Alanis Morissette on her break up with Ryan Reynolds

Alanis Morissette has been getting a bit of extra attention lately, mostly focused on her ‘pregnancy’ and her ex-fiancé getting engaged. She also has a new album out, which is shaping up to be pretty good.

On Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson’s engagement:

Reynolds began dating Johansson last year (07) just months after he ended his four year relationship with the Canadian singer.

But single Morissette insists she isn’t jealous or resentful, telling Entertainment Weekly, “On a certain spiritual level, I feel like everyone’s where they need to be.”

And the star vows never to play out another relationship in the public eye: “Public romance. I’m going to be avoiding that in the future. I think the only time I’ll talk about any guy I’m with will be when I’m married with six kids.”

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I think this is her way of saying “butt out of my personal life,” but in the politest possible way ever. Something I just love about Alanis is that while she can be really angry and crazy in her music, she’s not an angry or crazy person. I’m looking at you, Courtney Love.

A couple of weeks ago she also had this to say about her break up with Ryan Reynolds.

“Every time I go through something difficult, I think, `This is the motherload. I’m not going to get through this one.’ And then, six months later, I’m like, `What’s his name again?'”

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Good advice for anyone going through a break-up, particularly one that leaves you sobbing on the floor inhaling chocolate.

Her album, Flavors of Entaglement, has been getting good reviews, although it is full of break-up songs. Rolling Stone describes the new album as “heartfelt” and that it features “electro beats, Eastern percussion, [and] orchestral arrangements.”

Alanis is shown performing in Las Vegas on 3/18/08, thanks to WENN.

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  1. RaeJillian says:

    i adore her. (i hate to say that i had my fingers crossed for a messy break-up, lets face it – happy alanis = stupid music, sad and angry alanis = amazing music!)

  2. UrbanRube says:

    She’s a class act.

  3. ^^^ so true. She could have pulled a Charlie and Denise, but she took the high road.

    Gotta love her.

  4. kate says:

    love alanis, but she needs to stop whining about her boyfriends dumping her to every reporter in a 5 mile range. she should do it with her girfriends over martinis, like normal women, and then just write some awesome songs about it.

  5. Bodhi says:

    Good on her. She really is a class act

    Kate- She hasn’t been running to reporters; thats the whole point of this blog. She hasn’t said anything publicly about her breakup with ryan until now

  6. Mairead says:

    Actually what she needs to do with her girlfriends is have them go with her and tell her honestly what they think of her trousers. Any time that pleather looks more flattering than polycotton you know there’s a problem 😉

    *don’t shout at me lads – I think she’s talented too!*

  7. CeeJay says:

    Considering that she has openly acknowledged her previous problems with bulimia, I am pleased to see her with some meat on her bones. Folks, it’s ALWAYS better to be big and healthy versus small and sick. So she’s a little bit larger than we are accustomed to seeing, so what? She seems to be dealing with her demons and will pull through this fine in the end. If she is pregnant, good for her.

  8. Mairead says:

    I actually do agree with you CeeJay. My comment wasn’t about size but that the trousers she was wearing of late just aren’t flattering and are making her look far bigger than she is (which is only big by Hollywood standards tbh).

    It’s not really a size issue, rather than a material and cut problem. Plenty of super-skinny “stars” look stumpy in the wrong outfit – just ask the girls at gofugyourself 😆

  9. Canadian cutie says:

    Alanis is a phenomenal songwriter. Public breakups must be the ultimate nightmare. Who cares if she’s gained weight. Anyone can lose weight, but it’s unlikely you’ll find a female musician as magical & intelligent as Alanis. She is Canadian & classy.

  10. Tigger says:

    Love her new album. Amazing how she can use teh sad parts of her life and turn them into awesome music. Loved Jagged Little Pill and Flavors of Entanglement

  11. J says:

    I will admit… I got a little hopeful when I saw she had broken up with Reynolds. I been sportin a crush on her since I was 16… and I’m 29 now, so do the math. 😉

    Seriously, people need to shut the fug up about her looks, man. She looks fine. And the new music is great, as always.

  12. kylie bitch says:

    Thats the lighting, right? Her hair isnt realy neon pink?