Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie sold their New Orleans home (update: not true)

Update: This story is false, according to reps for the couple.

After owning their New Orleans home for a little over two years, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have sold it, according to Ted Casablanca from E!. Who says it’s a bad time for real estate? The news is a little surprising, considering the homes Brad’s been helping build in the Lower 9th Ward with the Make It Right project – and his often mentioned love of the city. Last year he noted:

“I can’t describe why were allowed to live a more normal life (in New Orleans).”

The thing he misses the most, he said, is bicycling through the streets of New Orleans at night.

“Living in the French Quarter is a thrill for us,” he said. “We have some semblance of real family life. People have been very, very gracious with us. If we’re on the front deck, people go by and say, ‘Hi.’ Then they go on their way, very friendly.”

Pitt visited New Orleans in the early 1990s during the filming of “Interview with a Vampire” and took up semi-permanent residence early this year while filming “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.” He said that he has been impressed with the city’s never-say-die post-Katrina spirit, especially in the hardest hit areas.

“For me, first as a tourist, it’s the most unique city that we have in the States,” he said. “It has an energy like no other place. You guys shouldn’t change a thing. I’ve got to get me some of it. I absolutely love it there. We moved our family there. We’ve got a place there and we’re intermittently going back and forth. We’re in Prague now because of work. We’ll be back there soon.”

[From The Times-Picayune]

I guess not so much. Considering how much the entire Jolie-Pitt clan supposedly loved New Orleans – and Brad’s comment that it’s “the most unique city that we have in the States,” the sale of their home seems to be further evidence that the family will probably continue to live overseas for the near future.

The couple has been just as plagued by paparazzi in their French town of Correns, where they’re leasing a home. However it appears the locals have generally taken to the couple. According to Reuters, you get a free glass of pastis if you can get a ridiculous Brangelina story published. I guess they’re trying to keep the paparazzi on their toes. Or annoy the crap out of them.

Here are Brad Pitt and Bill Clinton breaking ground on the Make it Right project in New Orleans in March. Images thanks to Splash.

Update: This story is false, according to reps for the couple.

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  1. Kaiser/ Hippacrat says:

    Ted Casablanca? Oh no, CB. No, no.
    Casablanca = Bullshit.

  2. Syko says:

    If they sold it, I’m sure it was because of Angelina’s well-known hate for America and her desire for attention and new places to pimp her kids and to settle in to continue with her plotting to take over the world.

    Or maybe they just got a really good offer? You can’t afford to pass those up in this economy.

  3. Mairead says:

    Well – especially as they have had to pay people to see their last films and Ms. Z is strongly urging them to file for bankrupcy for the 84th time in the last 6 months. 🙄

    Anyway… I’m getting while getting’s good. There’ll be the contents of at least one regular’s gut all over the shop in a few hours; and I’m not cleaning it up.

  4. geronimo says:

    Agree with Kaiser on Ted C – the things that man doesn’t know could fill oceans.

    Their property, theirs to do what they want with. Selling it doesn’t change their commitment to NO (before someone else suggests it does and they only did it for PR).

    I don’t even care. Why am I even posting on this? I feel like I’ve signed up to something without bothering to read the small print and it’s too late now to back out. It’s like I’m programmed to defend them. 😯

  5. Kaiser/ Hippacrat says:

    🙂 Syko! Mairead, are you perchance refering to the Barfy Lola?

  6. devilgirl says:

    So much for their love of New Orleans. Like anyone expected them to continue to live there when they are nomadic in nature. Way to raise children moving from place to place without ant sense of stability or permanace.

  7. cc says:

    I think they bought a house there to try and bring a little more publicity to the area and what they were doing there. No great evils, just, you know, doing good (gasp)

  8. Leandra says:

    Are they not allowed to sell a house they own? It’s their deal, that and how they raise their children. They are not going to take your hate filled ‘advice’ so why give it in the first place!

  9. Mairead says:

    Kaiser! Now would I libel a valued contributer? 😮

    And Leandra, NO THEY’RE NOT!!! And how unpatriotic of you to even suggest such a thing. I demand that you leave the US forthwith. And in case you’re not there – fly over there just so that you can leave immediately!!! 😛

    Ok – now. I am going. I think I signed the same contract as geronimo! 😐

  10. Syko says:

    Mairead, Geronimo – yours were not the only signatures on that contract. Honestly, Brad and Angie should put us on the payroll as their Celebitchy Defenders. I’m going to slip Ms. Z a Tootsie Pop and suggest that to her.

  11. Dee says:

    We, the little people, can only speculate WHY they sold their house–or if it’s even true. It’s THEIR business, after all. They don’t care what any of us think–nor should they.

  12. Ceenitall says:

    I don’t know if they have sold their home here in N.O. but I do recall Ms. Angie getting on TV about a year ago and saying how important is was to help the public school system in the city (yea they suck). She was going to make that a priority on her list of good things to do. That was the last time I ever heard of it. Maybe they just coulden’t get a good education for all them children down here.

  13. cc says:

    Syko, can I join?

  14. Syko says:

    The contract is in the mail to you, cc!

    @ceenital – how do you know they’ve done nothing for the school system? Do you have access to their financial records? I am always amazed at how much all the haters seem to know about their private lives.

    And why is their life any more nomadic than, say, a military family? Are we going to sneer at every military family and say the parents are bad? Their kids move as often as the Jolie-Pitt kids, and most of them seem to adjust to the lifestyle.

    However you rear a child, that is normal to them. Those who grow up in a stable home with two parents think that’s the norm. Little Maddox most likely thinks that it’s normal to move from house to house every few months. And aren’t they getting a fine education? They don’t have to read about geography in books, they have lived it and touched it. I’m almost jealous.

    When it comes down to it, kids need food, warmth and love. These kids don’t seem to be lacking.

  15. kerri says:

    none of us in new orleans took his promises seriously. if our own government doesnt care, why would we believe brad fucking pitt did?

    broken promises and lies lies lies…

  16. someone else says:


    if you compare yourself as “little” to jolie and pitt you need to gain a higher sense of self esteem. I am not “little” compared to those two. Your comment is a bit offensive.

  17. poopie says:

    She CARED about the N.O. Schools? gimme a break!! didn’t she have HER kids in some over the top expensive PRIVATE SCHOOL?

  18. Jody says:

    “Maybe they just coulden’t get a good education for all them children down here.”

    no comment.

  19. bc says:

    LOL @ jody!! i thought the same thing… 😀


  20. Whelkin says:

    People move, people sell houses they might have thought they’d keep for longer – as for the nomadic lifestyle being bad for their kids it really depends on the parents, and Brangelina seem like solid caring parents if nothing else

    I am 29 and have moved 34 times in my life, only in the last few years has my age started to catch up with my number of addresses – there were instabilities in my life as a child and none of them were related to how many streets, cities or countries I lived in… I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to experience different worlds and learn that your strongest foundation is family, not floorboards

  21. Cris;) says:

    I think they are buying a house somewhere in islands;)

  22. Ellie May says:

    The source for this article (Ted C.) also states that Lenny Kravitz’s house is on the same street at theirs. Not true in the least. He’s right around the corner from me; Brangie is quite a way back in the Quarter. I’ll wait until I hear it from a more reliable source.

  23. vdantev says:

    to the haters- ‘LIKE THEY NEED YOUR PERMISSION.’

  24. LL says:

    Two words: Ted Casablanca. Please do not use this person, who hates both of these people as a reliable source. Why must blogs quote people like it is the truth, ie the Billy Bob lie from, the junk from Life and Style or Intouch, who seem to like interviewing Shiloh. He has no more access to information than I do. I bet he has met the twins too though they have not been born yet, but, blogs think they have been. Just another way to trash people on the internet, which blogs just love to do.

  25. PJ says:

    The Jolie-Pitts seem to move every couple of months, or is it weeks?

    Their nomadic lives will be much harder to maintain once the kids are old enough to be in school, make friends and develop interests. Hopefully their parents will allow that to happen.

  26. Hollz says:

    perhaps they sold it because they are planning on staying in France long term? or maybe because they are buying another one near by?

  27. Anastasia says:



    Just thought I’d try to fit in with some of the other inevitable comments. LOL.

  28. Snowblood says:

    @ Whelkin, I grew up all over the world, too, since babyhood, not military family, just moving constantly, and I wouldn’t change that about my childhood if I could. Devilgirl, stability isn’t the most important ingredient in the making of a good upbringing, love is, and not being abandoned by your mother. Those kids are just fine. Would comment at greater length but I’m doing this on my Blackberr so maybe I’ll come back again later…

  29. mamalicious says:

    Yeah they’re so heading for Hell now. They’re like the axis of evil for selling their own house. How could they desrt NO in its hour of need? I hope Ange comes out with a good explanation in her next interview. She owes us at least that!!!! 😆

  30. someone says:

    The only surprize, is what took them so long did they live in that house, 10 minutes??? Besides AJ doesn’t like America, I hope they stay put in France.

  31. someone else says:

    “I hope they stay put in France.”

    What’s the difference? if they do stay in France you’ll just find someone else to hate & complain about….Don’t you get it yet? The problem is YOU not these celebrities.

  32. lola says:

    I should start documenting the lies they tell. I wonder what they tell their kids about lying when they do it all the time. Here is a sample.

    – Angelina will never have bio kids 🙄

    -They are not dating 🙄

    -Shiloh was planned, then she was an accident,then she was a pleasant surprised. Get your lies straight woman!
    -Angie has slept with four men 🙄 🙄 🙄 (and am the pope’s wife!)
    -AJ does not know how to use the computer- but she reads news on the internet, maybe Brad switches it on for her:lol:
    – She will take a year off to raise the brochures she collects- then I worked for four months- that is not a year you twat!
    – She will make up with her father- we are still waiting.
    -New Orleans will be their home- duh.

    I will say that on all these occasions I do point out that they are lying and am called names 😥 . Like that computer thing, no sooner had I said she will be caught out in her lie than she told reporters she uses the internet to read news. Then again, she probably can no longer tell the lies and fantasy from truth and reality, like the Brangeloonies. Birds of a feather…..

    Barfy Lola.

    P.S have to go and puke now:(

  33. lola says:

    No one cares of they move to Bermuda but please, don’t use a place for PR and think the public is stupid.

  34. Vis says:

    lola, oh the irony. It’s 2008 here on earth and a computer is not necessary to access the internets. You may wish to step away from your screen and catch up on the real world a tad.

  35. lola says:

    Vis, if someone does not know how to use a computer, then I wonder how they can use a blackberry like th eone Angelina has. Besides, the whole point was that she does not use the internet at all (they asked her about gossip on her and how it affects her) Then the next interview she started talking about how she uses it for news and people should use it to educate themselves about charity and causes. 🙄

  36. Kaiser/ Hippacrat says:

    There’s my girl. Hey, Lola, will you change your name? I’m thinking ‘La Lola Barfy’ – hmm?

    I like your list of all of ANGELINA’S LIES LIES LYING LIAR. Will you be doing it for other celebrities too? Perchance La Aniston, La Heigel, La Cruise, and, for the finale, La Lola Barfy? 🙂

  37. journey says:

    sorry lola sweetie, but i have to jump in on this one too.

    people can. . . GASP!. . . change their minds!!! yes, it’s hard to believe, but they truly can! life changes, new opportunities come along, and why in heaven’s name should they limit themselves to what they said six months previously? are they toy soldiers living regimented lives? no, they are living breathing humans who are continually learning new things, exploring new experiences, having new opportunities beckon to them. and they are blessed with enough money they can sail where the breezes take them. lucky dogs!

  38. oh please says:

    Don’t believe anything Ted C says, especially about Brad and or Angelina. HE HAS NEVER ONCE BEEN RIGHT ABOUT THEM, NOT ONCE.

  39. Bodhi says:

    Um hello? NO-ONE is allowed to change their minds! Ever! How dare she change her mind about bio kids! How dare he change his mind about La Aniston! And most of all, since they “supposedly” love NO so much, how dare they change their minds about that house!

    Maybe the backyard wasn’t big enough for 6 kids… Or their weren’t enough bathrooms or something

    Barfy Lola… I like it! 😆

  40. anne says:

    Oh please if its coming from Casablanca its must be bullshit. That man never gets its right.

    If People Mag reports it, then it could be true, but CAsablanca, No, no, no!
    He doesnt have any insider info, he only gets to hear the gossips, and doesnt have any credibility at all.

  41. geronimo says:

    Remember the rule, Bodhi. They love France ergo they hate NO. Only room to love one place at a time in their icy cold, calculating, orphan-misappropriating hearts. 😥

  42. lola says:

    There’s my girl. Hey, Lola, will you change your name? I’m thinking ‘La Lola Barfy’ – hmm?
    Thanks but not thanks 😆

    Cahnging your mind is one thing, lying is another. You do not change your mind about using computers, you either know or you don’t. Or planning a baby, it was either planned or it was a mistake. And when you move into a place for PR and then quitely move out when it no longer serves your purposes, I think that also has a name.

    These two are PR whores, most of their charity dos are announce just before their movies are released. Am right and you know it 😆

    Now Brad flew to Italy for a concert with a private jet. Ahhh his love for the environment… another lie, no? They are as fake as Angelina’s hair. FAKE FAKE FAKE!

    I don’t mind them doing anything, just don’t lie to us and think the whole world is stupid.

  43. lola says:

    Geronimo, r you a Brangeloonie? Fancy that! Jaybird now you. I wonder what cool aid they gave you during the boozefest 😆

  44. Syko says:

    I’m trying really hard to think what sort of name moving into a place and back out because it no longer suits your purposes has. This is important to me because I currently live in a one bedroom apartment at the beach and am considering moving into a two bedroom closer to work because the commute is horrendous and so this apartment no longer suits my purposes. So whatever sort of nasty name that action has, I’d like to know it so I can castigate myself properly.

    Lola, I think you have a problem. So much hate for people you don’t even know. Very sad.

    Cool aid?????

  45. Bodhi says:


    Oh thats right, geronimo. Especially because NO & France are so closely linked. No room for both. I hope they don’t “fall in love with” the French speaking parts of Canada next

  46. I choose me says:

    “Pssst.” Syko, Mairead, Bodhi & Geronimo. I’m thinking we should start a club. We could call it B.A.D. Brad & Angelina Defenders. 😆

  47. Bodhi says:

    😆 I like it!

  48. geronimo says:

    Um, bit slow on the uptake there, lola.

    Although I can see how all that fanatic Tom adoration and extreme Brangelina hatred might take its toll on a person’s mental faculties after a while. (Assuming of course they had some mental faculties to begin with).

    Oh, and syko, before I sign up to the BAD club, have you heard back from Ms Z yet regarding our cut for services rendered?

  49. Kaiser/ Hippacrat says:

    Can I be in B.A.D. too?

    “You do not change your mind about using computers, you either know or you don’t.”
    -Thus Spoke La Lola Barfy

    LOL. LOL 4 Ever. 🙂

  50. Syko says:

    BAD Club? I’m in!

    @ geronimo – I left a message with Ms. Z’s agent, who returned my call to say that Z will get back to us as soon as she learns how to count.

  51. geronimo says:

    LOL! And with the disgraceful schooling she’s getting, that may never happen. She’s a slippery one, that Ms Z. We’re going to have to keep an eye on her. 🙂 :mrgreen:

    I’m in!

  52. Jolie says:

    I am in the BAD club too:-)
    ta ta…

  53. Ann says:

    They’re huge hypocrites. Lola, don’t forget about all their charity pledges, that the recipients never received. Also the fact that she talks about freedom of the press and then demands reporters sign a contract limiting what they can ask her. They took over Namibia and left them in the dust.

  54. countrybabe says:

    I choose me, your club already has a name. It’s called Brangeloonies. LOL at all these people defending them on this board like they know them. They moved when they claimed they would do so much for NO-deal with it. How can Ange work to improve NO schools when she’s a drop out herself.

  55. Syko says:

    Amazing how Ann and Lola know so much about their private lives. Are y’all servants in their house?

    @countrybabe – No funnier for us to defend them than for the rest of you to persecute them. And what in hell does being a dropout have to do with improving schools? You’d be surprised how many fantastically successful people are dropouts.

    I don’t think they’ve deserted New Orleans, their foundation is still working there. You don’t have to actually dig in the mud to build housing, you can organize and finance it. And this sort of thing can be handled from anywhere in the world, so no need to be there.

    Has anyone ever thought that possibly the N.O. house was sold because it wasn’t large enough? It was purchased before they knew twins were on the way. Anyway, it’s nobody’s business why they sold it, and we don’t even know if they sold it.

    • c sear says:

      What plant are you living on? I am SURE there house was big enough for them….do you really think they own ANY small houses? Big deal they have a charity in New Orleans. They give millions to other countries and there are 60 Million kids in America living in poverty (that’ 1 in 5 kids!!!!!!!) Americans pay to see there movies so how back giving more back to America. I understand the hunger elsewhere, but the country you were born in is in dire straits……..

  56. Bodhi says:

    Thats exatly what I was thinking Syko

  57. Ann says:

    Well, Syko/Brangeloonie/Simpleton, when one puts all their shit out there for public consumption, it’s not hard to know basic facts and inconsistencies. I am sure you and your fellow loons know much more, like what they ate for breakfast and when Angelina is ovulating.

  58. Bodhi says:

    Nope, all that is totally their business

  59. Kaiser/ Hippacrat says:

    Wait, Syko, has it even been verified that the NO house was sold? I’m still thinking this is just another Huvane pay-off to Ted Casablanca.

    Lola, Country Babe, Ann, Various Haters – It’s good to see so many people so concerned with the plight of NO. Perhaps you’ll donate to :

  60. geronimo says:

    Actually, could I make a small distinction here. I like to see BAD as an anti-loonie as well as an anti-hatred organisation. The real loonies and the rabid haters are fanatics. So much in common (no sense of humour, for starters) and they don’t even realise it!

    We police the middle ground with logic, ridicule and sarcasm as our weapons of choice!

  61. Ceenitall says:

    Syko, do you know the Jolies-Pitts personally?
    I don’t HATE them, never said I did. Maybe you need to chill out, they really don’t need your help in defending their lives. I don’t really care about them one way or the other. I don’t KNOW them so I can’t love or hate them. Maybe you should take up a hobby.

    Jody and bc **Maybe they just coulden’t get a good education for all them children down here.** Was said with tongue-in-cheek. I realize that was not proper english, it wasn’t supose to be.

  62. Syko says:

    Well, Ann/idiot/bitch, no, I don’t know them personally and in fact, that is the gist of most of my posts in their defense. You haters are so quick to tell us how they feel, think, spend their money, eat, raise their children, make love, etc., and I almost always respond with “how do you know all this?” and “why is it any of your business?”

    And please don’t tell me to chill out. I am perfectly calm, but being told to chill out totally pisses me off.

    Geronimo..I like your idea.

    I’m probably going to be banned for this post, but I’d like to point out that Ann started the name calling, I just followed her example because she is obviously so much more intelligent than I am, and a person I should try to emulate.

  63. Mairead says:

    Hellooooooo fellow BADettes and others :mrgreen:

    I would like to throw my full support behind geronimo’s idea – long live the middle ground 😉

  64. mamalicious says:

    “Actually, could I make a small distinction here. I like to see BAD as an anti-loonie as well as an anti-hatred organisation. The real loonies and the rabid haters are fanatics. So much in common (no sense of humour, for starters) and they don’t even realise it!
    We police the middle ground with logic, ridicule and sarcasm as our weapons of choice!”

    Well said, Geronimo.

    There’s B.A.D but what about G.O.O.D too?
    (Greatly Opinionated, Overzealous Drivel)

  65. Edgar says:

    Why do people persist thinking Jolie is a “drop out”? She most certainly isn’t. She graduated early from high school in an independent study tract and even started film and writing classes at New York University (NYU) which you cannot attend without a high school education. With the seven years of briefings, field work and education she has received via the UN and her other international activities, she probably knows more about international development than most people with post-graduate work.

    And another canard people can’t get off: Jolie has not made any commitments for financial assistance and charity that she has not fulfilled. Please do not cite that lame brain man who mismanaged her funds and lost his job managing her Cambodian efforts. Jolie has pumped more than $5 million and enormous efforts into an on-going millenium village as well as a huge conservation project in that country. Plus the Namibian facilities that actually were promised funds and equipment (not the fake ones interviewed in the tabloids) reported that they received everything promised. There are NO charitable promises she reneged on and much she donated that has barely been mentioned if at all.

    Freedom of the press has NOTHING to do with celebrities focusing press interviews on a specific topic like the movie they are covering. Please do some remedial study on what the First Amendment means. Her requests for media focus on the movie and the death of Daniel Pearl were entirely reasonable and respectful of a tragic event.

    Namibia was thrilled at the publicity it received due to the Jolie Pitt’s stay. Namibia had every right to refuse visits from working press that failed to obtain the proper work permits to work in their country as is required by Namibia and almost every other country. Those working press who lied to obtain tourist visas rather than working visas were properly escorted to the airport and asked to leave.

    Learn some facts before shooting your mouths off. 🙄

  66. JOJO says:

    1. They have NOT sold the house … yet
    2. Jolie didnt know how to use the computer from the 90s til early 2000s when she became active with UN she began correspondance… now she uses the computer when she must for work otherwise she has her blackberry. And just cuz you know how to use a “phone” and it’s features you are not proficient with a computer.
    3. They may seem untouchable and at times god-like but they are not they are human just like you and I with better genes.
    4. All you haters… you honestly think that with all the lunatics out there and you been one of the most famous ppl in the world you would be OK letting your kids live in a “normal” enviroment? get real… they DO need security, they DO need to move, they DO need to change.
    5. To criticize someone that has done a lot for the poor is just ridiculous… i bet anything that you haters out there havent even donated a dime to your local homeless. Instead look at them with disgust and that just makes YOU sad. Until you donate 10% of your income to the poor you CANT tell me you criticize all that they have done. How about sign up for peacecorp or better yet volunteer for the UN and travel land filled with mines! Wait u couldnt not cuz u CANT but you wont… ur too busy ripping apart a couple that you have never met or spoken to.
    6. Everyone has their opinion but do not state things as facts unless you know for a fact.


  67. Kaiser/ Hippacrat says:

    Way. To. Go. Edgar. You’re awesome. Welcome to B.A.D. Jojo, come one, come all.

    Geronimo, I too am down with your plan.

    And Skyo, the bitch deserved it. 🙂

  68. lola says:

    Discard this B.A.D idea, I think Brangeloonies will do. It is recognised around the internet and the media is picking up on it already. B.A.D will only confuse the issue, if you know what I mean.

    I have no quarrels with any one doing charity, but I want them to admit it is primarily for their image and any poor people benefitting is secondary. Period.

    Jojo Angelina said she cannot use the computer this year, not 2000. You are just confirming the liear she is. She said Brad knows she cannot even switch it on. Now I wonder how that Pitt loser feels seeing her lie like that without even blinking her googly eyes.

    Don’t remember anything they gave to Namibia, just used the country and run off. Just like they are using the kids and used NO. They are FAKE in a major way.

  69. I really want to go to New Orleans now that Brad Pitt says it’s the most unique city in the U.S.!

  70. Indie says:

    Edgar- how dare you be logical. It is illegal to be logical, just hate. Your point will be lost on those miserable people. On one hand they complain that she talks about herself in interviews, and then they bash her for asking reporters to keep the question to the movie that she is promoting. So these irrational haters do not need a reason to hate and I really do feel sorry for the many tormented souls that take their misery out on celebrities that they do not know.

    I bet you they have not sold their house, who even quotes Ted C in the gossip world any more, this queen has been consistently wrong about everything he has ever said about Brad or Angelina, but at least he gives hope to the haters, something to grasp on as their hateful boats sink.

  71. lola says:

    Mathew, my family and I moved to Namibia after Shiloh was born there. Now we are considering moving to France.

  72. Ceenitall says:

    Geez people, I never said I HATE the Jolie-Pitts. I don’t know where that even came from. I don’t have an opinion on them as I don’t know them. What I don’t like is to be attacked from some over zealous Brangelna defender for my opinion. You don’t have to agree with me, I really don’t care, but don’t attack me because you have some loony idea that you are the defender of their honor.

    I am going to post what I want to post and I would really appreciate it if you don’t HATE on me for it. You are more then welcome to post your opinion and I promise not to attack you for them.

  73. Mairead says:

    Wow Indie – that is one of the most articulate posts written in relation to the subject 😯 But yes, I’m afraid logic is banned – you should just go back to praying at your shrine to St. Angelina and hope that she’s got two cent (not a typo, I’m referring to the Euro currency) to rub together by the time she gives birth 😛

    And I’m afraid you have been out-voted on the B.A.D. issue LLB. (GOOD is good also, but I’m very partial to spouting greatly opinionated drivel 😳 )
    Besides LLB, you can’t move to France from Namibia before you rent a pad in New Orleans. 😉

  74. galtok says:

    then il start the i hate AJ fan club,coz u see her now u dont remember her then? and if u dont remember the woman who liked the aspect of death and blood u beta luk it up i was scared of this women as a child(mummy!!!) she stole another womans man in broad day light AND U STILL PRAISE HER! she mite even start a war and ……….. wait for it………..u’l still praise her. just because she has adopted a collection of children for her display cabinet does not make her an angel. the truth always comez out she’s a lier and a thief and has stole ya brains. she doesnt care bout NO she just acted as if she did its her job y’all.ofcourse its peoples business why they sold the house they (the fans) made her rich in the first place!!now she screwing ur asses ha ha ha

  75. geronimo says:

    “..she stole another womans man in broad day light..”

    Don’t think it was in broad daylight. I heard it was closer to midnight. Better time for man-stealing since (a) it’s dark and (b) there are fewer people around to witness it.

  76. countrybabe says:

    Syko, get a grip on yourself. We are talking about schools here. Sure people who were drop outs donate money etc. But she wants a soccor mom place on the board. Do you not remember she was trying to assist in curriculum for NY schools?

    And to Kaiser/Hippacrat. I don’t give to made up organizations with no track record and i give to causes I’m interested in. NO should be getting itself together since it is US city.

    And Edgar your whole papragraph sounds made up I’ve never read in her biography anywhere, where she finished high school.

  77. Mairead says:

    geronimo – maybe she intended to “steal” another person (who is evidentially just a piece of chattel) in broad daylight, but got distracted stealing the dictionary belonging to the I Hate AJ Club? 😕

    You know what I’ve come to realise – I REALLY underestimated the number of people who have never told a lie. 😯

  78. Kaiser/ Hippacrat says:

    LOL, countrybabe. “NO should be getting itself together since it is US city.” Well done. Why try to help people when you could just whine? Why reach out to support New Orleans residents when you can just tell them to go f— themselves, with their “broken levees”, “crushing poverty” and “homelessness”. Pussies, right?

    It’s much better to belittle people who actually get off their asses and HELP. Much better to libel people, since you’re too lazy to even look up something up. Much better to ascribe “famewhoring” motivations to them than question your own apathy, cynicism and laziness. You’re the real hero, countrybabe. Cheers.

  79. Kaiser/ Hippacrat says:

    To my fellow BAD-ettes-

    Goddurn I need a stiff drink. And a stiff married man, preferably one stolen in broad daylight.

    Sigh. I hate crazies.

  80. Scott F. says:

    Kaiser, please stop defending NO. The reason they’re still in a pit is because they have the most corrupt city and state governments in the whole damn country.

    There were areas hit even harder than NO all over Mississippi, Florida, ect. They managed to recover. Who do you think got more aid and had more governmental funds to repair their infrastructure, NO, or some po-dunk backasswards county in Mississippi?

    Their levees busted because the money the feds gave them to repair it after the Army Corps of Engineers warned them about them for the FIFTH time in 10 years was all embezzled or siphoned off into programs that would buy them more votes. Apparently safety of the levees wasn’t ‘sexy enough’ to be considered a major political liability.

    Regardless of what you think about the government’s reaction to Katrina, the way NO has handled it is abysmal, and there is no reason for them to still be in the shape they’re in when everyone else has managed to rebuild.

    Every time I see anyone raising money for rebuilding, it’s for NO. Where the hell has all that money gone?

  81. Kaiser/ Hippacrat says:

    Uh… Scott, did you misread my comment? I didn’t say anything about the local government of New Orleans, or the state govt of Louisiana. And (BTW) your assessment of the govt’s problems are inaccurate, especially about the federal levee funds. And the differences in post-disaster aid/clean-up between states.

    But even in your kernel-of-truth corrupt-govt rationale, what next? So Louisiana is broken. And? We’re not supposed to try to fix it? We’re supposed to lie and whine and scream “GET OVER IT” and ghettoize an entire state?

  82. Scott F. says:

    It’s no different than the billions in aid we funnel into poor African countries that just gets rounded up and sold by the warlords. It’s an exercise in futility, and you just keep putting money into the hands of corrupt politicians.

    It’s like having a sinkhole form under a house – and the house is sinking 1 floor every day. So every night you build another floor on top of it to keep up with problem. Yeah, I guess you’re ‘helping’, but it would be much more helpful to rebuild a stable foundation, and THEN build the house back up.

    It’s nice to be altruistic, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t expect results. Money has been pouring into that sinkhole for years, and all we get is more requests for money. You can’t help people that won’t help themselves.

  83. geronimo says:

    We feel your pain, kaiser/hippacrat.
    Sympathy and empathy from the London branch of the BADettes.

  84. Kaiser/ Hippacrat says:

    Thank you, Geronimo.

    Scott…meh. I could argue with you about this, but I know I wouldn’t change your mind.

    And yet I can’t help myself. Suffice to say, your summary of both African aid and post-Katrina aid is off-kilter, if not flat-out bullshit. Life-expectancy, GDP growth, quality of life, and domestic and foreign investment have flourished in many parts of Africa – parts where NGOs, UN Millenium projects, Gates Foundation, and the Clinton Foundation have been active. Is it perfect? No. Is it stable? No. Is it better than nothing? Absolutely.

    And Scott? Weren’t you the one who was arguing that we need to stay in Iraq and ‘finish the job’ or whatever the shifting war goalposts are today? So intervention and aid into the govt clusterfuck of Iraq, but not New Orleans? I know NO schools are screwed up, but they’re more stable than Badhdad’s.

    I know we declared ‘friendsies’ a few days ago, but in my opinion, you should get your information from more sources than Republican Daily Talking Points. Meh.

  85. Clare says:

    A loonie defending Angelina when they have never met her (for those who are not her brother because I am sorry but it has to be him jumping from site to site defending his sister/lover)is the same as some one who hates her but has never met her. Essentially you are using similar facts except that some have rose tinted glasses will think Angelina’s shit is gold. I hope for their sake they are paid to do that. Because the contrary is scary to contemplate.

    It is clear Angelina has her own unique version of truth and saying her charity is self serving is an understatement.

  86. Codzilla says:

    “So these irrational haters do not need a reason to hate and I really do feel sorry for the many tormented souls that take their misery out on celebrities that they do not know.”

    That’s a little much. I really don’t care about Angelina one way or another, but claiming her detractors have deep-seated psychological issues simply because they don’t like the woman is ridiculous.

  87. Josephina says:

    Stating your opinion is one thing. Anytime you dare to judge someone, or in your case, point a finger,please undertand that there are 4 fingers left pointing directly back towards you. That is why you are being judged in a ngeative manner on this thread… you asked for it.

    Your opinion is more slander than any notion of analytical or good deductive thinking. But no one will hold you accountable for your spiteful reasoning, so I guess you feel confortable spitting the venom that you choose to spit. Your comments are petty, mean-spirited, immature and narrowminded. Please grow up.

    All human beings lie. ALL OF US. That includes you. If you are going to waste time and stipulate which lie casts a heavier penalty/stigma, again , you are certanily not fit to judge.

    Part of the reason why so many admire her is because she is so imperfect yet beautiful and physically spellbounding. She is a woman who has made countless mistakes, yet still rises to the top and is able to give of herself to the point of danger. She has amazing courage.

    She does not have an American perspective, she has a GLOBAL perspective and as such she CANNOT IGNORE the fact THAT HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF PEOPLE THAT LIVE IN HOSTILE ENVIRONMENTS ARE MOSTLY OF A DIFFERENT RACIAL AND VERY LOW SOCIOECONOMIC BACKGROUND. She goes where she can be the most effective. She is recognized all over the world by many organizations and NGOs for making an impact. However, change against terrorism is a very long, and sometimes futile, process and you have to have the stomach to stick with it. When you have a passion for something, you will spend time doing it. I have several friends in grass roots organizations, and none of them are willing to endanger their lives as she has. AND THEY HAVE THE MONEY TO DO IT.

    This woman walks the walk and talks the talk. She can love outside her race and culture and is willing to learn about other cultures for better understanding and life enrichment. Her ability to love extends to which ahe can raise children she did not biologically bear. And she is only 33!

    A woman’s worth is NOT HER DRESS SIZE NOR WHOM SHE SLEEPS WITH. That is all you seem to suck on. Get your mind out of the gutter, lady. A woman’s worth is based on how she chooses to serve mankind.

    If you were to exclude your friends and family, who do you help and how have you impacted their lives?

    Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt had a relationship that went as far as it could go. It is clear they each wanted a different type of partner than what they could motivate within each other. A marriage must have a spiritual connection or else the foundation WILL BREAK. A marriage usually takes time to fall apart ( usually through a series of events over time) as it takes time to build. To blame anyone on the outside for what never was installed properly on the inside is outrageous. Remember, it is much easier to stay in a marriage than to end it and start over. Do not think that all who are married are happliy married.

  88. I'm Amazed says:

    Gosh Josephina, you stated my every thought about Angelina. Yes, she is flawed but she’s the first to let you know. Since I personally don’t know her, I can’t say what is fiction or truth but I really don’t think she sets out to lie. Since she has never had a publisist, she just wings it. I too think she’s awesome and brad’s life is less “Hollywood” and richer since knowing her. I would’ve helped her saved that poor man in broad daylight!

    BTW, I want to join the BAD club, but Brangeloonie will do lol: )

  89. I'm Amazed says:

    Until today, I had never posted on a thread but your vitriol toward someone you refuse to learn the REAL facts angered me in a way that surprised me. It’s not necessarily because it’s diected towards AJ, because she’s too much of a woman to dignify the haters with a defence, but because it was directed toward a fellow human being you and I don’t know. How were you raised to give you the capacity for such strong hatred for someone YOU DON’T KNOW????? it amazes me…
    This is why racism, prejudice and wars exists, because of people like you and the other haters.

  90. lola says:

    Josephina and other Brangeloonies, as much as it amazes you that someone comes here to tell people the other side of the coin, it amazes me that someone comes here to defend a person they have never met and attack another poster on her behalf. Such loyalty, devotion and adoration should be commended.

    I like many refuse to wear rose tinted glasses. We are all entitled to out opinions, go build a shrine/temple for St Angelina by all means, no one is stopping you but as long as you are here on the internet, you will hear some unsavoury stuff about your saint, facts and not fiction.

    Marriages break up all the time, what bothered me is the humiliation that followed and your saint’s passive aggression towards someone who had never done any wrong to her. FYI, I stopped hating Pitt when I realised that he was not even man enough to warrant any feeling from me. He is such a loser that those two deserve each other. Let’s see what happens when they age and all the fame goes away and even botox cannot help.

    What is it that makes Brangeloonies go all loony when someone does not worship their idol? Nothing hurts like the truth. If supporting Brangelina turns you into a raving lunatic, then am glad am on this side of the fence. 😉

  91. Josephina says:


    Specifically, I was extremely disgusted with YOU and reacted to that appropriately. I am in total disagreement with what you feel is morally right v. wrong. I find you to be a morally bankrupt person. And I am judging you specifically by the way you have reasoned that Angelina is not fit to be recognized for her work. Again, she has done the work. Enough said.

    I am not a “loonie”, you immature lady, I also respect Fredrick Douglas, Thurgood Marshall, Martin Luther King, Richard Wright, Harriet Tubman, Ghandi, Marcus Garvey, Sojourner Truth. In short, I admire and RESPECT people who are heroes of their time.

    Angelina is a FREEDOM FIGHTER. Most of us here on earth are too weak in spirit to fight racism and terrorism. We would rather follow the status quo, get married, have our 2.5 kids and call it a day. We do not care enough to think about the lives of people outside our family/friends and do not think about the responsibility we all have to bear as citizens raising our community for the benefit of ALL people, regardless of race. CHECK YOUR BIBLE, ma’am. That thought process is not considered important. Because of our self-absorbed ways, we in fact, get in our own way to true greatness. What Angelina has already accomplished, we all could do the same thing as well, but we lack the love, courage, wisdom, and vision to do it.

    That is why you are stuck on the petty crap- who she is with, who she slept with, whether or not what she said two weeks ago or 1 year ago correspends with some sound bite you heard recently from the press. It has been said from every actor’s mouth that the press does not print the truth about their personal lives, yet you don’t mind getting caught up in the whirlwind of gossip.

    This has NOTHING to do with loyalty to her. No one in this blog knows her. Please try to behave youself. You and I are reacting to our sensibilities of what is right vs. wrong.

    I, like many others, recognize her as a civil rights activist/leader and courageous fighter. She is not the first nor the last. In fact, there are many unsung heroes. But for the ones in my life that I do know and for the ones that I have recognized for their courageous work on the behalf of others, in pursuit of justice against racism and terrorism (they go hand in hand), I will give respect as it is due.

    But not to you. You are a fool, a woman filled with hate. And that is what motivates you to slander someone else. Rose-colored glasses? I deal with racism everyday. How about you? I would defend any human being that has this type of character, because she, like so many others, are picking up the slack and taking on the burden of so many pompous, arrogant and lazy-thinking Americans.

    Each heroic person that I mentioned above was also ostracized and hated by many at the time of their fight for justice, because they had a vision that no one really could understand at the time. These people had enemies very much in likeness to how you behave about Angelina. That is why I see you as a fool and not just someone who is only offering her “opinion.”

    She is going down in history amongst them with or without your approval.

  92. jennifer says:

    they didnt sold the house:

    Contrary to rumor, Jolie and Pitt have not sold French Quarter mansion
    by The Times-Picayune
    Monday June 23, 2008, 4:59 PM

    A representative for Hollywood power couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie denies the rumor that the pair has sold their French Quarter mansion.

    “This rumor going around that they’ve sold or are selling their house in New Orleans is not true,” said Trevor Neilson of the Jolie-Pitt Foundation. “It’s just made up, as are a lot of things that are said about them.”

    The city conveyance office also did not have any record that the couple had sold their New Orleans home, which they bought in January 2007 under the name Mondo Bongo Trust.

    The rumor, fomented by celebrity gossip magazines like E! Online, was also dismissed late last week by several prominent real estate brokers who do business in the French Quarter.

  93. triplih says:

    Scott you seem to be misinformed about money sent to NO for levees did you forget the cuts that the US govorment did over the pass 20 years to louisiana for flood protection or is it you only see the bad in people as for where did the money go ask fema they seem to have lost 25 billion dollars of that money some went to trailers that sat in other cities and were never sent how about the bottle water that was faised and sent across seas you seem to see what you want

  94. I'm Amazed says:

    I have searched high and low about AJ being the most hated woman in America, actually perhaps the entire planet and the results were quite interesting. In my prejudiced way, I perhaps didn’t use the correct search engine, perhaps Lola can enlighten me as to which one she used to come to the conclusion that AJ was the most hated.
    I went to about 30 diffent sites that had some kind of polling going on and NONE of them even mentioned AJ. Denise Richards seems to be pretty much winning this prestigous place amongst many pollsters, Cameron Diaz is not too far, I may even place a bet on her, globally, Heather Mills seems to have a lock on that price.

    Some even claim that if anything, Jennifer Aniston actually benefited from her “Stolen Husband”, since she was deemed box office poison and only getting movie roles because of her Abandonement and agressive treatment by Brad Pitt and AJ, interesting, otherwise they think she would forever have remained as just a cute “friend”.

    Sadlly, none listed AJ as the most hated, worst actress or self serving goody two-shoes. bummer!.

  95. I'm Amazed says:

    I meant to add that not only a bad acress, self serving, goody two-shoes AND OVERALL junkie of all drugs known to mankind, maybe even some that only her twisted personality know of.

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