old actress complaining, in general, about the lack of glamour and beauty of today’s actresses. There is no need to call this woman names because she is correct in her assessment. There is little to no real glamour these days, mainly because of the paps. They photograph stars and publish the good and the bad photos. Back in Joan’s day there were no paps and every move the stars made was staged by the studio machine. Every woman was beautiful, even the ones who weren’t actually “beautiful.” (See: Joan Crawford and Bette Davis.)

    So, this isn’t really any sort of contest between Jolie and Aniston; it’s just the musings of an old Hollywood star. Leave her alone. Let the woman vent. She’s 77 and allowed to say whatever she wants.

    P.S.: Joan Collins HAS NOT had any “work” done on her face. That is obvious. She has stayed out of the sun and she has fewer wrinkles than some but, overall, she looks her age.

  28. Jaxx says:

    Joan had no work done? Excuse me, hon, but 77 doesn’t look like that unless there has been LOTS of work done. Does she think we are just stupid?

    If she thinks Hollywood isn’t as glamorous as it used to be what does she say about the rest of the world? No one dresses well these days. Everywhere I go I see people looking like they got their clothes out of the Good Will bag.

  29. 8908 says:

    There is no such thing as most beautiful from woman. Halle Berry Iman Lena Horne Dorothy Dandridge Jane Russel Marilyn Monroe … Nichole Kidman Kate Winslet. She is right that the standard has gone down . Not just beauty but talent too. I don’t think they want too many stars, cause they have to pay that superstar money. 20 million a movie.

    Angelina is gorgeous, but there are others just as beautiful. Not millions of women, but thousands.
    I’m over the this person is finer than that person.

    People reason Aniston gets called out is cause she’s always try to push herself up like she is in the same field as Halle Iman Winslet Nichole. She doesn’t even try to have the talent as they do. Guys only say something about her cause they know they could never get any of the true beauties without being some tall rich chizzled man.What they don’t get is that’s the only type of guy shell date. Rich popular pretty boys.

    Girls hyped her up cause she looks like every girl on the street and actually tons of girls on the street look better than her. She’s not intimidating in any way. Now people are over the average crap I think. Average talent, so now the tides have turned on her. So folks call her out.

    You know there are women in non Hollywood that have hot figures, have kids, and making millions. Aniston is the soccer mom that over tans , but she has no kids

  30. 8908 says:

    Excuse me they aren’t making millions. They are hot and have people to care for. Unlike Aniston whose rich and still is average.

  31. Crash2GO2 says:

    The ‘classic’ ideal of beauty changes over time. Hello?!

    Thoroughly stupid self absorbed woman. Who has CLEARLY had a ton of plastic surgery. I have no time for her. Never did.

  32. a says:

    ava is quite HOT!

  33. Jeri says:

    Naomi Watts comes to mind immediately for natural beauty, classic or current. I’m sure there are many others, hers was just the 1st name I thought of.

  34. Camille says:

    I always knew Joan was fabulous, but this only confirms it. And if I wasn’t a fan of Joan before this, I am now 😀 . I completely agree with her. 😉

  35. jinni says:


    Some of the old hollywood beauties had plastic surgery. For example, Marilyn Monroe had a nose job and a chin implant, while Rita Hayworth had her hairline changed which drastically changed her look.

    I think the reasons Hollywood has lost its glamour are because:
    1. Paps purposelly take bad pictures of stars which they didn’t do back in the day.
    2. Stars don’t dress up fancy when their out and about, just for the red carpet.
    3. There isn’t really any mystery about them. We’ve become a culture were the heartfelt confessional in the norm and people can’t keep crap to themselves.

  36. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Yay!!!!!!!!!! I am with Joan!!! Not only do I love Joan, I love her books. Weeee. LOl Go Joan, Go Joan. You tell it how it is. I am glad Joan said it. I am glad she said it because it is a lot of plain jane chicks with ponytails walking around Hollywood. No Glamor at all, when Angelina is styled beautifully Angie brings the glam. A lot of Hollywood chicks out today couldn’t even touch her. Like Richard Roper once said about how Angelina looked on screen in his review of The Good Shepard, Angelina is just a MOVIE STAR and she looked gorgeous on screen.

  37. becky says:

    even though i dont think AJ has been looking good for a long time (to put it nicely) and god that body is hard to look at, i still think that after all theses starlets are long gone aj will be one of the few who are remembered the way old movie stars r. in 60 years no one will be talking about cameron, jen a, or even beautiful charlize. though i have a feeling that that is exactly what Charlize wants and respectively, what Angelina wants. so, win-win. Even Jen wins! she gets to make millions and drink margaritas and sunbathe and chill with her dogs. Cam needs to dump a-rod asap so she can win too. getting rid of Justin was the first step!
    But the beauties impossible to live up to are Bardot and Tippi Hendrix!

  38. kiko says:


  39. Confuzzle says:

    Chery Coles is certainly no example of glamour and grace:

    (pre plastic surgery and marriage)

  40. bb says:

    i agree with Joan 100%. there is no glamour in hollywood anymore. Back in the day movie stars would never be caught dead wearing the stuff these actresses wear. Can you picture Ava Gardner in flip flops and with ragged hair? Hollywood today is vulgar, no class and no manners. You have “stars” on the red carpet with armpit hair, no underwear, and rat’s nest for hair, plus the way they conduct themselves in public leaves much to be desired.

  41. 8908 says:

    I agree too that we are over saturated with hollywood people and anyone can be famous.
    Marilyn was pretty prior to her chin and nose being done. She just didn’t have the hair. It was pointless surgery.

  42. lisa says:

    She gave her opinion.. just like everyone else. Everyone does not have to think that Jennifer Aniston is beautiful.. Any more then everyone has to think Angelina is..

    just crazy that if you don’t find America’s sweetheart.. (gag at that term) beautiful but cute that you insulted her.


    Sick of every woman in HOLLYWOOD being called Beautiful, Stunning, Breathtaking when in reality they are not.

  43. Anna says:

    Next weeks’ covers: Bitchy looking Joan vs weepy Jen.

  44. BReed says:

    Joan Collins has a perspecive that is “old Hollywood”. Actresses were groomed, styled, dressed and presented a glam appearance at all times. You never saw a crotch shot or a bad hair weave or a drunk, was tightly controlled.
    It was a different time altogether.

  45. Ron says:

    Jen and Angie are both pretty girls in different ways. Jen is the perfect Cali girl. Angie is a smoldering beauty. They are pretty in different ways. In regards to no Lana/Ava, today’s actresses and actors do not have carefully crafted images that the studios created back in the day. The golden era actors also did not have to deal with unattractive paparazzi shots, the studios would “get rid” of those, so those images we saw publicly back then were so very controlled. Now everything is out there and it’s beyond the actor’s control so much of the time. Also, we live in a much more relaxed era. Halle berry isn’t wearing a suit/dress and diamonds everyday to and from the studio. So much of the illusion is gone. Now the illusion is accomplished with airbrushes and then exposed to a venomous public who think these people should all be perfect. I have seen Joan recently up close and personal and she looks great and I believe her when she says she hasn’t had surgery. She looks lovely for a woman her age. Put a pic of her next to Joan Rivers and you will see the differences. Also, there are so many hollywood makeup tricks that make you look much younger without surgery.

  46. Andrea-2 says:

    Ummm…I don’t know, I mean, Ava Gardner was pretty, but does anyone have a link to a picture of her where she’s drop-dead gorgeous? In my opinion, those starts of the 20’s through the 50’s were all off of an assembly line just like those of today. Same hair, makeup, clothing. Granted, it was glamourous, but original…no way.

  47. JM says:

    The sad thing is Ava Gardner could never make it in today’s Hollywood. She’d be considered to fat. So would Marilyn Monroe.

  48. Isa says:

    I kind of agree with her, even if it is shallow. Back in her day women used to get dressed up to work at the telephone company.

    Aniston is not pretty, but she makes the best of what she has.

  49. redlips says:

    Joanie, Joanie, Joanie! Honey, please go pour yourself another cocktail! Maybe that will loosen some brain cells up where you can think straight. The audacity of this lush to take a dig at the women that have had work done. Please! Joanie has had so much work done that if you lit a cigarette close to her face, it might start to melt.

  50. kelly says:

    The only actresses in Hollywood who may be considered glamorous are Charlize & Halle. Catherine Zeta-Jones was glamorous during her heyday, too.

    Angelina Jolie dresses like crap & looks like trailer trash most of the time. She’s the most overrated person in the world. She’s not even pretty. She’s disproportionate: big head, man jaw, broad shoulders, no waist, big feet, chicken legs w/ knobby knees, and veins all over her body. One word to describe her: GROSS! But I’m not surprised that an old Hollywood skank like Joan would praise her counterpart in today’s Hollywood.

    Funny thing is most men would choose Jen over Angie. They aren’t into emaciated bags of bones. Jen at least looks healthy & athletic.

  51. Rachael says:

    Most women would kill to look like Jennifer at 41. Sorry. Her body is insane.

  52. Lushus L. says:

    @ Isa So true! My mom worked for the telephone company 60 years ago and she looked like a movie star. Still does. 😉

  53. Della says:

    Well Joan’s Golden Age of Hollywood might be dominated by the Ava Gardeners and Grace Kellys because they are so beautiful. But for myself, I think the Golden Age of Hollywood is dominated by the Bette Davises, Joan Crawfords, and Lauren Bacalls because those women had a power and charisma that was far more incredible than mere beauty.

  54. Amy says:

    Meanwhile, Elizabeth Taylor is on Twitter, keeping it real and being a cool lady to her fans. Now THAT is a beauty queen. You’re no Liz Taylor, Joan!

  55. Tazina says:

    Jennifer Aniston is one homely looking woman. I could never understand what all the fuss was about…oh right, she married Brad Pitt.

  56. Lindsay says:

    bb- But back then there weren’t a billion weekly magazines focused on catching them looking like regular people. Even stars back then didn’t look like that 24/7.

    Loving Angelina and hating on stars that get plastic surgery is quite the contradiction though!

  57. archiepelago says:

    I’d accept looking like either one of those examples of Cheryl Cole (without make up and before surgery).

  58. la chica says:

    agree with Joan. zing!

  59. truthSF says:


    Edit: His son is sooo cute hugging his daddy. 🙂

  60. 8908 says:

    Anistons body isn’t insane. Have big boobs a butt and flat stomach after two kids at 42 with an annual yearly wage of 30,000 bucks is insane.

    She is average through and through. Being skinny doesn’t account for an insane body.

  61. 8908 says:

    Im describing women I work with!

  62. Cheyenne says:

    @Rachel #49: Her body is average for a 41 year old woman who lives off chicken salad and cigarettes and never had a child.

  63. anonymous says:

    joan just told the truth.Jenifer Aniston is not a beautiful woman.She isn’t even cute.I think she is very plain bordering on ugly.

  64. REALLY says:

    I wish every one of you sleuths had to post a pic of yourselves before commenting on the looks of others. Maybe not, there would be no comments. Go back to eating your Cheetos.

  65. Chris says:

    Jennifer Hawkins beats Jolie, Aniston and Cole.

  66. MuMu says:

    The only reason she compared Aniston with Jolie is because she knew people would pay attention to her again. Mentioning the two together equals instant publicity.

    LOL @ people calling Joan shallow. People in Hollywood shallow? NOoooo!

  67. CC says:

    Kaiser, why not do a vintage scandal day on Ava Gardner? She had quite a colorful life.

  68. Skuzz says:

    Easy for her to say since she came up in a different time. She wasn’t getting papped taking her kids to the park or grocery shopping. Do you think she got all dressed up for that? As far as beauty, times and tastes change, nor was she ever shot with HD digi-cameras every day.

    No one can be glam every day.

  69. Anna says:

    Joan is a funny old bat, you gotta love her! I have to disagree with whoever said Nicole Kidman isn’t glamourous. She’s very much like old Hollywood to me. Grace Kelly being the epitome of class and style. Nicole has no tacky tattoos and listening to her speak is always a treat because she speaks softly and says as little as possible, always praising her co-stars. The French actress Marion Cotillard is the same. In fact, there are many European actresses that manage to keep their private lives a mystery. Meryl Streep is an exception. She is in a class of her own.

  70. CB Rawks says:

    Ava Gardner was just the epitome of beauty, wasn’t she.
    (I pronounced that correctly in my head, not like Shia LeDouche would.)

    I would so love to get through a post here without reading “having said that”, “that said”, “that being said”. Good GOD that unnecessary addendum is overused here. It’s like fingernails down a chalkboard, to me.

  71. 8908 says:

    Yeah right Aniston took the high road. Everybody knows she is in with E! . She pays them off to be her mouth piece. Give me a break. Calling an old woman the b word for saying she’s just cute . How pathetic.

  72. Stronzilla says:

    Ava Gardner, now there’s a subject for your vintage scandals. Lana Turner as well. Johnny Stampanato anyone? Those dames knew how to party. Makes the antics of today’s crop seem tame in comparison.

  73. KIR says:

    She just said that to get some attention,last one before she dies.

  74. teri says:

    I think Angelina’s done a great job through the years. She has a heart of gold and her true beauty inside and out shines through. This whole motherhood thing has really changed Angelina for the better. Irks me that some still put Angelina and Jen in the present when it’s certainly in the past.

  75. nilo says:

    Too many face lifts prevents her mouth’s ability to stay shut…!!!!

  76. paranel says:

    She is no Ava Gardner? Why does she have to be ? What a dumb shallow remark. Oh, go to hell already.

  77. Trish says:

    Jolie is beautiful on the exterior and since I don’t know her I won’t comment on her interior. Aniston is the girl next door – but she is the all American gorgeous girl next door, so she is also beautiful. Not in the classic Hollywood beauty of Jolie, but beautiful – and I don’t know her either, but I like the way she makes you feel like everyone knows her which is also beauty.

    As for Collins – she was tacky then and she is tacky now. And despite the fact she once had a stunning face, and is still attractive for her age (even though she is also hypocritical because talk about plastic surgery!) she will always be incredibly shallow with nothing particularly thoughtful or deep to say. She is only interesting because no one can believe how shallow she is – its like listening to a zoo animal. How sad – at 77 you’d just think someone would grow a little depth.

    And who is she kidding – the woman has had cosmetic enhancements – and married for the 5th time to a 44 year old. Major issues.

  78. Raven says:

    Aniston shouldn’t get too concerned about the comments. In her day, Joan Collins was no Ava either!

  79. Kim says:

    I agree with everything Joan says about stars not being as attractive as back in the day. That said i dont think you have to be beautiful to be an actrees. The best actresses are not considered beautiful. Angelina is in my opinion very attractive/beautiful if you will, Jenn aniston is very BLAH. Cute is pushing it because its a full time job for her to maintain that “girl next door look” it doesnt come naturally. Facially she is very average.

  80. Kim says:

    I think she was being kind saying Aniston is “cute” because she is barely even that.

  81. michael says:

    i love this bitch. she’s the bitchiest bitch around. she just looks like a bitch. love it! anyway i agree go team jolie! since jennifor & brad split she’s just been bed hopping it seems. & with douchebags like john mayer nonetheless. america’s sweetheart? please.

  82. !!!??? says:

    WTF are you talking about with that comment Trish? Zoo animals? What? It doesn’t even make any sense. You argument is nonsense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. Bebe says:

    She must have missed the period when Hollywood became a place for embracing talent, rather than showcasing beauty. Back in her day, all you needed was blonde hair, perfect cheekbones and a curvy body. Now people actually work their butts of to become actors, and do their best to take it to the next level when they actually succeed. How dare she critisize hardworking people for not being beautiful enough!? And to go on by dissing plastic surgery (which she clearly has had) is quite ironic! Shallowness redefined!

  84. mystified says:

    I loooove Joan Collins. She is beautiful on the inside, a fact that she doesn’t advertise. I read a while back that she has a severely disabled daughter to whom she is devoted. You rarely hear about this since, unlike Jenny McCarthy, she doesn’t use her special needs child as a publicity tool. Kudos to JC. I hope to see more of her on this sight.

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