Jessica Simpson & Eric Johnson are engaged (update: confirmed!)


Well this is just shocking! Wait… no, that’s not the word. What word means “the opposite of shocking, and Jessica Simpson is being WAY too obvious in her attempt to steal the thunder of her ex-husband Nick Lachey, thus proving that she is, in fact, actually bothered by his recent engagement.” Is there a word for that? Something like “farty” or “Obvious McTragedy”. Anyway, Us Weekly has some sources who claim that Jessica and Eric Johnston are now engaged. So I’ll give Jessica some credit – it’s not like she’s confirming anything (her Twitter is quiet, as is People Magazine), this is just a random unnamed-source report from Us Weekly. Although… Us Weekly does get a lot of scoops about Jess. And Jessica has already made it pretty clear that she’s expecting a ring.

Jessica Simpson is off the market!

Sources confirm to that the singer, 30, became engaged to beau Eric Johnson on Thursday, just days after Us broke the news that her ex-husband, Nick Lachey, popped the question to Vanessa Minnillo, his love of nearly five years. Simpson and Lachey, 37, split in 2005, after three years of marriage.

On Saturday, Simpson flashed a sizable ring on her left hand during an appearance at Dillard’s at Oak Park Mall in Kansas City.

The Texas native began dating the former NFL player in May while he was estranged from his first wife, stylist Keri Johnson; their divorce was finalized five months later.

Though Ashlee Simpson-Wentz recently told Us that her sister “is happy, so we’re all really happy,” sources insist that most of Simpson’s friends are concerned about Johnson’s motives for dating the singer.

“Eric was never that successful in the NFL, but he’s always wanted the celebrity lifestyle,” a source told Us in October. “Her friends do not trust him.”

[From Us Weekly]

I don’t really trust Eric either, although I do think he probably cares for Jess, and they do seem to make each other happy. At the end of the day, I don’t really know how a dude of normal intelligence puts up with Jessica for any extended period of time, but maybe the sex just completely makes up for everything. As far as the engagement rumor/report – eh. I think they probably will get engaged, but I’m not sure if it’s happening right now. Of course, the whole process could have sped up because of Nick’s announcement.

UPDATE: In Touch Weekly just confirmed the news with Jessica’s rep:

Just a week after her ex-husband Nick Lachey announced his engagement to longtime girlfriend Vanessa Minnillo, Jessica Simpson also has big news- she and her boyfriend of seven months, Eric Johnson, will also be walking down the aisle, a rep for the singer confirms to In Touch. “They are thrilled!” Jessica’s spokesperson says, adding that the couple became engaged late last week. This will be the second wedding for Jessica, who split from Nick in 2005 after three years of marriage.

So it’s on. Poor Farty McObvious. God, Jess. I mean… congratulations, but girl, keep your eye on your bank account. Hide yo’ checkbook!

Photo by: Jackson Lee/  2010   Telephone/Fax:  9/15/10 Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson celebrate Eric's Birthday at Lavo. (NYC) Photo via Newscom

Jessica Simpson leaves her hotel hand in hand with her new beau Eric Johnson in New York City, New York on September 15, 2010. Fame Pictures, Inc

Singer turned designer Jessica Simpson mad her way out with her former NFL player boyfriend Eric Johnson enjoyed an evening out in New York City, New york on September 8, 2010. Jessica will be very busy this up coming week with the launch of her jeanswear line and her spring 2011 collection during the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week events. Fame Pictures, Inc


Photos courtesy of Fame & Bauer-Griffin.

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  1. Rita says:

    Ugh, where do I start?

    Jess floats this out there to squat on Nick’s engagement and you “don’t trust” Eric?

    “Maybe the sex just makes up for everything”..God, the man would have to be equipped with three penises or is it penie?

    If Jess is so messed up (Is there really any doubt?) to think Nick will be bothered by this pseudo announcement she’ll probably crash his wedding

  2. Trish says:

    Congrats….he’s the “Catch of the County” as we say in the hills. (of WV, that is)

  3. l says:

    To me, he kind of resembles Spencer Pratt, in looks, as well as potential douchiness. Maybe they are long lost brothers.

  4. Disco says:

    I bet you a million bucks that she’s either pregnant now or will be in 2 months. That’s the only way to upstage Nick.

  5. guesty says:

    how stupid & desperate. + her stomach situation is bothersome. she is soooo jealous!

  6. Brandy says:

    Maybe she’s knocked up? Remember sister Ashlee did the same thing – got knocked up and BAM! was engaged. Look at the second photo. That doesn’t look like a dinner-baby. That looks suspiciously like a baby-baby.

  7. eva says:

    I don’t get the hate for Jessica and I don’t know if I buy the slant any of this. She and Eric could have been looking at rings for a quite a while … and had to postpone their announcement due to Lachey’s announcement. We just don’t know and there’s not much evidence either way. I do hope Jessica’s boyfriend adores her and makes her happy.

    I just have to side with this girl because her weight seems to go up and down as much as mine does:)

  8. TeeTee says:

    Everything that the media says about her–she does it to herself.

    she is damn desperate!! and has the mind of a 12 year old. sad

    guess I’ll continue to laugh, smdh.

  9. OXA says:

    I roared laughing when i saw the headline cos u know she ran out and bought her own ring.

  10. flutters says:

    Do you think Jessica’s figured out that the media keeps talking about her because she makes it so easy?

    Although I always thought the person Jessica would be racing to the altar would be Tony Romo, even more than Nick. The rumors seem to be that Tony Romo’s found the one for him (and it’s somebody he started dating within weeks of dumping Jessica) and it’s a matter of time before they get engaged too. I think that if that had happened before Jess got engaged, the tabloid meltdown stories would’ve been EPIC.

    I guess Jessica and Eric have known each other about 6 months. It’s enough time for some people and they seem happy and dedicated but I always feel like when there are certain red flags obvious to outsiders maybe you should take a little more time to really make sure it’s right. But good luck to them.

  11. bellaluna says:

    @ Kaiser -

    How ’bout “Tragically McObvious”? It just rolls of the tongue a tad easier and is no less true.

    Let the bridal wars ensue. Though honestly, I’ll be surprised if either couple actually sees the altar. And that kinda makes me sad, because I think Nick & Vanessa are well-matched.

  12. WestValCalli says:

    I’ve always liked Jessica (and Nick), so I don’t say this to be mean …


    There. I feel better.

  13. bellaluna says:

    K, so let’s see the ring.

  14. Lia says:

    Omg!! They should pay them to do a reality double wedding!! I’d totally watch it!! Then they can share an apt together too!! Jessica Sux!!
    Team Lachey!

  15. Green Is Good says:

    Jessica’s Dad/Manager must be SO thrilled.

  16. SoulLovah says:

    “Eric was never that successful in the NFL, but he’s always wanted the celebrity lifestyle,” a source told Us in October. “Her friends do not trust him.”

    Well he does look a bit creeptastic in that photo.

    I LOL’d @Brandy’s comment: That doesn’t look like a dinner-baby. That looks suspiciously like a baby-baby.

    Which could be true. The whole timing with this announcement is really off though. In fact, it would have been better, imo, to just flash the ring around the papz without announcing anything, let people gossip gossip gossip, then confirm it like a month later. People would be talking about her, and she would actually look mature and classy and confident like she doesn’t need to upstage her ex or explain herself to the media.

    But I guess it’s hard to do my strategy WITHOUT A RING…..where is that sucker?

  17. LolaBella says:

    Wow, Pimpa Joe and the PR Team are not messing around! LOL.

    I hope this woman is truly happy.

  18. malachais says:

    he clings onto her in every pic, good grief

  19. Jen says:

    I’m SHOCKED. Did not see this coming AT ALL.


  20. bellaluna says:

    On a completely random and selfish note, my husband said he never saw the point of an engagement ring until he saw his on my finger. So sweet. *loving him*

  21. journey says:

    you wonder how a dude of normal intelligence could put up with jess? maybe the guy isn’t of normal intelligence. a few hits on the football field, a few concussions, maybe they’re intellectual equals?

  22. Jules says:

    Why can’t celebrity couples hold hands like normal people?

  23. Happymom says:

    You’d think they would have waited to do this-or at least announce-until the holidays. Then at least it would have appeared to be more “normal” rather than a response to her ex’s engagement. I don’t get the hate for this girl-she seems kind of sweet and definitely clueless. I hope he’s a great guy and they have a happy marriage.

  24. khavman says:

    He is *yawn.* She is either preggers or has a really obvious tummy.

  25. Nudgie says:

    I wonder what kind of ring she finally decided on buying herself?

  26. LittleFATMe says:

    I don’t get the hate for this dude. Has he actually DONE something I missed? As far as not being a success in the NFL I would say that is relative. He had a good run with the 49ers, when he was healthy is was one of the best tight ends that team has had. He wasn’t with the Saints long, but he was awful when he was with New Orleans. I think that more than being upset about Nick’s engagement she was super pissed because she knew a ring was coming! (Also because she knew she was now going to be accused of getting knocked up because Nick got engaged when in reality she was probably already knock up.)
    As far as how they hold hands it seems that it’s more because instead of walking side by side celebrity couples are more often in a single-ish tyoe line as they squeeze pass photogs and fans.

  27. hairball says:

    I so, so hope this is a good thing for her and her not just jumping on the wedding bandwagon because she is 30.

    It does reek of patheic-ness so soon after Nick’s engagement.

  28. abbizmal says:

    I hope it all works out for her. She does look pregnant in some of those.

  29. AWHODAT says:

    I believe both jessica and nick were waiting and watching to see which one of them would really cut the cord that held them together (even after the divorce) and marry someone else.

    Because, especially where jess is concerned, i strongly believe that she secretly dreamed that she and nick would get back together but she was waiting on him to make the first move; while nick was waiting for evidence from her that her dad was not still calling the shots in her life.

    But then, there was vanessa quietly waiting in the wings and, after 5 years, must have been, understandably, becoming impatient with nick and might have in fact given him an ultimatum.

    Even tho jess publicly stated that she wished nick and vanessa well and that they had both moved on long ago and she wished the public would also move on, this latest stunt on her part (getting engaged to whats his name so suddenly) just smacks of one-up-manship on her part, re nick and his engagement).

    i dont think theres anyone who doesnt believe that this sudden engagement, coming so soon after her ex’s, is a cry of pain/desperation/gamesmanship on jessica’s part. Its childish.

    Anyhoo, seem she’s found a guy who is willing to go along with her fame-playing. i dont think this augurs well for their future together.

  30. TG says:

    This guy seems like a huge downgrade for Papa Joe. I thought he was always angling for her to hook a bigger fish. I mean wasn’t he practically dating Tomo Romo also or was it Jess he was dating all along.

  31. Mairead says:

    Jeebus, but that girl can’t dress for toffee.

  32. mrsezc says:

    Wow I was counting down this story until I saw her say “she was happy ” for them .. then I assumed it was a fake story and now I know I should’ve kept the countdown going!! What a joke!!
    Jess had true love .. she had Nick, he loved her he put up with her and would’ve done anything for her. Now the jokes on her .. she has this “fame whore” of a bf and all her friends can see it and have dropped her for it .. she’s going to be miserably unhappy very very soon!!
    Jess really needs to be bf free for a bit and “love” find her in the form of a real man!!
    My condolences to the *cough* Happy Couple.

  33. Sunnyjyl says:

    I was hoping Jess would end up with someone richer than she is, and who absolutely adores her. You know, thinks everything she does is cute, who wants 3 kids that all look like her, and dotes on her even when she is fat and grey.

  34. Sigh. says:

    Did anyone check out what Popsugar is saying is her supposed engagement ring?

    Click on the link below.

  35. Leila says:

    Glad she is engaged to be married so we won’t have to read anymore stories on the love life of this fur-wearing, spoiled self absorbed and totally dumb person.

    May she please be boycotted from this website after this?

  36. Kaiser says:

    here’s the link for photos of her ring – it’s yellow gold, with a ruby and two diamonds. Not to be judgy, but it looks totally budget, and like it’s from the mall.,0,0

  37. guesty says:

    @sigh…that ring is beyond hideous.

  38. Lady D says:

    @ Sunnyjyl, you forgot totally toothless.

  39. Sigh. says:

    @ Kais —

    So then we can say “She obviously didn’t buy her own ring…or did she?”

    We bitches are gonna bitch, either way. HA!

  40. Belle Epoch says:


    #13 Totally agree!

  41. Strawberry says:

    Ugh, he is such a famewhore. Jess, you should’ve at least done a credit check.

  42. ams511 says:

    @ bellaluna-I THINK YOU HAVE WON!
    “tragically mcobvious” it is.


    this is truly pathetic. even if they had planned it-i think its rude to announce it now.

  43. alex says:

    she couldn’t let Nick get`all the attention lol. They could have waited to announced it not do it a week after Nick’s

  44. Carrie says:

    There’s no way she can win with the ring- if she wears a huge diamond from Harry Winston, we’ll all know she bought her own ring. If she wears a ring like she is wearing (hideous and cheap), then we’ll all snicker that he obviously bought the ring himself, probably from the mall.

    This PR move only works if she is pregnant- then she blows Nick & Vanessa out of the water. Otherwise, it’s as desperate as it looks.

    She looks pregnant, but she often looks pregnant, so…

  45. tanya says:

    Oh Jess, you couldn’t look any more pathetic, insecure and desperate if you tried! Don’t you have “people” who help you with public relations? You’ve known Eric 5 months and he’s unemployed so I must ask, how much did YOU pay for the ring???

  46. tanya says:

    #8 – how long can you be looking at rings when you’ve known the dude 5 months?!?

  47. Jessica says:

    Jessica is just going to get divorced again.

    She’s SO damn stupid and desperate.

    You would think a woman of 30 would be mature by now. Obviously, Miss Simpson is NOT.

    Her life revolves around men, which is very pathetic and sad.

  48. mollination says:

    Suspend your belief for just a second to ponder this – what *if* their engagement really was just coincidentally timed and they were planning to get married even before Nick and Vannessa? What was she supposed to do? I think if it were me I wouldn’t have said anything because there’s no way to say it without making it look like what it obviously looks like.

    But then if she announced it later then everyone would STILL say it was to compete with Nick. So she’s really in a lose-lose situation. As usual. God, jess you just put yourself in these situations all the time.

    For what it’s worth, I find it doubtful that two people would get engaged solely out of pressure. He had to at least partially want it too.

  49. GatsbyGal says:

    Oh my effing god. Wasn’t this your joke last week, that she would get engaged soon too as if it were some kind of “oh yeah, well I can move on too, Nick” thing.

    Hahahahaha…ohhh Jessica. Stupid, transparent Jessica.

  50. Bailey says:

    Jessica Simpson, desperate (confirmed)

    this engagement just screams desperation. It is not a coincidence.
    Jessica will get knocked up 3 seconds after she marries this rent a piece. I’m sure she wants to beat her ex to the baby punch.
    and an iron clad prenup …

  51. Rita says:



    “Not to be judgy, but it looks totally budget, and like it’s from the mall”.

    Kaiser the executioner “This won’t smell a bit. Have a nice day”….Throw the switch.

  52. Lois says:

    On a totally other note, look at the size of those Chanel earrings she’s wearing in the last photo! Wow.

    I agree about keeping an eye on her bank balance! Well, we’ll just have to wait and see how this one pans out! Probably in divorce, but I will hope for the best lol :)

  53. DrM says:

    @AWHODAT – holy hell girl there’s more analysis in your post then in most of my first year student uni papers~! LOL

  54. Camille says:

    This whole thing is hilarious and obvious lmao.

    That ring is hideous! And Eric reminds me of that guy that Tori Spelling married.

  55. wunderkindt says:

    Congrats to Eric Johnson!

    He just got engaged to a premium meal ticket.

  56. Jayna says:

    Give me a break. It takes quite a while to pick out a ring or design one, no less, which it looks like that one was designed. So this was in the works for a while This has nothing to do with Nick. But since his announcement came out, I would have waited just so haters like on here don’t carry on about Jessica, and to give Nick his moment.

  57. Jayna says:

    @Mollination, great commonsense post compared to so many hateful ones on here.

  58. Confuzzle says:

    :lol: I don’t think Napalm Crotch can get any more desperate than this stunt. Oh wait, yes she can! She can sign up for a new reality show! Newlyweds 2 : I Swear This One Will Take

  59. OXA says:

    Eric Johnson just has to get her knocked up and he is set for the next 18 years.

  60. jc126 says:

    I don’t hate her, I rather pity her, but this news just makes her look pathetic, frankly. Ugh.

  61. Missfit says:

    Sorry, but…I’m much happier for Nick and Vanessa, cause they seem more real and sincerely in love than Jess and this dude are with each other. As everyone else said…desperate. Like I said before on another post…I don’t ever think she moved on, even if she CLAIMS it…she won’t admit it. Dude, she hasn’t been with this guy long enough to call it a legitimate engagement or “relationship.” Nick took his time and waited long enough to ask Vanessa…4 or 5 years, not 6 months or whatever. I think Nick and Vanessa are so much cooler, that’s it. I think Nick seriously wanted to give himself some time to get over Jess and move on. Maybe Vanessa WAS a rebound and then Nick seriously fell in love with her within time and how many men has Jess been with compared to Nick? So many sex partners doesn’t make you a better person or labeled as “moved on.” She’s making a BIG mistake. Her ring is cute, but…she needs to wait longer and give herself more time to get to know this guy better.

  62. jc126 says:

    And oh wow – she does look pregnant. But probably isn’t. but damn!

  63. lucy2 says:

    Wow. Well, no…totally expected, yet still very desperate. Makes me sad for her – she obviously really wants to get married again and have a family, but this seems more reactionary and about attention and saving face than true love. If they actually go through with it, I’ll be surprised, and hope she has a prenup.

  64. SRM says:

    I don’t understand what is so desperate about her. She has been divorced 5 years and has dated a handful of people. Yes, she has a case of the TMIs when it comes to dating but who cares. I am happy for her as I am for anyone who finds love. I hope he is the real deal and isn’t using her.

  65. clair says:

    She looks pretty in link to the pics showing her ring! But that doesn’t change the fact that she is still batsh*t crazy!

  66. Jayna says:

    @SRM, I agree with you. Everyone wants to be in love. I don’t know too many people who love being alone. She should never have talked about her boyfriends, and been quieter like Scarlett Johannsen. There seems to be a lot of miserable people on this site who just like to waste their days bashing celebs online.

  67. cici says:

    i just have one question for all you haters: just how long would jessica have had to wait to announce an engagement that was actually probably planned long before nick’s – in order to be “not for attention” ?? even if she announced this in 3 mos – you all still would”ve hated just as much. I think jess should announce whatever she wants WHENEVER she wants.

  68. Sarah says:

    Her patheticness knows no bounds.

  69. Jessica says:

    Cici, WHY does everyone who does not like Jessica called “Haters”? Maybe people just don’t like her because she is a fake and a hypocrite.

    Not Everyone is going to like Jessica.

    Jessica IS desperate for a man. It’s VERY obvious and sad at the same time.

  70. Samigirl says:

    I vote preggers too.
    Also, Rita, once again, made me spit out my water from laughing :)
    Hysterical, lady.
    I really hope she makes this dude sign a pre-nup. I’m pretty sure her and Nick didn’t have one, and look what happened. Think with your head, Jess, not your vag.

  71. JustBored says:

    LMAO @ Hide Yo checkbook….lol.
    Cause that boy gonna be taking errrything roun here.,

  72. Cinderella says:

    Well this won’t end well.

  73. lin234 says:

    I wonder if she’ll get a prenup? She seems like the type that believes in love too much to get one even if Nick screwed her on her last divorce. This will be interesting.

    I don’t think Nick and Jess ever got one because when they married because they were still equals (fading pop stars). I think their reality show pushed Jess into the bigger star.

  74. la chica says:

    i hope Eric is smart enuf to insist on No Prenup. lol

  75. t says:

    There will be no prenup in this marriage. The unemployed football player/paid companion/con artist’s requirement for a wedding was “no prenup” and desperate dumpy Jessica agreed so she could beat her ex to the altar.

    When they divorce, you can bet the unemployed football player/con artist won’t settle for considerably less than California law says he’s entitled to the way Nick did. He’ll take her for everything she’s worth.

    And then Creepy Joe will have to go back to pastoring the Creepy Joe Church of Tiny Town Texas. Jessica will find employment as the church’s all time soloist. When the parishoners complain about her butchering the hymns every Sunday, Creepy Pastor Joe will assure her they are just jealous…and encourage her to show some cleavage at the next service.

  76. bagladey says:

    Oh no, don’t get engaged the week (days?)after your ex-husband announces his engagement. Is that guy divorced yet? And that ruby engagement ring is a huge step down from the very impressive diamond engagement ring that she got from Nick. I still think that Jessica looks pregnant.

  77. Naomi Boyle says:

    Get someone to analyse the pics of you two together, He looks creepy with you.Where is your mom? Your mom should have schooled you waaaaaay better than this. Your mom is just letting life happen to you instead of guiding you thru life.

  78. MissyA says:

    Tragically McObvious, indeed!

    I do feel sorry for her, though. That ring is puke personified. (I mean, it’s fine if it’s a gift from your grandma, but. . .)

    If this “engagement” was really just a coincidence, homegirl should have laid low for a month or two and then sprang a “surprise elopement” in Dec/Jan. That way, she looks less conspicuous while still trumping Nick and Vanessa’s announcement.

    Lucky for us, Jessica is just that dumb and Papa Joe is just that shameless.

  79. Amanda says:

    I hope she gets a good prenup.

  80. lj says:

    Nick and Jessica did not have a pre- nup because Papa Joe told her not to sign one. He didn’t want them to get married and the plan was to take Nick to the “cleaners”. Nick had all the money when they got married. It backfired but Nick was owed 50% of the total of their incomes when they divorced. Jessica did not want to give him what he legally deserved. He ended up taking less.

  81. Stronzilla says:

    You know, she would have had a better chance convincing everyone its the real thing if she hadn’t done it as a knee-jerk reaction to the engagement of her ex. That alone speaks volumes and perhaps all of the post-divorce carousing this woman has done, together with some of the callous treament she received, has led her to the realization that maybe things with Nick weren’t as bad as her father tried to make her believe.

  82. Cirque28 says:

    Oh girl, he’s only been divorced for a couple of months and you haven’t even known him for a YEAR, but you think it’s time to get married?

  83. Gwen says:

    I don’t think most hate her. I think most find her (a bit) dumb. I hope she has a prenup. This guy reeks of douche IMO.

    Btw she looks good in the photos with the ring. The rings doesn’t though.

  84. tracking says:

    I feel for her, and hope we’re wrong about the vibes that guy gives off. But unless she is in fact pregnant, the timing of the announcement is just sad, sad, sad.

  85. Dannnii says:

    So obvious and beyond lame. Unless she becomes preggers, I give the engagement 10 months at the most. I am sure they will try to milk as many rag covers as possible.
    I do not believe that her first husband Nick, “screwed” her over financially. Seems clear that he was the only one mature enough in the relationship to manage funds, so why shouldn’t he get something for that?

  86. Westcoaster says:

    Maybe this is for keeps? Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon did not date for too long before they got married and they are still together.
    Does anyone think that the photo of Eric Johnston with a beard he looks a bit like Tori Spelling’s husband Dean?

  87. cici says:

    to those of you that think “pregnant, pregnant, pregnant,” you also believe the stories from last week of her “slamming down tequila shots” at her “awkward run-in” with Nick and Vanessa at the restaurant, too?

    Visibly preg, and slamming down shots in front of her Mom – now, THAT’s something.

  88. anoneemouse says:

    This is why the word “pathetic” is associated with Jessica for so many people. I can definitely see her whining and having a fit about Nick’s engagement and Eric kind of sighing and rolling his eyes while he extends his hand for her credit card to buy her a ring…

  89. junk573r says:

    I don’t know why people are judging because they’ve only been dating since May. That’s seven months. My parents dated 8 months before they got engaged and they’ve been married almost 40 years. When you know, you just know.

  90. dread pirate cuervo says:

    Poor form. Very low class. & her fiance is the twin of Britney’s creepy manfriend.

  91. madylane says:

    Yeah, I vote preggers as well.

  92. Delta Juliet says:

    OK, well IF THIS WAS ME and my ex had just announced his engagement, I would have totally waited to announce mine, even if I had been planning it for months. I would not want to look desperate, which this clearly does.

  93. Shi-gatsu says:

    I really want to like her – but this is really pathetic.

    How jealous can you be? And obvious at that.

  94. lucy2 says:

    Given that he just got divorced, and given that she has a history of publicly declaring true love instantly every time she dates someone, yes, I think it seems too soon. Just my opinion, of course.
    Even if this has been in the works for a while, I think it was barely a week from Nick’s announcement. They could have kept it quiet – even a month or two would have seemed more realistic, this totally just comes off as trying to keep up.

  95. Moops says:

    I vote not pregnant. I vote that in 2-3 months we will be inundated with stories about Jessica’s pre-wedding diet and exercise routines, plus a big reveal of the slimmer, “I’ve never felt so good!” new Jessica” body, coinciding with the sale of her new diet plan/exercise video, etc. This will all be leading up to her blow-out wedding, hosted by OK Magazine, photo exclusives of her honeymoon, and tmi stories about her attempts to get pregnant. All of this must come BEFORE she actually gets knocked up! Otherwise she’d miss out on millions of dollars, and, my friends, that ain’t gonna happen. The thing she loves the most – more than upstaging Nick, more than garish fashion, more than Ben&Jerry’s, more than self-aggrandizement – is money. Trust.

  96. 4Real says:

    Oh Jess…she’s so painfully desperate! It goes to show money can’t buy happiness. This girl has so much and is still such low self esteem. SAD!