Fergie on being drug-free, but still drinking: “I’m not claiming to be sober”


Fergie is the December cover girl for Glamour Magazine. Taking notes from Raccoon McPantless, I see. Honestly, I don’t mind the blazer-and-no-pants combo, but what does bug me is that Fergie’s thighs look crazy Photoshopped. I’ve never considered Fergie a great beauty or anything, but I do think her curvier, “thick” body is really nice, and from what I remember, those are not her thighs. Anyway, the full Glamour interview is here (done by Katie Couric), and here are some of the highlights:

Fergie on her success: “Well, for some lucky reason or gift from God, I’ve known what I wanted to do since I was a little girl. And even through disappointments and rejection, there was something inside of me that wouldn’t give up. I’m a survivor, and I’m very driven.”

On working out: “I work out all the time… Cardio, resistance and a lot of jogging. I love to go hiking. I’m bringing my trainer on tour. I said I’m going to invest this in myself, into my self-worth, into my self-esteem.”

On women with low self-esteem: “It’s become actually the norm, I feel. And it’s really sad. The thing that I can say is, you’re not alone. [And if] you start making the right choices for yourself, all of a sudden you start feeling better and better. You’d be surprised how addicting high self-esteem is.”

When asked about her “sobriety” in the context of her crystal meth addiction: “Well, I’m not claiming to be sober. I think that that would be misleading. I drink alcohol. My father has a vineyard, and [the wine is] really delicious, by the way. Anyway, for most addicts, they would advise never to have any sort of substance. I just have my own journey, and I am very blessed to this day to be alive.”

Advice to young women: “Eye cream. No. [Laughs.] I mean, that is one. But that’s the most shallow one of them all. Basically, there were periods of my life when a lot of people didn’t believe in me. [But] I still had faith in myself. I really had to ask myself life questions. Where do I see myself in five years? Create a ladder for yourself, and walk up the steps. Climb that ladder.”

On having babies: “They are on my list of goals, yes. [Laughs.] Well, a girl’s gotta keep something private. But yes, it’s on the ladder.”

[From Glamour]

Couric also asked Fergie about the situation last year, when the Enquirer called Josh Duhamel out for being a cheater, and f-cking some $10 stripper in Georgia. Couric really climbs up her ass with this one:

KATIE COURIC: Let me ask you about your cute husband, Josh. You guys have been married for almost two years, and I remember feeling for you during the first year, because you had to put up with so much garbage in the tabloids. How did you get through that?
FERGIE: Just by knowing that our relationship was stronger than that. We live in a voyeuristic world, and it’s part of our business. But I like to [focus on] all the perks that I get in this business.

KATIE COURIC: Rebecca Fuller Kinsey of Atlanta asks, “How do you handle it when women are flocking all over your sexy husband? Does it ever bother you?” I guess we could ask Josh the same question, right?
FERGIE: [Laughs.] Well, I knew, getting into a relationship with him, that girls were very attracted to him. He was filming a show called Las Vegas and was constantly around half-naked women. It was just the premise of the show. For me, I’m not a jealous person. That’s just not my thing. You have to have trust in your relationship.

KATIE COURIC: And self-confidence too, I think.
FERGIE: I think a lot of young teenagers try to get [esteem] from accolades from other people, or boys, and what you learn as you get older is that you have to create that within yourself.

[From Glamour]

Is Fergie really this self-confident woman? She seems to really want people to think that she is, but I’m not really buying. I also wonder about the issue of sobriety – I think the most successful recovering addicts tend to stop doing everything, you know? Even if they were a heroin addict, they stop drinking as well, even though they didn’t have a history with alcohol abuse. Isn’t it very common for another addiction to take the place of an old addiction? So, I question how wise it is for Fergie to still be drinking with her history of drug abuse. But, whatever, I’m not a doctor.


Glamour cover courtesy of HuffPo. Additional photo courtesy of Glamour.

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  1. kristen says:

    i’m curious about the alcohol thing with recovering addicts too.
    i always see drew barrymore drinking and wonder how that fits into her sobriety.

  2. devilgirl says:

    I am not a huge fan, but I kind of like Fergie. I think she is fairly talented and she doesn’t seem hateful. She is open about her past and she is honest.

    i don’t get why so many people are hard on her.

  3. mln says:

    In terms of addiction I think everyone is different. My understanding is that it all depends on your “triggers”. I do believe that there are people who have addictive personalities and are sensitive to every drug, and behavior including sex. There are others who seem to be able to drink moderately possibly because they never got off on alcohol. I once read an article with Drew where she stated that after years of being completely sober she decided to try drinking again and feels OK with that.

  4. victoria says:

    jesus, you actually think fergie has a “curvy thick body”? she looks pretty damn tiny to me.

  5. Meanchick says:

    Fergie is talented, no doubt. Not claiming to be sober? Perhaps she should travel with a PR person as well?

  6. lasherola says:

    How does alcohol fit into sobriety? It doesn’t.
    Alcoholics can’t smoke a little crack to avoid doing tequila shots. Just sayin.

  7. Kayla says:

    I’m not sure how true the whole self-confident bit is, but I love what she said about creating a ladder when no one believed in her. I think that’s great advice for any person.

  8. Samigirl says:

    If she was never abusing alcohol, I don’t see the problem. She isn’t smoking meth anymore, so Bravo for her! I love what she says about having to find confidence in yourself…she is SO right. You can’t let anyone else do that for you! Go Fergie!

  9. Petee says:

    I am so sick of people saying you have to be aa by the book.I use to do speed and gave it up year’s ago,on my own and have never used again.I drink socially but that is it now.We all grow up at some point.I think she is fine now.

  10. KJ says:

    I think it has more to do with the nature of the substance abuse. From what I know, Fergie’s real problem was crystal meth – which itself is one of the most instantly and persistently addictive drugs. And Fergie (correct me if I’m wrong) stuck mostly to meth. That’s not to say she hasn’t done other substances, but I think the disease of addiction is a combination of so many physiological and psychological components that everyone’s recovery is as distinctly different as their problem. That’s why so many people stumble and fall – because there’s no handbook, pill, or set of directions that works for everyone.

    And also, if drinking alcohol when you were addicted to meth is bad, then shouldn’t smoking cigarettes be considered a no as well? Cigarettes are HIGHLY addictive and even though the addiction isn’t going to cause you to rob a bank or something, it’s still something you know is destructive, yet do anyway because you can’t cope with whatever makes you want to do it. I don’t know, just my opinion.

  11. megan says:

    The idea that nobody can do anything ever because you were once addicted to one thing is by-the-book AA type of thinking. Most people I know who have successfully given up an addiction have given up just that addiction and they’re fine. The one person I know who only “goes to meetings” and won’t even allow themselves to smoke pot consistently fails.

    Addiction to nicotine is physically just as real as any other, why is that not treated the same? Why am I “allowed” to keep drinking now that I’ve quit smoking? And why does AA all but encourage keeping the cigarette addiction alive & well despite shunning all other substances?

    I think it’s how you feel inside your heart and mind that counts. If Fergie is living the good life by avoiding meth and enjoying wine, she’s not doing it wrong.

  12. sharylmj says:

    I agree #8 Petee.. everyone is different.. I know A LOT of people that used to use drugs heavily, but have stopped and still drink socially. Some people do have to quit everything because one leads to the other. It’s an individual thing. I love Fergie. She is beautiful and seems real. I don’t think it’s bad for her to be honest about herself. If she says she’s sober, someone will take a picture of her with alcohol, post it and make an issue out of it.

  13. guesty says:

    she seems to keep it real & her body is to die for…

  14. Jeri says:

    Even before the last few years I thought she was really brave to not respond to all the criticism and name calling. She just kept doing her thing and I liked that, it must be hard at times.

  15. The_Porscha says:

    Everyone’s addiction is different, as is their journey to conquer it, as Fergie said. There are some addicts, with addictive personalities, who are best giving up every substance. But there are some who are best avoiding their triggers and their drug of choice. One of my best friends growing up was unfortunately addicted to cocaine. She’s in a place now where she can drink socially, but she doesn’t go out to most bars because they are triggers for her. So her social drinking involves drinking at house parties with friends rather than drinking at bars and clubs because the latter is what triggered her drug abuse.

    It really is up to the individual and how their bodies and addictions work to figure out how best to treat it.

  16. Pirouette says:

    Yeah, Victoria, I don’t think “thick” is an accurate discription at all.

  17. Ferguson. says:

    As everyone here knows, I’m a fergie fan to death. I love her because she’s always been honest about herself, about who she really is and about the character she plays on stage. She’s given up on drugs a long time ago, because she had the WILL to do it and have a great life. What does that have to do with alcohol? No, really… she’s one of the most healthy celebrities out there, working out all the time and eating under moderation, but that doesnt mean she doesnt drink alcohol at parties and eat pizza once in a while (her favorite, damn she loooooves her pizza). About her confidence… YES, SHE IS A REALLY CONFIDENT WOMAN, and you can see it on stage, where she plays a character that has nothing to do with who she really is, but she doesnt care if people judges her for what they see on tv… cause she knows that they are judging someone else, not her, cause that’s not who she is.

    She once said something that really got into my mind and never left: ‘When you respect yourself, others will too’. And I think that’s what it’s all about, respecting yourself… which she clearly does.

    Anyway, I’m not here to argue or anything. I just love the fact that she was named ‘Woman Of the Year’, because I think she truly deserves it, so I felt like leaving my opinion.

    On her music, well… her voice makes me fly, really… but honestly I dont like what she’s doing with the peas right now, their new song ‘The Time’ really sucks, and this comes from a true old fan.

    She has a great voice for rock music, just listen to the song ‘Beautiful Dangerous’ by her and slash and oh… it really blows ur mind. She should quit the peas and release a rock album, IMO. But hey! we all know she’ll never do that, they’re a big and happy family. Hope they realize their talent doesnt reflect on their new music.

    (btw, next saturday im going to the peas concert in Buenos Aires, got BEPExperience tickets! so excited :D)

  18. DelBocaVista says:

    Devilgirl –

    RE: Why so many people hate(d) on her:

    I think the criticism has eased a lot. Only speaking for myself here, but I think a lot of it came from how so many of her songs focused on how unbelievably hot she considered herself. Fergalicious?? Geez. And how she puts every girl’s boyfriend “on rock-rock” and how “jealous” other girls are of her. So annoying. Therefore she caught a lot of snark about not actually being as hot, at least in the facial region, as she claimed.

    I also think it was the general quality of her solo music versus her BEP material. I wanted to kill the radio when “London Bridge” would come on but I went to a BEP concert and she did a great job!

  19. aenflex says:

    nother short neck victim…pee-pants duchess

  20. Deeta says:

    I dont think she is particularly talented. But I do think that is amazing that she stopped her heroin addiction. That is one of the hardest additions to beat – and I admire her for that.

    Now, on her drinking alcohol – nobody knows what type of drinking does she do. I think is great that she is being honest and setting the record straight. Also, you never see her highly intoxicated on anything. So, just because she admitted to drinking alcohol it doesnt mean that she abuses it.

  21. anoneemouse says:

    Unfortunately, I don’t see her marriage lasting because she is always making her career her priority. She needs to give that hunky husband of hers a baby, stat before she ends up like Jennifer Aniston!

  22. Rianna says:

    Wow! An honest person in show biz! Amazing.

    I wouldn’t say I’m a fan, but girl can sing and she speaks of really positive things for women who are fans. What a great attitude. I didn’t read one complaint from her. Refreshing.

  23. Moi says:

    She has always been honest – I’ve liked her ever since she admitted to peeing in her pants during that concert appearance. Seriously, she has confidence!

  24. redlips says:

    “Thick body”? Wow! She has a gorgeous figure and just because she is not a size 0 does not make her “thick”.

  25. Heather says:

    I don’t see why you can’t drink..I did speed for years and quit years ago and I don’t see any problems with wanting a beer now and then.

  26. BethL says:

    I see a lot of former drug addicts smoking cigaretts. Everybody is different so I don’t think it’s fair to say that Fergie will go back to meth just because she’s a social drinker.

  27. Ferguson. says:

    @DelBocaVista that’s not Fergie talking. First, Fergalicious was written by Will.I.Am and second, those kind of songs (Fergalicious, My Humps) talk about the character she plays, the songs that really speak for her are the ones SHE wrote (Finally, glamorous, voodoo doll, losing my ground, etc) I’m not blaming anyone since what you say is what anyone would say, cause it’s something logic. Just wanted to let you know that if people found out more about her, they would realize she’s nothing like that.

  28. Twez says:

    Anyone who goes on stage and performs while so drunk she has pissed her pants has a drinking problem. I’ll just go out on a limb and say that.

  29. liz says:

    Where’d you come from ‘anoneemouse’ , the 50s? I think most of this is none of our business. Addictions are individual and non-identical — everyone copes in a different way and so long as self-control is in place and the support system is strong, a person can recover from excess.

  30. Marjalane says:

    Not a fan and anyone who thinks (most) celebs are honest in kiss ass interviews like this, are delusional. She put out exactly what she wants you to think of her. Kind of like when Victoria Beckham tells “Redbook” that she cooks dinner at home all the time! Fergie is gross and I am laughing at her assertion that “you just have to trust your husband”, Yeah- you just have to trust that he’s out there banging strippers

  31. sisi says:

    I wonder where the backside of the jacket has gone…. so yes, definitely shopped.

  32. Kay says:

    Oh please, she has her own personal airbrush artist working 24/7. Photoshop, people!

  33. whitedaisy says:

    Yeah…. not buying the confidence thing.
    But it is always a mistake to idolize a celebrity;
    it is the rule (there are exceptions) that people go into show business seeking external acceptance to heal their fragile egos.
    High maintenance, low self-esteem is the norm.

  34. Liana says:

    my best friend for years drank a lot. Then he became addicted to cocaine. Then he went to rehab. Came out, started drinking because, after all, “cocaine was the real problem,” then found himself back doing the nose candy. He couldn’t use ANYTHING. He lived his last 8 months sober. Another friend had a meth issue. Only addicted to meth. Did rehab, got clean. She can still drink socially and moderately and it doesn’t make her go off the deep end. So, for Pete, anything addicting led to other addictions, all the time. For Amy, it didn’t.

  35. shannon says:

    THICK? you have got to be freaking kidding me!

  36. lucy2 says:

    anoneemouse, I really hope you aren’t serious with your post. Really.

    I don’t really like her, and I found her solo music pretty horribly annoying, but I don’t dislike her either. I feel a little bad for her because I think JD did probably cheat on her, and I don’t think her self esteem is as high as she likes to project. But I give her credit for being open about her past and making changes and moving on in her life.

  37. original kate says:

    i can’t stand her voice and her weirdly plastic face.

  38. alexandra says:

    She is replacing one addiction for another.