Whoopi & Joy Behar walk out of ‘The View’ during Bill O’Reilly interview

Do you know how much I hate covering anything to do with The View? SO MUCH. But CB sent me this, and I suppose people will be talking about it. Bill O’Reilly came on The View this morning, and I guess they were talking about Obama’s low poll numbers and then they got to polling numbers for what America thinks about the “Ground Zero Mosque” and then sh-t gets all shouty and hysterical. After Bill says “Muslims killed us on nine-eleven” Joy Behar gets up and says something about not engaging in this sh-t while Whoopi is shouting about extremists. Then Whoopi gets up with Joy and they both walk off the stage. Barbara then gets her lady drawers in a twist and says that we should all be able to talk about this sh-t without having people disengage or whatever.

I have mixed emotions. Obviously, Bill was trying to get the ladies riled up, and he was much more animated and blowhardy than he would have been on, say, The Daily Show. That being said, he threw out a relatively easy one (compared to other bullsh-t he could have said) and Whoopi and Joy took the bait like morons. Bill will get extra coverage, blah, blah, blah, so that makes him smart, I guess.

But in defense of Whoopi and Joy: I do this too. I would much rather disengage from some heated argument than sit there and try to shout my point. I realize they walked away for different reasons, and it might have even been preplanned, but I’m just saying, I get it. When it comes to these stupid hot-button political issues, for the most part I’m not interested in shouting my point of view to whoever disagrees with me. Is it maturity? Is it a heightened fight-or-flight instinct? Or it my smug sense of superiority? I don’t know. I just know I don’t care enough to shout about it. And if you shout at me about something, I’m never going to agree with you anyway.

29764, NEW YORK, NEW YORK - Tuesday March 31 2009. Bill O'Reilly at the Ed Sullivan Theater in NYC for an appearance on Late Show with David Letterman . Photograph: © Darla Khazei, PacificCoastNews.com UK OFFICE: 131 557 7760/7761 US OFFICE:1 310 261 9676

Sept. 20, 2010 - New York, New York, U.S. - BARBARA WALTERS attends the New York premiere of 'Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps' held at the Ziegfeld Theatre. © Red Carpet Pictures

Sept. 20, 2010 - New York, New York, U.S. - BARBARA WALTERS attends the New York premiere of 'Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps' held at the Ziegfeld Theatre. © Red Carpet Pictures

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  1. Anastasia says:

    I’d walk out on his ass, too.

  2. Bina says:

    It’s Duck Season! No, it’s Wabbit Season! No.. it’s Muslim Season.

  3. skibunny says:

    “Muslims killed us on nine eleven”. What an idiotic statement!

  4. TQB says:

    A more powerful statement would have been to say, as Joy did, that they “would not engage in this sh*t”, and then stand their ground and insist on a civil conversation. Walking away works fine in our private lives, but this was an interview. Do you damn job and talk to the man.

  5. Po says:

    I think if they walked away because they refuse to sit there and be apart of a show that turns into the I hate Muslims hour then they were right. By the way I hate the show and if someone has it on in the room I’m in I walk out just like Whoopi and Joy did today.

  6. manda says:

    why was he even on the show?

  7. Lydia says:

    I can’t believe I used to listen to this man until I wised up thank goodness. I would have walked off too.

  8. brin says:

    I can’t stand Joy Behar…she has the biggest mouth and anyone that can make her walk off is ok by me.

  9. Rex says:

    Joy is an ass.

  10. jen says:

    I wish Whoopi & Hoggle would walk out permanently.

  11. K-MAC says:

    wow, he is an idiot. Seriously, a big idiot, too.

  12. Praise St. Angie! says:

    I’m with you Kaiser. Sometimes it’s easier to walk away (essentially saying “agree to disagree”) than have a shouting match with someone…especially someone like O’Reilly, who makes his living shouting down his guests so that they can’t effectively argue against the ridiculous things he says. (not that the View is much better!) it’s always “just wait a minute and let me finish” which is something he RARELY allows his dissenters do.

    he’s just a pedantic, bitter sexual-harrasser who thinks he knows EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING.

    and that stat he quotes about 70% of Americans?…taken from a FoxNews poll..and 70% isn’t even accurate. It’s actually 61%, and had gone down since the previous poll.


    (unless, of course, he was quoting a different one.)

    oh, anyone who uses the word “libtarded” has pretty much shown the level of debate they’re able to rise to.

  13. Sns02215 says:

    Really Rex? ‘Joy is an ass?’ I think you picked the wrong one in this story to call an ass. Then again, you’re probably drinking the Fox News-hatred-of-anything-Muslim-related Kool-Aid yourself.

    For the record. I hope Bill O’Reilly drops dead tomorrow. Useless asshole.

  14. mln says:

    I think Joy was absolutely justified because any man who had the nerve to say “Listen to me because you’ll learn” in that tone of voice to me would have gotten whooped upside the head on national TV.

  15. YOYO99 says:

    They are 2 host’s from that show. They should have found a way to talk. They look weak for walking out.

  16. The Bobster says:

    It’s about time someone backed down those bullying, libtarded beeyutches. Go, Bill!

  17. TaylorB says:

    He is just being an a$$ to get ratings. Muslims did not kill ‘us’ on 9/11 anymore than Christians killed ‘us’ in Oklahoma City… fanatical nutjob a-holes did. Sure other fanatical nutburgers look up to them, but there are still similar inbred halfwits that look up to Hitler. And if we are to say that one Muslims actions represent the entire faith then it would track that Fred Phelps represents all Christians. Basically people are either homocidal lunatics or they aren’t regardless of their chosen faith.

  18. lucy2 says:

    I can’t watch the clip so I can’t see how heated it got, but like TQB, I think the way to handle this would be to debate and prove him wrong, not walk away. I can totally understand not wanting to talk to someone who thinks like he does – I’ve done it, declined to discuss issues with people who just like to shout their hateful ideas. But they gave him the platform to speak, they should have stuck it out and stood up for what they believe in. Walking away just makes him feel superior, even though that’s far from the truth.

  19. filthycute says:

    They’re ALL a bunch of phonies fapping to the sounds of their own voices.

  20. YOYO99 says:

    You really wish death on someone. That is really gross.

  21. starduster says:

    Hate to state the obvious, however; a “faction” of Muslim did plot and kill over 2000 Americans whether the Americans be Muslim or not. Not just Christians died in 911. Perhaps if they had remained calm and stated the obvious it would have seemed more powerful than running like chilren in the school yard. We have far too much of that occurring these days. You do not have to fight or flight. Just think!

  22. Sns02215 says:

    Yup. Oxygen that could be used for something better.

  23. anoneemouse says:

    A agree Kaiser – I immediately stop listening if someone is trying to scream their point across.

  24. Cheyenne says:

    @Bobster: Call your pharmacist, honey. Tell him you need a refill on your Thorazine STAT. In fact, ask him to call your doctor and double the dose.

  25. k says:

    Finally something I can like O’Reilly for. He got Joy Behar to shut up and leave.

  26. Amused says:

    Those two (professionals?) make women seem histrionic, and unable to hold their own debating a man even when they outnumber him. It’s embarrassing.

  27. DeE says:

    Thank you Taylor B. separate religious extremism from the religion itself. Despite KKK, African Americans, Catholics etc. do not “color” the whole of Christianity or all Christians in the same light as they do those KKK professing to be followers of the Bible.

  28. Kiki says:

    Bill O’Reilly is one of the most disrespectful people on TV and I am astonished that people pay him to spout his opinions. I would have walked off the stage as well. There is no point in talking to someone like him because he will not listen.

  29. cantbelievethis says:

    Yes b/c Whoopi can only support pedophiles and abusers.

    Am I the only one that finds it ridiculous that Whoopi will stand up for Mel Gibson & Roman Polanski, then walk out over this??

  30. Pont Neuf says:

    This is embarrassing and yet, so very fitting for both that proudly ignorant imbecile and those hysterical old hens. Why is it that these individuals are allowed to give their utterly uninformed opinions on television and, worse of it, why is it that anyone listens to them?!?!!!

    Bill O’Reilly’s entire livelihood depends on making incendiary statements against minority groups and then, claiming victimhood whenever people disagree with him. The only thing he knows to do is shout and hurl insults, as he is not intelligent enough to engage in even an informal discussion about anything. Sadly, neither are Whoopi, Joy or that pathetic Hasselbeck fool. I guess that’s why they had to resort to his same sabotaging tactics.

    With that said, I’m shocked as to why Muslim people are so widely demonized in the Western world. While it is undeniable that there is extremism and that it grows behind clamours of “discrimination!” whenever anyone attempts to address the subject, I find it strange that no one ever shows how well integrated and normal the vast majority of Muslims are. I think that the problem here is lack of legitimate media representation, rather than the ignorance of a few illiterate xenophobes à la O’Reilly.

  31. original kate says:

    i wouldn’t waste precious oxygen trying to engage with bill-o, either. i would have just not been in the segment at all. he is a fear monger out for ratings, just like lush rimjob and glenn “crybaby” beck. you cannot have an intelligent discussion with someone like that, so there is no point.

  32. Jenna says:

    ha babs’ fake eyelash is coming off her right eye in the first pic LOL

  33. girl says:

    If he had said that Muslim *extremists* had done the killing on 9/11, I don’t have a problem at all with that statement. The way he framed it, he was looking for a rise and Whoopie and Joy took the bait.

    Very good point about Whoopi standing up for filth like Mel Gibson and Roman Polanski but having a tantrum about this comment that was pretty much meant to bait her makes her look incredibly unprofessional. As for Joy, I can’t even be bothered to listen. Her voice is like listening to live kittens being roasted on a grill to me.

  34. Kitten says:

    Very, very rarely do I walk away from someone. I love a good debate but I also realize that the vast majority of the time, if someone very strongly disagrees with you, you can’t convince that person otherwise. I usually end with a “agree to disagree” sentiment. However, most of my friends are free-thinkers so they’re generally open to changing their minds.
    I can’t watch the clip but I would think that they probably made themselves appear like they weren’t very confident in their opinion to run away when facing dissention.

  35. Amused says:

    And Ms. Walters has had such an iconic reputation as an intelligent journalist. How can she link herself with these two women? It cheapens her reputation which surely did not come easily. Now when one thinks of her they think of this stupid stuff.

  36. Cleo17 says:

    And it was Christian extremists that blew up the Murrah building in Oklahoma City. I hope there’s no churches or YMCAs around where it used to be. Same with any abortion clinic where someone has been killed by Christian extremists. Fair is fair.

    Whenever I see O’Reilly, I think about him wanting to rub a falafel all over that poor woman that he sexually harassed. What a freak.

  37. Jenna says:

    it shouldn’t be a Islamic centre. it should be a MULTI FAITH centre for EVERYONE to be able to go, learn about their own and different religions in a MULTI FAITH library. Enough of the division. It IS inappropriate. it’s GROSSLY inappropriate. yes, of COURSE they have the right! but it’s just not time and it’s insensitive considering the majority of Americans still think “Muslims” did it. Having a multi faith centre put there instead of an Islamic centre would at least encourage ppl to be more tolerant and learn about eachothers’ faithes. schools could even go there for trips and stuff. there could be a museum too. why not?

  38. Malice says:

    Why do they allow him on the show? He is full of venom and hate and giving him a platform is truly disgusting. What is even worse is after that f*&kery they had The Situation on dancing in his socks and proclaiming what a star he is. Barf.

  39. Eileen says:

    From the clip it appears they were smart to walk off because none of them could get a word in to even interview him properly. And his statement to Joy was so disrespectful, she handles that well so you can’t blame her.
    Also I would love to hear what is so disrespectful about the Mosque they are building 2 blocks from the Bomb site, but he doesn’t mention the Mosque that is 3 blocks away and the Mosque that is 5 blocks away that have been there well before the Trade Centers went down.
    Also @ Jenna -the building IS a multi-faith center. The only Muslim worship area is the Mosque part which is one floor of the whole building. There’s a game floor for children to get off the streets and an education center of no faith.

  40. Marjalane says:

    Such a choice to make- O’Reilly’s an ass, but Whoopie and Behar are such sanctimonious prigs. I have a feeling O’Reilly will come out ahead on this because as “media Professionals” the view obviously knew what O’Reilly is about- he’s on it all the time- and this is so ridiculous to stomp off a show if you disagree with a guest, and by the way- what happened to the moderators on this post?! Jeez- some people are really bitter about life in general around here!

  41. Mari says:

    “I’m taking my ball and going home.”

    It should be called “The View of my Behind as I walk out of this interview.”

    If it’s your job, you do it. Pretty sure I would get fired if I skipped out on parts of my work I didn’t like.

  42. Jeri says:

    O’Reilly always manages to get in the news, one way or another. Nothing is below him.

  43. TaylorB says:

    While I disagree with them walking out of the interview, I have to wonder if it is any worse than when Bill O shouts over and cuts the mics off on people he disagrees with. If people want to eventually have a sane discussion it has to be a two way street. To be totally honest I find him frequently to be an obnoxious blowhard and I often feel the same about Whoopie, but they have a right to state their opinions and be treated with at least a modicum of respect by their hosts, but as they tend not to do the same for some guests it seems they are on rather thin ice when they gripe about being treated in the very same manner.

  44. Cleo17 says:

    Actually, Timothy McVeigh’s beliefs are strongly founded in the Christian Identity Movement, which is based on racial supremacy and (their version of)biblical law. You can argue all you want that he wasn’t a Christian. But he identified with a movement that is based in a warped reading of Christian ideals. Just like the jackasses in 9/11 based their beliefs on a warped version of Islam.

    Do I think he was a true Christian – in my belief no. No more than Hitler was. But the CHRISTIAN Identity movement strongly influenced him. I think he’s the very definition of christian extremism. And a lot of christian extremists hold him up as an example. Being a Christian, that doesn’t exactly make me happy but that’s the reality of the situation.

    And you didn’t even address the part about the crazypants that bomb abortion clinics and shoot the people that work there.

  45. Paul E . Stanley says:

    But Joy and Whoopie have no problem shouting down Elizabeth when her opinion differs from theirs. Hum, can’t take the heat.

  46. mymy says:

    These woman are sadly mistaken if they think walking away is a sign of strength. Weak and unable to deal with any other opinions but their own. So standard. A convincing argument would have helped. It was Muslims who crashed the plane into the towers. No amount of PC will change that fact. If you have no problem with a Muslim mosque at ground zero at least have the balls to say you don’t care about the connection and stop making it seem like people who don’t want it there are wrong. We explain our opposition clearly. And when is the last time you saw Muslims showing tolerance for other religions in their own countries. When and if they do we can talk. Muslims have a track record of erecting mosques at the sites of their victory’s. Victory’s against people they feel stand in the way of their religion. It has no place at ground zero. I would say the 100 or so mosques thorough out NYC do not speak to intolerance so please sing another tune. Another fact is moderate Muslims understand our feeling but cannot speak out for fear of reprisals from extremist Muslims. Wake up. This country has a long history of freedom of religion so it makes no sense to say we are intolerant. In this instance it is very intolerant of Muslims to even try to do this. Oh and the leader has said he can’t guarantee their will not be reprisals if we don’t build it from extreme Muslims. How dare he.

  47. Lucinda says:

    I would also like to point out that the statement was not wholly inaccurate. The people who planned the attack and did the killing on that day were, in fact, Muslim.

    Now, did he say it in a way to get a rise? Absolutely. That’s what he does. And Whoopie and Joy played into it. Let’s remember Whoopie “it wasn’t rape rape” Goldberg isn’t exactly innocent here either. She has said, and continues to say, some pretty horrible things on this show. So who’s worse?

    The View producers knew exactly what they were doing putting him on the show. Look at all the buzz they have generated again? This show is just as irresponsible as The O’Reilly Factor. They perpetuate sound bites and arguments in the guise of “intelligent debate” when we know it is anything but.

  48. Kitten says:

    @Jenna- As an atheist, do I get my own floor on your proposed multi-faith center? Just wondering if I get to be included….

  49. kas says:

    TaylorB: The “Oklahoma City” yarn is so tired. It was not done in the name of Christianity for God. Sept.11th was executed by Muslims in the name of Allah. O’Reilly can be a windbag, but he has consistently made the distinction between Radical and Moderate Muslims on his show.

    Why is it OK for Whoopi, Joy, and the gang to ENDLESSLY rag on Catholics, Christians, Mormons, etc.(often with good reason), but Muslims– oh heavens, no. Please! Show some respect!!

    So pathetic.

  50. Babette777 says:

    What really bothers me about this item is that: 1. O’Reilly was obviously making a provocative statement and that he strongly suspected that Joy and Whoopi would lose it, and 2. Joy and Whoopi walked off, because 3. Adults no longer know how to have conversations – discussions – where we can exchange ideas, listen and *hear* others’ points of view, and agree to disagree civilly.

    It seems as if people no longer know how to have important conversations without shouting. I’m in my 40s, and remember when I was a kid, my parents and other adults sitting around talking, and disagreeing, and no one ever shouted or walked away. I just don’t get how that conversational skill has been lost in the past 30-35 years.

  51. TaylorB says:

    really wrote:”If not the Muslims, then who killed us on 911?”

    A hanfull of brainwashed lunatics who just so happened to be Muslims, could have just as easily been Baptists or Catholics. Their faith is not the issue, nor should it be, it is the fact that some people are far to easily swayed by crazy leaders like Bin Laden, Jim Jones, David Koresh (sp??),or Charles Manson, and that is what is scary not the faith itself but the rare fanatics of those faiths who twist it for evil purposes.

  52. Mari says:

    Oh and ummm, the 9/11 attackers were muslims. Saying that doesn’t make you intolerant. BUT, there are some *extremely* sketchy things surrounding those who are true followers of the Qu’ran or the mass murderer/pedophile Muhammad..jus’ sayin’.

  53. Kitten says:

    @Babette777- I agree that debate or “conversational skill” is a lost art. I think, in the end, pride is what has killed it. People never want to admit that they are wrong or be open-minded enough to want to expand their way of thinking. It’s always a case of “I win because MY way of thinking is the RIGHT way.” In order for a dialogue to take place, you need to have people who are willing to change, and non-judgemental enough to admit that there may be another way of thinking about things.

  54. Buddha DeCat says:

    I have no sympathy for Joy or Whoopi — let me finish! I can’t stand Bill O’Reilly — he’s a total blowhard BUT everybody knows that he is a total blowhard — it isn’t exactly a secret. So, they CHOSE to invite him on the show knowing who he is & then they walk out on him? B.S. Barabara Walters is right here. Act professional. Disagree with him. But don’t start acting like lunatics yelling & screaming & storming off. This is their JOB, not some party were you can just leave if you don’t like the people who are there. Totally unprofessional.
    This stunt with Bill O’Reilly isn’t the first time either one of them has acted like this. Lets not forget, Whoopi asked John McCain, with a straight face, if he was going to make black people “slaves” again if he won the Presidency. Now, I’m no McCain fan, but that was such an utterly stupid thing to say, she lost any credibility she had with me then. And McCain handled her question with a hellava a lot more grace then I would have. It actually made me like him (as a person, not his politics).
    If Whoopi & Joy can’t even talk to people who they disagree with in a calm & professional manner, they shouldn’t have the (high paying) jobs that they do.

  55. TaylorB says:

    #53 (sorry I can not read your name)

    You are correct the Oklahoma City ‘thing’ is rather played out, as is the all Muslims want ‘us’ dead ‘thing’.

    Every religion has fanatics, you can not blame an entire faith for the actions of a few. As I said before would any sane Christian really want to take credit for Fred Phelps? Probably not, or at least I would hope not. Yes the folks who crashed those planes on 9/11 did happen to be Muslim, they could have just as easily been Christian or Jewish, would that have changed anything? They were crazy murderers.

  56. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    I’m a walker too. Shouting doesnt do anything but make my throat hurt.

    I dont agree with what Bill said but I wouldnt have walked out on my own show either. I woulda tried to bring humor to the situation and then diffuse the shouting.

    At home, I woulda walked.

  57. Bam Bam says:

    heh heh, all three are of the same breed, they’re just on different teams. The women woosed out, and they wouldn’t have if they thought he was a weaker target they could sink their fangs into.

  58. skibunny says:

    “Religion” no matter which one, certainly brings out the crazy!

  59. scrappy says:

    are you serious? there faith is not an issue? there faith is the reason they hit the twin towers. and it was not a “handful”. they had been here for years learning our culture and taking flying lessons. it was very very planned out.

  60. Leticia says:

    Why are people bringing the detestable Timothy McVeigh into this? Timothy McVeigh did not believe in God, and his motivation to blow up the building was due to his political beliefs, and nothing to do with religious beliefs. He did not believe that he was representing God. Go back and read his demented manifesto.

    O’Reilly is inflammatory and a bully.

    But I hate to break this to you but a small group of Muslim extremists were responsible for 9-11. They were motivated by religious and political beliefs.

  61. Samantha says:

    “Oh and ummm, the 9/11 attackers were muslims. Saying that doesn’t make you intolerant. BUT, there are some *extremely* sketchy things surrounding those who are true followers of the Qu’ran or the mass murderer/pedophile Muhammad..jus’ sayin’.”

    You are so ill informed on the subject its scary. Even scarier that there are many more like you out there. To quote a wonderful show, “Take a look, it’s in a book…”

  62. HotPockets says:

    These women can’t prove Bill wrong, they’re not intelligent! They’re just as ignorant and condescending as him. Walking out on him just proved how childish they are, too. It’s their show, why don’t they make use of it? because they are not capable of arguing their cases either.

  63. MSMLNP says:

    I am 100% with Amused. Its hard to believe any male anchor/host would pull this sh*t. Embarrassing for women all around.

  64. Emily says:

    Bill and the ladies of the View are missing the point: Whether or not you like the idea of building the mosque, you absolutely do not have the right to prevent its construction.

    The mosque may be in poor taste, but it is the CONSTITUTIONAL right of the private property owner to do as he wishes with his land. If you revoke that right, then all of us suffer as a consequence because our own right to private property is compromised.

    Stop arguing about the muslims and focus on the real issue! Our civil liberties are at stake here – do you believe in the right to private property or should the government dictate what you can/cannot do with your property?

  65. Safewitme says:

    Muhammad was a mass murder pedophile? Can you elaborate any? Sorry I just don’t know a whole lot about Islam.

  66. tango says:

    “how well integrated and normal the vast majority of Muslims are”

    The vast majority of Muslims don’t live in America or even westernized countries. As such, they don’t fall under Western Law but under Shariah Law. A law that stones women, homosexuals and rape victims to death. A legal system that allows men to beat their wives and give their daughters as young as 6 years old into marriage.

    I find it very very hypocritical to say “right wingers are bad because they make women subservient to men and tell them what to do with their bodies and hate homosexuals” because they follow what their bible says but Muslims who follow the Koran to the letter are supposed to be embraced with tolerance. I find any religious extremism disgusting be it from the Christian or Muslim side.

    You might say it’d never happen here. Well there are slums in France where the neighborhoods are 100% Muslim immigrants. No problem except that residents there don’t follow French Law. They follow Shariah Law and the local police aren’t welcome and do not come into those neighborhoods. The Muslim Clerics handle justice according to Shariah.

    Read up on Shariah law and the Koran. Read what the men and the Clerics in these majority Muslim countries do to women, children and gay people who displease them. Tell me if they became the majority in a western country they wouldn’t do it there too.

    So Bill O’Reilly should’ve been more specific rather than lump all Muslims under the 9-11 umbrella. And those 2 ladies should’ve not walked off. Bad behavior all around.

  67. Samantha says:

    @ Emily: I understand what you are saying, but I think an even bigger point to make is the fact that the mosque isn’t even ON ground zero and all of this is hyped to nothing. Its a few blocks from it, you wont even be able to see it from ground zero. People making a fuss about absolutely nothing, letting Islamophobia sweep across the nation because people are too lazy to learn about issues on their own and find out the truth.

  68. TaylorB says:


    I mean no disrespect at all, but I guess we simply disagree on this issue. Personally I do not feel that a person who has ‘faith’ of any stripe does something like that. I think they are weak individuals who care nothing for other living beings, regardless of religion. Sadly that type of individual is found across the board regardless of ‘faith’ or lack there of.

  69. Emily says:

    Samantha – you are absolutely correct.

    The media makes it sound as though the mosque will be constructed on the smoldering ashes of the twin towers. In fact, the mosque will be built 2 very large city blocks away from ground zero.

  70. Samantha says:

    @tango: “You might say it’d never happen here. Well there are slums in France where the neighborhoods are 100% Muslim immigrants. No problem except that residents there don’t follow French Law. They follow Shariah Law and the local police aren’t welcome and do not come into those neighborhoods. The Muslim Clerics handle justice according to Shariah.

    Read up on Shariah law and the Koran. Read what the men and the Clerics in these majority Muslim countries do to women, children and gay people who displease them. Tell me if they became the majority in a western country they wouldn’t do it there too. ”

    Aye yi yi!! Seriously… I encourage you to learn a little bit more about the Islamic religion. You would quickly learn that many of the horrors that go on are done because of people following CULTURE, not sharia law. Women are precious in Islam, they say Heaven is at the feet of your mother, so imagine how you would be expected to treat your mother knowing that “paradise” is at her feet? Aisha is one of the most revered scholars in Islam, she is a woman. Khadijah, Muhammad’s first wife was a wealthy business woman. She wasn’t oppressed, Muhammad worked for HER! I mean, really…it isn’t hard to read up on things and learn for ourselves the truths and the scare tactics. I’m not saying everyone should embrace Islam, but I am saying everyone should at least try to fill the ignorance on a subject with more than just tv news spots.

  71. Eileen says:

    OK I word it this way: according to government databases only 6% of the terrorists who attack the US are Muslim extremists. Over 50% actually come from religions that are based in the US.

    Will you let me say that?

  72. Samantha says:

    @Emily – Exactly! And its completely false, yet people just swallow this crap and spew it to others as truth! I mean really….People need to just ask questions before they take something as complete truth. Unfortunately you can’t believe everything you see on tv. They don’t call it the “idiot box” for nothing.

  73. mymy says:

    es the folks who crashed those planes on 9/11 did happen to be Muslim, they could have just as easily been Christian or Jewish, would that have changed anything?

    As to this argument. Um yeah. Because if it has and they wanted to build of place of worship at the site the opposition would be directed one of those faiths.
    Are you aware these feminists Joy and Whoppie are defending a faith and wanting tolerance for a faith that has no problem killing it’s woman. I find it beyond moronic. Islam is an extremely intolerant religion. Just a fact. And Whoppie should probably understand that Muslims legally had slaves till the year 1983 and now consider anyone who isn’t Muslim a potential slave.Tolerance is a two way street. Joy was just mad Bill told her to be quiet she might learn something. She is everything I can not stand in a woman. Whoppie is just not that bright

  74. Buddha DeCat says:

    Tango — you are 100% correct; and those people trying to excuse Sharia law as a “cultural” thing are delusional. Cultural or not, Sharia law does exist in Muslim countries & it is extremely dangerous to women. It doesn’t matter to me one wit if it is not “Islam” or a perverted version of Islam. Sharia law does exist & I will never defend it or excuse it. But, of course, I’m a feminist not a misygonist.

  75. Moreaces says:

    Ok, this is my only question, Did they really say Ish,, the S word that much.

  76. original kate says:

    “People need to stop using Mcveigh as an example of Christian extremeism.”

    @ the hulk: how about the inquisition? that one works for me.

  77. Kitten says:

    60.skibunny: October 14th, 2010 at 2:50 pm “Religion” no matter which one, certainly brings out the crazy!

    Yes, indeedy! 🙂

  78. Samantha says:

    @buddha: You are entitled to your opinion. But claiming to be a feminist to let everyone know you consider sharia law to be sexist is just silly. I think there is a difference between feminism and being a man hater. I don’t agree with you that sharia law is against feminist beliefs. If you would take the time to study sharia law (Which would take years…just like being a lawyer in America, you’d need to actually study Sharia Law) instead of taking cut and paste stories from other places, you’d see too that it isn’t the crazy woman hating thing you seem to think it is. But its easier to claim that you know something about it after reading an article by Pen15 Hater in “Men Want To Keep You In the Kitchen Digest” than to actually learn.

  79. daisy424 says:

    Timothy McVeigh was not a Christian, did not consider himself a Christian and did not follow Christian theology.

    McVeigh believed that “the universe was guided by some natural law and energized by some higher power.”


    In fact, McVeigh’s own quote regarding his beliefs states that fact when he declares “science is my religion.”


    McVeigh bombed the federal building due to his frustration with the Army, economy and the government, specifically Janet Reno.


    He did not bomb and kill in the name of any religion. He was anti-government and anti-religious, and certainly as defined by his actions of many years, not a Christian terrorist, just a terrorist.

  80. Justez says:

    I’d understand if the statement came from someone else, but it’s Bill O’ Reilly, they knew what was coming and were just unproffesional about it.

  81. The Hamm is My Dream Man says:

    Walking away from an argument is childish, immature and cowardly. All that says to me is “I don’t have an argument to counter yours so I’m just gonna walk away”.

    You don’t seem like the bigger person. You seem like you’re wrong and don’t want to be proven wrong.

    If you want to seem like the bigger person in an argument, keep quiet until the blowhard windbag has tired himself/herself out and then state your measured argument calmly and rationally. The other person will look like a jackass and you’ll look like a calm, rational person.

    That always bugs me in movies and tv shows when people walk away from arguments. it’s just gonna be there later and you’ll have had more time to stew and get even angrier about whatever bs it was you were fighting about.

    EDIT: Samantha and Emily are right-they aren’t building it on top of Ground Zero. They are building it two city blocks away in an old Burlington Coat Factory.

  82. Aqua says:

    Politics and religion are topics that I stay away from because it’s too personal and it;s easy to get into a heated discussion. If I can’t discuss my point of view with someone because that person is to busy shouting at me I’d walk away too.B.O. is known for saying outrageous things and as an interviewer you have to expect the unexpected especially when it comes to him.

  83. Shannon says:

    I think disengaging is the perfect way to deal with Bill O’Reilly. His method of “communicating” is being the loudest person. He can’t do that if nobody will try to yell too.

    A lot of other people here clearly have the same method of “communicating” if you define communication as delivering a parroted, trite, half-true talking point without caring if someone actually received your message and not being willing to consider other viewpoints. That’s not debate. It’s not conversation either. Sorry to burst your bubble.

    The only people who use network news as their source of political information are people who are too lazy or stupid to do their own critical thinking. If you think the crap they come up with as “issues” on news channels (and I’m talking about ALL news channels, not just specifically channels with a right or left bent) is worth freaking out over, you’ve succumbed to the techniques politicians and rich media execs use to distract us from the real issues of our country. These distractions include debate over abortion, gay marriage, religion, ground zero mosque, whatever. They’re distracting you from what REALLY matters, and that is where the money is going. If you are too stupid to see that, I just pity you.

    Seriously, that is what these talking heads are paid to do. The fact that this comments thread has devolved into an argument over Sharia law is EXACTLY what they want. People are so emotional and frustrated over something that doesn’t even affect our country (really, shut up about France. This country will never be France) that we’re not using our brains to research and debate far more important problems.

    And what little public discourse exists about money is dumbed down to buzzwords and catchphrases “the stimulus failed!” “No the stimulus created jobs!” “bailouts!” “deficit!”

    Who the hell cares? How does this affect you? Why aren’t we talking about the fact that almost HALF of our federal budget is used for defense, while less than 10% is used for education, health insurance for children, and welfare COMBINED?

    Hmm?! Instead we’re squabbling over crumbs. And all of you taking part of it should be oh so proud of yourselves, because you’re just puppets distracted by the puppets the rich execs want you to be outraged over.

  84. Mari says:

    @Safewitme- Sure. Muhammad ordered the slaughtering of some 900 unarmed men and took their women and children captive. He ordered heads and fingers chopped off. Brutal stuff.
    He married a 6 year old little girl, Aisha, whom someone above already mentioned. Sick. He had 13 wives. He was not a promoter of peace, just the opposite in fact.

  85. Kitten says:

    @Daisy424-McVeigh Interview from Time Magazine, 2001-

    Time: Are you religious?

    McVeigh: I was raised Catholic. I was confirmed Catholic (received the sacrament of confirmation). Through my military years, I sort of lost touch with the religion. I never really picked it up, however I do maintain core beliefs.

    Time: Do you believe in God?

    McVeigh: I do believe in a God, yes. But that’s as far as I want to discuss. If I get too detailed on some things that are personal like that, it gives people an easier way [to] alienate themselves from me and that’s all they are looking for now.

    From what I have read, he largely distanced himself from Catholicism but never from Christianity and certainly never proclaimed to be non-religious.


  86. Catherine says:

    How is anything that comes out of that man’s mouth a surprise? They all knew what they were in for having him on.

  87. Leah! says:

    Extremists of ANY sort, be it religious or political, are potentially dangerous.

    Sharia law, though it may well be more of a cultural thing, is still something to be concerned about. Women and children, traditionally the most powerless in society, are being targeted. It may be a bastardization of what those laws were originally intended for, but violence is still happening.

    I’m all for the Mosque being built… as a part of a multi-faith, multi-ethnic building. Two blocks away is also good, because (I feel) there should be nothing religious about actual ground zero. People of many faiths (and no faith!) died there, and we need to respect that.

    Bill O’Reilly is a tool, and Whoopi and Behar are too. They all deserve each each. I imagine O’Reilly’s personal hell as him having lost the power of speech with Behar forever screeching right into his ear.

  88. Cheyenne says:

    @Mari: Ever heard of the Crusades? It wasn’t exactly a walk in the park. Thousands of people slaughtered in the name of Jesus. And don’t even get me started on the Inquisition.

  89. TaylorB says:

    Daisy wrote: “…not a Christian terrorist, just a terrorist”

    Interesting statement, and this is simply my own opinion but it bothers me when people link a religion to terrorism. A terrorist is a terrorist, they are sick murderers, their religion did not make them that way; it may have been a catalyst for an already disturbed mind but it is not the reason. There are billions of Muslims in the world, that does not mean they are all terrorists. There are hundreds of millions of Christians in the world, they do not all follow the same decree that Fred Phelps does. Fanatics are fanatics, to attempt to assert that one specific religion is responsible for more deaths than another is a very slippery slope as OKate mentioned the Inquisition isn’t exactly a shiny penny in the history of Christianity.

  90. Mia says:

    The United States are not United at all It is the Divided States of America and it’s very sad

  91. MuMu says:

    @Mari. And the Bible allowed men to keep concubines, or sex slaves, stone women for adultery, or if they worked on the Sabbath, or if they disrespected God in any way, masturbated, etc. Men were allowed to marry little girls, too. If you read the Old Testament, there is some INCREDIBLY brutal stuff there, too.

    I really don’t get how people can point the finger at someone else’s religion without looking at their own. These documents were written thousands of years ago and they reflect cultural views which are far different from our own. The fact that some people want to follow these writings verbatim is frightening to say the least.

  92. jc126 says:

    I could swear that Tim McVeigh at one point did indeed say he was an atheist. Maybe it was on those jailhouse recordings; think it was an MSNBC special.
    Bill O’Reilly. Phone sex with his producer. PERV.

  93. fizXgirl314 says:

    Pont Neuf… I’m sorry but the western world is misinformed about Muslims? Wasn’t it Europe that just recently banned Minarets and Muslim attire? Yes, how enlightened… *eyeroll*

  94. redlips says:

    Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg are both “yellow dog” Liberal’s……that being said, it was absolutely ridiculous and childish for them to walk off the set. O’Reilly was a guest and should have been treated with some respect, whether you agree with him or not!

    I loathe The View and feel it is time for all of them to say bye-bye. They ask questions however, they NEVER let anyone answer them. That is exactly what they were doing with Bill, and both of them should be fired, immediately!

    Grow a pair ladies and deal with it!

  95. Kitten says:

    Nope, sorry jc126. He’s not an atheist. Definitely would take religion to cause the level of brainwashing that occurred with him. Coward’s way out to hide behind religion.

  96. Trillion says:

    Once religion it in the mix, you might as well throw out all logic and reason, its sworn enemies. Agree with above posters that it brings out the crazy like nothing else.

  97. Mari says:

    @ Mumu- Ok, fair engouh. But, point out in the Bible where Jesus married a 6 year old. Or where Jesus ordered mass killings. He taught only peace and love, Muhammad taugh submission.
    Every Muslim I know is peaceful, because they do not strictly follow Muhammad.
    And by the way, I didn’t compare it to the Bible. You did.

    @Samantha- I’m actually quite well informed. If you’d like to “trade facts” I’m all for it.

  98. Safewitme says:

    Thanks mari. I researched it a little bit and saw he ordered the killng of Jews. Did not know that. Seems he was war crazy. And this is who they follow? I don’t get it.

  99. TaylorB says:

    Oh for Heavens Sakes! Am I the only one where the posters name is planted directly over the post # so you can not read the stinkin thing? Is there some sort of setting I can change that can correct that? I hate being so impersonal and rude calling people ‘poster #??’ when trying to respond.

    Sorry that is off topic, but it is driving me batty.

  100. viper says:

    Dear celebicthy and staff,

    I have never been more moved by the commentary. The posters here are people who I would die to defend if I ever had to. You guys are just human beings who are RATIONAL and see things the way the really are. Thank GOD for you guys, the rest of the sites are just ….full of hate. It’s just overwelming but being here gave me a reason to breath again. I just can’t handle sick people like Bill. Those people practically profit off the word 911.

  101. RoyH says:

    If you walk out, it is tantamount to admitting you have no rebuttal. By leaving you acquiese to your detractor. Stand and speak. Remember, your program is called, “The View”. We all are entitled to our own!

  102. kpist says:

    First of all, none of you have any idea about who Bill O’Reilly is or what his views are OBVIOUSLY. You are just little koolaid drinkers and “The View” is Jim Jones. Keep following followers, As a matter of fact, yes it was extreme muslim terrorist, but what does his statement and mine have in common?????? MUSLIM, IDIOTS. In fact, all the terrorist on 9/11 WERE MUSLIM!!!!!

  103. Budda DeCat says:

    Samantha: the fact that you defend Sharia law tells me all I need to know about you. And since I am not a host of a talk show I am under no obligation to engage in your foolishness. Sharia law is indefensible; culture is no defense to the honor killings and the deplorable conditons women under Sharia law are forced to endure. You probably defend wearing the hajib which is nothing more than a symbol of slavery and female inferirority. I’m now walking away from you because I don’t have to suffer dangerous fools.

  104. sparkle586 says:

    I saw the whole thing when it aired and I don’t think they walked off because they couldn’t or wouldn’t debate him. I think they walked off out of disgust. They simply did not want to sit next to that vile cretin anymore.

  105. Anne says:

    Can’t say I blame Whoopi and Joy. Is a racist jerk just looking for attention.

  106. Leah! says:

    I would love to know what an American Muslim thought of this interview now that I’ve watched it. Anybody?

  107. Chris says:

    “The United States are not United at all It is the Divided States of America and it’s very sad”

    The Class War is the only war that truly matters. Instead fighting among oursleves we should be fighting the ruling class.

  108. Shay says:

    I find that whole show a lowdown grab for viewers using every psychological trick to be in the news, such as Joy and Whoopi walking out (it’s a great effect, great for controversy). Personally, I don’t find this show compelling and Barbara Walters is overrated. If her journalism is based on producing a show like this, then it’s quite ‘lite’ and lame as far as I’m concerned. Why anyone would have this O’Reilly moron on this show is the question, and don’t give me the ‘freedom of speech’ BS that America seems to pull out whenever it suits. More like freedom to manipulate people on grand levels. This show should have been off the air years ago.
    And the fact that Whoopi and Joy walk off, plays into the hoopla, and they know about it. That’s what they’re paid for, I don’t care what they say, they would have known that O’Reilly would have been on.

  109. viper says:


    I would rather take the haters than the liberals who pretend to be tolerant; meanwhile they impose their beliefs and tell a people what to wear how to worship and whether or not they should be allow to worship at all. Shame on you.

    The SEXIST law is what I call it. Is barberic but it’s not OUR PROBLEM. Nor are the issues of what is acceptible in terms of modesty or dress in islam. Unless you are a muslim you have no right to say what is and what isn’t acceptible. You can state your opinion but don’t you even think that that makes you better than a hater who knows nothing. FIX YOUR OWN HOUSE before you start lecturing others on theirs.

  110. Missy Aggravation says:

    In my *ahem* youth, I’d be the loudest one there. “If you want to shout, I can shout louder and still make a better point than you.”

    But now that I’m older and *ahem* wiser, I try not to engage in petty behavior like shouting matches. It doesn’t matter how valid your point is, you just look like a jackass when you’re sitting there screeching. I defer to my own past when I say at worst it’s purposeful bullying*, and at best it’s just outright childish**.

    Walking away can be a total power move, and I while I don’t think I’d ever employ it in a real-life debate, it makes for better television than sitting there and trying to pacify your opponent.

    (Note, also – Bill O’Reilly*, the cast of Jersey Shore or any guest on Jerry Springer, et al. Oh, and Bill O’Reilly**)

    (ETA – just scrolled through some of the comments and WOW. Can’t wait to share some thoughts. . . after I unpack!)

  111. Tess says:

    These old broads are increasingly crazy not to mention hilariously immature, acting like two little kindergarten girls. Of course Bill is a gasbag of the highest order.

    But basic curtesy, not to mention professionalism, should prevent hosts from staging ridiculous walk-outs on invited guests— who are invited there for the explicit purpose of taking on controversial issues.

    Why are some people so intolerant of speech? Especially in light of the fact that O’reilly said nothing that isn’t true. What he said is the equivalent of saying that the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. They’re both historically factual statements.

  112. sashavice says:

    I have noticed the same thing!

  113. Squirtle says:

    I think a better example to compare to the Muslim extremists rather than McVeigh (since everyone gets so caught up on whether he was religious or not) would be the Westboro Baptist Church headed by Paster Fred Phelps. They are an independent group of religious extremists who are known for their anti-homosexual views and unpatriotic protests of the United States, even though they are in fact citizens of the U.S by their OWN choice…. Anyway, these individuals protest funerals of the good men and women who served and lost their lives fighting for this country, they also protested funerals of the miners who were involved in that horrible collapsed mine years ago. They hold up signs and chant at funerals saying things like “God Hates Fags” and “Thank God for Dead Soldiers” and they have a firm belief that God is punishing the United States of America for allowing homosexuality…something to that effect, I don’t completely understand the philosophy behind their religion because it is complete and utter nonsensical B.S!!! This group consists of about 70 people, all of whom are related to Fred Phelps, in some way, that have been brainwashed into hating America and everything our country stands for…Nevertheless should we be banning all other Baptists from practicing their faith, or blame them for this one crazy a**hole who managed to inbreed his way into having his own little following of religious nut jobs?

    That’s basically what O’Reilly is saying that because these extremists attacked our country we should take rights away from innocent people who have the freedom and the right to practice their religion. Isn’t that what this country is supposed to stand for? I agree with the posters, like Emily who are saying let’s look at the real issue here; it’s not about Muslim vs. Americans it’s about giving up our liberties and our rights as American citizens.

  114. Bubbles says:

    Can’t we all just get along?

    And what would everyone do if we found out 70 years later that someone else or some other group was really behind these events? Does anyone but God really know who is responsible???

    Let’s give peace a chance and switch to decaf.

  115. Diva says:

    The men who attacked the United States on 9/11 did so because of their hatred of our country, what we have, what we do, and how they think we perceive ourselves. It had nothing to do with their religion, “Allah” was just a facade that was easy to ride behind. What happened that day was not done to further the religion of Islam, it was done to hurt the country of the United States of America and it’s people and reputation. THAT is why someone would, and should, be disgusted at those that spew hatred toward a group of people who do NOT endorse anything that was done that day “in the name of” their religion.

  116. Sushi Girl says:

    More importantly….why do older women wear the skins (leopard, tiger, zebra, snake)?

    I noticed Barbara is wearing a snake skin print coat.

  117. NYCviaMI says:

    Just want to step in quickly. The landing gear of the first plane to hit the WTC crashed through the roof of the Burlington Coat Building to the third floor. It took a construction crew to get it out of the building. A few of the construction workers to remove the landing gear were part of the 9/11 rescue crew. Construction crews have vowed NOT to participate in re-building anything on that land. NYC is a union city. Scabs need not apply.

  118. original kate says:

    “What he said is the equivalent of saying that the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor.”

    @ tess? (can’t read your name, sorry if it isn’t tess): it is not the equivalent. the japanese government bombed pearl harbor; a rogue group of muslim extremists blew up the twin towers. there was no government directive. apples and oranges, really.

  119. wonderful says:

    Wow, I can’t believe how uneducated some people still are about 911, religion, and culture. Pathetic.

    As far as O’Reilly goes, I would have left too, however, I also wouldn’t have invited him on the show. You cant “debate” with thick-headed xenophobes who rattle off stats from “polls” (when was the last time YOUR opinion was represented on a poll, by the way?) without a shred of intelligence or critical thinking. It can’t be done.

  120. Tess says:

    @ original kate

    I understand the point you’re making. Yes, that is a legitimate difference.

    But times have changed and it is also a fact that some nations covertly support and turn a blind eye to terrorist activity precisely so their country will not be held accountable for the terrorist acts.

    I think it remains to be seen whether moderate Muslims have the will or desire to separate themselves from their more radical co-religionists.

  121. Chris says:

    @NYCviaMI:”NYC is a union city. Scabs need not apply.”

    Love it. 🙂

    I’m a union delegate myself.

  122. original kate says:

    “I think it remains to be seen whether moderate Muslims have the will or desire to separate themselves from their more radical co-religionists.”

    most already have, and have done so quite loudly. you need to understand that muslims as a whole are not violent people. i know they are an easy scapegoat for blowhards like o’reilly but intelligent people do not subscribe to his form of hyperbole.

  123. truthzbetta says:

    Non-Muslims and some Muslims are concerned about the resurgence of Sharia Law as the BBC article below shows.

    Please get the facts on Sharia Law before pretending it isn’t horrible to women. This is why the world and Oprah Winfrey had to ban together to save a Nigerian woman from being stoned to death for supposed adultery in 2002.

    The women’s rights abuses codified into Sharia Law are indefensible in any modern age if women’s rights are human rights.


  124. Trillion says:

    Tess: Just like the US routinely funds and trains terrorists to carry out our own foreign agendas. Let’s not forget who trained and funded bin Laden when Afghanistan was at war w/ Soviet Union…
    The US uses terrorism to its ends too. We just cloak it with other terms.

  125. Ron says:

    Was this not a win-win for O’Reilly and the View? it’s been all over the media today, good for both regardless of opinion.

  126. Tess says:

    @ Trillion

    Agreed. The enemy of your enemy is not neccessarily your friend and proxy wars are dangerous and complicated things.

    a good example of lying down with dogs and getting up with fleas.

  127. Melanie says:

    mymy. It was Muslim extremists. Not Muslims. The distinction is just as important to them as the distinction between Christians and Christian radicals that bomb abortion clinics. Their ideologies have little in common and it is offensive to lump any of them in the same group. Muslim’s don’t want to be identified with terrorists.

    It doesn’t matter if Muslims are intolerant or not of other religions in other countries. The point is we are in America and one of the things that makes many people proud to be an American is religious freedom and tolerance. It’s pretty black and white and as soon as you make that point subjective it’s a slippery slope.

    The reason it is wrong to be against the Ground Zero Mosque is because the entire concept of a ground zero mosque does not even exist. They are NOT building a Mosque where the WTC once stood. A Muslim developer, NOT Muslim Extremist, is building a community center TWO blocks away from Ground Zero. They have youtube videos of how long it takes to walk from ground zero to the planned site. Oh and did I mention that it’s not a Mosque? It’s a community center that has a Mosque in it. People completely see the connection and know that it isn’t much of a connection.

    The Ground Zero Mosque is just something conservatives are using to distract the American public from the fact that every politician is basically owned by large corporations that have so much money they don’t know what to do with and that pretty much every political initiative in this country is in a large corporations best interest, even though they are hoarding most of the money in this sick economy. Just like gay marriage. These are all things that don’t really matter to the public at large and they are only being discussed to divide us when we should be uniting against people that take advantage of us and are making the middle class extinct as we read celebrity gossip.

  128. NYCviaMI says:


    I grew up in East Dearborn, Michigan. A mosque IS a community center.

  129. wunderkindt says:

    He’s dumb and they’re even dumber!

    By walking out, Joy and Whoopi gave Bill what he wanted: more attention than what he deserves.

    Out of all of them, Joy is the biggest idiot.

  130. Kelly says:

    I know this may sound harsh, but am I the only one who thinks that with a name like celebitchy – I prefer only women’s comments. Looking at this thread alone, it’s clear to me that the men who reply obviously have an agenda and manipulate to anger us women. We hope that people are honestly giving true opinions and what man would even admit to being on this site. So, I may be the only one who feels this way but seriously guys, go find your own site.

  131. Tess says:

    Melanie, are you aware of the history of Muslims building mosques, errr, excuse me, community centers to commemorate their victories in foreign lands, such as the Cordoba Mosque in Spain, for which this one was to be named.

  132. Melanie says:

    A mosque by definition is a purely religious structure. When the people unfamiliar with the Muslim faith hear Mosque they think it is the Muslim version of a church or synagogue.

    My point is based on the technicality of definitions it’s not what the majority of people are thinking when they hear or see the word Mosque. They think of some kind of victory marking their territory like that mymy poster above, which is wrong.

    If you really want to get technical any church can be called a community center in that they offer services to people that aren’t adherents of said religion.
    But then again…They also have hospitals and airports with churches in them but I don’t call the hospital or airport a church.

    My point is this community center, called park 51, is going to have a culinary school, auditorium, pool and basketball court. The place of worship is only one of things this place will be.

  133. kloops says:

    All three are idiots.

  134. TaylorB says:

    #132 (sorry I can not read your name)

    I don’t mean to be rude, but that is terribly sexist. There is no more validity to a womans comments than a mans. A well thought out comment is a well thought out comment, why should it matter if it was made by a male or female?

  135. NYCviaMI says:


    “It doesn’t matter if Muslims are intolerant or not of other religions in other countries. The point is we are in America and one of the things that makes many people proud to be an American is religious freedom and tolerance. It’s pretty black and white and as soon as you make that point subjective it’s a slippery slope.”

    Three months ago Christians were arrested in East Dearborn for passing out pamphlets while on public, taxpayer property during Dearborn’s “Arab” Festival. The Festival Committee had taken out a “special” license for this festival.

    Two months ago in Seattle, Washington, a Gay Pride Committee wanted Christians barred from passing out literature during their parade. A judge denied their request. Reason: Public property.

    There is no such thing as a special license to bar anyone from passing out literature on public property. The “Arab” Festival was little more than a “Muslim” festival. I say this because had it actually been an Arab Festival, Arab’s would have had no problem with anyone passing out anything on public property since Arab’s are also Christian and Jewish.

    Don’t say there is no intolerance here. Dearborn has most definitely changed and it’s not for the better. Look up Imad Fadlallah, Principle of Fordson High School, now retired. Intolerant of Christians. Period. He’s being sued by teachers for his preferential treatment of Muslim teachers over Christian teachers. He has belted Muslim high school boys in the mouth for even questioning their own religion.

    On a side note: Those Christians (some Arab) who were passing out literature had their case dismissed. I hope they sue the hell out of Dearborn for that. I wouldn’t care if they were beating bongo’s and flinging flowers. They had every right to be there just as Muslims have the right to pass out literature at an Anglo-Saxon festival.

  136. Melanie says:

    I’d just like to make it clear that I did not say ‘there is no intolerance in America’ I was saying that there should NOT be religious intolerance in America. I was expressing that mymy can’t use something people do in another country to excuse the American public be intolerant here. I am not naive and am well aware that there is intolerance in America. I live in Texas. I know all about intolerance. At times, I am covered in it.

    I don’t agree with intolerance against anyone based on their race, religion, gender, age sexual orientation or status. I am saying as a developed country we should strive to accept all people that aren’t hurting anyone else and it’s poor logic to say that we should be able to make racist comments or deny them of doing things legally because of what happens in another country that they left. Most people come to America because they want to be Americans and it is sad that some Americans just push them away.

  137. NYCviaMI says:


    Islam and Muslims are not a race of people. Race refers to protein levels in the skin.

    And for what it’s worth, anyone who brings up the Crusades needs a history lesson regarding the previous 400 years prior to the Crusades.

    Also, Cordoba House Mosque refers to Cordoba, Spain. When Islam conquered it. Just sayin….

  138. TaylorB says:


    I think that what most people are trying to say is that we must separate the extremist from the faith in question, they are not the rule but the execption (like the school official you mentioned) it isn’t fair to judge a million people based on the actions of a few.

    I do understand that Islam is scary to some and rhetoric over the last decade has made it even worse, but more often than not it is no more than a sort of ‘ghost story’, ‘beware of the big scary Muslim’ etc. but I personally have faith that the commenters here are very smart and can see that sometimes the carrot in front of the fear horse is simply a piece of cr#p painted orange.

  139. Andria says:

    Look. whoopi needs to understand that the terrorists didn’t bomb-bomb us.

  140. Garvels says:

    Isn’t the “View” called the view for a reason?? I really am quite amazed at how Liberals interpret “freedom of speech”. I used to watch the View along time ago, but I was tired of supporting a show that encouraged Joy Behar to hurl baseless rants and insults against ALL Christians. Religion is not the problem, the problem is people. People who will not listen and tolerate another person’s viewpoint. I saw the segment, and I thought the women conducted themselves poorly and should stick to interviewing reality stars or anyone who agrees with their “View”.

  141. TaylorB says:

    I must confess I can not stand The View or O’Reilly for that matter, so I guess I may be fairly negative towards both.

  142. MuMu says:

    @Mari. You can’t discard the Old Testament, as they are the same God, technically. Jesus is the kinder, gentler son, but that doesn’t negate the Father’s existence. And, Jesus did have moments of anger. He also talked about taking vengeance on others like the money lenders in his time. If you read the New Testament, it wasn’t all peace and love.

    I find that many people who find shortcomings with the religion of others often take this tone of judgemental superiority. Many can be uninformed about their own religion. And that was my point. So, I don’t know what religion you come from and that doesn’t really matter, it’s only a general point. People who point fingers at others often fail to look at their own shortcomings.

  143. Rosanna says:

    O’Reilly is SMART. I didn’t say I agree with him (I don’t) but he wanted to provoke them to prove his point that democrats are lunatics and they allowed him to succeed. He doesn’t dare treating Jon Stewart the same way because he knows that Jon would chew his ass off. Those bitches are indignant whiney people – like most dems btw – so O’Reilly trumps them. Barbara Walters isn’t an indignant whiney woman and that’s precisely why he doesn’t even try to cross her. It’s like Donald Trump with Rosie “basketcase” O’Donnell. Whoever looses their temper has to take the blame for that because it’s in their power not to loose it.

  144. Joy says:

    Liberals can’t argue or debate, they either lie or walk away

  145. Rosanna says:

    @truthzbetta: denying people of their constitutional right to believe in whatever they want and manifest it puts America on the SAME level of the sharia law you so loathe. If it’s wrong for them it’s wrong for us too. If it’s right for us it’s right for them. There is no way to LOGICALLY think that they can’t do it whereas we can.

  146. mark smith says:

    If Whoppi and Joy cannot debate an issue as adults, they need to take their “views” and go home and stay there. What bad form for both of these very opinionated women. So, should we now rename the program the “Liberal Only View”? Very intolerant of the other point of view

  147. Melanie says:

    Hey Joy, way to make a blanketed statement about a group of people.

    Also, I don’t think they walked off because they were failing to prove their point. Having an argument with that man was fruitless. And it wasn’t because he was right and they were wrong. It was because, he wouldn’t let them get a word in and he was saying bigoted things towards women and Muslims. He was taking their power to speak and they had to prove their point with actions. Their point being that they genuinely disagreed with his bigoted comments and rude behavior.

    I’d also like to add, talking over someone or cutting their mics is also a poor debate tactic.

  148. Chris says:

    @Melanie said:”The Ground Zero Mosque is just something conservatives are using to distract the American public from the fact that every politician is basically owned by large corporations that have so much money they don’t know what to do with and that pretty much every political initiative in this country is in a large corporations best interest.”

    Yeah, but the alternative to that is socialism and the general public have been hoodwinked into believing that socialism is not in their best interests, so what are you gonna do?

    “I know this may sound harsh, but am I the only one who thinks that with a name like celebitchy – I prefer only women’s comments. Looking at this thread alone, it’s clear to me that the men who reply obviously have an agenda and manipulate to anger us women. We hope that people are honestly giving true opinions and what man would even admit to being on this site. So, I may be the only one who feels this way but seriously guys, go find your own site.”

    On the contrary, I’m a man who works in an industry that’s 75% female, so telling my friends and colleagues that I come here counter balances my passion for football and shows how well rounded I am. If you don’t like political discussion you probably shouldn’t have looked at a thread involving Bill O’Riely, unless you wanted to talk about his suit.

  149. P.M. says:

    According to the Koran both Jews & Christians have special levels of hell reserved for us. But Islam “paradise” seems to be strictly for men. In the book “Moslems their beliefs, practices and politics” by Gabriel Oussani & Hilaire Belloc states that political Islam is a system of despotism at home and aggression abroad. The rights of non-Moslem subjects are of the vaguest & most limited kind. Maybe Joy & Whoopie should show concern for the poor Iranian woman sentenced to be stoned to death. The last I heard is that her son & lawyer have both “disappeared”.

  150. Rachael says:

    He is SUCH a dbag. What would have made me stab his eye out with my high heel is the shushing and talking over me. UH. He’s infuriating.

  151. CB Rawks says:

    “Bill will get extra coverage, blah, blah, blah, so that makes him smart, I guess.”

    If his goal is to let everyone know what a sad piece of garbage he is, then yes. He’s not intelligent or even rational. He’s just a blowhard boor.

  152. collhi says:

    Joy is a loud, shrill idiot. And hypocritical Whoopie would rather defend a pedophile like Polanski who “didn’t really rape” that 13 yo girl rather that the Muslims…who did decimate the World Trade Centers. And the Muslims who continue to threaten the security of this and other countries. F**k you Joy and Whoopie.

  153. Trillion says:

    Apparently Joy has never watched Fox…

  154. Amy says:

    Ms. Walters being the only professional journalist in the show must have felt the sting of embrassment as the two hosts beat it. I am not at all shocked at Joy’s behavior, she’s always been filled with venom and spews it at anyone with a different view..

  155. Celebitchy says:

    Technical question: To the people who can’t see the names – I can’t replicate this problem in any browser (IE, Chrome or Firefox, my main one is Chrome)

    I made a small change to the stylesheet. Please hit shift-reload and e-mail me at info -[at]- celebitchy.com if you see any changes.

    I’m sorry we haven’t been able to fix this yet!

  156. audrey says:

    Ignoring the racist idiots up there…Someone needs to ask Mr. O’Reilly if he calls the Oklahoma City Bombing ‘an attack on us by Christians.’ The next time you try to peg all Muslims as terrorists, remember that people who identify as Christian have done some terrible things to this country, but we don’t blame all Christians for those tragedies. No one deserves to be responsible for the actions of extremists that happen to identify themselves as the same religion while using it to excuse violence.

  157. texasmom says:

    Wow, came late to this one.

    We lost a family member in the North Tower, and I have to say I didn’t feel attacked as an American but as a human being. My brother-in-law was on the phone to a client in Saudi when the plane hit. This client called the family to tell us “this is not Islam.”

    I prefer to think of the 9/11 terrorists as “religious fanatics.” Saying “Muslims killed us” is like saying “veterans bombed Oklahoma.” Homicidal nutjobs don’t define any broad group except, perhaps, homicidal nutjobs.

    We think the community center (which includes a mosque but is actually much more of a secularizing influence — kinda like the 92nd Street Y) is a nice idea. It isn’t really in the same neighborhood as the WTC, it’s on this street that has more of a retail-y commercial feel. I think that the people who are so outraged nationwide have maybe never been in a big city?

    The Cordoba Mosque was a reworked Gothic church that was reworked back into a Catholic church when the Moors left the city in the 1200’s. Christians and Jews in Spain were allowed religious freedom under the Moors. As soon as they left, Jews were sent on the run by the Catholics. Remember the Spanish Inquisition? Spanish Catholics actually have the rep for building “victory Cathedrals” as it were — it was an explicit strategy in the New World to build Catholic churches directly upon destroyed local religious sites. I recommend folks read history instead of sound bites. Go to an encyclopedia instead of O’Reilly or Olbermann.

  158. Melanie says:

    Well Chris, there isn’t really much I can do about that. I am not in much of a position of power to convince the majority of Americans otherwise. And this may surprise you but while I am 25 years old I have a very meek voice that doesn’t demand the respect that I feel my thoughts deserve. I am an active voter on a national, state and local level. My vote hardly counts where I live because I am surrounded by people of a conservative ideology but I still do it because I don’t think I have much of a right to complain if I don’t vote. I discuss politics and my beliefs with people but I’m not really sure about what else to do from there.

    It’s a shame that a lot of Americans refuse to attempt to model our government after other more experienced and developed nations with higher standards of living than ours. I am not saying we have to turn exactly into these other countries but if a certain country has a lower percentage of their citizens suffering from poverty then we should at least look into it and not write them off and confuse their infrastructure as that of communism.

  159. Bina says:

    Wow, for all this discussion on Sharia, Islam, mosques, Islamic Spain…is anyone on here actually a Muslim?

    Besides me?

  160. Lentil says:

    I don’t get how Bill O’Reilly is allowed to…be. The fact that this man has a career is unbelievable.

    That said – I understand the instinct, but I think they were wrong to leave. When Kathy Griffin was on some weeks ago and Hasselbeck was yawning, checking her nails, not interested and generally acting like a seven-year-old forced into a long car journey, all I could think was “Yeah, it sucks when you actually have to do your freaking job.” Hate to say it, but I apply the same logic here.

  161. Shay says:

    NYCviaMI are you for effing real? Race is about proteins in the skin???????????
    Go and read up on science first before you insinuate racist thoughts.
    The notion of race is fictitious. One that is cooked up by sheet wearing racists that burn crosses. There is no gene that codes for race.
    Looks like you need some education and FYI, practically every ‘ethnic/religious’ group on this planet has conquered at some point or another.

  162. Sally says:

    Thanks for your contribution, texasmom.

    And Melanie, I think I love you. 😀

  163. Julia says:

    I just need to say this: putting a mosque there is a non-issue. Why? Because it isn’t putting a new one on the site of the towers as some sort of memorial, rather to replace one that was there before all the destruction. Look at photos of the surrounding neighborhoods: it is a lot like putting in a multicultural food market back in. I understand people have knee-jerk reactions, but it’s not totally accurate to say anyone wants to put a mosque ON the site of the former towers. Punishing sincere (and non extremist) people of a religion for the actions of extremist nutjobs is unfair. I’m not a fan of pretty much any organized religion, but penalizing the innocent does more to hurt than help our image worldwide, and that matters.

  164. Chris says:

    @Melanie: You could stick a sign up in your front yard in the lead up to elections and hand out how to vote cards at the polling booth on Election Day, that’s what I do. A few years ago I decided that even if helping the Greens wasn’t going to force the change I wanted to see in my country I wasn’t going to actively participate in the problem by voting for one of the two conservative parties or by doing nothing. The great thing is at the last Federal Election, here in Australia, the Greens won the balance of power in the Senate.

  165. Jeremy says:

    McVeigh. The whole argument is futile!

    Let’s take it to another stage.

    The IRA in Northern Ireland bombed and blew up the UK over a period of some 30 years almost TOTALLY funded by CATHOLIC funds all coming from USA.

    God bless the USA!

  166. NYCviaMI says:

    @Shay, I meant melanin and was thinking of proteins in hair. So sorry.

    @Texasmom, check out jizya as a poll tax on Christians, Jews, Zoroastrians, and Hindus.

  167. Lita says:

    @Chris – I have read your comments before and frequently agreed with them. Your statement “the general public have been hoodwinked into believing that socialism is not in their best interests, so what are you gonna do?” Makes me think that you’d be someone I’d like to have over for dinner. I utterly disagree with your apparent view here but I’m pretty sure we’d all have fun. And I make a killer dessert.

    @CB Rawks – I am so with you – irks me when people imply that being a famewhore exploiting a pre-existing platform makes you freaking sherlock holmes. No – it makes you a git!!

  168. Chris says:

    @169(sorry can’t see your name): Well, if I’m ever in the USA I’ll pop in.

  169. Lita says:

    @Chris, funnily enough I just read your 2nd last post – I am in Sydney. It is easy to presume everyone here is american, isn’t it, whereas really this is a board where the owner is in Germany and people are all about the place. All I meant was that I like to see someone put forth their point of view concisely and clearly as you do and further that that makes for interesting conversation. And of course that dessert is fantastic.

  170. BReed says:

    Joy and Whoopie were rude and unprofessional. Bill was a guest. Not every guest will have the same political, etc views as these two. They should have kept on walking. I think it embarassed Barbara. As it should have.

  171. sammyhammy says:

    Well, they certainly showed their level of professionalism…either agree with them or else.

    No one is forced to watch O’Reilly. No one is forced to like him. And no one forced the producers of The (narrow minded) View to invite him onto their show.

    Why can’t people just have their own opinions and respect others who have theirs? I don’t hate people who disagree with me, and if others hate me for my opinions, that is their problem.

    There are plenty of people I dislike in the media. You know what? I just don’t watch their shows. What a novel idea, right?

  172. Melanie says:

    @ NYCviaMI

    You’re absolutely right Muslim is a religion and not a race. I am well aware of that and I’m sorry if my comments written in haste insinuated anything to contrary. I love writing but I generally have to write something, put it down and read it about an hour later to take a step back from what I wrote and make sure it looks like what I was thinking. If I read something I wrote 30 seconds after I wrote it and proofread it I will just read it the way I meant it and not the way I actually wrote it.

    I never said, “The Muslim race” but I can see how I when I said, “I am saying as a developed country we should strive to accept all people that aren’t hurting anyone else and it’s poor logic to say that we should be able to make racist comments or deny them of doing things legally because of what happens in another country that they left.” It sounds like I think they are a race of people which I don’t.

    I retract that and replace the word racist with bigoted but other than that I stand by everything else I have said.

  173. Melanie says:

    Thanks for the tips, Chris ;).

    Right back at ya, Sally. 😉

  174. Sandy says:

    Bill O’Reilly is an ass, but dear God I hate The View. It makes me want to apologize for women.

  175. Crash2GO2 says:

    The art of polite conversation, debate and discussion are completely lost on the O’Reilly, Whoopi and Joy (and most people I know actually).

    The only reason to have wanted to watch this was for sheer entertainment I guess, because nothing at all thoughtful or good came out of it.

  176. TaylorB says:


    I so agree. I have only watched the View when I was so ill I couldn’t reach the remote, and the View was worse than the fever and vomiting. They talk about nonsense, yell over each other and blather on and on, much like O’Reilly. It pains me to say this but the term ‘quality television’ is becoming more of an oxymoron by the day.

  177. original kate says:

    “The IRA in Northern Ireland bombed and blew up the UK over a period of some 30 years almost TOTALLY funded by CATHOLIC funds all coming from USA.”

    @ jeremy: what does that have to do with anything? but, whatever, i’ll play along: england has been an unwelcome and often deadly presence in ireland for centuries, right up to the military occupation in the present day. and yet the US is as cozy as can be with england.

    what exactly is your point?

  178. Wendy says:

    Garbage like this is why I don’t watch television. A bunch of ignorant women shouting stupid talking points and an asshole guest whose base is made up of the ugliest part of American society. What did they expect was going to happen when they invited Rush on that show? Sensible discussion? Logical conclusions? No, just more stupidity to fan the flames of racism and get higher ratings.

  179. J says:

    @Original Kate,
    I think that is exactly the point. That the IRA were Catholics and yet we do not associate all Catholics with bombings and terrorism. Likewise we do not associate all Christians with fringe groups the likes of which influenced suicide bomber Timothy McVeigh. There is a clear and obvious connection between these ideas and the fact that a large portion of people in this country seem to blame all/any Muslims for 9/11 and current terrorism. The clear connection and the main point here is that people in this country are unduly biased against people of a Muslim faith for things they have no control over.

  180. TaylorB says:

    #146 wrote: “Liberals can’t argue or debate, they either lie or walk away”

    Do you actually think that this is a strong arguement to support your position?

    Honestly, if the only point you have to make is to insult someone you disagree with politically based on sweeping generalizations and half truths you have already lost the debate. The political proclivity of a person has zero bearing upon their ability to create a strong arguement. Anyone who says ‘all libs’ do this or ‘all cons’ do that is really not being fair or honest. You are better than that and you know it, just because you disagree with a person doesn’t mean that you should disrespect them.

  181. Carol Draime says:

    Whoppie and Joy’s opinions would be the LAST OPINIONS I care to hear. I do not watch the view and I don’t respect anyone who does.

    MUSLIMS flew the planes!

  182. crtb says:

    Instead of using McVeigh as an example, lets use Catholic Priest who rape children. Do we condemn the entire Catholic religion because of some sick indiviuals? No! Well, the same should hold true for the Muslim faith. In the south there are alot of good Christians that belong to the KKK. A lot of good Christians beleive in spare the rod spoil the child. A lot of good Christians hate gays and do not welcome them in church. Do these people represent all Christians? So why is it that a bunch of crazy fanatical Muslims
    represent the entire Muslim community? This is the exact same thing that happened to the Jews in the 1930’s in Germany. This is how Hitler gained so much power. Demonize an entire group.

  183. F. EL says:

    The Mosque in question was paid for before Bush left office. Let’s not forget when Bush was trying to sell Our Ports to the so called Extremist he was breaking bread with them knowing we will be bombed.WHEN ONE REMOVE SMOKING MIRRORS PRESIDENT OBAMA WAS THE ONLY PRESIDENT RELIGION EVER CALL INTO QUESTION.YOU CAN’T UNRING THE BELL CHURCH BEEN SEPARATED FROM STATE.SOME MISREAD PRESIDENT OBAMA POKER FACE.DO PEOPLE KNOW THE NUCLEUS OF HATE IS FEAR

  184. Donna says:

    These ladies just don’t like Republicans. (less Elizabeth) Look how they treated John McCain when he was on the show. Joy and Whoopie need to walk out and stay out. They obviously can not have an intelligent conversation with anyone who disagrees with them. Barbara, do you get that YET???

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  186. Roe says:

    All I can say is that the KKK is mostly run by Democrates. Interesting?

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