Did Rachel Weisz dump longtime partner Darren Aronofsky for Daniel Craig?


This is some hot gossip! TMZ is reporting that Rachel Weisz is splitting from her longtime partner, director Darren Aronofsky (The Wrestler). I could have sworn that they were married, but I guess not – they were just living together for nine years, and they have a son together (Henry). That alone is an interesting story – Rachel previously had a relationship with Sam Mendes, until Kate Winslet came along and maybe “stole” Mendes, and then Rachel went straight for Darren. But here’s the twist: TMZ reports that Rachel left Darren for… DANIEL CRAIG. That’s right. Daniel I have a girlfriend that I adore and I might have rough sex with men who look like Javier Bardem CRAIG. Oh, this is HOT.

Darren Aronofsky and Rachel Weisz have split … TMZ has learned. Aronofsky — who directed “The Wrestler,” “Requiem for a Dream” and “Pi” — and Weisz — who starred in “The Mummy,” “The Constant Gardner” and “The Fountain” — were together for nine years. They never married.

Reps for the former couple tell TMZ, “Rachel Weisz and Darren Aronofsky have been separated for some months. They remain close friends and are committed to raising their son together in NYC.”

Sources tell us the couple will seek joint custody of their 4-year-old Henry Chance.

And sources tell TMZ Rachel has been linked to “James Bond” star Daniel Craig for months. They worked together on the upcoming flick, “Dream House,” in February and March of 2010.

[From TMZ]

I wonder if Daniel and Satsuki Mitchell are over? They haven’t been spotted together in months, from what I can find. And I really thought Daniel and Satsuki were tight – like, they were practically married too, and he seemed to really adore her. Little did I know that it was totally possible for some beautiful British hussy like Rachel to come and bone him away. This could be so hot… I mean, it’s sad that Rachel and Darren broke up and everything, but the potential Daniel-and-Rachel coupling is really, really HOT.





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  1. Shay says:

    I don’t know. I still think that Satsuki is Craig’s beard.

  2. ziggy says:

    daniel craig! sigh! if this is true, lucky rachel and too bad for satsuki.

  3. Lisa Turtle says:


    The British Brad & Angelina.

  4. Stronzilla says:

    In that last picture they look kind of like Courtney and David. Or maybe its my glasses. Very cruel to post pictures of both Darren and Daniel sporting 3-piece suits. No comparision. Go for it Rachel!

  5. womanfromthenorth says:

    Hope so! Big step up

  6. Samigirl says:

    Gah. This is like high school!

  7. Marjalane says:

    I’ve never thought she was that great; like her features are kind of play-doughy. I thought it was fairly well known that Daniel Craig was gay. Gawker is relentless in pushing him out of the closet.

  8. BIte me says:

    Get it Rachel , I ain’t mad at ya.

  9. Tess says:

    Good point, Lisa Turtle. Nice to have another couple to give Brange a little competition.

    Too bad for the kid, tho.

  10. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    That is so cool. I would dump my boyfriend for Daniel Craig. Hell yeah!

  11. Heavenbound says:

    Rachel is absolutely stunning and a great actress, beauty and brains. Take that Jessica Alba!

  12. Siren6 says:

    Woo! This is almost too hot to be believable!

  13. GimmeABreak says:


  14. devilgirl says:

    I think I am the only person who finds Craig ugly.

    Love Aronofsky’s movies. Rachel? Meh.

  15. Rosi says:

    a hollywood couple that is close in age… would be a nice thing for a change. 🙂

  16. bubbles says:

    oh, actors. such fickle people.

  17. Gwen says:

    @devilgirl: We’re two at least.

    Poor child.

  18. Ann says:

    I’m joining the posters above: I think Craig is pretty ugly, too.

  19. Raven says:

    If true, this is really shocking. I always thought Craig and his girlfriend were really tight as well. I have had a theory about Pisces men falling for Asian women for a long time. I’ve seen it several times in my personal life and I’m now blanking on other examples of celebs, but I was not surprised to find out that Craig’s girlfriend was Asian. I can’t believe they’ve split, though. And the info that they’ve been split up for several months is one more example of the trend in celebs keeping this under wraps like Sarandon did. I don’t think that’s a bad thing, but I think we’ll see more and more celebs who split doing it.

    It does raise the question of why, though, and there have been rumors of Craig being gay. It is possible, I suppose, that he is bi and now exploring that other side and it was too much for his girlfriend. I can’t blame her, really, if that’s the case, as they were in a LTR.

    I always thought Rachel Weisz was a knockout. She’s also a very good performer. I somehow cannot picture her with Craig, though. And, speaking of picture, he looks dreadful in the photo above with that mustache. I love mustaches on some men, but he’s not one of them.

  20. coexxi says:

    I don’t believe that Daniel Craig is gay. Bisexual I don’t know. But not gay. He was together with a german actress for years before he became famous. (Heike Makatsch, for those who want to know, they have been together for 8 years)

  21. Roxanne75 says:

    Whats with the mustaches?

  22. nona says:

    He looks like a fat Christian Bale.

  23. padiddle says:

    I think he’s ugly and she, while pretty, is not some sort of fantastic actress.
    Aronofsky is more talented than both of the other two put together.

  24. W.O.M. says:

    Oh this is JUICY.

    Ditto Stronzilla’s comment (#4)! They do look like David and Courtney! And I thought Craig and Satsuki were married?

  25. Novaraen says:

    If she is…it’s a total UPGRADE!

  26. Eileen says:

    Rachel is gorgeous and so low key-if her and her man broke up amicably along with Daniel Craig’s relationship I say YOU GO GIRL!

  27. skibunny says:

    I find her absolutely beautiful and a great actress too!

  28. Cleo says:

    WHO is Satsuki Mitchell???

  29. Feebee says:

    @ padiddle, i take it you haven’t seen either of them act then.

    I get that Weisz has split from her man but I don’t get the automatic connection to Daniel Craig. Just because he hasn’t been seen with Satsuki for a while means they’re not famewhores not necessarily a split.

  30. bellaluna says:

    @ devilgirl & Gwen: And then there were three.

    What I’d really like to know is this: Are Rachel’s movies going to suffer as a result? Aronofsky directed her in The Constant Gardener as well as The Fountain. I don’t even know how many others there are…

  31. N.D. says:

    well, according to lainey

    Craig and Mitchell were for sure still together as of July 2010 just before Comic-Con when I received a sighting about them at dinner – no paps were around – looking very much in love and happy and sharing their food. Since then however they’ve not been seen publicly and it’s unclear whether or not she accompanied him to Sweden. Having said that, Weisz hasn’t been seen in Sweden either.

  32. granos says:

    While Daniel Craig may not be cookicutter hot, he has intelligence & charisma. Very important qualities to have as an actor.
    I don’t believe he & Rachel are together, this is sham publicity. They have a movie coming out soon.

  33. Anon says:

    Dan and Sats have split, they have been since August. Something went down with them and let’s say, one of them had enough.
    The apartment in NY was bought for Sats as well as a few other things.
    Sats certainly will not comment as she has a confidentiality agreement in place and is a lot better off now than she was before she met Daniel that’s for sure.
    She can’t complain having lived the high life since around August of 2004.
    As for PR for Dream House, it’s not coming out soon. The release date is now September of 2011.
    No I’m sure Daniel will not release a statement but maybe Rachel will issue a ‘no comment’.
    As for Sats, who knows? She might be seen around at some point. Still remaining friends, if she can, with Daniel is paramount to her.

  34. granos says:

    The movie they will be promoting is called Dreamhouse for release Jan 2011.

  35. Delta Juliet says:

    Damn it, he was supposed to call ME when they broke up! Now I have to wait for him to get tired of Rachel.

  36. Anti-icon says:

    JUICY GOS. OK, what’s the deal here? Who’s bearding for whom? I love Rachel, but the Sam Mendes/Winslet/Aaronfsky thing happened too quick. But maybe the Brits to it that way (i.e. Jude and Sienna.)

    Hope the pros are digging through the trash on this one. LOL

  37. granos says:

    @ Anon thanks for the info, but there’s no need for your snark. I stand by my comment. Actors are always on the make for FREE publicity. & surely the studio is loving all the sudden interest in a supposedly delayed movie.

  38. Kaiser says:

    Someone with a decidedly anti-Satsuki Mitchell agenda has been going buck-wild in this thread, using multiple names. He/She is now banned.

  39. granos says:

    I share your thoughts re:studio&press motivations. On one hand it’s gossip on the other it is someone’s private life.
    But Satsuki & DC are adults, they must know by now the fans & public will speculate. DC is in the public eye, so will be any person who dates him, in these times, that’s part and parcel to fame.

  40. Delta Juliet says:

    Wow. I have a major crush on Daniel but some posters are going nuts on here. These are celebrites that (most of us) will never meet in person. Why so personally involved?!?!

  41. guilty pleasures says:

    Alas, Daniel must have lost my phone number. I was so sure he’d come a’runnin to a 45 year old mom who has a massive crush on him!
    While on vacation in Mykonos last year I met his doppelganger, a wonderful gay guy–with his gorgeous partner. He let me ogle him for days, and occasionally call him Daniel (he loved it!). Such fun, dare to dream!
    It was the perfect cheating week-my hubby thought it was cute, and there were no messy exchanges of bodily fluid with strangers!

  42. Delta Juliet says:

    @ #55

    If you make racist or bigoted remarks, comment under multiple names, or wish death on anyone you will be banned. There are no second chances if you violate one of these basic rules.


  43. fizXgirl314 says:

    Aronofsky has a brilliant mind… craig is a frigging meatheat… no comparison as far as I’m concerned…

  44. Camille says:

    Sad news about Rachel and Darren, but I sincerely hope that Rachel does NOT hook up with DC. He’s so fug and she is far too gorgeous for him.

  45. lol says:

    Satsuki Mitchell, the girlfriend of new Bond star Daniel Craig, will stand by her man despite allegations he had an affair with Sienna Miller. Production exec Satsuki, who met Daniel on the set of The Jacket last year, was by Daniel’s side when he was officially unveiled as the sixth 007 on Friday. “Satsuki has done a lot of soul-searching, but she has decided not to throw away her one-year relationship with Daniel,” a friend said. “She believes that everyone should be forgiven one mistake. But it will be a very different matter if he does it again.” (18 October, 2005, 8AM) SOURCE: NEWS OF THE WORLD

    So maybe Satsuki stood by her own words and walked away and her payoff was the apartment and everything else she accumulated in her relationship. She will be a well off woman.
    So before anyone lambasts people for posting against “poor” Satsuki in some campaign, use your logic and not emotions.

  46. Jeri says:

    Daniel doesn’t seem to live his life as publicly as Rachel. She loves the red carpet.

  47. Kiska says:

    Major score, Rachel! I’m jealous as heck.

  48. Kim says:

    So another celeb couple that split months ago yet the tabloids had no clue. They are 2 busy putting Brad and Angie or Tom and Katie on their covers

  49. Kaiser says:

    Sigh… OKAY, I’ll say this AGAIN.


    And because several of you did post under multiple names, and then had the nerve to whine about posting comments AGREEING with yourself, I deleted all of your comments.

  50. Solveig says:

    I didn’t even know that Rachel and Darren were a couple, and I’m a fan of both of them.
    Anyway, I saw a picture of a naked Daniel Craig on Dlisted, and I was pretty disappointed in finding out that his tool is a semi-non-existent tool. Otherwise that makes me believe that she (allegedly) got fascinated by something else.
    Who knows what.
    Oh, and she’s stunning but everytime I see a picture of hers I pray God to let her find a decent stylist.

  51. lol to kaiser says:

    And who are you precisely?

    Sorry but you haven’t erased any of mine.
    Get a grip *sigh*.

    Isn’t anyone allowed to speak out against Satsuki on here? Little controlling don’t you think then erasing them because of the mutliple name excuse.

  52. lol says:


    More on them

    Last night, a source said the actress was ‘head over heels’ for Craig, 42, who is engaged to producer Satsuki Mitchell.

    A close source said: ‘Rachel and Daniel simply sparked during the filming of Dream House in Canada. They have great chemistry.

    ‘Darren’s such a good and responsible man, but Daniel’s the opposite extreme, he’s brooding and mysterious. Darren and Rachel have simply grown apart, they spent long periods away from each other, moving in different directions.’

    No-one is saying anyone cheated. She and Darren have been over for months and so have Daniel and Satsuki.

    So work it out.

  53. CB Rawks says:

    That’s so demented. I agree. Me too, Rawks. 🙂
    Seriously, what kind of an insanity is in a person’s head to make them see VALUE in pretending to be lots of different people and then agreeing with themself?
    Is that related to having imaginary friends as a child? Never scored any of those, my toys were too lame.

  54. lol to kaiser says:

    And who are you precisely?

  55. the truth says:

    None of you can stand the truth. He’s with Rachel. She is ‘smitten ” with him apparently according to a UK paper and she was asked and refused to comment.

    Looks like its all over with Satsuki. The condo was a pay off.

  56. CB Rawks says:

    Seriously nutbag, where IS the value in agreeing with yourself? Can’t answer that one, can you.

  57. birdgherl says:

    I will gladly take Darren (if he’d have me). I think he’s a genius.

  58. jzhz says:

    Good god, can you blame her? she probably got tired of getting trapped in the folds of his chins.

  59. DD says:

    I don’t know Daniel is kind of gross looking to me and Rachel is stunningly beautiful… She can do better than that come on 🙁

  60. DD says:

    satsuki is not famous enough to have haters like this, @lol must be someone from her past with a weird agenda.

  61. SP says:

    Hey lol you’re right Daniel cheated before so he probably did it again got caught and she left. Good for her if he got her a place cheating homewreckers should pay, Daniel should get Darren and his son a place too.

  62. Jeri says:

    Now I get it, I’ve seen some pretty lame posts about LOLing about comments that are pretty lame.