Charlie Sheen: “If a guy has one bad night, everybody goes insane & panics”


Charlie Sheen has given an official “settle down, hoes” interview, his first minor Q & A since the drunken, coked-out hooker implosion. I actually have to give it to Charlie – he’s not looking for sympathy, and he doesn’t pull out the tired “victim” card (although he still hasn’t said anything about the “allergic reaction” excuse). Instead, he just seems slightly delusional, claiming that the incident – which involved him doing blow, drinking profusely, locking a hooker in a closet and trashing a hotel room at the Plaza, and then yelling obscenities at the NYPD officers that arrived on scene – was all “one bad night” and that he’s entitled to it, I guess:

Jaws may have dropped over Charlie Sheen’s New York hotel adventure, but the Two and a Half Men actor isn’t stressing.

“If a guy has one bad night, everybody goes insane and panics,” Sheen, 45, tells Extra. “I’m not panicking.”

In fact, Sheen is even seemingly fine about that $150,000 watch that went missing. “The way I look at it – if you have expensive tastes, you gotta be prepared for expensive losses.”

Sheen says he’s “doing great” and focusing on his career. “Just finished a show,” he said. “Back to work. Everything’s good, everything’s good.”

[From People]

“If a guy has one bad night, everybody goes insane and panics. I’m not panicking.” Throw that one on the pile with “Everybody freaks out when I pass out in Tijuana after going on a cross-country tequlia and coke bender” and “Why does everyone hate that I hire hookers to be my date when I’m out with my kids?” And let’s not forget “They’re just jealous because they can’t hire $10,000 a night hookers and go on coked-out hotel rampages.”

So is Charlie really doing better? Is this the calm before yet another storm? Eh. Like so many addicts, Charlie is so self-defeating – I give it a few months before another implosion. Perhaps he’ll pull something for sweeps!


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  1. bellaluna says:

    I just can’t with this man-child.

  2. Rita says:

    The headline makes this wayyyyyy to easy so I’ll just say this:

    “everybody goes insane and panics”

    Yeah, like the hooker who couldn’t get out of your closet.

  3. searching4grace says:

    WOW he’s starting to look old. droopy skin no muscle tone. stand up straight man and at least accept your craziness!

  4. Vanessa says:


  5. devilgirl says:

    One bad night that has lasted years!

  6. lucy2 says:

    I think it’s more like one bad LIFE.

    He does look awful. At least that hat covers those lame bangs he’s always got to cover a receding hairline.

  7. Jazz says:

    He’s been having “one bad night” for the last 20 years. :-/

  8. Stronzilla says:

    Not to be picky but I believe the correct spelling is ‘settle down hos’. ‘Hoes’ would imply gardening tools or like a hoedown (barn dance), which of course in Charlie’s case would be amended to a ‘ho down’, which could be either an orgy in a barnyard setting or in fact an unconscious prostitute on your hotel room floor.

    ‘Ho down, code red! This is not a drill!’

  9. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    He’s insane. Wouldnt be shocked if he’s bipolar.

  10. Lady LaLa says:

    Enough with that DOUCHE-HAT.

  11. Henriette says:


  12. GimmeABreak says:

    Just think about what he’s doing what we DON’T know about!! This guy’s life is dark…veerrryy dark and twisted.

    No doubt that he’ll be married in another year or so to some idiot that thinks he’s changed. Ugh…please.

  13. poopie says:

    @stronzilla : TOO TOO FUNNY ! you made my day !
    okay, i REALLLYY love the show and i am trying sooooooooooo hard to like this guy but he keeps letting me down. come on CHARLIE ! clean up your act ! didn’t martin sheen step in once before ? i know C is totally an ADULT but why isn’t the fam having interventions ?

  14. boo says:

    anyone who watches that crap show is an enabler

  15. bubbles says:

    I wonder how he is going to feel when his daughters tell him one fine day “daddy, since you like hookers so much, I’ve decided to become one and then spend my hardearned money on some blow and expensive watches. because I can. are you proud of me?”

  16. Victoria says:

    HOney Bun! Precious, sweetie you have been having “bad nights” since the 90’s. Come on dude! Grow the F up! This man is such a pig!

  17. Victoria says:

    OK rember when he married the one he’s divorcing now? Remember what he said “This is the real thing, this is the last time Im getting married” something like that. Puh-lease!

  18. lilred says:

    LOL @Stronzilla: you cracked me up.

  19. junk573r says:

    I don’t know why people care so much. I like the show. I think it’s funny. I think Charlie, Jon Cryer and the boy (no idea what his name is) is hilarious on it. I think they all have ridiculously inflated salaries but that’s what you get for trading a life of constant speculation. I don’t think Charlie ever tried to give the impression he was some straight edged, stand up citizen.

  20. Melissa says:

    Ugh, yeah – he is looking way old in these pics. The man has no lips!

  21. Lenore says:

    junk573r: “I don’t think Charlie ever tried to give the impression he was some straight edged, stand up citizen.”

    I must try that line next time I’m dragged half-naked and coked-up out of a hotel room with my kids in the other room and a terrified woman screaming behind a locked door. “What’s the problem? I never said I was a stand-up citizen!” Hell, if it (apparently) works for Charlie…

    Generally speaking, I have no objection to the guy taking drugs; that’s his choice. I have no problem with him sleeping with hookers; it’s his money, although they’re brave girls in New York if they’re willing to dip their tootsies into his bucketload of lukewarm chlamydia.

    But between all the allegations of domestic violence and the fact that he has two kids, you’d expect some kind of acknowledgement that the last twenty-five years of misbehaviour do not constitute “one bad night” and that maybe he ought to clean up his act for their sake. It’s saddening to see him brush it off like nothing.

  22. lilred says:

    Lenore CS has 4 kids 2 with Denise and twins with Brooke

  23. The Bobster says:

    His show has gone over the top this season. Are the writers on drugs, too?

  24. Anti-icon says:

    OK, it occurs to me that a new form of art should be established: Kanye West stylings with some Charlie Sheen old man face. Then, their performance art show can hit the roadside bars from town to town. I think I would belly up for a beer and that would be WAY more entertaining than Two and Half Men; or the VMAs.

  25. wunderkindt says:

    This is one nasty old coot!

  26. Chris says:

    “If a guy has one bad night, everybody goes insane & panics”

    Reminds me of the one goat joke. 🙂

  27. Jeri says:

    until the next time…

    He’s been hiding his receding hair line for a long time. Tired little hair pieces on the show, shaving his head and wearing hats off the show.

    Charlie, you’re just showing your age. Don’t panic.

  28. Trish says:

    Compared to his past “episodes”, I imagine Charlie would consider this no big deal. No one was shot, no one had a knife to their throat, no ass beaten took place, no one went to jail….no problem.

  29. Ruffian9 says:

    Uh…no…this is for a lifetime of douche, you butt-ugly asshole.

  30. kimberly says:

    That old man is crazy!!!

    on the side like a pickle~ who the hell would ever fuck that nasty old lushy guy??? OOOHHHHH that’s right he pays for sex and handles auditions for porny girls.

  31. Faye says:

    I think he’s lost perspective on what a “bad night” is like for normal people. I’ve had bad nights, and there was never illegal drugs or hookers involved.