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24 Responses to “Denise Richards Returns to Terrorize Playboy and TV Once Again”

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  1. Banana Boat says:

    So she’s saying she’s a sex symbol ahh. She certainly still has excellent self esteem (oy). This just convinces me she doesn’t care about the repercussions this will have with her kids. They are soon going to be at an age where peers will have internet access, tease them about their mom and see their mom totally naked. She’s terrible.

  2. vdantev says:

    I’d agree with her newfound status, about 10 years ago, before she lost her effing mind. I had a thing for her back when she was just this anonymous red-headed model in a magazine my older sister used to get delivered to the house. Then she popped up as a Bond girl and it became clear she couldn’t act her way out of a wet paper bag and the Bond movie producers have no respect for their audience.

  3. daisy42465 says:

    Selfish bitch. It’s obvious she doesn’t give a rat’s ass about her daughters. Wonder if Charlie can get custody with this snag………..

  4. t says:

    daisy42465: i do think her daughters are too young to be appearing on the show because they cant make the decision on their own but that does not mean she gives a rats ass about her daughters

  5. Mairead says:

    well she may as well be a sex symbol – because look what happened the last time she was the “girl” next door :twisted:

    Those poor kids – the pair of them are as mad as a box of frogs.

  6. Nan says:

    Love her. Love the show. Charlie, get lost! I hope she gets a 2nd season just to spite him.

  7. I choose me says:

    I got nothing to say cept she’s got gorgeous hair.

  8. Ron says:

    She has turned HERSELF into the gross disgusting shrew. There is nothing left that’s sexy about someone with her cold nasty personality. Pretty woman, ugly person.

  9. Mandy says:

    Back in the ’70s, Playboy did an issue of their “Girls of…” series with girls from my hometown. My uncle gave his “heirloom” copy to my brother as a joke for his 18th birthday. It turned out that a few his friends’ moms had posed, and those friends still haven’t heard the end of it. Lesson: think of your kids’ futures before stripping down for Playboy, no matter how “artistic” you may think it is at the time!

  10. Karen says:

    Denise is drop dead gorgeous and anyone who says otherwise is jealous.

  11. abc123 says:

    She is very attractive. I dont understand all the hate……..what wrong has she done?

  12. Persistent Cat says:

    She’s loathesome.

    Why do people always have to play that jealous card?

  13. sanjay007 says:

    I think she is doing what all of the other celebrities have done in the past….she has a reality show, so what?? So did the osbournes, the kardashians. YOu all need to get a friggen LIFE!

  14. vdantev says:

    June 17th, 2008 at 1:49 am

    YOu all need to get a friggen LIFE!

    So what’s it like to not able to object to well- anything? To just wander from one cathartic experience to the next without any sort of in-depth examination as to the genuine nature of the people you worship so ardently, and how their miserable, selfish, uncaring personality reflects upon YOU as the viewer.

    Oh never mind, just change the channel and don’t feel anything. It’s less painful that way.

  15. Nan says:

    May I say something? My laptop is on the kitchen counter. I am running & cleaning & entertaining hos in this house but I leave this site on to go to to have something to look to. I have a life. A hectic life. Now back to my lovely Dyson so I can pick up the pet hair. I’ll post again a/small talk w/guests and then running the steamer, okay? Stop accusing everyone on here as not having a life. We have lives, just an addiction to ‘stylish celebrity escapism’. It’s fun. Aw fuck, cat just puked, so it will be longer when I post again. Damn, that was the good Fancy Feast Gourmet Gold he just let up.

  16. silly lilly says:

    hmmm… I didnt know that being “pretty” was a license to be a home wrecking hoochie. Good to know. Some of you may wanna let Heather Locklear know that because you think Denise is attractive, it was perfectly acceptable for her to sleep with richie sambora. I mean forget the best friend crap right? Oh and I think she is insane. Certifiable. Charlie is NO angel but this chick is a looooonatic and very in love with herself. I am NOT jealous. She is fug.

  17. MISSY says:

    How many effin times must a so called established actor show her funbags in Playboy, her children must be proud.She is now on the D-list

  18. badass says:

    Whoa..she scared me..that is not cute.I wonder what her kids will think of there mother when there teens.

    Charlie take that SLUT of your ex kids away..She is just insane and

  19. Mr. T says:

    BARF. That sums up my opinion of this whore.

  20. lola says:

    Why don’t people leave hollywood when they become irrelevant? Who said acting has to be for life?

  21. yawn says:

    irritating person.
    hate her laugh.

  22. sanjay007 says:

    Ritchie LEFT LOCKLEAR and went to WANTED TO do. Get the fuk over it all of you. Ritchie is the Homewrecker – wake up!

  23. spoonman says:

    She really just needs to get F’d hard-that would snap her out her funk!

  24. Mike says:

    She is a bitch. Worked with her here in Hollywood. She is so into herself it smells…and she can not act.