Chris Martin says that Gwyneth Paltrow is the only girlfriend he’s ever had

Chris Martin got a good deal of bad press last week after he walked out of an interview on BBC’s Radio 4. The interviewer had stuck to Martin’s rule about not asking personal questions – especially concerning his famous wife, Gwyneth Paltrow. Yet Martin bolted anyway. Celebitchy thinks he probably regretted being so candid in a Rolling Stone interview he did right before then. It must have left him quite on edge. In the Rolling Stone interview, Martin admitted that he hasn’t exactly been a legendary romancer of women.

“I’ve only been in one serious relationship,” says Martin.

And you guessed it. It’s with Gwyneth Paltrow.

“…This is the only one. Is that weird? I don’t think it’s that weird. It wouldn’t be weird 200 years ago.”

[From Cover Awards]

I don’t think that’s weird in and of itself, it’s just very unusual for a famous musician. Coldplay doesn’t have groupies? Or they didn’t back in the day when Martin was single? I could jump on the “bash Coldplay to death” bandwagon right now, but I’ll refrain. But I actually think that’s pretty sweet. No wonder Martin has admitted to feeling jealous of Paltrow’s ex, Brad Pitt.

Martin also gave his thoughts on the upcoming presidential election, and his hopes for Barack Obama.

[Rolling Stone]: Do you see any reason for hope?
[Chris Martin]: As soon as Barack Obama becomes president, people will be a bit more optimistic. If Obama was to be president, it would immediately change the whole outside world’s opinion of America overnight. America’s public image at the moment is really bad. And it’s a bummer, because over half of Americans are the coolest people on the planet. But they’ve been so misrepresented.

[Rolling Stone]: Do you think he can win?
[Chris Martin]: I do. But I think that, really, the fair thing would be, in electing the American president, to let everyone in the world vote, because it affects all of us. If there was a world vote, there’s no question who would win. No question. Of course, Barack Obama is human like the rest of us. He’s going to f@$# up. But I’m just trying to look on the bright side. What’s the point of being negative? Where does that get us? It gets you your own radio chat show, but it doesn’t really do anything for the world.

[From Rolling Stone]

I’d never really thought about it in those terms, but I like his point that the whole world should get to vote for the US president. I don’t think I’d want it to happen, but the idea makes a lot of sense conceptually.

The next five months are going to be filled with celebrity comments on politics. Between the economy and all the natural disasters that have happened lately, it feels like everything’s going to hell in a hand basket. It’s nice to hear a bit about the good of staying optimistic. Even if the only reason is what Martin noted: “What’s the point of being negative?”

Here are Chris Martin and Guy Berryman of Coldplay performing a free concert at the BBC Television Centre in London yesterday. Images thanks to WENN.

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  1. devilgirl says:

    Hmm, thought it was his wife. I always love people who are not from the States voicing their opinions on what will make our country better, and it’s people more optimistic. The only thing that will make me more optimistic is a winning lottery ticket, a bottle of Scotch and a vacation in the Maldives. Aside from that, a new president isn’t going to change my outlook much. Thanks Chris for your two cents!

  2. Bobafet says:

    Whats so surprising about his comment about this being his only serious relationship? He didn’t say he has never had a girlfriend or bedded other women. He just said none were really serious before this. What does that have to do with him ever bopping a groupie or not?

  3. Scott F. says:

    “But I think that, really, the fair thing would be, in electing the American president, to let everyone in the world vote, because it affects all of us.”

    So, the message we get from the world every day is ‘stay out of our business you imperialist dickwads!’ But they want a choice in who our President is?

    Apparently it’s alright to interfere in the decisions of a sovereign nation… so long as you’re not American 🙄

  4. Kaiser/ Hippacrat says:

    Martin probably just had a lot of one night stands, friends-with-benefits, and freaky groupie sex, i.e., stuff that wouldn’t qualify as a serious relationship. In other words, he had a history of treating women like interchangeable pleasure machines. When looked at it that way, not so sweet.

    But what he said about Obama is nice. He should try to naturalize so he can vote in November.

    • Julia says:

      It’s funny how you could deduce that just from the fact that he has never had a serious girlfriend before Gwyneth.
      Not having a serious girlfriend doesn’t exactly mean he mistreated women. It can simply mean he didn’t really love – or wasn’t loved by – any of the other girls he dated.

  5. velvet elvis says:

    Probably all of his other girlfriends were “boy”friends

  6. anon69 says:

    “the fair thing would be, in electing the American president, to let everyone in the world vote”

    Oh yeah, that makes perfect fuc*ing sense.
    poor naive boy.

  7. devilgirl says:

    Yeah, lets let the whole world vote on what goes on in our country, with our citizens and our tax money. What kind of an idiot is he? Our President affects his life? Well I certainly hope he feels we should be able to vote the next Prime Minister for England, the next Chancellor of Germany. Gee, why don’t we set up an 1-800-VOTEPRES number and make it convinient for the masses of other countries to vote. I sure would love to see how the Iranians would vote. Last I knew, we were the United States of America, we fought for our freedom from England and it’s rule. Let’s let terrorists and communists have a say in how we run our country. Hell, while we are at it, why not let candidates from other countries run as President of the United States. Does he have any idea what a foolish and assinine statement he has made. God, my blood is boiling! I hate him even more than I did before.

    • Julia says:

      Oh, come on. Stop saying these silly things, like you Americans are the real victims of a cruel world. THAT’S the kind of thing that make other people hate you. In the moment you stop thinking the world belongs to America, maybe we’ll stop thinking we have the right to decide what happens there.

  8. Kaiser/ Hippacrat says:

    Uh, Jen, maybe not 150 million, but at least the 61 million plus who voted for Bush in 2004. You guys ARE assholes.

    Bush does not represent me, and does not represent millions of Americans. Even though I dislike Chris Martin, I have respect for the millions and billions of people around the world who love America and Americans, and are quietly waiting out the administration of the worst American president in history.

  9. Syko says:

    Or better yet, let’s just all vote for one Ruler of the World! No more competitiveness, one guy runs the whole world, everyone elected him, that’s it!

    I truly think that this clueless, fugly, foreign person should keep his mouth shut about American politics.

    Oh, Kaiser/Hippacrat? I agree with you totally. They may not be assholes, but they certainly were misled and aren’t really that bright.

  10. Scott F. says:

    Sorry to post again but –

    “and are quietly waiting out the administration of the worst American president in history.”

    Quietly… QUIETLY!? You people haven’t shut up for nearly eight years! Seriously, I have never in my life seen a worse case of bad sportsmanship. In all seriousness though, it’s nice to know that if the other side wins , we all get to run around claiming that they don’t represent us.

    Cause you see, I thought that our elected representatives represented ALL of us. Now that I understand the distinction, I’ll be far more productive. I suppose all my friends that are still in the service can just quit and come home if Obama wins, because they won’t be represented anymore?

    God, I’m tired of half this country being fair weather Americans. I supported the government when Clinton was in charge, as well as :shiver: Carter. You wanna talk about worst President in American History…

  11. Carrie says:

    There’s something about him that makes you doubt he’s shit hot in the sack.

  12. devilgirl says:

    I have never been so incensed by a statement made by a celebutard, ever! I hate to post again, but he has got to be on some heavy meds or totally strung out on drugs to think that his statement was even remotely intelligent or insightful. He needs to keep his comments and political ideas to himself and stick to being Paltrows whipping boy/sappy musician. He has j got to be brainless to say something like that foolish and childish.

  13. Jag says:

    Seriously, I have never in my life seen a worse case of bad sportsmanship.

    Bad sportsmanship? Are you freaking kidding me, Scott F.?

    Come look at the thousands of jobs that have left North Carolina, and all the manufacturing and other businesses that have gone under since Bush took office. I voted for the other guys, but Bush still “won,” so no, he doesn’t represent me in the least. My job went to the Phillipines, and my father makes a living now trying to help companies out of bankruptcy, or if he can’t save them, sell them off and lay off people in the best way possible so they can attempt to find another job afterwards. And don’t get me started on what the Bush administration has done to the environmental and endangered species’ protections.

    As for this post, I can’t believe Chris Martin’s ignorance. Devilgirl is correct, for the most part, and I agree with most of what she said. (Being Native American and English/German, it’s difficult to reconcile my feelings on “America fought for its freedom” sometimes, because the attempted genocide of Native Americans is what gave Hitler the idea for the Holocaust, since millions were murdered; but, my father’s English side was here before the Mayflower, too, just like my mom’s was naturally.) If the world were to vote for our President, all the people who hate us would band together to pick the worst leader ever seen – worse than whomever you consider it to be.

  14. kit says:

    After that assinine statement, I’m not surprised he walks out on interviews because he’s probably afraid of what might come out next. Never liked Paltrow, but always assumed she possessed some level of intelligence. I may have been wrong.

  15. Whelkin says:


    ‘Rest-of-the-world’ here,

    Chris Martin speaks for himself, not I

    I live in the States and if I wanted to vote I would apply for citizenship, but its not my country (although I appreciate it having me as a guest) I have a country – perhaps Chris should keep his self-important commentary to the British parliament…

  16. Tess says:

    So many people turn a blind eye to the cruel conditions that are common around the world and reserve their comdemnations only for the American people.

    Maybe these noble citizens of the world should begin to focus on electing better leaders in countries where starvation and tyranny are a way of life.

    Or maybe that would be harder than just blaming America.

  17. Diva says:

    Oh, GOD… he didn’t say it’s what we SHOULD do… he was just trying to make a point that what happens here affects the world. He’s not expecting it to happen.

    People really take the things this guy says wayyyyy too seriously!

    And no, I’m not a fan.

    P.S. Super weird, Jag, I am also Native American (1/2), German (1/4) and English (1/8) (and a 1/8 Portuguese).

  18. LiLi says:

    if you missed it, check out the brooklyn group “the creaky boards” that has a video on you tube claiming coldplay (martin) stole the melody for viva la vida
    very interesting comparison

  19. Bodhi says:

    Who, exactly, are “you people”?

  20. Kaiser/ Hippacrat says:

    Scott- You’re tired of half his country being fair weather Americans, or you’re tired of the majority of your political party FINALLY coming to grips with the fact that you’ve elected a barely functioning retard? Twice?

    87% of the American electorate thinks the country is going in the wrong direction. More than 60% of Americans believe Bush is the worst president of their lifetimes. And BTW, Carter and Nixon executed some really bad policies, but it’s nowhere near the collective clusterfuck of Bush/Cheney.

    And as for your buddies in Iraq… I hope and pray they do get to come home in Obama’s administration. They’re good kids and they’ve been treated like toy soldiers in Bush’s fascistic global fantasies.

  21. daisy42465 says:

    Loved your post Jen!

  22. Scott F. says:

    I don’t care about Bush, this was never about Bush. I’m tired of people running around acting like you don’t have as much a stake in this country as the rest of us because you voted for someone else. Bodhi, that’s who I mean by ‘you people’.

    News flash – Half the country has ALWAYS voted for the other guy. You didn’t see this ‘he’s not MY President’ shit then.

    If Obama wins, he’ll still be my President, regardless of the fact that I won’t be voting for him.

    And please Kaiser, don’t try to imply my comrades want anything other than an opportunity to finish the job. Ask any soldier who served under Clinton if they were happier getting their asses handed to them ‘helping’ third world countries where we were being killed, but weren’t even allowed to fire back, or if they prefer a stand-up fight that’s liberated more than 40 million people.

  23. geronimo says:

    Can’t believe that some of you are taking what is fairly typical pretentious, idealistic – if well-meaning – ruminations on the part of Chris Martin – A MUSICIAN! – so ridiculously seriously. Ok, so he needs to go back to the drawing board on the global vote but big f*king deal. How touchy are you people??

    All he’s saying is: Obama’s a good thing, most Americans are a good thing, Bush is an outrage and the US election has a crucial global impact. Not so outrageous really, is it, when you break it down. Seriously.

  24. Syko says:

    “if they prefer a stand-up fight that’s liberated more than 40 million people”

    And killed how many? And destroyed how much property? It’s a war that should never have started.

    And now he’s pushing offshore drilling. Do we have refineries to process it? Are the oil men (and Bush is one) going to drill for oil, wreck the coastal ecological system, and then sell it for $50 a barrel just because they are good guys? I think not. So we end up with the wrecked ecological system, more expensive oil, and no relief for the common person who’s seen his cost of living double since that near-together-eyed creep has been in the office he stole.

    No, not my president.

  25. Kaiser/ Hippacrat says:

    Scott, I believe you mean George H. W. Bush, not Clinton. Bush Sr. put the “don’t shoot first” peacekeepers into Somalia, and Clinton inherited the Bush policies/problems. Or were you talking about a third-world country like Iraq? Once again, Bush Senior and Junior problems. The only entirely Clinton-admin. military mission was Bosnia, right? Air strikes, stopping a brutal genocide, imprisioning Milsovic? Yeah, those Dems and their strategic military planning. Pussies.

  26. Scott F. says:

    Yeah, yeah, I know – Clinton was a Godsend to the military and he cared SO much about us. That’s why he carved the budget down the middle so badly it still hasn’t recovered. Lets try to remember that the next time someone wants to bitch about us not having body armor – it might have been easier to buy if we’d had the money.

    Oh, and when morale was at it’s lowest point in decades after we backed out of Somalia, had a U.S. ship, a few embassies, and the WTC blown to crap the first time, how did he respond? Lobbed a few cruise missiles for CNN and bought the army schnazzy new berets! After all, why should we care about terrorists blowing up buildings when we have the Branch Davidians to worry about?

    Yeah, we just loved Clinton.

    “Air strikes, stopping a brutal genocide, imprisioning Milsovic?”

    You mean like Iraq? Where we crushed an enemy army, imprisoned and then executed Saddam, a man who committed genocide against God knows how many Kurds and Suni’s? Yeah, it’s funny how it’s different when the war is launched by a Republican.

  27. devilgirl says:

    Geez, how did this go from a post about an idiot musician and his ridiculous hopes at having the world have a say in who is elected as our President to a political debate over Bush? We got it, everyone hates Bush, he will be out in a few months and then we have a new President to bash. Everyone needs to get over the war, it’s happened there is nothing to be done at this point to turn back the clock. Sorry but I think we do need to drill off shore, that way we are not dependent upon other countries as our sources for oil. If people make money off of it, so be it, that is free enterprise and a capitalist society for you, and I am happy to be part of it. Life isn’t fair, not everyone is equal, that is the reality. No President will ever make an entire nation happy with how he governs it. The world is a very dangerous place, not because of Bush, but because of people and their religious and political beliefs. No one person can cure the world of the ills that have existed for hundreds of years. There will never be world peace. There will never be equality among all races of people. There will never be a utopian world. It’s sad, but it is reality. Bash Bush all you want, but I assure you, within a year of a new President there will be plenty of complaints about his performance. Bush is hardly the first President to get us into a war and he won’t be the last.

  28. Syko says:

    Ah, but I believe he may be the first to get us into a preemptive war.

    Of course hindsight is better than foresight. If that were not the case, I’m pretty sure that a lot of the people who voted for him would not have done so.

  29. anon69 says:

    Thank you devilgirl-

  30. Celebitchy says:

    I think we can tell who actually read the post and who didn’t. Cough *devilgirl* cough. Martin clearly mentioned Obama. I was about to comment that you guys deserve credit for reading the whole post and debating everything that Martin said.

    In a way I think that Martin’s comment is stupid, because there are other superpowers that affect the whole world and we wouldn’t expect to vote in their elections. I live overseas due to a German husband but I am an American I pay US taxes and will be sending in my absentee ballot.

  31. Sammi says:

    Wow, Kaiser/hippacrat, you hit the nail on the head with most of your posts, especially the first one! In all fairness, though, I do think that our presidential elections do affect the rest of the world b/c his country was among the first to support Bush when we went to war, and remember, they lost men (and women) too. If Bush wasn’t president that would have been countless British lives saved.

  32. ak says:

    In everything he says and does, Martin demonstrates what a douche he is. Europeans have been complaining about the US for, oh, about 200 f^cking years now, but electing BO will solve that overnight, will it? It’s bad enough we have to let our own morons vote in our elections. We’re not letting anyone else’s morons have a say, esp, not Chris Martin.

    Anyway, I’m pretty convinced that wanker celebs like this only rouse themselves from their narcissistic stupor and make statements like this to get attention.

  33. Diva says:

    Again… he doesn’t “expect” to be able to vote, he’s just saying that the whole world IS affected by who becomes the US president! There’s no movement being started by Chris freakin’ Martin to globalize politics.

    I think Martin should go back to not talking to anyone.

  34. kerri says:

    Scott F…

    I Love You. More posting from you please!

  35. Jen says:

    But I think that, really, the fair thing would be, in electing the American president, to let everyone in the world vote, because it affects all of us.

    That is, quite possibly, the stupidest, most ignorant thing I’ve ever heard. In. My. Life.

    And it’s a bummer, because over half of Americans are the coolest people on the planet. But they’ve been so misrepresented.
    So you’re saying 150 million of us are a bunch of assholes? F you, buddy. And which half does that see-you-next-Tuesday of a wife of yours fall into?

    Wow, this post really sent me into a tizzy.

  36. Jen says:

    Seriously, you want a say in who the American President is? Fine, taken your citizenship test and vote, asshat. Until then, shut the hell up, and go record some sub-par pop-rock.

    Man, I think I need a smoke.

  37. Bellatrix says:

    I do not understand how the comments got so inflamed and how far the discussion has gone. Far beyond whatever Chris Martin ever said, actually…

    I do agree with CB when she mentions in her post that conceptually speaking, it is a very interesting idea. At the very least, it is a new and refreshing outlook on world politics and how they influence us. How democracy might one day move beyond the barriers of countries and go worldwide too…
    It is a great debate question but would ask for rational arguments and hypothetical thinking.

    I don’t see why his words affected so deeply some americans. If anyone would have expressed this about the French presidential elections of last year, I would not have reacted so heated.
    But France is no superpower either so who would have had much interest in voting for the French president outside the country anyway? 🙂

    I am no Chris Martin teamer. I’ve found his behaviour on the BBC interview completely out of place and unacceptable. He’s a diva to my eyes.
    But this quote regarding politics is one of the few interesting ones he’s ever given…

    And in the end, only very few discussed the title of this post which was all about love and Gwyneth. How ironic!

  38. Kaiser/ Hippacrat says:

    Sigh. Okay, I swear this is my last comment on this godforsaken Chris F–ing Martin gossip post.

    Scott- Yeah, yeah. Big Bad Bubba Clinton cut military spending. It was called the end of the Cold War. It was called balancing the budget for the first time in decades so as not to leave me and my kids and their kids and your kids hawked up to their eyelids to Chinese, Japanese and European banks.

    And those cruise missles (which the Republican-led Senate opposed, BTW) and every other ineffectual thing Bubba didn’t do to catch UBL? Like catching the second-tier AQ people who bombed the embassies in 1998? Jailing them? Jailing the guys responsible for the first WTC bombing, like Ramsi Yousef? But still, Bubba didn’t catch UBL, and shame on him.

    Maybe you’re kind of right. But if Bubba’s policies were so screwed, why didn’t Bush do ANYTHING about it the first eight months of his presidency? Oh that’s right. ‘Dillos needed killin’ on the ranch. Meanwhile, “UBL Determined To Strike In U.S.”

    Regarding body armor – by the time Bush sent soldiers into Iraq, he had been in office for more than two years. How f–ing long does it take to order body armor?

    Regarding your Bosnia-Iraq analogy… do you really think that stands up? Let me ask you… how many Americans died after Milosevec was caught? Now, how many Americans died after Saddam was caught? Right.

    I had fun arguing with you, Scott, and I’m sorry if I was a liberal, pansy, latte-drinking feminazi bitch. Friends?

  39. Nan says:

    I’ll come back again to post here b/c I am annoyed w/this guy & his wife. Stop focusing on this country & our people. I can’t even see straight right now b/c I can’t stand when anyone insults our citizens. Live overseas for awhile & you’ll appreciate American people & how special most of them are.

    Here’s the deal & I hope CB does not delete this post. Look in martin’s eyes on the cover of Rolling Stone & some other pics. The pupils do not belong to a person with light eyes who has a light shining in them. He has heroin eyes. People on heroin have a small pupil but not naturally small, it’s slightly altered around the edges. This poor guy is hooked. His behavior & comments are just reflecting that. He doesn’t know what he is really saying. He is a heroin addict. Remember when he attacked a pap early this year when Gwyn was discharged from the hospital? Yeah, she’s a drunk. A wino. Like I’ve said, doormen don’t talk to the press but they do talk to friends & word gets around. She’s said stupid shit, so has he but it is because of substances. Madonna’s intervention of excercise and visiting the gym only temporarily helped for her to get her act together for the Ironman premiers. Kaballah can’t cure alchoholism either. These 2 are in deep shit. I never liked these 2 pretentious copycats but I hope they get it together for their kids. What do you think the whole avoiding the paps so ardently is about? They don’t want the press catching them drunk or high. I feel sorry for these 2.

  40. Cindy Kennedy says:

    Why are Paltrow and Chris Martin NEVER photographed together???

  41. Celebitchy says:

    @Nan: About the heroin thing – maybe someone photoshopped his eyes for that cover. It happens all the time – Kate Hudson says she dislikes it when people photoshop her eyes blue for magazine covers.

    Also, Martin attacked that paparazzo outside the hospital because his wife just had a miscarriage and the guy said “congratulations” to him! He retorted “have some respect” in the video of the incident I saw on TMZ. Yes, the Paltrow miscarriage thing was just a rumor but I would bet you it’s true. She was said to have stayed in the maternity ward at the hospital and the digestive problems story was just a cover.

    Paltrow could have an alcohol problem. She was seen twice drinking in the late stages of her second pregnancy, and I’ve read at least two quotes from her in interviews saying that she enjoys drinking. Who knows, though.

    Maybe Martin just likes singing, making music and performing and hates all crap that goes along with being a celebrity. He’s always been kind of surly.

  42. Nan says:

    CB, thanks for the response but I am telling you he has heroin eyes. You can see it in the videos. It isn’t the photoshopping & why would anyone photoshop his eyes to look like a deer-in-headlights? It took me since a kid to realize what those different looking eyes are. Just so you know, whenever you see someone & their eyes seem a little strange or unnatural, it’s not just any opiates. It’s heroin. I learned the hard way & I know a heroin eye when I see one. My gut always said this about him. My gut is usually right. Wie shade! Heroin is rampant these days. I’m glad you never were touched this way. I’m giving you all a heads up. Even though I am furious w/Chris Marin right now, it will not stop me from saying a special prayer for him tonight, New York time.

  43. vdantev says:

    Hat’s off to Devilgirl, the most sensible thing I’ve read here.

  44. Granger says:

    Gwyneth is a drunk and Chris is a heroin addict???

    Seriously… Where does this shit come from?

  45. paris herpes says:

    Ick Chris is such a wuss. I’m sorry but I seriously HATE his band. They SUCK. They’re really horrendous Radiohead knock-offs and they’re not even good. EVERY single song of theirs sounds the SAME. Anyway, as for his comments, I’m so glad the rest of the world doesn’t get to vote for Prez, I wouldn’t want other countries to be involved and personally it sounds really egotistical to think of something like that. We’re NOT the center of the world for chrissakes!

  46. Dingles says:

    I really don’t see what everyone’s getting so upset about. I happen to agree that Obama being elected would probably improve the world’s overall perception of America.

    And about the whole ‘everyone in the world should vote’ thing…I don’t find that offensive at all. What he’s saying is that America is a superpower, and no one can deny that our choice of presidents has enormous impact on the lives of people in other countries. Iraq anyone?

    I’m usually quick to jump on this guy and his snobby cow of a wife, but this time I fail to see what the big deal is.

  47. Scott F. says:

    Kaiser – I never mind debating someone who can at least bring the facts, and it’s most certainly not personal on my part. I actually like your attitude and outlook, it’s refreshing to see someone else who’s not afraid to put their opinion out there and then actually back it up.

    Most of my ranting isn’t centered on you or ‘your ilk’ (can’t think of a better term). It’s the idealists who don’t bother to learn anything beyond the last 10 years of history.

    If you don’t like Bush, fine. If you don’t like the war, fine. But when we’ve got statements like:

    “Ah, but I believe he may be the first to get us into a preemptive war.”

    That’s fucking bumper sticker logic, and it’s not even true. Nearly every war we (or any other nation) has ever fought was for selfish interest at heart.

    I suppose the War of 1812 was ALL about the Brits taking our sailors, and not about us wanting to take Canada and some Caribbean Islands?

    I suppose we weren’t interested in taking any land while we systematically wiped out tribe after tribe of Native Americans. Nor were we interested in the Western States when we preemptively attacked Mexico.

    The whole Iraq War is a carbon copy of the Yellow Journalism and government sensationalism that lead up to the Spanish-American War, which netted us the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Guam, and Cuba.

    I’m also sure the whole world would have cared if Kuwait had been a piss-poor African country with no oil right? Because we so regularly step in and stop their wars for no reason.

    It’s not the political views I have a problem with, it’s the rampant naivety we’re dealing with. These people actually believe that before George W. Bush, we did no wrong.

    The truth is that Iraq is just another piece in a long tapestry of the US doing what every other country in the history of the world has done: looking out for it’s own best interests. The difference between us, is that I can live with that.

  48. UN says:

    There was no “brutal genocide” going on in Bosnia. There was a nasty civil war in which people from all three sides of the conflict were dying at each others’ hands. The whole Balkans policies had/have nothing to do with “human rights”, and everything to do with geopolitics. Stop repeating nonsense from the media and from our politicians. Clinton’s excuses were just as misleading and manipulative as Dubya’s WMD. Now, when there was a REAL genocide going on–in Rwanda–the Western governments, helmed by the USA, did NOTHING. Why? Because there is no geopolitical interest there. As for the disastrous situation in Darfur, nothing is happening–again–because there is no geopolitical interest. Iraq is effed. There is no cleaning that mess up. While the soldiers are brave, they need to be brought home to their families. The government needs to stop this wasteful, resource-sucking war, and let the nation recuperate financially and spiritually.
    As for this singer’s comments–take it as a compliment. The world sees the US as the big boss. Which it is. Its decisions affect the lives of people all over this little planet.

  49. Bellatrix says:

    Granger seems right about the heroin/alcohol addiction the couple *would* suffer from: I find it barely believable.

    And I must that I am surprised you’re willing to say the hypothesis is possible, CB.
    All covers are photoshopped and the first thing that is done are the eyes. Beautiful white to contrast with the eye colour, enhancing the pupil, etc. It is common thing.
    Secondly, because Gwyneth was seen drinking twice in the late stages of her pregnancy and her quotes regarding the fact she likes to relax at home with a glass of wine when the kids are in bed, she could be an alcoholic?
    I’m very surprised and a little disappointed, CB. Really: in France, all women drink a glass of wine at least once a week in their third pregnancy trimester. Relaxing around a glass of wine is also a common thing here. I believe it is actually a very normal answer to give in the wine-loving countries of Europe (including Italy too for ex.).

    If Gwyneth Paltrow can be considered an alcoholic, it seems to me that anybody seen drinking could be.
    People enjoying expensive good wine are rarely alcoholics. Much more often gourmets with great taste.

  50. lola says:

    I also thought she had a miscarriage.

    Presidents are a picture of their people. Yeltsin made me think all Russinas were fat slobs drinking vodka. Putin makes me think they are ruthless, calculating but clever. Clinton made me think Americans were promiscious though big hearted, Bush makes Americans look dumb/thick. I can see quite a number of them are and they like it 😆

    Who wants to vote for the American president? Not me. I only wish they could mind their damn business and quit pretending to rescue/ police the …oil 🙄

  51. geronimo says:

    100% behind Bellatrix on this. Really surprised that both accusations are being given some sort of credence here, based on the most spurious ‘evidence’. To describe her as having a drink problem because she drank Guinness (sparingly) and enjoyed wine during her pregnancy, and said she likes to have a drink in general, is dubious and subjective. As for Martin being a heroin addict? Based on his photoshopped eyes on the front of a mag cover and his somewhat erratic behaviour in interviews?? Seriously.

  52. Nan says:

    You all must be sporting some brown eyes & a lucky life. Ever been to Amsterdam? The Hamptons? Not everyone shoots it. It is easily snorted & is a big problem in affluent circles like Ectasy was in the 90’s. Stop judging everyone & be open to the fact that they may have a chemical addiction fueling their stupid rants to the press. They would never say these things when straight. The paps suck for taking advantage of them.

  53. ak says:

    “Presidents are a picture of their people.”

    There are hundreds of millions of Americans and Russians from all ethnic groups and walks of life. Do you seriously allow your perception of those people to be driven by media images of politicians and allow those perceptions to shift dramatically depending on who’s in office? If so, that says a lot more about your powers of judgment than it does anything else.

  54. AE says:

    Scott F.

    Excellent on point posts. Thank you.

  55. Angelika says:

    These posts show how many jerks are visiting the site nowadays, gosh.. All you can do is swearing and talking crap you obviously have no clue about. Go and vote McCain.

  56. Ephraim says:

    This is a late response to an early post (I see it is 2008 June), but ah, well…

    Nan, I agree with your observations re: Chris M., although I am not sure about Gwyneth. She looks quite healthy and robust for someone battling an alcohol demon.

    As for Chris M., now that’s another story. He has dropped a considerable amount of weight lately, was caught sleeping on a wharf or dock somewhere over here (UK) recently, and was reported to have been disheveled and generally unkempt). It’s no secret, either, that he has fought a battle with substances in the past.

    If anyone desires visual proof that he has not always been an altar boy, go back and have a look at his “Yellow” video.

    I don’t know how anyone, though, addictions notwithstanding, can find fault with Chris Martin’s style of music and his performances. He is stellar! Radiohead? He is nothing of the sort. If anything, bands are standing on their heads trying to imitate HIS style, not the other way around. Seriously, the man is extraordinarily talented no matter what he’s smoking (or swallowing, snorting or slamming)!

  57. Alknowingone says:

    I saw Chris Martin on 60 minutes last night and thought that he may have been working an opiate buzz. His eyes were glassy and off looking, with teeny tiny pupils and then there was all that random and frequent face scratching going on. Is any of that proof positive that he’s on anything at all? No, I suppose not but it was awfully suspicious looking.

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