Christina Aguilera files for divorce from Jordan Bratman, she has a prenup

46081, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - Wednesday October 13 2010. FILE PICTURE DATED March 8 2006. Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman pictured in happier days. The couple announced this week that they are to divorce after nearly five years of marriage. The popstar wed her music producer husband in Nov 2005 and the pair are parents to 2-year-old son Max. A source tells the couple have been separated for a few months . The insider adds, They are now living apart, and they will see how that goes. They are very much in love. But over the last six months, it became clear they were more like friends than husband and wife. Aguilera's marriage breakdown is the latest in a spate of celebrity splits. PICTURE CAPTION: Jordan carries his wife Christina out of their London hotel.  Photograph:  Smart Pictures,

Is anyone else feeling a little sorry for Christina Aguilera? Her split from her husband Jordan Bratman could have been major news… last week. Instead, Christina’s split announcement came right on the heels of Laura Dern and Courtney Cox’s splits, so no one has really been asking “What went wrong?” in Xtina’s marriage. Oh, well. Maybe she’s trying to reclaim the headlines, or maybe she’s just totally over him, because Christina has just filed for divorce. I think she and Jordan have been separated for a month now, so I guess this move isn’t “sudden”.

Just days after confirming that she had separated on Sept. 11 from her husband Jordan Bratman, Christina Aguilera has filed for divorce, a source close to the singer confirms to PEOPLE.

In the papers, Aguilera cited “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the split.

She also asked for joint physical and legal custody of their son, Max, TMZ reports.

Aguilera, 29, and Bratman, 33, wed in California’s Napa Valley in November 2005, after becoming engaged in Carmel, Calif., in February of that year. Their only child, Max, was born in January 2008.

Earlier this week, Aguilera told PEOPLE: “Although Jordan and I are separated, our commitment to our son Max remains as strong as ever.”

[From People]

Radar reaffirms that Christina identifies the date of separation as September 11th (Yikes), and that she’s basically asking that their prenuptial agreement be put into effect:

In the documents Aguilera lists their date of separation as September 11, 2010, and confirms that the couple did have a prenuptial agreement. The singer is requesting the court confirm that her “miscellaneous jewelry and other personal effects” as well as her “earnings and accumulations….before marriage, during marriage and from and after the date of separation” be deemed separate property.

“There are additional and separate property assets and obligations of each party as mandated by the parties’ Prenuptial Agreement,” the papers added.

[From Radar]

Well, that’s smart of her younger self to have gotten a prenup. Good for you, girl. Just say no to palimony. Honestly, though, it sounds like they’ve worked everything out and that they’re both be fine with joint custody of their son. Good for them for being mature about it.

43643, BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA - Monday August 16, 2010. Jordan Bratman, husband of pop star Christina Aguilera, is spotted walking with his son Max after having dinner together at The Farm. Max, who was wearing a 'Future DJ' t-shirt, held his dad's hand as they walked down the street. He even stood on his tippy toes in order to press the crosswalk button at an intersection. Photograph: Juan Sharma,

CULVER CITY, CA - MARCH 20:  Singer Christina Aguilera (L) and husband Jordan Bratman in the front row at the Agent Provocateur Fall 2006 show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Smashbox Studios on March 20, 2006 in Culver City, California.  (Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images)

40314, NEW YORK, NEW YORK - Friday May 7, 2010. Christina Aguilera looking all dolled up as she and husband Jordan Bratman take their son Max Liron to a Scholastic Store in NYC. Aguilera, in platinum blonde curls, is seen wearing acid washed jeans and red flip flops. Son Max showing off his style in a newsboy cap with his long hair, and red Converse high tops. Photograph: Castro,

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  1. anoneemouse says:

    Read somewhere they split because she cheated on him. I tend to believe that considering all the photos of her in bars hanging off of guys.

  2. Po says:

    Does anyone else remember back 10 years ago when everyone thought that Christina was the one who would end up a mess and Brittany would be fine.

  3. mln says:

    I think the timing is on purpose and she jumped on the other divorces so that it wouldn’t make any headlines. This seems like since there is a prenup in effect and he probably has his own money (he is a producer) it won’t be such a big deal.

  4. original kate says:

    their kid is cute…and non-pimped out to people magazine, i might add.

  5. Marjalane says:

    So how come he’s not entitled to any of her money? I get that they had a prenup, but it sounds kind of obnoxious on her part.

  6. lucy2 says:

    I can’t imagine anyone WANTING publicity when it comes to a marriage ending, but who knows.
    Pre-nup sounds pretty well defined, plus joint custody, I think it will be a quiet divorce.

  7. devilgirl says:

    I am sure she is glad she isn’t in the headlines for her relationship problems. Who would be?

  8. Kaiser says:

    original kate – O RLY?!?,,20177837,00.html

  9. Pont Neuf says:

    Could it be that the trigger for their divorce has been the utter failure of her last record? Christina has never struck me as someone who takes criticism or failure particularly well, so maybe that has contributed significantly to the rapid deterioration of their marriage.

    Anyhow, this isn’t joyous news for any of the involved… Even if I suspect that Christina is gonna move on very rapidly. After all, she must not be short on offers and still has money to spare.

  10. Jeri says:

    Too bad. Wish them all happiness. Especially Max.

  11. a says:

    oh snap! kaiser 1 x 0 original kate .just kidding….

  12. DetRiotgirl says:

    Personally, I feel sorry for her. I’ve been following this story for the last couple days. Laura Dern’s split isn’t news to me, since I didn’t realize she was married. I’ve never cared much for any of the friends crew, so Courtney Cox wasn’t an attention grabber for me either. Although, her husband running off to Howard Stern did make the whole thing more interesting.

    This is the only break up in this fall of divorces that genuinely makes me feel sad. I really do feel for Christina. Call me crazy, but I somehow always thought these two would make it. Christina’s music and style are very hit or miss for me. But, I’ve always enjoyed her as a persona. Even when she does something that doesn’t really work, I still enjoy watching her. She’s so over the top, and I like her in-your-face, mac-make-up-explosion, almost-drag-queen levels of glamour.

    Sure, sometimes she takes it too far and looks like an orange cupcake with boobs glued on. But, other times she looks fabulous. Just look at the Candyman video for reference on Christina having a moment of epic beauty. Plus, no one can deny that voice and if she wasn’t so prone to oversinging, she would be even better.

    So, basically, I like the girl. I hope that she and her ex can continue to be mature about this for the sake of their son, and I wish her the best of luck in getting through this.

  13. devilgirl says:

    Could it be that they split up because they just were not in love anymore? Does everything have to be because her record failed? She cheated? She wears too much make-up? She is a diva? Maybe he was no peach to live with either.

  14. mj says:

    Divorce happens, unfortunately. I agree that most people don’t do it for publicity. They actually seemed like a nice couple.

  15. brin says:

    If she cheated on him then I would feel more sympathy for him.

  16. Tia C says:

    I’m beginning to wonder why people even bother getting married anymore. Marriages don’t seem to last in this day and age, particularly in the celebrity realm.

  17. I always had the feeling that they wouldn’t last, but it’s sad to hear about their split. Divorce is never fun especially when kids are involved.

  18. la_chica says:

    the child looks like batboy.

    Can you tell I read dlisted???

  19. mel says:

    Should we redefine the word “faithfulness”?

  20. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    Divorce, divorce,divorce

    Been there, done that.

    Only important thing is the kids. Period.

  21. teehee says:

    People get married because they sometimes dont believe that the other one loves them enough without that level of a commitment or promise. We want to know and believe we will always be loved, so someone telling you they will love you all your life is a total reassurance and just what we all need to hear. Plus when youve been together for so long, you ask “What’s next?” or what can you do, to show the person how much you love them. Or definitely if you want to have children, you want to somehow insure that the other parent wont run off (at least not as easily) and leave your child and you stranded.
    A legal piece of paper or not, a relationship takes just as much work or effort to maintian so yeah it doenst make sense to get married. Youre commited or youre not, it can end or it can last a lifetime.
    The only reason is for legal protection of assets or other beaurocratic benefits or tax or insurance etc etc. But beneath the marriage license is a bare and fragile result of two peoples efforts to understand each other and a piece of paper cant make that happen for you.

  22. original kate says:

    @ kaiser: umm…ok. what i meant was i don’t constantly see spreads on her kid in the tabs, unlike say, suri cruise. and i don’t know what ORLY means.

  23. heb says:

    I was really disappointed to hear about this :/ Jordan seems really nice and supportive.

  24. Strawberry says:

    @teehee: very well said, lady.

  25. Tazina says:

    Marriage is really a crap shoot. Love can turn to boredom, dislike and disillusionment very quickly. With a 50% divorce rate, it doesn’t seem very appealing.

  26. Jack says:

    the last time we saw her, she had this fuller figure and big blonde hair and very thick makeup, remember? she took JORDAN with her to that event.
    that event was in october, so i guess they are still friends

  27. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    @original kate… oh really.. that’s what O Rly means.

  28. liz says:

    So sad 🙁

  29. TeeTee says:

    Her husband had money when he met her..he is a music executive..he won’t be broke (he still has that same position)

    I’m sure it was not about the $$ for him. I’d be surprised if he tried to get spousal support from her unless her managed her which he didn’t.

    I can’t remembr did Britney have a pre-nup?? oh nevamind.

  30. mymy says:

    My guess is she needs someone to blame for her bad album sales. She seems really fickle. And she does suffer from narcissism.

  31. BethL says:

    @original kate, tabloids and the general public have a low interest in Christina so she’s rarely in them. Although a lot of blogs do have pictures of her with her son. Also she has been in People several times posing with her son.

    I doubt Christina is disappointed and upset she’s not getting attention. If that’s what she wanted she would have announced it later. If cheating rumors are true she definately wouldn’t want the attention. Also Jordan is wealthy on his own. I can’t remember which show it was but they said he’s worth about $15 million and Christina is worth about $40 million.

  32. fizXgirl314 says:

    It’s probably because she finally got her eyesight checked :-/

  33. chasingadalia says:

    Hey, you know, it seems like it’s going to be a clean divorce, with both parents caring for their kid.

    I’m willing to bet they just fell out of love, because let’s face it, Christina isn’t exactly a hot mess.

    Also, if she cheated, wouldn’t he be more likely to file first? (Not an assumption – just an actual question for the people out there with more life experience than myself)

  34. original kate says:

    ok, i stand corrected. i guess xtina has pimped out the kid. geez, is there anyone in hollywood who hasn’t? i only read the tabloids at my chiropractor’s office, so i’m not that familiar with them. i just hadn’t really seen her in them with her family.

  35. Confuzzle says:

    I would die laughing if he starts dating Snooki.

  36. Jag says:

    @mln ~ That is exactly what I was going to say! She’s been having so much bad press about her attitude and her bad album sales, that she might have jumped at the chance to be one of the *three* divorces/separations this past week. That way, the coverage isn’t solely on her.

    I hope she gets back to what made her so great in the first place: her beautiful voice, strong lyrics, and great-to-dance-to songs. Maybe now she can revamp her image as of late. Of course, I only hope these things if she didn’t cheat on him. If she did, then I couldn’t care less whether she has a comeback or not.

  37. mylie1313 says:

    Christina Aquilara has got to be the worst looking person in Hollywood,fake blond hair, tired red lipstick,it is as if she is trying to remake her whole personna into something or someone that she is not. She looks like a modern day Betty Boop! Sorry look, Terrible!

  38. Amy says:

    Nice jacket and Jeans.

  39. siren6 says:

    I think it was a very smart and calculated move to park her announcement on the heels of the other divorce announcements. Maybe she doesn’t *want* her divorce being the lead story?

    I think that’s why she moved so fast from announcing the separation to filing for divorce. Just get all the news out there quickly, and hopefully bury it under the other bigger profile divorce announcements.

  40. Maritza says:

    She seriously needs to change her look,her over processed hair and that red lipstick is getting old.

  41. Ferguson. says:

    Divorce happens for a reason, so I dont feel sorry for her… she’s better off.

    Max is so cute (:

  42. alejandro says:

    I think her ego couldn’t handle her album tanking and that probably contributed to the demise of the marriage amongst other things I’m sure.

  43. dj says:

    Does anyone else think it is interesting that her first movie (w/Cher) is coming out very soon. The name is “Burlesque.” Mmmm.

  44. XTINA has sold 42,500,000 albums, sold out 3 world tours and had tons of endorsements, i’m sure she’s worth much more than $40m…

  45. Embee says:

    Love the photo of her being carried by him – she’s darling. They are both successful in their careers so I imagine this will work out just fine. I have no reason to suspect this, but I believe that parenthood tore them apart. She partied like crazy after the baby was born, and then they were — poof! — gone. I really like her but I think she tried too hard for “normal” and she just is not – she’s a star/diva.

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