Usher says monogamy is a decision he has to make every day

Usher, who last year married Tameka Foster after postponing the wedding to his then 5 months pregnant fiance only hours before the ceremony, has this to say about his marriage.

And while Usher insists marriage and commitment have changed his life for the better, he admits monogamy doesn’t come naturally to him – and he has to fight his wandering eye.

The star tells Cosmopolitan magazine, “I’m good at making love, but I’m not good at being in love. It’s a conscious decision every day to love the person you’re with.”

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It seems to me it’s only a matter of time before he cheats. This comes hot on the heels of his comments last month to Entertainment Weekly.

‘I was just looking for good times. In the club. Not living right. This woman. That woman. Uncertain. Unsure…. But there does come a time when you start thinking, Who’s gonna love me and take care of me when I’m down? Who’s gonna care about making sure that I’m okay? I need a companion. Damn.”

”I understand the whole thing about the drama between me and my mother,” he concedes. ”To be honest with you, we had a very one-sided relationship, and for obvious reasons: She had to make the majority of the sacrifices; otherwise we didn’t go forward…. I’m pretty sure that my mother would want to forever manage me. She’ll always be my partner.”


Do I smell divorce? Last month rumors of a divorce in the works which was denied by his rep. While Usher might be struggling to love the one your with, I suspect Tameka is tired of taking care of her adolescent husband and a baby at the same time.

Their whole marriage has been plagued by suggestions that not all is well – shortly after the two met he fired most of his staff, including his own mother who did not attend either of his weddings. Tameka is supposedly domineering, she definitely has a criminal record, and she likes to try to control his career. When you break up a family, poke your nose into part’s of your husband’s life, and generally are a demanding bitch, it’s highly likely that your not-undateable husband is going to go out and get himself a new piece of arm candy.

Usher and Tameka are shown in the header outside MTV’s TRL on 4/7/08 and below “leaving a party thrown by the Beckhams at Via Veneto restaurant in Santa Monica” on 4/20/08, thanks to WENN.

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  1. lulu says:

    if he’s struggling every day to be faithful, then he is obviously not in love. it sounds like he just wanted the comfort of having someone to come home to every night. if i heard my husband make statements like those, i wouldn’t feel very good about where i stand…

  2. Mr. T says:

    What a fool.

  3. abc123 says:

    His head looks like he just came out of the birth canal. Hence the cone head. His wife looks like the chick that works the window at Mc D’s…

  4. headache says:

    You’d feel the same way too if you were married to her. Not only is she beyond fug, she is a scheming, demanding, rude diva.

  5. fee says:

    Hahaha I totally thought he had a “birth canal” head too! He sounds like a dickhead and from what a gather his wife is a controlling bitch who got knocked up to trap him – sounds like a perfect match!

  6. just me says:

    He doesn’t love her. People don’t make those kinds of comments about their relationship when they’re in love.

  7. clare says:

    Isn’t Usher a Scientologist? That comment sounds like John Travolta and Tom Cruise talking about their marriages.

  8. Jen says:

    That guy is a POMPOUS DOUCHE. I have never liked him. Ugh, it’s called humility, pal.

  9. Codzilla says:

    Interesting how all the comments he made about settling down centered around his needs. Who will take care of me? Who’s going to comfort me? What a dickhead.

  10. Banana Boat says:

    There was a recent TRL clip of him making a weird rant (it was on dlisted I think) about how people need to ‘stop talking’. etc.. he seemed a little unhinged.
    Anyone who need to try so hard to sustain emotion (like love) has deep issues. He sounds like a sociopath. Seriously.

  11. devilgirl says:

    Isn’t he full of himself. What a complete cad and total douche bag.

  12. ThatBKChick says:

    After I saw his most recent pics with his shirt off with showing his man boobs….I would be feeling a bit pectish myself…..There can only be one BAAATCH with the boobs US-HER!

  13. drm says:

    What a complete wanker! Interesting how he comes out with such rubbish and people who comment on it here blame his wife. He’s a faithless, disloyal idiot plain and simple. His poor wife imagine how you’d feel having your partner say that kind of stuff to you privately let alone in print!!!

  14. TINKERLOVE says:

    She is an idiot as well, or should I have said the manly looking woman is an idiot? either way it goes they don`t make a good couple and his wife has an adam apple… RMAO 😛 :mrgreen:

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