Joan Collins won’t apologize for saying Jennifer Aniston isn’t beautiful


A few weeks ago, Joan Collins gave an interview to The Daily Mail in which she was bemoaning the state of glamour and beauty in the current crop of Hollywood. Joan seemed to take a decided position in the Uncool Bermuda Triangle War, siding on Team Jolie. Joan said: “When I was young, everybody on screen was gorgeous. I have to say, there aren’t that many good looking actresses around today. I mean, there’s Angelina Jolie and there’s… Angelina Jolie. Jennifer Aniston is cute, but I wouldn’t call her beautiful. She’s no Ava [Gardner] or Lana [Turner].” She also had some nice things to say about Cheryl Cole, if that matters. In response, Jennifer Aniston’s people issued a blanket statement saying that they were “aware” of Joan‘s comments, but that “There is no need to engage with that nonsense.” Because nothing says “not engaging” like issuing a statement saying you are “not engaging.” You know? And when HuffPo reported that “not engaging” story, it literally got more than a 1,700 comments. Ridiculous.

Anyway, Joan was Saturday’s Carousel of Hope event, and Us Weekly caught up with her and asked about her comments. Joan’s reply is pretty great – she doesn’t pretend to take it back or anything, she just says that she bitched about some other actresses too, but The Mail just made it about The Uncool Bermuda Triangle:

Former Dynasty star Joan Collins is explaining why she dissed Jennifer Aniston. In Britain’s Daily Mail, she recently sniped that Angelina Jolie is more “beautiful” than Aniston, 41. Aniston’s rep said the Switch star was “aware” of Collins’ comments but felt there was “no need to engage with that nonsense.”

Collins, 77, tells she didn’t mean to offend the actress.

“The bottom line is that I talked about several actresses, among them Catherine Zeta-Jones, Scarlett Johansson and Megan Fox,” she told Us Saturday at the Carousel Of Hope Gala in Beverly Hills. “Unfortunately, everybody got cut out [except Aniston and Jolie]. Typical. That’s the way it goes.”

[From Us Weekly]

I would love to hear Joan’s opinions on Megan Fox! That would be a hoot. I would imagine she adores Catherine Zeta, because Zeta is quite glamorous most of the time. Anyway, whatever. Joan isn’t going to apologize. Should she have to?


Photos of Joan at the Carousel of Hope event on Saturday. Also, photo of Aniston, all courtesy of WENN.

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  1. cee says:

    Joan is absolutely right about the beauty of Jolie and the fact that the media continues to try and make it an Aniston and Jolie sotry is so ridiculous. It seems the media just likes to make up stuff.

  2. mln says:

    Joan is an old lady she gets to say whatever the f–k she wants and people can choose to ignore her or not that is why I can’t wait to get old. BTW Jen’s rep is lame releasing a statement saying she won’t respond to that how about not releasing a statement at all like the time she said the r word on TV.

  3. SallyJay says:

    Why should she?! she’s entitled to her opinion.

  4. Lisa S. says:

    Joan Collins isn’t beautiful (never really has been IMO), so she has no right to talk about anyone else’s looks.

  5. NayNay says:

    I agree Jennifer Anistion is cute. I think that Joan’s comments were taken out of context. To me, Joan Collins is an icon, and I think she is right on in her comments.

  6. lola says:

    Good. Cause she’s right. Can WE STOP TALKING ABOUT JENNIFER NOW????? Why is it people are obsessed with giving her press, anyway?

  7. bubbles says:

    JOWZA! that is by far quite possibly the worst picture EVA taken of Jen. A. and proves Joan C.’s point.

  8. Shay says:

    What I find incredible about Joan is her arrogance.
    She conveniently forgets that she has been described as the “poor man’s Elizabeth Taylor.”
    Jennifer is far more successful than Joan ever was, at half Joan’s age as well. She runs financial marathons around Joan (and Angelina for that matter).

  9. devilgirl says:

    Who cares what the old bat has to say? She was a B- list actress anyway, and that was in her prime.

  10. Celebitchy says:

    Interesting that Aniston’s people issued a statement that they weren’t going to engage with Joan Collins but couldn’t be bothered to issue any kind of statement on Aniston casually using the word “retard”

    -edit- I just saw your comment mln and agree!

  11. PrettyTarheel says:

    Nope. Aniston is a good looking woman, but she’s not a “classic” beauty in the Hollywood mold (IE, big lips, delicate nose, high cheekbones, wide or slightly slanted eyes, high forehead). Aniston has a great body, good skin and hair, but her features are not what Joan would list under classic. Not to mention her style is more girl-next-door than glamour queen. Nothing wrong with it, but it’s not old-school siren style a la CZJ.

  12. cherryberry says:

    Joan is right. Jen is a very pretty woman but in no way embodies old Hollywood glamor. It seems to me that her whole career has been based around cultivating a decidedly non-glamorous girl next door persona.

  13. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    LOL Jen’s rep released an ACTUAL statement to this but never commented on her saying the r word on Regis and Kelly. Very telling.

  14. Carol says:

    Joan is looking very tranny of late.

  15. Tanja says:

    No she should not apologize. What is going on in the world! You can’t have an opinion anymore? Really silly.

  16. mslewis says:

    Totally with you CB. Just goes to show how “classless” Aniston’s people are. They don’t seem to know when to respond and when not to respond to things that are said. Responding to remarks made in an interview by an actress from the past was just tacky; responding to somethng stupid said by your client would have been classy. They don’t know the difference.

  17. Statler says:

    Yeah, I’d much rather hear what she had to say about CZJ (whom I’ve always adored), and Megan Fox (bitch war a-brewing? Please? I love Hollywood feuds). The triangle’s deadly dull, has been for years, and only stays in the news because people identify with the archetypes.

  18. nnn says:

    Since when saying someone is cute is an insult ? In what universe this term is derogatory ?

    What makes jennifer Aniston above the rest that people have to be all worked up because she has been called CUTE when they themselves insult left and right other actresses on their physique and give Jenny a pass for uncool comments she uttered herself about other human beings ?

    Joan has every right to talk about what she wants and fact is : she didn’t even insult anyone….i mean she didn’t say that jen is looking like Iggy Pop or else and yet people insult her like they insult Clooney’s girlfriend…the same people who use their right to criticize much much more, got angry because an old actress uses the same prerogative with less meaness and harshness claiming that a younger one is CUTE !!!

    Talking about putting things into perspectives and acting overpassionatly, going totally overboard because it’s Jen Aiston, the only female in the world for who the adjective CUTE is perceived as the ultimate insult thrown at a 42 years old woman who doesn’t need to be babysat like this because someone dared to say that she was CUTE. It could have been worst : she could have been described as looking average or fug.

    Considering her people reaction, it makes her pathetic to show the world how fragile is her self esteem when it comes to her phsyique if she has to feel threaten by the CUTE adjective thrown at her. This at nearly 42 years of age !

    Lame through and through !

  19. Praise St. Angie! says:

    and she shouldn’t have to. it’s her opinion, and she’s entitled to it.

    JUST LIKE EVERYONE ON HERE, RIGHT?!!! so let’s not attack others for having different ones, OK?!!!

    and, as Joan said, I figured it had been taken “out of context”. she mentioned other actresses besides THOSE TWO, but OF COURSE the media wants to perpetuate the “triangle”…UGH.

  20. nnire says:

    i agree with the ‘joan is looking very tranny’ comment.

    Joan is completely entitled to her opinion that Jen is no Angie in the beauty department, just like i am entitled to my opinion that Joan is no Elizabeth Taylor in the beauty department.

  21. roguesiren says:

    Joan Collins is right, JA is not pretty. She has a right to her opinion, and at least she doesn’t conform to the political correctness that has everyone being generic and hypocritical. JA has beautiful hair and a very toned body, but there are tons of actresses more attractive than she is. She is a whole package deal, same as Sarah J Parker. Take away the hair, and what you get is a regular looking person. And to those who think that Joan Collins is not much to look at, in her day she was considered one of Hollywood’s most beautiful actresses. Better looking than a lot of present day celebs. How many 77 year olds do you know that look half as good as she does? We all get old (if we’re lucky).

  22. Kitten says:

    I admit that back in the days of Friends, when every guy I went to highschool with had a crush on Jen Aniston, I never really saw her appeal. Now that I’m older, I admire the way she’s taken care of herself and is aging naturally (so far) and gracefully.
    True, she’s no Angelina (who is, really???) but she looks great for her age-healthy and fit.

  23. Mel says:

    I never rated JC but than beauty is
    definitely in the eye of the beholder.

    She’s living in the past, the actresses she mentioned wouldn’t necessarily appeal to most these days. I think people like to relate to the stars now, they love the girl next door look i.e. Jen A, Reece Witherspoon etc.

  24. nnn says:


    Agree ! Joan Collins was a major babe in her days both in the face and the body department (the weakest point in Liz Taylor’s beauty). She did ballet, hence she kept a long time a great body.

    I remembered seeing her in a movie with paul Newman. She was a total knockout and she is still in my view one of the most beautiful 70+ years old female along with Sofia Loren and Raquel Welch. I mean, the woman will turn 80 in less that three years ! Linda Evans who plays along her in ‘Dinasty’ is a decade younger and she looks revolting with the excess of botox and the inflated lips.

  25. Marie says:

    I agree with Joan on her statement that women back in her day were all gorgeous. They were just classy knockouts. Hollywood doesn’t have those anymore, just a bunch of weirdos, walking around with no pants, fish lips, mediocre talent with no morals. IMO.

  26. snappyfish says:

    Aniston isn’t beautiful. She is the very cute california girl. There is nothing wrong with that.

  27. K-MAC says:

    No, Joan should not apologize! I am so tired of how sensitive these situations have become, must she say she sorry for breathing? This woman has an opinion and I do not care if she is 25 or 75 and she has a right to express it.

  28. Cheyenne says:

    Collins stated a fact. If Aniston isn’t big enough to accept it, that’s her problem.

  29. Sandy says:

    Joan has confused classic beauty with Drag Queen.

  30. Liana says:

    Joan Collins is a grade A bitch (once told Erica Jong’s daughter that she didn’t belong on a yacht because she was too fat) but she has every right to her opinion and every right to express it. Beauty is completely subjective. I may find a peony to be beautiful, while someone else might think daisies are beautiful.

  31. rraven says:

    Thing is either way, there are hundreds of pictures of both women online, photoshopped and not, and sometimes they are both not so great looking, as the pic of JA above shows. The only difference between the golden age of Hollywood and now is TMZ (and co.)
    It is impossible to look impeccable 24/7 and more ofetn than not the ratzi are going to get a woefully bad pic that detractors can use to prove a point.
    Also, while the triangle is technically dull, certain elements are still interesting. Like will JA ever marry? Or have kids? And will they have her original nose? And what of Shiloh, will she out grow Montenegro style? Will Brangie ever adopt again???? So many questions…lol

  32. spinner says:

    Joan Collins did NOT state a fact. She stated her opinion, as she has a right to do. Jen A. is totally cute.

  33. Cheyenne says:

    @Spinner: She never said Aniston isn’t cute. She said she is cute but not beautiful. You can’t argue with that. You just said yourself she is “totally cute”.

    However, no 41 year old woman who is trying to project herself as a movie star wants to be called “cute”. “Cute” is for ingenues who haven’t made it to the big leagues yet. Calling a 41 year old woman “cute” is like a backhand across the face. Collins knew exactly what she was saying.

  34. Courtney says:

    the film in which Joan appeared with Newman is 1958′s Rally Around The Flag Boys in which her Charecter Angela Hoffa tries to seduce his Harry Bannerman. away from his wife Grace who is played by Newman’s real life wife/widow Joanne Woodward. who had won an oscar just before that was filmed and also became pregnant with their oldest daughter Nell during production which was a happy surprise because she had just miscarried a child 6 weeks before she won the oscar.

    Jennifer’s people should’ve let the comment slide Joan didn’t mean any Ill will by it.

  35. spinner says:

    @cheyenne…many people I know think Aniston is beautiful, so yes, it could be argued with. Joan was stating her opinion…not fact.

  36. whateva says:

    she is right jen is ugly and thats my opinion. lol square face big nose man….

  37. Kim says:

    Jen is sensitive about her looks I remember her commenting about some D list celeb referring to her as homely in Vanity Fair. I think it was Kimberly Stewart(Rod’s daughter).

  38. Jackson says:

    Eh, that’s her opinion and she’s sticking to it – nothing wrong with that. I do happen to agree with her though. Anniston can look attractive at times – nice hair, pretty eyes, but the overall face is not what I consider beautiful or attractive. Jolie is a beautiful woman, even when her hair is a mess and she’s wearing something dark and dreary. To each his or her own, however.

  39. original kate says:

    i love this crazy bitch.

  40. MyaSkoolz says:

    Why they’re making a big deal about it, at least she said she was cute, it’s not like she said she was god awful ugly.

  41. Ron says:

    Why should she have to apologize for her opinion? It’s her opionion for God’s sake, she’s entitled to it just like everyone here is entitled to theirs ;-)

  42. skibunny says:

    Everyone has a right to their opinion. I’ve seen Jennifer Aniston in person, up close. I thought she was beautiful. I dont think she always photograghs well though. But the whole package…wow.

  43. OtherChris says:

    I’ve never understood people who thought JA was attractive. She is cute. And she acts with her nipples. Those are her sole claim to fame. No nipples, no Jennifer Anniston.

  44. mln says:

    “she acts with her nipples”

    OMG that is so f–ing funny

  45. Tess says:

    Yeah, that aging, bewigged, bejeweled (faux) and plucked within an inch of her life Collins has very right to express her opinion, but, jeeze louise…why get so personal?

    Not that I’m defending the deep thinking, vocab-challenged Anniston.

  46. Iggles says:

    Oh, her follow up was awesome!!!

    Team Joan for the win!

  47. lu says:

    Old people can say whatever they want, they’re old just leave them alone.

  48. really says:

    I’ll apologize for Joan…..I’m sorry your UGLY Jenn Aniston

  49. Shanzy says:

    Nice wig, Joan.

  50. Allison says:

    …has SHE checked the mirror?

  51. MuMu says:

    I don’t get the hoop-la over Joan’s comment. She called Aniston cute. So what? Joan didn’t say Aniston was ugly, or that she looked like Iggy Pop. It’s an opinion from a senior citizen–not worth taking seriously . . .

    I remember when Aniston talked about Kimberly Stewart’s comment in an interview. She said Kim really hurt her feelings or something like that. I don’t get why Aniston cares? She’s pretty, rich and has done VERY well for herself . . .

    It’s funny that she will take the time to address the so-called insults which these nobodies make about her. BUT, she never talked about her own use of the word, retard, which many people find really insulting. I think addressing insults gives Aniston a chance to do her “pity party” thing–poor, poor Aniston–always being attacked. This certainly gets her fan base riled up. But when it comes to Aniston’s own lame comments, well, she can sweep that under the rug. SO telling.

  52. Cruisin Through says:

    Am I the only one who thinks what she said is no big deal?

    People on here are adding their own spin to it. Joan didn’t call her ugly. She said she was cute but not beautiful. And then the press sensationalized it and took it out of context, like they always do.

    She is entitled to her opinion. There’s no reason why Aniston should respond to it. So what?

  53. fizXgirl314 says:

    Shouldn’t we be happy that the only famous actresses nowadays don’t fit some very narrow definition of beauty? Jeez, why do women want to shackle themselves so badle…

  54. Shelley says:

    JA is very manly looking – craggy angular face, I guess mostly due to taking low body fat to an extreme. She was cute when younger and had some fat left in her face, but that was then and this is now. I think she’s very scary looking but I realize she has more money rolling around on the floor of her car at this moment than I will ever see, so what do I know anyway…

  55. Cheyenne says:

    This is totally OT but whatever happened to Aniston’s perfume? I haven’t seen a single ad for it since it was launched back in July. Is anybody buying it or wearing it?

  56. Kelly says:

    I think Joan is totally right-on about the stars of yesterday vs. the stars of today. As Norma Desmond said, “We had faces then.” Who has ever been as beautiful as Lana Turner was? Or Grace Kelly? Or Dorothy Dandridge and Lena Horne. The list goes on and on – later, Julie Christie, Catherine Deneuve, Charlotte Rampling. By the time we got to the 70s, it was more about “cute.” And today, it’s all about “artificial.” I know, I know, Rita Hayworth had plastic surgery, Marilyn had plastic surgery – but nothing like the plastic boobs and lips of today.

  57. connie says:

    Am i the only one to find it comical kim stewart called someone else homely?
    that girl is not one in the looks department

  58. redlips says:

    Oh Joan! Go pour yourself another cocktail and perhaps think about joining Lohan at Betty Ford!

  59. Judy says:

    Personally, I think Jennifer Anniston is a Plain Jane.

  60. Gabriela says:

    She has the right to have her opinion, sure. But if it’s too harsh it can be hurtful for no reason. Don’t understand why she would do that, especially when she is definitely no beauty queen herself.

  61. Kim says:

    Why in the world should she apologize? She didnt say anything rude – just how she sees it – big deal.

  62. Kim says:

    Jennifer Aniston is very plain – i think most people think that, Its not saying she is ugly but she isnt gorgeous by any means.

  63. BethL says:

    I don’t understand why people are angry with Joan. She said Jennifer is cute not ugly. The fact of the matter is Jennifer is cute, maybe pretty but nobody would ever call her beautiful.

  64. nnn says:

    Again Joan Collins said that Aniston was CUTE even adding ATTRACTIVE but not beautiful….CUTE, a term that jennifer fans often use themselves to describe jennifer.

    So she wasn’t rude to the least. She just stroke their sensitive nerves as Jolie was put in the mix by comparison and all hell broke loose over an innocent word with zero nasty connotation attached to it.

    Objectively the whole situation and the overeaction induced for a CUTE word attached to an actress, including from Jen’s people is laughable.

    Just so lame in the pure juvenile sense of the word. It was a non story that they should have brushed off from the get go instead of reacting excessively to it like it was insulting, like it was a big deal…

    The term drama queens comes to mind because there was and is absolutely nothing there to feel bothered, insulted or whatever. NOTHING JOAN SAID WAS UPSETTING, NO REASON AT ALL TO GET UPSET !!!!

  65. betteboo says:

    Joan is my hero, calling it like it is

  66. Elle says:

    Joan doesn’t need to apologize to UsWeekly, Jen or anyone. It’s her opinion and she doesn’t need anybody’s approval.

  67. Camille says:

    Love Joan lol.

    @ nnn, Celebitchy and roguesiren (and a few others): Great comments, I completely agree with you. :D

  68. Cheyenne says:

    @Gabriela: are you kidding? The lady is in her upper 70s and looking damn good for her age. You should have seen her back in her young days. She was drop-dead beautiful. Even in middle age she was gorgeous. Check out Dynasty some time. She was 50 then and she made Linda Evans look like a bag woman.

  69. wunderkindt says:

    Times change and so do perceptions of beauty. . . I’m glad that society’s perception of beauty has progressed to include more people of color and those who would not have ‘fit’ into Old Hollywoods definition of beauty that JC obviously still clings to.

  70. Emily says:

    Why the hell should she? She gave her own opinion, and didn’t say anything hateful or prejudiced.

  71. Eve says:

    Why does everybody have to apologize for every little thing they say about Jennifer Aniston? She’s 41 years old but she (or/and her people, for that matter) is still unable to take any kind of criticism? That’s what I dislike the most about her: she whines about things that she actually shouldn’t give a sh*t.

  72. Catherine says:

    She may look like a crazy loon herself, but she is right. Angelina just has that glamour about her where Jennifer is basically just stylishly cute. No harm in Joan speaking the truth.

  73. Liana says:

    I think it’s funny to issue a statement stating that they won’t be issuing a statement.

  74. truthSF says:

    I sooo agree with you Liana. But I think her PR needed to respond because, without someone/tabloid pinning her against her arch nemesis or connecting her with the latest rumored boyfriend, what else is there to talk about Ms. Aniston?!

  75. jamie says:

    She has alot of nerve , has she looked in a mirror lately ! yikes !!!!!!!!!!!!! it looks like she puts her make-up on with a puddy knife! she is one odd looking old hag! jennifer is beautiful compared to Joan .

  76. ffff says:

    To people saying she has no right, why the heck not? Why is it different from saying someone looks GOOD? Does she have to look beautiful to say someone else isn’t?

    and no, I can’t believe people are even saying she should apologize. It’s her opinion.

  77. Viorel N. says:

    I disagree with that bitch Joan Collins.. Jennifer Aniston is the most Beautiful Woman in Existance.. her Smile and Beauty are Perfection.. there is no one like Jennifer.. nor will ever be.. no offense ladies..

  78. Karina says:

    Haha. ;-) Heaven FORBID anyone think Aniston is cute. Everyone has to think she is beautiful, or apologize immediately for their insolance against Queen Jen. Give me a break, her fans are nutty.

    As for her PR, yeah, it’s so funny when you admit you are “AWARE” that Queen Jen has been insulted. And, then you call attention to the fact that you are NOT engaging in this, when you already have. It’s an obvious–LOOK at how classy I am–ploy. Fail.

    For someone who can spout off “retard” on live TV, the fact that someone calls her cute is not an insult. It’s downright kind–when you factor in her dim-witted personality. But of course, Jen can never talk about what she says wrong, only what others say wrong. She strikes me as a hypocrite here.

  79. truthzbetta says:


    ROTFL, great joke. Boring no-hit-movie wonder Jen and her odd tranny smile are now defending herself online.

    The capitalizing of all those words like Beauty and Perfection suggest she isn’t up for brainiac of the year either.

    Jen’s riding mildly cute too long. Where’s the growth? Angelina has seriously evolved as a human and humanitarian and Jen’s stuck in the most embarrassing mental puberty.

  80. Kato Valentine says:

    Joan without her wig, minus her whitened to the max false screw in horse teeth and ooooops my face now looks squint plastic surgery I am sure she is still a stunner :) Joan really didn’t amount to much even in her hay day, she played a few roles in her sister’s books turned to tv movies and that was pretty much all I remember, Jennifer A I am sure is really bothered what this arrid old has been has to say as she counts her millions :)

  81. Janine says:

    Can someone please explain to me why there’s so much Jennifer Aniston hate? I’m quite new to this website, and I genuinly don’t understand. I haven’t seen it elsewhere.

    Nobody asked Joan Collins to apologize, so it’s really a non-story. She’s entitled to her opinion, and old birds can say pretty much anything and get away with it. She was never a great beauty in my opinion, but whatever. She said Jennifer was cute, which isn’t an insult to me.

    Classic beauty isn’t (and wasn’t) everything in hollywood, look at Meryl Streep, Kathy Bates, Barbara Streisand, etc. (and Katherine Hepburn).

    Aniston didn’t release a statement to the media that she wasn’t ‘engaging in this nonsense’, her rep was asked if she’d heard the story and he/she answered. It’s not the same as issuing a statement. And how long is this r-word thing going to drag on? It was a slip of the tongue, I do it myself sometimes even though I know better, but I don’t think it was intended to be hurtful.

  82. telesma says:

    I see no reason she should apologize. Aside from the fact that she is entitled to her opinion, she’s right. JA is attractive because she has youth, fitness, and a team of makeup artists and stylists on her side, but she is not beautiful. She simply doesn’t have the bone structure.

  83. Kim says:

    I’ve never understood the Jennifer Hype I thought Courtney was cuter and Lisa was funnier on Friends.

  84. MuMu says:

    How long is the r-word thing going to drag on?

    For awhile, because most people find it pretty amazing that Aniston has no problems talking about everything + anything else: Bill O’Reilly, the baby food diet, the John Mayer rumors, the Josh dating rumors, Kimberly Stewart, and even Joan Collins, etc. She/her rep can address everything. But when it comes to using the r-word, she’s MIA? You’d think using a word which many people find offensive would be WAY more important to address than those baby-food diet rumors? You’d think.

  85. SuperSleuth says:

    Seriously, folks. I have slipped before referring to something I have done as being “R”. I am a good person and I try to live a good life and treat people as I would like them to treat me. But it happens. Sometimes it just slips out. It doesn’t make me an awful person.

    If you read Wicktionary’s definition for retarded, it reads as follows:



    Delayed in development.
    retarded growth
    (slang) Of a person, having mental retardation.

    (slang) By extension, of a person or thing, stupid; senseless; irrational.

    So, according to the definition, sometimes I do certain things that are stupid and/or irrational and I get ticked at myself.

    JA was referring to herself when she used the word and I honestly believe it was used without malevolence toward anyone that is mentally challenged.

    I think we need to give it a rest. And any of you out there that have never slipped and referred to something stupid that you have done using the “R” word, I applaud you. You are better than I. I’m just not so sure you are as honest.

  86. ERIKERICK says:

    if she is mad at annistan,then good,she is not as beautiful.kk

  87. sandy says:

    I’m so sorry, but i don’t even think Jen is cute,, compared to all the other actresses out there, i love Joan’s frankness,she was way too nice about aniston in my honest opinion. joan looks great for her age, she should know.

  88. lisa says:

    Gosh who knew that not finding Jennifer Aniston Beautiful would create such a stir..

    Seriously, we hear all the time that this woman or that is not a “beautiful” as people claim.. and YET there is never a debate. Heaven forbid someone gives their honest opinion and say what is obvious. Aniston is not a Beautiful woman. Looking at her on the big screen just defines that more then anything else. She is attractive and knows how to play to her assets.. Hair and body.

    Kathy Griffin has a rocking body.. she is not beautiful, tons of other examples. I guess I missed the memo that I had to find Aniston beautiful because 6 years ago she got a divorce and her ex husband moved on first in the relationship. That is what this always comes back to. We have to find her equal or superior to Angelina.

    Thing is Angelina doesn’t seem to care what people say about her.

    Joan spoke her mind.. and that is her right. Nothing to say “sorry” for.

  89. MuMu says:

    @Supersleuth. Wicktionary? That doesn’t prove a thing.

    The “r” word is NOT an ordinary word. Give me a break.

    The word cunt was used a long time ago before the word vagina came into vogue. Then, it became a swear word. And negro was used to describe black people before it was associated with racism. The word, niggardly, means a miser. I dare you to use any of those words in a casual setting and then try and explain they are just ordinary words. What a joke. Words contain many different meanings, associations, and sometimes meanings change over time. There are reasons why certain words are no longer used. Using the “r” word is insensitive, to say the least.

    I have a brother with Asperger’s syndrome. And, he has heard that word ALL his life. Sometimes, directed at him, and most times, not. Either way, it ALWAYS made him feel like people were talking about him, even when they weren’t. However, most times he heard this word, it was from teenagers. At least, young people are well . . . young

    But, a 41 year old on tv? That’s just sad. Stop making excuses for a 41 year. You’re way better than that. The woman could’ve taken 1 minute of her day to address it, something like “ooops, my bad, so sorry.” But the fact that she doesn’t say a word about it, but will say she’s AWARE that Joan Collins called her cute, or that she doesn’t eat baby food? That makes her ridiculous in my opinion.

  90. SuperSleuth says:

    @MuMu: Okay, how about, or the free dictionary. com, etc? Or how about the words idiot, moron, imbecile, which were all used to describe types of mental retardation. I am not disagreeing that words can hurt, and I for one feel deep remorse anytime I believe that I have caused another person pain by something that I have said.

    But what also pains me is the fact that there seems to be an abundance of intolerance and the inability to forgive. We are not perfect. None of us is. Nor should we feel that we have the right to judge others and demand perfection from them.

    The lack of compassion towards one another can do just as much harm as uttering an insensitive word without thinking.

    There is already too much anger in the world and unfortunately, I’m witnessing a lot of it on this sight. I fear you may be one of those angry individuals with very little intolerance.

  91. SuperSleuth says:

    Duh, I meant to say “very little tolerance”. Freudian slip? Maybe you are just angry, but tolerant? LOL Anyway, I hope you undertand where I am coming from.

  92. MuMu says:


    Are you kidding me? You are talking about compassion/tolerance, AND arguing for a word that hurts people? Do you not see the irony in that?

    Retardation is a term for a condition that is no longer used. Now, the word is mainly used as an insult–”STUPID, IRRATIONAL, SENSELESS.” So people insult others by insinuating they have mental retardation. I repeat–you are using someone’s medication condition as AN INSULT. That’s hurtful to the people who live w/that condition.

    If you don’t understand that, then where’s your compassion?

    It’s pretty ridiculous for you to slam other posters. I remember you making fun of another poster, saying her job must be “flipping burgers” b/c she disagreed w/someone else’s opinion. So, I don’t think you should talk about compassion/tolerance, while you insult others. A bit hypocritical.

    You are obviously a fan. But when you stoop to defending someone’s silly word choices, then that’s a bit sad. I’m definitely not a fan of hers, nor of most celebs, b/c I don’t idolize people I don’t know.

    And, I definitely would never defend someone who uses that word, esp if they can’t be bothered to address it. Like I said, it would take her 1 minute of her time. You’d think it would be no biggie? She can talk about a baby-food diet but not this? Funny that.

  93. Crash2GO2 says:

    @SuperSleuth: I hear you about the anger and intolerance. But really, I would be the first person in line happy to forgive if someone where to ASK for it. But why are we called to forgive someone for being incredibly insensitive who doesn’t think they have done anything wrong, and doesn’t ask for forgiveness? I’m not saying we need to hate her for this – or even be hateful about her (like many on here can be). But she did use a hurtful word and could have taken the opportunity to show something worthwhile about her character. I have to agree with MuMu on this. That her camp would ‘not engage-respond’ to Joan’s benign observation, yet ignore Jen’s slip of speech that caused people pain speaks volumes about Jen Aniston. And yet I would still forgive her if she asked, and I do find her cute. But I don’t like her very much at all any more I’m afraid.

  94. SuperSleuth says:

    @MuMu: I don’t read anything in my post that argues for the use of the word retarded. I am arguing for people to be able to demonstrate the ability to forgive,so please stop twisting my words to try to validate your underlying anger issues. It is obvious from these posts, as well as your previous ones, that you have a habit of being argumentative and obviously enjoy criticizing other people’s opinions. It is telling in your angry and condescending responses. As far as the post that you mentioned where I joked about flipping burgers, it was ended with LOL and a smile face. It also was not a slam because I disagreed with the poster’s opinion, I was rallying to the defense of another poster whom this particular poster was being rude to because that person exercised the right to her opinion, in a very civil manner, I might add. The only irony here is the fact that you think I am the one that is hypocritical and uncompassionate. Maybe you should try meditating.

  95. MuMu says:

    When you copy the dictionary definition of the word for everyone, then you are showing that it’s OK to use that word. Esp. when you say it’s just like imbecile, or moron. That’s like saying, “it’s no biggie, we use other words like that all the time.”

    Do you think that using the word, retard, is wrong? Because you haven’t said so. All you’ve done is defend . . .

    Forgiveness comes when people ADMIT they did something. When someone sweeps it under the rug and acts like nothing is wrong, then what is there to forgive? If she would have said something, it would be a good moment for people to say, “hey, using this word is not ok anymore.” But she hasn’t, has she? Geez, how many times do I have to say that? You absolutely refuse to acknowledge this point.

    And now you are attacking me personally saying I have “underlying anger issues,” “condescending,” and a whole host of other insults. Are you a psychologist? Basically, when people have no argument, they start attacking. It’s sad.

    And your joke of “flipping burgers” is clearly an insult. That’s not a funny joke, that’s an insult. As you said, the poster sounded “rude.” To me, that poster didn’t sound rude at all. She wasn’t even talking to you, but you criticized her? And, she obviously said something you disagreed with and you insulted her. Sounds like a pattern with you? Maybe, you should take some of your own advice and go meditate yourself? :-)

    Look, I have no ill will towards anyone, but I do dislike apologists. I do feel personally about this topic. As I said, I have a brother with Asperger’s syndrome and I’ve seen how he reacts when people say that word. My brother, who is usually VERY loud and boisterous, becomes withdrawn. He thinks people are talking about him, even when they aren’t. It brings up bad memories. I imagine it feels the same way for others like him. Where’s the compassion for people like him? Why should we all have SO much compassion for this insensitive celeb? I don’t get your reasoning at all.

  96. SuperSleuth says:

    @MuMu: The only pattern I see is in your previous posts and your never-ending ability to respond in a condescending and angry manner to others who have opinions that disagree with yours, calling them ridiculous or petty. If you do your research, I am not that person.

    The obvious connect is in the mindset you have that forgiveness only comes when people admit they did something wrong.

    Studies show that people who forgive are happier and healthier than those who hold resentments.

    I rest my case.

  97. MuMu says:

    You obviously refuse to acknowledge any points others than your own. It’s called denial. And me saying someone’s points are ridiculous is fairly benign. I didn’t target you personally because I don’t know you. I stick to people’s words. On the other hand, saying someone has “underlying anger issues,” angry, and they flip burgers for a living, well, those are designed to be personal attacks. But of course, there’s no point in wasting my breath because you refuse to acknowledge anything but what you say.

    So, I officially give up–go on preaching forgiveness for some insensitive, celebrity who doesn’t care whether she has offended anyone else. Yes, that makes you better than everyone else. Congrats! :-)

  98. REALLY says:

    @mumu Your novel is getting tiresome. Your rants are irrelivant, as are your family dynamics (noone cares). Why don’t you get some sleep , posting at 3:00 am has somehow diminished your ability to think and write clearly.

  99. Karen says:

    @REALLY. No one is forcing you to read anything here. It’s an open blog. People can write what and when they feel like it. It’s a free country. I actually like reading these posts. And you should learn how to spell before you criticize others for anything.

  100. Lilly says:

    SuperSleuth: you sound like a troll. You have no point. No one feels sorry for this spoiled, over-privileged princess. She needs a swift kick in the rear, not more coddling.

  101. REALLY says:

    @ mumu Sorry I put an i where I should have put an e and I should have put a space in no one, apparently I didn’t get enough sleep. I stand by what I said about your writing abilities (any points others than your own? WTH) and you call ME out—get some sleep

  102. Jan says:

    Aniston should thank Joan Collins for even including her name at all. Aniston is a no-talent, coat-tail riding, PR’d to the neck, whiny, manipulative, old hag.
    She has never apologized for using a slur against people with a genuine disability, yet she has her PR hack Huvane trying to stir up anger against Joan Collins who spoke the truth.
    There is nothing “cute” about this 42 year old hag who wants to remain a mental “teeny bopper” thinking that taking off her clothes will show what a great actress she is.
    She can’t get ANY man to stay with her and now even Letterman is begging for help to find this woman a man.
    To argue about her being cute or not is irrelevant. The fact is, this woman has proven herself REPULSIVE to every man who has dated her.

  103. REALLY says:

    sorry @ mumu I didn’t realize it was @ karen that responded to me. It seems everyone on here is a hater of jen aniston. Enjoy your hate I can’t even read these posts anymore.

  104. SuperSleuth says:

    @MuMu: I find it mildly amusing that Lilly is the poster that you have been defending. I guess the writing is on the wall.

    No pun intended.