Jesse James shuts down West Coast Choppers after 18 years

Jesse James has made the decision to shut down his West Coast Choppers customizing shop in favor of focusing his efforts full time on his business in Texas, the Austin Speed Shop. Jesse of course moved to Austin with his three kids from his two exes to be close to the other ex he so publicly wronged, Sandra Bullock. TMZ reports that Jesse just wants to build his other business, but I would bet the decision is a financial one. He also owns a fast food restaurant, Cisco Burger, right next door to West Coast Choppers in Long Beach, CA. The fate of that business is unclear.

Jesse James’ Southern California bike operation has officially hit the skids — TMZ has confirmed the celebrity gearhead is shutting down the West Coast Choppers bike shop in Long Beach.

Sources close to Jesse tell us … James is living full-time in Texas and wants to focus on his shop out there.

WCC has been a staple in Long Beach since the early ’90s. So far, no word on what Jesse plans to do with Cisco Burger – his burger joint located right next to the bike shop.

[From TMZ]

In 2006, James admitted that customizing bikes isn’t profitable and that most of his revenue comes from tie-in businesses that enhance the brand like his clothing line. He saidWe probably lose money on every motorcycle we build still, and luckily we have other businesses to support the bike shop.” Earlier profiles of his company have their revenue derived almost 60% from clothing sales including t-shirts, sneakers and belt buckles. Jesse sells his clothing through Walmart, and is being sued by a clothing company who claims they were cut out of the deal. Now that his brand is in the crapper I’m sure those other businesses aren’t doing as well and can no longer float the shop. He held those eBay auctions following the scandal and I would guess he was feeling the pinch back then. This is what happens when you tie your business success to your image. When your name is mud, your business suffers.

Photos are from May, June and July. Credit: Fame Pictures




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  1. Amandahugandkiss says:


    Karma is obviously a rabid anti-nazi bitch.

  2. Hautie says:

    I tend to suspect that his clothing line has not really been affected. Men are probably the biggest customers of his gear.

    And unfortunately they don’t care about his ethically challenge decisions concerning his marriage.

    Look at Tiger Woods. No matter how big of dog he was… he can still sell that Nike gear like no one else.

    And I suspect Jesse’s shop in Austin will turn a profit too.

  3. Eileen says:

    Can’t say I’m really crying in my Cheerios this morning for him. Karma’s a beytch!

  4. stella9 says:

    He’s so fugly and that hairstyle is a balding guy’s hairstyle.

  5. Dolores says:

    Thank you, Jesus! One less creepola residing in Southern California. Take his loser business and go. I hope Sandy has a restraining order, the dude is a complete stalker. She must have gave him so much power over her life for him to think this is okay.

  6. LolaBella says:

    Since Sandy is Austin’s ‘home town girl’,will anyone there willingly support Jesse’s business considering how he publicly humiliated her?

    Say what you will about Jesse, but his shop turned out some really awesome bikes.

  7. Riley says:

    I think he should have called his Austin business “Vanilla Gorilla Bikes.”

  8. cranky chica says:

    The Austin Speed Shop was a family owned business for over 45 years. When the owner died (several years ago), I think Jesse either bought the place. It’s a very modest shop that does beautiful car restorations. Not fancy, no street frontage, very low key.

    I’m betting he’s got other business ideas. Not to mention the taxes he’s going to save (state income tax, business tax, lower cost real estate).

    He’s consolidating and planning a rebirth. I just wonder if he’s smart enough to get out of the public eye.

  9. daisy says:

    “When your name is mud, your business suffers.” Thats hilarious. You never fail to crack me up CB.

  10. Raccoon Princess says:

    He had so much and lost it all because of his own stupid actions. Why do I find myself feeling sorry for him? Must be hormones.

  11. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    He needs to lay low and regroup. I sure hope Sandra doesnt take him back, I will be so disappointed.

    He’s a douche loser and he needs to get his life in order.

  12. Teresa says:

    Public announcement to all “bikers”;

    Your motorcycle does NOT make “You”- — “Cool”.

  13. Tia C says:

    For the life of me I do not understand why he moved to Austin. If I was Sandra Bullock, I’d tell him he is more than welcome to stay the hell in California, nice and far away from where she’s living. Someone above said he’s a stalker, and that is not far off the mark – this move smacks of stalkerish behavior. Is he really doing it so that his daughter can still see Sandra and have a relationship with her? I doubt that’s really a priority for him. I guess time will tell, I just don’t get it.

  14. Renee says:

    What comes around goes around. Serves him right.

  15. craigc says:

    Why would anyone buy into this guys clothing brand?? His personal style is horrible.

  16. James says:

    Ive got some good party tips from this. Halloween is gonna be a good one! Thank you

  17. Anti-icon says:

    I hope he goes bankrupt. Then his bank account will match his soul—black and bottomless.

  18. Diva says:

    I live in redneckville, western Washington, and West Coast Chopper stuff is EVERYWHERE. It flies off the Walmart shelves here… these guys don’t give a crap about him cheating on some actress.

    Jesse James is not suffering.

    And Sandra Bullock is not upset he moved to Austin!


  19. REALIST says:

    Can you say “Mid-Life Crisis”? Obviously he knows he screwed up the best chance for happiness he had. Loser.

  20. Frank Wunder says:

    Oh great, as if Texas needs a jerk/@$$hole like this, but I’m sure Austin won’t mind…but still, why can’t he just go to another country or planet for that matter.

  21. MIssypants says:

    This is not karma yet. It doesn’t hurt enough.

  22. Drew says:

    I feel bad for him. Running a business is hard work, so if your personal life hits rock bottom, it probably feels like nothing is going right. I hope he is successful with his newer venture.

  23. Linda says:

    this posted by kat von d on her twitter page 13 hours ago. and i quote

    “@ABCfibi i named that lipgloss after nikkis son, Gunner! I love that shade!!”

    and this was retweeted by nikki himself

    and now the Vanilla Gorilla is closing shop. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    i wonder how long before nikki and kat announce that they are back together??

  24. Frau Friedrich says:

    Well, well isn’t everyone here just cherubic angels? Anyone from LB? No? Well FYI Jesse isn’t and has never been a Nazi. Yeah he took a picture wearing an SS cap. That a racist does not make him. The guy is a self made man who built his business with his own hands and with the help of his 1st wife who BTW isn’t a stripper, hooker or a Nazi. She’s the mother if his 2 oldest kids and a decent woman, not that anyone who’s decided to post about JJ cares. He was often on the wrong side of the law but changed and became a bodyguard for the band Danzig & then a business owner. The guy has helped out his community in a number of ways. What did he do to any of you that you’d rejoice in his downfall? He cheated on HIS wife, not on your Mom, best friend, or sister. Sandra Bullock is
    a good actress and what he did to her is beyond f’d up. The scumbag whore he cheated with is the one with the White Power trip. Do you really think he gave a rat’s ass about her “thoughts” or “views” on anything beyond how many times she’d blow him? The only reason I’m defending JJ is because lately it seems that in Hollywood anything including being a child molester (Polanski) is forgiven; but wear a Nazi cap and whatch out! The Thought Police will make sure you never get a second chance should you publicly F up. Leave the dude alone already.

    • Shrtchngd says:

      I agree Frau F. Btw as for being racist, he even said he had pictorial of 1 of his bikes with a black guy. When that came out he sent everyone that sent him hate mail a subscription to a black porn mag… haha O well most of these people are close minded fux that only follow n belief what the media has to say u need to believe in… fucm

    • j.j says:

      Amen brother

  25. Ashley says:

    I live in Texas (San Antonio, hour away from Austin) and I wouldn’t buy jack from him. Even if I were into motorcycles I’d stay away from him. Sounds like he bought someone else’s profitable business and is going to ride on those coattails. He’ll either do a crap job and no one will go there or the old customers will like his work regardless of what he has done and he’ll make a profit. Not many women frequent those kinds of places so you wo’t get a lot of the grudge holding crowd.

    I really wish JJ would have stayed in California. He doesn’t look like he’d fit into the Austin scene at all. And Texas doesn’t need his sorry ass, we’ve already got Bush.

    • West Coast Sucker! says:

      You are an idiot. Coat tails? This man mad millions by his damn self off of his name. Wtf does he need to ride coat tails for. There are people buying his stuff on eBay all day spending 10x what it cost originally. You dont know jack idiot. Wtf have you done? Doubt you have anywhere near his money. His personal life does not have shit to do with his work.

    • questionmarc says:

      Wouldn’t buy anything from him? Have you been to his shop? Have you ever been to WCC? Have you seen his work? I’m guessing no. I’m not from LB but have been to his shop, seen his work, and have met some of his customers. If I had the cash, he’s the first person I’d have build me a bike.

      Know your shit before you talk shit.

  26. Mike says:

    I’m so sick of this poor ole Sandra BS ! What did she think she was getting, the mans x wife before her was a damm porn star who was about as smart as a brick.

  27. Meanchick says:

    And I’m all torn up about it.

  28. Anti-icon says:

    #24: No one reading a gossip site would support thought policing. (We like to gossip, remember.) The difference between thoughts and ACTIONS (And Photos, and f**king a racist) are weeeeeelllllllllll beyond thoughts and right into actions that even us bitter old hag gossips can’t and don’t support.

    Again, I echo my original statement: I hope Jesse James goes bankrupt.

    He is already bankrupt in every other area of life. (except being a dad, and he sucks at that too, in my opinion, a dad doesn’t model sexual behavior of a racist pig.)

  29. Terry says:

    Get off jessie he loves Sandra and i bet she loves him.He did a lot of nice bikes,and i bet he can do the 50’s on cars.Just wait and watch.Show them Bro man JJ

  30. Terry says:

    Get off jessie he loves Sandra and i bet she loves him.He did a lot of nice bikes,and i bet he can do the 50’s on cars.Just way and watch.Show them Bro man JJ>

  31. Sally says:

    Nobody, absolutely nobody wants him in Austin. Everyone is laughing at him trying to make a living with his bike shop there. There are plenty of folks doing bikes in Austin. There is no need to come in contact with him. I certainly won’t ever take my bikes there. Never.

  32. Amanda says:

    I live in Long Beach. If Cisco Burger goes out, I’ll be sad… 🙁

  33. kevin gore says:

    Why is it people condem other people yes im talking about JJ everything people base there opions on is what the read or hear on the the news as for him being a bad dad thats a croc he loves his kids very much and the judge must have saw some good in him or he would never have gotten custody of his 6 year old there are other dads out there that dont have anything to do with there kids at all why dont we complain about that yes he made a mistake but we are are human we all make mistakes at one time or another this one was the hardest for him but for pete sakes leave the man alone I had the pleasure to meet him in person before he opened his place in long beach and i found him to a very pleasant man and i live in texas and im not that far from austin i cant wait to see his cars he does i know his bikes were fantastic

  34. Jim Cates says:

    Jesse should fit right in with the T-Shirts that say KEEP AUSTIN WEIRD

  35. steve says:

    funny how all the woman who would have slept with his 2 years ago now want him to die….fact is this… that man can build bikes and any other customs better than most any other man out there.. and calling him a stalker.. lets see.. do you know wht him and Sandra might have been saying to one another on the phone.. or if she is the reason he is moving there at all..
    all you have is what the “paper says”…

    heres a novel idea.. why dont all you girls.. go outside.. get some sun.. and .. i dont know.. ENJOY LIFE.. weird idea i know.. and couldnt possibly be as fun as pickin on celebs when they plunder…….

    GROW UP……


  36. steve says:

    why dont you concern yourselfs with deforestation, or maybe the drastic numbers of sharks being killer ever year.. hell i dont know.. maybe ask questiosn as to why your country is in IRAQ…… all much more valid concernsthat will one day effect the way people actually live on this planet, rather than where a guy decides to relocate……(not long ago, moving for a woman was considered romantic…..)

    and you wonder why your country is going down the shitty.. look around America

  37. zman says:

    “The Austin Speed Shop was a family owned business for over 45 years. When the owner died (several years ago), I think Jesse either bought the place.”

    Nope, try again…. Formally South Austin Speed Shop, it was started by Fat Lucky, John Joyo, and Mercury Charlie not even close to 45 years ago. LOL, Charlie is gone as is Fat Lucky. JJ bought part but not all.

    • noendply says:

      Ya if girls put out like they should I’m sure none of that would have happened….JJ is the sickest metal fabricator period. We are dealing with big boys and girls and I think they are perfectly capable of handling there lives regardless what any of us say.

  38. Dave or David M in Canada says:

    Has anyone noticed that most of the people bashing Jesse on this site are women?
    The only reason Sandy B married him was because she is like most other women, no matter how nice and sweet they are on the outside, THEY STILL WANT A BAD BOY INSIDE!
    Jesse James screwed around on every woman he has been with. Everyone knew this including Sandy B yet she still married him. So he is the bad guy? He jumped the next piece of tail that presented itself. She was just stupid and horney!

  39. gooodshop says:

    Very interesting post I enjoy your website keep up the amazing posts.

  40. outlawrebel says:

    who cares about his personal life? he can build bikes like no one old skool cool thats my opion and opions are like assholes OUTLAWREBEL1369

  41. frank says:

    i think all u people hating on jesse need to get a life im pretty sure your husbands arent the saints u think they are!And Austin Speed Shop is not a motorcycle bussines its a hotrod shop and who cares if u dont like his style its not for u! As far as money hes a millionare idiots from selling his west coast choppers line hes one of the best metal fabricators in the world and u cant take that away and for moving to texas welcome home jesse!

  42. Dougarillo says:

    Jesse James is Badass! Men cheat on their wives or girlfriends everyday, but since he is in the public eye he is an a$$hole. Sandra will be fine, and Jesse will make a come back! Go Jesse

  43. Katbluefan says:

    What Jesse did was wrong and what ExPres.Bill Clinton did was wrong as was UL Coach Rick Pitino did was wrong. Why is Jesse catching all this H*ll and Clinton, Pitino gets pats on the back and people treat them like they are such great men. I guess it’s because Jesse rides an AMERICAN Motorcycle. What a messed up society on MORALS

  44. hawgrider says:

    jessie just bought 1 of your jessie james scoots will the value be affected by the shut down of your shop???????? your bro… hawgrider aka.woodhead!!!!!!!!

  45. vickie sutton says:

    have u ever looked at a bike jj created he may be a dog, but he has a talent

  46. vickie sutton says:

    jj has talent, look at a bike he created.
    he might be a dog, but a dog w/talent

  47. Eddie winters says:

    I know Jesse I meet him at a bike rally and people need to keep their mouths shut about him you dont know him if you did you would know he is a stand up guy and is not above kicking any ones a$$.
    Stay cool Jesse
    your bro

  48. Henry Potter says:

    Never seen one of jj’s bikes but did drool over his off road truck he brought to the Goodwood Festival of Speed in 2009. That was awesome!!
    And don’t anybody forget, “Women will drag you where dynamite will never blow you”
    Henry Potter

  49. scott says:

    my brother knows jesse presonaly an tells me he a cool guy . he let my work on he own bike right in west coast chopper . they even throught the roany king riats togeather .i told by my brother witch calls dog that jesse is vary smart an we beleve that jesse well come back strong hell look at micel viki ? an the stuff he did . jesse a man an we all screw up it what we learn from our messup that make smarter . so hope the best jesse an kids .

  50. Wolfman says:

    Hey Jesse Pay Up Sucker !

  51. Deborah Winters says:

    I wish there was a way to reach Jesse James to see what I need to do to have him restore and, or “pimp Out” my 1965 mustang for my son who will be coming home in Oct. of 2011. Clayton is a huge fan of Jesse James and I know he would be thrilled beyond belief. Not all of us think it is cool that his private life was put on display for public consumption! If this ever makes it to someone who can help, please feel free to contact me. Thanks a million,

  52. nick el diablo anderson says:

    Any guy that has the time to sit on the floor an draw a radio with the nieghbor kid is a brother to me. Never keep ur back to the door,an anyone that wants to cut jesse down can eat fists LR.Any one ever stop to think he is trying to do good,ya we all mess up.What you doing to help people?Take time to talk crap?Man has a big heart an he helped me get sober in 2002.In adrought of hope comes a flood of faith.He laso gave me the encouragement to get my GEDD,and if you want to keep bothering his family im sure someone would thread a needle for ya hue chopper dogs,pink an blue NO SEE 13LOW RIDERS

  53. kevin says:

    Just alittle food for thought, when his personal life was good and quite nobody even knew him other than what the gd media said, then a t.v. show shot up his popularity. Then the media shot him all to hell when they put his life out for everybody, which over shadowed his generousity. Why can’t people just mind there own. Anyways Jesse piss on the haters and don’t change for anyone you’re agood, decent man and father keep on doing what you have to.
    Your Buddy Kevin

  54. jims nickels says:

    Being here in mt an being so far from the root of my child hood,i bet i know how you feel.I have always been haunted by lies hidden truths,always been do knothing with your life, shut up settle with a 8.00ahr job, an be unhappy.My dad had a triumph chopper an when they took my pictures it ruined me.I looked up to them more then people understand,its what kept me going,the goodtimes i had before life fell apart an into a nightmare of night after night asking the lord please save me. I to found myself on the sofa going Why lord!People talk about being a bad ass biker,ya until you lose someone close to you because hot doggin an acting like a drunk fool takes a loved one from you.Lifes not a game an Camel flauge would be the way to go for me.Mystery is what i see in life like a a picture of a hidden wall sent to you from a old brother.Lot of days i just want to say the heck with it,then a little encouragement sneaks in an keeps me going.One time i laid on the couch an my father an them fired up their choppers an the windows shook all i asked was,wheres everyone going were going riding,its when they came back the nightmare begins an started with a rumble an ended with a rumble.Your up stairs just wishing lord you were with them may life would of been good. Instead they showed up an they left an came back in an i lost my bubba,amen brothers Live or die i dont care anymore.

  55. Koowie says:

    I have a feeling Jesse James won’r be suffering much from this closing. He’ll be fine and he’ll live a life that most guys dream of.

  56. SailorSam420 says:

    I’ve noticed that just about everyone on this site that has bad-mouthed Jesse is not only female but more than a little upset that they weren’t the ones riding his joystick. Shut up leave the man alone! Let him make his blunders and his millions either in public or private.

  57. darrell says:

    Its funny how so much of you talk crap on him but I’m willing to bet everyone of owns someone of his. Heres the deal he made a mistake and nobody wants to let it go. grow up people we all make mistakes. the day you walk in his shoes and go through what he goes through and deal with the crap that you people put him through don’t judge him.

  58. Jake says:

    Wow some people are just being ass holes about this.
    Jesse James is cool not some monster.

    DONT JUDGE HIM!!!!!!!!!

  59. pete smith says:

    Remember ladies

    your the losers that pick the guy and Sandra is a big loser also , To all the Women blaming Jesse ….you better look in the mirror and say why are we all so stupid and stop blaming the guy , because once again you picked him..that includes all the bad relashionships in your life . OPEN YOUR EYES FOR ONCE AND PICK THE GOOD GUY !

  60. Ian says:

    I live in Australia and I think Jesse is a cool guy . To all those ppl trying to run him down , he has done more good for ppl then you will do in your entire life time. get a life and leave the guy just do his work . Which by the way is bloody Awsome . good on ya Jesse !

  61. FAME outofFRESNO says:

    why are most of these people on here calling him Jesse or his X by there first names like they sat at their table when they where married and ate dinner with them why cant people just mind themselves this man and his X have been through alot we need to stay out who is perfect in here or anywhere WCC CFL FOOOOR EVVVVVER

  62. Big J says:

    stay alive cheech. loved all the shows, hope success follows you in your new projects. going to miss the monster laughs.

  63. Big J says:

    is there ever going to be another tv show? people need to see you do your thing to understand what life is all about.

  64. Jody says:

    Really?!? All this hope for a guys ill-will? Over a break-up? Grow the F*%@ up!

    I’d bet good money over bad that everyone of you has a father…and I’d bet your mother isn’t his only relationship. That means somewhere out in the world there was a broken heart, that blames your father. Open your eyes to the really big picture, Hitler was evil and deserved bad things to happen to him, Sandra fans need to get over it, what are you people all middle school age? “he hurt the feelings of someone I like so now I want bad things to happen to him.


  65. josh says:

    i love the west coast choppers i would never of wanted this to happen i love bikes to

  66. david liston says:

    that sucks west coast choppers was awsome. well i like the brand and a think that jesse will do well with austin speed shop dunno what makes all you people think your so high and mighty to go onto a website and trash the guy he may have messed up but we all do it let the guy get on and rebuild. dudes got proper talent hope he keeps building awsome automitive machines.

  67. Mr P says:

    Get over it I’m sure all the wh@res he was banging where married to.I know at least half the women talking shit are no better with there cheating ways and the other half wish they can get another c@ck but are just to fat and ugly.Get over yourselves he has a god given talent and just keeps shit real.



    First off, you people are hilarious.
    West Coast choppers was single handedly the most powerful aftermarket motorcycle deal going. Jesse single handedly brought blue collar america to the for front. Its funny to see people bashing someone who has forgotten more important people than 98% of those on the forum have ever met. As for a racist heres one that will screw you all over. One of his best friends is Tyson Beckford go ahead google it yes hes black!!!. Bet you TMZ wish they knew that before they paid large for bombshells weak a&s story. Anyways now that you all feel like morons google how much money that shop generated. The interest alone from the shops profits are more than most will ever see. The shop is not hurting, and he sure isnt hurting for money. My advise to people who post when they know nothing is not to post because people who do know what their talking about are laughing there a&ses off at you!!!.

  69. Meanchick says:

    I don’t know if he’s racist or not, but having a “black friend” proves nothing. If you have (and respect) your black friends, then certain things would never come out of your mouth and you would not do certain things or hang aroung certain types. Again, I don’t know, but a black friend is not proof.

  70. johnny says:

    jesse in my opinion ur ur one of the baddest most bitchin creative induviduals of this era and i hope you continue to to show the incompetent gossipers the ol outlaw descendant is gonna ride with his head held high ,no matter what public b.s. outcome there is. hope u continue to invent or reinvent your custom style into the future your just doin what any other red blooded man would be doin with a bit of talent n money. ride on jess true fan 4 life johnny w tacoma wa

  71. Cathy says:

    I’m a FEMALE, and I did have his logos EVERY were, but after I see what kind of person he is… I went out and ripped them off of everything I own. I’m glad to see his shop close, and I hope his new one in Texas falls hard!!! I’m like OCC and JR designs( GREAT BIKES) and I like Cat(she is a great artist), and Sandra Bullock (is a good actress) and I just watched him do and say some childish stuff… GROW UP JESSE!!! Till then I will be going in mine and Hubbie’s clothes, and throwing out everything with your name on it!!!!!
    Glad I saw that before I bought my Hubbie’s bike from YOU. Think I’ll let JR build our’s for us!!!! Hope his kids grow up to be a better man then HIM!!!!
    Your “X-fan”, Cat (PS) Will make sure to let them know at bike week, just what kind of person you are, and already telling all our Bike Buddies to throw out your crap too!

  72. boozer says:

    You woman make me laugh. Sounds like a bunch of overbearing, low self asteem, worried that their man is cheating on them, neurotic, fools. Of course blame the man, has to be all his fault right? Never stopped to think maybe that Hollywood lifestyle was killing him? Your talking about a blue collar guy who has had trouble with the law, was a bodyguard, and enjoys metal work and tattoos. Then Sandy has him in a tux at award shows with a bunch of overpriviledged celebrities. How do you think he was treated by them? Pretty bad I’ll bet. I know how that is. My wife and I have been together for 22 years. I am from a blue collar country background but now live in one of the wealthiest counties in the world because my wife is from there. Do I like it? Hell no! I can’t stand the self centered, upity, Bentley driving, too much pastic surgery gettin, over indulging, nasty, polo playing, country club jackasses I come into contact with every day. It is straining our marriage even after 2 decades. Maybe that kind of lifestyle just was too much for him. BTW, anyone who thinks the media is more than 20% correct on their reporting is pretty naive. You don’t know the background so don’t judge. Jesse is a talented guy and I hope he does well.

  73. Kirk droddy says:

    All we need, another hillbilly egomaniac,male whore in Austin. We already have Rick Perry.

  74. Patski says:

    Cow-a-bunghole west coast tricycles. Man that Jesse the kid is one egomanic, thinks his s–t don’t stink. His bike’s are run off of the choppers next door mag. Have’nt seen a bike that he’s made worth looking at, the only thing that was worth looking at was his x-ole lady.. Smart girl for dropping that egg on the ground.. Make a bike an i’ll think about looking at it…

  75. nick says:

    A lot of ignorant ass women in these comments. lol

  76. littlebull29 says:

    Well I think you all must care about him if you took the time out of your day to look up this forum and post these comments about him. I know the people I dont care about and I dont waste my time trying to comment on them

  77. adam says:

    Iam a recent fan of JJ.our opion means nothing to JJ.Yeah he married a celeb so you know him?

  78. Simply wish to say your article is as amazing. The clearness on your put up is simply spectacular and i can assume you are an expert in this subject. Well along with your permission let me to snatch your feed to keep updated with forthcoming post. Thank you 1,000,000 and please carry on the gratifying work.

  79. DennySkerb says:

    Say what you will about the mans private life But you can’t take away that the guy is a metal working genius

  80. al says:

    To Jessie james
    I was a big fan of your TV shows. I liked your imagation of your car / trucks motorbikes.Plus I liked stunt shows. Hope the best for you and your family GOD. bless you and your family.

    ( shows yfamily GOD

  81. Cigar Chuck says:

    Jesse in my book you are still the man keep building great bikes. I’m from Richmond VA wish your bikes were out here. God speed and be safe. Cigar Chuck

  82. Cj says:

    I have a west coast chopper and it turns heads where ever I go. This guy is one of the top five true bike builders in the world gotta be great to have so many hateiers

  83. Irontiger046 says:

    Laughing at all the bitches who feel it necessary to put their two cents in where its not needed or wanted. When your life is perfect then feel free to bash someone else for their mistakes, until then just STFU already

  84. Michael says:

    You guys are stupid. His business was making no money for years before his marriage stuff happened. You guys dont no shit. He decided to close it down because he wanted to putt more of his time in Austin.