Project Runway’s Gretchen Jones: “I know in my heart I’m a good person”

NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 10: Designer Gretchen Jones attends the Piperlime celebration of Fashion's Night Out at Piperlime Pop - Up Store on September 10, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Mark Von Holden/Getty Images for Piperlime)

*This post contains spoilers for last week’s finale of Project Runway*

I am still really angry over the Project Runway finale, and I’m still of the opinion that Gretchen is a horrible person, in addition to being a horrible designer. I’m still of the opinion that Project Runway has jumped the shark too, with Gretchen’s anointment as the winner being the final nail in whatever credibility Project Runway might have had (go here for my rant). Now, it is perfectly normal for the PR winner to give a high-profile exit-interview, as it were, once the winner has been announced. Gretchen gave her interview to People Magazine, and it pissed me off so much, I can barely see straight. Instead of basically taking the tact of “I stand by my collection, haters gonna hate” Gretchen seemed to go off in her usual passive-aggressive, narcissistic, C-U-Next Tuesday way. Because all that she’s learned from this experience is that if she acts like a nasty bitch, she’ll win a huge fashion competition:

Although two of the four judges argued against her collection on Thursday’s heated season finale of Project Runway, winner Gretchen Jones isn’t offended.

“At that point, I was just pretty elated that I even got to present on national TV,” she tells PEOPLE. “I feel proud that Michael Kors and Nina Garcia fought for me and could see my potential. They’re both huge industry leaders, and it means a lot to me.”

Kors and Garcia went head-to-head with host Heidi Klum and guest judge Jessica Simpson, both of whom fought hard for fan favorite Mondo Guerra, who presented a youthful, colorful runway show. “His collection was really true to Mondo,” Jones says. “It really showed his potential as a designer, and I’m proud of him for staying true to himself, because that is more important than anything else. He’s going to go far.”

Jones, an early favorite, was somewhat vilified as the season went on, and at times, saw her fellow designers turn against her. “I knew there was a risk . . . you can be portrayed however the producers care to do it. It’s TV – we all need an antagonist, an underdog, in order to fulfill our desire to watch.”

And even though the results of one group challenge prompted normally mellow mentor Tim Gunn to call Jones a “bully,” she takes the bad press in stride. “It hurt my feelings, but in a way it helped me to have more exposure, because I was talked about, whether you liked me or not,” she says. “I know in my heart I’m a good person.”

With the Season 8 win under her stylish belt, Jones plans to move to New York City soon to “move forward with the opportunity that will hopefully present itself,” she says. “I’d love to get a mentorship with someone the likes of Michael Kors, someone that can guide me into being the designer I want to be.”

The move will also allow her to leave a tough recent past behind, one that included an empty bank account and broken relationship.

“I’ve really embraced this transitional time. Having a true ‘phoenix rising from the ashes’ moment is not something many people get,” she says. “I don’t have anything holding me back, and in actuality, that is a luxury. It’ll make me a brighter version of myself, and that will translate into my future designs.”

[From People]

Let‘s go point by point: “I knew there was a risk . . . you can be portrayed however the producers care to do it. It’s TV – we all need an antagonist, an underdog, in order to fulfill our desire to watch.” No, honey. It wasn’t the editing, and you‘re not a fashion martyr. You’re a bad designer, you have no taste, and you’re a two-faced, unprofessional bitch.

Next: “It hurt my feelings… I know in my heart I’m a good person.” No, you’re not. Tim Gunn is an excellent judge of character, and when he calls you out on your bullsh-t, you’ve got issues.

Next, on Mondo’s collection: “It really showed his potential as a designer, and I’m proud of him for staying true to himself, because that is more important than anything else. He’s going to go far.” Why do her compliments always sound like they’re coming from the nastiest place? I read this as very sanctimonious and patronizing. Like she thinks that because she won, she can anoint him as being almost as good as her sh-t? Ugh.

Last: “Having a true ‘phoenix rising from the ashes’ moment is not something many people get…” Because in her mind, she’s Jesus. Ugh. God, I hate her.

NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 10: Designer Gretchen Jones attends the Piperlime celebration of Fashion's Night Out at Piperlime Pop - Up Store on September 10, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Mark Von Holden/Getty Images for Piperlime)

NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 10: Designer Gretchen Jones and Celebrity Stylist Rachel Zoe attends the Piperlime boutique celebration of Fashion's Night Out at Piperlime Pop - Up Store on September 10, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Wendell Teodoro/Getty Images for Piperlime)

NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 10: Designer Gretchen Jones attends the Piperlime celebration of Fashion's Night Out at Piperlime Pop - Up Store on September 10, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Mark Von Holden/Getty Images for Piperlime)

NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 09: Designer Gretchen Jones speaks on the Project Runway Spring 2011 fashion show during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2011 Official Coverage at Lincoln Center on September 9, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz)

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  1. LisaMarie says:

    I too am still uber pissed about gretchen’s win. I wouldn’t wear one piece of that southwester trailer trash collection, and I don’t know anyone else who would either. And those granny panties take away any hint of credibility she might have had anyway. Seriously, who wears visible granny panties to NYFW?

    Also, Zoe needs to stop with the botox. Yikes.

  2. Cheyenne says:

    She can bitch and moan about how “good” she is from now till doomsday but nobody is going to buy her shit designs.

  3. Trillion says:

    “Running Through Shit” is what she should’ve titled her crap collection. God, I cannot stand her. Even her “compliment” to Mondo is backhanded. “Potential” as a designer, my ass. Grrrrrrr. Goodbye PR, hello The Fashion Show. Please don’t disappoint us.

  4. Relli says:

    Running through shit…..hahahahaha lol

    I wasn’t impressed with her collection either, but lo and behold I opened up my new issues of lucky and there it was the baby shit colored paterned pleated pants listed as the newest must have by another designer. The fasion world has spoken brown is the shit. Mondo was robbed! I felt the same thing about korto.

  5. Cheryl says:

    I really think this show is rigged. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Producers of this show didn’t want Mondo to win because he is HIV +

  6. lisa says:

    I don’t think I can stomach this show again..I will admit I think they usually get it right..

    But this was ALL KINDS OF WRONG.. MONDO won. And HOW they picked Gretchen is beyond me.. SHE HAD ONLY ONE FREAKING FABRIC THAT SHE USED.. REALLY JUST ONE.

    I was screaming at the set.. Won’t watch can’t watch.. just sick..

  7. devilgirl says:

    Someone who has to tell everyone how good they are, usually isn’t a good person.

  8. original kate says:

    she may be a good person but how does she explain her mullet?!

  9. Patsy says:

    Project Runway just pounded the final nail in it’s coffin with this obviously unworthy choice for winner. Heidi needs to find a new vehicle for her energies rather than one that is so biased for who-knows-what$ reasons. Bah!

  10. SoulLovah says:

    “It hurt my feelings… I know in my heart I’m a good person.”

    You know how I know this is a lie? BECAUSE SHE HAS NO HEART!!!

  11. HotPockets says:

    She looks so much like my cousin, Claire, which by the way, is a raging biatch. So I think it is safe to assume that Gretchen is, too.

  12. SoulLovah says:

    Also, I am seriously convinced that this whole thing was a set up from the beginning. I really want to hear Nina and Michael in an interview, defending their decisions because this choice has literally ruined the show. I also want to know what Heidi as an exec producer thinks, because obviously the producers influenced this decision and once they hear how many people are boycotting the show, they’re gonna be sorry

  13. Maritza says:

    Her collection was awful! Mondo’s was so much better, I bet his career will skyrocket and hers will slowly fade away.

  14. anti says:

    so after a few comments i’ve seen here and in the past… what is the difference between a woman having bangs and a mullet?

    just curious… i have bangs, what if i unknowingly have a mullet?!

  15. All these points are fantastic! However, my major beef with Gretchen is that she agrees to do interviews, and then screens her calls to get out of them. She had agreed to do an interview with my Agency and when we called at the set up time to do the interview (making time out of our schedule to hear her side of the story) she never returned our calls or answered. BUT, she updated her Facebook! Clearly she was not busy. However, MONDO did return our phone calls and was lovely enough to chat with us!
    Now… according to this story, who is fab and who is an ass?

  16. Kristin says:

    I couldn’t believe it when she said in the finale that, “Being a strong, confident women sometimes turns into being a bitch.”

    No, Gretchen is not that.

    Example, when talking about Michael C.: “I don’t know if he’s an idiot savant, or just an idiot.”

    That’s neither confident, nor strong. It’s bitchy and rude.

  17. Rosie says:

    I am still upset that Mando didnt win!!! I cant stand Gretchen. She is her own worst nightmare!

  18. Missy says:

    Hated Gretchen too. But I kinda gave up on PR when Uli didn’t win a few years back and her collection was leaps and bounds above the others.

  19. manda says:

    I hate her clothes and I hate her hair!

  20. Chrissy says:

    Okay, I have to confess that since I dislike Gretchen so much, I had to fast forward a lot of what she said and did in the last two episodes. But this whole “coming from nothing” and “being broke” crap??? Umm … wasn’t that her parents house she was being filmed in when she was off doing her collection? That didn’t look poor and “from nothing” to me. She might personally not have $ but it’s not like she was freaking destitute! She sure made it sound like she had no where to go if she went home mid-season (anyone else remember that episode? I almost felt bad for her … like … oh … maybe she’s in a really bad place and that’s why she is so damn nasty to everyone). But nope – it turns out she is just an entitled, arrogant nasty woman who thinks she is better than everyone else. Again, I wish Gretchen success, if only so I can walk by her clothing in a store and NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING she created.

  21. CIdee says:

    Michael Kors and Nina Garcia look like spoilt babies. The only reason they didn’t want Mondo to win was because he didn’t bow and scrape and alter his collection to suit their criticisms.

  22. belle Epoch says:

    I hate watching these shows and having the “bad guy” win. Same thing with Survivor or Amazing Race. We get invested in these people and hate to see the real winners lose – especially to a less-talented hypocrite Mean Girl.

  23. Darlene says:

    I can’t stand Gretchen. When she won as opposed to Mondo, I immediately removed Project Runway from my “series record” list” on my DVR. I will NEVER watch Project Runway again. I feel betrayed. Mondo was the clear winner. Gretchen is a sour-faced, bad designer with a horrible attitude. It’s so sad she was given this platform to spew her passive-aggressive rhetoric and show her mediocre designs. :/

    I won’t be watching their show again.

  24. Scarlet Vixen says:

    Ok…I finally watched the finale. I had to give myself a few days to gird my loins. I absolutely LOVED Mondo’s response when Heidi asked him why he thought he should win PR. It was so sweet and genuine! I’ve really come to like him alot after he championed Michael C. Mondo seems like a genuinely talented and good person. And, while I’d probably never wear any of his collection-they’re gorgeous but I’m not that brave! LoL-I think he absolutely deserved to win. His collection was beautiful, fun, well-made, looked expensive, etc. etc. etc.

    Gretchen…I HATE her clothes. They look cheap, dated, boring, and…literally dusty. AND what is her obsession with crocheted diapers??? Hated the cheesy hot pink lipstick, too. It’s like she knew how ugly and dated her clothes are so she thought she’d ‘young it up’ with pink lipstick. She should’ve been eliminated weeks ago–after the first 2 challenges it was one snoozefest after another. And the way she led everyone in the team challenge to gang up on Michael C? What a dirty sneak…And I hate women that use the “I’m a strong woman” excuse for being a nasty hateful person.

    Jessica Simpson really did have some good things to say. I’m not a fan of hers by ANY means, so I was kinda impressed. She did seem very nervous everytime she spoke, tho–like she was afraid of sounding stupid.

    I’ve watched every single episode of PR, but Lifetime has destroyed it. I’ve had so many “WTF??” moments this season especially. I guess I’ll be trying Bravo’s “Fashion Show” instead…

  25. di butler says:

    The only thing that could have made this season worse is if that witch Ivy would’ve won.

    To the poster above wondering if, she too, has a Wretchen mullet: If it looks anything like the above pics, then yes, you do. Head out immediately for layers, or something. It may be ok, bangs and long hair look good together most of the time, so ask friends and family honestly.

  26. Jules says:

    I also took PR off my DVR series record. I can’t stand Gretchen. Her collection looked like the bottom of the barrel at goodwill in 1976. What in the hell were the judges thinking ?? She is just nasty all around. I would never ever wear any of her collection! Why would they say her stuff is what’s happening right ? I don’t know anyone who would wear her stuff either. I hope she fails. Miserably.

  27. Thea says:

    Ughhh…I can’t believe that she won. I should have known by the edit of the last two shows, it seems that they were trying to get her the sympathy vote, ala Jeffrey Sebelia.

    And the judging by Michael and Nina was awful. Who would of thought that Jessica Simpson would be the one making valid arguments. And by the way, I heard that Michael Kors was the one who styled Jessica—there you go, that might explain a the lack of recognizing superior design skills.

    At this point, I don’t know if I’ll come back to PR. It just might be time to change out the judges. There were a couple of guest judges, I was impressed by their comments so we know there are articulate judges available.

  28. Bunny says:

    I hated Gretchen’s designs from the start. I can not stand “boho chic” outfits paired with those awful pirate boots. Heidi shouldn’t have caved. I never liked patterns much, but Mondo’s designs changed all that.

    If all these fans hate Gretchen, who is going to buy her designs when they come out. She has such an outrageously high opinion of herself.

  29. Vicky Cathay says:

    There is no need to put more money into the pockets of these egomaniacs any longer. Apparently the opinions of the bourgois (We the Litte People), are not creditable. This farce was the last straw. I say Tim Gunn gets a spinoff show where talent really matters, not who wins the argument about who gets to win.

  30. michkabibbles says:

    Umm … wasn’t that her parents house she was being filmed in when she was off doing her collection?

    no, that was the house she shared with her partner. she’d come home to find out he’d cleared out their joint bank account while she was away. she was forced to move out their home because he’d taken all their funds.

    i don’t hate gretchan, and i honestly don’t think she’s a malicious person (versus someone like ivy, who seems to revel being a bitch). i just think she’s very immature, and lacking in any kind of self awareness about how she acts and how she’s perceived. she just doesn’t seem to know how to handle herself in front of the cameras.

    all that said i still can’t stand her designs. i hate that fashion’s gotten so ugly.

  31. dvz says:

    That’s fine Gretchen, because I know in my heart that you are not.

  32. tuttle88 says:

    Of course she knows in her heart she’s a good person. She also knows in her heart she’s the greatest and the queen of the universe. That was ALWAYS the problem with her. She “knows” she’s awesome and she “knows” everyone else in the world is inferior to her.

  33. daisyfly says:

    Her collection was Caca Couture. She is the queen of caca.

    The end.

  34. Ron says:

    OMG! I am overseas and haven’t seen the finale and now there is no reason to. Gretched is a nasty hatefilled, condescending witch and she ruined the show. And for Micheal Kors to pick her shows why everyone at Bloomingdale’s used to refer to him as Micheal Salerack. Obviously, Elle was right on in letting Meana Garcia go to. Marie Claire is a nothing magazine. I got an offer for a year for 6 bucks and passed. I thought it had jumped the shark when Micheal C was cut, but now it’s offical. SAD.

  35. Hautie says:

    I can’t get past that tragic looking hair-do. What is up with those bangs? And I am a girl who normally like bangs. She just looks like Lurch’s sister with that do’.

    And Zoe looks somewhat younger with her hair pulled back. Not a bad look for her. Yet, I tend to agree she looks a little too botox.

  36. Dingles says:

    Child looks like she’s been using meth for a decade.

  37. LaFashionista says:

    I was asked by both The Fashion Show and Project Runway to audition for their next season and i was very very flattered and felt redeemed because i auditioned for the very first PR audition in NY back in 2002 and was told by Tim gun that my designs were “costumey”. Needless to say i never watched project runway after the first season. I started watching it again this season because i wanted to see if they had gotten any better and if i should comply to their request, but after watching this season and finding out that This person won instead of all the others there is no amount of money that will make me audition for this farce. These people do not know fashion and never will. This woman however will fit perfectly in the industry for that is where it is headed and i dont travel on dead ends. Best of luck to her and PR, they need it.

  38. badmom says:

    @ 33 Her collection was Caca Couture. She is the queen of caca.

    Indeed. Add me to the list of “Will Never Watch This Dreck Again.” An unforgiveable travesty that she was gifted with the win. Now Tim Gunn needs his own show, because otherwise, I’ll never get to see him again.

  39. maria says:

    I think she looks like a man in drag. And what is up with Rachel Zoe’s neck? Gross!

  40. Bopa says:

    It was a horrible choice and Nina/Kors reasons made no sense. Who can remember any of Gretchens pieces today? It was all a yawn and not original at all. I don’t know if I will be watching the next season but I know for sure I won’t be buying anything made by Gretchen.

  41. heathen says:

    ugh! She wears her own frumpy designs –look at her! That is not style, that is hipster garbage.

  42. Mary says:

    First of all, let me say that three talented designers made it to Fashion Week in New York from PR’s lineup in season 8. That said, I am dismayed by what I see as a pattern of the judges trying to pick a winner between apples and oranges. There is no way to even compare the criteria on which couture and ready-to-wear should be judged.

    My solution would be to have two categories in which to compete for fashion week; Couture and RTW. That way they could both be represented, instead of having to pick one over the other as a winner. Both categories are legitimate expressions of textile and fashion design. They could have six people at fashion week; three in the Couture and three in the RTW categories.

    I ,myself, being over 50, am attracted to the RTW category, simply because it is what I could wear and afford. The under 30 crowd can get away with actually wearing some of the high-style items, but the average customer for couture are celebrities and the wealthy. Let’s face it, they are in the minority in any country. Couture designers are focusing outside the box, pushing the limits into uncharted territory for the WOW factor and setting new precedents in the art of fashion design. RTW designers on the other hand, just take the box, and dress it as beautifully as possible, in a way that will flatter the average woman. This is not as easy as one would assume. They design in such a way as to maximize the physical assets of the largest segment (in terms of numbers, not physical size) of society, and to make the end product affordable. Couture and RTW have two completely different markets, hence, completely different goals and design aesthetics.

    I can personally attest to the fact that I was disappointed last season when Seth Aaron won. I didn’t like his pieces at all. I loved Emilio Sosa’s designs…they were timeless, and classic; the kind of stuff that Audrey Hepburn would wear and make an ordinary girl look amazing. Having voted for Seth Aaron last year, the judges decided to award RTW this year. To me, this is unfair to both Mondo as well as all the other contestants. There should be a way to highlight and reward the best in both Couture and RTW at fashion week.

    It is rare to see a designer who can span both categories, but Christian Siriano seems to have done just that. His shoes are high style and cutting-edge, and I was surprised to see that Payless is carrying a line of his shoes! He is not being mocked for his cross-over, as he is a respected force in the fashion industry. He has proven himself post PR and has made a name for himself in Couture and RTW. Bravo! (No pun intended)

    I would never wear his shoes, even if I bought them at Payless, because I would end up overturning my ankle and breaking a hip. This would land me in the hospital and I would have a good chance of ending up with pneumonia and possibly dying. Back in the seventies I did wear very high platform shoes and looked hot in them. I also took a nasty fall in them at an amusement park.

    All this aside, I do feel that Gretchen has personality issues, to put it nicely. She seems to be acting most of the time, almost as if she has rehearsed her lines ahead of time when if front of the judges or the audience at fashion week. She seems to suffer from a narcissistic martyr complex and is two-faced at times. She also needs the services of a good stylist for herself and her models. However, she is held in high regard with tree-huggers as being a truly “green” designer, who works with mostly all natural material. In closing, I do wish all the finalists the best of luck in their future endeavors.

  43. Amelia says:

    All I can say is she better hope she doesn’t pass me on the street cause I live near the fashion district and I WILL let her know what I think of her.

  44. liser says:

    people who like to point out that they are “good” people usually have deep seated issues. i wanted to kick the tv gretchen is horrible so so ack! so frustrated she won

  45. Chris says:

    “I know in my heart I’m a good person”

    In this world we get judged by our actions, not on what’s in our hearts.

  46. JAX says:

    Seriously I HATE GRETCHEN!!!!!!

    I definitely think that Mondo should win, and for sure no one would want to buy a crappy clothes design by gretchen.
    Are michael kors and nina garcia blind, cant they fking see that mondo was so much better. Gretchen is such a badass and will definitely get retribution whereaes Mondo clothes will be love and wear by a lot of people including famous artists!!! 😀 MONDO!!!

  47. Kiska says:

    Gretchen has a heart?

    Tim Gunn called when he said she was a bully and manipulates people.

    It will be interesting to see how far she goes with this opportunity. Much like “America’s Next Top Model” or “American Idol” The winner isn’t always the “winner” in life. Mondo and Andy will get ample opportunities because they are talented designers.

  48. Janine says:

    I was all worked up to write a nasty comment but I see it all been covered, so thanks posters!

  49. The Hamm is My Dream Man says:

    High five Trillion.

    I nearabouts punched a wall in watching that narcissistic wench win.

    She comes across as a sanctimonious ass-goblin.

    High five Kaiser as well. You can’t edit someone into being an ass. You say what you say and you do what you do. If you never act like an asshole, they can’t edit you into one. Simple as that.

    And high five to whomever said that being a strong, confident woman does not give you a pass to be bitchy and rude. I hate hate hate that argument with a passion. Strong, confident women don’t talk behind other people’s backs. They don’t backstab and betray others. They don’t feel the need to collect a gang of people to pick on one person. It’s like she was the Alpha Bitch and she found in Micheal C that he was the Beta and she just tore into him.

    You know what annoyed me the most about this chick? Whenever she was being particularly bitchy, she’d lift her chin up in her interviews in this defensive posture like, “What?”

    You know what? You’re acting like annoying little see you next tuesday, that’s what.

  50. Anna says:

    The only thing I liked about her collection was the song playing; which is also used in a Revlon Justbitten commercial. Can anyone tell me its name?

  51. BamaGuy says:

    We were so upset when Heidi announced that Gretchen won that we turned the show off. So unfair. Mondo is clearly the star talent from this season. Gretchen is talented but does not compare or come up to Mondo’s level. Actually I think Michael should have been picked over Gretchen to be in the final three simply based on the work shown. I have to say thanks to Heidi for fighting for Mondo against Michal Kors and Nina Garcia – who now disgust us completely. Kors is a pompous ASS, did anyone else notice how self-aggrandizing he has been this season like he is high and so full of himself and so above everyone what a pig and Nina Garcia is so smug and take a look at some of the drab sad looks she wears to judge. I am so over Project Runway, so disappointed for Mondo that I am not looking forward to the next season. I hope Tim Gunn decides to leave the show and is offered a show of his own of some kind, that would be the nail in the coffin of Project Runway and deservedly so

  52. waldemar says:

    I must have seen an other show than rest of the world. Gretchen never stroke me as a bully, she is more a pleaser (is that a word) I was screaming at the TV when Tim called her a bully, that was so not true. Everybody went along with her, everybody loved her ideas, how is that bullying? Even the guy that got send away because of that said, during the task, that he was happy to do something that was not his estetics, because it was not about him but about the group! And that makes her a bully? Please.

    I was glad she won.

  53. Anna says:

    Gretchen’s not nearly as bad as those two backstabbing little bitches (April and Ivy)she was rooming with. They both turned on her in interviews posted on the PR website.

  54. Paula says:

    I’m so happy to find that I’m not alone in my hatred for Gretchen! I, too, screamed at my TV when she won. I’d love to see a clip package, a “Gretchen Retrospective” if you will, which would illustrate the many valid reasons for the backlash against her.

    Does anyone else picture her with Spock ears? For some reason, the hair, the mouth, the whole look just reminds me of some background extra on the Starship Enterprise.

    Millions of people can’t be wrong, Gretch–if it looks like a witch, talks like a witch and acts like a witch, it’s…you.

    What drove me the craziest was her critiques of the other designers. Who appointed her? How did she have the time to be the workroom monitor? If I was in there with her, I would have lost it on her, really. I’ve worked w/people like her, and they NEVER mean well. Ok. I feel better now.

  55. Sarah says:

    I love watching Project Runway.. but with such utter disappointment I don’t know if I can stomach it again. It made me ill when I saw Gretchen win. Mondo was one of the biggest reasons I stayed on track watch every episode this season. I really really hope we see more from him. I would never wear any of Gretchen’s crap. UGH.

  56. weslyn says:

    i so love boho-style clothing but gretchen’s designs were awful and matched her manipulative personality

  57. Alexa says:

    I’m so disheartened and ill over this. Can we raise money for Mondo via t-shirt sales or something. Kinda like the Bed Intruder guy? They could say Mondo FTW and the cuffs and collar trim could be in his signature pattern? PLEASE!!! Somebody who is able would you start something like this?!! I’d love to award him a “People’s Winner” prize that equals at least monetary value.

  58. anner says:

    My biggest issue with the judging was that both Nina Garcia and Michael Kors had to fabricate a reason not to choose Mondo. It was clear they were just upset because he didn’t cow-tow to their opinions (and aren’t they always telling designers they can’t compromise themselves — like they did with Andy?). The excuse that his clothes were unwearable for women outside their twenties was ludicrous. For one thing, how many women (in their teens, 20’s, 30’s or 40’s) would wear those knit “shorts” Gretchen showed on multiple models? Those were not viable, wearable articles of clothing for the everyday woman. And Mondo’s styling may have been youthful but that was for the *show*. It’s as if they’ve never seen a dramatic or young runway show before.

    The whole thing was about Nina and Michael getting their way and proving that crossing them will get you nowhere… because they will crush you under the heel of their sensible shoes.

    I love boho-chic, but it sort of has to have the ‘chic’ to be fashionable. Gretchen’s was definitely more just boho… or was it hobo?

  59. seth says:

    I dont understand why everyone is so butthurt about gretchen winning. I actually liked her collection i thought it was very cool and for so many people to have such a bombastic reaction towards her collection makes her even MORE orginal. My other point is you people care WAY to much about reality tv to go and write fifteen blogs about how much you hate her. In my opinion that makes you just as big as a bitch as gretchen. Women do not like gretchen because she is confident in her self. the end.

  60. maymay says:

    i just watched the finale and i can’t believe gretchen won. what a pile of crap. mondo should have won. this competition is a sham. still, good luck to her. must be hard being known as a crap designer and a bitch. i wish mondo the best of luck in his career, as he is my winner. mxx

  61. Amy says:

    Tim Gunn has now spoken publicly about “Gretchengate.” He said that he thought the judges, Nina and Michael, must have been on crack when they chose Gretchen to be the winner. He also said that Heidi asked him to help persuade Nina and Michael to side with Mondo, but they stubbornly refused, I think because they were mad at Mondo for not following their advice. This is just nonsense! I will never purchase clothing by Michael Kors again, I will never buy any of Nina’s books, and I will never buy anything remotely related to Gretchen. And, by the way, Andy’s collection was also more polished and gorgeous than Gretchen’s. I will never watch Project Runway again, although I will very much miss Heidi and Tim. I hope they can get their own show sans Nina and Michael.

  62. Susanna Monne says:

    This entire season became one big disappointment to me. I noticed there is PR boycott website up it’s interesting how many people lost trust in this show and ready to boycott anything that has to do with it. It’s sad how two people could ruin the entire show.

  63. sharon says:

    I just finished watching the season finale (yes, I am slow) and I was shocked, shocked that Gretchen won. WTF? Her clothes were so cheap looking and gross! Gag, I would not be caught dead in her Walmart looking clothes.

    Why did they hate Michael C.’s stuff so much because it was in the same color scheme but thought Gretchen’s was so wonderful even though she used the same 3 fabrics throughout her entire “collection?” Ugly African 80s print, ugly giraffe print, ugly green leather. OMG, her stuff was godawful.

    I’m sorry, maybe I’m not “fashionable” enough but I thought Michael C.’s collection was beautiful and that he should have gone to fashion week and Gretchen should have gone home. She should have been out weeks before. Both Andy and Mondo should have won over her. Yuck!

  64. Kuks says:

    I personally think the parson educated so called chu chu IVY HIGA is the worst kind ever, back-stabbing, insane, lying, two faced con artist. Did you see her inventing a nasty rumor about Michael C in a blink of an eye just after seeing that he has more nods when it came to his design?
    She took full advantage of the fact that the fairy god mother Gretchen finds Michael C ‘unworthy’ and she jumps right in, getting in for the kill.

    Personally, I was roooting for Casanova. The guy is just oozing with kindness, I love him. Byt go Michael C and Mondo, you too Casanova. I’m such a huge fan.Mwah!♥

  65. Daisy says:

    i think everyone who has commented badly on here is completely out of order. Its a fucking tv series TV…they set out to show the bad sides of people to cause stirs like this, to cause bitch fights like this. I am in complete shock the people got this negatvie vibe off her? what the fuck!? shes an amazing desginer and the reason people say she isnt is because they think shes a horrible person? shes truthful and honest. I mean for god sake where the hell is the Ivy bitch page? she was nasty, and that was clear up front, but gretchen? holla at you bitches its karma, and if she was this bad nasty horrible person then she would not of won! so got fuck yourselfs hateers

  66. Sarah says:

    I actually liked Gretchen. Yeah, she had a big ego, but just because she was perceived as bitchy from the TV show doesn’t mean everyone needs to shit on her win…Gretchen and Mondo were simply two very different designers with extremely different aesthetics, and I think they both fought hard and both were equally strong. And although I like Mondo a lot, I would wear Gretchen’s designs over his.

  67. hvd says:

    this is one of the most ridiculous articles i have ever read. sure, PR is about fashion, but it’s entertainment. gretchen is a good person. to make it as riveting as possible, you KNOW that producers create obvious characters and story lines. it’s funny how much your opinions of someone’s fashion depends and what you THINK their personality is like.

  68. rnr says:

    I think you’re way off! Nothing Gretchen said in that interview was offensive. Of course the the show is edited to skew things one way or another. Of course they needed to play up drama and pick out villains. That’s what reality TV is all about! And Project Runway is definitely reality TV– even if it is exceptional in showcasing talent.

    The reality is that none of us really know what went down behind the scenes because we WEREN’T REALLY THERE.

    Also: I think comments like yours really bother me because they end up discouraging women from being confident and headstrong for fear of being labeled “bitch.” Let’s stop misusing the word bitch and celebrate smart, talented, confident women like Gretchen.

    • Nancy says:

      We saw quite enough to form an opinion. Bullying Michael and throwing him under the bus. Utterly disgraceful!

  69. Nancy says:

    Such a pity Gretchen never shows she’s that good person she feels she is.