Benji and Joel Madden reunite with their father

Benji and Joel Madden haven’t spoken to their father for more than ten years, after the (now recovering) alcoholic walked out on the family. Father Roger Combs (the boys changed their name to Madden after their mother’s maiden name) says that while he had some contact with them over the last three years, it is baby Harlow that has created a common bond. he talks to In Touch magazine about their reunion.

“My kids were mad at me, and I don’t blame them,” says Roger, who also has a daughter, Sarah, 27, and a son, Josh, 30, with Benji and Joel’s mom. Though Joel did start mending fences with Roger three years ago, it was Harlow who really reunited them. “We are good today, and that’s all that matters,” Roger says.

[From In Touch]

Roger Combs doesn’t say whether he has a relationship with his older children. He does add that holding his granddaughter was very special.

“It was a wonderful moment,” Roger exclusively tells In Touch. “She’s such a beautiful girl. I felt very proud.”

In Touch also reports that Nicole reassessed her relationship with her parents, saying that she ‘put them through a lot.’ Nicole has been to jail, and also rehab, as well as being best friends with Paris Hilton, which would make any parent nervous.

I’m not sure if Roger Combs sold his story to In Touch magazine, or if the Madden twins sold it, or if Roger was just sought out for comment. He might not understand the tabloid scrutiny the Madden brothers are under, and was just being a proud grandparent. He doesn’t talk at all about Paris Hilton, or Nicole Richie, who are most likely to result in inflammatory headlines. Hopefully his comments appearing in the press won’t create a misunderstanding like Jon Voight and Angelina Jolie’s relationship.

Joel and Benji Madden are shown at “Hornitos Tequila celebrates the ultimate ‘Cinco de Mayo’ experience at Crown Bar” on 5/5/08, thanks to WENN.

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  1. Bodhi says:

    I don’t see how those comments could be misinterpreted. All he said was that his relationship with the twins is fine now & that the baby is awesome. Big deal

    But we all know how the most innocent of comments can get skewed

  2. Banana Boat says:

    Can they maybe I don’t know, get a new LOOK? The hats and glasses. Blues Brothers say what. It’s beat.

  3. elisha says:

    Something about those guys gives me such an 80s vibe. Like they belong in Pretty in Pink.

  4. Codzilla says:

    Banana Boat, you’re right. These two look like fools.

  5. DANA says:

    it’s funny how these deadbeat parents ALL OF A SUDDEN want to be family men and women once the kids they abandoned become stars. it makes me wonder if a reunion would have ever happened if the twins weren’t famous.

  6. the devil says:

    these 2 guys look like they need a long, soapy irish spring shower, and some dabs of clearasil for about 2 weeks.

  7. Jamie says:

    If they weren’t famous, shit wouldn’t have happened because he’d never hear about it. Maybe Roger changed a little bit, but nothing is ever going to sew up the damage that was done. It’s been ten years and way too long. I haven’t seen my “dad” in about 3 years and I never want to see him again or forgive him under any circumstances. Just listen to “Emotionless”, “The Story of my Old Man”, “Complicated” and “Predictable”. Those words are not something that is easily forgiven. I was extremely surprised to hear this, to say the least. It seems to good to be true, in a way. I just don’t know how it could be done.

  8. tilly says:

    yea, their situation really isn’t as tragic as say kids who are orphans or get stuck in foster care, but to a kid parent abandonment really messes you up.
    Glad that they re-met their father.
    new loook…idk it’s okay.

  9. gcfan says:

    Its hard 2 get over something like that, i know, the magazine thing wouldnt help much when theyre just trying 2 reconect with their dad.

  10. Okorimakori says:

    God, why is everyone on here so mean? I kinda miss their old look, when they were more hardXcore, but it’s their choice about how the hell they want to dress. I think you guys should really just pay attention to what YOU’RE wearing, instead of critizing people you don’t even know. I think they look great, and that’s all there is to it.

  11. tiffany says:

    its been ten years…..
    Why would he think they want to be a family again, Obviously he hasnt heard “Emotionless”

  12. Tila says:

    it’s getting harder and harder to tell those two apart nowadays…
    it’s pretty cool that they’ve started to patch things up with him, you can tell in the lyrics to Emotionless, even though they were mad at him, they really missed him.
    At least they’re being big about it, as well as Roger, he could have turned his back and said he didn’t want to know them but he didn’t.

  13. Ben says:

    Joel and benji rocks

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  15. GCfan says:

    I’m glad they reunited cos I don’t want Joel and Benji to be sad! Yehay Harlow!

  16. I learned a lot thank you

  17. Virginia says:

    I think roger has really come to his sences. He said his realtionship with his twins is now fine. And that he loves his granddaughter. He’s been through a rough time to with his own father and just happend to get his genes, he’s good to them now. That happend with my father my mom devoirced him and he left when I was just two years old and he always used to come up to Canada to see me when I was eleven. Then we didn’t see each other up until I was 16 for personal reasons that I’m not going to tell he was an alcoholic and he used to get in fights with my brother. And he never ever supported me. He didnt change my diapers and he just left me there crying he’s a lot better now though.

  18. Virginia says:

    I love good Charlotte by the way just not as obsessed lol.