Kate Middleton’s parents trot out to a royal residence: an engagement soon?

Photo by: MC/AAD/starmaxinc.com  2010  10/23/10 Prince William and Kate Middleton attend a wedding at the St. Peter and St. Paul church in Northleach. (Gloucestershire, England)  Photo via Newscom

Guess what Kate Middleton is doing right now? She’s taking another “holiday” (from doing nothing) with her family. Nothing shocking there – Kate takes about a dozen “holidays” a year. Except that for this holiday, Kate and her folks are spending time at Balmoral (photos here), the private Scottish estate of the Queen – it’s not an official “royal residence” because the British taxpayers don’t have to pay for the upkeep. It’s thousands of acres of solitude, and Kate and her parents have found themselves in the thick of it. This is biggest move the royals have ever come towards publicly “accepting” the Middletons after years of negative rumors. Allegedly, the royal hangers-on, the advisors and such all felt that the Middleton family was simply too middle class to marry into the family. And before this, Kate’s parents were never invited to a royal residence, other than the Prince of Charles’ private home, Highgrove. Once. And Kate and Will have been dating EIGHT YEARS. Ugh. Anyway, The Daily Mail has an epic background story on all of this:

For Carole Middleton and her husband Michael, this was clearly an invitation they couldn’t refuse. Watched by her husband, and assisted by a ghillie who is adjusting the sights of her gun, Mrs Middleton is being shown how to stalk a deer.

The place is the Queen’s Balmoral estate. Their accommodation is Birkhall, the Queen Mother’s charming former home, which now belongs to the Prince of Wales. And their host is Prince William, who is plainly closer than ever to becoming their son-in-law. Kate, the Middletons’ elder daughter – who began going out with the prince when she was 20 – was also there, of course.

She will be 29 in January and her parents can at last begin to believe she’ll be engaged to William – and probably even married – before she is 30.

Significantly, although 28-year-old William has a cottage of his own on the Queen’s Deeside estate, Charles generously offered the grander Birkhall for the visit of Kate’s parents and a handful of other close friends. He also loaned William’s shooting party his personal chauffeur, Tim Williams.

It’s fair to say that Michael Middleton, a former airline despatcher, and ex-air hostess Carole are far from seasoned shots. For them to be invited to Birkhall – lovingly redecorated for Charles by the Duchess of Cornwall – says everything about their daughter’s long haul towards becoming Princess of Wales. If the past eight years have at times been tough for Kate (the paparazzi, a brief separation, the soubriquet ‘Waity Katie’), they have been even harder for her parents.

There have been years of omerta during which Carole Middleton has had to suffer – in silence – the insults and sneers from braying royal sycophants who cannot understand how William has fallen in love with a middle-class girl whose parents are ‘in trade’. Unlike other putative parents-in-law, Carole and Michael cannot indulge in the pleasure of talking to friends and acquaintances about their daughter’s boyfriend – and they certainly cannot wonder out loud why it has taken him so long to propose.

True, Mrs Middleton made a monster faux pas by allowing herself to be seen chewing gum when she attended William’s passing out parade from the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst in 2006. But it was nicotine gum. Critics even put it about that when she was presented to the Queen at the passing out parade, she uttered the decidedly non-U greeting ‘Pleased to meet you’ (when she might have said ‘How do you do?’). In fact, at that time the two women did not meet.

At least the oleaginous royal hangers-on have stopped sniggering behind their hands ‘Doors to manual’ when the Middleton women are around, a cheap shot at Carole’s former career. And now, pictured with her husband at Balmoral joining in the country pursuits which are such a crucial element of Royal Family life, she can at last be said to have outlived envious gossip that she was a ‘pushy’ mother and ambitious social climber who sent her beautiful daughter to St Andrews University just because Prince William was going there.

The envy will not stop here, of course. It cannot be denied that the Middletons have profited hugely from their links to the Royal Family. Kate’s younger siblings, James and Pippa, have used their reflected fame to publicise themselves and their businesses, which are related to the online firm, Party Pieces, founded by their parents. James featured in a gushing profile across the glossy pages of Hello! magazine last year. And with admirable marketing finesse, this weekend an interview with Pippa appeared in the Sunday Times’s Style magazine. She invited the paper to meet her in a village pub to talk about the online magazine and catalogue she is launching to flog Party Pieces’ goods.

Carole was also there, apparently on the Dukan Diet (some days, it emerged, lunching on nothing more than prawns and cottage cheese). Could the diet be in anticipation of a wedding, perhaps?

True, they have been to Highgrove, once. But staying at Birkhall is different. It is a very intimate royal residence where houseguests are thrown very much together en famille.

In fact, William and Kate are as good as engaged. An announcement, and a ring, are surely imminent, with a wedding next year. Perhaps because of those early jibes, William has become close to Kate’s parents – and very protective of them. He has holidayed with them in Mustique and sometimes watches television with supper on his lap when staying overnight at their home in the Berkshire commuter village of Bucklebury.

In recent months the prince, who is based at RAF Valley in Anglesey where he is an air-sea rescue helicopter pilot, has been joined by Kate at weekends in his rented white-walled farmhouse. Locals have spotted the couple dashing about on the prince’s Ducati motorbike, dropping into pubs such as the White Eagle at Rhoscolyn. They have also been shopping at the local Tesco in Holyhead. In the farmhouse they look after themselves. There are no domestic staff and they do their own cooking. But they are never completely alone because William’s protection officers are always around.

‘Kate won’t live with William until they’re married,’ says a family friend. ‘That’s why, although it may look odd, she still lives with her parents in Bucklebury.’

Despite all the envy and insults they have faced so far, the portents for Carole and Michael Middleton are surprisingly good. For William is determined to usher in a new era of inclusion, as far as royal in-laws are concerned. The late mother of Captain Mark Phillips – Princess Anne’s first husband – complained bitterly that she and her husband were ‘virtually ignored and never invited to anything’ by the royals once their son had married the Queen’s only daughter.

The same happened to the Spencers, even though Princess Diana’s father had been a former equerry to the Queen and lived on the Sandringham estate. And while the Duchess of York’s father, Major Ron Ferguson, was a popular figure until his death in 2003, he never became close to the Queen even when his daughter’s marriage to Prince Andrew was going well.

William is very aware that his future parents-in-law are stepping into unfamiliar territory. For them it is worse, much worse, than for any other royal in-laws of recent times – because their daughter will one day be Queen. Hence their gentle introduction into his family’s love of country pursuits. Though, looking at the picture, perhaps not so gentle. The normally elegant Carole Middleton looks far from comfortable stretched out on the damp moorland, but then, it’s worth the discomfort for her daughter’s happiness.

[From The Daily Mail]

Personally, I don’t really care that the Middletons are “middle class” or that they don’t share the same aggressively outdoorsy pursuits that the royals seem to adore. Everybody’s different, and I respect the Middletons for making their own wealth, even if they seem to behave like gauche nouveau riche all too often. What bothers me is how Kate has played this relationship, and how she continues to play it. She’s spent the last eight years in a self-imposed exile, not pursuing a career, doing little to no charity work, and allowing her parents and her family to be snubbed and mocked for so long. Also: now Kate even has to deny that she and William are living together! Ugh. Kate is a horrible role model for young women.

LONDON - JUNE 27:  Kate Middleton attends the 46664 concert in celebration of Nelson Mandela's life at Hyde Park on June 27, 2008 in London, England.  (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

LONDON - JUNE 27:  Kate Middleton attends the 46664 concert in celebration of Nelson Mandela's life at Hyde Park on June 27, 2008 in London, England.  (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

LONDON - JUNE 27:  Kate Middleton (R) and guest attend the 46664 concert in celebration of Nelson Mandela's life at Hyde Park on June 27, 2008 in London, England.  (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

Photo by: MC/AAD/starmaxinc.com  2010  10/23/10 Prince William and Kate Middleton attend a wedding at the St. Peter and St. Paul church in Northleach. (Gloucestershire, England)  Photo via Newscom

Photo by: MC/AAD/starmaxinc.com  2010  10/23/10 Prince William and Kate Middleton attend a wedding at the St. Peter and St. Paul church in Northleach. (Gloucestershire, England)  Photo via Newscom

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  1. hanh says:

    She has her eyes on the prize. That’s apparently her life’s work.

    I would be so much more impressed if she actually was doing something during those 8 years, like get a job like any other normal middle class girl.

    However, she’s been living like someone ready to take on the boring and idle lifestyle of a royal so I’m not that impressed with her.

  2. mln says:

    It looks more and more like she has landed her catch I hope it works out better for her than it did for Fergie and Diana. And yes I feel sick that in this day and age there are still women niave enough to believe it’s worth years of humilation to land a man whether or not he has a title.

  3. LOL i agree, when they first started dating the whole country was in love with her and if she’d just continued in work or did charity work she would still be loved now but she is an embarassment…
    Obviously William must love her (right?) so if he marries her then that’s his choice but she is going to be Queen one day so she should take a leaf out of the current Queen’s book and WORK or do SOMETHING… ANYTHING.

    p.s her family are so embarasssing, they seem like the biggest desperado sycophants to me but with none of the class (and i don’t mean breading).

  4. Delta Juliet says:

    I can’t put my finger on it. By all appearances, she should be a pretty girl. Nice features, nice figure, beautiful hair and clothes, and yet I find her so unattractive. Or maybe just “unoriginal”

  5. Henriette says:

    Kate’s driving trait is her ambition and Wills deserves better.

  6. Anna says:

    It’s pathetic to willingly be dependent on a man or the parents. She chooses to do nothing. There are so many women who can’t choose or don’t have the possiblities she has. She could have made a career, maybe because she has no ambition William is also bored of her. Being so clingy and desperate is not attractive.

  7. KateNonymous says:

    I would think the lack of charity work would bother the royals, since that is such a big part of what they do. And both Sarah Ferguson and Sophie Rhys-Jones had jobs before their marriages. So did Diana, for that matter.

  8. devilgirl says:

    Her outfit is horrible.

  9. BReed says:

    I think Miss Middleton is absolutely beautiful. Although the Brits might label her & her parents “Middle Class”, we Americans think this is ridiculous. I think we kicked the British ass for their high tax for the Upper Class ways. SO WHAT if her parents actually work for a living? That’s more than one can say for the Royals who do…what???? At least Prince William actually has a JOB.

  10. gigi* says:

    It’s tragic that those people can never really know if someone approaches them for wealth and the all the prince stuff,or due to honest interest and love…poor poor prince William…

  11. Tess says:

    For a minute there I thought I was reading something out of a historical romance novel. And a boring one at that. Sheesh!

  12. Hautie says:

    Has the British Press ever had any thing positive to say about any of the future spouse’s?

    As bad as the paparazzi is here in the US… that British Press is just flat out nasty.

    They bully and get flat out nasty with every last female that gets near the Royal’s.

    As if those unfortunate looking men are worth all the hassle. (they are not) Even the lone cutie Harry… he is not cute enough to deal with the sh*t that the press throws.

    And what is the big deal that Kate’s parents work for a living. Is that something us lowly American’s have to do for ourselves? To have a career and pay our bills on time? *eye-roll*

  13. Darcy says:


    Is it the facial expressions and bad eyeliner, perhaps?

  14. Girafe99 says:

    It doesn’t matter if she marries him or not cos she will never be Queen, Britain is going to become a republic!

  15. Janine says:

    I hate having to defend this poor girl, but she hasn’t just been dating Will and eating bonbons for the last 8 years, she’s completed a degree in art history from a prestigious university, and she has worked, she did something, somewhere, before the press forced her to quit. She’s still in her 20s, what is she supposed to have accomplished?

    She’s a horrible role-model for girls? How? Because she fell in love with a Prince and didn’t run off to Africa to feed starving orphans right away? Diana only started her charity work after she was married and had an heir and a spare.

    And how has she been humiliated? Because the royals denied that she shacked up with Wills? They are pretty old-fashioned like that. My boyfriends parents made us sleep in separate rooms when we visited, yet somehow we overcame the mortification.

    I am watching people debate this on TV right now in England, and the consensus here is that they are going to announce their engagement soon. The royal family is notoriously stuffy, don’t forget the queen didn’t even attend Charles’s wedding to Camilla, but if he marries her, she will be the mother of a future king or queen and that is a pretty big deal. The British public will love her once she’s appropriately labeled and starts having some royal babies…..

    Also, since when are millionaires considered middleclass? They’re commoners sure, but hardly middleclass.

  16. Kaiser says:

    Darcy & Delta Juliet – I don’t find her unattractive, I just think she’s plain and she looks like thousands of other girls. She’s Britain’s Lauren Conrad.

    But yes, her makeup is unfortunate. As is her lopsided face.

  17. JulieM says:

    I don’t think anyone begrudges the Middletons their money or cares that they are middle class. (Well, I guess some people do). The point is, Kate has done nothing for 8 years except be a doormat for William. Does anyone seriously believe that if William were Joe the Butcher from the East End that The One Who Waits would have spent 2 minutes on him waiting for a proposal? My guess is that she’s comfortable for him, like an old pair of slippers. They look like a middle aged couple and they deserve each other.

    Oh, and the Middletons were learning how to shoot animals. What a lovely way to fit in to the royal family.

  18. Kaiser says:

    Janine – Diana had a JOB before and during her courtship with Charles. She worked at a nursery school. She only quit when she and Charles became engaged, and she had to move into the Palace and begin her royal training. And as soon as Diana and Charles married, Diana had a full slate of charity projects that she was assigned.

    Kate’s minor “job” was working for her parents company whenever she felt like it, taking off for weeks at a time every other month to go on holiday with William. And even then, she doesn’t work there now!

    Beyond that, I think she’s gotten dressed up and gone to two charity events in eight years. That’s it. Her career is being at Will’s beck-and-call. She’s like a hooker who doesn’t get paid.

    I will continue to say it: she’s a horrible role model.

  19. Cheyenne says:

    When the parents get invited the spend the weekends, things are looking serious.

  20. toto says:



  21. toto says:

    I have feeling that prince william does not want repeat his mother- camilia tragedy
    and im sure his father support him for that
    she love him and im sure he loves her

    who knows how much the palace is against her
    and maybe he does not want to lose her like his father when he lost his best companion for the crown.

  22. Janine says:

    Kaiser, I get what you’re saying, I do.

    But I must point out that Diana’s ‘job’ was as an assistant at a preschool and party hostess. Let’s not pretend she was curing cancer. Just like Kate, she was expected to quit when she got married so that she could concentrate on rearing royal babies. And just like Katie, the public were judgemental and scathing about some of her choices.

    And Diana’s charity work really began in the mid 80s. When she was married and had children. Only time will tell whether Kate will be a good role model or not, but I haven’t written her off yet.

  23. mln says:

    Bravo Kaiser.
    BTW Diana didn’t just run off to help orphans for jollies I will always remember the way she embraced a person with AIDS when it was still considered taboo to touch a person with the disease eventhough I was a child at the time it opened my eyes. And being ignored for 8 years isn’t the same thing as sleeping in separate beds.

  24. Crash2GO2 says:

    Ah leave her alone. She doesn’t work because she doesn’t have to. I wouldn’t if I didn’t have to. And she is waiting for the man she loves to marry her. Plenty of women do that. I don’t think she is especially despise-worthy or should be labeled a bad role model. Sheesh.

  25. MoMo says:

    Wow. Well this seems to confirm everything that Diana and Sarah Ferguson claimed about them. Maybe things aren’t so much Kate’s fault, as they are the ways of the British Monarchy and the institutions related to them. Hopefully with the newer generation of royals things will become better for in-laws. Although the royal family didn’t even help pay for Peter Philips’ and Autumn Kelly’s wedding.

  26. MoMo says:

    Hmmm I can see why William would feel protective and defensive of her and her family. Everyone seems to be against them- the public, the tabloids. Even his own family! This is only the second time in 8 years that they’ve been invited over?! The odds really have been against them. Maybe that is why he doesn’t look very joyful or happy in any pics with her- because he has so much shit to worry about that factors into the quality of their relationship and their lives.

  27. heathen says:

    Diana was only 19 (I think) when she met/got engaged to Charles and she was some kind of nanny or pre-school teacher. Kate could at least be doing that –she has a college degree! (Which Diana didn’t). I think it is pathetic that she doesn’t have some kind of job because it makes it obvious she is just “hanging around” waiting for William to marry her.

  28. mln says:

    “And she is waiting for the man she loves to marry her. Plenty of women do that. ”

    Had to comment on that in what century are you living in? The only other woman I can think of doing that is Jessica Biel and it really seems to be working out for her.

  29. JulieM says:

    Yes, Janine, Diana was a glorified baby sitter when she was dating Charles. But I can remember her getting in her car every day to go to the school with the paps in tow. Remember the picture of her holding one of her charges with a see through skirt and no slip! The point is, Kate has had made up part time busy work jobs since getting her university degree 5 years ago. She has a huge advantage over Diana, solid family life with close siblings, parents still happily married, degree from a fine university. What did she do with it? Not a damn thing but hang on to William for dear life. Not a good role model. Sorry, she just isn’t.

  30. Jaxx says:

    Kaiser–that Lauren Conrad line was spot on and I laughed and laughed at your wit!

  31. Mia says:

    As an American who has worked since she was 15 (now 40!), the fact this girl is just sitting around waiting for William to marry her rubs me the wrong way. She could do anything with her connections, yet…she does absolutely nothing except wait for Wills to decide yay or nay on her worth as the next Queen of England.

    I’m with Kaiser. She’s no role model for independent, self-sufficient young women.

  32. KateNonymous says:

    Diana was also 19, and a notoriously bad student. There’s an awful lot she wasn’t qualified to do, but she did have a job. Presumably she liked working with children, and found a way to spend time doing that. How does Kate Middleton fill her days?

  33. Sugar & Spice says:

    Diana was still just a teenager at the time of her engagement, she never had time to start a career before entering the Royal family. Kate has a University degree and is 28 years old. Big difference between the two, and Kate should have accomplished more than she has.

  34. Darcy says:

    If you really want to compare them…

    Diana was an aristocrat in the early ’80s. It was expected that she would find a job to sort of putz around with until she married someone appropriate and became a wife and mother. She worked two jobs: three days a week at the daycare, and two days a week privately watching a baby, all while she was followed by photographers. She didn’t spend 8 years waiting for Charles, and neither the Spencers nor the royals would never have stood for Charles stringing along a well-born lady. She married when she was 20, and was instantly a full-time royal and set off on duties after honeymoon.

    Kate obtained an undergraduate degree then did nothing for 18 months, then worked three days a week for less than a year at a family friend’s company. Coworkers described her as no more than a glorified tea-maker. She left to “find herself”, then was suddenly working for her parents when opinion on her lack of work turned sour. She was apparently a catalog photographer, then the website credited someone else, then she built/ran the website, but another company claimed credit, then she was “marketing manager” and now apparently she’s not working at all to “have time for herself”. She’s going to be 29 in January.

    If Kate doesn’t want to work, fine. But royals do nothing but work. They have to, or the peasants will revolt. So if Kate doesn’t want to work, being Queen is not for her.

  35. prettyme says:

    enough with her!!she is ssooo boring….

  36. lala in nYc says:

    the balance of power is off

    william has all the power in this relationship. this doesn’t feel like a relationship of equals.

    he has his career. she has him.

    don’t put your life on hold for a guy. no guy is worth it – even a prince

  37. danielle says:

    Sigh. She’s had a job, she got stalked at it. She has to take alot of holidays, William takes alot of holidays. If she doesn’t, he’ll find some aristocrat who doesn’t really work either. She’s been bashed when she’s done charity work – then she’s showing off. The one thing she has done exceptionally well is keep her mouth shut about all of this. Impressive in the twitter age. Poor girl really can’t win.

  38. Kaiser says:

    Thank you, Darcy, min, Mia, Julie and all the others who see through Kate.

  39. PJ says:

    This has got to be a done deal–they are definitely going to marry! It’s a hugely symbolic act to invite the Middletons to Balmoral.

    Guess I’m the only one on this blog who thinks that being the companion of the future king is a full-time job. Doing charity work now is premature as Kate is not yet a royal. I think she’ll be a great queen.

  40. KsGirl says:

    I don’t really feel any animosity towards Kate as much as I just don’t understand, personally, where she’s coming from. For her, marrying Prince William will obviously be the main prize and event in her life. I am of the opinion that marrying into the royal fam (especially a future king!) would be a straight-up nightmare. Chelsy Davy clearly knows what’s up with that, too.

    I wouldn’t consider Kate a ‘role model’ but then again I don’t really feel like anyone should be judged for not being one. She wants to marry a Prince and it looks like she’s going to get her wish. Have at it. That’s my opinion.

    And to the commenter who mentioned her family being wealthy – it doesn’t matter how much $ you have in England. You are the class you were born into, the end. An aristocrat with a $3 bank balance is still an aristocrat and a working class person with $50 million is still working class. That’s how it is there.

  41. Cheyenne says:

    Crash: …she is waiting for the man she loves to marry her. Plenty of women do that.

    And plenty of women throw their lives away waiting for something that never happens. In the interim, she could do something constructive like get a real job.

  42. Bodhi says:

    I think the REAL question is: does anyone actually consider her a role model? Really?

  43. Crash2GO2 says:

    @mln: I’m not talking celebrities, I am talking normal day to day women that I have known personally. That work only because they have to, but who’s real goal is to settle down, get married and have children. I’m not going to judge that – obviously some on here are.

    I’m pretty forgiving and a live and let live sort of person, because God only knows I’ve got my own flaws to worry about, so I don’t spend a lot of time running around and pointing them out in other people necessarily. I don’t see that she is hurting anyone, or trying to fool anyone.

    Oh – and I live in this century thank you very much.

    @Bodhi: lol! Those were my thoughts exactly.

  44. Girafe99 says:

    Wasn’t there a rumour that she specifically attended St Andrew’s University because she knew Prince William was going there, seems like the girl was on the hunt from the very start!

  45. JulieM says:

    Well, Bodhi, she certainly isn’t a role model for me. I’m 56 and don’t need a 28 year old do nothing for a role model. But she will be the future Princess of Wales and Queen Consort and a very public figure on the tax payer’s pound sterling. So whether she likes it or not, she really will be a role model for young British women and young women all over the world. Diana, with all her flaws, could not escape her role. Is Kate up to it?

  46. mln says:

    Kaiser we got your back

    @Crash2GO2 I get that you are against being judgemental and no there is nothing wrong with being a stay at home mom. But there is such a thing as counting your eggs before they have hatched. Many women decide that they aren’t going to develop themselves educationally or otherwise in favor of landing a husband to support them MOST men aren’t interested in that because people want a partner and yes being at home with children is work but not developing any skills and waiting for a man to save you is a formula for misery in life. Even more the case if you don’t have a wealthy family to fall back on.

  47. Lola7 says:

    She needs to darken her hair…that colour washes her out. A little professional make up wouldn’t hurt either. She just needs some contrast! She is soooooo boring.

    The Prince is slowly morphing into his Father…dear God!

  48. janie says:

    first of all, the internet and celebrity obsession made things a whole lot harder for Kate to have a normal job than Diana. Kate was what, 19, when the press started hounding her? she did have a job, but was getting mobbed to and from work by paps.
    Everyone seems to have this really sexist attitude that he has all the power. Seems to me that she could find another boyfriend no problem, but Wills would have a much harder time than she would. she has proven herself trustworthy. looks like she might be holding more cards than everyone gives her credit for.
    looks to me that it is clear he is serious about her, she knows they are getting married, and they have decided to put it off bc there will be no more runs to Tesco when they trot down the aisle.

  49. skibunny says:

    I think the royals are being very cautious with this relationship. They dont want a repeat of Charles and Diana.
    They make a gorgeous couple & Kate will be a awesome queen.

  50. Crash2GO2 says:

    @mln & Cheyenne: You don’t have to preach it to me. I was simply pointing out the fact that she doesn’t NEED to go out and get a job (and in fact when she did try to work she was hounded mercilessly by the paps). She apparently has plenty of money, and we really have no idea what she does with her free time. She is well educated, so it’s not like she missed the boat there. These circumstances are somewhat unique I think, but what she wants is not in that it is something that a whole lot of women want, and so I don’t see why she is vilified in particular.

  51. Janine says:

    Haha, I know mine isn’t the popular opinion! It’s so much easier for those of us who have to work to judge her for being a slacker and for wasting her degree. But if I didn’t have to work, could do what I want without worrying about the bills, damn straight I would!

    Nobody in the royal family really works, they ‘work’ christening things, making speeches and doing charity work. They ‘work’ at playing polo and fox hunting, and my taxes pay for it all.

    Sure Diana was photographed working with those kids, but I wasn’t even alive then and I’m sure that the royal family were carefully moulding her image. They’re obviously a bit skittish about repeating the same mistakes this time (they probably don’t want another ‘people’s princess’ who the public prefer) and the press are even more vicious/invasive today than in the 70s-80s, so Kate is basically on her own.

    And to those saying that Diana was only 19 and that the Spencers would never have put up with waiting 8 years, that didn’t exactly work out well, now did it. I think of Diana as a tragic cautionary tale.

    Anyways, she’ll start the charity work after they’re married, and people will complain that she’s insincere or that she supports the wrong causes, it’s no wonder they’re not in a hurry.

    p.s. I really enjoy the debate here, it’s one of the only blogs I comment on, even when I’m in the minority.

  52. REALIST says:

    Don’t do it, Wills! She’s not the one.

  53. Cheyenne says:

    mln: Many women decide that they aren’t going to develop themselves educationally or otherwise in favor of landing a husband to support them

    My beautiful cousin is a case in point. At age 18 or 19 she married an up-and-coming guy who was going places. She was drop-dead beautiful (still is, in fact) and he needed some arm-candy to help make him look good. When the children grew up he dumped her for a 20-something and she found herself at age 50 with no job, no degree and no work history. She is an object lesson for every young woman out there: no matter how rich he is or how good a provider, get your own skills to fall back on. Just in case.

  54. Liana says:

    I can’t imagine doing nothing, not even pursuing a passion, while you play the waiting game. How interesting can someone with no experiences other than the here and now be?

  55. mslewis says:

    Chey, my sister sounds exactly like your cousin!! She married an up and comer, raised five kids and was dumped. Now she works for $10/hour and worries constantly about money and her future. Our mother warned her but she didn’t listen. They never do.

    Anyway, I don’t care much about Brit royalty because I think they are useless; however, the Brits do know how to throw a good wedding!!! I’m looking forward to Wills and Kate’s wedding and then I’ll return to never thinking about them.

  56. dorothy says:

    Ambition much?

  57. mln says:

    @Cheyenne your beautiful cousin proves my point exactly.
    @Janine you should read up on Princess Di in fact the main reason the Windsors didn’t like her is because she didn’t sit there and smile but was actively seeking out charities and causes and speaking out about AIDS at a time when it was a taboo subject, also why her death affected alot of people across the globe.

  58. cruiz2 says:

    Hey, I like her fresh, minimal make-up, non-botoxed look. I think her outfit is fab and love that hat! Very cute and I’ll bet spunky. She just does not advertise her talents. Go for it girl – I think she’ll surprise us. Why she wants to get involved with royals is beyond me. They’re trouble always – many issues there. My daughter just said Will was gay!!! Haha

  59. Stronzilla says:

    The ‘job’ she had working part time for the fashion chain Jigsaw in the UK, but it cut into her ability to stick like glue to William so that no other female could get the jump on her. I would have had more respect for her if maybe in those 8 long years she at least went back to school to supplement her degree. Education no one can take away from you, but Camilla Parker-Bowles has shown us that even the heir to the throne of England can be manipulated away from his wife. And that’s what I never understood about this family. Diana would have eventually been the next Queen Mother and they revoked her title and protection! With a bunch like that Kate ought to fit right in. She looks like a cross between Camilla and Fergie, and not in a nice way.

  60. JulieM says:

    Janine: I really enjoy your posts even though I don’t agree with you. You are technically correct that the royal family don’t have paying jobs, or ‘work’ as you put it. They don’t get ‘paid’ for opening hospital wings, kissing babies, and launching ships. Though they do live in the lap of luxury. You have probably noticed that the most respected members of the family are respected because of their work ‘ethic’: The Queen, Prince Philip, and especially Princess Anne. No one likes the rest of the bunch, including, it would seem, Prince Charles even though he is out and about alot. What Waity Katie lacks is a work ethic, she’s another Camilla in the making. Be prepared, be very prepared, to see her do little or nothing after she marries William. Partly because she’s lazy and partly, my opinion only, because she is going to make William pay for making her wait so long. Once she’s in the fold and he’s stuck with her, and I do think it’s a done deal, she will show her true intentions. Wait for it Janine, wait for it. And wait for William’s mistresses too, it’s how they roll. Better not hear one peep out of Kate; this is what she’s signing on for.

    Oh- and Charles and Diana’s marriage failed, not because she had a nursery school job that she went to every day, but for a whole host of other complex issues: he used her as a brood mare, he didn’t love her, they were both insecure and needy, etc. The commenter who said the aristocracy and the Spencer family would never have countenanced an 8 year courtship of one of their own is correct. Unfortunately, some of us old timers watched the whole mess unfold in real time. Diana was a lamb to the slaughter; Waity Katie is much smarter than that.

  61. JulieM says:

    Sorry, my chapter above posted before I could add this:

    Yup, Kaiser, we got your back!!

  62. Beth says:

    There are some serious cynincs on here! I think it’s a bit too early to tell what she’ll be like as future queen consort or whether she’ll be a good role model, but the wedding seems like a done deal to me. And Diana caused problems for the royal family not because she did too much charity work and spoke out about AIDS, but because she became too popular and they couldn’t control what she said and did.

  63. mln says:

    I didn’t mean to infer that the Royal family was upset spefically about her work on AIDS but they were upset that she didn’t follow the mold in charity work and was much more of an activist and outspoken in her charities. Actually Prince Charles is an strong environmentalist.

  64. She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named says:

    @crash: “I’m pretty forgiving and a live and let live sort of person, because God only knows I’ve got my own flaws to worry about, so I don’t spend a lot of time running around and pointing them out in other people necessarily…”

    thanks, 😉 that was precious.

    Anyway, I certainly don’t want this woman to be a role model for anyone. Sitting around, waiting for the man you love to marry you?Obviously, she’s not a terrible person, but she’s in a position to influence lots of people positively, and simply being ‘harmless’ isn’t exactly inspiring. I really hope that if they do marry, she surprises everyone.

  65. KateNonymous says:

    And let’s not forget that while Diana did have genuine commitments to charity work, she could also be incredibly manipulative. She had some good qualities and some bad qualities, just like the rest of us.

    I don’t get the appeal of being married to a future king of England (etc.), so clearly Kate and I are very different people with different life goals. I’m with KsGirl on that one.

  66. snappyfish says:

    She is lovely. He clearly loves this woman. She has behaved brilliantly and she works for her parents company.

    This is a lovely, kind, well educated woman who will one day be a Queen. Good for her and for Wills. They have been together for a very long time and will more than likely end up….happily married.

    Isn’t that actually how the fairy tales are suppose to end but never do? Be Happy for Diana’s boy who found what she looked for her whole life….a real love.

  67. Lia says:

    First, she is not obligated to be anyone’s role model. Where did that nonsense start, anyway? Celebrities are not required to be role models. Get over it. Second, if they make a movie about this romance one day (and I’m sure they will), the only actress who could play it best would be Amanda Bynes. They look almost exactly alike.

  68. JulieM says:

    Sorry Lia, I beg to differ with you. Waity Katie will be living in the lap of luxury on the public’s dime for the rest of her life and she will have an obligation to be a role model, whether you or she likes it or not. In the end, that’s all the royal family has going for it; they provide someone for people to look up to and to admire. Right now, The Queen, Prince Philip and Princess Anne are the only family members most people respect. The rest of the family is highly unpopular. Add an idle, lazy, do nothing Waity Katie into the mix and the monarchy might just end in our lifetimes.

  69. cruiz2 says:

    At least she doesn’t have a horse face. Neigh!!!

  70. Kasc says:

    I believe they love each other. If he wasn’t a prince they would probably already be married. They have different rules they have to go by. I wish them all the best.Ever heard of and the greatest of all is love?

  71. old durham snobs says:

    i do not know Kate personally but have two things to say:
    We will never love her like we did Diana. She lacks the charm and humility Diana had. safe and simple.

    As some one who has lived in Durham for a long time, she seems no different from the snobby southerners who come to this little north england town to make use of our most prestigious institution.Maybe that’s why i dont feel any warmth towards her. She’s so smart and this William thing seems so calculated.I may be wrong but it all seems planned out.

  72. Sandy says:

    American here — I admire the hell out of her discretion from such a VERY EARLY age (college days). She demonstrates incredible self-discipline and sense. That discretion is why we know so very little about who she is and how she has been growing these past several years — and so are speculating so wildly. She and William have kept it private, and good for them.

    She appears to have the backbone for this job, which we know is a killer. We’ll have a lot of time ahead to see who she is in what she does, now that the ambiguity of her status is resolved. I think she’ll do well. And I especially like it that she clearly has a wicked sense of humor — it’s the only way to survive the role, I suspect.

    She and William are the ages of my kids, who are also trying to figure out what to do with themselves and what to do about careers, marriage, etc. It’s tough enough for normals. I think she’s been doing splendidly so far and love William (more) for also being so thoughtful about all of the challenges they face. Good for both of them for being so cautious.

    Could we give them the benefit of the doubt that they’ve actually had a JOINT plan on how to manage all of this? They both seem like smart, self-aware kids to me, bless them.

    They’re gorgeous together. Lucky you, Brits. 🙂

  73. I don’t know how I feel about Kate. But I believe we can all agree that William’s childhood must have been horrible, his parent’s divorce devastating and his mother’s death is tragic beyond words. If she makes him happy, after the terrible things that have happened to him—-isn’t that OK?

  74. MEL says:

    They both descend from identical twin boys, sons of Earl of Northumberland about 400 or 500 years ago. Each from a brother. There must be something there, we don’t know about or William wouldnt marry her. They seem so together, it must be powerful aura and transcend having no conversation, with her doing nothing all day. Like someone said on this blog – Familiar like an old pair of slippers probably sums it up best for us non twins