Kate Gosselin’s nanny quit because Kate is a controlling bitch


You know I can’t stand Kate Gosselin, but even I was slightly perturbed by this story Life & Style just sent us. It’s a simple story about how Kate’s nanny just quit, because Kate is a demanding bitch, and the whole thing turned into a hit piece about Kate being a sh-tty mother. Which… I mean, sure, I think she’s a crappy mom. She is obviously a fame-hungry narcissist who would rather be in LA working on herself than in Pennsylvania, putting together lunchboxes. So why does this bother me?

It looks like Kate Gosselin may be forced to actually parent her eight kids now — her nanny, Ariel Cantara, has walked out!

“Kate is not the easiest person to deal with,” says an insider close to the reality-TV mom to Life & Style. “She drove Ariel insane. Kate’s controlling and a neat freak. No wonder Ariel quit.”

And Ariel isn’t the first nanny to give Kate the kiss-off. “She has gone through about 11 nannies and tons of helpers in the past few years,” says the insider to Life & Style. “Shifts can last up to 24 hours, and you have to go on trips with the family. Sleepovers are often required, and there is no set schedule with days off. You work when Kate says she needs you to work.”

The Kate Plus 8 star, who’s currently not on TV, could save some money by being a more hands-on mom (she’s been known to pay her nannies $25 an hour) — but that, of course, would interfere with her salon appointments and bid to make it in Hollywood.

“Kate is unavailable to her children,” says the insider. “She never plays with them anymore and is constantly busy with her personal affairs. That’s why she always needs a nanny!”

[From Life & Style]

I don’t know much about standard hourly rates for nannies, but $25 an hour sounds like decent enough pay. Did she just have the ONE nanny for eight kids? No, right? She has several nannies, and just one of them quit because $25 an hour wasn’t enough to soothe the savage famewhore known as “Kate”. But if I was a nanny and I was “on call” 24-7, I would quit too. Enough is enough.


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  1. Diane says:

    I can’t say this surprises me, I know I couldn’t work for her no matter what the pay. Feel awful for the kids.

  2. lucy2 says:

    And in other news, water is wet.

  3. Sarah says:

    I’m glad her 15 minutes seems to be fading.

  4. Riley says:

    Honestly, I don’t think 25 dollars for 8 kinds is enough— that is the size of a private school preschool class. A friend of mine watches two children several days during the week and she is paid 10 dollars an hour. These are well behaved, sweet children who enjoy doing puzzles, playing with their dog, watching Disney, and playing on the Wii. My friend doesn’t have to do a whole lot when she is with them but they enjoy her company and having her play Wii with them. Of course, 25 dollars comes to about 50,000 a year but when you are an octomom, you should probably be paying at least twice as much for somebody to keep your children. I wonder though if she doesn’t have a couple or three nannies come at the same time, 1 for every 3 children (I am really hungover today and so had to edit this stupid post like 5 times).

  5. MissyA says:

    Yeah, if you’re a live-in nanny, you get salary and benefits. End of discussion.

    I’m waiting with baited breath for Maddy’s tell all.

  6. Kelly says:

    Shiny, shiny! Does powder not exist on the Kate Planet?

  7. Maritza says:

    I hope she has been saving her money because I have a feeling her TV career is fading very fast.

  8. Marjalane says:

    O.K., so who does like her? Why is she always People magazine’s hero? Are there people who watch her show? I don’t get it- you have to have at least some sort of fan base to exist. Is the attraction just a sideshow thing where people want to see the extent of her plastic surgery, and/or the extent of the damage done to her kids?

  9. HotPockets says:

    $25.00 is not enough to put up with Satan

  10. ann says:

    This woman makes me want to vomit.

  11. RobN says:

    Maybe she shouldn’t work, she could stay at home and make lunches, and wait for Jon to pony up a child support check. Cause that’s going to happen. Or she can work, support her family, pay a nanny $50,000 a year, and wait around for her to sell a story to the first tabloid who is willing to pay for it. Not a lot of great options there.

  12. Tess says:

    Not cool. These nannies know what they’re getting into when they accept the job. And it’s seriously not a good idea to badmouth a previous employer in a such a public way before the next one job is lined up.

  13. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    @lucy2…..LMFAO at you!!

    “and in other news, water is wet.”


    She shouldnt have had any children if she was so selfish. No wonder Jon left.

  14. citysuede says:

    @RobN – I agree – she is a working mother. This is a reality in our society for even those women who don’t have Jon as an ex-husband.

    I am not a fan of the show, only watched one time for about 10 minutes and thought she seemed over the top. However, I must say that if I had 8 kids and was married to a guy that didn’t help or take any initiative whatsoever, I would probably be a maniac too!

  15. Kim says:

    I don’t think the nanny necessarily thought $25 wasn’t enough… whoever wrote this used that amount to convey that that Kate blows a lot of money on nannies, not that she’s cheap.

  16. Judy says:

    Kate and TLC have made it impossible for Jon to work by binding him contractually. She wanted the divorce, NOT Jon, yet she kept the house. Even typing her name makes me nauseous. She’s the world’s biggest FAKE.

  17. original kate says:

    fakest smile ever. *shudder*

    she gets no sympathy from me, period. nobody forced this stupid bitch to marry a baby-man and have 8 kids.

  18. H says:

    Doesn’t she make $250,000 and episode for her Kate plus eight show. She doesn’t HAVE to work. If she toned down her life style she would have plenty of money and be able to stay with her kids. As a couple, they were doing this for several years, long enough to have money for the kids for school and save for when people got sick of them so they could work minimally. Instead they believed their own hype and got greedy and showed everyone what A-holes they are.

    And as far as the whole single mom BS, please, I know moms with no nanny and Ahole don’t pay dads too, making it work on a lot less. This chick gets zero sympathy from me.

  19. belle Epoch says:

    AMAZING when you look at the quaint little Pennsylvania housewife who got pregnant with a litter. At that time it looked like her destiny was to be an exhausted stay-at-home mom.

    Fast forward a few years and she’s a Hollywood has-been with full time nannies, orange tan, French tips, botox, fake boobs, tummy tuck, and an intimate “bodyguard” who works in flipflops to make it easier to chase all those people who want to kidnap her.

    I hate “reality tv” and the celebutards it creates.

  20. frank franken says:

    god, she is terrible and she isn’t even a real “star”. how people can act like this is beyond me.

  21. jess says:

    Kate would be difficult to work for.since she has little respect for people.I feel for her kids,so many nannies vanishing.

  22. bros says:

    she and the kids were making bank for a number of years. college is paid for. and she should have lots of cash put away in the bank. that plus the fact people forget she is actually a capable NURSE–she should have plenty of money to either stay at home with her kids or work to pay nannies decent wages. she makes me sick and is the worst kind of lazy famewhore.

  23. Twez says:

    What is going on with her top teeth? It’s as though they are all shifted to her left. Her right central incisor is centered under her nose. I can’t unsee it.

  24. Anthony says:

    Yeah, I can see her nanny quiting for that reason…even Jon, her husband at one point or several times has said that Kate is controlling. No one wants to work for her or f**k her

  25. Nudgie says:

    NoNanny McPantless – oh wait! That’s the OTHER vapid famewhore…

  26. Westcoaster says:

    Any bets on which one of the Gosselin children will write a “Mommie Dearest” tell all book? There must be alot going on in that household that is not making the tabloids. Would not be surprised if TLC is keeping some major dirt under wraps

  27. Kim says:

    I have no problem with her working if she wants but then she shouldnt have choosen to raise 8 kids. I believe she works so she doesnt have to be at home with the kids all day. This isnt someone who should have choosen to have 8 kids if she didnt want to be hands on. She doesnt have to work, the $ from the show would support her and her family not to mention they get so much free stuff its insane. Its sad she chooses to work versus stay with her kids.

  28. Obvious says:

    Ya know Jon is shiftless and needs to man up. However I still feel bad. He never got his balls back., I still think about Kate screaming at him on TV because he was breathing too loud. The guy sowed his wild oats all at once, sad for the kids. but personally I’d rather live with deadbeat dad than shrew mom.

    And TLC has made it nearly impossible for him to work in tv. he could get a REAL job. And Kate COULD realize the world does not revolve around her spend some more time with her kids and maybe relax a little bit.

  29. jc126 says:

    Hate her. HATE HER. The one thing I can say is that hopefully with the money she’s made, she’s paid back in taxes the amount of taxpayer money she and Jon received after the kids were born.

  30. Ms_Fu says:

    I don’t understand why each of them (Kate and Jon) don’t return to their original professions. Kate can sell the house, fire the bodyguards, and with all the money that she has hopefully saved from her and the family being on TV, she can go back to nursing. Nurses make great money and are in high demand.
    And Jon obviously isn’t making any money doing nothing. If he returns to work as an IT guy, making $50K a year (?), he can support himself and help support the children. The children will appreciate this return to normalcy. Unfortunately, both of them are so warped up in their egos that I know this will never happen. I’m just ranting is all.

  31. tracy says:

    Be gone already.Go Home!Stay there!

  32. HBIC says:

    Oh it is so time for this one to fade into oblivion.

  33. Susie says:

    So we’re supposed to feel sorry for this idiot that popped out eight kids, six at one time? What a way to try and make a living. No nanny in her right mind would take on this woman’s madness. It’s time for her to disappear. Her and her litter and the dumb bitch husband. They all need to move to another country.

  34. Ellen says:

    I have a friend who, while looking like a million bucks, peers out from behind her long bangs looking pitiful, like feel sorry for me look. Despicable. The woman has one teenager, an older husband who rides her ass in bed, and a rather large house to manage. She brings crowds of people into her home constantly, then complains about how tired she is. Making yourself into a slave and then expecting others to feel sorry for you is pathetic. She expects me to help in the kitchen when I visit, or walk the dog…me who has chosen to not have children or steady guy because I like my complete freedom. Unbelievable. I rarely visit her anymore. It’s too much work.

  35. tracey says:

    This woman always looks so miserable when caught out unawares. The only time you see her smiling is when there is a camera that she is aware of. What a crazy bitch. She made it, now she has to lay in it.

  36. Sammy says:

    Caught some dialogue from the first show once, between her and the husband. Was completely in shock over the disrespect and contempt she showed him. Was not surprised in the least when the guy bailed. For some reason she has been coddled and idolized in this country. I’ve met a lot of women like her who think they are owed something for growing a baby in their bodies. What a sick society we have bred.

  37. Dee Vine says:

    @RobN-agree too. With 8 kids and no husband, she has no choice but to try to keep this fame thing going. Do any of you have 8 kids to support? Can you imagine their daily schedule? She only wanted more kids and didnt expect to have all 6 embryos take and for her not to choose to get rid of some of them was brave. (In my country Drs put in max 3, and even when all 3 take, they wd recommend getting rid of 1 increase the odds of a successful pregnancy)

    Sure nurses are in high demand but can it make the same if, say, she becomes a talk show host? I actually find her really annoying but think she is just doing what she has to do in this case. Think she knows her 15 mins are almost up so why not milk it.

  38. Mixtapes says:

    Kate Gosselin is not a celebrity, and I can’t stand her. She needs to be gone already. The amount of media space that this woman gets is sad.

  39. MsPetit says:

    We have 3 kids and pay our babysitter $30/hour when she watches all of them…. $25/hour is NOTHING for 8 kids!

    If she didn’t choose the “Hollywood Lifestyle” (with the hairstylists, trainers, etc) she probably wouldn’t need to be away from her kids “working”.

    She is a fame whore, plain and simple.

  40. truthzbetta says:

    Oh good grief. Now her teeth are big, goofy chicklet looking frauds too.

    Not a shred of reality among reality fame ho’s.

  41. Anon says:

    Enough with the pity party. Kate is worth 5 million. There are people with larger families that live on a lot less. My friend came from a family of 10 but their mother worked hard and didn’t pamper herself like Kate. The kids all turned out great. There are so many people less fortunate than Kate and her spoiled Gosselin 8. Help people that are really struggling.

  42. wunderkindt says:

    Maybe she can hire Jon?

  43. april says:

    or she could work while all 8 kids are in school, and take care of them herself in the evening. maybe she would just need someone to help out in the morning… thats what normal moms do. she better start acting one soon. i doubt she saved that much money, she probably blew most of it trying to live like a “celebrity”
    she will be broke soon and the fall is going to hurt.
    it also seems like she pushed a lot of people away.

  44. Tom Paine says:

    She’d go away if the tabloids would stop writing about her (hint! hint!)

  45. LuckyLilGem says:

    She’s come a long way with her makeover. Does anyone else think she’s looking a little like Jenny McCarthy in the photos above? Wow, who is her plastic surgeon?!?

  46. hmm says:

    You know, I can’t stand Kate Gosselin either, but…

    nope, that’s all I’ve got.

  47. hmm says:

    Oh, and I just now read the article. Kaiser, the way I took the $25 an hour comment was that even though she pays a goodly amount to them, the conditions are still stinky. Hence, the reasoning that she could save money by being more hands-on and become less of a target for hit pieces by being less stinky herself. That said, my above comment still stands.

  48. Lynda says:

    celebutards? I just love it!

    And those TEETH!!! Holy Crap!

  49. tango says:

    Oh geez, give me a break. If she had properly invested the money she earned from the shows, she should have a paid off house, money in the bank and the kids colleges paid for. If she went back to work as a nurse, I would think she’d earn enough to support themselves decently. Especially if Jon worked too. She only needs before and after school care for the kids and a few hours extra every day. There’s no need for for full time nannies when they’re in school nor should they be doing the majority of the child raising. Basically I think Kate wants to see her kids an hour or two every day and leave everything else to nannies. And of course, that gets expensive.

    The problem is the woman got a taste of fame and the money and she likes it. But she has neither the talent nor likability to move into a show business career that’s not dependent on her kids in one way or another.

  50. sandip says:

    I always thought that Jon was the more caring and loving parent. She was the one that kept everything organized. Maybe the kids should be with him and she can pursue whatever it is that she wants.

  51. pebbles says:

    blah blah blah……
    true story, my friend’s husband came from a family in NYC with nine kids…..his father worked as a longshoreman and had a heart attack one morning. Yup, his mother who had never had a job outside of raising her family, now was left with nine children. Guess what? They made it. They struggled but they made it. I will say that his mother didn’t have fancy highlights, personal trainers and luxury vacations……but she did raise her children well.

  52. Kiska says:

    Must of been a slow news day.

  53. original kate says:

    “Do any of you have 8 kids to support? Can you imagine their daily schedule? She only wanted more kids and didnt expect to have all 6 embryos take and for her not to choose to get rid of some of them was brave.”

    @ devine (?? sorry can’t read the whole name): no, i do not have 8 kids, because i have a brain instead. and all those kids are old enough to be in school, yes? so the schedule is only half the day. kate is always crying how poor she is and how hard she has it yet she has time & money for tanning, mani-pedis, hair extensions and cosmetic surgery. she also has a bodyguard, for some strange reason. no mother i know has time for all that crap.

    as for her decision to have all the embryos, she already had a pair of healthy twin girls when she went back for more – why didn’t she just stop with twins? look, there are many families with 5, 6 or more kids and they manage to put food on the table and have a normal family without crying and whining all the time. this is what she wanted, so she has nobody to blame but herself. as for work, now that kate has had a taste of fame and easy money seems to believe that hard work is somehow beneath her. those kids are gonna need alot of therapy.

  54. anon says:

    @Pebbles: Loved your post! I don’t know why people are so concerned about this media whore. I know many families with lots of kids that are middle-class people and they survive. Live with less material things and have MORE LIFE! It is so simple but people don’t get it. If you keep spoiling your kids because you feel guilty your not spending enough time with them you are not teaching them anything. Give them way less, be there for them WAY more and see what happens.

  55. jess says:

    My aunt had 10 kids,she wanted kids.so she knew it would be a huge job.but loved it.She and her husband both did it together.but they had a great respect for each other.Kate has enough money saved now,so go back to nursing,pay for great nannies.You may think u are something,but u are not,because u mistreated your husband when u had him,shame on u.

  56. anon says:

    @original Kate: Great post! You hit the nail on the head girl! Its so simple. Can’t afford kids. Don’t have them.

  57. Anastasia says:

    I don’t have eight kids, because I’m NOT AN IDIOT.

    This woman has made money hand over FIST selling her kids’ private lives to the general public. Don’t tell me she’s some poor thing who just HAS to be a fame whore to feed her poor starving children.

    Give me a break. She’s spent the money those kids have earned so fast it’s ridiculous. They go to a very expensive private school. They live in a VERY expensive home on 24 acres. She hires tons of nannies and helpers, and who do you think takes care of the 24 acres the house sits on? Her? Nope. Who takes care of the pool? Her? Nope. Living that kind of large lifestyle sucks the bank account dry unless you have a LOT of unlimited income. It will all dry up and then where will she be?

    Talk about colossally bad decisions–starting with the decision to ignore the doctor who said “too many ripe follicles, sit out this cycle.”

    This pity party train for people who end up having litters of children through fertility treatment needs to stop. No pity. You had ‘em all, you support, raise, and take care of them all.

  58. hoganbcmj says:

    “Fast forward a few years and she’s a Hollywood has-been with full time nannies, orange tan, French tips, botox, fake boobs, tummy tuck, and an intimate “bodyguard” who works in flipflops to make it easier to chase all those people who want to kidnap her.

    I hate “reality tv” and the celebutards it creates.”

    Thanks, Belle, couldn’t have put it better.

  59. Brandy says:

    personally… I like Kate, she has been through a lot she is strong willed and determined I believe she is a good person just misunderstood.If you had 8 kids would you be the nicest person on earth especially when 6 of them are the same age and still very young? give the girl a break!!! you can’t judge her unless you have walked in her shoes..

  60. Josie says:

    I am a Nanny and have been for 20 years. I have worked for a family that no matter how much they paid me, I just couldn’t work for them anymore because the one child was satan himself.

    If I did work for Kate…which I would never do….I would expect at least 40 an hour for that many kids!

    Maddys tell- all book will be a best seller for sure. Can’t wait!

  61. susan says:

    Anyone who would choose a nurse’s salary over being able to make TV money would be truly nuts. If you don’t like her, turn the channel or don’t buy the magazine. Vote with YOUR money instead of telling someone else how to live their life.

    Don’t tell me that all of you haters wouldn’t jump at the chance to be on TV and make big bucks.

  62. weezie says:

    Great points all of you.

    How to ease Kate’s finances:

    !.. Sell the damn big house. All of you know’s the savings there: house payment, taxes, utilities, upkeep, lawn. etc., etc., etc.

    2. End the expensive hair, skin, nails extravigances. She’s only in here 30′s. May her face is frozen to snear.

    3. If you don’t want the kids, give them to people who would take time and just love them. I bet there are families that would accept the entire group of them. Yes, the tell all books will be dinggers!

    4. Body guard for Kate… plez. they children need them. again, they are beautiful

    5. Don’t go back to work as a nurse. You have no TCL

    6. You are NOY a celebrity. Howver, give me the name of the agent. for whatever reason he has a way of keeping your unwanted face it the public

  63. Anastasia says:

    Uh, Susan, I would NOT sell my child’s private life to make a buck. Sorry, we’re not all so superficial as that.

    And we can criticize all we want. Want to know why? Because she puts herself OUT THERE.

    If she were a private figure, I would agree with your point. Why criticize the choices and decisions of someone not in the public eye?

    But this is part of the deal: you sell your life as a show for money and you get to take the good with the BAD.

    We get to criticize. The moment she says enough is enough and turns off all the cameras and sets about living a private life and gets her kids out of the public eye is the moment people stop having any right to criticize.

  64. Confuzzle says:

    Don’t tell me that all of you haters wouldn’t jump at the chance to be on TV and make big bucks.

    Good lord no. Not everyone wants to be an attention whore.

  65. anon says:

    @Anastasia: It’s so refreshing to read an intelligent post like yours. I feel the exact same way as you do. Unfortunatley the comment police have to come out and we hear the same story over and over and over….we are jealous. I wouldn’t trade my life with Kate G. if you gave me a million because I believe privacy is a luxury!

  66. Whatever says:

    I’m no fan, but this story just reeks of bullshit. Sorry, but it does. $25 an hour is PLENTY for kids who are in SCHOOL all day long, so not really a 24 hour a day job now is it? No. At most, from 4 pm until bedtime and maybe all day on the weekends. These aren’t babies and don’t require constant care like a baby or toddler would. And yeah, she’s probably picky with her kids, so am I.

    As far as selling the house, she probably can’t sell it for near what they paid for it. That’s the way the real estate market is in PA right now. The only thing selling is foreclosures and for pennies on the dollar, which is dragging down everyones property values because nobody can get decent comps with all the foreclosures. I know, I can’t sell my PA house now either.

  67. original kate says:

    “Don’t tell me that all of you haters wouldn’t jump at the chance to be on TV and make big bucks.”

    @ susan: can we please agree to retire the term “haters?” and no, not all of us would be on TV if we could. some of us actually like the lives we have and are not interested in becoming the next snookie, but you go right ahead.

  68. C-DUB says:

    I didn’t even read this story but, DUH.

  69. Jules says:

    i be happies 2 work for kate g i don,t care about the money im very submissive&very obedient

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  75. Sephia says:

    I chose to be a mother of 8 myself, but I also have chosen to be an actual MOTHER.

    Kate does NOT appreciate her children in the slightest, unless they are helping her “look good” or helping her earn $250K an episode in exploitation. The kids get to SPLIT $37,500 in a trust fund, per episode. I’m sorry but I think the kids deserve MORE than just 15%.

    Her kids are MONSTERS. Spoiled, rotten, monsters whom Kate created. I feel horrible for those kids. Seriously, Kate, if you don’t want them (as you’ve repeatedly said you never wanted 8 kids) I’ll take them for you. I’m sure THEY’LL appreciate a 24/7 mom, not a “when I feel like being a mom” mom.

  76. Lily says:

    Here is the thing for some people no amount of money is enough to put up with verbal, mental and emotional abuse.

    I CAN believe that the nanny left the job due to Kate’s attitude.

    Kate tries to come off as this hands on mother who plays with her kids and does everything with and for her children.

    She is such a liar and she is a hateful person.

    Is it any wonder that some of her kids don’t know how to properly get along with others.

    I would like Kate to be put in her place.

    What is SAD is that Kate chases away the people who love those kids and they are left with hired help who HAVE to be paid to be around them. That is so much better than a loving family member.

    Kate, do your kids a favor hire a nanny to be their mother and go far away from them so you can stop damaging them.

  77. Jenni says:

    @Whatever, Kate’s nannies only work 4pm to bedtime? -what about the morning hours? Also, even while Kate’s eight are in school, the nanny needs to be there for a child gtting sick, forgetting something, early dismissals, etc. Her nannies probably clean, do laundry, prep dinners, drive to and organize activities and appointments, take calls etc. And be there and able to deal with whatever else can happen in a household with eight kids, a plet, etc. For most nannies, their time working is spent working – focused on someone else’s life, schedule running smoothly the entire time they’re in that person’s house. That’s the bonus of a nanny as opposed to daycare, it’s someone coming into your life to see your home runs smooth. That’s a valuable service, children in school, or home. If I were as wealthy as Kate I think I’d pay more if I really wanted to hang on to my nanny, but, maybe she also provides health care, vacation, paid time off, who knows. Personally she doesn’t seem to me to be the monster people make her out to be, just really stressed and often unhappy, lonely. She can be rude but I think she loves her children and wants the best for them. BUt I do I think her demands are high on her nannies, and that they earn every 25.00 per hr. Being constantly on call, with no set schedule, is for doctors. Who def. make more than 25 per hr. Or, parents. Who make nothing.

  78. rachel says:

    People are so freaking stupid these days. Popping out kids like they are damn pills knowing they dont have money or time to tend to all of those kids. Heck I am happy her show got canceled, it was pointless. Like we give a crap about some selfish greedy mother “taking care” of her eight kids! Their paying her 250,000 to do what she is supposed to do and be a mother. Reality shows are sickening, paying people to do what they already do….. either party and drink or yell and complain. What a great world we live in!

  79. lovebeads says:

    Children are innocent, he needs to take care of.

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