K-Fed named “Father of the Year” by club

I could barely bring myself to write this article; and then I realized: if K-Fed can do this, Britney can too. Federline has been named Father of the Year by Prive Las Vegas. Is this a joke, you ask? Perhaps the club is hoping to get a discount in K-Fed’s hosting fees? Who knows, but either way the man’s going to have a new trophy… or maybe a plaque… or some sort of certificate… okay it’s likely just a “World’s Greatest Dad” mug, but it’ll be proudly displayed somewhere in the Federline mansion, I’m sure.

Kevin Federline is the new father of the year!

Just in time for Father’s Day, Prive Las Vegas will award the proud papa of four his “father of the year” status at a party he is slated to host there June 13.

Sources tell PEOPLE he will be awarded the title during a presentation at the club.

The unofficial honor is Federline’s second such recognition in a relatively short time. Last November, Details magazine also anointed him father of the year – an honor he shared with onetime Anna Nicole Smith boyfriend Larry Birkhead.

[From People]

While this seems like a great big giant joke, it’s pretty damn real. But there is some hope here: K-Fed has become a much better father. We can argue all day about why, but the point is by all accounts he’s been there for his kids lately. Two years ago, if someone had told me K-Fed would get an award for anything other than “Biggest Wife Beater Collection” I would have told them to give the crack pipe back to Tatum O’Neal and leave me alone. Which would have been quite prophetic of me, given that we’re talking two years in the past.

But anyway, if K-Fed can become father of the year, imagine what Britney can do. By this logic, she could easily be president or an astronaut within the next five years. See, there’s hope for us all…

Here’s K-Fed celebrating his 30th birthday at Pure nightclub in Las Vegas on March 21st. Images thanks to WENN.

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13 Responses to “K-Fed named “Father of the Year” by club”

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  1. Jody says:

    Holy Crap! I just saw this on people or something, and I am so glad you guys have it up too.
    The very fact that a club is giving out a parenting award is completely ridiculous. Las Vegas in general has become very anti family- values, so it just cracks me up that they would think this would be taken seriously.

  2. lola says:

    Jody, look at whom they have given the award to, figures. :roll:

  3. Jody says:

    It’s true lola, but it just surprises me, since Vegas decidedly took huge leaps away from the “family” scene. I guess K-Fed is the family scene that Vegas is choosing to accept. When I was growing up, Las Vegas was a very different place. Sad, I’m glad I don’t live there anymore.

  4. Amy says:

    Hey, if Dina Lohan is mother of the year, this is only appropriate!

    Now, to give Charlie Sheen his award for continued excellence in chivalry…

  5. devilgirl says:

    First Dina Lohan, mom of year, now Kfed as pop of year. Yeah, easy to do when you pay someone with your ex-wife’s money to care for your kids. This is a pathetic joke and goes to show what shape our country is in!

  6. Kelly (a different Kelly) says:

    HE is “father of the year” in Las Vegas, since he represents the kind of “fathers” that Las Vegas clubs value most:

    The ones that spend money in Vegas and gamble while someone else is taking care of the children.

  7. mamalicious says:

    The club is doing this for their own publicity and marketing, because a provocative choice like KF makes us talk about it. If they’d chosen, for example, B Affleck or B Pitt, would anyone have batted an eyelid? We’re part of the problem here!

  8. Larissa says:

    I don´t see any problem here, not that I think K-fed deserves an award like that, but I couldn´t care less…
    especially given the club that is presenting the award! neways…
    if Brit becomes an astronaut and they send her to outta space, now that would be awesome!!!!!

  9. xiaoecho says:

    Why does everyone automatically assume he’s a crap father? He’s the only dad JJ and SP have and it seems to me that he did the right thing and stepped up to the plate when his kids were being neglected as a result of Brits mental illness. I seem to remember at the time there were howls to the effect of what a bastard he was depriving a mother of her kids until of course, it came out that they were subject to appalling neglect (i.e. Brit forgetting to feed them) Even now that Brits getting her marbles back she’s still a hopeless mother, apparently thinking of her kids as living dolls she can pick up and show off when it suits and then put away, when it suits
    The so called crap Dad has shown way more maturity than their mom ever did

  10. Syko says:

    Exactly what I would have said, Xiaoecho.

    We don’t know what kind of dad he is. You don’t see him out all that often, and you never see him out wearing a child as an ornament and scaring the child witless with the paps. Just look at how the boys’ appearance has changed since he took over – they look healthier, cleaner, less stressed. And he’s made an effort to let them foster relationships with their half-siblings. He’s working to try to get their mom back in their lives, when a lot of guys might say “F— you” and never even try to bring them in contact with her again. I think he’s doing a good job.

    And the money? It’s called “child support”.

  11. GrnMt says:

    I appreciate the fact that K-Fed did step up to the plate to take care of his kids. However, I have a problem with nightclubs giving out awards for parenting. Not quite appropriate…IMHO

  12. Curlyfry80 says:

    Wow, Good for you K-fed, you are able to pay people to do your fathering for you and then collect an award. I love the comparisons to Brittany’s parenting…of course if you compare almost any parent to Brittany, they might appear to deserve an award also. This is a man who dumped his pregnant girlfriend for Brittany…definitely give that man a parenting award!!!

    The boys look “healthy, cleaner, less stressed” if that is all it takes to win a parenting award (bathe and clothe your children, and don’t let strangers take a lot of pictures of them)…then what a sad state we are in.

    I think when these children are old enough to let us know just how “wonderful” their dad was, then we can start handing out plaques with k-fed’s name on them. Until then I call shenanigans on the whole thing.

  13. Trashaddict says:

    So, does anybody remember the chronology of Britt’s drug use? Was she this messed up before K-Fed? I still remember the trash mag article where she was pissed off at him for having his pot dealer meet him in their driveway. How about electing a dad who’s still with his FIRST wife and kids???