Pamela Anderson calls Jessica Simpson “a bitch and a whore”

Incensed over a t-shirt the country singer wore that read “Real Girls Eat Meat,” longtime animal rights activist and vegetarian Pamela Anderson, 40, let loose on Jessica Simpson in a name-calling tirade. Anderson didn’t go for the obvious criticism and call Simpson “stupid” or “misguided,” adjectives that have been aimed at Anderson on many occasions, and she didn’t give her the benefit of the doubt about wearing a shirt with a slogan many vegetarians find offensive. Anderson called Simpson a “bitch and a whore,” but then backtracked a little, suggesting it’s ok to eat man meat, just not animal meat:

Jessica upset Pammi and all her vegetarian chums by wearing a T-shirt proclaiming: “Real girls eat meat.”

But now the former Baywatch babe has hit back with a spectacular insult.

Speaking on radio in Australia – where she’s waiting to go into the Big Brother house – the star slammed her rival buxom blonde.

Pammi blasted: “I think she is a bitch and whore.

“Actually, I don’t know if she was talking about food or men.”

She added that she is proud of not eating meat, saying: “I think it’s healthy, good for your body and good for the environment.”

[From The Sun]

I know I’ve seen video of Anderson eating uh, the other kind of meat, and she does so with relish. Our advertiser Deceiver points out that Pamela Anderson might urge us to boycott KFC for their cruel practices and give up meat, but that she has a giant leather Hermes bag that retails for around $10,000. Is it worse to advertise that you eat meat or carry around a leather purse? At least the cow was made into luxury goods and wasn’t eaten, right? It’s not like you buy a new purse worth the price of a used car a few times a week, either, so you’re limiting your cow consumption to the amount you can afford.

Hopefully this will turn into a war of the words between these two intellectually challenged blonds known more for their tabloid personalities than their haphazard careers. Maybe Simpson will shoot back something like “Well she’s a nasty has-been. Is that cow or pig, that bag she’s carrying? Both are tasty.”

Jessica Simpson is shown after her appearance on The View in Las Vegas on 6/25/08. Pamela Anderson is shown at a celebrity memorabilia auction at Planet Hollywood on 6/21/08 where she auctioned off her car – A Dodge Viper with leather seats – to raise money for PETA. They were both in Vegas around the same time, they should have hung out. It strikes me that they would have a lot in common despite their differences over eating meat. Thanks to WENN for these photos.

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  1. daisy42465 says:

    Pot calling the Kettle black………..

  2. Kaiser/ Hippacrat says:

    I think you would be giving Jess too much credit for potential witty comebacks, CB. Jess’s reaction will likely be something in the line of “Blah blah Texas blah DADDY!”

  3. xiaoecho says:

    Does she even know when she’s eating meat? Remember, Jessica is the girl who thinks tuna is chicken

  4. Jenna says:

    I am going to be on Pam’s side for this on just because I do not like Chestica Simpson or her sister.

    Anyone think that Ashlee’s baby is going to have a Jay Leno chin? 😈

  5. Kaiser/ Hippacrat says:

    …and Ashlee’s original nose.

  6. Kay says:

    Yeah, waaaaaaaaay too much credit with that potential comback…

    And lolz at Jenna 😀

    At least with the hand bag she paid as much as I wish I could spend on a car.
    1 Cow = $10,000; wow, sounds good to me.

  7. MissMara says:

    That’s rich coming from a tranny looking bimbo hasbeen! 🙄

  8. Lola says:

    I know the adjectives Anderson used are apt for Jessica but geez they describe Anderson herself to a T. Misguided, stupid, irresponsible, and WHORE.

    I am getting tired of celebrities talking without walking the walk. Just tired.

  9. ri23 says:

    When one of the skankiest whores on the planet calls you a whore, you may want to think about examining your life, because it does take a skanky whore to know a skanky whore.

  10. Kevin says:

    Man, my two favorite bimbos going at it,,,who to choose, who to choose. I can respect anyone’s freedom of choice to what they eat, have sex with whichever gender they prefer, put whatever permanent stain on their body with ink they want to. But for God’s sake,,,shut the fuck up and let the rest of us have our freedom of choice also, fucking pinheads. You can say whatever you like to express your opinion, but don’t try to vilify an eating tradition that goes all the way back to the survival of the great flood. We meat eaters have heard you, we don’t care, shut up. thank you.

  11. Nikki says:

    CB says, “Maybe Simpson will shoot back something like ‘Well she’s a nasty has-been. Is that cow or pig, that bag she’s carrying? Both are tasty.’”

    JSimpson would ever come up with something even remotely this clever or well-crafted. Personally my dislike for PETA is almost palpable, they are corrupt, hypocritical and insane (euthanizing animals rather than see them become house pets) and while PAnderson may garner them news celebrity I doubt she’s moving anyone to make any serious life changes.

  12. it's me says:

    Well, I just don’t see why this is news. Pamela Anderson has worn Ugg boots for years (Why rich (or any) people would wear ugly clunky footwear like that is beyond me anyhow), and I am pretty sure they are leather.

  13. Scott F. says:

    If Pammy wants to save animals, how about she starts with the ones teeming in her nether-regions?

  14. devilgirl says:

    Just because someone eats meat does not make them a bitch or a whore. If that’s the case, then I am the biggest bitch and whore out there.

  15. H. says:

    Okay…I don’t care for either of these women, but can Pam Anderson say (or even spell, for that matter): H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E? Pam Anderson carries leather purses, wears Ugg boots and was seen eating a hotdog at her kids soccer game…Unreal. Until her ducks are in a row, she shouldn’t be hurling insults around. Sidenote: Pam Anderson is the absolute LAST PERSON ALIVE who should be calling anyone a whore. Seriously.

  16. kimmi says:

    I was gonna comment on the article, then I saw Scott F.’s post. I love you, Sir 😀

  17. devilgirl says:

    Actually Scott, those organisms should be studied, as I am certain they must have a hardy constitution to survive down there. I bet they could survive nuclear fall out

  18. Mandy says:

    If only Jessica were bright enough to think of a witty comeback! If I were her, I’d send Pam a bag of ice, with a note saying, “Keep your crabs fresh!”

    I totally agree that Ashlee’s baby is going to be deformed. The kind of kid you keep chained up in the attic until Halloween comes around, at which time you lean him up against a tree on the front lawn to frighten trick-or-treaters.

  19. Ron says:

    Omigod I she has never met Jessica and I can tell. Jess is a STUPID BITCH and whore! Sheesh Pam!

  20. xxx says:

    I certainly wouldn’t call JS a whore….who’s the one with a porn video again? tee hee

  21. kate says:

    pam is only 40? she looks about 60. yikes!

  22. Suuuuuuuue says:

    Love it!!! Pam is getting press for Peta. As far as Jessica…she is dumb-that’s not news.

  23. Jaundice Machine says:

    Pot. Kettle. Skank.

  24. McKenna says:

    Not exactly a Jessica fan but give me a break. Can’t believe this skank has the nerve to call anyone a whore. At least Jessica’s got some talent, all this whore knows how to do is spread her legs.

    And somebody lied to her cuz avoiding meat hasn’t done s*** for her body.

  25. daisyfly says:

    Pam calling Jessica a whore would be like Gummy Bear Davis calling Mary Kate Olsen a fat cow. Which would be okay with Pam, since she could just turn her into another purse.

    I cannot STAND Jessica, but damn that if I’d let some over-used cumtrough act so high and mighty regarding a stupid t-shirt saying.

  26. GAK says:

    I’m on Simpson’s side. She is not a proclaimed vegitarian to the best of my knowledge and which is more 2 faced, being a leather carrying veggie or being Jessica.

  27. g says:

    Did Pam misunderstand the question? Sounds like she described herself….of all people, give me a break!

  28. Jana says:

    I agree with Pam.
    Jessica is a dumb whore. She should not have taken a swing at Carried Underwood.

  29. Tim says:

    What Jessic is a whore. John Mayer used that stuff up and dumped her.

  30. Magik says:

    I think Jessica would have said something about the leather handbag, but she got confused between the old bag Pam carries and the old bag carrying it!!!!

    Girlfriend is 40 and looks like Tammy Faye Baker!!!!

  31. LOL says:

    Has everyone forgot how dumb Jessic is. Jessica does appear very easy.

  32. vdantev says:

    Birds of a feather, if you ask me.

  33. Christina X says:

    Saint Pamela Man-derson strikes me as the type who decided to go vegan not even for ethical purposes, but so that she can frown upon people who don’t agree with her. LOOK AT ME I’M MORALLY SUPERIOR TO EVERYONE ELSE!

    She wants people to tell her what a kind and noble soul she is while she can just go ahead and be as catty and vicious as she wants, but since she’s vegan, that completely redeems her hideous personality.

    Her values are so extrinsic and transparent. Eating a vegie burger isn’t eluding the fact that she openly targets individuals who she doesn’t believe are as “good” as she is.

    For the record, I hate Jessica Simpson, but Pamela Anderson really needs to go fuck herself. The reason why all these PETArds are trashed so much is because they’re elitist, antisocial, and one dimensional that normal people can’t relate to them. I’m sure that if Jessica Simpson hadn’t worn the shirt, she’d probably bring it up anyway, since I’ve yet to see a fucking interview with her in it that she’s not blathering about how she’s such a “great” person because she doesn’t eat meat.

    Silly cunt, how can you say you respect animals so much when you can’t even treat humans kindly?

  34. kimmi says:

    Righto, Miss X.

  35. vdantev says:

    Christina X:

    Wow 😯 how many expletives can you fit in one post, Christina? Does Pam owe you a lot of money or what? A lot of venom over a complete stranger.

  36. Baholicious says:

    Celebrity math: Pam calling Jessica a bitch and a whore kind of cancels the insult out doesn’t it?

  37. Persistent Cat says:

    Can someone tell me how being a vegitarian is good for the environment?

  38. TakeYourHepatitisBackToCanada says:

    At least she is not infected with a fatal communicable disease like you Pammie. I wouldn’t sit anywhere near you for fear of picking up something. You are and will forever be nothing more than a stripper in search of a pole. Is it possible you are related to Denise Richards? I am having a hard time separating the two.

  39. vdantev says:

    Can someone tell me how being a vegetarian is good for the environment?

    Eating meat requires increasing slash and burn campaigns to clear rainforest land for the cattle to feed on (since growing beef cattle in South America is insanely cheap because they don’t have to adhere as stringently to USDA standards down there). The soil is worn down by the stress, not to mention the toxins from animal feces and the chemicals used to treat, grow, and clean up after the animals which eventually makes its way into the water table, which we then drink and makes people sick. The feces also produce tons of greenhouse gases which affects the environment as we all know.

    Whereas, in a vegetarian diet no land has to be cleared since there are millions of acres of vegetable farms, thus less land stress, toxin over-run etc etc etc. Plants also produce no greenhouse gases etc.

    Shows what some research can do for you.

  40. janepitt says:

    Jessica can’t be seen on the Internet giving head and being fucked. Who’s really the whore.

  41. Jaundice Machine says:

    It’s stupid faux-vegetarians like Pam Anderson that shame the rest of us herbivores. Gee Pam, way to get ahead of the trend . . .

  42. HealthyLiver says:


    Right….and there are at least three sex tapes that we know of. Classy broad! I bet her boys are so proud!

  43. Jessica Simpson’s t-shirt is stupid. Who is she to judge what other people eat or don’t eat?

    She is just a no-talent wonder who has nothing to offer except big breasts and blond hair. She can’t sing, can’t act.

  44. Kristin says:

    Pam needs to grow up! She’s the bitch & the whore. Poor Jessica doesn’t have a chance next to this skanky whore. Pammi needs to understand not everyone has her f*ck*d up values & people have the right to decide if they want to eat meat or not and we can’t have these crazies trying to dictate how we should live our lives….you GO JESS

  45. G. says:

    Takes one to know one, Pammy, takes one to know one…

    I support Jess on this one. At least she isn’t dissing someone for what they eat. And the fact i loved the shirt might have helped swing me to her side.

  46. lanette says:

    makes me want to choke down some more meat…tons of it. :mrgreen:

  47. AE says:

    Pamela Anderson’s sexist comments have delivered a major blow to feminism and women’s rights. With her sexist name calling towards another woman, she has successfully broken down a barrier that many women have worked tirelessly to build. Anderson and her life style has been a major beneficiary of that hard work.

    Instead of hoping for a war of words between two intellectually challenged blonds, more women should be beating down this very sexist, very public name calling affront. Whether it was said jokingly or not, I can’t tell all you whores how unfunny I actually find her comments. Oh, excuse me … I’m only calling those who disagree with me bitches and whores.

  48. northwesterly says:

    vdantev+Persistent Cat:

    It’s frightening to think of what happens to cattle in S.America if they don’t even live up to USDA standards. Which are slack and unenforced to begin with, while the USDA is pretty much run by the Cattleman’s Beef Assoc.

    The industry really is horrifyingly cruel to animals.

    Cows produce more greenhouse gases than cars! And the food fed to raise and fatten them could feed millions of starving people.

    I can totally see where Pamela Anderson is coming from. But if being vegan/vegetarian was considered sexy by Tony Romo, Jessica would’ve worn a different T Shirt. The woman doesn’t think for herself

  49. gg says:

    Re Pam, the face is leather. She oughta worry about that instead of other people’s eating habits.

  50. G. says:

    lol@gg. Geez Pam, use less fake tanning spray. You look like leather!

  51. Sorry but yes, Jessica Simpson is dissing people about what they eat.

    Her t-shirt that says “real women eat meat” is offensive to those of us who do not eat meat.

    She is just as judgmental and bigoted as most of you claim vegetarians are.

  52. j says:

    yeah… pammy.. jessica learned it from the queen…is pam on drugs again…oh yeah there meat free for sure!!!

  53. j says:

    pam needs some meat alright

  54. pam says:

    pam’s just jealous cause she’s a has been. Jessica may act dumb, but she’s smart enough to catch tony romo. screw you jessica haters, she’s way prettier than pam anderson.

  55. Nan says:

    Pammy, the makeup/boob job isn’t really aging well, is she?

  56. pam says:

    jessica hasn’t been seen passing out and whoring herself out in clubs like pam anderson has. Where’s pam’s kids during her fun time out? who’s the whore and bitch?

  57. sue mac says:

    Jessica haters? Never gave the woman a second thought-doesn’t even rate. Kind of blah.

  58. stellapurdy says:

    I hate them both with equal fervor. With any hope they will join each other and diaf. 😉

  59. steph says:

    I heard pamela was just being sarcastic and kidding when she said those things. But if she wasn’t, real woman do eat meat! Go jessica!

  60. paris herpes says:

    yack, they’re both tacky as all hell…what’s the point in calling each other whores and bitches anyway?!

  61. fee says:

    Cant stand either of them but im pretty sure if you look up ‘whore’ in the dictionary there is just a pic of Pam nibbling Tommys knob……. As for what this all started over – the dont eat animals debate – I dont tell people not to eat veges so dont tell me not to eat meat, its all about personal preference so fuck off and let me have mine…..thanks

  62. Kat says:

    She added that she is proud of not eating meat, saying: “I think it’s healthy, good for your body and good for the environment.”

    And of course, two tons of silicone in your chest is healthy and good for your body too.

  63. Christina X says:

    Vdantev, I don’t know it must be because I’m jealous. 😥

    As a matter of fact, why are you even on here? You’re obviously above having opinions on people who don’t effect you, although I believe it’s this thing called entertainment. Some of us like to read and comment on things that don’t matter to us after a long day of work. You turn off the TV, you turn off your computer, and it doesn’t matter, but until then, I’m going to have fun sharing (what you call) sooo much animosity on a website.

    You think you’re too good for that? Fine. No-one has a gun pointed to your head telling you to post or read anything on here. But oh wait, you wouldn’t have anyone to talk down to for not pissing daisies and rainbows.

    Actually, in all seriousness, I don’t know her (and am golly gosh darn lucky), but I knew people like her, and that’s why it’s infuriating to read.


  64. gemma says:

    i like neither of them…
    and my boyfriend

  65. gemma says:

    my boyfriend,Brendon, just said pamela has
    big boobies!!
    man i love him soooo much

  66. Joe says:

    Id give either of them some of my man milk.

  67. I choose me says:

    “Well she’s a nasty has-been. Is that cow or pig, that bag she’s carrying? Both are tasty.”

    Giggle, snort, bwahahahaha! :mrgreen:

  68. Bryan says:

    Uh, wouldn’t Pam Anderson be considered a LITERAL whore? She gave sexual favors in exchange for getting her poker debts paid off. Sounds an awful lot like prostitution to me.
    So perhaps she shouldn’t be throwing around insults that are more applicable to her.

  69. vdantev says:

    As a matter of fact, why are you even on here.

    One of the strangest turns of phrase I’ve ever witnessed. I’ve looked at that 16 times and it still structurally makes no sense to me.

    Simply asking ‘Why are you even on here?’ would have been more effective.


  70. ItsNotCheese says:

    still,neither of them rival the wit of PARIS , on display at

    the vid’s awesome, seriously.

  71. SMDMF says:


    This is a gossip news website. Why do douchebags like you seem to always navigate yourself to these sites and insult people for having an opinion. Obviously this site is not the most appropriate place for your overwhelming intellect. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass, dick!

  72. He He He! says:

    Heres my opinion…

    Pam is whore. Period. Excercise your Freedom of Speech. Verbally or on a T-Shirt. Its all good either way. Its all about being American and entertaining your audience. These ladies are entertainers. Either way you look at it. Decent or not, they are obviously entertaining all of us. I like meat, if you dont… more steak for me. Dumb or not, Jessica is gorgeous. I wouldnt date her but shes easy on the eyes and sometimes helps me get to sleep. :0) I dont care what your sexual practices are but if your gonna call someone derogative names, remember for every time you point at someone, 3 fingers are pointing right back at ya! Oh yeah, I like cheescake. Night

  73. beezard says:

    Pam Anderson needs to STFU. For her to call Jessica Simpson a whore is an absolute disgrace. Ms. Anderson is the definition of “Whore” She looks like she is 60, she is nasty. I hate when people open their mouth for no good reason. Hey Pam, did we see Jessica polishing someone’s nob on the internet? Nope.

  74. trvlbug529 says:

    Pam is tacky, haggered, rode-hard and put away wet! She’s jealous of Jessica’s beautiful youth and ability to attract men who are not of questionable character, unlike herself.
    And I’m not a Jessica Simpson fan.

  75. Christina X says:

    Why am I on here, vdantev?

    Why, I have simply already answered that. Sometimes reality’s overwhelming.

    You make a comment sound like I’m standing outside her house with a gun.

    You’re on the wrong site if you’re searching for depth, but I wouldn’t like to stand in your way of preaching about how menial all our lives are.

  76. Keese my cakes says:

    I hate when people are so hypocritical and talk shit. Pam has probably realized that she is getting old and her biggest hit in life was her porno debut. She is probably lashing out at Jess out of jealousy. She probably doesn’t even care about the animals but does care about getting some attention. Poor desperate old hoe bag. I don’t like either of them but dislike people who preach.

    As for the all high and mighty ones who come on here and criticize people for commenting on this….are you upset because your intellectually stimulating ass couldn’t get into Harvard and you come on here and talk down to other people? Shut up and eat a donut!

  77. Jessica Simpson probably thinks any woman who doesn’t have blond hair and double D breasts is not a “real woman”.

    Well, Jessica dear, you are not a REAL SINGER, and never will be.

  78. Poe says:

    Pam is a soppy cunt.

  79. Suzie says:


    I like Jessica…
    and I dont mind Pamela but she seems
    abit on the extreme side when it comes to PETA…..Jessica has every right to her opinion…and Pam does to…just if you are gonna name call, be prepared to receive it…
    come on, peace gals!

  80. todd says:

    Hope in vegan awareness and understanding.

  81. Brittany says:

    I mean she might be a little bit harsh but we’ll just have to see for ourselves..maybe that’s just the way she is! But we can see her promo for the upcoming show at

  82. Alexis says:

    I saw another promo too…this ones better!

  83. Bunny says:

    Ya that was mean…but she’s a nice girl otherwise…passionate about PETA! I am excited to see what’s up with her new show…

  84. Lexie says:

    old news! whats new is Pams now show coming up!! She looks so pretty in the poster on this page!

  85. Ken says:

    Obviously P.A. hasn’t figured out that the best place for venison is right between the gravy and the potatoes

  86. jenna ravenrose says:

    First of all i like neighter of them but i hate peta more so i’m gonna have to side with jessica on this. as a firm believer in the first ammendment. she has the right to express her views regarding her eating habits. she shouldn’t be called names for expressing them or berated by peta for influencing young peoples choices. maybe someone should check what they send out to these impressionable youths. i did and thats why i intensly disagree with them( they sent my child pictures of animals being slaughtered)so the only thing i disagree with is pam’s deplorable behavior and peta is a predator they are prey get over it already.proud meat eater here (both kinds)