Lisa Rinna tells actresses to stop getting plastic surgery to look like Angelina

LOS ANGELES - NOV 1: Lisa Rinna arrives at the Dancing With The Stars 200th Show Party at Boulevard3 on November 1, 2010 in Los Angeles, CA Photo via Newscom
Lisa Rinna only reluctantly came clean about the painfully obvious fact that she’d messed with her lips, comparing the spur of the moment decision to get silicone with getting a tattoo. Afterwards she admitted that the criticism hurt her feelings, and said that she wishes she’d never owned up to it. Now that Lisa has had her lips surgically fixed to something resembling their original state, (and now that she has a book and reality show to promote) she’s talking about them again. In this latest installment of Lisa Rinnna: the lip chronicles, she says that she tries to keep fake-looking magazine covers away from her tween daughters, and that she advises actresses to love themselves and stop trying to look like Angelina Jolie.

Lisa Rinna, who just confessed to undergoing surgery to remove her silicone lip injections, has become a big advocate of a more natural look, telling me, “I want young women to learn to love themselves. You don’t need to change anything especially your lips.”

As a mother of two beautiful daughters, Delilah Belle and Amelia Gray, ages 8 and 11, Lisa knows too well the pressure on young women and wants to make sure she sets a good example.

“I remove the cover of magazines when girls who have had too much plastic surgery are on them. That’s the last thing my girls need to see. All these young Hollywood actresses need to stop trying to be the next Angelina Jolie and learn to love themselves,” Lisa tells me.

“Trust me, now that I have removed the silicone from my lips, I feel sexier and Harry loves them. It makes kissing and something else much easier,” she giggled.

[From Popeater]

I would buy all this from Lisa if she admitted to getting her lips done sooner, and if she owned it instead of trying to forget she mentioned it and then bringing it up again like some kind of revelation. Still, I get the “damned if you do” talk about it “damned if you don’t” angle. She got lip injections, they made her look like she was smuggling hot dogs under her lips, and she felt self conscious and was sensitive about it. Good for her for telling other women to go easy on the plastic surgery. Does she also regret her bolt-on boobs? They look fake to me but they could be real.

Oh and when I googled “Lisa Rinna Boob Job” I came upon this story from this spring where she commented on Kate Hudson’s maybe boob job, saying “I think everyone needs to do whatever they need to do to make themselves feel good. And it’s nobody’s business!” Mmmhmm. That’s much different than advising against plastic surgery now isn’t it?

32650, MALIBU, CALIFORNIA - Sunday July 19, 2009. Soap Opera actress Lisa Rinna and husband Harry Hamlin were seen walking together on a beach in Malibu. Taking advantage of the warm July weather, Lisa showed off her body in a skimpy bikini by Ed Hardy. Husband Harry also showed off some skin by going shirtless with a pair of red swim trunks. Photograph: Bret Thompsett/ Max Butterworth,

Photo by: KGC11/  2010  10/23/10 Lisa Rinna at the 32nd Anniversary Carousel of Hope Ball. (Beverly Hills, CA)  Photo via Newscom

Tuesday October 5 2010. BEFORE & AFTER - According to reports, Lisa Rinna went under the knife again in August to have her infamous trout pout reduced. In an impulsive decision, Lisa had sillicone injected into her lips 25-years-ago. The 47-year-old actress decided to have the procedure done after saying, lips started to define who I am . She had the surgery in August and is now in her 6-month healing phase. BEFORE: 40889. Lisa Rinna attends the Best Friends Animal Society Pet Adoption Festival in Westchester. Date taken May 23, 2010. AFTER: 45588. E-TABLET/IPAD & MOBILE PHONE APP PUBLISHING REQUIRES ADDITIONAL FEES**

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39 Responses to “Lisa Rinna tells actresses to stop getting plastic surgery to look like Angelina”

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  1. Samigirl says:

    This woman has had her lips done, a tummy tuck, a boob job,botox, most likely a face lift…And she thinks MAGAZINE covers are a bad influence? Pot calling the kettle black much? ALSO, she is talking about giving her husband oral sex…and her children can read about it! Thank GOD this woman isn’t my mother.

  2. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    I think she is being a bit over dramatic with removing the magazine covers. I bet she would be pissed if she knew mothers would do the same to her. “Ever Life & Style I see with Lisa Rinna in it, because she is to scary to put on the cover, I rip her picture out.”

    She should just teach her kids to think for themselves and be confident in who they are.

    Did Lisa get lip injections because she wanted lips like Angie?

  3. sickofit says:

    Just scary.. why did she mess up anyway?

  4. GimmeABreak says:

    Now wait a second!! WTF did she do now? The Botox on the upper lip looks even worse!

    Lisa!! LEAVE THE LIPS ALONE!!!!!

  5. jen says:

    She needs to take a cue from Robert Downey Jr. about not being a sanctimonious hypocrite!

  6. Laurie says:

    Can she tell that to Octomom too?

  7. Green is Good says:

    *Eye roll*

    Oh, please Ms. Rinna, you ridiculous hypocrite.

    Tara Reid called, and she wants you to shaddup, too.

  8. TaylorB says:

    Love A.

    Actually I think she got those injections long before AJ was even in the spotlight. I could be wrong, but I think it was just a crappy idea performed by an equally crappy doc who make her look like someone hooked her up to their trailer hitch by her lips and went for a spin about the neighborhood.

  9. NayNay says:

    Oh, I guess it’s one of those, do as I say, not as I do. She is certainly the right one to be giving advice on not getting plastic surgery. Just to be happy the way they are. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. nnn says:

    She did her transformation long before Angelina was even an adult.

    I remembered Lisa Rinna having those lips transformation in the late 80’s ALREADY…Angelina was 14 year old at the beginning of the 90’s and not even known.

    So she can’t blame her own nasty lips transformation on someone who was a an unknown teen when she did it. Try Wildenstein or Laporre or Versace.

    Here is Lisa pre and after PS

    Now the question is how can she change what mother nature gave her ?

  11. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    LOL Thats what I thought Taylor B. Lisa’s lips have always looked that way to me. I have never see her without the night crawler smackers. Don’t know why she brought Angie’s name into this.

  12. ziggy says:

    if someone wants to get plastic surgery that’s his/her business. what i don’t like is all the lying these hollywood types do about it. if you have a good plastic surgeon, good on you.

  13. nnn says:

    Again Lisa belongs to the first generation of lips enlargment surgeries from the mod 80’s, hencve it was badly done with old technic gone wild.

    Before that, beauty was mainly translated into blond blue eyes thin features (lips included). It was the time for beauties like Twiggy, Peggy lipton, jerry hall and Christy Brinkley to shine.

    It changed during the mid 80’s with the number one beauty shiffted to pouty lips light eyes brunettes like Brooke Shields, Milla Jovovic, Nastasja Kinsky, then brunette, dark eyed Cindy Crawford who even confirmed that many model agencies didn’t hire her because they say a brunette with dark eyes besides could not make it at the top.

    Also in the african related community, a drastic change occured to with thin features Louise Vyent, Khadija, Iman, Beverly Johnson replaced by full lipped Naomi as the paragon of beauty.

    Singers like Sade also was praised for her lips. and MUSIC.

    iIt’s in that context that came the round of first lips enlargment where you could find Kelly Le Brock, Cher and…Lisa Rinna who was stalking young Angelina Jolie at school in order to have the same lips (sarcasm)as hers..

    Then, many starlts wet into it like pamela Andersson tlips, boobs, ect)…all this when Jolie was still in highschool…

  14. Lindsay says:

    It is kind of a valid point, most actresses get way too much injected and it seems to always make them look worse/ridiculous. But, depending on the magazine, are the airbrushed models in the ad on the next page really that much better of an example? Very few magazines would even have pages left if you took out everyone who had been altered, if not plastic surgery then using photography tricks and Photoshop. Seems silly and pointless to stop at the cover. Talking to the kids and explaining why you did whatever you did and that you regret it plus explaining how images are manipulated seems more productive than removing one picture they can see in stores, friends’ houses, and on the internet. But if my mom’s lips looked like that I think I would be scared away from any plastic surgeon!

    Bringing Angelina’s name into it makes sense to some extent. She has the most talked about lips. People bringing her picture to the plastic surgeon is probably just as common as other people bringing Jennifer Aniston’s picture to their hair dresser. (The last time I was there I was reading something about who’s hair is most asked for in different colors and areas of the country. Jennifer was extremely common and I asked the lady if she agreed. She kind of rolled her eyes and was like “I see her picture at least once a day”).

  15. Kim says:

    Lisa mentioned she got the lip work done after seeing Beaches w/ Barbara Hershey And Bette Midler. She probably mentioned AJ because she is known for her full lips.

  16. Keyanna says:

    I find this woman disgusting.

  17. devilgirl says:

    She makes a point though. Women need to stop trying to look like other women and simply looks like themselves.

    I just do not get the women that think they look good with huge, unnatural lips and shiny stretched, Botoxed skin. No one looks good looking like Amanda Lepore.

  18. Riley says:

    Lisa Rinna is pure t trailer trash.

  19. Jeri says:

    I’m sure it sucks to be known for having one of the worse plastic surgeries in Hollywood.

  20. Maritza says:

    I had gotten used to her fat lips, they looked kind of cool on her, now she just looks weird.

  21. craigc says:

    Go away, Lisa!

  22. Circe says:

    I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt. But only because she was nice to Veronica Mars.

  23. lucy2 says:

    She would have a good point, if she weren’t a walking contradiction. I get the impression she’s an opportunist who will say and do whatever she thinks will keep her semi-relevant.

  24. pebbles says:

    I’ve always loved her haircut.

  25. Meanchick says:

    This is the 2nd time, that I know of that she has made reference to ‘other stuff.’ Okay, so you like the oral beef injection, enough! Anywhoo, what’s with the jowls?

  26. bagladey says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that Lisa Rinna’s body is unshapely, unfeminine, muscle bound, freakish and not sexy at all? Why are there always pics of her in a bikini? I don’t want to see that ugly body. Ugh. Yuk.

  27. Victoria says:

    Her lips just gross me out! Ick!

  28. Ferguson. says:

    She wanted to look like Angie.
    She failed, so she removed them.

    End of story.


    On a serious note, she’s such an hypocrite, I cannot stand that.

  29. Eileen says:

    @nnn OMG she was GORGEOUS in that before photo! wow-what a shame she did that because now she will always be known for ass lips.
    Hands down this is why I won’t mess with my face-vanity is bad and I can just see it blowing up in my face…so to speak.

  30. Kiska says:

    She looks like a piece of beef jerky in a bikini.

  31. whitedaisy says:

    Hypocrite. That is all.

  32. lio says:

    “As a mother of two, ages 8 and 11, Lisa knows too well the pressure on young women”…?!!!
    Is anybody else shocked by this sentence? At the age of 8 and 11, you’re not young women, you’re girls and it is way too soon to be obsessed with your look. I suggest LR stop removing cover of magazines and start buying real books, so that her daughter can learn to think by themselves and start the process of discovering who they are.

  33. mslewis says:

    I remember the first round of lip injections back in the 80s. Oprah had several women on her show and a doctor(?) actually injected them on the show and I remember how gross they all looked and the doctor(?) said, “Don’t worry, in three or four weeks the swelling will go down” and I freaked out!! THREE OR FOUR WEEKS??? I could not imagine any woman wanting to look that way for that long and hope their lips go down to a non-ridiculous size. He also pointed out that the lips had to be re-injected, I think, every three to six months. I’m guessing Lisa Rinna got a bad doctor(?) who either injected too much or the silicone got too hard and her lips never went back to a good size. The good news was, she didn’t have to get re-injected!!!

    At any rate, I agree that Ms. Rinna is a mass of contradiction and, yes, she will say whatever is the thing to say at the moment.

  34. Ruffian9 says:

    This from someone with Muppet lips & implants?

  35. jamie says:

    her lips still look screwed up! shes so fake looking ! don’t like her at all!

  36. Twez says:

    If she’s had her lips fixed, why do they look the same?

  37. Stronzilla says:

    As long as the subjective male opinion of what constitutes beauty rules, in this case a pair of big lips that could suck nails out of a board, women will willingly mutilate themselves to achieve this ideal. Why anyone would aspire to have what our culture defines as c*cking sucking lips is beyond me. Guess they go well with the breast implants.

  38. Sakyiwaa says:

    wow, Lisa Rinna, your ‘before’ pic was lovely! i like her cos i liked Billie on the soap Days of our Lives. i get why she brought Angie into this but really… her statement would have still made sense without that. @nnn, love the sarcasm, lol!

  39. Thad Porta says:

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