50 Cent’s wife won’t let him see their son

50 Cent (or Fiddy, as I’ve been instructed to call him) is having some major legal problems lately. He’d been battling his ex-girlfriend Shaniqua Tompkins, the mother of his son Marquise, 11, over a $2.4 million Long Island home for the better part of a year. Then the home suspiciously burned to the ground on May 30th – with both Marquise and Shaniqua asleep inside. Shaniqua immediately started publicly blaming Fiddy for the fire – and now she won’t let the rapper visit his child, talk to him, or even know where Marquise is living.

“He tried to kill me and his own child,” Tompkins has declared. “I know this came from 50 Cent.” While arson investigators probe the Dix Hills fire, Fitty’s legal team is drafting a defamation complaint against Tompkins.

“There comes a point where you can no longer sit on your hands and listen to her spread these falsehoods,” 50’s lawyer, Brett Kimmel, tells us. “Besides hurting his reputation, they have a damaging impact on their son.” The hip-hop king (real name, Curtis Jackson) charges that since the fire, Tompkins has refused to let him see Marquise or tell him where he’s living. Tompkins has “made it practically impossible” for 50 to speak to or see his son, according to a petition filed this week in Suffolk County Family Court.

50 says that when he learned Marquise’s cell phone was destroyed in the fire, he sent him a new one, along with a duffle bag of new clothes. Tompkins has “failed and refused to give the cell phone to Marquise,” 50 alleges. “The only way [50] can communicate with his son is to call [Tompkins’] cell phone. On June 11 … [she] did permit [50] to speak with his son. However … she was hovering over Marquise, monitoring the conversation and, after a short while, she interrupted the conversation by taking the phone from Marquise and began yelling at [50],” who eventually hung up on her.

[From the Daily News]

Fiddy says Shaniqua is breaking their custody agreement, and is asking a judge to let him see his son. So far the courts seem to be siding with 50 in nearly everything: ten days after the fire, Shaniqua was ordered to pay him $4,500 in back rent in addition to the $9,000 she had already been ordered to pay. Fiddy has been paying $6,700 a month in support – $4,500 is a housing allowance. Shaniqua had maintained that she is still owed 50 Cent’s (formerly) $2.4 million house because she needs a place to raise their son. In addition to the housing allowance.

Considering how crazy her logic has been, I’d say Shaniqua’s as legitimate a suspect as Fiddy.

Here’s 50 Cent and The Game sharing the stage during a news conference at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture in Harlem on June 9th. Images thanks to WENN.

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  1. devilgirl says:

    Wasn’t she the one bitching and moaning that Fiddy had made no attempts to see their son? She is batshit crazy. She torched the place, played the blame game and as I have said before, is owed nothing other thaqn child support. She has another kid from another man and she isn’t demanding that he provide her with a place to live, why does 50 owe it to her? Oh, that’s right, he owes it because he is 50 cent. I am glad the judge has sided with him. Can’t wait till they prove she was involved in the arson fire.

  2. Jack says:

    She should stop bitching! I get 50$ a month in support as stipulated by the court and my babies daddy doesnt even pay half the time. If I only had almost 7 grand to raise my kid things would be a lot different. I hate bitches who think the world is owed to them on a silver plater. Get your ass out there and work for what you want cuz you dont deserve anything unless you earn it and having some guys kid doesnt qualify as earned:evil: .

  3. Jennifer says:

    The woman has not even worked since 2001, had her boyfriend and her boyfriend’s kids living in another man’s house and expects him to pay the rent…please get a job and stop being a loser

  4. Rianna says:

    jack is about right there. my daughters father doesnt even pay child support, so the bitch should shut up, move to the carribean and relax the hell out. be thankful she got a free meal ticket for 16 years, until she can start pimping out her son to be a rapper too. stupid bitch.

  5. Banana Boat says:

    After shaniqua (too lazy to spell check that mess) gets through with him, he’ll actually have fifty cent in his checking account. How poetic!

    I think this woman would make a great SNL skit. Just her, her monologue rants. They could use some good new material god knows.

  6. Megan says:

    Why is she his wife in the title, but only his ex girlfriend in the article?

  7. kellyrock says:

    This is getting crazy. 50 take some time off son go on a nice vacation.

  8. Kisha Cole says:

    You can tell what kind of person she is by her name (Shaniqua) PROJECT CHICK.I’m glad the courts are on 50 Cent’s side because he’s right.She has gotten used to him giving her this and that.Just because he has a child by her she feels he is suppose to take care of her ass too.IT DON’T WORK LIKE THAT HOOD RAT!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. tabbi says:

    I am a mom who gets no child support for my childern. I see she gets a large sum but, he should have did some thing about this long ago. He gave her enough money to live on her own and take care of their child. He never should have put in the home in the frist place maybe then she would have been forced to work and not depend on HIS wealth.

  10. Terri says:

    She’s his ex-girlfriend. I see this all the time, woman using their children as leverage. This nonsense has to stop. Where’s her self-respect?

    Tabbi, she’s just a lazy woman wanting to live the high, easy and fast life using someone else’s money. The money 50 gave her was to make sure his son had the best and if that meant helping her in a big way than so be it. Know this if she had been forced to work to contribute towards the upkeep of her child, she would be out there saying 50 is a dead beat father. She does not even contribute a cent towards looking after her own child.

    She’s a gold digger for sitting back and not bothering to look for a some sort of a job to just look after her own needs and to top it off she was living in the house with her boyfriend.

    She deserves nothing! My son is now 17 years old and his father has not paid a cent towards his upkeep.

  11. charmaine says:

    i can not understand the way people thinks, our memories are so truly short.
    have you forgotten his autobiography as a movie in which he playing the big shot macho who did not have much, vowed and promise to take care of her for the rest of her life. now i’m asking the big sixty four dollar question, what change? because he stop loving her and she is no longer important to him. your word is your word or you are not the man you are. you have enough to afford her this and not be swayed in terms of your wealth. you are paying lawyers all this money to thrash you childs mother and you think it hard to invest in your childs mother for the sake of your child. however she lives that’s the way your son is going to live.why dont you forget this macho bullshit and be the man you are suppose to be and give her what you promise. your son will resent you if you embarrass his mother, at the end of the day who has most to lose, you, you will lose the respect of your son, “break a promise to mom, you will break a promise to me” and he will never trust you again, thats how a child thinks, dont need any 😀 coaching. 😀

  12. Young Bizzle says:


    Anyone heard about the video 50 cent tried to spam on Youtube? The person who made the video says “50 cent was shot at 9 times but only 3 bullets hit him” This made 50 cent furious so he tried to spam the video but it remained on the site.In his interview on radio Shade 45 he says “I have enough shit on my mind as it is I previously had fueds with other rappers like Lil Wayne and others but now haters on Youtube also attacking me I ain’t taking that bullshit I’m going to speak with the Youtube community about this garbage”.

    To watch the hating video here is the link>>>>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9roLKW3je7U

  13. vdantev says:

    Sorry, no Rick Rolls for me today, jagoff.

  14. Well Reallly All I Want To Say Is I Am In Love With Curtis Jackson , I Am His Biggest Fan Ever . Every Night I Watch Get Rich Or Die Trying & Listen To His Music Non-Stop . I Love To Sing & One Day Hope I Will Have A Singing Career .
    Please Email Me Back

  15. XxXxJ3$$xXxX says:

    THIS bitch should get off her ass and get a job and stop relieing on 50cent 2 give her money DUMB BITCH

  16. cacdsa says:

    ilove 50so match

  17. john says:

    this is all a lie y would 50 do this to his son

  18. Shelia says:

    I get 10.00 dollars a month for 1 child that I’ve received one time since my son has been on this earth, and 40.00 dollars a month for one other child. I have never depended on anyone but me and women like Shaniqua make hard working women like myself look bad. She needs to get a job and be thankful for all that she has. There are so many men out there that don’t want to see their kids and obviously 50 does. What she is doing will not do her any good because God don’t like ugly so when they find out that Shaniqua set the house on fire little Marquise will live happily ever after with his great father anyway.