Amy Winehouse got wasted for her Bazaar profile & the interview is hilarious


Amy Winehouse is profiled in the November issue of Harper’s Bazaar magazine. Her intent, I think, was to promote her new clothing line for the existing line Fred Perry. But as with all things Winehouse, sh-t gets complicated. It’s been a while since I’ve read a proper Winehouse interview, and I always forget how funny she is. She’s not always intending to be funny, but whatever. She’s already guzzling wine and seems extremely out of it by the time the interview begins. The full Bazaar piece is here, and here are some of the highlights:

On the photo shoot with Bryan Adams: Today she’s modeling the clothes for rock star turned photographer Bryan Adams. They are partway through the shoot when I arrive; Adams has taken a break to eat some food. He’s trying to convince Winehouse to eat too by offering her vegan rice balls. “No, Bryan!” she says grandly. She is very loud and very theatrical. “I need protein, Bryan!” She dispatches a member of her not-inconsiderable entourage to track down a Pret A Manger crayfish salad. Also: “A cucumber, so I can hit Bryan with it.”

Things go downhill when Amy starts guzzling wine: Just before Winehouse goes to change for the next shot, I see her gulping down a big glass of wine. “Not,” she says aloud, “that I’m a rock-star alkie.” I have no idea what prompted this, but I can say that 45 minutes later, she is changed. She is physically unstable, wobbly in high block heels. Soon, she begins a chorus-girl routine for the camera—complete with cha-chas and pirouettes. “Hurry up, Bryan!” she shouts. “This is like a three-hour-long blood extraction!” She hikes her black-and-white-checked miniskirt up and shakes her hips. The shoot wraps, and Winehouse walks unsteadily from the set. I find her sitting on the edge of a white-quilted bed in her dressing room, slurping noisily from a pot of soup. One of her representatives tells me that she will sit in on our interview.

The interview begins: I want to ask Winehouse many things. Is she happy? Healthy? Working on new material? In love? How is her relationship with her father, the outspoken London taxicab driver, Mitch? Does she miss Blake? Does she want marriage? Children? But, I quickly realize, I am unlikely to get any answers. She is just not … present. She is distracted and vague. My most straightforward questions confuse her. How are you? I ask. She slurps more soup. “I’m all right. How are you?” Her voice is breathier, girlier now; her syntax is childish. She either pronounces words with great care or slurs them into one barely intelligible syllable.

On the fun, easy time she had working on her clothing line: “Ve’y much so. Ve’y much so. And that’s been the whole thing. We’ve pretty much done like up to autumn/winter 2012, and I’m like, ‘Have we?’ Yeah!” It was easy? “Mmm-hmmm. Yeah, yeah, it was not hard at all, not hard at all, because, like …” Someone hands her a crayfish salad and removes the empty soup pot from her hands. “Thank you, baby!” she says to the provider of the salad. She turns back to me. “I knew exactly what I wanted. And I love Fred Perry so much. I was honored that they would even, like, ‘Do you want to come and do a line?’ Me? Like, me?” She stabs a finger into her chest. “Yeah!” she adds.

Amy is AWARE: “I’m aware I’m being recorded,” Winehouse says. “Just so you know. I am aware of that.”

Do you consider yourself a style icon? “A style, like, what?” A style icon, I repeat. “Style, like … ?” Icon! “No, of course not!”

Amy on her style: “Uh-huh. I don’t think that’s true. I just dress like … I’m an old black man. Sorry!” she says. “Like I’m an old Jewish black man. I just dress like it’s still the ’50s.”

On inspirations: “What are my inspirations … ? Elizabeth Taylor.” You want to look like Taylor? “Not really. She had purple eyes. That’s weird. Um …” She pauses, then warms to a line of thought: “Thelonious Monk. Charlie Mingus. Miles Davis … Thelonious Monk again, and then rappers that are around right now, like Nas, um, um, Busta Rhymes, and Mos Def.” Any style inspirations? “I don’t know.” She seems exasperated. “I like …” She reaches around for a fashion reference. She finds one. “Chanel.”

Amy, are you happy? She squints suspiciously at me. “About what?” About life. “I’m happy about this salad.”

And do you have any unfulfilled ambitions? “Nope!” she says. “If I died tomorrow, I would be a happy girl.”

[From Harper’s Bazaar]

I mean… come on. Yes, it’s partly sad because Amy couldn’t even be cognizant enough to go through what seemed like a breezy, short, nice little interview. It’s also funny because I wish more celebrities consented to being interviewed whilst guzzling soup from a pan and naming Thelonious Monk as their style icon. God bless Amy. She’s going to need it.


Photos courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar.

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  1. la_chica says:

    she looks so good

  2. aenflex says:

    I’m happy about this salad!
    HA HA – I love it. What a great way to answer such a foolish and obscure question. I woulda said the same thing. I love Amy for that!

  3. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Have to say I liked that answer too. And um…Chanel!

  4. jen says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Fred Perry clothes!

  5. KJ says:

    Wow, she has a beautiful side profile. Never noticed that. I struggle with Amy because I love her voice and music SO much. She really is a brilliant song writer and when she’s not all cracked out, her voice and vocal stylings are to die for. And I do love her boozy antics, and you’re right, she’s a great interview who’s super (unintentionally) funny. But then I feel bad because I want her to really get it together. Back to Black was way to fucking long ago and Frank…brilliant album. Come back from outer space Amy. Please!

    EDIT: I almost missed this gem:

    Amy, are you happy? She squints suspiciously at me. “About what?” About life. “I’m happy about this salad.”

    BAHAHAHA. Classic.

  6. Lynn says:

    Seriously….I would answer those questions the same way. She’s hilarious!
    And this reporter sounds like a dick.

  7. Diane says:

    Gotta love a girl who’s salad makes her happy.

  8. Amanda says:

    I heard one of her songs on XM “Coffeehouse” the other day… and I forgot what a voice this girl has!! I hope she gets her act together and gets back in the studio and starts singing again.

  9. skibunny says:

    She looks good! I like her.

  10. Anastasia says:

    It’s both sad and funny at the same time.

    Oh Amy. You break my heart.

  11. minnie says:


    why does the reporter sound like a dick?

  12. Pont Neuf says:

    I’m sorry, but I have to ask this. If this utterly expendable creature weren’t famous (although I’m not exactly sure why she is famous, since she cannot sing worth a damn and all her songs are rubbish) and didn’t have a publicist to present her as a victim, would anyone feel any compassion for her?

    I have often wondered why the public cries whenever a particular celebrity has a problem or self-destroys, but couldn’t care any less if a homeless man dies before their very eyes.

    With that said, Amy shows once again that, with or without drugs, she is a grimy chav without the slightest sense of decorum and propriety.

    I bet her parents would be proud, if they weren’t milking her fame as much as they can, so that daddy can appear before the media and talk about himself all the time.

  13. Bronson says:

    god i love her.

  14. KJ says:

    @Pont Neuf Ok, I was going to be diplomatic but you must be deaf because Amy has an amazing voice. It may not be the manufactured and autotuned pop mess you’re used to hearing, but she has very often been praised as a staple in the British neo-soul movement. Her voice is like velvet, and I think you should get your ears checked. It may not be your cup of tea, but let’s not pretend the woman is tone deaf.

    Maybe people “care” (and I don’t think commenting on a gossip site equates to crying but that’s just me) because, unlike every homeless person on the street, Amy has a very clear talent that’s on display in a public forum, and to see that wasted IS a pity. That’s not to say that the Vietnam vet who sits quietly with his sign asking for help DOESN’T have anything to offer society, on the contrary he probably has more to offer than ANY of these celebrities. And yes, it’s a shame that those who are homeless and indigent are thrown away by society, but let’s be real here: his talents aren’t on display, he doesn’t have a record deal and no one knows (or sadly cares) what he’s about. That’s the sad reality. If you’re so concerned, go volunteer at a homeless shelter or donate your time to a soup kitchen instead of making baseless remarks about a very clearly talented, but troubled individual who did nothing to you.

    I often wonder why people sit behind their computers to lament how society’s obsession with “the beautiful people” casts aside those who really need help, yet they could be spending their time, oh I don’t know, doing something to combat that instead of talking about it. By commenting here, you’re simply proving to be part of the very machine you criticize. If you don’t like her, you don’t have to click on things that feature her. The internet is magical in that way.

  15. Eric says:

    @Pont Neuf

    you really don’t know Amy and her music to say anything like that, u sick
    just why a lot of people has more problems than amy we don’t can feel hope for her?

  16. Richiepigpog says:

    boring, dumb questions get non committed and witty replies. Wino saved the bloody day for that tired hack

  17. a says:

    “I’m happy about this salad.” HA!

  18. Jeri says:

    She has such a beautiful voice.

  19. devilgirl says:

    Good grief Pont Neuf! To each his own, I guess, but you are particularly nasty today!

    I think she has a super voice. Love her, love her music.

  20. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    Very Funny, entertained me through a long boring phone call at work!

  21. Ferguson. says:

    Yes, her interviews are very funny but it’s really a shame that she gets that wasted, she’s such a talented girl.

  22. Chelly says:

    Of course she looks “so good” in these pix…they’re PHOTOSHOPPED! Let’s see the mess that was REALLY photographed

  23. california angel says:

    For reals???? Her voice is amazing, c’mon! I can’t believe she’s so down to earth. Some people just judge others strictly for all the bad they do (in her case, to herself) and none of the good. These are what we call Haters. hehe.: )

  24. Moore says:

    I have always liked her. I really hope she straightens up though cause her voice is beautiful and she is kinda funny.

  25. Tia C says:

    I too wish she’d come out with more music soon! She’s one of the very few singers who can actually SING, and who actually has a good, strong voice. There are so many who are all over the bloody radio who cannot (yes, I’m talking about you, Rihanna, my luv).

  26. Lisa Turtle says:

    *** I was honored that they would even, like, ‘Do you want to come and do a line?’ Me? Like, me?” She stabs a finger into her chest. “Yeah!” she adds.

    She might as well be talking about doing a line of blow with the Rolling Stones. The irony of this line, coming from “sober” Ms. Winehouse is not lost on me.

  27. nona says:

    Love her. She is an amazing artist. I know the reporter is an idiot for asking her if she “is happy” but I really hope she is 🙂

  28. archiepelago says:

    If those questions had been asked of say, Carey Mulligan, we’d have a 10 page soliloquy and the interview would have been a hit. (I say this because I just read an interview with her in Vogue and I felt like I was taking an exam at Oxford – ie above my head). Just because Amy chose not to answer the question in a serious manner doesn’t mean it’s a bad question. She has been effed up for a long time so I think asking her if she’s happy (the reporter said they really wanted to know) is fair game.

    To play Devil’s advocate, Amy’s singing on recent live videos is beyond awful so perhaps the saddest thing of all is that what was once a rare talent (like Whitney before her) has been abused beyond repair.

  29. KateNonymous says:

    I don’t think “Are you happy” was a bad question for her, but I did like “I’m happy about this salad” as an answer.

  30. Shay says:

    I don’t even know why they bother putting dishevelled grots like Amy in the magazine to begin with. Talk about having connections in high places. It seems that the more drug addled a celebrity is, the better the ‘example’ to add in a major publication. For the last three years, she hasn’t had anything going for her but her dirty, hygiene challenged look going for her.
    That is why most women’s magazines are for the lowest intellectual denominator. Sorry, but featuring Winehouse in a magazine is proof of that and I would have thought that Bryan Adams wouldn’t be so goddamn desperate for such jobs as a supposedly credible photographer, but see, when you’re famous, you can even score jobs as a photographer too. In the same way that people like Lindsay Lohan score jobs as ‘fashion designers’. Big deal. I’ve seen better photographs, with more attractive people than this vile drug addled cow. She is so unstable she has physically attacked people and she is ‘celebrated?’ For what?

  31. Lem says:

    more Winehouse please and thank you. I adore her. The look, the sound, the scrapes in pubs, the nasty ballet slippers, answering the door for paps in her bra, inviting fans into the house. The lyrics, the soul, the voice. Her aura. her energy. her one-offness.
    She looks so much better lately. Dare I hope?

  32. truthzbetta says:

    Keith Richards said she needs to get herself together. Keith. Richards.

    No more wine soup for you.

  33. Fae says:

    @Pont Neuf

    Good grief, it must take a long ladder to get you up on that high horse. For you to think that others wouldn’t think twice about a homeless person dying is ludicrous- do you say that in some weak attempt to appear superior or do you really feel that way about other people? If so that must be a terribly lonely and bitter life to lead- certainly the people I know and choose to surround myself with are the total opposite. You either need to get yourself some new friends or just some friends. Either.

    Also: yes, actually, if she weren’t famous I’d still feel bad for the girl. She’s addicted, and I’ve grown up as the daughter of an alcoholic. I’ve seen what a painful and lifelong struggle addiction is from the closest of vantage points and I truly do feel bad for those who are caught in the grip of it.

    Might have got on my own horse for this comment, but… bloody hell.

  34. Lem says:

    my goodness I knew she was tiny(those pictures) I never imagined she was as small as the Olsen twins *shock*
    How is work generally?
    “Um, writing loads. Just … writing loads.”
    Her management representative interrupts: “What are you asking her about?”
    The rep says Winehouse cannot talk about her album; she’s here to talk about Fred Perry.

    why would Amy Winhouses’ rep not let her talk about music ??? that makes no sense to me. As a fan I want to know she’s “writing loads” ! That’s how we get an album, no?

  35. archiepelago says:

    @ Pont Neuf’s ‘grimy chav’… I think that is a fair assessment. She really does look like a grimy chav.

  36. My2Cents says:

    Pont Neuf: You obviously have never heard this girl sing. What a nasty, horrible peice of work you are. You should be ashamed of your comments.

  37. Persistent Cat says:

    I’d kill for a Pret a Manger in my city. I miss London 🙁

  38. jc126 says:

    When is she going to release another CD?
    And I always liked Bryan Adams, btw.

  39. Mouse says:

    She’s so talented when she manages to focus. It’s really sad to see this girl in the grip of personal demons and addictions.

  40. sickofit says:

    well talented yes but it was mark ronson who co-wrote and produced her now famous album and created her style with her together. And fame made her an addict, if you see pics and vids before she became famous…. she is one of the few who shouldnt just have walked the path to fame…

  41. marge says:

    she looks kinda beautiful with a bit more weight… and having her own style done by proffesionals, great!

  42. fabulous says:

    I’m with Lynne and the PigPot – the reporter was rubbish. Amy is a down to earth london girl and her answers were funny. The salad thing AND the line thing. Photos are amazing. Totally – I want Bryan Adams to take all my pictures. xx

  43. bored says:

    The interviewer sucked.
    Amy’s an amazing singer. Hope things are working out for her personally these days.

  44. asiont says:

    love her and salad quote too!

  45. bunny wabba says:

    her profile is gorgeous. i love the bump in her nose.