Taylor Momsen, 17, flashes her boobs during performance

Boob flash is at 1:00 in

17 year-old Gossip Girl Taylor Momsen also has a side gig as the lead singer in a successful hard rock band called The Pretty Reckless. Taylor has been making headlines lately for her raccoon makeup and outrageous trashy outfits as well as quotes she’s been giving about how she loves her vibrator, likes watching sex tapes and enjoys setting fire to stuff. She’s young and thinks she’s groundbreaking when all she’s doing is creating a hard-to-shake reputation of what a twit she is at 17. In her latest stunt, Taylor flashed her boobs at the crowd while performing with her band in New York on Thursday night. She only did it for a moment and she was wearing pasties, which shows that she meant to do that in yet another misguided attempt at being “hardcore.” Britney and Lindsay had similar intentions when they flashed their hairless ho-has to the paps. At least Taylor hasn’t gone that far yet. Here’s Hollywood Life’s report:

Taylor Momsen, 17, has been perfecting her bad-girl image ever since her band The Pretty Reckless burst onto the music scene, but she took it to a whole new level Oct. 21 at Don Hill’s in NYC! Wearing stripper heels and a necklace that said “Slave,” Taylor opened up her shirt and exposed her breasts (“tasetfully” covered by pasties) during a PAPER Magazine & Express Celebrate “Rock The Sidewalk” event! Not only that, she ran her hands up and down her body, groping her chest after exposing it!

[From Hollywood Life]

It could have been much worse, but I was paying attention when Britney was showing everyone her babymaker in the fall of 2007. This is minor potatoes compared to a sex tape or a vag flash. Then again, this girl is underage. Let’s hope that Taylor comes to her senses before she goes any further, although the likelihood of that seems slim given all we’ve seen from her so far.

Photos of Taylor on the night in question are credit: WENN.com.




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  1. c says:

    I find her necklace offensive. Am I being oversensitive?

  2. Samigirl says:

    One day, this chick will look back and hang her head in shame. You aren’t cool, or edgy, or hard core, you are slutty and stupid. End of story.

  3. Lesley says:

    And we are absolutely sure she isn’t the spawn of Courtney Love, right? Hmmm.

  4. scotchy says:

    what. an. idiot.

  5. sickofit says:

    uh how dangerous she looks *rolling eyes*

  6. Ruby Red Lips2 says:

    “Britney and Lindsay had similar intentions when they flashed their hairless ho-has to the paps. At least Taylor hasn’t gone that far yet.”

    Give her a couple of weeks at this rate!
    WTF are her parents?? She is just 17 – she is in no way an adult (her bahviour is proving she’s actually quite immature)

    But the girl can sing so I wish she would wake up and realise she doesn’t need all these stunts

    She will either be in rehab by the age of 21 or mortified by her behaviour – fingers crossed its the latter!

  7. Disco says:

    Am I the only one that’s skeeved out that the guys in the band are so much older than she is? It’s bad enough she’s acting like this, but to be surrounded by older guys while she’s jailbait? Ugh–grosses me out.

  8. Jen says:

    Pat Benetar was a serious rocker chick… amazing voice, great performer, very successful. Wore the tightest pants but everything stayed covered. I have no idea if she ever used a vibrator, masterbated or was a slave. Don’t need to know…I just listened to her music.

    Anytime I see girls who act like this, it just makes me think that they are so grossly unsuitable for their job that they have to use sex and shock to distract us from their glaring lack of talent and to leapfrog over other more hardworking and deserving women.

    Not good, Taylor. And where are her parents? Out having a cosmo with Dina Lohan?

  9. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    OMG. So tired of this girl ALREADY!

  10. Kfan says:

    Woa. Her voice is surprisingly good – but I’m sad by how she moves. This girl has experience written all over her.

  11. Renee says:

    Nothing’s changed she’s still a crumpled, faded copy of real women who can rock. She’s an easy cliche, she tries too hard.

  12. awayy says:

    Damn, I can’t see this twat’s appeal, she’s just a try hard wannabe. You wanna know what’s hardcore? see Angela Gossow, frontwoman of Arch Enemy, this Taylor bitch nothing compared to her

  13. Obvious says:

    God Taylor. Grow up!

    You are a beautiful young woman in desperate need of guidance. you are 17 flipping years old and are flashing your itty bitty titties, it’s disgusting.

    If you want to be all hardcore tone it down. We’re used to seeing all the nudity and drugs, take a stand, do something different. Want to be original? Don’t flash us anything, keep covered up and get rid of the raccoon eyes. People will notice.

  14. bitca says:

    please: NYC has plenty of 17-year-old strippers. “Flashing” black-tape pasties? Lame, lame, lame.

    The pink eye-shadow is shocking, tho. Surely this warrants a new animal nickname to replace ‘Panda.’ Um… ‘White Rat?’

  15. jess says:

    who are these grown men in a band wither her? how did this band come to be and how creepy do you think the backstage is? this band is awful I just don’t understand any of it.

  16. Sandy says:

    What cracks me up is that this silly little b:tch doesn’t realize that you can’t be hard core when you are on a teen show called Gossip Girl. Its too late kiddo. You are the poster child for sell out before you even got on the radar.

  17. SammyHammy says:

    Where are Child Protective Services? She’s an underaged minor child that is clearly out of control, and her parents either cannot or will not do anything to rein her in.

  18. Liana says:

    RIP to a real punk chick – Ari Up (Arianna Forster) of the Slits. Died recently, much too young at 48.

    Taylor Momsen – just let the music talk whilst you shut up now, mmmmkay?

  19. DetRiotGirl says:

    I think my favorite part of this video was when she turned the mic to the crowd, and the audience was pretty much like “Huh? What? Line?”. Haha

  20. Whitey Fisk says:

    Doesn’t Don Hill’s serve booze? How did she even get in the door?

    Agree with just about every post – her parents are obviously neglectful, she’ll live to regret these embarrassing choices, etc. etc. etc…

  21. Amy says:

    This girl IS an idiot, but so were many of us at 16 and 17. I remember going through what I thought was a punk rock phase. Luckily, it wasn’t documented by the media. 🙂

  22. original kate says:

    “I find her necklace offensive. Am I being oversensitive?”

    @ c: if it means she is a slave to fugly clothes, bad TV and cheesy music then she’s right on the money.

  23. wonderwoman21 says:

    I used to really despise this girl, I found her to be pretentious, a try-hard (trying waaay to hard), and a hollywood brat who’s just a poseur. She’s still all that but I feel sorry for her. Her stupif greedy parents don’t tell her NO and neither do any adults in her life who should know better because EVERY ADULT IN HER LIFE IS JUST INTERESTED IN MAKING A FEW BUCKS OFF HER SCRAWNY BACK while they can. How foolish she looks. At 17 you have no idea about real life, let alone when you grew up in Hollywood. Every teenager is like this, just thankfully most have sane parents who have the kids’ best interests at heart. I can’t judge Momsen, when I was 14 I convinced my 12 year old sister to go out on Halloween with me both dressed as hookers lmao, thigh highs and everything (very Momsen looking) the difference was we had to sneak out because we would have been slaughtered and those clothes would have been BURNED lol. Looking back its amusing how “mature” we thought we were and we actually thought we could pull of “sexy” (hahahaha…no) but thankfully someone was there to say no. And it wasn’t splashed across tabloids and the internet to haunt me for the rest of my life. Poor Taylor

  24. Miss A says:


  25. serena says:

    So trashy. Not only the way she behaves but her outfits and make up. I’d say I preferred the raccoon eyes, not this pinky drugged-vampire thing.

  26. TQB says:

    To hop over to the counter point, just for amusement…

    She does have a pretty good voice. If she hadn’t been on Gossip Girl, none of us would be talking about her right now. Her band would be toiling away in (kiddie porn) obscurity. Given how young she was when she got the GG gig, I’m apt to believe THAT was the thing her parents pushed her into, and now she’s desperate to break that image. She’s made such a PITA of herself on-set, it’s obvious she doesn’t care about the show. Her parents are probably stage parents who pushed their pretty little girl in front of a camera at age 3.

    Hey, look at that: even playing devil’s advocate leads to “Blame Her Parents” as the answer!

  27. Leila says:

    Hahaha this just cracks me up. Nobody in the audience even responded when she did that!
    Who would go to see a concert with TM in the lead? Who?

    She will be out of a job in no time if she keeps this up, what a cry for attention.

  28. lu says:

    That is what happens when you do shitty music, start showing some skin.

  29. Bobby the K says:

    They sound like a bar band.

  30. Ron says:

    It’s so hard core when you wear your rhinestone slave necklace. She’s going to pass on Playboy and go straight to Hustler by the time she’s 20 or maybe she will release a self prodcuced sex tape like Screech, which by the way, is what her band should be named.

  31. jover says:

    The band members I believe were chosen by the label correct me if I’m wrong; and Sandy also add the fact that she auditioned for the role of Hannah Montana and is doing Macy’s ads yes that’s all real hardcore. She has no stage presence, no personality, and this little fantasy will end soon and sadly I think she’ll end badly when the realization hits that no-one cares about her – these marginally talented pop tarts are a dime a dozen.

  32. Eileen says:

    This is what happens when you’re young and have no talent…you’ve gotta fill in the blanks somehow.

  33. connie says:

    im surprised more people havent commented on her make-up, how dreadful!

  34. Gabriela says:

    I pressed play on this sh-t, but not before putting my speakers on mute.

    She is a walking paradox, I say. On one hand she is too young to be flashing her body parts. On the other hand, she is too old to be wearing this gothic mall chick outfits and still think she’s causing a big comotion.

  35. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Probably immolated her prescription for that conjunctivitis.

  36. albeli says:

    I guess none of the adults in her life really care about her.

  37. Lynda says:

    I get equally annoyed at her, because she has some say in this, pissed at the adults who are encouraging her for money and the society in general that are paying money and attention to foster this type of activity. She’ll be used up by 21.

  38. Anne de Vries says:

    Aww, it’s the daughter Courtney Love always wanted!

  39. Sara says:

    I saw a picture of her mother today. She looked like she was trying to look like she was 23. Sometimes when the Mom dresses too young the daughter dresses too old. They probably share clothes and her mother brags to all her friends that she’s the same size as her child.

    I don’t think it’s fair to call her a slut. She’s a child and she seems immature for her age.

  40. Camille says:

    What’s next? Playboy when she turns 18?

  41. Optoftpah says:


  42. S. says:

    Honestly, I love her. I love her music, her lyrics. She has amazing talent. And I love her do whatever the f*ck I want to attitude. She isn’t about being what everyone wants her to be. Or what she’s “supposed” to be. She’s being her own person no matter what anybody says or thinks about her. And if she wants to get up in front of that many people and flash her boobs, why shouldn’t she? She’s got an amazing body to go with her talent why not show it off if she feels like it?

  43. Yasmin says:

    SHUT UP, man, it’s HER OWN LIFE, she can do whatever she wats to. Don’t like her? So why do you pay so much atention on what she does? I LOVE HER, her voice, her style, her smile, and above all the other things that I won’t put here, I love how she doesn’t give a fuck about what people say about her, or about what se does. So please, get a life and stop talking about how she has to grow up, she has the right to do what she wants to, you people grow up! Stop talking bad about her, don’t like my Momsen? Cool, but please, there is no need to talk this way about her, she has her fans that will support her always! So please, get a life! She has one and has the courage to do what she wants, so why are you complaining about it?

    And I’m sorry about my bad english, realy, it’s not my ofical language, so.. yeah, you got it, right?