Us Weekly: Tish Cyrus (Miley’s mom) had an affair with Bret Michaels

Tish Cyrus (R) and her husband musician Billy Ray Cyrus pose at the premiere of The Last Song at the Arclight theatre in Hollywood, California in this March 25, 2010 file photograph. The couple are divorcing after 17 years of marriage, the pair told People magazine on October 27, 2010, citing irreconcilable differences. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni/Files (UNITED STATES - Tags: ENTERTAINMENT)

If this sounds like an old story, it totally is. Star Magazine reported this junk back in February! According to Us Weekly, Tish Finley-Cyrus (Miley’s mom) boned Bret Michaels several months ago, in addition to having one other affair. When Billy Ray Cyrus found out about Tish’s two affairs, he decided to file for divorce. What’s worse is that it doesn’t seem like a one-time thing between Tish and Bret – it sounds like they had a full-fledged affair that lasted longer than a zip, you know? Hot damn, y’all!

The reason Miley Cyrus’ parents are splitting after 17 years of marriage: Mom Tish had an affair with rocker Bret Michaels, reports the new Us Weekly (on newsstands Wednesday).

When Billy Ray learned of it – as well as at least one other fling – he filed for divorce Oct. 27, sources tell Us Weekly.

Michaels, 47, “became close to the entire family” this past February when he and Miley released the racy duet “Nothing to Lose,” an insider tells Us Weekly.

He and Tish, 43, soon began carrying on an on-the-sly romance, sources tell Us Weekly. Tish was seen at Michaels’ Feb. 28 show at the Key Club in L.A., and he had once asked her production company’s help to adapt his book, Roses & Thorns, into a movie.

“Billy Ray was completely unaware of what was going on,” the source says of the “Achy Breaky Heart” crooner, who is seeking joint custody of their three minor children, Miley (who turns 18 Nov. 23), Braison, 16, and Noah, 10. (They have three older children from previous relationships.)

Though a rep for Michaels refutes the allegations, telling Us Weekly, “There has never been an affair or a fling,” and a rep for Tish also denies the dalliance, the Cyrus source insists, “It was a professional relationship that turned into something more.”

For more – including how a “devastated” Billy Ray learned of the affair; why a “hurt” Tish is trying to save the marriage and how Miley is coping with her parents’ pending divorce – pick up the new Us Weekly Wednesday!

[From Us Weekly]

None of this would surprise me. I think Tish probably was screwing around with whomever. Back in February, the report was very similar to this – Star’s sources claimed that after Bret and Miley recorded their song, Tish kept on coming back to Bret’s recording studio. Now – my guess is that The Mullet was screwing around as well. The Cyrus clan likes to get their freak on, I can just feel it. I’ll leave you with that image.

17 November 2008 - Hollywood, California - Billy Ray Cyrus, wife Tish and daughter. Bolt Disney World Premiere held at the El Capitan Theatre. Photo Credit: Michael Jade/AdMedia Photo via Newscom Photo via Newscom

Photo by: Paul Emmans/ 2010  10/4/10 Bret Michaels arrives for the football game between the New England Patriots and the Miami Dolphins at Sun Life Stadium. (Miami Gardens, FL) Photo via Newscom

Singer Miley Cyrus waves with Bret Michaels on ABC's Good Morning America in New York, June 18, 2010. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson (UNITED STATES - Tags: ENTERTAINMENT)

Singer Miley Cyrus performs with Bret Michaels on ABC's Good Morning America in New York June 18, 2010. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson (UNITED STATES - Tags: ENTERTAINMENT)

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58 Responses to “Us Weekly: Tish Cyrus (Miley’s mom) had an affair with Bret Michaels”

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  1. Relli says:

    WOw you totally called it!

  2. Just a Poster says:

    ” I’ll leave you with that image.”

    Kaiser why oh why would you do that to us?!

  3. redlips says:

    Well, if the Shiloh Jolie-Pitt story from US Weekly is NOT true, then this is absolutely false! Why would they make up a story about the Jolie-Pitt family and not about the Cyruses?

  4. redlips says:

    ***heavy sarcasm intended***

  5. melinda says:

    Yeah seriously, why whould you do that? :-&

  6. Eileen says:

    Thanks. Now off to pour boric acid all over my brain to rid myself of THAT image!

  7. texasmom says:

    ICK. I’m working very hard not to have any image associated with this AT ALL.

  8. Marjalane says:

    God, if you put a gun to my head and told me I had to choose between banging Billy Ray or Brett Michaels, I think I’d take the gun.

  9. sparkle586 says:

    This story is a whole lotta nasty! Gross!!

  10. Anti-icon says:

    I called this one a mile away. Now we’ll see the new Dina and Linsdsey duo, and it will be Miley and Trish. Please don’t do it!

  11. JustBe says:

    I really wish Brett would let go of the rag with wig/extensions attached look. It’s just quite ridiculous at this point.

    I feel bad for their kids, but if they both have been stepping out and at least one kid has been acting out, something had to change with that clan.

  12. Rita says:

    First, I want to say that claiming the mullet was also boning someone is unfair. Did I miss the boning so and so rumor or do we just make that assumption now?

    Second, WTF is with people. As soon as you bone someone who isn’t your spouse you go to your spouse and get a divorce. The marriage is over. Male or Female! Do we throw away our self respect the respect of our partner of 17 years, our children, and the public in general for a few minutes of temporary peen time in the sack? We might as well be f’n the dog on the corner.

  13. mercy says:

    Their little girl has false eye lashes on. They can’t be real.

  14. bagladey says:

    Lord have mercy, so this is a whole family of skanks. I’m really creeped out by that image of Noah in Pic #2 with the mascara and her strappy, arm-hole top. Noah’s starting that crap even earlier than Miley, so she should be able to move her boyfriend in when she’s about twelve years old.

  15. Poopie says:

    Boy, has he LOWERED HIS standards or WHAT?

  16. heatheradair says:

    Hmmm – disagree @Rita. Some of the strongest marriages I’ve seen have been through some of the ugliest situations I’ve seen – cheating included. It’s not always a deal-breaker. It’s a heart-breaker, to be sure, but every marriage that faces infidelity doesn’t need to be euthanized.

    Agree with you on the “show me the cheating” evidence with Billy-Ray, tho……I’ll call him innocent for now.

  17. Annicka says:

    The only thing that shocks me is that it wasn’t Miley who screwed Bret.

  18. Rita says:


    I know what you’re saying. It’s just that for me it would be a deal breaker. My husband looks into my eyes and says he loves me. If he ever boned someone else, I could never believe in that look again, but that’s just me. God bless anyone who tries to hold it together after being betrayed.

  19. LBees says:

    Billie Ray should stop flat-ironing his hair. On the other hand, at least there’s hair to iron, unlike the Bretster. Still, BR is pretty cute…

  20. JM says:

    @ Annicka
    You can call Brett many things but pedophile isn’t one of them.

  21. Confuzzle says:

    After seeing what Bert was prepared to bonk on Rock of Skank x 3 seasons, this is not surprising. He has no standards.

  22. guesty says:

    red neck news of the week!!! epic.

  23. Kiska says:

    I thought Brett Michaels was engaged/married/taken. If this is true, then he broke up a happy home *sarcasm*

    Billy Ray doesn’t seem the type to cat around. He’s too busy grooming his hair and getting that perfectly shaped soul patch.

  24. Whatever says:

    I agree that they were probably both boning other people.

  25. Annicka says:

    @JM Depends on the state they’re in. In California, Miley is illegal, but there are plenty of states where she isn’t.

    And even though Bret was included in my comment, I assure you, I intended my malice to be directed only at Miley, never at Bret.

  26. 4REAL says:

    Meh…not surprising…gross but, not surprising.

  27. Diva says:

    I gotta agree on the “not fair” thing implicating Billy Ray. First of all, I just don’t think he did, second, had he, I doubt he would have been so hasty to file for divorce immediately upon confirmation of Tish’s infidelity.

    Bret Michaels just lost whatever respect I may have had for him. *sigh*

  28. sandy says:

    that is just wrong, some people have no morals at all, if the marriage is unhappy and over, divorce and hook up all you want, hearts will still be broken but you won’t feel betrayed and blindsided.

  29. Mairead says:

    Ewwwwwww. Do. Not. Want!

    Also – Braison? Really?

  30. annaloo says:


  31. icantbelievethis says:

    “I know what you’re saying. It’s just that for me it would be a deal breaker.”

    It was a dealbreaker for me. I watched my dad cheat, repeatedly, on my step mom. I wasn’t going to live that life and when my ex did it he went out the door and I never looked back or regretted my decision. He didn’t deserve me.

  32. Jeri says:

    Tish has that slutty look and Bret’s woman looks like she got plastic surgery, which if you want to be a theorist, could be connected to the cheating rumors, of which I’m sure there have been plenty about Bret. Of course all of this is “if you believe” and “if” Billy Ray cared.

  33. Rita says:

    @icantbelievethis 32

    Lots of heartache and callouses I’m sure. Being confident that you have no regrets about your character and value system is the best friend you can have. Wishing you well.

  34. sickofit says:

    how nice, but compared to his chicks on rock of love, tish looks better. But does she have enough boobs? in the show bret goes with the big boobs no brain as far as i remember….

  35. wunderkindt says:

    If Bret’s trailer’s a rock’in dont come knock’in–there could be a Cyrus inside!

  36. gg says:

    LOL @ “Braison”. Sounds like a French beef entree. Bret is embarrassing to me when he is sliming up women and trying to write songs. I feel terrible for his little girls and the Cyrus kids. And somebody needs to rip the Bowie shirt off Miley – she is not fit to wear it.

    Also, I smell fish.

  37. Whitey Fisk says:

    Marjalane, too funny! I’d take the gun too.

  38. lucy2 says:

    Me too Marjalane.

    I’m sorry, but in that first photo, her face doesn’t look at all real. Completely plastic, and really kind of creepy.0

    I feel bad for the kids, for this and many other things.

  39. Bonfire Beach says:

    What’s REALLY stupid is Bret’s long-time girlfriend, who put up with him hooking up with sluts on his TV show & hanging around during all his “affairs.” Where are her brains?

  40. GatsbyGal says:

    Damn, her eyes are fuuuuuuucked uuuuuup.

  41. mojoman says:

    Bonfire beach quote where are her brains?
    Well, they all melted to her face, thats where..

  42. Worst. Taste. In. Men. Ever. Ewwww.

  43. flourpot says:

    Wow, selfish. Nothing like cheating on your husband and f’ing your daughters duet partner to make a whole family feel good. Is there a bad-mommy breeding farm in LA or what?

  44. NayNay says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Bret did have an affair with her. Obviously, he has no morals or standards. Look at all the skanks he fooled around with on his stupid shows. In my eyes, he is a dirtbag.

  45. brin says:

    Trailer park trash.

  46. Shay says:

    What an image you left us with.

  47. Johnthing says:

    Is that extremely unattractive Noah wearing mascara in that photo?

  48. Johnny Depp's Girl says:


  49. Paul E. Stanley says:

    Why do I get the feeling that Tish will somehow be rewarded with a reality show.

  50. Whitey Fisk says:

    P.S. Tish looks like a Bratz doll.

  51. Jezi says:

    So sick of cheating trash!!!! No wonder this society is going to hell in a handbasket. No respect for the sanctity of marriage. Even though cheating has been around for ages, seems like it’s now “normal” to cheat on your spouse.

  52. LT says:

    Leaving us w/ that image was truly evil! Now I have to go find some bleach to pour in my eyes.

    Why anyone would hook up w/ that scary Japanese anime-eyed woman is beyond me. Shudder.

  53. bereal says:

    Didn’t Billy leave his first baby momma and kids to form the Cyrus bunch with Tish? Karma goes a long way…

  54. original kate says:

    trish’s eyes are so close together she looks like a cyclops. wow.

  55. Diva says:

    bereal… Billy Ray was seeing his oldest son’s mother and split up with her to start seeing Tish, but neither knew she was pregnant with Christopher when they split up. He was already in a serious relationship with Tish when he found out BOTH of them were pregnant. So, technically, no, he didn’t knowingly leave his pregnant girlfriend for Tish. The girlfriend didn’t even know she was pregnant when they split up.
    And GOD, I wish I didn’t know this.

  56. Chris says:

    @#52, get real: so-called “cheating”, that is, having sex with more than one partner, has been normal as long as the human race has been around. You can’t really be that naive! Beyond that, Tish and Billy Ray’s marriage has been on the rocks for years, it didn’t happen overnight. In an interview with CMT TV more than a year ago, Billy Ray was asked how, with his busy schedual shooting movies, TV and touring, he ever gets any quality time with Tish. He looked very hurt/angry when he said, I don’t, we don’t get any time together at all. More was said by the way he looked, totally displeased, than with the words he spoke. It was obvious to me right then that he and his wife were essentially over. When that happens, it’s no surprise that the wife is looking elsewhere and you can’t really blame her, or Billy Ray. Marriages aren’t meant to last a lifetime and most of those that do are pretty unhappy affairs. This might hurt the children now, but they will be better off having the parents separate and happy rather than miserable and together. You have to applaud Miley for keeping it together, not doing drugs and alcohol and remaining relatively normal over the last few years as all this has been unfolding behind closed doors. She’s a strong kid with the soul and voice of an angel.

  57. Keelin says:

    Sorry but none of their kids, including Miley, are anything to look at. They obviously get their odd looks from their mother, who tries to make up for it by looking like a cheap tramp. Too bad they didn’t take after Billy Ray in that department. He may be a dork…but he aint bad!