Amy Winehouse appears to throw punch at fan during concert performance

The Amy Winehouse rollercoaster was up and down again this weekend. She gave what was widely reviewed as a good performance at Nelson Mandela’s birthday celebration on Friday night. Surprise and congrats, right? Well, almost.

On Saturday, Amy performed at the Glastonbury Festival in front of around 80,000 people. That’s right, Amy Winehouse actually showed up for two scheduled gigs in a row. And while she was again said to do a pretty good job with the singing, that all took a nosedive during her performance of Rehab.

Amy walked into the mosh pit (protected to an extent by some sort of anti-crush barrier), where she ended up throwing a couple of punches and elbowing a fan. Yep, the woman who lets fans come right to her door, chats them up, and signs autographs for them will also knock them out, if need be.

Amy Winehouse has returned to the stage at the Glastonbury Festival and appeared to throw a punch at a fan. She lashed out at someone who tried to grab her hair as she finished her set alongside fans in front of the stage, her spokesman said.

Winehouse’s one-hour performance was her first full UK show for seven months. It drew a huge crowd to the Pyramid Stage but split opinion among fans. Her spokesman said at least 75,000 people watched and that organisers had never seen the field so full.

“The ‘lashing out’ was when someone tried to grab her hair and she reacted,” the spokesman said. But footage of the incident did not clearly show what provoked her lunge. The Grammy-winning singer was on fine form and in good voice for most of the set, going some way to dispelling fears about her health.

She jumped down into the security pit for the last two songs, separated from the fans by a crush barrier. “Thanks for your support,” she told them earlier, as she performed tracks such as Cupid, Rehab and Tears Dry on Their Own.

[From the BBC]

CNN reported that one of the fans tried to grab Winehouse’s breast, not her hair. Either way if someone is grabbing at your body, instinct is to get away. Though I’m not sure if punching is necessary. Watching the video, it’s clear that Winehouse is upset, but she seems so wobbly that it’s hard to tell if she’s really lashing out because she’s been attacked, or because she’s drunk or something. Amy does appear to stumble around a bit in some extended versions of the clip, but no one is claiming she seemed out of it during her performance.

I’m guessing if someone was going for Winehouse’s hair, it’s probably just because they saw something dangerous in it; perhaps a preying mantis or some sort of grenade or something. Who knows what the hell could land up there without Amy’s knowledge. She probably just gave a bloody nose to a guy that was trying to save her life.

Here’s Amy performing at the Glastonbury Festival on Saturday. Images thanks to WENN.

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  1. geronimo says:

    Her performance at Glasto was diabolical, unfit for human consumption, beyond embarrassing, beyond tragic. Her voice is fucked, she’s fucked. I LOVE this girl but she’s done. People need to stop reporting on her, ignore her, leave her to sort out her mess. The sweet, sassy, hugely talented Amy is still in there somewhere. Give her publicity again when and if that girl re-emerges.

    Re the punch, apparently the punchee slagged off Blakey and Amy, believing that everyone should love her waste-of-space scumbag husband, lashed out.

  2. Danielle says:

    LOL!@praying mantis

    That was my laugh of the day. Brill.

  3. gg says:

    Once again, any of her fans could have done a better job at singing her songs up there. Sad.

  4. xiaoecho says:

    You couldn’t have said it better, geronimo. I was embarrassed for her. I really love her and love her ‘up yours’ public image but her performance was an insult to those who paid to see her. She seems to think that just turning up and making any old noise is enough….that she’s bigger than the music – as you said, geronimo,….she’s fucked

    the only thing that’ll redeem her is another brilliant album – keep Mark Ronson close Amy, you need him

  5. Nan says:

    That was an alchie-induced rage. Probably from vodka or whiskey.

  6. bc says:

    hahaha!!! that “fan” probably got what he/she deserved. don’t grab the performer!

  7. Crux the Magic Dragon says:

    I saw the BBC feed, and when Winehouse drank The Red Liquid of Confusion throughout the show, the trainwreck went off the rails and crashed.

    It’s not even fun to watch her like this, anymore. I saw a couple of performances, and I couldn’t watch anymore. It was like watching a rather gifted toddler under the influence. Winehouse was sweating and withdrawing from her previous demons.

    Her management needs to keep her ass in the hospital and not let her out.