Kelly Osbourne’s barely-there dress: cute or trashy?


I was going to make fun of Kelly Osbourne for wearing this completely tragic mess of a dress, but I think she just wore it because the event was for Dancing With the Stars, and she wanted to look budget and ice-dancery to fit in. Still, this junk is not flattering at all. Kelly’s figure is really cute, and she definitely looks toned and healthy. That being said, she can’t just wear anything you know? She’s still got to be conscious of dressing for her body type, and this dress just makes her look like hell.

Anyway, Kelly actually came out and spoke a little bit during DWTS’s 200th show…? I think? I didn’t watch it, I was watching a DVD of Poirot (it was good too), because I’m awesome. According to The Daily Mail, Kelly talked about how much she liked Bristol Palin. Bristol was “recreating” a dance Kelly did, and Kelly said: “It’s going to be really hard to re-interpret that because it meant something so much different to me. But with Bristol she’s got so much heart and that’s what I’m looking for, honesty and heart, she’s the only one who’s not a performer on this show, and she’s come on and she’s working her butt off and I’ve got so much respect for her.” Here’s a clip from the show:

And lastly, here’s Bristol Palin. Is she getting kicked off this week?



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77 Responses to “Kelly Osbourne’s barely-there dress: cute or trashy?”

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  1. mln says:

    Who cares about the dress those bangs and that jawline are horrible.

  2. ziggy says:

    congrats on kelly’s weightloss, but she does not have the figure to wear that dress. her arms and legs will always be heavy.

  3. Natalie says:

    shes trying way to hard now…

  4. Ferguson. says:

    Definitely trashy.
    Why, Kelly, why?

  5. Josephine says:

    Yeah yeah Kelly you have a new hot body let’s move on now k? lol.

    It looks trashy and she looks like another generic blonde bimbo

  6. yourmomma says:

    dress is awful-c’on kelly you can do better!

  7. texasmom says:

    Yeah, those bangs make her face so angular — I didn’t recognize her! And it ages her about 15 years.

  8. Megan says:

    the dress looked good on her… it’s the way she posing in the pictures thats so unflattering… she looked nice in the clip… and yes the hair has got to go!

  9. Renee says:

    I like Kelly but this is definitely not a good look.

  10. Anon says:

    I think her face looked better when it was slightly more rounder. I never realized her cheekbones were as angular as they are – she barely looks recognizable!

  11. sickofit says:

    why is she trying so hard lately?

  12. Erandyn says:

    You know the expression on her face in that last pic? Yeah, that was my reaction when I saw that stupid dress.

  13. bellaluna says:

    Ditch the drapes on the front (from the bust-line to the crotch/thigh area) and the dress is fine.

    And Bristol Palin just needs to STOP.

  14. k says:

    she’s having fun with it and she’s young. leave her alone

  15. BReed says:

    The dress is TACK-EEEEE! I feel sorry for Kelly: she has a homely face, bad legs and all those tattoos! UGH! Money doesn’t buy taste. Hear me, Joan Rivers?

  16. danielle says:

    The dress is horrible. And does she having matching skull tats on each of her feet? Cause that’s horrible too.

  17. Deniz says:

    These girls need to learn how to pose…What they’re doing is really unflattering.

  18. jc126 says:

    I never noticed til last night how much Kelly is Ozzy’s female clone!

  19. TeeTee says:

    hate the dress, but congrats on the weight loss..never knew she had such an angular jaw line wow.

  20. girl says:

    Bristol looks drunk.

    It looks like they forgot to take the “rain protection” aka garbage bag all the way off of KO’s dress. It could be quasi decent without that weird double sash thing on it.

  21. devilgirl says:

    Fug and trashy.

  22. Macheath says:

    Wait, Bristol Palin is on DWTS? When did she become a star?

  23. Maritza says:

    Bristol Palin has a really fake smile in that picture. It’s nice to see that Kelly has kept the weight off, good for her.

  24. Stubbylove says:

    We get it Kelly – you’re skinny now. Though I’m very happy for you, I still don’t want to see the good china – keep the dresses covering the vag. And HATE Bristol Palin. HATE.

  25. KimiErin says:

    Hey! It’s Tonya Harding!

  26. Marjalane says:

    I may be wrong, but it sure looked like that ex-fiancee of Kelly’s was sitting in the audience with ugly Sharon last night. I’m liking Kelly a bit more than I used to, but only a bit.

  27. kelBear says:

    I didn’t recognize her at all! The dress would be much better on someone else because it just doesn’t fit her body well.

  28. hanh says:

    Holy crap. What is wrong with her face? Why is it so hugely bloated? What has she been doing to it?

  29. qwe says:

    Her body is shapeless no matter how much weight she lost. And her face looks so drag queen now.

  30. connie says:

    I saw her on FashionWeek with that same hairstyle and I could not stop staring at her, she looked so good – and that hairstyle was a totally fresh take on retro.

    This dress sucks. Oh well. Shit happens. But I totally get her vibe. She dresses like a rock star, cause she kind of is one. She’s always gonna have a little edge when she dresses which I love. I get her.

  31. Mandhy says:

    She looka lika man! no comment Palin, let’s not promote that 15 minutes

  32. OtherChris says:

    I don’t like the dress, but her legs look great. Very toned and shapely.

  33. wunderkindt says:

    That dress is so cheap-looking and ugly, it would look trashy on anyone. The cut is aweful!

  34. bagladey says:

    I like Kelly Osborne but this was not a good look for her; she looks awful.

  35. Meanchick says:

    Let her enjoy her new body. I love the dress, but the hair? Eh.

  36. Prince D says:

    I’ll say it again, she looks like Quagmire from Family guy. That jawbone is ridiculous.

  37. Manda3 says:

    Hate her dress. It ugly not to mention TRASHY. and Palin, I hate you. I hope you get kicked off. You are nothing. Only known because your mom sucks.

  38. dread pirate cuervo says:

    “Budget & ice-dancery” is the perfect way to describe this, Kaiser.

  39. heathen says:

    The dress is a hot mess. The drapes in the front are the worst part and I honestly don’t think it would look good on anybody –even a 6 foot tall supermodel, much less a 5’2 Kelly Osborne. I don’t know what she was thinking.
    But good for her for keeping off the weight — she seems very happy & healthy.

  40. hellena says:

    Props to the girl that has worked hard to achieve this figure. No props to those who say “she has to dress herself according to her body” – why put it like that? You make it sound like she still has weight to lose, which is nonsense. I think she looks cute, and very happy! And at that age you’re allowed to try some looks. Give her a break…

  41. nina says:

    The early 90s called. It wants its bangs back.

  42. Farrah Knight says:

    shiteous dress to go with that face and hair

  43. Randomness says:

    Halloween is over

  44. Rasputin says:

    Hey Prince D? I’m sure you ain’t the prettiest thing on Earth either so shut your mug, please.

    The dress is ugly as hell though.

  45. LBees says:

    Oh good. She found my drapes.

  46. bubbles says:

    my god, words just escape me … that is quite possible the most hideous creature I’ve ever seen.

  47. lala in nYc says:

    the dress would be less tragic without the all the draping in the front. without the double drapes, it would be a cute dress.

    her face looks different, more angular. but she looks happy

  48. karina says:

    the bangs are cute! the dress (minus the draping in front) is ice-skatery but not bad otherwise. and lets face it if you had her body you’d be showing it off it tiny little dresses too.

  49. redlips says:

    I thought she looked fabulous!

  50. HAHAHAHA says:

    Very shemale looking.

    Her head looks Photoshoped on her body.

  51. Yasmine says:

    Best part of reading this:
    “I didn’t watch it, I was watching a DVD of Poirot (it was good too), because I’m awesome.” HAHAHAHAHA!!! Yes you are Kaiser!

  52. Gistine says:

    She looked WAY better with weight on her. Fat guy in a little coat…I say this with love.

  53. Crash2GO2 says:

    Why is everyone praising her weight loss? It is not at all healthy, and she is refusing treatment so that she can stay ‘thin’.

  54. Cookie says:

    I’m sorry but she still looks overweight to me. I know that her waist line is trim but the girl needs to do some weights training to slim those legs and arms. She looks like a heffer.

    And that first pic kinda looks like a body building pic lol. Look at the width of that neck! Not at all attractive.

  55. melinda says:

    Wow, the hair, dress, make-up all just hideous. I feel so bad saying that for all of the effort she has clearly expended.

  56. serena says:

    ugh. totally trashy.
    She’s startin’ to piss me off.
    Just like Bristol Palin.

  57. Salina says:

    kelly and bristol are both famous for their parents
    ….. their 15 minutes of fame should be over now

  58. gg says:

    The hair and the makeup make her face look weird! Did she get tweaked or is it just bad styling?

    Not even getting into the dress.

  59. shannon says:

    seek help, @cookie. You need it.

  60. lucy2 says:

    Not a cute dress.

  61. Feebee says:

    @ cookie, if you’re going to insult her at least get it right, it’s “heifer”. But I think you’re overstating it just a little.

    Don’t like anything to do with the dress or the look she has going. I’m surprised that I’m surprised.

  62. Dominique says:

    Bristol eludes me. She has the face of a larger individual, but she’s pretty thin. It’s so strange to me.

    as for Kelly, no comment

  63. Lynn says:

    Cute Dress, work it Kelly. Good for her, she has worked hard. Wear what you want!

  64. Oh goodie says:

    I think too much has gone to her head.. confidence is great for anyone but overdone creates big ego & were stating to get that vibe..

  65. DSM says:

    When I saw the first pic, I heard the name “SSShharrrroonnn!!!” in my head…. PG.

  66. Shay says:

    Yuck. She can remove her tattoos but she still looks horrid. Doesn’t matter how much weight Kelly loses. She has her dad’s face.

  67. Sandy says:

    Just another over privileged child of the stars.

  68. bored says:

    Thats just bad. Her hair is so brassy and she has gained some of the weight back – which is okay – but that dress is not a good choice.

  69. Dee Cee says:

    Clothes make the man, naked people have little or no influence in society. – Mark Twain

  70. Trillion says:

    Love starting my day with some Mark Twain! He’s STILL the Man. Thanks Dee Cee!

  71. big feet bunny says:

    trashy dress. there are other ways to showcase your weight loss.

  72. Suzy says:

    I love Poirot!

  73. lola lola says:

    Why does her face look so different?

  74. cruiz2 says:

    Bristol – What’s up with the gray wedgie snow shoes? Wreaks the look. Kelly’s waist is awesome- so tiny. I don’t like the curtain dress. Keep going!

    Jeez…who dresses these people?

  75. mollination says:

    Does anyone else find it odd that girls like kelly (pre weight loss) always rip on the “barbie, stick figure, bimbo blonds”, and then immediately take the chance to look like one of them the second they lose enough weight to do so? Like, she looks exactly like everyone else now. And she used to pretend to hate on that type of girl…clearly, we know now out of insecurity/jealousy/envy.

  76. MissVJJ says:

    Both women are beauties!

  77. AnonYmouse says:

    Kelly is the standard by how I judge a girls legs. Bristol’s legs are about 60% as hot as Kelly’s.