K-Fed jealous of Timberlake, plans to record with Britney!

Britain’s The Sun is not a very reliable source, but I couldn’t pass this up: Kevin Federline is planning to hammer yet another nail into the coffin of Britney’s dormant career by asking her to sing over his “rapping” on his latest album:

KEVIN Federline is recording a song with his wife Britney Spears — in a bid to boost sales of his debut album.

Pals say rapper Kev, 28, is “very nervous” and desperate that Playing With Fire is a hit.

So he has delayed next month’s launch to add the track with pregnant pop babe Britney, 24.

A source close to Kev said: “He will be rapping over her singing.

“But people are warning it could be a bad career move for Britney.”

I won’t believe this is true until I read it in another more reputable source, because K-Fed hasn’t been around Britney and he doesn’t seem humble enough to ask for her help yet.

Kevin was said to have passed up Britney’s offer to work with her talented producers on his album a few months ago, and if the crap he’s released on his myspace is any indication, it was a dumb move. He now seems to be working with Britney’s producers, though, and wants to beat Justin Timberlake on the charts.

Kevin is said to be totally obsessed with being better than his wife’s famous ex:

THE MOUSE THAT ROARED? Kevin Federline has apparently commenced hostilities against his wife, Britney’s, ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake. “Kevin is totally preoccupied with Justin’s music career,” a source close to Kevin tells Star mag. “He’s incredibly jealous of Justin’s musical style, his sales and his popularity.” K-Fed’s talking tough, now that Brit has helped him land meetings with execs at her — and Justin’s — label, Jive Records. “He’s convinced himself that he’s going to be the next Justin, only better,” claims the source. “Kevin even told a friend that he’s going to ‘pulverize’ Justin on the charts. He says he’s got the hottest producers in the business and that he can write killer rhymes — and that all Justin has is a silly falsetto and a bad haircut.” K-Fed’s rep was mum, but Timberlake flack Ken Sunshine laughed hysterically yesterday.

Whatever, K-Fed. Timberlake is a mediocre talent, but he can still rap and sing much better than you ever will, even with the best help in the business. You really suck and you’re dragging your stupid tiger-loving wife down with you. Given the fact that she still hasn’t dumped your ass, she kind of deserves it.

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  1. Vivi says:

    OMG!!That guy is so..DUMB!!Who he thinks he is??If he didn’t marry Britney he will still be a random guy!!

    I don’t even know why Brit is still with him..He’s poor, ugly, supid and doesn’t care for her..

    She must have hit her head…