Lindsay Lohan could get sentenced to a year in jail on Friday

45091, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Friday September 17 2010. Amidst reports she failed a court ordered drugs test, Lindsay Lohan shows off her tattoo I restore myself when I'm alone during a night out in LA. Reports suggest the troubled star could return to jail after supposedly testing positive for cocaine. Photograph:   Anthony,
Lindsay Lohan has been ordered to personally appear before the judge in a hearing Friday to determine her fate after violating probation yet again by failing drug tests. It’s thought that she’ll be sentenced to an additional 30 days in jail for each violation, but it could be much worse than that. Radar Online is reporting that she could get up to a year in jail if the judge decides to throw the book at her, and it’s looking more likely. That would mean she’d serve at least four to five months. Lindsay has of course been at the Betty Ford rehab clinic since September 27 trying to avoid jail again and show that she’s finally serious about her sobriety. It may be too little too late for her. Here’s more:

Judge Elden Fox could sentence Lindsay Lohan up to one year behind bars when she appears for her probation violation hearing on Friday, has learned exclusively .

A source close to the actress, 24, told “Judge Fox could be inclined to sentence Lindsay on Friday up to one year in jail. The fact that he ordered Lindsay to appear, even though she is currently in rehab and not planning to fight the probation violation, has Lindsay’s legal team very, very, concerned.”

The insider continued, “Even though Judge Fox has previously said that any dirty drug test would result in an automatic 30 days behind bars, he could go above and beyond that and simply terminate her probation. If he does that, he can sentence Lindsay to up to one year in jail. She would get credit for time served from her stint at Lynwood earlier this year and would probably do four to five months in jail.”

As reported, Lindsay failed a drug test just 3 weeks after her release from UCLA Medical Center in August. She appeared in court and was immediately remanded to custody at Lynwood Correctional Facility. Her lawyer filed an appeal, however, and she was released after several hours. Lindsay then voluntarily checked into the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, Calif. where she’s been receiving treatment.

A source close to Lindsay’s camp told, “I wouldn’t be surprised if she gets a year in jail and serves six months. I think everyone close to her would like to see her go back to rehab, but there’s an overwhelming feeling that something is going to happen to Lindsay if she doesn’t go away for a long time, so they’re reconciling with the fact that she could go to jail for a while. People are scared.”

As reported exclusively on Wednesday, Judge Fox has refused to meet with Lindsay’s lawyer and the DA before Friday’s hearing.

[From Radar Online]

Would anyone except Lindsay and her insane family be surprised if she got sent back to jail for a few months at least? TMZ is reporting that the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department will be prepped and ready to take her to jail directly following that hearing. They write that “We’re told deputies, both undercover and in uniform, will be in the courthouse with a vehicle warmed up and ready to take Linds to Lynwood Correctional Facility.” Will she get another couple weeks with Twizzlers and fan mail or is she going to go away for much longer than that? I’m voting for 30-60 days.

45076, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Friday September 17, 2010.  Lindsay Lohan arrives at a recording studio in LA amidst reports that she has allegedly failed a drug test after being tested positive for cocaine last week. Photograph:  David Tonnessen,

44907, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Tuesday September 14, 2010. Lindsay Lohan makes her way to Santa Monica County Court court for a court mandated urine test accompanied by her assistant Eleonore. The two are seen leaving in a white Porsche. Photograph:

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  1. logan says:

    The entire family should enter under a family plan. Cells for everybody!!!
    Parents should get one year for every year they sucked the life from their daughter. All the parenting classes in the world couldn’t fix those two. They should use them in new anti drug commercials.

  2. Kitten says:

    I’ll believe it when I see it.

  3. tuscan sun says:

    The trouble is we’ve been here a thousand times before. Lindsay never does anywhere near the jail time the so-called experts predict.

  4. Nudgie says:

    So sad – she will learn nothing in jail. Keep her in Betty Ford for MANDATORY 6 months. Do us all a favor 😉

  5. spanks says:

    *yawns*…these jail threat stories are really old and boring now. we all know nothing will happen to her.

  6. Samigirl says:

    I’m with Kitten.
    She has gotten 9023490384902384 chances to do good, and I won’t be surprised if she gets yet another one tomorrow.

  7. Brittney says:

    I normally don’t comment on stories about Lindsay, but this whole thing just makes me so, so sad.

    I wish there were some way for the courts to accurately detect how serious she is about her own recovery. If she’s serious this time, she needs to continue where she is. I hope her counselors at Betty Ford have been in communication with the judge, because she needs a very extended stay in rehab, not more (shortened) time in a jail cell. She’s done some very dangerous and stupid things and put others’ lives at risk, but I think it’s very clear that these were consequences of her drug abuse, and I very much hope that Judge Fox and LA County pool their resources to get this girl BETTER. God knows no one in her life’s ever going to do that.

  8. e-non says:

    her contempt for the court is on full display in the way she dresses for it.

  9. Lisa says:

    Is anyone really surprised it went down this way?? I’m sure she and her family will once again deny any wrong doing, that it’s all a misunderstanding and it won’t happen again. She’ll take it seriously. And I agree with the post about the family plan….The parents should be held accountable for the choices they’re making. You don’t pimp your kids out so you can have a certain lifestyle and that’s what these two do. If the parents except no responsibility, why should the kids…remember the old saying monkey see monkey do..Totally applies in this situation. It’s sad, but maybe if Lindsay had someone who made the right choice and had expectations, she would have been more stable.

  10. Innocent says:

    Wow this is a fairly nice Lindsay post.
    I think checking into Betty Ford appears to be too little too late and it is ominous that the Judge has personally ordered her to appear.

    If she actually got the year she would probably serve 2 or 3 months max and Lynwood would kick her out as soon as they could.
    The last time she was there and facing 29 full days they cleared most of the special needs unit that houses 24 people.
    Tomorrow i don’t think it is a question of her going to jail it is just matter of how much time.
    If he completely revokes her probation the only good thing will be is once she is released from jail she will be free.

    In that bottom pic that is just her meeting her probation officer for a random drug test.

    This is her 5th time in rehab and she has super strict bail conditions (SCRAM, banned from bars, random searches). So there is no way to gauge how serious she is when if she didn’t stay sober or violated she would have been in jail until the hearing.
    She is serious about avoiding or spending as little time as possible in jail LOL

  11. Praise St. Angie! says:

    Though I think that a long jail and/or rehab stint (5-6 months sounds good) would be the best thing for her, I have my doubts about her actually being sentenced to it.

    Until she wakes up, takes responsibility for all of her past behavior and legal problems, and says sayonara to her enabling crackhead “momager”, she’s never going to get better.

    EDIT: “She’s done some very dangerous and stupid things and put others’ lives at risk, but I think it’s very clear that these were consequences of her drug abuse”

    Brittney, I disagree. There are plenty of people who abuse drugs and don’t do the things she did. I think it was more than just the drugs – I think it was years and years of everyone, including her mother, enabling her, letting her do whatever she wanted, and never making her face any consequences for her actions. plus, the mother telling her, and everyone who would listen, that “this child is a victim!”. LL bought into it, and this is where she ended up.

  12. Laura says:

    I think Lindsay just needs to switch drugs. She should ditch the coke, adderall and booze and do some LSD, shrooms, or weed. She wouldn’t be out and about doing stupid shit (well, hopefully not, but with her you can’t tell), and it might facilitate some self reflection which is obviously sorely needed.

  13. happymom says:

    Is there rehab for being a self absorbed twit? Is there rehab for having the parents who pimp you out and do whatever they can to get money and attention?

  14. sisi says:

    a source close to Lindsay said…? She always had mild sentences, why would they suddenly fear such a result? This is probably created by the Lohan PR macine to get some hype for the court hearing. Make her headline news again so stories around/about her are more worth.

  15. Kitten says:

    At the risk of sounding very self-help/new-agey: I really think that her drug use is the lesser problem here. The fact that she is in complete denial about every detrimental decision she has made for herself is a much, much larger issue. She has zero sense of accountability and is utterly lacking in gratitude. She really needs to step up and take control of her life. You can’t ever feel empowered to change if you never take responsibility for the path your life is taking.

  16. Hautie says:

    Score Card:

    Judge 1 Lindsay 0

    I can recall how thrilled Lindsay and Dina was when this Judge Fox was assigned to her case.

    And I said then that they should have kept the Judge they had. That this man was not going to go easy on her.

    And he hasn’t so far.

    I predict Lindsay has maybe a 55% chance of getting to stay in rehab and avoid jail. Since she got BUSTED for trying to escape rehab to go buy a “coke” Judge Fox may not be in a forgiving mood.

  17. Meow Mix says:

    Agree with Kitten

    How many chances is she going to get?

  18. happygirl says:

    well…here’s to hoping. **fingers crossed**

  19. liz says:

    Best thing that could happen to this vapid twat

  20. Marie says:

    Oh if only we could get so lucky. I just be glad when she is done at Betty Ford so she can go on one of her outings and maybe od, now that would be luck.

  21. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    I hope this will happen for her sake, but Im sure it wont.

  22. TG says:

    @Praise St. Angie – You are right on with your analyis in that last paragraph. And until she sees her mom for what she is she will never get better. She needs to understand her mom is detrimental to her health and well-being.

  23. original kate says:

    that blazer/drawstring shorts combo she’s wearing in the bottom photo looks very “golden girls” – except those ladies would have rocked it.

  24. Innocent says:

    That story about her trying to escape was fake.
    I wouldn’t even give her a 55% chance i would says its 25%.
    Honestly if Lindsay was forced to stay in court ordered rehab for 90 days and went to Morningside i don’t even think she would have made it a month before violating and being back in court.

    Judge Revel recused herself on the 5th and then her team was working on her early release which happened on the 24th.

    If she got 30 days for each violation so 30-60 days for failing the test(s) and 30 days if she missed some meetings which is 90.
    Does that mean anything over 60 or 90 would mean her probation was terminated?

    With all the chaos her 14 day stay caused in the Summer Lynwood would let her out as soon as they could and if she got the max sentence of 1 year i don’t think she would do any more than 2 months.

  25. TaylorB says:


    I agree. That whole ‘she is a child and a victim’ stuff just irritates me. Children who are raped, enslaved, sold, abused etc… those kids are victims; entitled, spoiled brats are not, especially when they are adults. I do feel bad for her on some level, as I do with many child stars that must be a confusing life and her parents seem to be basically awful people, but she is an adult now and her behaviour and piss poor attitude are her responsibility.

  26. anoneemouse says:

    At this point, the Court could sentence her to life in prison and she’d still be out in an hour….

  27. Tia C says:

    I’m with kitten, spanks & Samigirl. Probably nothing will happen to her when she goes to court Friday. If she does get some type of just punishment, I will be pleasantly surprised.

  28. 5-6 months in rehab would be the best for her.

  29. Meanchick says:

    Unfortunately, the little white girl will not go to jail. She’ll live out her remaining days getting high and going back & forth to court, crying to the judge and acting like a little ‘itch-bay’ when the cameras aren’t rolling. She’ll finally OD and everyone will be so sad and then the Fanning sisters will play young and older LL in the movie-bio of her ridiculous life.

  30. redlips says:

    Thirty days in jail and then a mandatory 6 month stay at Betty Ford!

  31. ShaGlitter says:

    Dina needs a serious stint in rehab, my God she’s always high on pills and drunk, the whole family needs intensive therapy. If the mom doesn’t get off drugs Lindsay never will for certain…

  32. Bodhi says:

    The “escape story” was fake? Since when? Thats the 1st I’ve heard of it being fake, not that I pay THAT close attention to LL’s pathetic life

  33. Jackson says:

    Don’t tease me like this CB.

  34. Crash2GO2 says:

    I do think that eventually the chickens will come home to roost for Lindsay. Whether or not this is the time, I don’t know. I’m glad the judge is making her sweat it out though.

  35. Jenna says:

    I hope she gets a heafty jail sentence and then mandatory 6 month rehab. she needs serious punishment. the “F U” thing on her finger was enough before.. and she didn’t even get shit about it. this girl needs to learn her lesson. any other person who is not famous wouldn’t be able to get away with this shit!

  36. Str8Shooter says:

    The fact that she has such contempt for the court in the first place, given her attire and that she always shows up late (or not at all) should definitely figure into the judge’s sentencing guidelines.

    Any other poor schmo (who didn’t come to court dressed like a freakin’ WHORE) would be doing a year already, easily.

    Sorry, I’m all about rehab for drug users rather than jail, but this girl has spat in the face of the legal system time and time again.

    Time for the orange jumpsuit!

  37. ElizabethM says:

    Why does T.I. get 11 months in prison and Lindsay gets break after break after break? I know Judges Revel and Fox seem to be trying to throw various books at her but surely they know those books are just the soft sided pictures books. Surely SOMEONE in the CA legal system can figure out a way to get this “child” punished and straightened out.

    If I was T.I.’s lawyer, I would be sitting in the CA Atty General’s office demanding to know why Lindsay gets special treatment and T.I. has to go to jail/prison.

  38. Jeri says:

    She needs to go to a prison instead of the Lynwood Correctional Facility. She wouldn’t get out as early & wouldn’t be treated so special.

    Prison would have something for her to do besides sitting on her butt feeling abused & picked on. It may make the whole thing seem more real to her & not just a show for the judge & potential employers.

  39. craigc says:

    Oh come on, people!!! Lindsay will NOT be sentenced to any more jail time…

  40. meilamon says:

    @ElizabethM-Damn straight! I’d like the answer to that too! I’m so disgusted by it.

  41. Innocent says:

    For misdemeanors you get COUNTY JAIL.

    It sucked that T.I got 11 months but he was lucky to get such a good plea deal in the first place on the weapons charges when he was a convicted felon.
    The prosecution was asking for 2 years.
    Also it wasn’t just the drugs possession which he lied about and the the failed drug test. He was associating with a convicted felon that was involved in the first incident when he got a plea deal.
    His new song is great and it’s sad that he seems have realized too late that he needed to change.

  42. ElizabethM says:

    @ Innocent….thanks for the info about T.I.’s criminal history. I didn’t know any of his history (and was too lazy to look it up) so I didn’t know how serious his crimes were.

    Back to Lindsay…..she basically kidnapped (I realize that’s not the most accurate term but it’s the only one that comes to mind) those guys in the SUV that she hijacked yet CA doesn’t seem to think that was serious enough to slap her in jail. If I did that, I would have been locked up so fast it would have created a vortex!

    Ah well, at least I’m in Texas and she’s not. That makes me about 10,000 times safer than people in CA. I bless their hearts (and their safety)!

  43. shoeaddict says:

    @Elizabeth: regarding T.I.: He was locked up in FEDERAL prison for Federal FELONY FIREARM charges(and prior to this he was already on probation for a drug conviction) and was set free on probation and as long as he stayed out of trouble he would have still been free today. Jurisdiction for Federal Courts are divided into districts and he was sentenced in a Atlanta area district and not in California. He violated his Federal conviction probation by having Federal FELONY drug charges filed against him in California. It doesn’t matter what State he was charged in as all criminal offenses are deemed probation violations regardless as to where they happened. He’s going back to Federal prison somewhere in the Southeast. To add more fuel to the fire: when T.I. was pulled over in L.A., he was in the company of a known felon(the man who had sold him the guns in the first place). While he is talented, he is, without a doubt, very stupid.

  44. la chica says:

    she deserves at least 90 days for disrespecting the court by showing up with “f**k you” written on her nail.

  45. Confuzzle says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! The only way I could cope is if Britney’s crack dealer steps up their game.

  46. Mermaid Girl says:

    @meangirl – hahahahahaa – right on! we’re getting a lifetime of lindsay lohan why not watch it on lifetime! made for tv

  47. Annicka says:

    I wish. I don’t believe it though. Besides, what would we all do without a daily dose of crackie antics??

  48. skeptical says:

    it’d be nice if something resembling actual Justice was done.
    any ordinary person would never have gotten this many chances.

  49. CB Rawks says:

    She needs to go to jail to protect everyone else. And Innocent should have to spend every moment guarding her.

  50. Nick says:

    I think most people are not giving the penal system enough credit here. Yes, LL has had many chances but this time is different. She has already served time and is in the “system”. Judges/Prosecutors are not as leniant when a defendant has previously served time. Sort of like the cat is out of the bag. I predict she will be sentenced back to jail.

    To the person who said that Dina is always drunk and high on pills, was that serious? I only ask because if true I am surprised that Papa Lohan has not brought that up. Regardless, I feel for the girl. Her parents are so messed up and the one person she counts on (Mom), completely uses her. Its really sad, she has no one to turn to.