LeAnn Rimes tweets epic denial for engagement story


Shocking no one, LeAnn Rimes finally stepped off of her Pedestal of Smug Narcissism to deign to deny E! News’ report that LeAnn and Eddie had finally gotten engaged. Instead of just keeping the denial simple – something like “not so much” or “nope” LeAnn instead decided to get on her Twitter (of course) and tweet one long-ass piece of high-horse rant (operative word: rant). Like she and Eddie have a love too pure to be sullied by tabloid reporting. Nevermind that LeAnn stokes the reports with sh-t like this, the cheesy fake engagement photo she put on Twitter. And nevermind this, the interview that she and Eddie did together for ABC, like they were Diana Spencer and Prince Charles announcing their couple-dom.

Ok, I’ve about had it with the lack of “reporting” with E News. The fact that our “engagement” has spread so furiously over the past 24 hours off of an E News article that is 150% untrue just shows you the lack of credible “sources” they seem to find and build a story around. When CNN is calling my publicist off of a lie E News has reported, the media world seriously has a problem with their lack of responsibility to the public to actually report the truth. Even though this is positive “news” its not true. Imagine all the negative “true stories” they’ve reported over the last year that aren’t true either. Gina Serpe and especially, Whitney English reporting for E News should be investigated for their lack of “investigative reporting.”Eddie and I are beyond happy and in love and look forward to one day sharing such private news with you all and hopefully will be able to enjoy it privately and share it with our family and friend’s before the world knows (contrary to reports on our intentions). So, nothing has been “exclusively” broken E News except maybe some of your credibility, sorry…I’M PREGNANT TOO!!! LOL Thanks to all of our wonderful fans for the premature congats, but for now, let’s all be happy we’re happy and still and will remain together! Eddie and I felt we couldn’t let this rumor go on any longer.

@NadiaR13 I had to post something so my publicist’s phone would stop ringing cause it was about to explode!!

@elisagioia I felt the need to tell my fans because we’ve been overwhelmed with the amount of congrats tweets. Even friend’s were fooled LOL

@MyDreamIsAStory @enews hey E, there is NO family source on my side that would EVER call you! Your new article cracks me up! Can’t admit a wrong, sad!

@MyDreamIsAStory @enews I do however know where your source is coming from and it’s getting you into trouble. You should really stop listening!!

[From LeAnn Rimes’ Twitter]

I’d just like to point out one thing – I doubted the E! News report too, but not because of any of the reasons LeAnn whines about (The media is so unfair! Don’t listen to people in my family that tell you that I’m engaged even though that’s what I told them! Blah). I doubted it because I think when she and Eddie get engaged, it’s going to be an epic Twitter fest and it will involve a People Mag cover, complete with a smug “I’M ENGAGED” photos and interview and everything. I can’t wait.


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  1. TeeTee says:

    heeheehee, she NEVER let’s me down, smdh.

    her damn mouth is always open..
    smugpug is what she is..

    people are laughing at this confused clown. WOW!! Eddie put something in her mouth so she can:

    a. shut up
    b. choke

  2. GatsbyGal says:

    I hope he dumps her. Now THAT will be epic.

  3. Rita says:

    Annnnnnd the hits just keep on coming!

    So what did our snow-globe queen do now; sue a tabloid that yet again caught Eddie-la-douche cheating, assist Valerie Latona (Shape Editor) with the oral application of her Preparation H, or merely tweet once more of Eddie’s rapturous car farts after he scarfed down 5lbs of pumpkin pancakes? No, Princess MENSA publicly berates E! for an anonymous source (probably Eddie-I-thought-I-was-speed-dialing-mom-Cibrian). LeAnn will now throw herself on the mercy of E! (too big to care about her lip balm) claiming her rant was an allergic reaction to flue meds (ala Charlie Sheen’s closet hooker). Only a cyber coward/bully would blame such an outburst on her flue meds.

    E! is a powerful organization. Its reporters are not aristocratic expatriate prima Donnas who are served fancy wine by handsome minions dressed in loosely fitting togas designed by Tim Gunn while they criticize Goopie’s choice of cheese. No, E! is…..holy crap. Kaiser, please forgive me. I didn’t feel good last night and after washing down my Prozac with Nyquil I threw up on my keyboard and the delete button doesn’t work. As penance, I offer my husband as minion-for-a-week but he has only a torn bed sheet and he farts in bed. All hail the Kaiser!!!!!….crap.

  4. roguesiren says:

    who told this bitch she is relevant?

  5. brin says:

    She’s psycho. I love that E news didn’t back off and actually reported that leann & Eddie were pissed that it got out before they could make their $$ deal. I wouldn’t pay her for her ugly pictures.

  6. Bella Mosley says:

    She is tweeting about making bkfst, watching cartoons with kids, watching them play outside, yet she called off her concert dates because she’s too sick w/flu. If I was that sick I wouldn’t be making bkfst or hanging around the kids and possibly giving the flu to them. . . . . . . . .

    Not to mention, one would think if she had a loving/giving/generous fiance (as she claims over and over and over again) – he would be fixing her bkfst instead of her having to cook for him while sick.

    Nothing she tweets makes sense.

  7. heathen says:

    A few random thoughts:
    (1) I thought twitter only allowed a certain # of characters — why does this dingbat continue to use it to write essays?
    (2) I hate when people use a figure of more than 100% to express themselves (ie: “that is 150% untrue”). Is Leann so special that the laws of physics don’t apply to her? There cannot physically be more than 100% — that is what 100% is.
    (3)Why can’t she just shut up & go away?

  8. brin says:

    @Rita…lol….Princess MENSA!

  9. dorothy says:

    Is she STILL talking? Just shut-up already.

  10. Po says:

    Sounds like someone sold a story to People magazine for next week and someone sold them out to E!.

  11. Shonda says:

    If it’s so not true then why is she responding to it? Isn’t she suppose to be sick! Leann you don’t give a shit about your fans which is why your album sales are going to tank (if you ever put it out). If she gets pregnant and engaged then congratulations but remember he cheated on his ex-wife who had his not 1 but 2 children. That means he will cheat on you no matter how many kids you have by him. You get back what you put out and you put a lot of negativity out there. Karma is a bigger bitch then you.

  12. DetRiotgirl says:

    Omg, did anyone else see the header pic that dlisted used for this story? It’s AMAZING! Leann looks like a leprechaun eating a microphone like it is a delicious pile of pumpkin pancakes that she just happened to whip up in between tweeting about how busy she is. Best. Picture. Ever.

  13. mauweebound says:

    This girl is about as relevant as spencer and heidi. I wish the fame whores would all just go away! Oh and as a after thought please , please, please take paris with you!!!!!!

  14. Eileen says:

    We talked to a writer E! last night who was hanging out with the girl that wrote that article and he says they stand by what they wrote and they got their info from a reputable source and she is 151% (yes I went there!)denying because they didn’t get paid. He said they are all “laughing their asses off at her right now.” lol

  15. Cruisin Through says:

    She is going to be so humuliated and Brandi so happy when Eddie gets caught cheating on her.

  16. Josie says:

    Brandi and Eddie’s two young kids never had a chance being surrounded by a bunch of crazies. Some role models for these poor kids.

  17. betty says:

    Leann tweets because she wishes her life was as idyllic as she tweets.Her career is on the skids,the great love of hers is neither trustworthy nor employed and she has health problems.Her phony diva act is just that.Why make a big noise over nothing.Its only important to them. If Leann thinks Eddie is a prize she is a sicko. Eddie is not even a decent man. Eddie knows a good thing when sees it and he saw it in Leann. Men that love their women do not take advantage and Eddie does. He takes more than he gives.Leann is too blind to see or in denial. But let her have her fantasy.

  18. Marjalane says:

    Of course she’s in total meltdown over this; It’s always been her fantasy to have her wedding announcement on the cover of People “kneepads” magazine! I’m beginning to think People must make ALL their money off subscriptions because NO ONE, and I mean, NO ONE would pick up a copy at the grocery with Leann on it and fork over 3.99 to read “her story”. Also- wasn’t it her own dad, (back in the day when she was relevant) that used to sell all her dirt to the tabloids?

  19. elvisgrace says:

    @ Eileen

    Yeah, that’s what I heard too. The reason shes so pissed is b/c by E! breaking the story, she’s lost the chance to sell the exclusive interview and cover to people, and won’t rake in beaucoup bucks now.
    So, E! has performed a humanitarian service by saving all of us from that BS, b/c y’all know what kind of cheesey, freaky, nauseating sideshow that was going to be. We should send E! a fruitbasket or something.

  20. jj says:

    On the road to a nervous breakdown, By Leann Rimes:
    Flirt and bed your co-star from a low budget made for tv movie,
    Go back to your husband and fake it for a year or so,
    Stalk your lover, throw $$$ his way, buy him boy toys, and taunt his wife,
    Jump for joy when his wife throws him out,
    Pay for everything and who cares if he works,
    Tweet your fairytale life to the masses and show them how perfect your sweets is,
    Throw blessings to all….cue black cloud…….
    Curb records pushes back and back the new record…the stupid interview on ABC with Stepford Eddie…cancel more and more concerts dates (betcha low ticket sales) and what the heck cancel the rest of the year cause of the flu????? But, will be well enough to go to the CMA’s and what may be the final push to wack city….her rant response to E! Ha Ha Ha

  21. jackie says:

    I completely agree with Betty!

    No one who is this happy, has to scream it to convince other people! As a matter of fact, you actually aren’t trying to convince anyone at all. She is projecting it, because it is not really there.

    When I meet the love of my life, I actually deleted my Facebook, I wanted things to be more private and not have everyone in my business.

    She is a tool.

  22. Shelley says:

    Wasn’t EC with Brandi, and faithful to her, for over a decade? Isn’t it possible that he and LR will be faithful to one another and happy with one another? Isn’t *that* what you should all be wishing for, *if* you truly cared about BG’s sons
    and their well-being?

  23. KatScorp says:

    By my count, she has cancelled 28 performances since July 4 of 2009. 29 if you count the concert she cancelled at the last second so she could stalk her “sweets” at the Lakers game (June 28th?). She should be at death’s door by now but she’s healthy enough to work out everyday, play with “her boys” everyday, take vacations every month and fake doctor appointments to get sympathy for her fake illnesses. I catch every bug that goes around, but that’s because I have clinical depression and a drug-resistant anxiety disorder and I’m still not as “ill” as her concert schedule makes her out to be. I call bullsh!t on her stomach issues and hospital visits; it would explain why after invasive tests she’s still tweets about ‘picking up take-out’ or ‘making dinner’… it’s not that Eddie is (just) a douchnozzle, she’s faking the severity and consistancy health issues.

    Rather than try to keep the loyalty of her remaining fans by swallowing her pride andperforming for smallish audiences all around America in the not-so-sold-out small venues, her career at this point is hanging by a thread… and that thread is the headlines.

    I’m rolling my eyes at her snapping about E!’s actions when she and Eddie were trying to stir up media interest through the same media with the faux-engagement. LeAnn seems to think that she can control the media and gets agro when she isn’t being reported the way she prefers. Between (re-)twittering the same faux-engagement pics (after noone talked about the first time around) and Eddie’s reinforcing it with the TMZ video where he drives drunk, LeAnn WANTS the media to talk about her. But the media isn’t going to portray her as the pseudo-born again, domestic sweetheart she’s trying to convey, so when her attention-seeking manipulations bite her in the arse, here she is playing the adament.

    Her next single is called “Crazy Women” (no, I’m not kidding). So the LaG album is apparently still on… officially it is to be released “soon”.

    @Shonda: “LeAnn…Karma is a bigger bitch then you.”

    Damn straight. High five!

  24. csol says:

    you guys r all RIGHT…however, now I think we all need to make a vow never to say either one of these tool, narcissists, egoists, important only to themselves jackasses names again and stop feeding into the frenzy they r creating to stay relevant!!! Because of what they both did their names n reputations have been forever tainted, but they must keep receiving publicity n attention somehow..and to people like them negative attn is better than none!

  25. val says:

    I can’t wish bad to anyone. I hpoe they will be happy. But just shut your piehole and be happy!!! Who cares honey??!!!!

  26. nickie says:

    She has a great voice. Shouldn’t that be our focus? Her private life is of no interest, really. I understand that she makes it so, but that is part of a celebrity’s life in the 21st century of incessant bloggers and paparazzi.

  27. icantbelievethis says:

    ‘He said they are all “laughing their asses off at her right now.” lol’

    Talked or Tweeted with some guy that works for E!? And he said ‘We’re all having a laugh about it in the newsroom :) ’, not “laughing their asses off at her right now”.

    I can’t believe that I’m actually feeling sorry for LR. Really she can’t win either way and I can’t believe there are people so eager to blow every little thing out of proportion. The funniest comments are the ones that say she tweets too much, but yet they are spending all their time tweeting about her (not you, but there are some LR focused people out there).

  28. Eileen says:

    @nickie- have you heard the saying, what you throw out into the universe you get back? That unfortunately is happening to Leann-constant social networking and putting all that out into the universe is going to come back. You can’t get mad when it does and try to blame others or you just look like a fool.

  29. KatScorp says:


    I understand what you are saying, but I, myself, feel completely the opposite. Plenty of people get away with this type of behaviour (Brangelina, that black man with the cute freckles who played God on ‘Bruce Almighty’, ‘Tori and Dean’) but LeAnn could have “won” (to use your words) had she made different choices.

    As you wrote, many people seem to follow her tweets incredibly closely. But please understand that the way LeAnn uses her tweets to sell her new ‘domestic queen’ image; exploiting the kids and informing all Los Angeles perverts of where the boys were or would each day; sending LOLs to Twitter followers who cyberbully Brandi Glanville (I don’t follow any Twitters, but multiple people have mentioned this since the new “anti-cyberbullying” PR exercise w/ Shape went public); claiming illness after illness to cancel poor-selling concerts… I’ll stop because I’m low on caffiene but what I’m trying to say/make you understand is that (in my opinion) LeAnn’s tweets are followed so closely because they are massively entertaining: from unintentionally funny, to shockingly distateful and then to downright infuriating (based on the tweets that google gives me).

    I myself check Celebitchy everyday for the LeAnn-centric posts because her narcissism and attempts to obfuscate the entire farce is endlessly fascinating to me. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars (estimate about $800) since 1996 on her albums (several imported because Aussie C.D. outlets are prejudiced against country music), fanclub memberships, the couple of calenders and that awful first book, ‘Home For the Holidays’. I’m two months younger than her; she was my Britney and I knew (sadly, KNOW) every song by heart. *sigh*

    She really needs to STFU, but as long as she keeps providing the hilarity and the sickening martyrism, this is better entertainment than anything on my analog-only T.V. I just don’t feel sorry for LeAnn because she behaved very deliberately and insensitively towards Dean and Brandi these last 18 months. THIS is karma.

  30. brin says:

    @nickie….shouldn’t that be LEANN’s focus…her career? Maybe she realizes she doesn’t have one anymore and this is her career…her personal life.

  31. Cirque28 says:

    Oh, the nonstop abuse of quotation marks in that tweet!

    lack of “reporting”
    fact that our “engagement”
    lack of credible “sources”
    positive “news”

    She probably does constant air quotes with her fingers too. (While Eddie silently plots to have her committed so he can whore himself in peace.)

  32. irena NL says:

    Now who tweets incessantly about LeAnn BUT Eileen and the hate gang. They have made this place the #1 place to scream it. They don’t even know her and believe me no one here SPOKE with the guy from E!

  33. Rita says:

    This past week gave the public a clear picture into LeAnn’s “happiness” and therefore her state of mind.

    When LeAnn learns of Brandi’s TV interview, she realizes the public will once again see Brandi is an attractive well spoken woman, loving mother, and good person who has been terribly wronged but still standing. LeAnn’s subconscious psychosis takes control and triggers her ulcer attack with developing flue-like symptoms.

    LeAnn responds with a desperate call to Sharon Osbourne before the show hoping to influence the interview. LeAnn “claims” she didn’t watch the interview but that’s bullsh!t. Eddie had to watch the kids and couldn’t hold LeAnn’s hand on tour so LeAnn’s illness became so accute she cancelled the Shape party and 3 concerts to convalesce with her twitter buds.

    Some of her twitter buds commented on how good Brandi looked which only spurred LeAnn into changing the public dialogue. LeAnn then has a family member contact E! with yet another false engagement announcement and succeeds in deflecting the discussion away from Brandi. LeAnn then gets to be the “victim” of another public lashing.

    Yes Eddie, this is the woman you are going spend every waking and sleeping hour with for the rest of your life (or the next two years, which ever comes first).

  34. Jackie T says:


    This idiot Leeann, will take down whatever is left of your sorry career.


  35. Rita says:

    Good’ay mate. You speak really good Engish for an Aussie, much like us yanks. I’ve been to Aussieland twice and love it. You people are the nicest and most down to earth people in the world. Just wanted to say that..and now…..back to the thread.

  36. Grace says:

    @Shelley: No, caring about BG’s sons means wanting them as far away from the narcisstic fake-Step-Mommy who is using them to try to make herself look better to the public.

    Caring about the boys makes me wish that Brandy would meet a wonderful man who helps her straighten out the lingering problems she has from being screwed over by Eddie and Leann and that the new guy is a wonderful role model to those boys because goodness knows they don’t have a good role model of a man in their father. And I hope the children call the new guy “Daddy.” Eddie deserves nothing less for allowing Leann to use his children to taunt Brandi.

  37. too true says:

    I think she canceled the rest of her tour dates because she was told they are not going to release her album so no need to go out to parking lots and hi-school gyms to plug an album not coming out A fan asked her on twitter just a day ago when her album was coming out and she answered him with something else but nothing about album Just my observation Would wish they would go into the mansion and stay there for the rest of their lives

  38. Rita says:

    @too true

    I don’t believe she cancelled all her tour dates, just the three for last week. If you have information on cancellations for the year, please share.

  39. DKO says:

    Faking illnesses, manipulating and exploiting small children, obsessively tweeting lies – this woman is mentally ill. As in seriously mentally ill. Does Brandi have to allow her to be around her children? ‘Cause if I were the parent I’d do my best to keep small children away from LeAnn Whines.

  40. Eileen says:

    @Irena: excuse me? How can I make CB the #1 place to scream about Leann? I don’t control what they post on here. I’m flattered you want to shove all this on me, but I don’t make Leann tweet every time she walks outside and I don’t even look on her account, I get info from tons of people retweeting her drivel who think she’s ridiculous. And if you think THIS place is bad check out Dlisted who literally tears her a new one constantly and I never even comment on there.
    And I’m sorry I TYPED talked to Marcus from E! the other night-I usually say talk when I text, email, tweet, smoke signal WHATEVER my use of communication is. Get over yourself.

  41. flutters says:

    So basically what happened is Rimes/Cibrian were negotiating for a mag cover to announce their engagement but E! got wind of it and leaked the whole thing. I have a hard time believing though that a mag would shell out THAT much for an engagement story from them but whatevs. Maybe the negotiation also involved wedding pictures.

    The next phase in all this no doubt involves Rimes/Cibrian getting their own reality show and Glanville probably ending up on one too (a different one). Hey, it’s income. I think they’re all tools who are hellbent on monetizing their private issues, it’s just a matter of degrees (Rimes/Cibrian being the sanctimonious worst). The people I feel in this scenario are the children and I hope the best for them.

  42. Eileen says:

    @elvisgrace: I agree! I have a fruit bouquet place across the street I think I’ll proceed! lol
    In all seriousness, this is pure train wreck entertainment for me, I’m not out in the Twitter trenches making it my goal in life to see LR PAY for her sinnnnnnns. If I had to choose between this crazy Tweet fest or Real Housewives of Atlanta….it would be a HARD choice! At times I get to engage in this reality show and I get to talk about it online with others. Its freaking hilarious that she has no clue how crazy she looks. maybe she’s acting like this so her song will hit big?? Who the hell knows.

  43. icantbelievethis says:

    ‘man with the cute freckles who played God on ‘Bruce Almighty’,’

    LOL, I think you mean Morgan Freeman, but that is the funniest description ever:) (and I mean that nicely!)

    “THIS is karma.”

    I can see how low ticket sales, etc can be seen as ‘karma’, but I don’t see how all the hate filled messages can be seen as ‘karma’.

    I don’t think what LR or EC did was right, but I am just amazed at the amount of anger being projected (on either side). That isn’t karma, that is just angry people finding a target to unload their anger on (whether that is BG or LR).

  44. Eileen says:

    @icantbelieve: I agree some get out of hand-but ANY celebrity that shares this much would get the same reaction. That’s why they don’t overshare everything. I’ve seen Demi Moore get nasty messages on her Twitter pictures that are hateful. She doesn’t feed into it by responding. Leann supports the negative attention to Brandi with her replies of ‘LOLs’ and ‘;)’ when someone harass tweets Brandi. Encouraging hateful tweets to those little boys mother who you proclaim to love is just all out wrong no matter how you try to spin it. So yes-when she gets hateful tweets back I can’t say I feel too sorry for her.

  45. Shelley says:

    @Grace, how do you know, and since I doubt that you do know, why do you assume, that LR doesn’t genuinely like and enjoy EC’s sons?

    Certainly if BG meets someone decent, that would be wonderful for her and her sons. Maybe she already has. Also wonderful would be if she learns to be comfortable and confident on her own. Why do you have to add that you want those boys to suffer the stress and trauma that would have to occur before they would start calling a man other than EC “Daddy?”. That is an incredibly hateful thing to wish two children to go through. I’d like to think that you and the other haters on here sometimes type before you think, but I’m doubting that lately as you and your comrades are ramping up the venom.

    Y’all are round the bend, I agree with @icantbelievethis.

  46. brin says:

    I’m with KatScorp on the entertainment factor of leann’s tweets. Here’s a little sample from today:
    “Yayy, still sick tummy but I can move around and get some sun on my face…and maybe go get some real food??!!” What is she four?
    Can’t E-Douche get you some real food??!!

  47. why? says:

    So who wants to bet that come Monday morning or afternoon, Leann is going to bombard the media with “happy family” photo-ops of her, EC, and those two kids to whitewash the backlash from her rant at E and the ABC interview? I can see the title of this photo-op now(which she will either release to DailyMail or the Gossip celeb sie first), Leann Rimes enjoys a day out with her three boys, with emphasis on HER.

    This is Leann’s life, trying to convince people that she has the greatest romance in the world and that EVERYONE is out to get her because they are oh so jealous of her great romance with EC. Oh and that only a handful of people dislike her. I think that this is LR major problem, that she has convinced herself that it’s just a few number of people who dislike her.And so she just keeps right on doing what she is doing because in her mind, it’s just a handful of people who dislike her, right? It doesn’t help that her producer and Shape mag then reinforce this belief because they like the way her money spends.

    In E’s response to Leann rant, they wrote, “does this means that this is an end to our relationship [with LR]“? What did they mean by that? Does it mean just what everyone thought, that Leann does indeed feed info to these blogs and tabs?

    Keep in mind, Leann is desperate to sell her album and her single. She must have had a very hard time dealing with the fact that in just 1 week, Taylor S sold over 1 million albums. While her album and single can’t get any attention no matter what she does. From fake engagement to using EC kids, her actions just seem to make people dislike even more. And yet she still wants to go about her life as if it’s just a handful of people who dislike her and that she can go on doing whatever she wants with and to BG and EC kids because no one (not even BG) can stop her.

  48. la chica says:

    golly, she literally spends hours protesting! such conviction this poor woman has. can anyone seriously be this deluded?

    can’t wait to see when and how Eddie will extract himself from this mess of a mistake.

  49. why? says:


    Didn’t Eddie say that it wasn’t child focused to expose his kids to the media and paps, yet what have we seen since he has been with Leann? Daily tweets about those kids, including telling the paps exactly where and when they can be found on any given day.

    Now if Leann cares about the well being of those kids like she has said over and over again( Leann knows by now that just about everything she writes on twitter is going to be on some blog or in some tab), why does she keep tweeting about them when she was asked to stop and when Eddie even thinks that a person who would expose kids to the media and paps is simply doing it to get attention for herself. Because what matters most to Leann is that everyone believe that she has this great romance with EC and if it includes using those kids, she is going to do it. And all EC cares about is how he can cash in on his “romance” with Leann.

    EC isn’t being faithful to Leann. Why do you think Leann follows him everywhere or cancels concerts when EC can’t or won’t go on tour with her? He can’t even pick up his own child from school without Leann following close behind him. You know that something is wrong in their romance, if EC was as great as Leann is always trying to portray, she wouldn’t be on twitter all the time TALKING about her romance because she would be too busy enjoying him.

  50. why? says:

    Go get some real food=LR is going to stage a photo-op of her, EC, EC parents, and the boys either going out to eat/at a grocery store/picking up some food from some place.

    Leann always has a tummy ache, yet she continues to drink alcohol, beer, wine, and eat foods that she shouldn’t? So perhaps this stomach ache thing is just all an attempt to get sympathy from the public and EC. I wonder, do these stomach aches come about when EC pays more attention to his kids than he does to her?

    How nice that at the height of the backlash, Leann mysterioulsy comes down with the flu. Or was this all an attempt to dodge the Shape party because she knows that they are laughing at her behind her back? Did you see People mag write up of the party? Now how much did Leann have to pay for that fluff piece?

  51. bossy says:

    Thank you E mag for telling the truth about Leann and her gigolo They must be the most hated couple in Hollywood right now and all this backlash because the immature twit had to twitter constantly about their great love and how they had no regrets Bet they have some regrets about 2 careers totally sunk

  52. Grace says:

    @Shelley: I don’t hate Leann. Being disgusted by someone’s actions is not the same as hating someone. And to call someone a hater for expressing that disapproval is immature and ridiculous.

    And I never said that Leann doesn’t like the boys. I have no idea if she’s nice to them to their faces – but I have not seen one shred of evidence that she puts their needs before her own narcisstic need for approval or in front of her attempts to taunt Brandi. She uses them. And I believe they deserve better than that. And how exactly are you any better than me on this issue? If you really care about the boys then why are you hoping that EC and LR stay together. Why aren’t you hoping that EC and BG reunite? Why don’t you think that’s best for the boys?

    I will never be able to understand why you’re trying to manipulate all of us into overlooking LR and EC’s disgusting behavior by throwing their children in our faces, but what we’re saying on this board has absolutely no effect on those children. It’s amazing to me that you give EC and LR a free pass for the way that their actions have affected those children while simultaneously telling us that saying bad things about the adults involved is going to affect them. So let me get this straight, breaking up the home of two innocent children, taunting their mother for 1 1/2 years, and tweeting the every movement of those children on twitter is not affecting them negatively. But a bunch of complete strangers expressing disapproval towards their dad and fake-step mom’s behavior is going to devastate their young lives? I’m not seeing even a shred of logic in that argument.

  53. charityiam says:

    Rita On my twitter page is the link to where it said she had canceled all tour dates for rest of the year If I knew how to put it on here I would but if you’re on twitter go to my twitter page and there it is

  54. Shelley says:

    @Grace, again, please read what I wrote. All that you mention happened approx 2 years ago. The boys were at that point approx 1 & 5. As wrong as I think the affair was, and especially so if you go back and read all the scornful denials of it at the time from both EC and LR, it’s way beyond its beginning. It’s actually pretty unusual for an affair like this to result in both people
    leaving long-term marriages as these two did.

    Reality may well be that they love each other, as they took extra ordianry actions and steps
    to be together and have been together for 2 years. To speak of EC and BG reuniting at
    this point is bizarre and if their marriage was miserable at its end then no, that wouldn’t be best formthe boys. What would be best for the boys is for all these people to lay off the booze and put the children first. If LR has tweeter about the boys’ locations, which I haven’t seen her do, but then I don’t read her tweets often, that is wrong and she should stop. I assume you’re referring to when she said she was going to a soccer game weeks ago and the paps showed up?

    Finally how am I trying to manipulate your thinking for pete’s sake?! It cannot be that earth-shaking for me to say the obvious – that to wish all this evil to befall EC and LR is to ignore the severe trauma your wishes would cause EC’s sons.

  55. james says:

    One thing is certain when Leann throws back her head to let loose on vocals, you can see all the way to Alaska throuth her nostrils. and that is one gross site could be her nostrils are that big from all the nose picking she does go to her most famous site -leann rimes nosepicking,- if you don’t believe

  56. Rita says:

    Thanks for the link sweety but I see concert dates on her site and no mention of cancellations. Funny that the motto of that site link is “no gossip, just the truth”. She may very well have put it up and then changed her mind.

    (By the way, I never ever personally look at your tweets but a “close family member” does and keeps me informed.)

  57. Dumstah says:

    @james…not only you can see alaska when she belts, you can see the glaciers and a glimpse of russia lol. even when she’s not singing she can stick her finger as big as a horse foot smack into her nostril while driving and she can also suck a venti latte without lifting it from her car dashboard during a red light.

  58. guesty says:

    lol @ teetee…

    leann protests too much…& is trying way too hard to convince herself that eddie is so so so in love with her.

  59. Confuzzle says:

    Ferret face is angry because now she’ll need to get preggers in order to rake in the mag bucks. And that’s not on her schedule. Can’t be getting fat now, can we!

  60. Grace says:

    @Shelley: The things I’m referring to did not just happen 2 years ago, they’re ongoing things.

    And when did I wish evil on Leann and Eddie. You’re being very dramatic by referring to me as a hater and by saying I’m wishing evil on them. I have never once done that.

    And I’m just curious, do you go into every post where someone says something negative about a celebrity who just happens to have kids and lecture everyone about how they shouldn’t say bad things because it will hurt the kids? Or is it just the Eddie and Leann posts. Your behavior is bizarre and melodramatic.

  61. CB Rawks says:

    Rita, don’t say the o’s. It’s G’day, like gidday. :)

  62. Eileen says:

    @Grace I thought what you wrote hit the nail right on the head. Exactly how I feel but didn’t put into words.

  63. Rita says:

    @Rawks 61

    I’ve only been there twice so quit your godddamn bullying. You don’t have to point out every one of my faults….I’ll try harder (lol).

  64. DKO says:

    @ Rita – LeAnn cancelled all her shows til January, then decided to reinstate some of them.

  65. DiannSteph says:

    Rita, you Rock! I always laugh out loud at your posts.

    Leann Rimes is the best damn reality show not on TV! Her Twitter Page is fascinating viewing. LOL!

    Quote: “Now who tweets incessantly about LeAnn BUT Eileen and the hate gang. They have made this place the #1 place to scream it. They don’t even know her and believe me no one here SPOKE with the guy from E!”

    Eileen and myself BOTH talked to @marcooscoos from E!News on Twitter. He had this to say about Leann:

    @EileenYover @DiannSteph hahah! It was just recently pointed out to me how much LeAnn tweets. It’s insane! Must drive Eddie crazy!
    3:57 PM Nov 5th via ÜberTwitter in reply to EileenYover


  66. Djen says:

    That dress in the first photo looks like a pillowcase from the 80s, just slice open the end, add elastic and a belt and you’re ready to go. It would actually be cute on a craft site, but was that at the CMTs? Good heavens!

    (OK, now that I went out looking for the front of it, it’s not as shapeless as the side view would suggest. I stand by my mocking of the fabric pattern, though. 80s bedding, all the way…)

  67. why? says:


    EC also took some extreme measures to stay with his wife as well. Remember how he was still denying that he was having an affair with Leann just so that he could stay with his wife. So all that you proved is that EC is not sincere in his actions.

    If this was love, LR would not spend all of her time on twitter talking about how she and EC are “beyond love”. She would be too busy enjoying being “beyond love”. We know that something is wrong with their relationship, notice how LR gets sick EVERYTIME EC can’t go on tour with her? Or if she does leave him to go on tour, she rushes back to LA or writes several tweets about being away as if EC is going to forget about her and go of with some other woman? Why is LR so afraid to leave EC alone? Even when he is with his kids? Because she knows that he is going to cheat on her, and that is something that even her money can’t control.

    Leann has tweeted on several occasions about where she is and EC are with those boys. We know this because soon after the tweet appears, the next day photos of her with the kids or her and EC with the kids show up all over the net. One day she even told one of her fans that EC was going to be at the musuem with the kids. When they took the kids to Disneyland, she tweeted about that too. She even posted twitpics. When they were at one of the kids’s school carnival, she tweeted about that too. She tweeted about the Halloween Party she threw for the kids at her house. She has even tweeted about having lunch with EC and his sons many times. And then photos of them dining out show up. Despite the fact that EC said that it disturbs him to see his kids faces in the tabs, LR has posted photos of those kids on her twitter page and even tipped off the paps so that they show up at the kid’s soccer game.

    Stop making excuses for EC and LR. Calling EC and LR out for their bad behavior is not hurting the kids. If EC and LR cared about those kids, LR would have stopped tweeting about them a long time ago. So if LR loves those boys, why hasn’t the tweets about them stopped?

  68. Salem says:

    “You speak really good Engish for an Aussie”

    Wtf Rita? Just what exactly is that supposed to mean? Sorry, but as an Aussie, I find that insulting. Us Australians always do speak good English! I hope you weren’t that condescending towards my fellow Australians when you visited here?

  69. Salem says:

    I’ve been reading LeAnn’s twitter comments and there was a point where she replied to a fan who congratulated her on becoming engaged in her tweets, but she never adressed her about the engagement ie ‘thanks’, or ‘sorry but we’re not engaged’. This was BEFORE the whole E! fiasco. She just left the question hanging, like she would address it later or something. I’ll take a look and see if I can find it, but to me, it was very telling. She didn’t rebut that part of the tweet. Because her and Eddie were planning on formally announcing it. If she wasn’t at any stage engaged, then why didn’t she set the tweeter straight? She left the comment hanging.

  70. Salem says:

    Agreed Brin, why doesn’t Eddie get off his butt and get her something? She has to get her own meds when she is sick. She has to bath the kids (as their father, shouldn’t Eddie be doing that? I wouldn’t have felt comfortable, even as a kid having a stranger shower me – even if it was my dad’s girlfriend it seems so wrong) when she has the flu. She has to make breakfast for the all 4 of them when she has the flu. What does Eddie actually DO? Not to mention her non-stop twittering. When I last had the flu, I felt too tired, weak, achy and feverish to do anything except lie in/on bed. Just showering myself was exhausting. If she truly had the flu, she’d be too ill to get out of bed, except to go to toilet and/or throw up. My god, she could have at least withdrawn from Twitter for around a week so her flu is actually convincing. She doesn’t have the flu. Shes a liar.

  71. brin says:

    @Salem….Couldn’t agree with you more. The more she tweets, the worse it gets for her.

  72. Rita says:


    Sorry if my comment about Aussies speaking good Engish bothered you. I hope you took note of my opinion of Aussies as the nicest people in the world. After Kaiser (all hail!), katscorp is the best writer on this thread and I’m impressed with her literary use of the language. Sometimes my wit doesn’t hit the mark.

    Be assured, I don’t have a condescending bone in my body but if I don’t like someone or something, you’ll know it. G’day mate! How’s that Rawks?

  73. brin says:

    Just wondering about LR’s PR people (STFU,Inc.?)…either she isn’t listening to their advice or they have more A list clients and don’t care what she does (take her 10% & run).

  74. why? says:

    Leann is able to bathe those kids, cook them breakfast, and still tweet about it because she isn’t sick. EC doesn’t help when she is “sick” because he knows that it’s all just an attempt to get sympathy from him and the public.

    It looks really bad on Leann that she uses this “sick” defense when she can’t handle the consequences of her actions or the backlash becomes too much for her to handle.

    So she is still tweeting about those kids to show BG that she can do whatever she wants and she[BG] can’t do a thing about it. And then LR wants to wonder why people dislike her so much. Well it begins with the twitter games that she plays with those kids lives.

    LR pr allows her to do whatever she wants because they don’t want to break their happy relationship with Leann’s bank account.

  75. brin says:

    @why?…love her tweets about all the things she has to do (bathe the kids, make the meals & pack the lunches, etc.)
    um…leann it’s called multi-tasking and every woman is quite familiar with it.

  76. why? says:

    In case you have not heard, Leann’s NEW SINGLE hit the internet today.And it was yet another fluff piece from Leann’s one and only, People mag.

    So just like we all have been saying all along the fake engagements, “happy family” photo-ops, ABC interview, Shape mag party, Shape mag backtracking, and now Leann’s large boo hoo fest about how E said that she was engaged to EC were all just an attempt to hype up her SECOND single because the first one flopped.

  77. why? says:


    Leann would know all about multi-tasking if she were actually doing the work. I think that Leann is taking credit for the work that EC mother and father are actually doing. According to Leann, EC went on tour with her during the school week and left his parents to take care of the kids. Now what is the point in asking for joint custody when he is just going to pass those kids off to his parents while he spends LR money?

    With all the tweeting that Leann does, there is just no way that she is doing all the things that she is saying that she is doing for “her family”.

  78. icantbelievethis says:

    “In case you have not heard, Leann’s NEW SINGLE hit the internet today.And it was yet another fluff piece from Leann’s one and only, People mag.”

    Actually I think it went on People today b/c the song had already been leaked to the Internet. This happened to another group recently (I think Maroon 5). A song was released early b/c it had already leaked to the Internet.

    I don’t understand why every.single.thing she does is analyzed and dissected. There are people on the terror watch list who are under less scrutiny.

  79. why? says:

    Actually, I thought that someone said that LEANN put the single on her website around the time that this ABC interview came out. Didn’t Leann first post this single on her website?

    So Leann had to pass the torch to People mag because her single didn’t get the attention from the media she was hoping for when she posted it on her website?

    If LR single was leaked out, she would have been ranting and raving about it by now. Her single wasn’t leaked, it wasn’t doing well so she went to People mag. Has LR been boo hooing about how her single was “Accidently leaked”?

    Leann is no Maroon 5 and based on what we have seen last week, no one likes her. So the only way this single was leaked was if Leann did the leaking.

    Leann is hardly the victim here. LR is under scrutinity because she just doesn’t know when to shut up or when to stop playing the victim. If she didn’t put out EVERY detail of her life, people won’t have anything to analyze or criticize. It is not a good idea to keep whining about how she is being cyberbullied when she is still writing tweets about those kids AFTER their mother asked her to stop. She then maintains that she loves and cares about those kids, and would do anything about them despite the fact that she will use their faces and names to pimp out her album or single that didn’t do well when she posted it on her website.

    Didn’t this also happen with the first single. It hit the internet, and when it didn’t get any attention she staged photo-ops with EC kids, annouced she was taking them to Disneyland, and issused a C & D against BG. So is history repeating itself? LR puts single on her website, it doesn’t get any attention, she feeds E the info about her engagement only to deny it to create scandal, and when that doesn’t help her out, she runs to People mag?

  80. why? says:

    Even more proof, only after People mag did their fluff for LR new single does Leann name appear in the top searches for yahoo. Strange. Why does Leann have to rely on People mag to help promote her album?

  81. Kricket says:

    does she look like a muppet? or is it just me?
    she kinda sounds like a muppet too.

  82. CB Rawks says:

    “I’ve only been there twice so quit your godddamn bullying.”

    Weird. Someone need to ease off the meds?

  83. icantbelievethis says:

    “Actually, I thought that someone said that LEANN put the single on her website around the time that this ABC interview came out. Didn’t Leann first post this single on her website?”

    A short clip of it went on her website. The entire song was on the Internet the 6th.

    Basically LR is damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t. Maybe if we take her in the town square and flog her that will be enough for people.

    “Leann is no Maroon 5 and based on what we have seen last week, no one likes her.”

    Wasn’t it rumored that the lead singer of Maroon 5 slept with Jessica Simpson while she was still married?

    Bunch of cheaters, sheesh

  84. KatScorp says:

    G’day Rita! Happy to hear that my fellow citizens of Down Under were hospitable and (uncharacteristically) well behaved. Thankyou for the complements (hail Kaiser indeed); I have a Bachelor of Arts degree, so it’s shamefull of me to misspell or miss grammatical errors. Though back in the 90s I did get into pissing matches with people on the RimesTimes message board because Yanks and Aussies spell several words differently. For everyone’s benefit: coloUr, AmericaniSation and Eostrogen are all correct, Down Under.

    I hope to visit Up Over one day; Montana looks pretty.

    @Salem: “Us Australians ALWAYS DO speak good English!” *smiling mischeivously* Kath and Kim called. Will you be at their BBQ?

    I’m kidding honey. Us Aussies should watch eachother’s backs. But I assure you, Rita wasn’t being insulting. American’s have a different humour and construct some expressive sentences a little differently. From an American context, Rita’s statement was innocently complementing my rants. For example, “For a New Zealander, your wife sure doen’t look like a sheep!” is how Aussies insult Kiwis; “You so don’t look like you grew up in a trailer park” is a complement Yanks might use, but mean it as a nice thing, not as an an insult to Britney Spears.

    P.S. I’m south of Perth. From where do you hail, friend? And is “Salem” chosen for it’s historical context, because today’s Salem was ‘Olde Salem Towne’ back in the day; the wealthier side of the tracks because of it’s habour. The witch hunts and executions were ‘Olde Salem Village’ – to the east of Salem Town – and is now called Danvers. Useless and annoying trivia, I know (feel free to yell at me if I’ve upset you; it’s not intentional), but I might have to call you “Danvers” so my Womens’ Studies degree doesn’t jump out of my university folder and try to kill me with 1000 Paper Cuts of Primary-Historical-Evidence fustration.

    I got a High Distinction for my historical essay on the Marxist interpretation of the Olde Salem witchhunts. But I still love “Hocus Pocus”. Young!McGee was a cutie. Bette Rocks! Sorry, I’ll shut up about your name because I don’t want you to leave Celebitchy due to my scorpioness. Just tell me to STFU when I get like this.

    LOL @Eileen’s smoke signalling. I’m now just ignoring Irena because she keeps repeating questions that we’ve already answered. Same goes for a few other LeAnnFans here; if they’re going to ignore our replies because they can’t refute our reasoning, then I mentally classify them as trolls and will ignore their posts/questions/challenges.

    Except for Shelley, because she was pleasant and reasonable with me on a different thread.

    @icantbelievethis: “That isn’t karma, that is just angry people finding a target to unload their anger on (whether that is BG or LR).” Okay, I think I get it now; I was talking out the tweets provoking interest but misinterpreted your meaning. I can’t answer for the people you think are being hateful. Remember that I confessed on another post that I have “issues” with liars; so if I ever seem hateful to you, something LeAnn has tweeted probably triggered a bad memory of being betrayed by my best friends or family. But I hope I never appear hateful to you, I’m just fascinated and this scandal/farce is the most interesting chapter thus far of a “story” I’ve followed since I was 13yrs old. And hey, LeAnn herself WANTS people to see her private life as a part of her public persona, hence the twits of personal details she really should STFU about.

    @why?: you feel like a kindred spirit at this point. Do you have a Scorpio Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter? (Damn Mars was in Capricorn).

  85. KatScorp says:

    Thanks Why?. I’m listening to the full version on the ‘People’ site now; I’d only heard an abbreviated version on a fansite until now.

    This has certainly been produced with more effort. “Bitch with PMS” is a lyric that will help get attention in the country-music circles. LeAnn has been pushed by the producer (I doubt Vince Gill returned for this pro-woman song) to sing a little more like Carrie Underwood here. That “meeeeeEEEeeeE!!!” in the final verse will sound great at the CMTs if she hits belts it right; if LeAnn could stop being LeAnn for a moment and listen to a Public Relations person, she may very well have a top 20 with this song.

    But I’m betting that despite 18 months of backlash for her Tweets and insensitive interviews, LeAnn still hasn’t learnt her lesson and will screw up a possibly successful release.

    “Swinging” was leaked on YouTube four weeks before it’s release. I can’t find this single. So Curb is already putting some effort at boosting sales by preventing illegal downloads from YouTube. This bonus track (one of three) may have been a good idea by Curb. Now they just need to include Garth Brook’s “The Dance” – LeAnn did perform it live, I believe – to lessen the mental image of what she did to her husband. It will infuriate a few Brooks loyalists, but that’ll be outweight by the positive effect on her image. The rest is on LeAnn’s shoulders.

    Not that I’ll give her another cent. I’ll just keep checking YouTube. But be prepared; I think this single might be successful.

  86. KatScorp says:

    *le sigh*

    Now I’m just the pot calling the kettle black, and it is too late to edit myself out of the corner; we Australians speak English well, but even uni alumni’s like myself get knocked off our pedastal by a caffiene deficiency.

    Excuse me whilst I burn my degree. *Gibbs-slaps self*.

  87. why? says:

    Leann tips off the paps and she has staged how many fake engagements? So we already know that if the entire song was leaked, it was by Leann.

    Leann is losing it over what E wrote about her THIRD fake engagement to EC,so we know that if her single had been leaked on the internet Leann would have started yet another twitter storm. So the conclusion is that Leann leaked the entire song.

    Why do you keep insisting that Leann is the victim? If Leann would take the time to be a decent person, she wouldn’t be criticized. She is in this position because she makes the WRONG choice. Leann seems to think that she can get through life blaming everyone and everybody for her actions.

    Actually, someone (that would be someone who isn’t financially motivated by her bank account) needs to sit down with Leann and explain to her that her tweets are killing her career and rep. It is no one’s fault but Leann’s. How hard is it for her to STOP tweeting about those kids?

    I didn’t know that the lead singer did that. But on another note, did the lead singer of Maroon 5 give THREE interviews about how he slept with a married woman and didn’t regret his actions? Did the lead singer of Maroon 5 tweet about his sexcapades with a married woman while the woman was still married? Nope? So please, stop trying to convince people that LR affair is just like all other affairs. It isn’t. What makes it different is the fact that Leann tweets EVERYTHING and tips off the paps, and feeds details of her “romance” to these blogs and tabs.

    Bunch of cheaters, but the difference is some people know when to be quiet and lay low and others(LEANN RIMES) want to keep talking because she feels that everyone is obligated to like her.

  88. CB Rawks says:

    Constant bad spelling is no big deal when online chatting, except when the person is all *I’m edjoocated, uh edumacated, erm adjacated* during the same conversation. Then the doubtful eyebrow tends to raise.

  89. KatScorp says:

    LOL @Rawks. After I inhale a six pack, I talk just like that. Thankfully no one has recorded my drunken slurring because I’d be a YouTube star, discussing international politics and economic paradigms whilst seemingly suffering from a stroke. I can be such a tool when the mood strike :-)

  90. james says:

    seems like the title is right for her because as we all know Leann is always the victim

  91. Eileen says:

    @KatScorp: I’ve been to Aussieland too about 10 years ago and I LOVED it! Aussie Aussie Aussie-oy oy oy! A bunch of the friendliest people I’ve ever met! And they really love Americans down there. We went to The Rocks and people just walk up to you when they hear you talk and then we had a huge group of people going from bar to bar-had a blast! My boyfriend at the time was Australian and he was an ex-pro rugby player turned pro-golfer in USA so we would come down for Christmas & New Years. LOVED IT. My only regret with us breaking up the jerk was that I wasn’t going to move down there! I wanted to BAD!

  92. Kricket says:

    hi KatScorp
    ‘ “Bitch with PMS” is a lyric that will help get attention in the country-music circles.’
    just wanted to throw in that my music director and program director will not touch that song due to the *bitch* line. oh, and i work at a country radio station in arizona. not all country fans/circles/radio stations will touch it.

  93. KatScorp says:

    Hey Kricket! That is an excellent point and I’m glad you made it because something about the streaming I’m listening to bothered me. The OFFICIALLY RELEASED lyrics say “bitch”, but this audio release has LeAnn saying “Witch”. Also, the backup voice cuts out at infrequent moments during this verse… so before I read your post I was thinking that there was a dubbing, a second take or audio addition at that point. The “witch with PMS” just has a different sound to the other parts in the song where she sings without the backup voice. Now I release they went back and changed the line to make it more radio-friendly.

    Atta state, Arizona! Keep up those high standards!

    @Eileen: I’m pleased your trip Down Under was a blast. Australia relies a lot on tourism dollars so come on down! I’m in Western Australia; we have Monkey Mia… dolphins! Dolphins everywhere!