Why Hollywood is rooting for Mike Myers’ new movie to fail

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When you see comic Mike Myers hamming it up on screen as Wayne Campbell or Austin Powers, he seems like a fun, goofy guy, doesn’t he? Like, someone really down to earth whom you could hang with? Well, if you believe Entertainment Weekly’s latest story, he couldn’t be anything further. EW interviewed some of Myers’ former co-workers who paint a much darker picture of the actor, saying he is difficult, moody and demanding.

Still, the fact is, within Hollywood, not everyone is cheering for Myers to succeed. Since early in his career the actor has been tagged with a reputation for being difficult to work with: moody, controlling, and arrogant. That description could, of course, fit many actors and filmmakers, but the degree of enmity directed toward Myers by some who’ve worked with him — even years after the fact — is rare. Says one executive who has had a rocky relationship with Myers: ”I honestly root against him.”

Penelope Spheeris, who directed Myers in his first film, the 1992 smash Wayne’s World, says she has shared war stories with others who’ve worked with the actor. ”Maybe he could open, like, a children’s hospital to clean up his rep,” she jokes darkly. ”He’s got to do something pretty quick.”

The article goes on to say that during the making of the two hit “Wayne’s World” films, Mike was threatened by co-star and friend Dana Carvey. At the time, Dana’s career was bigger than Myers’ thanks to his ubiquitous “Church Lady” character, and the two clashed on set due to Mike’s insecurities. As for director Spheeris, who only directed the first film of that series, she tells a story of a demanding diva who pitched a fit when he didn’t get the snacks he wanted.

According to several accounts, including a Vanity Fair article in 2000, Myers felt threatened by his more famous SNL costar, Dana Carvey, who played Wayne’s nerdy sidekick, Garth. ”Mike didn’t want Dana in the movie because he felt insecure that someone who had his own creative ideas would get in the way,” says one source involved in the production. Carvey, via his publicist, calls this notion ”ridiculous.” Michaels, who produced the film, says it’s ”overstated,” but adds, ”That isn’t to say they’re not both comedians and that occasionally there’s not some disagreement over who should be speaking what.”

Spheeris found herself struggling to prop up Myers’ often dark moods. One day, infuriated that there was no margarine for his bagel, only butter, Myers — who, according to several sources, said he suffered from hypoglycemia — stormed off the set. (Myers’ rep denies he is hypoglycemic.) ”He was emotionally needy and got more difficult as the shoot went along,” Spheeris says. ”You should have heard him bitching when I was trying to do that ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ scene: ‘I can’t move my neck like that! Why do we have to do this so many times? No one is going to laugh at that!”’ To manage Myers’ moods, Spheeris put her daughter in charge of making sure he had whatever snack he needed at any given moment: ”To this day, I have this image of her sitting on this little cooler, looking at me, like, ‘Mom, I f—ing hate you.”’

If Wayne’s World was a difficult experience, Myers’ next film, 1993’s So I Married an Axe Murderer, was a torturous one. From the outset, Myers clashed with director Thomas Schlamme, at times holing up in his trailer and refusing to work. ”I think Mike’s a visionary, but his way of getting what he wants is to emote and threaten and express anger,” says the film’s producer, Rob Fried. ”It’s not healthy for personal relations.”

[From Entertainment Weekly]

This is a bombshell- if not to Hollywood insiders, than definitely for the movie-going public. I wasn’t surprised to find out that guys like Mel Gibson and Isaiah Washington were arrogant asswipes, but Linda Richman from Coffee Talk? Say it ain’t so!

Anyway, Myers’ new comedy, The Love Guru, opens this weekend. Let’s see if those rooting for the movie to flop get their wish.

Mike Myers is shown at the premiere of The Love Guru on 6/11/08, thanks to PRPhotos.


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  1. mae says:

    This isn’t that far fetched. Anyone with that aggressive a personality would be tiring, at best.

  2. Jen says:

    “he seems like a fun, goofy guy, doesn’t he?”

    No, he doesn’t. He hasn’t been fun or goofy in about 18 years. If you have to try so hard, CONSTANTLY, to be funny…well, sorry buddy, you’re not funny. You’re just sad and pathetic.

    And from the sounds of it, a total douche.

  3. CJ says:

    This is what happens when ADD goes untreated.

  4. anon69 says:

    Many comedians have a very dark side. Look at the number who suffer with substance abuse or have committed suicide.

  5. Kevin says:

    So true Anon, so true. Anyways, Mike is better or as good as any other comedian out there making movies right now in my opinion. He’s hot and cold as far as good movies,,but so was Eddie Murphy, so is Adam Sandler. Not sure where you get your hate from there Jen, maybe if you had someone sit with you and explain the jokes to you because I guarantee your in the minority if you don’t think a lot of his stuff was hilarious when it was fresh…i.e…”mini me, don’t hump the laser.” That still cracks me up….as a side note I love me some Nancy Travis (his co-star in I married an ax murderer) where the heck has she been?

  6. Lauri says:

    An insecure actor in Hollywood? What a shocker!

    Doesn’t that sort of just go with the territory?

  7. Alexis says:

    The headline of this post should have been “Hollywood roots for Meyers to fail, Jessica Alba cast in film”. Seriously though, she is box office GOLD.

  8. anon69 says:

    Kevin, I believe Nancy plays the wife on the Bill Engvall show. I haven’t watched it but I saw a commercial for it last night and was like, is that…?

  9. adleisia says:

    Anon… that is Nancy on The Bill Engvall show. I haven’t watched it either, but it’s definitely her. She was in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants a few years ago (as America Ferrara’s new step mommy) and she was on Becker for a few years. I liked that show.

  10. dora says:

    I saw him on Inside the Actor’s Studio once, and at one point he starts talking to his wife (before the divorce) who was in the audience. He was so rude to her, I was actually uncomfortable watching that exchange. Did anyone else see that? Apparently, Linda Richman is based on her mother?

  11. devilgirl says:

    Why is everyone so appalled when an actor has a bad attitude, ego and insecurities. Isn’t that why they become actors/comedians, so they can escape who they really are and be someone else!

  12. journey says:

    canada will be sending out dudley dooright, the canadian mountie, to snag the myer with a butterfly net. can’t be having a testy canuck running about ruining their all canadians-are-super-polite image!

  13. Kaiser/ Hippacrat says:

    Meh. I still love Meyers & think he’s a comic genius.

    But then again, I don’t have to work with him.

  14. silentA says:

    I would like to know who gave the green light for Love Guru…who thought that was a good idea?

  15. kelo says:

    I have personally worked with Mr. Myers on a well known film and I can tell you it’s all absolutely true. He is mean-spirited and would get off on demeaning everyone, from studio executives on down to the production assistants. I don’t think it was a coincidence it’s been so long since his last film. Karma does catch up. I would never work with him again.

  16. snappyfish says:

    The same has always been said of Adam Sandler. That he is funny but not very nice. He saves all his kind, goofy, funloving behavior for the camera.

    I agree that Myers hasn’t been all that funny or goofy in a long while. I personally will skip Love Guru and see it when it hits HBO/Directv

  17. Jen says:

    Kevin, I may very well be in the minority, and that’s fine with me. I get the jokes, I just don’t think they’re funny. While I’m at it, I don’t think Will Ferrell, Adam Sandler, or that jackass Dane Cook are funny, either. Frat-boy humor isn’t funny (to me), and never was, even in college. I like comics like Mitch Hedberg, Auggie Smith, and Drew Hastings…you know, the kind that make me laugh.

    I liked Mike Myers back in his SNL days…I loved Sprockets. I even liked Wayne’s World (the sketch). I guess I kind of feel about Myers like I do about Robin Williams. It was funny the first time I saw it, but after 15 years (30 in Williams’ case) of hearing the same joke over and over, it’s just old.

  18. seVen says:

    seriously people bitching about how he acted on waynes world? way to wait 20 years to say something about it. IF his behavior is REALLY that bad, why didnt they speak up when he was on fire with Austin Powers? sounds like another fake ass rumor… having said that, i never cared for his movies

  19. MongoLikeCandy says:

    I don’t care how hard he is to work with as long as the end product is good. It’s a creative business with creative temperament, and if those working with him don’t like it, America is a free country, they can quit with cause, if it’s that well-documented.

    What film did you work with him on, Kelo? It’s not sensitive top-secret info.

  20. jade says:

    jen, i’m with you on mitch hedburg. i miss him! also there is a really similar article about mike myers in vanity fair around 2000-i think EW references it. The VF article was way more scathing, if i remember correctly.

  21. Kevin says:

    I hear ya Jen, to each their own tho,,well thought out post just the same. Thanks anon I googled her and that is her on that show. Now I’m gonna have to dvr it to check it out. Bill was probably the least funny out of the blue collar tour so I don’t have high hopes,,,but I do like Nancy so I will check it out. Hate to hear she has been relegated to broadcast t.v. but a girl has to do what a girl has to do I guess. Usually on sitcoms I could mute the punchlines and tell you what the joke is,,,uuuuugghhhh!!!

  22. Banana Boat says:

    Agree with Anon69 in that many comics do have a dark side i.e. a lot of anger..somehow it makes for good comics though. Source of great material. And I think most actors share the desperate need for continuous validation and attention even from strangers. For many of them that is like their ‘fix’. But that doesn’t mean that all actors treat others like crap. I have heard stories about Myers for years (a friend and cousin in the industry) and he sounds incorrigible. I think he was always deficient in kindness but it became exponentially exaggerated with his success.

    That said, this movie does not look like something I’d see anyway. Jen commented on Farrell and some others, and that frat boy humor is not for her. I’ll second that – this movie looks like more Mike Myers making over the top faces, mugging and cliched jokes. He’s just overdone. Too obvious, his ‘humor’ never
    made sense to me. I thought the whole Austin Powers craze was stupid and I got tired of idiots quoting his character – NOT FUNNY, never was. I like subtlety and a less ham fisted approach to comedy.

    Oh, and his face looks like a rubber face mask. His skin is all loose and weird. Even his smile creeps me out. 😈

  23. Persistent Cat says:

    Leafs suck!!!

  24. Mike says:

    So what? Hollywood is run by a bunch of creatively bankrupt shysters who wouldn’t know a good idea if it hit them on the head. He’s just trying to protect himself, because it’s on his name that his movies rise or fall.

    They’ll always try to interfere with your ideas, but they’ll only take credit for successes, not failures.

  25. ab says:

    I am so happy people love Mitch Hedburg. He was the best comedian. I still quote everything he says. People said the same thing about Jim Carey and he actually seems nice and straight forward in interviews. I agree with the person who said “way to wait 20 years to talk about it”. It probably is a spin article. On a side note, the movie does look like it is going to suck a big one.

  26. Best of British says:

    Sorry but I love Will Ferrell – Anchorman was so, so funny!

  27. kelo says:

    Hey MongoLikeCa – it was Cat in the Hat.

  28. Jess says:

    It sounds like he is hypoglycemic, from the way the story goes. Chronic conditions are a downer and can taint the public’s perception of the performer. He’s not really a comic, but look at Micheal J Fox- you can’t really watch him without thinking “parkinsons.”
    So I can understand why he’d want to keep things under wraps.
    He should have handlers to give him snax tho!

  29. Amy says:

    What? Since when is Mike Myers a secretly gay diva? Did I miss something or what?!

    I lurved Wayne’s World and So I Married… as a kid and always thought he was so down to earth and married to a refreshingly normal-looking gal.

    Now we find out they divorced because he’s gay and he abuses interns in the Conan O’Brien green room?

    I don’t know what to believe… ❓

  30. DownSouth says:

    so the guy is human whoopie doooo..another non story turned into a story..slow news day??

  31. nushien says:

    He appears to be a highly creative comedian, so it is expected that he would not just accept things and go with the flow.

    Highly creative people do not always conform to the standard thus causing “a stir,” but they bring great things to our world.

    As Einstein once said:

    “Great spirits often encounter violent opposition from mediocre minds.”

  32. mogreenz says:

    His cloying cutesiness wears thin quickly.note to Myers: 1.)we don’t care about your relationship with father.be funny or get out of the business.2.) stop fostering your snake-oil salesman’s beliefs on the viewing public.3.) its o.k. to spend your money, stay secluded and play at being a pseudo-intellectual.we don’t need a 4th “Austin Powers”.

  33. Bambam says:

    I worked on set with Mike Myers on last 2 films and YES he is a COMPLETE jerk. Stand-offish, unfriendly, arrogant and rude. He comes across very insecure and moody, and not at all the way he carries himself in interviews. Hope I never see the guy again in my life.