LeAnn Rimes’ nemesis Brandi Glanville was arrested for suspicion of DUI


As several commenters have already pointed out, Eddie Cibrian’s ex-wife Brandi Glanville was arrested for suspicion of DUI last night/this morning in Beverly Hills. According to both TMZ and Radar, Brandi is still being held, and her bail is set at $5000. Here’s my guess: Brandi was reading the news about LeAnn Rimes and the Shape Magazine editor, and she was so thrilled that she called a few girlfriends to go out celebrating. The celebrations involved tequila and male strippers (in my mind).

Brandi Glanville, ex-wife of Eddie Cibrian, was busted for DUI early this morning … TMZ has learned.

Glanville was arrested at 12:05 AM by Beverly Hills PD. She was pulled over on Sunset Blvd. for an unknown traffic violation. According to law enforcement sources, officers detected the odor of alcohol and Glanville was given a field sobriety test. She was then arrested for suspicion of DUI.

She’s currently in custody and being held on $5,000 bail.

[From TMZ]

Honestly, I know I just made a joke about it, but this kind of thing pisses me off. Brandi is a mother, and she’s old enough to know better. If you’re that small a woman, and have more than two drinks, for f-ck’s sake, just call a cab for your drunk ass.

Also: Isn’t LeAnn Rimes’ home in Beverly Hills? Was Brandi’s drunk ass driving over to Eddie and LeAnn’s house to tell them off? Or was she driving over for a booty call with Eddie? I consulted LeAnn’s Twitter, and she’s making some vague remarks, nothing solidly about Brandi. Yet. We’ll see.

UPDATE: Oh, another hit for Team Glanville! Shape Magazine’s editor is backtracking AGAIN. She says: “I stand by the fact that LeAnn’s story is compelling–and her courage and strength in the face of so much adversity is compelling. That is why I put her on the cover of Shape for what is now the third time. The fact is a mere 40 readers out of almost 6 million readers wrote in to complain calling LeAnn a ‘husband stealer’ and a ‘terrible mistake for Shape’…I wrote to those women apologizing that our cover choice did not make them happy–as I have done for other cover stars in the past.” LeAnn is having a good day!

One last thing: Brandi needs to stop with the Botox. She looks like a wax figure.


Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Obvious says:

    *sigh* Leeann, please don’t comment, i’m gettin tired of trying to defend you.

    BTW I HATE Itzy Ritzy. The people who own that company are a real piece of work.

  2. HotPockets says:

    I am so sick of these people. If cheating takes you from z-list to d-list, then they should feel very proud of themselves. Congrats!

  3. Eileen says:

    As far as the backtrack on Shape, with the Leann album coming out and her other projects, I think the damage was done.
    I agree with the DUI opinion-take a cab. She’d have NO bail if she ended someone’s life. I’ll be interested to know what her alcohol % was.

  4. Persistent Cat says:

    That’s one trashy-ass outfit she’s wearing.

  5. Rita says:

    I want to say right up front that there are no excuses for Brandi’s DUI. Brandi, take the hit like a woman, learn from your stupidity, and never do it again.

    As for the Shape Mag BS, I think its just that. If you have 6 mil subscribers, an editor is not going to respond to just 40 of them. The editor is back tracking and trying to cover up her own words with non-denial denials. She’s a dumb ass for saying it in the first place.

    One more thing, if Brandi does the Botox thing, it seems to work real well for her compared to other I’ve seen.

  6. irena NL says:

    Shape only received 40 negative comments from subscriborship of 6 million. How many of them from the same person?

    Also heard about Brandi’s arrest. Why was she held so long if it is only suspicion? Any one with legal knowledge here? She was keeping the boys so I hope they were safe with a sitter.

  7. Twez says:

    I hate that pursed mouth thing that she and so many others do.

  8. brin says:

    This is a serious matter but I love your take on it, Kaiser.

    And no matter what Shape mag says, Leann was a bad choice for the cover.

  9. Katalina76 says:

    How old is she? She looks so much older than Eddie. Surgery and/or Botox is NOT her friend.
    And I agree completely with the take a cab opinion. You have kids, you need to act like a responsible adult. That includes not drunk-driving.

  10. Jezi says:

    Have you not seen how old Eddie looks? Yikes it’s bad. I’ve seen pics of Brandi and she’s beautiful. I agree with Rita on this one. Leann and Eddie should do the same, call a cab. They’re always drinking and driving. It’s wrong any way you slice it. But doesn’t take away from the reason why I can’t stand Leann.

  11. Jeri says:

    Seems like they’re holding her a long time. Aren’t most usually released fairly quickly?

    Big mistake – won’t improve her last year or so.

  12. devilgirl says:

    Wonder if she had too much Brandy?

  13. irena NL says:

    I heard you have to sober up before they release you but I really can’t say for sure.

    Does Eddie have to put up the bail money for her?

  14. irena NL says:

    I believe there were only 40 or so emails but so what , out of 6 million, it’s nothing. By all the noise one would have thought it was 4 million negatives.

    Great day to all CB’ers on both sides of this aisle.

  15. 4REAL says:

    She looks like she could be Leanne’s MOM! LOL!!

    I’m sure SHAPE got a nice call from Leanne’s rep to make them back track so quickly…well played homewreck’nHO…well played.

  16. Just a Poster says:

    Oh Brandi, uncool you twit!
    and it is a wee bit strange for her to be held so long.. guess she didn’t get into enough trouble to get the Lohan treatment.

    I have to admit, I am over the LeAnn hate, hell even Angie didn’t get this much press.

  17. Kelley says:

    Stop with the Botox ? Stop with the bad cheek implants, the two bad nosejobs, the lip fillers and the boob-job … yuck.

  18. rundee says:

    Totally agree with you, Kelley: She looks artifical and therefore very old… Remindes me of Ivana Trump. If I had to guess her age, I´d say she´s 50.

    And even a badly operated 50, especially compared to Demi/Madonna etc.

  19. cici says:

    EW! Brandi looks OLD and WORKED ON. ugh. at least we know LeAnn’s face is real. Also, this bitch should be crucified too – as far as I’m concerned, potentially mowing down a family with your drunk ass in a car is a LOT worse than being a “homewrecker.” HELLO -eddie is responsible for himself and his OWN marriage.

  20. fizXgirl314 says:

    wow, what brand of mascara is she wearing? I need to know so I can stay FAR FAR away from it…

  21. Jacquie says:

    I’m pretty sure they’re holding her like they do any NORMAL person, someone who’s not a celebrity. If she can’t put up the bail then she has to stay, those are the rules.

  22. TG says:

    I wish the law took DUI’s more seriously. It pisses me off when people drive drunk. Wonder if she will be running off to rebab.

  23. LolaBella says:

    Where are all of Brandi’s staunch supporters? You know, the ones who trash LeAnn on Twitter and here and every other gossip site?

    I’m surprised they’re not blaming Brandi’s DUI on LeAnn.

    Seriously though, I agree that if you drink, don’t drive, call a cab. Why risk your own life or someone else’s?

  24. nnn says:

    I just can’t stand people who drive and are drunk. It’s worst than anything.

    I had a friend a few years back. She was so extrordinarily beautiful, a 30 years old Tunisian lady, young divorcee with a twelve year old little boy. She married by force at 17 with someone her parents chose, got out of that nightmare, opened a little business and was beginning to date again, bei,ng happy for the first time of her life and being successful.

    Always saying the love of her life was her beautiful son she loved so much and working hard for him. they were so close.

    One day, a little bit after midnight, after cheking very late some accounting stuff for her business : a luxury bag boutique, she took her car….some mofo who was drunked to boot, passed that red light and crashed her car in full frontal. she had no less than 47 fractures, was in a coma for 36 days and finally lost that battle. She died, living an orphan unconsolable.

    How many dead tomorrow for those urresponsible drunkyards ?

  25. Jezi says:

    Funny how all these Leann supporters show up. Hmmmm!!!!

  26. Crash2GO2 says:

    Badly played Brandi, badly played.

  27. Jezi says:

    What about Leann’s hit and run last year? I guess no one remembers that.

  28. Eileen says:

    Wow this is the LR/BG tennis match of the year! Oh and Lolabella, all the BG supporters are all right here and commented. She f*cked up thats for sure! I dish my crap equally when deserved-today they both deserve it.

  29. irena NL says:

    @Jezi…..LeAnn had a crunch with another vehicle. She did not leave the scene w/out exchanging info with the other driver or owner of car. The cops were satisfied as that is what we’re supposed to do. Quit trying to always put the blame for everything on LeAnn. This is about a big mistake Brandi made and glad she didn’t kill anyone or herself. The boys would be w/out their mother.

  30. icantbelievethis says:

    What exactly did Leann do last year? All I saw was that she was in a fender bender, left and no charges were filed. People are making it sound like she ran over a puppy, 3 kittens and an endangered bald eagle.

  31. too true says:

    Brandi has issued an apology and taken responsibility for her actions unlike LR who blames everyone else for her misbehavior and Brandi is gorgeous. Eddie is the one who looks like he is about 46 years old and Leann is just plain old ugly Brandi, your friends stand beside you

  32. Jezi says:

    @icantbelievethis your comment was hysterical, even if I disagree. Even if it was a minor accident, you don’t leave the scene. It’s considered a hit and run. Why feel the need to leave the scene of the accident? Wonder if she was drinking?

  33. Angel says:

    What on earth does this have to do with what LeAnn did last year.

    Good lord.

    It’s very sad that she did this. That so many do this … just sad.

    There are brands of mascara that don’t make you look like you’ve glued fly legs to your eyes, Brandi. Maybe give them a try?

  34. Mingy says:

    she looks like larry king’s wife

  35. Green Is Good says:

    Jesus, Leann is going to Twitter about this sh*t FOR WEEKS. She going to yap about how Brandi is a horrible mother, blah, blah, blah.

  36. Rita says:

    I see on twitter Brandi has taken responsibility for what she did and apologized. This doesn’t make her the queen of good citizenship but it is what an adult does. I hope she is terribly embarrassed and pays a steep fine so the lesson is not lost.

    For me, this has never been about Brandi or Deane or their marriages behind closed doors. This is about LeAnn and Eddie’s heartless betrayl of their spouses as well as their subsequent mean spirited and disrespectful flaunting of their adultery. Just as Brandi experienced today, LeAnn and Eddie shall continue to experience the consequences of their behavior.

  37. sandy says:

    leeanne is not off the hook, she is still a home wrecker, but brandi is still suffering.

  38. Kim says:

    ZERO SYMPATHY IF SHE WAS DRNKING AND DRIVING. Shes a grown women and a mother for goodness sake! Grow up! She is to old to be wearing that outfit in the pictures. How embarrasing for her kids. Her & Eddie and Leann all seem like immature trash.

  39. Crash2GO2 says:

    Re. the apology – good for her. I wish some other celebs would take her cue.

  40. jodie says:

    I’m so over these people

  41. CB Rawks says:

    40 people pissed off enough to actually take the time to write? If I was LeAnn I’d be upset. That’s like four times as many people as ever attend her concerts. Imagine them all in one room, frowning.

  42. linlin says:


  43. JordinS says:

    Who the F is this transvestiteperson???

  44. Heather says:

    Why does she always look like she has been stung by a bee on each cheek? her cheeks are SO SWOLLEN all the time! It makes her look like a chipmunk, or some weird animal-cartoon character.

  45. brin says:


  46. The Truth Fairy says:

    She is 37 but she looks 50 years old. No joke. Crazy!

    There is another photo circulating with her next to Marla Maples (47) and Adrienne Maloof (49) and Brandi looks the same age as they do, even though she’s ten years younger. I don’t remember her looking this old when the Eddie/Leann story broke. Could the dramatic aging be from the stress?

  47. irena NL says:

    Sure enuf, the Brandi brigade is on Le’s Twitter blaming LeAnn for this.

    Eddie gets a free pass from them. Are we treating our men like they are innocent children who carry no part of the blame?

  48. betty says:

    Looks are superficial and only small minded people cannot look beyond.What Brandi did was wrong. But she was woman enough to take responsibility for her actions.Thats more then those clowns ever done. They also drink and drive and there are pictures and a video to prove it. Leann was involved in a hit and run but she returned to the scene Police do not get involved in minor accidents and she did give that info after the cops were called.Brandi is still an attractive woman and all the bashing does not detract from her looks.If more emphasis was put on character as much as looks we all we be better for it. DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE IS WRONG NO MATTER WHO DOES IT!!!!!!!

  49. DD says:

    I’m really not impressed with Eddie’s taste in women. She’s just slightly better looking than LeAnn, but those chipmunk cheeks look dangerous…

  50. Maya says:

    Could we please just keep in mind that the BAC levels are now so low that you can trip the meter if you use to much Binaca. The insurance companies love to lobby to lower them limits, because then they can jack up the rates when people get arrested. Politicians love it, because it makes them look tough on crime. I’m not saying it’s right to drive drunk, so just shut up about that, I’m just saying that it’s gotten to the point where it’s a crime well before it inhibits your ability, because there no percentage in anyone stading up and saying “enough, already”.

  51. Stella says:


  52. Henriette says:

    I’m tired of Brandi, Eddie AND Leann. I have no need to see them or hear about them for the next, oh, 30 years.

  53. maria says:

    I never heard of Brandi before this LeAnn Rimes man stealer gossip. Has Brandi always had that Frankenstein face, or did she pay for it recently? She’s almost as scary as Madonna.

  54. guesty says:

    brandi (as if she’s reading this…) don’t let her get to you. she’s not worth it & neither is he.

  55. deb says:

    @marie Really Marie you’ve never heard of Brandi? Uh huh

  56. Katherine in NASHVILLE says:

    Loathe Leanne Rimes.

    Sugah, we ran you out of Nashville and don’t come back!!!!!!!

    Mrs. Cibrian will be just fine. it takes to heal.