Project Runway finale: I quit this bitch, a rant with spoilers

NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 09: (L-R) Jessica Simpson, Nina Garcia, Michael Kors and Heidi Klum attend the Project Runway Spring 2011 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at The Theater at Lincoln Center on September 9, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for IMG)


So… I quit this bitch. I’ve been a loyal Project Runway viewer for eight long seasons. There have been highs and lows, I’ve cried, I’ve laughed, I’ve yelled at the television screen, but after last night’s finale, I’ve finally had enough. A couple of months ago, Tim Gunn gave an interview in which he claimed that the PR judges had some moments where, he felt, they were “smoking crack.” This whole season might be the case in point.

Shall I just summarize what went down before I go full-blown with my rant? The first part of the show was a brief get-together of all of the designers from this season. Instead of talking trash and getting bitchy with each other – like in seasons past – they just used the get together to show compilations/summaries of the final three designers, Gretchen, Mondo and Andy. At one point, I thought it was going to get good when it seemed like some of the designers were going to take Gretchen to task for being an untalented, two-faced bitch, but Tim Gunn, Heidi and even Mondo (!) defended Gretchen’s dumbass, and made the whole thing about “feminism” – which is a peeve. You can’t use “feminism” as an excuse to avoid calling a woman out on their history of unprofessionalism, nastiness and bullsh-t. Like “oh, she’s a girl, it’s un-feminist to call her out.” The act of treating a woman differently just because she’s a woman is the un-feminist thing – and if a man had acted like Gretchen, his ass would have been called out long ago. He would be “the villain” of the show, and openly despised.

So that part only lasted about 20 minutes, and then the final three moved onto to the last-minute work of their collections. Finally, the runway at Fashion Week. Gretchen’s collection comes first… and it’s a parade of fug. Monotone baby-sh-t brown, repetitive fabrics and patterns, three outfits with DAMN KNIT GRANNY PANTIES. Unflattering pants, and everything with the vibe of “Sante Fe flea market meets WalMart”. I will give Gretchen two things: there was one little below-the-knee dress that I thought was cute, and her styling greatly improved. That’s it.

Onto to Andy – repetitive colors, this time in that amazing green, beige and an interesting ice-blue. I actually liked Andy’s collection a lot, and I thought he was doing some really beautiful pants and jackets. Plus, his stuff looked really expensive and sophisticated, in my opinion. He had the most “adult” collection of the three, I thought. The judges disagreed, but whatever. Andy’s collection was a pleasant surprise, and I liked the touches of Asian influence, which I did not think were overkill. I also thought Michael Kors should have found a different descriptor rather than “Orientalism”. RACIST. HATE-SPEECH.

Last, Mondo. First thing – I loved his suit! I loved that he didn’t dress crazy for Fashion Week, you know? He looked adorable in his suit. Not like Gretchen in her see-through dress and, that’s right, BIG F-CKING GRANNY PANTIES. Back to Mondo – I was disappointed in his collection, even though he had several of my favorite pieces. I loved those “crazy pants” – the slim-cut plaid pants that looked like a Burberry acid trip. I loved his cocktail dresses. I hated that hot-pink and black tunic the judges loved. I loved Mondo’s leggings and his skirts too.

So, in my mind, the competition was between Mondo and Andy. Shock of all shocks, Heidi and the judges quickly torpedoed Andy for vague reasons (“He still has some growing to do”???). Also: I ended up liking Jessica Simpson as a judge. She was better than I was expecting, even though she looked like hell and talked like she was chewing on funions the whole time. She was opinionated, and she stood her ground when debating Mondo vs. Gretchen. It quickly came down to Michael Kors and Nina Garcia promoting Gretchen’s potential ready-to-wear WalMart collection versus Heidi and Jessica promoting Mondo’s unique, couture collection. Kors and Garcia were pissing me off so much, and they sounded SO out of touch: “This is what women want to wear, this is what’s happening in fashion RIGHT NOW.” Bullsh-t. I don’t know any women that want to look like they stepped out of a Santa Fe flea market in knit granny panties. I really thought Jessica and Heidi were going to convince them…

But they didn’t. Gretchen was the winner. The nastiest, most unprofessional, talentless bitch won. It was disgusting.

So goodbye, Project Runway. We had some good times, but it’s over now. Don’t call me.

NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 10: Designers Gretchen Jones and Cassanova Mendoza from Project Runway at the Piperlime boutique celebration of Fashion's Night Out at Piperlime Pop - Up Store on September 10, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Wendell Teodoro/Getty Images for Piperlime)

NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 10: Project runway's Mondo Guerra attends the Piperlime celebration of Fashion's Night Out at Piperlime Pop - Up Store on September 10, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Mark Von Holden/Getty Images for Piperlime)

NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 10: Project Runway's Andy South attends the Piperlime celebration of Fashion's Night Out at Piperlime Pop - Up Store on September 10, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Mark Von Holden/Getty Images for Piperlime)

NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 09: Designer Mondo Guerra walks the runway at the Project Runway Spring 2011 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at The Theater at Lincoln Center on September 9, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for IMG)

NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 09: A model walks the runway wearing a Mondo Guerra design at the Project Runway Spring 2011 fashion show during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2011 Official Coverage at Lincoln Center on September 9, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz)

NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 09: Designer Andy South speaks on the Project Runway Spring 2011 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at The Theater at Lincoln Center on September 9, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for IMG)

NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 09: Jessica Simpson attends the Project Runway Spring 2011 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at The Theater at Lincoln Center on September 9, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for IMG)

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  1. devilgirl says:

    I quit PR after the first season on Lifetime. Something just didn’t seem right about the show. It seemed to have better contestants when it was on Bravo. Heck, I don’t know, I just don’t watch anymore.

  2. Samigirl says:

    I’m with you. Gretchen was a total emotional mess. When Ivy called her out for being fake, I cheered! And when they announced Gretchen as the winner, I yelled “NO!” so loudly, it scared my 3 year old and he immediately asked “You OK, mommy?”…Yea it was that crucial. That shiny green leather? UCH. All her models looked like they belonged in 1976. UCH. I’m done with Project Runway as well. Over IT.

  3. stepmama says:

    I could not believe that Gretchen won-ugh! Hated her through the whole season. I thought her collection was boring and frankly just plain ugly. I thought it looked cheap and dated but I apparently I know nothing.

    Also I was surprised with Jessica Simpson. She actually sounded like she knew what she was talking about.

  4. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    First I didn’t like Andy’s. Gray and green are not hawt to me, there was not one piece in his collection I liked expect maybe the dress he had to make when they came back. That was it.

    I knew it would be between Gretchen and Mondo. They sent Micheal C home because he had a collection that they felt was only cohesive because of the color palette and yet Gretchen had practically the same colors NOTHING different, they were all so similar in color. So that pissed me off. Really? Micheal C went home due to his colors and yet Andy and Gretchen barely had any other colors expect one or two main color schemes.

    I will admit Gretchen’s collection was wearable and her models were styled wonderfully. However the runway show she gave was boring and it was like Target having a fashion show. The music sucked ass. Andy was great but I felt his clothes were boring and he had no other color range and that made me sad. Mondo was like glass of cool water. His collection was fun and fabulous and frisky. I would would wear his clothes and even those crazy plaid pants Micheal Kors complained about. I love that Heidi fought for him.

    I knew however that as Lifetime drug out the show for 2 hours for no reason with the judges arguing and Nina and Micheal Kors being on the same page that Gretchen had won. I knew it before they announced it. They weren’t going to change their minds and I assume Jessica went along, if she had a say at all in the final vote, with them especially after Micheal Kors was like “Hello have you picked up a magazine.” That made me laugh, her face, lol. So I knew Mondo was toast.

    I will still watch the show if my schedule allows and this year it did.

  5. mln says:

    This season was awful. I think I am done too, Lifetime ruined this show the editing sucks.

  6. Mia says:

    Last night was a disgrace. (As was Heidi’s tomato outfit, but I digress).

    Mondo should have won. I guess I just do not understand Gretchen’s aesthetic – the judges seem to love it though.
    I thought Andy had some great, sophisticated pieces that were much better. Even if he did not win, I don’t see how they could have booted him out like that.
    Even though Mondo’s collection fell short, he is by far the most talented designer and I don’t see how the reason the judges gave: “Oh, he needs to learn how to edit” is good enough not to give him the win.
    (And yes, he looked so cute in his suit).

  7. Vicky Cathay says:

    They edited Simpson so she sounded like she knew what she was talking about.

    Why Gretchen? That is something to ponder, since she is pedestrian at best. Pity vote because of her constant moaning about being broke? I moan about that and I’m pretty sure I could create a better collection with my Stitch O’ Matic.

    Gretchen should have been eliminated 3 shows ago. There is something wrong here, she is related to someone, she’s sleeping with someone, something unethical. In the history of the show, only two people have won who deserved it, Christian and Seth Aaron. Mondo is brilliant, and should have won. I am done with the show also.

  8. sickofit says:

    I moan about that and I’m pretty sure I could create a better collection with my Stitch O’ Matic.

    @Vicky Cathay: bwhahahahaha thats true…
    well but in the end, only the real talented will stay in the fashion buiz. this show means nothing.

  9. Just a Poster says:

    How do you know they edited Jessica?

    For me, after the whole “Get a room” controversy Marie Claire is dead to me.

    I have read Marie Claire for over 10 years. anything MC touches.. DEAD TO ME!

  10. Chrissy says:

    I wish Gretchen the best of luck but I won’t be watching the show again. I have NO CLUE as to how they could pick her as a the winner. Yuck.

  11. Oi says:

    “Oriental” is racist hate speech now? I know its more PC and accurate to say Asian, and that its an outdated term, but really? I’m serious. So “Murder on the Orient Express” is a racist title? We Three Kings?

  12. Della says:

    I’ve always heard that the following is acceptable:

    you refer to people as Asian
    you refer to objects as Oriental

  13. michkabibbles says:

    i was pretty upset that mondo didn’t win. i thought he was definitely the most creative and the biggest risk taker.
    the judges did a lot of double talk in the finale, i thought, especially nina. she was the one who said that andy’s stuff was too ‘warrior princess’ (or something like that-warrior something), and then in the finale she said his stuff lacked that. i loved his final collection, i thought it had the best of his ideas from the season.

    i also think that gretchans was drab and boring and dated. and i just cannot believe nina was serious when she said it could be editorial.
    she’s usually my favorite judge, even if i don’t agree with her, i can usually see what she’s saying. but this whole season she’s been whack.

    and just a brief note on orientalism: in design and art the term refers to a specific aesthetic, it’s not racist in this context.

  14. Fabianne says:

    All three collections had highs and lows.
    Gretchen did not convinced me entirely during the “semi-final” but she took the judges’ comments to heart and it showed; her looks definitely looked more “runway” in the end. Hair, makeup and accessories do incredible wonders.

    Mondo is very talented and can surely put on a entertaining show. As a adult woman, I can’t really see myself in anything he designs, and the judges apparently thought along those lines as well. You have to be pragmatic and look at who has the purchasing power.

    I really liked each one of Andy’s looks but only individually. Making a collection about two colors and metal headpieces does not make it look “cohesive”. My favorite was the green dress with the pleated bodice (the skirt was too short though).
    Between Gretchen and Mondo, I personally think Gretchen has the most potential to evolve as a designer and that is why the judges went with her. Many people may not have been happy with her attitude, but if you look back at past winners, being “like her” definitely has paid off.

  15. Charlie says:

    I couldn’t agree more with your comments. They are very right on. They talked about having the circus come to town, but that is usually what happens in couture fashion shows; have they never seen Jean-Paul Guitier, or Galliano for that fact. But they were upset with Mundo because he kept the dress in, something Tim Gunn even advised him to do. Nothing was wrong with that dress, it was beautiful.
    I don’t think it should be the fans that leave, it should be the judges that go. I think Ms.Garcia & Korr’s are the one that are out of touch….They have been all season. There was no Umff, no wow, no anything except horrible Granny underwears with a lot of southwesten prints.I think the designers coming in to next seasons show will realy have a challange. The biggest one being what the hell do they do. Mall wear or Couture wear.
    Good job Heidi. Good Job Andy, And Congratulations Mundo for a season that left everyone awed;and a final show that was very you, and very impressive.Things happen for a reason, God knows why they gave your money to Gretchen….

  16. NayNay says:

    That is some bullshit. Gretchen has zero talent, and yet somehow this bitch won. I have been a loyal fan of this show since the first season, but, this is officially the last season of Project Runway that I will watch. My guess is that maybe she is sleeping with one of the producers, because that is the only possible reason why she would have won. PROJECT RUNWAY SUCKED THIS SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Ashley says:

    1. Gretchen designs for hippie grandmas.
    2. Gretchen was so rude all season.
    3. Gretchen has a mullet. If I had a mullet that bad maybe I’d be a mean person too.
    Mondo should’ve won.

  18. PERRRRTURBED says:

    I despise Gretchen’s haughty tail about as much as I despised that awful, monotonous, dirt inspired “collection”. I say to thee Project Runway, ditch Nina like Elle did, consider Michael Kors is more know for his Macy’s line than anything couture and make Tim Gunn the head biznitch!

    Team Mondo & Heidi


  19. Mettel says:

    I think that it was all okay until they announced Gretchen the winner – a bad personality shouldn’t win, that’s the main thing.

    But guess what I’m thinking.. PR wanted some heat on its decision! They wanted to stir up some things by making the most not liked person the winner.. think of the press they are going to get!? People commenting how wrong they were etc etc.. I mean, good things are hardly mentioned but the bad things always get more heat. But if Mondo have won.. it would be like.. yeah, we knew it. okay – end of story. (i wanted Mondo do win, everybody wanted him to win.. and i actually think he won more than Gretchen ever will.)

    I think I’m not gonna stop watching it, although I’m skipping the last episode because I don’t wanna see Gretchen do her smug face. Maybe next season will be fair.

  20. stanhope says:

    I completely agree with this post. I astonished myself in finding Jessica Simpson smart, opinionated, and firm in her position. The real winner in this fiasco was in fact Jessica as many were pleasantly surprised by her. Gretchen was a disaster and the comment about her coming WalMart collection only missed that it will be found in the markdown bin.

  21. Cheyenne says:


    Not only would I not spend a wooden nickel on anything this untalented cow produces, I will never spend another dime on anything with Michael Kors’s name on it.

    I have to give Jessica Simpson her props — she was a very good judge. Much better than those other three.

    You can stick a fork in Project Runway; that farce is done.

  22. Obvious says:

    I always choose a designer based on the very first episode and I root for them all season. based on the first episode it was Gretchen, her first couple pieces were fantastic. But as the season wore on it was all about Andy to me. And I thought he should have won-I would haver worn every piece (minus the swimsuit) in his collection, but no. Gretchen won. I guess I should be happy I have won the Project Runway pot every year since the fabulous Christian Siriano, but…i’m disappointed.

  23. MSat says:

    Michael Kors is a walking piece of excrement. However, it was bitch-on-wheels Nina Garcia who called Andy’s looks “oriental.” GRRrrrr.

    I have to give props to Heidi for fighting for Mondo right up until the bitter end. Even when she hugged the “winner” (VOMIT!) Gretchen, she looked absolutely pissed.

    Waiting for Mondo to put out his own line so I can buy that adorable blinged-out skull T, and of course, that polka-dot dress.

    Fuck. This. Show.

  24. Saywhaat says:

    I HATED Andy’s collection! It looked like an upscale Chico’s/Dressbarn collection. Where was the edge that got him through to the end? THAT GREEN WAS GOD AWFUL! It looked like that green the period fairy wears in those stupid tampax commercials. Also those headpieces looked like Dollar store birthday table centerpieces. They didn’t make sense. It was like, “Let’s make this different and unique.. NOT!”
    Gretchens line looked like gardening costumes! I swear she lived in Middle Earth for her to come up with that inspiration. I expected her models were off to go to a party at the Shire with Frodo, Sam and Bilbo. That green “leather” jacket looked like an older womans pruning jacket. UGLY!
    Mondo’s was overkill. The styling killed it for me. It was so juvenile due to his poor choice in hair and makeup. I loved the hairpieces by the way but the hair.. the hair.. Put it down and wavy.. Make it more sophisticated. I know it isn’t his style at all but I think he could have made it through with making it more “New York Fashion Week” instead of “Community High School Talent Show”. He went into a very Betsey Johnson route. <3 her by the way. Also the plaid. ugh.
    Overall, I was like, “Eh” throughout the fashion line. It was sooo embarassing especially after they had great winners like Christian and Seth.

  25. Tiffaney says:


  26. Jamie Lee says:

    The granola munching stupid hippie won with her crap clothing.

    Thanks for ruining what fashion could have been.

    Michael K…if you loved Gretchen so much, hire her for your line and let Mondo be the winner

  27. Trace says:

    I Tivo’ed the show, but not going to bother to watch it now, or ever again. This season’s designers were not talented at all. Also, who cares if Gretchen won. We’ll never hear about her again.

  28. dre says:

    Gretchen may have “won” the TV show but her crap designs will never go anywhere but in her closet. Mondo will have a career and PR will look stupid. I would rather wear a towel than wear what Gretty Grandma Mullet-head Gretchen designs. Yuk to the Yuk.

  29. Sandy says:

    They said that Mondo was just like Seth Aaron from last season.
    And the minute Michael Kors said it I knew that Mondo wasn’t going to win. It was about not being pegged. Still not watching that wretched farce again. Nina Garcia is a smug pera.

  30. dj says:

    Unfortunately, I quit this show last night too. Sketchy Gretch should have been out before the finale. Very disappointing and either Mondo or Andy got screwed (and Michael C because he needed to be in the top 3 also). I was not bowled over by anyone’s collections as in the past but I wanted Mondo to win badly. I will say I LOVED Heidi ready to fight to death like a momma wolverine for Mondo! Go Heidi. She was fantastic and fierce. I respect that.

  31. Bee says:

    I think Nina and Tim were just p*ssed that Mondo DARED to not take their advice. They seemed absolutely astonished that he had the gall to include the polka dot dress they hated. And poor Tim, I hope he doesn’t feel guilty for encouraging Mondo to keep it in. Tim has said in his vlogs that he can no longer predict what the “crack smoking judges” are going to say anymore. What a travesty this whole season was. Hopefully Mondo will pull a “Jennifer Hudson”, and be much more famous than the “winner” of his show.

  32. Exiled says:

    How the H*LL did Gretchen and her hippy underwear win?? UGH!

  33. Cheyenne says:

    @Trace: Actually, which of the winners of this show have ever been heard from again? It’s like ANTM: Once the model wins the $100,000 Cover Girl contract and the spread in “Seventeen” she simply disappears. Some of the runner-ups have done better than the winners.

  34. NayNay says:


    I have a feeling that even though Gretchen, by some miracle, won this season, she will not go very far. I couldn’t believe what she was putting out on the runway. Who in their right mind would wear those clothes? I personally wanted Mondo to win. Something tells me that we have not heard the end of Mondo.

  35. V says:

    i want to vomit. i knew it would be Gretchen by the title of the post so i went ahead and spoiled it for myself. i’d rather have it spoiled by this blog than to watch this crap on DVR. ugh! i hated that effing c*nt from day one and i couldn’t believe she made it this far and then she wins?! wtf heidi? HOW?

  36. original kate says:

    i was seriously underwhelmed by all 3 collections last night: andy had some interesting pleating work, but overall was repetitive. mondo was very whimsical, which i love in fashion, but a bit juvenile and lacking in sophistication. gretchen’s collection of floppy hats and granny panties was about as exciting as oatmeal. i do think mondo should have won becuase he was the best overall for the whole season. i love heidi for fighting for him.

    and to whomever said the term “orientalism” is racist, in this context no, it is not. “orientalism” refers to a particular school of design, like art deco or beaux arts, not a person. nina was using it in that sense, i believe.

  37. anti says:

    the name “mondo” always reminds me of the movie blazing saddles.

  38. belle Epoch says:

    I agree Jessica Simpson was edited. The film would change when they cut to her. It looked like someone gave her lines to repeat, and then they just inserted what she parroted into the discussion. Most of her comments were very generic and not connected to the conversation before or after. She’s not smart enough to hold her own with the other 3 so they told her what to say – although she did call Heidi “Klum” like they were BFF. And there was one dress she got excited about.

    Did anybody else think it was kinda sad when she said her sister would wear the clothes? Like she’s too fat now?

  39. di butler says:


    I sometimes disagree vehemently with your posts, some I love. This was a love. Right on target! I will say that your comment on feminism/bitchiness is perfect!! Being a c*nt is not the same as a feminist. You can be both, one or the other, or neither. The “Orientalism” thing is not racist, IMO. I have many friends in Bangkok, Shanghi, etc. They often will tell me about their “Oriental view point,” etc. Maybe some Asians find this offensive…? And outside of a commune or Burning Man fest, who in the hippie hell would wear Wretchen’s atrocious clothes? No one I have ever known.

  40. Kaiser says:

    Re: my comment on “orientalism”. First of all, I half-joking. Second of all, it did take me a second to realize that Michael Kors was talking about the clothes rather than Andy himself. I just thought it was dumb for Michael Kors to use the word when “Asian” would have done just as well.

  41. trvlbug529 says:

    I was mad that I fell asleep before judging and even madder once I Googled the winner. What were they thinking?

    Anybody but Gretchen!

    Hey Heidi – It’s time for different PR judges or I can’t watch next season.

  42. Maritza says:

    They never should’ve sent Michael home, at least he has elegant stylish pieces, which I would have love to see on the runway. I liked Mondo’s style better, at least it was different. I hated the granny panties which she repeated 3 times. The fabric she used was so repetitive, there was no wow factor like Jessica said. Mondo should’ve won!

  43. Bee says:

    @NayNay I watched the judging with my mouth hanging open, as the horror of the fact that Wretchen was going to win washed over me. And you are right that she will not go far. Exactly who is Gretchen’s “girl” as Michael Kors said? A depressed six foot tall amazon, with a penchant for brown, and diapers as panties. And to steal a line from Tim Gunn, Gretchen made “clothes” not “fashion.” Mondo is fashion.

  44. Randomness says:

    Do you ever wonder if the models on the runway put on the clothes and is like WTF?! Cause thats how I feel right now.

  45. di butler says:


    I think off camera Kors probably is a train wreck waiting to happen. Can you just imagine what he says when he’s not being edited? Hah.

    But I’d bet he would be hella fun to get rip roaring drunk with.

  46. Anna says:

    Those shorts she sent down the runway looked tissue thin. the clothes were ugly. Nina didn’t like her stuff before the runway; but converts now? It seems almost like she decided to punish Mondo for the polka dot dress. What did they say; Gretchen’s clothes needed the short shorts and sex to seel them?

    This was a travesty.

  47. Lem says:

    I know we (real women) universally hate Gretchen’s POV – any info on what fashion journalist and the like are saying about the diaper collection? What was NYFW’s reaction? That really was just hideous, all of it!

    I was disappointed in the boys collections as well. Andy’s was beautiful and wearable, but not show stopping. Mondo’s I liked too, but it was missing his earlier WOW!

  48. TaylorB says:

    I watched that last night and basically just thought ‘Oh just go F**k yourselves’ when they announced the winner. There is a store called just a few blocks from my old appt that sells the exact same crap Gretchen sent down the runway (except they avoid the granny panties), they also sell hookahs, incense, beads, hemp purses and Greatful Dead tee shirts.

  49. Listerino says:

    I will continue to watch the show because I enjoy watching the creativity of the designers but I admit this season really disappointed me.

    For one, like others above me have said Michael C – who was treated appallingly all season – was sent home because he was using all one colour in his collection, and yet Gretchen used brown, brown and more brown, and Andy used basically nothing but silver. I don’t get it. I was really pissed off when I saw that. Michael was very talented and I was really rooting for him to win, not just because it would really piss off those bitches *cough* (Ivy, Gretchen and April), but because I thought most of his clothes were beautiful.

    Gretchen I never understood from the start. Her stuff was just like something you would find in a bad vintage store on the back racks that nobody will ever buy from because it’s all tacky and old looking. So many times she won and I couldn’t understand what they were seeing in her work. And her bitchy controlling attitude did not deserve to be rewarded by giving her the win.

    Mondo – His work was not my cup of tea, but I think everyone regardless of what you think of his designs would agree that he is damn talented. He has talent oozing out his pores. Even if they didn’t like his runway show so much (and I agree it was a little meh and disappointing) he had more talent than all the other designers put together and he deserved the win. He really did.
    Even dopey ass Jessice Simpson could see that.

    Andy – Andy was also very talented and I was really disappointed with his collection. I was bored after the first 3 all silver outfits regardless of how different they all looked. It was a headache looking at so much of one colour. He didn’t deserve the win, but he has a lot of talent and is sure to go far with a bit more experience behind him.

    Overall I guess all I can say is thank god Ivy didn’t win. I think I would have died if that happened. Never have I seen someone on tv that I disliked as much as I do her.

    Tim Gun as always was awesome this season. I love this guy and I am dying to read his new book (getting it for christmas so trying to be patient). I watch the show for the most part because of him and as long as he’s a part of it I’ll continue to watch. If Tim left then that would be it for me.

  50. Kim says:

    I have never watched the show but did last night and the winners clothes were my favorite and the only ones i would wear and could see women buying. Mondo’s clothes were fun – for younger people only though and Andys clothes were blah.

    So from someone who never watched the show or the season, only looking at the clothes, i think they picked right winner.

  51. Az says:

    I literally yelled at the TV when Gretchen won. Then I called my husband and told him. He could not believe it.

    I hated PR this season. I honestly thought most of the designers were subpar.The judges were arbitrary and off-base. Even Heidi’s appearance was crap. And it takes a lot to make Heidi Klum-Seal look bad.

    What shocked me was likening Mondo to Seth Aaron. That’s like saying Katy Perry’s aesthetic is the same as that of Gwen Stefani. Or Betsey Johnson’s designs are the same as those of Vivienne Westwood. Apples and oranges. These judges are supposed to know fashion. Especially Nina Garcia. And they can’t tell the difference? Ridiculous.

    Tim Gunn was the lone voice of reason. And, honestly, he deserves a better show than this mess. I blame the Weinsteins for letting Lifetime have this show and run it to the ground.

    And this kills me. PR is my favorite reality show because it’s about fashion and designing which I have loved since I was a kid. It’s the one show where I know exactly what they are doing and have an informed opinion about it. I mean, I love Top Chef but I can hardly give an informed opinion about it because I can’t cook for shit. But designing, making and styling clothes? That I can do. Well. And I don’t see how I can continue to watch PR after the debacle that was this season. But there is no other show like it. I’m going to watch The Fashion Show mostly for Iman. But it is crap compared to PR. So what will I watch now? I honestly don’t know.

  52. TeeTee says:

    hmph, I’m sooo glad you gave this “spoiler”..

    I will not be watching that shit..Gretchen is not talented and her stuff is repetitive.

    no thanks, to this bull.

  53. LittleDeadGirl says:

    I was in love with the show when it started but I quit the moment it got to Lifetime too. It just felt … boring … dull … I can’t even describe it but it no longer held the same charm. Reading everyone’s comments I can see I have no missed much.

  54. mememe says:

    I am so glad everyone is on the same page. I LOOOOVE Tim, but I won’e be seeing him any more in this venue. Lifetime killed Project Runway.

  55. tuttle88 says:

    I was so mad when Gretchen was “defending” herself by saying all strong women come across as bitches. NO YOU ARE A BITCH, don’t make this about feminism. Some women are not nice people, you are allowed to call them out for being not nice people without being misogynistic.

  56. Cheryl says:

    The only reason why i could see that they didn’t pick Mondo..Do you think it is because he is HIV +????

  57. Jag says:

    I stopped watching when they kept picking people based on their supposed “ability to grow” – even though their designs were fug – over people who had good designs in the current elimination round; people who were obviously better.

    It sounds like they’re still up to their old tricks. That’s sad, because it was such a good show.

  58. Janine says:


    Mondo was far and away the best designer, and poor Jessica, man did she look bad!

  59. Chicoulina says:

    Worst decision ever!Now I’m absolutely sure they are smoking crack.Maybe Nina is delusional because of her pregnancy,who knows?And Michael wears the same clothes for the last 8 years so I don’t respect his point of view at all.Gretchen’s clothes were the worst ever on Project Runway.I can find these type of clothes at a flee market for $1 or at Conway.I actually hated her style,the lipstick the models wore was so off,100% wrong shade.I also hated the models wearing flats.Gretchen’s clothes were potato sacks,nothing else.

    I agree with Vicky Cathay #7,two people who deserved to win were Christian and Seth Aaron.
    I loved Mondo’s plaid dress and pants.I would totally wear those.
    Andy’s 11th look looked so expensive,I loved it.He had some great,unique pieces although I agree he could have done better.
    Mondo has true talent,no one else can mix patterns and color like he does.He is fashion.
    I can’t beleive they were looking for the next department store designer.Gretchen’s clothes look so cheap.Nothing should cost mote than $10.
    I’m so disapointed,I think it’s time to change judges.

  60. donna says:

    I do not like gretchen’s style, clothes personality or anything about her. What a disapointment this season was. And what is with her elf hair and grandma make up colors? I hate her style yuck.
    : ( Crappy season ending.

  61. Trillion says:

    Mondo has a lot of support everywhere you look on the internet. It’s like Kors and Garcia and Gretchen’s mom are her sole 3 fans. Oh, and of course Gretchen herself and her big head. Mondo’s post show interviews have been so very professional and not bitter. He’s a gem. I will now definitely be giving The Fashion Show another chance. Season one, with Kelly Rowland hosting with Isaac Mizrahi, was horrid. But now Rowland has been replaced with the fabulous Iman so it might get a new life. And replace PR.

  62. Kiska says:

    Kaiser, I believe it was Nina Garcia who used the word “orientialism” and not Michael Kors. I remember because I was stunned that she used that term rather than “Asian.”

    I was really disappointed in the outcome. Not because I dislike Gretchen. If she actually was talented, I could let go of my own personal feelings about her. However, Andy’s collection was by far the most rich, cohesive collection of the bunch. I would have worn any of his clothes. As for Gretchen’s collection, it was boring, bland, and if that is what everyone is wearing, I’ll stick to last years styles. I found it amateurish, cheap looking and very unflattering.

    Mondo was my personal favourite. I liked his style throughout the show but his collection did disappoint me.

    Will I not watch the program again? I’m not sure. I’m a HUGE fan of Tim Gunn so I may just stick around for him.

  63. Kiska says:

    @ Listerino

    Tim Gunn’s new book is fantastic. I’m even a bigger fan of his after reading it. He is definitely the reason why I watch Project Runway.

  64. Listerino says:

    @Kiska ohhh thanks so much for the review. I can’t wait to read it. Tim’s such a gem.

  65. boo says:

    I thought Jessica looked horrible in that dress. It made her look huge, which she is not. She also came of like a big dum dum. I can’t believe they chose her a a judge. HORRIBLE choice.
    I can’t believe Gretchen won. I was hoping Mondo or Andy would win. I must say Gretchen’s collection looked much better on the big runway and the styling was great but strip that away and the clothes were not.

  66. Meadowmuffin says:

    I live in Vancouver Washington our neighbor is Portland Oregon… I was excited to have a hometown girl (Gretchen) on the show, especially after last season’s homeboy win (Seth Aaron). Anyway….it didn’t take long to realize Gretchen is a mofackler, and after watching the second show I despised her. What a hag, with hag clothing!!

  67. LondonLady says:

    Gretchen’s clothes were very Marie Claire, and I have to say, very saleable in Europe at least minus the horrendous green jacket and panties. And the monotonous print. It is fashionista I wear this to work or on the weekends with my other urban streetwear. Mondo is much more high end, and if Nina Garcia worked at Vogue, I guarnatee you she would have endorsed his clothes. Irrespective of the Asian/Oriental debate, the first thing I think about when I see Andy’s collection is how well it is suited to an Asian market, I am thinking KL or Singaport where there is famliarity with these fabrics and the weather to wear these clothes. Sure if he opens in Hawaii and focused on the Asian market from there he will have great success.

  68. Amelia says:

    After part 1 of the finale, when Michael C was knocked off in favor of Wretchen, I went to my season pass list and to PR off. Once they made her one of the three, it was obvious that the producers had decided to make her the winner and I didn’t have the stomach to watch. I will never watch PR again. This did it. And by the by I think Michael Kors clothes are fugly and cheap looking. I see he line at Macys all the time and walk right on by it.

  69. Alexa says:

    What a disaster. Gretchen is not fashion forward, what is going on at PR? Both my husband and I decided we will not watch future seasons, as it is no longer a fashion design show. They should call it the next Target fashion show. Oh, and I just spent 5 years in France and Germany, and I don’t know why a previous commenter thinks Gretchen’s clothes are a fit for the European market, I just don’t see it.

  70. Riley Molo says:

    Bravo. It is so refreshing to know that I’m not the only one. As an art/makeup specialized model, I’m not completely on top of the clothing aspect of fashion, but I know good when I see it.

    My main argument is this; Gretchen’s line was virtually unwearable, and impossible to convert to mainstream wearability. Not all of it, granted, but the vast majority. The knit hotpants do NOT belong on anyone who is not industry standard.

    Let’s be basic – fashion is an industry. It is supposed to set a standard and sell a product. Gretchen’s product is not worth my money, and thus she is redundant to a capitalist democracy. Tough shit, hippies.

    Anyway, I love your post. Thanks for your thoughts!

  71. Trashaddict says:

    I am gonna start a new reality show called “Put up or shut up” where the judges have to do the same challenges as the contestants and be judged by them.
    The reason Michael Kors and Nina Garcia are boring on the show is because they are bored themselves, they prob want to quit but need the bucks and the exposure. They might be able to revive the show with new judges…

  72. Leah! says:

    I sorta get why Gretchen won, even though I vehemently disagree; her clothes SHOULD be fashionable… but something is off about them. Can’t put my finger on it. The colors certainly didn’t help (her brown was unfortunate; Michael C demonstrated how beautiful it can be) and diapers are always unflattering. With different prints and a little tailoring, SOME of her clothing could have been very wearable- even those damn jumpsuits- but then they wouldn’t be her designs anymore. Gretchen gets close to the mark for a second, then veers off drunkenly into Wal-Mart/headshop territory.

    Since Michael C didn’t make it to the finale (and there were so many of his looks I totally would have bought!) I felt Mondo was the most deserving. That little plaid number was adorable, and those pants made me want to have a seizure (in a good way! A funky way!)

  73. viviene says:

    If they don’t remove the judges, then we should boycott the show. We have all lost 1.5 hours per week for the season that we can’t get back. If nothing is done, nothing will change. You can hope things will change and waste more of your precious time. Please do not become complacent SHEOPLE.

  74. Kat says:

    1) There is a lot of gossip about Andy cheating, and it being covered up by the producers, which is why he was eliminated so early.

    2) Orientalism is fine for objects.

    3) I quit, too.

  75. Steve says:

    Is this a show about fashion or selling stuff to people at the mall? And why don’t you tell the contestants ahead of time? Last year, Emilio was too “commercial” and Seth Aaron won, praised for his unique styling (a good decision). This year, the opposite – Mondo praised for his vision and talent, then it is suddenly commercialism Kors and Garcia want.

    I truly believe Kors and Garcia were insulted that their (misguided) criticism of the polka dot dress was (rightly) ignored. They wanted to punish Mondo for ignoring their sage (bad) advice.

    Here’s an idea: split PR into two shows, one for fashion, and one for commercial designs. Call the fashion show – oh, I don’t know – how about “Project Runway” – where Mondo and talented persons like him are rewarded. Call the other “Project Wal-mart,” where Kors, Garcia, and Gretchen rule. And nobody watches.

  76. Alice Winfree Bowron says:

    SO disgusting and SO wrong. Mondo is *worlds* better than scanky Gretchen who is a no-talent bitch from Hell and even that makes her sound more interesting than she really is. WHAT A DISGRACE! I am ashamed of Michael Kors – on the flipside, Nina Garcia is a bitch from Hell herself and so I’m not surprised that she gave sickening Gretchen her vote. How will Tim Gunn be able to do the show in future? And without Tim the show would be ZIP ZERO NADA.

  77. Mia says:

    2 words.

    Choe Dao.

    PR’s first wtf? win.

  78. nalla320 says:

    I have been watching season 8 quite late, but so agree that Gretchen should not have won. Unbelieveable.

  79. Niesha Weuve says:

    Hello could I quote some of the content from this site if I link back to you?