Gerard Butler celebrates his 41st birthday with John Mayer, ugh


Saturday was my beloved’s 41st birthday. Instead of flying down here to finally propose to me and whisk me off to my own private dongfest, Gerard Butler chose to celebrate in NYC, with his own private douchefest. Yes, Gerard brought in his 41st year of Scottish mooby hotness with JOHN MAYER. Ugh. Jesus, Gerry.

Scottish actor Gerard Butler celebrated his 41st birthday in style by performing an outrageous version of “Mustang Sally” with John Mayer. The heartthrob movie star took over new restaurant The Darby on Saturday night with a dinner and put on a series of shows for 100 guests, including Adrien Brody, Kate Hudson, Bono and Jay-Z.

Onstage, Butler joined the 14th Street dinner club’s ‘mistress of ceremonies,’ cabaret star Lady Rizo a k a Amelia Zirin-Brown, who said: “Some of you know him as Gerry, other as Gerard. I know him as Mistress Butler.”

A spy told us: “Australian comedian James Smith toasted Gerry. He then went on to make fun of him saying: ‘Gerard has been out so much he’s now just constantly on Page Six. Gerry is on Page Six so much they have to make it Page Seven.’ Smith also joked that Butler and Jennifer Aniston had “as much sexual chemistry as Regis and Kelly” in “The Bounty Hunter.”

“Gerry also sang Oasis hit ‘Wonderwall’ with Lady Rizo and Mayer played guitar. They then followed it up with ‘Mustang Sally.’ He had a pretty good voice — it wasn’t what you’d expect from the guy from ‘300.’ It was epic. He was also in the deejay booth a lot and got the deejay to play a lot of rock, ’80s and funk. Gerry announced to the crowd that Mayer was going to sing for them, but John replied he just wanted to play guitar while Lady Rizo sang. So he had the crowd cheer to hear Mayer perform. Mayer then sang his hit “Who Says.”

Other guests at the dinner club, which officially opens on Wednesday, included skateboarder Tony Hawk, Jason Statham, Melissa George, Russell Simmons, Sante D’Orazio, Jeffrey Ross, Paul Haggis and a gaggle of models. A rep for Butler didn’t get back to us.

[From Page Six]

Do I begrudge him these birthday celebrations? Honestly, yes, I do. It sounds like a perfectly nice/douchey time, but I’m sure he would have had more fun at home with me, with me cooking Mistress Butler something special, like vagina parfait.

Also: since Gerry has been disappointing so much lately, can I just admit something? The fact that Gerry is tight with John Mayer disgusts me, and if I didn’t love Gerry so much, I would say that it speaks volumes about his (lack of) character. Isn’t that weird? I can handle his constant trolling for strange, I can take the man-handling of blondes, I can take the finger-up-Aniston’s-ass, but John Mayer is The One Douche Too Far.

Photo by: Dennis Van Tine/ 2010  11/9/10 Gerard Butler at the premiere of The Next Three Days . (NYC) Photo via Newscom

47314, NEW YORK, NEW YORK - Wednesday November 10 2010. Gerard Butler in the celeb-packed audience for the 2010 Victoria's Secret Fasshion Show, held at the Lexington Avenue Armory in Manhattan. Photograph:


Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Carrie B. says:

    (Shuffling my feet and swaying back and forth while wringing my hands) Um, Kaiser, maybe it’s time to let him go before his douchy actions go too far for you to ever forgive. John Mayer today; front page Tiger Woods-disgusting-type-of-secret exposed!

  2. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Spent his Bday with John Mayer, huh. Could you imagine the kinda of…uh young women he picked up that night. LOL Gerry and John paring doesn’t exactly scream class or itch less genitalia.

    Happy Bday Gerry. 😛

  3. brin says:

    LOL….Kaiser, you are hilarious! The only thing douchier would be if Charlie Sheen was there, too…that would be the Douche-pocalypse!!!

  4. Kaiser says:

    Carrie – Well, he’s not married and he doesn’t have kids (that we know of), so it’s not like we have this expectation that he’s wholesome or anything. But, yes, if this Mayer thing continues… ugh. Jesus.

  5. bellaluna says:

    Oh, Gerry. You are truly testing my limits of acceptance with your douche-tastic behaviour lately. Please, for the sake of our relationship, stop this train before it crashes and ruins everything we ever had. My love & devotion can only carry us so far.

  6. devilgirl says:

    Awww, I think Gerry and John would make a lovely couple.

  7. Rita says:

    The “vadge parfait” does sound enticing but a bit too Dairy Queen for Gearld who might prefer a “vadge flambee brulee”. Just a thought.

  8. LadyBea says:

    I’m beginning to think that a lot of Gerard’s hotness is connected to his name. ‘Gerard Butler’ is a name that speaks to me of masculinity, tenderness, romance and sex that leaves me unable to walk for days.

    But ‘Gerry Butler’? He’s the guy who wants a quickie on the sofa, but asks you to keep down the noise so as not to wake his mum sleeping upstairs.

  9. Lisa Turtle says:

    What do you think they talk about?!

    Politics… the Economy… the Meaning of Life…

    or America’s Saddest Spinster?

  10. mslewis says:

    Kaiser, I was wondering what it would take for you to show disgust for Gerry. He had me at the finger up the butt. I can barely stand to look at a photo of him so there is no way I’ll ever see another movie with him in it.

    (I’m going to admit that I was channel surfing early the other morning and came across a movie about people being sent back to Medieval times and there was a young Gerry looking HOT!! I had to shut that thing off because I just cannot allow myself to remember what he once was.)

  11. Mari says:

    Ohhh, this hurts my heart. This hurts deep.
    *Takes a deep breath*
    I think it may be time to move on.

  12. Chrissy says:

    I don’t know … he’s looking rough to me. I used to think he was HOT but now? Not so much.

  13. guesty says:

    birds of a feather…

  14. ViktoryGin says:

    Seems to me that they make fitting company for each other. Both being philanderers par excellence, I bet the chase was on that night. Nothing like having your ego stroked on your birthday along with something much smaller.

    I can see them casing the place for the most supreme piece of ass. What do you suppose they’d say to each other? “Say John, I’m about to pop this one off in the alley real quick. I’ll be brief. She has a friend. You could come with but seeing as your not a fan of chocolate, perhaps the slut blonde in the corner is more to your taste. Be back in 20.”

  15. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    Oh, I’m not going to give up on Gerry.. He still has way more character then Mayer.. He doesnt talk about his conquests…

  16. Happy b-day to John mayer, one of the best guys in the world! I love u!

  17. Kaiser says:

    I agree, Gerry is better than Mayer, but I do think it speaks to Gerry’s general douchiness that he hangs out with Mayer. It really pisses me off.

  18. Mari says:

    Nope, I just can’t do it. I can’t quit him. I can’t walk away.
    For now, I’ll put him on the bottom of the deck and move Keanu Reeves up a few spots.

  19. lilred says:

    @Paw it was Gerard’s Birthday not John’s

  20. PsychoB says:

    Agree with you Kaiser. John Mayer leaves a taste in my mouth similar too…well just like if John Mayer had actually been in my mouth. Gerrys Campus crawl 2010 left me sick, but his Birthday with John Mayer has left my Gman crush on life support.

  21. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    Then shall we go and beat some sense into him Kaiser?

  22. soso says:

    Gerald only had his finger up Aniston’s butt because she wanted it there. A woman of her so called stature just doesn’t have co-stars do that to her if she doesn’t welcome it. She got with him as she does with most of her hot co-stars. It would be ok if she wasn’t so goddamn two-faced.

  23. mln says:

    I don’t know what would be worse if JM and GB compared shop or if they didn’t even bother to mention her.
    I lost all interest in him after the endless tacky Bounty Hunter promotion.

  24. Cheyenne says:

    Johnny Depp’s Girl: He doesnt talk about his conquests…

    You hope. It would be the height (or depth) of douchiness if the two of them sat around and swapped tales of poor Aniston all night.

  25. sally says:

    Picture 2, he’s clearly dyeing his hair as well. Ugh.

  26. nnn says:

    A match made in Hell !

    Both sleazes who treat women nastily using urine as a foreplay and public fingering as a movie promotion.

    They disgust me with no end….ewwww

  27. dread pirate cuervo says:

    Vagina parfait. I’m going to go lie down now & pray that my skull doesn’t crack from laughing so hard.

  28. Kitten says:

    Kaiser this is truly indicative of how much you love this guy. You would never excuse this kind of behavior from anyone else.
    Personally, I am not at all surprised that The Butz is friends with Mayer..

  29. RHONYC says:

    male hoes that slay together, stay together. 🙁

  30. Aqua says:

    I wonder if John Meyer is teaching Gerard Butler how to treat women lol. JB was at the Victoria Secret Fashion show in the front row along with the Kings of Leon.I’m not a prude but a 40 year old man sitting in the front row of the VSF show gave me a bit of an ick feeling.But he is single and was probably scouting for his next gf lol.

  31. garvels says:

    The guy is cute,charismatic,loves his work and enjoys life. He is not married or in a serious relationship so why is everyone so angry and bitter towards the guy. He seems like an everyday Joe who really could care less about what people think. Personally I find his attitude somewhat refreshing in today’s PC society!!!!

  32. Kiska says:

    Gerry reminds me of my Uncle Dave after he got a divorce. That man’s pussy radar was on HIGH. He could not keep his mind on anything else. His focus was razor sharp – “GET.ME.WOMAN!”

    Kaiser, you simply need to find a way to cross paths with Mr. Butler.

  33. Camille says:

    I really want to say something snarky, but I’m a little bit afraid that today might be the day that Kaiser pulls out the hater shank! 😉

    So instead I’ll just say: Happy Birthday Spittle Butt! 😀

  34. Az says:

    Douches of a feather flock together. And occasionally cross swords, too. Or so I’ve been told.

  35. LolaBella says:

    soso said: “Gerald only had his finger up Aniston’s butt because she wanted it there.”

    ^^ That made me laugh so hard!

    It just seems natural that these two would be together at some point; as someone aptly pointed out ‘douches of a feather’.

    You just know they went trolling for strange afterward and that there was probably a threesome. A Dirty, douchey threesome.

  36. Cheyenne says:

    LolaBella: You just know they went trolling for strange afterward and that there was probably a threesome. A Dirty, douchey threesome.

    Thanks for ruining my dinner.

  37. Dee Vine says:

    What do you expect? They both hit on any woman with a pulse!

    Seriously, Butler looks like any other guy off the street. Even worse, like the obnoxious drunk who tries to grope you in a bar. And not much personality from the interviews I’ve seen him in. Really dont get the appeal.

  38. Lylo says:

    Yeah, I lost all respect for Gerry when he became a part of Aniston’s lame PR strategy for The Bounty Hunter. The whole Golden Globes kissing routine–let’s get the tabloids to write about us–was pretty tacky. And, I know both John Mayer and Gerard Butler are both douches, but Aniston is a douchette. You can’t be with that many douches and have nothing rub off on you.

  39. Maria says:

    It’s a d-bag get together. They can share trade secrets, like special douchey lines that certain women like. Can you imagine their conversations?

    “yeah, I did that one, too. Can’t believe she fell for it–twice! Har, har, har.”

  40. RHONYC says:

    @ garvels:


    he was SMOK-ING HOT just 15 minutes ago. i mean…come on dude. at least clooney waited till his 50’s to hit the wall.

    oh well…i guess a girl will always have ‘DRACULA 2000’, ‘ATTILA’, & ‘300’ to get through cold, lonely nights. lol 🙂

  41. Audi says:

    Honestly, I don’t really see the big deal with Gerard being with John. The man probably looked like he wasn’t having much fun playing guitar, and Gerard was being nice to offer him the spotlight. I personally think Gerard is great- wonderful actor, cares about his work and fan. Then again, I don’t know what he’s really like, but none of you guys do too probably. I’m just basing this off his movie, interviews, and what he says when he meets fans. That’s all. Happy Birthday, Gerard 🙂