Juliette Lewis tries to get it together: cute, bland or tragic?


These are photos from last night’s premiere of Due Date, the Robert Downey Jr. film about a dude whose wife is about to give birth and he’s trying to make it across the country in time to see his baby or something. It’s actually just a premise to make an old-fashioned buddy comedy, with RDJ’s “buddy” played by Zach Galifianakis (who I will be referring to as Zach G. from now on). Anyway, Juliette Lewis is in the movie too…? Yes, she is. And so Juliette decided to wear this for the premiere…now, I don’t hate it, just like I don’t hate Juliette. But I think Juliette is trying too hard to “dress like a grown up” when she is, at heart, the weird punk-goth-rocker girl. So… when I judge her by normal standards, I kind of think she looks like hell. Judging her on her own special standards, she looks good, even great.

Michelle Monahan is in the film too… and she wore this totally bland red dress. She tried to work it, hard. But the whole effect is just “meh” to me.


I thought Zach G. was Phillip Seymour Hoffman for a second. They should play brothers.


Robert Downey Jr. and his wife Susan both looked great though! Susan was the best dressed, I thought. I also love how RDJ and Susan color-coordinate their outfits. They must have so much fun together!



Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Can’t wait to see this film and OMG they all look so utterly BLAND. They all do, expect Robert he looks hawt, his wife doesn’t look half bad either. The rest look so dull and lifeless. Ugh So homecoming dance (Michelle)and prom night (Juliette).

  2. Maritza says:

    It’s nice to see Juliette looking like a grown up for change, she looks beautiful, I love the whole outfit.

  3. k says:

    that red dress is pretty awesome.

  4. danielle says:

    I think Juliette looks great here! Love the bangs, love the dress.

  5. Jazz says:

    RDJ… le sigh…

  6. mercy says:

    Juliette looks gorgeous! I’ve seen her looking very haggard, middle-agey, and grungy, … wonder if she’s had some face work done?
    Her body looks good, hair great, dress beautiful, smile wonderful.

  7. Tia C says:

    Despite her immense acting talent, pretty much everything Juliette Lewis wears is tragic, IMO. But you’re right, she looks good here – for her. Generally, she loves the poor white trash look a little too much for my taste. She is trying here, although it is a little like the poor white trash girl trying to dress up in her cousin’s leftover prom dress, but she looks pretty.

    RDJ is smokin’ as usual. *sigh*

  8. Megan says:

    leeeaaaaveeee juiliette allllllooone!!! leave her alone!

  9. Crash2GO2 says:

    I like the dark hair and bangs. It brings the focus to her eyes. They were all color coordinated with each other, weren’t they? Either red or gray and RDJ was a combo of both. SWEET!

  10. heatheradair says:

    If the dress ended just above the knee and she’d opted for some nude platform heels instead of those “Payless-ee” looking strappy messes, she would have been spot-on. The color is boring, but the hair looks great…..it’s not a huge misfire, just….limp.

  11. Diane says:

    Wow, bangs look great on her.

  12. Obvious says:

    I tihnk all the gals looked fantastic. and RDJ is drool worthy.

    I know I find myself alone or in the minority but I really really don’t like Zack. I respect him for the whole Gibson thing. But he’s playing the same damn character in every movie it seems. eh’s the new Will Ferrell, and for the longest time Will played the same screaming moron in EVERY SINGLE FILM. I hope Zach breaks out of the type casting because I’d love to like him.

  13. Anna says:

    RDJ really is a very snappy dresser. Love his style. I like Juliette’s outfit, I think it works well on her.

    But I AM IN LOVE with Michelle Monaghan’s red dress. The dress itself isn’t bland at all. It’s totally rocking. The problem is the woman inside it and the nude toned shoes. They are meh to the power of a billion.

  14. Jeri says:

    I’m a big fan of Juliettes’. She’s an original that doesn’t try to adapt to others standards. She doesn’t rub her Sci membership in your face either.

  15. anti says:

    love this first 2 dresses!

  16. Isabel says:

    Aw, I love Juliette. She looks very pretty (and happy!) here.

  17. Rachel says:

    Juliette and Michele just needed to swap dresses. Then they both would have looked fab.

  18. sasa says:

    Love the dresses! If anyone’s is a bit bland it’s Susan’s.

  19. Stephie says:

    I think Juliette looks great. Never saw her looking so “normal” before. How could bright red dress ever be bland? RJD looks reallllly good. Ahem.

  20. Carrie says:

    RDJ and Susan seem like such a great couple- I really, really, really hope that RDJ has fully conquered his addictions and he and Susan can just stay happy together.

  21. Meg says:

    RDJ’s hair is HOT. Something about the unkept yet mature thing…well played Rob!

  22. girl says:

    MM’s dress reminds me a bit too much of the original Star Trek series.

    Zach G. looks like he hit the bottle a little too early in the day.

    RDJ looks very good as does his wife. How is it that despite the grey in his beard, he still looks quite young? He seems like he’d be cool to hang out with.

  23. Just a Poster says:

    I think she looks great. I have always been a fan of hers.

  24. Kaye says:

    Juliette looks super-cute and happy.

  25. Frankly says:

    MM dress has that weird cut that showcases that most beautiful of womanly attributes: The Armpit.

  26. fifi says:

    RDJ is wearing sky high heels, lol

  27. Debbi says:

    I actually thought that Zach Galfinakis was Paul Giamatti for a minute!

    And for Juliette Lewis, that is a darn cute outfit. Notice that I qualifed that statement with ‘for Juliette Lewis’.

  28. womanfromthenorth says:

    She looks GREAT! WTG she got it this time… but we all know next week could be a train crash. But this is very nice.

  29. Tredd says:

    Susan needs a stylist. And a hairdresser. OMG. Juliette looks as if she’s finally taken a bath. Thank you, soap and water. Just wish she’d see an orthodontist about her hillbilly bite – UGH. And Robert? He just gets better and better. Yummm….

  30. Diva says:

    Maybe I’m color blind, or maybe the color is messed up on my monitor, but HOW, exactly, are RDJ and his wife color coordinated? She’s wearing a purple hued dress and he’s wearing black with red and grey accents.

    RDJ is hot as hell, the fieriest pits of hell is how hot RDJ is.

  31. Kim says:

    Love Juliette. She looks great. She never sold out to Hollywood and morphed into the blond, bimbo with fake lips and cheeks, botox etc and I love that about her!

  32. Az says:

    RDJ is never not going to be sex on a stick, is he?

  33. A~ says:

    RDJ — le sigh. . .

  34. K-MAC says:

    She looks adorable!!!!!

  35. Sumodo1 says:

    Hosiery, ladies, hosiery! Nobody wants to see your barked-up shins on the step-and-repeat! Those scars and bug bites? Hosiery is meant for YOU, Susan Downey!

  36. CB Rawks says:

    I really liked RDJ and Michelle Monaghan in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. You guys should see it if you haven’t yet.
    I think Juliette looks very cute and her dress is lovely.

  37. Raynor says:

    I think Juliette looks great. I’ve always loved her. I saw her in Brisbane, Australia walking down the street (her band had a concert there at the time) and she looked really lovely and natural. I think sometimes she looks haggard in shots because maybe she doesn’t have a team work on her face for three days before an event. I dunno.

    I love the sleeves on Michelle’s dress.

    Meanwhile, probs not a popular opinion… Zach? I’d hit it. Hard. Three ways til Sunday.

  38. DD says:

    I used to think Juliette was ugly, but her looks are growing on me. I don’t know if it’s because she’s actually cleaning herself up now, but I think she’s really cute in a unique way. She looks fabulous even if it’s a bit prom dressy. As for RDJ.. well he’s my dream husband. He keeps getting older but he never loses the hot for a second.

  39. birdgherl says:

    This is amazing for Juliette! And I am beyond jealous of RDJ’s wife…licky b***h.

  40. birdgherl says:

    Um, I mean lucky!

  41. guesty says:

    tragic…loving the red dress tho she is trying too hard.

  42. I Choose Me says:

    RDJ doesn’t make my heart or hoo-ha flutter the way he does for some of you ladies but I will say this, boy does he have great looking skin.

    Edit. ITA Raynor. Funny and bearded = hot to me.

  43. jemshoes says:

    Love Juliette – she’s cute, even when she’s crazy!

  44. animac says:

    juiete is amazing whatever she wears or does

  45. Cletus says:

    Juliette Lewis can do/wear/say whatEVER she wants as far as I’m concerned. She’s nuts and I love her SO MUCH.

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